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JISCMail Owners Announce: JISCMail New Website and New Logo
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JISCMail has launched a brand new website and re-designed logo today. The site,, was designed to be easier to navigate, taking into account all relevant feedback from our customers, and we hope you find this more intuitive.



We have made major improvements to the websites navigation which includes enabling all links to be available on every page. The homepage allows you to minimise any of the boxes if you do not wish to view their content.

My Groups box


This innovative new design incorporates a ‘My Groups box’ which allows subscribers and owners to view and access which groups they belong to from the JISCMail homepage. If you are not logged in there is a link to do so.

Tools box


JISCMail has various collaborative tools such as Surveys, Make a Meeting and Newsletters which were not previously displayed on the homepage. To show the range of features we have to offer, we have included links to further information.



The website has been fully Accessibility checked, and we are excited to incorporate the JISC TechDis toolbar which provides a range of productivity and accessibility tools which helps users customise the way they view and interact with web pages. Features include a text to speech function, spell checking and dictionary facilities, and a feature for gathering referencing information within a web page. It also provides simple ways to adjust the magnification or font used on web pages.

Latest News box


We now publish our latest news items on our homepage so you can quickly see any new developments or important information on the operation of the service..

Operational News

We will be upgrading the hardware on our mail server on Tuesday 4th May. The JISCMail service will unavailable between 08:30 - 09:00 for approximately 30 minutes.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Subscription Details

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