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> E-Assessment is fundamental to delivering the DfES unified e-learning strategy. JISC and the Qualifications and Curriculum authority (QCA) commissioned a glossary based on a review of all existing terminology. This glossary should be regarded as work in progress and suggestions for additions or alterations will be considered using this list.

> Mailing list, providing information on Jisc's e-books for FE service The e-books for FE service delivers: � A robust e-books platform for the delivery of e-books � Significant Core Collections of e-books relevant to the FE curriculum across the UK as taught in FE � JISC Collections� e-select Framework Agreement to enable FE colleges to build upon the centrally funded Core Collections to allow collection building at a local level, to ensure that every FE college in the UK can provide its learners with a highly relevant, usable and accessible digital library.

> This mailing list provides a network for researchers in the fields of electronic business, electronic commerce and Internet-related management research and developments.

> Discusses topic of electronic document management (EDM), particularly in the context of reengineering higher education administrative business processes. This includes document imaging, OCR/ICR, intranets, knowledge management, and workflow. It also links to related JISC-funded activities.

> This list is used by those interested in e-learning activity across Wales. Its focus is both pedagogic and technical.

> This mailinglist gives support to the e-social science community in technical and related questions. It is managed by the National Centre for e-Social Science.

> This list provides a forum for community-wide discussion of areas of interest relating to e-theses and dissertations, including the use of e-theses within institutions, digitisation of print theses, author concerns and guidance, and the EThOS e-theses service.

> For discussion and announcements between members of the the UK Engage2Serve user group.

> The European Eye Epidemiology Consortium aims to unify research procedures, practices and standards across the UK, to provide a common research resource for genetics and epidemiology in the assessment of aetiology and treatment of eye disease. Leading centres in London, Bordeaux and Rotterdam are the founding groups in this effort. The group held its first meeting in Bordeaux in June 2011, and will meet again in 2012. We aim to use JISCMail to facilitate discussions around the integration of research standards and practices.

> The list is primarily for researchers, educators and practitioners in occupational health psychology that, at present, is primarily UK orientated.

> This list is for announcements to members of the EAAS (European Association for American Studies) and its affiliate associations

> This list is used for researchers and practitioners interested in English as an Additional Language (in the UK and internationally).

> This list is owned by the European Network for Avant-garde and Modernism studies (EAM). It may be used for calls for papers or contributions and for employment opportunities. Individuals may announce the publication of monographs or edited volumes. Only posts strictly relevant to the EAM community will be allowed.

> A UK discussion list for early childhood academics and practitioners

> This list has been set up to promote and disseminate research into early years language learning and its implementation in policy and practice; to create opportunities for informed and constructive discussion and debate; and to support the development of cross-national collaboration and interaction.

> This is a forum for early career/stage 2 health psychology trainees to come together to share information, research and work, discuss developments and to provide social support

> This list aims to inform the network of PhD students and early careers in economics based in the universities in the North East of England.

> This list is used by members of the AHRC Early Modern Dress & Textiles Research Network to make announcements, raise discussion and disseminate information relating to the Network projects and themes

> The International Network for Early Modern Festival Study, was created by Dr Laura Fernandez-Gonzalez as part of her Re-creating Early Modern Festivals project, the list is now coordinated by Dr Bram van Leuveren. This network is a forum in which scholars researching Early Modern Festivals can discuss issues of mutual interest. Scope and contents The International Network aims to connect scholars researching or interested in Early Modern Festivals. The objective is to create a 'virtual' space where participants can increase collaboration and dialogue between researchers interested in the same topics. The Network is: an International Research Forum in which participants can raise questions and / or discuss an issue of interest. This can enhance festivals research given the diverse academic disciplines involved, e.g. architectural and art history, social, political economic and cultural history, cartography, music, languages, literatures and performance studies.

> Announcement and discussion list for the UK Earth System Science group, which is a constituted scientific interest group of the Geological Society of London, but comprises interested students, academics and individuals from other learned societies, industry and academia.

> This lists exists to support the enhancement of Chinese/Japanese/Korean to English translation pedagogy at higher education institutions

> East Asian Social Policy Research Network is run by EASP for all East Asian Social Policy specialists; academics, research students and all who are interested in East Asian Social Policies, for generating and developing discussion across the range of themes related to East Asian Social Policies.

