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How to choose Categories

When requesting a new list you will be asked to specify up to 5 categories for your list to be included in. Please make sure you choose catagories if your list is to be Public or Restricted, as their associated category codes are what decide the category pages that your list appears in. Since only non-confidential lists appear on those pages, you do not need to select categories if your list is Private

Subject Code Category
Art & Design W1 Visual Arts
  W2 Design Studies
  W3 Music
  W4 Performing Arts
  W5 Cinematics
  W6 Crafts
  W7 Technology
  W9 Other Art & Design
  W10 Photography
  W11 Fine Art
Biological Sciences C1 Biology
  C2 Botany
  C3 Zoology
  C4 Genetics
  C5 Microbiology
  C6 Molecular Biology and Biophysics
  C7 Biochemistry
  C8 Sport Science
  C9 Other Biological Sciences
  C10 Ecology
  C11 Marine Biology
Business Studies N1 Business / Management
  N2 Education
  N3 Tourism
  N4 Finance
  N5 Marketing
  N8 Total Quality
  N9 Other Business Studies
  N10 Sport
  N11 Hospitality/Leisure
  N12 Accountancy
  N13 Human Resource Management
  N14 Office Skills
Computing E1 Software
  E2 Hardware
  E4 Computer Networks
  E8 Programming Languages
  E9 Other Computing
  E10 General University Computing
  E13 Macintoshes
  E14 User Support
  E16 Web & Internet
  E17 CMC
  E18 Artificial Intelligence
  G5 Computing Science
Education X1 Teacher Training
  X2 Distance & Open Learning
  X3 Academic Studies in Education
  X4 Schools
  X5 Adult, Continuing & Vocational
  X6 Special Needs
  X8 Policy, Management, Organisation
  X9 Other Education
Engineering & Technology H1 General Engineering
  H2 Civil Engineering
  H3 Electrical/Electronic Engineering
  H4 Production Engineering
  H5 Chemical Engineering
  H6 Mechanical Engineering
  H7 Aerospace Engineering
  H9 Other Engineering
  J1 Minerals Technology
  J2 Metallury
  J3 Ceramics and Glass
  J4 Polymers and Textiles
  J6 Naval Architecture
  F0 General Science
FE & HE Administration ZB FE & HE Administration
General University U1 Staff Development
  U2 Student Services
  U3 University & Industry Links
  U4 International Links
  U5 University infrastructure
  Z1 Disabilities
  Z2 Racial Equality and Diversity
Humanities V1 History
  V6 Archaeology
  V7 Philosophy
  V8 Religious Studies
  V9 Other Humanities
Information Resources I1 Information Services
  I2 Subject Based Services
  I3 Bibliographic Services & Datasets
  I4 Software Resources
  I5 CTI Lists
  I7 Publicity Studies
  I8 Journalism
  I9 Publishing
  I10 Media Studies
JISC & JISCMail ZA Lists associated with the JISC
  ZH JISCMail Lists
Land Use & Environment K1 Built Environment
  K2 Environmental Studies
  K3 Town & Country Planning
  K4 Urban & Rural Development
  K5 Agriculture
  K6 Water supply & sanitation
  K7 Transport
  K9 Other
  K10 Animal Science
  K11 Forestry
  K12 Food and Beverage Studies
  K13 Architecture
  K14 Landscape Design
Language & Cultural Studies Q1 Linguistics
  Q3 Language Learning
  Q4 Literature
  Q5 Writing
  Q6 Media & Publishing
  Q9 Other Language Studies
  R2 European Cultures/Languages
  R3 Other Cultures
Library P1 General Academic Library
  P2 Electronic Resources
  P3 Library Systems
  P4 Library Committees
  P6 Regional Groups
  P7 Library Staff in Subject Areas
  P8 Official Publications
  P10 Public Libraries
  P11 Library Projects
  P14 Metadata
  P15 LIS
Maths & Statistics G1 Mathematics
  G4 Statistics
Medicine & Health A1 Health Studies
  A2 Dentistry
  A3 Surgery
  A4 Evidence Based Health
  A5 Ophthalmics
  A6 Veterinary Medicine
  A7 Nursing
  A8 Medical Technology
  A9 Other Health & Medicine
  A10 Anatomy/Physiolgy/Pathology
  A11 Pharmacology/Toxicology/Pharmacy
  A12 Complementry Medicine
  A13 Nutrition
  A14 Mental Health
Physical Sciences F0 General Science
  F1 Chemistry
  F2 Materials Science
  F3 Physics
  F4 Earth Sciences
  F9 Other Physical Sciences
  F10 Forensic and Archaeological Science
  F11 Astronomy
  F12 Geology
Social Studies L1 Economics
  L2 Demographic Studies
  L3 Sociology
  L4 Psychology
  L5 Social Work
  L6 Anthropology
  L7 Gender Studies
  L8 Geography
  L9 Other Social Studies
  L10 Politics
  L11 Papers in Economics
  L12 Law
  L13 Cultural Diveristy
Teaching & Learning T1 Learning Technology
  T2 Teaching & Learning
  T3 Networked Learning