> Welcome to the Energy and Social Science Network (EASSN). This list exists to discuss how social and technical issues related to both energy production and consumption interact. It is open to people from any discipline, country, region, or level of experience, and also not limited to any particular technology, sector, or topic. It builds on the First Annual “Energy for Society” Conference in Spain as well as the continued success of the journal Energy Research & Social Science. Ideally the Group will discuss the following, among others: - Fellowships and job opportunities - Calls for papers and special issues - Funding and grant opportunities - New publications - Upcoming seminars and conferences - Contemporary energy and climate news items. The list is owned by Dr Kirsten Jenkins (University of Edinburgh) and Professor Benjamin Sovacool (University of Sussex and Aarhus University).

> East-West-Research, set up under the ESRCs East West Programme, is a forum for the discussion of research problems and findings in relation to all aspects of social, economic, and political transformation in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

> This list is used by UK HE staff involved in; recruitment, exchanges and administering research projects in East Africa. Access to this mailing list is restricted to professional colleagues with ac.uk email addresses who are involved in international recruitment activities. Requests to join the list from educational agents will be declined. Requests from consultants or similar will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the group admins and approval will be on the proviso that they do not promote their corporate services and/or any educational agents that they represent. Failure to adhere to this may lead to removal from the list.

> EATAW is a scholarly organisation that seeks to bring together those involved or interested in the teaching, tutoring, research, administration and development of academic writing in higher education in Europe. EATAW membership is free and is open to individuals from all over the world.

> Smaller institutions Group in Scotland.

> The purpose of the list is to allow higher education teachers in the UK and elsewhere to share and improve teaching resources for evidence-based health care

> The European Botanical and Horticultural Libraries Group (EBHL) is an association to promote and facilitate co-operation and communication between those working in botanical and horticultural libraries, archives and related institutions in Europe. Europe is interpreted in the widest sense to include countries both within and outside the European Union (EU)

> A collaborative list to facilitate discussions and planning in relation to crowd sourced e-book accessibility audits.

> This list is to support networking between Early Career Housing Researchers in the UK. Members include postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers, and also some practitioners.

> The Ecological Crises and Organisation (ECO) network opened this space for conversations about the ecological crises, mainly from an organisational perspective, broadly from a social science perspective, and in particular from a critical perspective. Everyone interested in participating in open and respectful dialog is invited.

> Email list for researchers assessing the European Capital of Culture

> A maillist that will disseminate ideas and best practice amongst UK HE organisations on environmental management and sustainability, based on the forthcoming ecocampus Environmental Management System.

> This list is intended for academics, researchers, educationalists and others working in the field of ecological (organic/biological) agriculture, to provide a forum for discussion of ideas, identification of potential collaborators and exchange of news, conference information and publications details.

> Ecolinguistics is the study of language in the context of the life-sustaining relationships among humans, other organisms and the physical environment. This list brings together a wide range of educators, researchers, students and others who share an interest in the intersection of language and ecology. The list is for announcements of relevant events, courses and books, as well as for questions and discussion.

> The Ecological Genetics Group meets annually every Easter to discuss their research into all aspects of genetical ecology and evolution. This list will enable researchers in the field to maintain contact throughout the rest of the year to discuss their ideas, problems and results.

> For teachers and lecturers interested in curriculum issues affecting economics, business, and related subjects.

> This list aims to discuss what's on the minds of Economics Librarians; this includes (but is not limited to): discussions about textbooks, e-resources, databases, reader education

> This list is for announcements and discussion related to the activities of the economics subject centre of the Learning and Teaching Support Network. The centre promotes high quality learning, teaching and assessment practices within the academic economics community.

> Discussion of theory and practice in development studies broadly defined, including national economic growth, social and ethical development and related areas of political science, institution-building, development project to pics.

> To facilitate inter disciplinary co-operation and further discussion on the use of economic evaluation techniques in social welfare evaluation.

> Econometric research functions as a dissemination list for research resources such as conferences, seminars, academic jobs, free software etc.

> We're a network of scholars who seek to develop enchantment as an organizing theme in historical studies of capitalism. We provide a platform for those interested in the historical role of enchantment as a tool, structure, or foundation for the organisation and development of modern markets, economic institutions, and economic relationships.

> Electronic discussion group for members of the Economic Geography ResearchGroup and others interested in similar matters.

> The goal of this list is to promote economic dynamics, especially dynamic general equilibrium modeling. It features a regular newsletter and conference announcements. Low traffic (about 8 messages a year).

> This list is used by the British Geological Survey to make public announcements about IODP Expeditions implemented by the ECORD Science Operator.

> This listserv is for circulating information on the following themes: Reproduction and the environment Environmental crises and kinship Sexual and reproductive rights, health and justice and how this intersects with climate change and the environment. Environmental reproductive justice Multispecies kinship

> This list is for the discussion of issues relating to the European Cultural Policy and Practice and the related subject pedagogy of universities and independent organisations. Cross disciplinary approaches including Museums, Heritage, Galleries, Performing/Visual Arts, Festivals, etc are encouraged.

> Promotes Political Theory within the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) framework of Standing Groups.

> This is the official list of the ECPR Standing Group Participation and Mobilisation. It serves as one of the main communication channels of the Standing Group members. The list will be used to communicate activities organised by the Standing Group or the ECPR, as well as a means of communications among members in relation to research activities, publications or other pieces of information of general interest to the research community interested in topics relating to participation and mobilization. The Standing Group and this list is open to academics in any region of the world.

> The Early Career Researcher Autism Network (ECRAN) is an international professional development network. ECRAN supports early career researchers, clinicians, industry and members of the autism community in autism research. ECRAN aims to promote change in autism research culture and practice by training the next generation of autism researchers in collaboration with the autism community.

> Ecs-news is an open list for student members of the European Cetacean Society (ECS), for the study and protection of whales and dolphins. All messages sent to ECS-TALK will also be forwarded to students at this mailing list: there's no need to subscribe there as well unless you want to send TO the list ECS-TALK. See http://www.EuropeanCetaceanSociety.eu. Sublist of ecs-talk and sub-sublist of ecs-all

> This list is for members of the European Cetacean Society (ECS) and other interested parties on the study and protection of whales and dolphins. See http://www.EuropeanCetaceanSociety.eu

> This list serves the Educational Development Research Network set up by SEDA and SRHE. We welcome contributions from Higher Education teachers, developers, researchers and policy makers who are interested in the practice, research and policy of staff and educational development.

> Concerned with Educational guidance and learner support. The list will provide a forum to discuss policy, practice and research relating to guidance in the adult HE context. It will enhance communication for members of the UACE Equality network looking at guidance and others interested in EG.

> Edinburgh Research Software Engineers Community: announcements, discussions and alerts for potential and current RSEs across Edinburgh.

> This JISC is to connect the academics behind EdChat - Our goal is to foster academic discussions in a manner unmatched by any other online platform.

> The Educational Development Community of Practice - EdD CoP - community of people who support communities of practice focusing on educational development/ teaching & learning. This could be at a local level, at the level of the institution, and everything in between and including CoPs organised around particular themes or aspects of teaching and learning (e.g., assessment). This Community of Practice is a space for colleagues to share experiences, solicit advice, draw on members, expertise, and celebrate successes. EdD CoP will provide opportunities, such as webinars and workshops, for the sharing of ideas and resources to work as a team to enable our own internal communities of practices to thrive.

> A discussion and announcement list for EdgeNet: the regional studies research network on peripheral places and regions.

> The Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Network (EDIN) is a multidisciplinary and practitioner based group that aims to encourage active and rich collaboration between specialists from different disciplines both within and beyond academia; promotes the discussion of global EDI issues; encourages research; knowledge sharing, good practice and training in EDI issues.

> The purpose of the list is to support a new network concerned with improving equality, diversity and inclusion in music studies in UK HE.

> This list publicises local events in the Edinburgh area on the subject of digital preservation, and provides a channel through which professionals can communicate and collaborate to address practical issues they face in preserving their cultural and historical collections.

> This list has been retained 01/03/2021 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list This list is for staff and students of the Beltane Public Engagement Network interested in Science, Medicine, Maths and Engineering wishing to receive information from both the general Edinburgh Beltane mails about public engagement and additional public engagement related information specifically relevant to STEM Communication.

> This list has been retained 01/03/2021 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list A list for the humanities and social science staff and students in the Beltane partnership.

> The Eating Disorders Special Interest Group of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. Interests include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, atypical eating disorders

> This is discussion group for FE and HE staff interested in engaging with Jisc's R&D team around future EdTech Services, solutions and products.

> This list is used by the coordinators of the ESRC Seminar Series 'New Perspectives and Culture' to make announcements about the Seminar Series, related events, publications and projects.

> Our Special Interest Group is an offshoot of the UK User Group, meeting 3 times a year. Our aim is to expand knowledge and expertise, in a focused environment. We are led by customers within the Education sector, working together with Unit4 to address business issues and develop ideas.

> A mailing list for scientists and educators interested in sharing ideas and thoughts on educational and citizen seismology

> This list is for general discussion on matters relating to the Jisc eduroam(UK) service.

> For the study of distributed, open, and distance education in Asian countries

> This list provides space for discussion around issues relating to first year experience. It will include news and discussion items as identified by members.

> eHealth Discussions

> The European Health Policy Group is organised by a Steering Committee made up of John Appleby, Anna Dixon, Zeynep Or and Jan Kees Helderman. The objective of the group is to provide a forum for health policy analysts, political scientists, economists and policy makers to discuss the structure of, and changes to, health care systems. The EHPG also meets twice a year in autumn and spring at which research papers are discussed from a comparative and multi disciplinary perspective. Autumn meetings are held in London and are now hosted by The King's Fund. Spring meetings are held in another European location and hosted by a national organisation.

> Mailing list for the Women's Committee of the Economic History Society

> JISCMAIL for CES' European Integration and Global Political Economy Network

> The UK e-Infrastructure Academic User Community Forum was created to maintain and grow the community of UK researchers who use computers of any shape or size in their research, regardless of discipline or domain. The purpose of the Forum mailing list is to give the e-infrastructure community regular updates on developments in the UK e-Infrastructure space and within the E-infrastructure Leadership Council, and to disseminate information about our bi-annual Forum meetings. These meetings provide a space for discussions about the community's future, and allow the community the opportunity to influence Government and help define e-infrastructure policy in the UK.

> This list is for users of the Iridis HPC system at Southampton who are from member institutions of the e-Infrastructure South Consortium. http://www.einfrastructuresouth.ac.uk/ The purpose of the list is to keep users informed of status changes and other updates to the Iridis system.

> EKSIG is concerned with understanding the nature and role of knowledge in research and practice in order to clarify fundamental principles and practices of using practice in research.

> This list is an announcement list for information and updates about research on Energy Limiting Conditions (ELC). ELC Research is an announcement list to share updates on research and co-production on energy limiting conditions (ELCs). The list is for: anyone living with a chronic illness or disability that causes energy impairment, fatigue or pain; allies of the above; researchers working on ELCs and disability. This list will be used to: communicate updates from our research on ELCs; recruit participants or survey respondents for research projects about ELCs and chronic illness and disability; share opportunities to get involved in projects about chronic illness and disability, for example advisory roles, and voluntary or paid roles; promote events directly related to ELCs and chronic illness, for example webinars; share publications and other resources directly related to ELCs and chronic illness.----------- This is an announcement list, managed by Bethan Evans and Catherine Hale. Please contact the list managers if you want to share research information on the list. We will share information about our own projects, as well as others that we believe will benefit the ELC and chronic illness communities. Please note: This list is not for promoting products or services. This list is for social research into ELCs and disability, not for biomedical research. We are not able to do detailed checks on research calls that we might share on this list that are not our own, so please do check carefully the information provided by other researchers. We regret that due to our limited capacity we unable to answer emails about personal circumstances.

> This list is an area for e-learning specialists working in Conservatoires and other specialist arts institutions. It is for discussion of any issues around supporting and #implementing learning technologies to support teaching in music and the arts.

> The e-learning research list aims to provide a forum for discussion of issues relating to e-learning research.

> This list is to provide a forum for sharing experiences of selecting, implementing and using Electronic Voting Systems (EVS or sometimes referred to as Personal Response Systems,PRS). This list has been retained 01/02/2023 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list

> A list to discuss and support the development of a National Radiotherapy Dataset with reference to issues specific to users of Impac software. Sub-list of radiotherapydataset

> This is a public discussion/mailing list for everyone interested in expanding the representation of electronic literature in popular resources such as Wikipedia.

> List for discussion of the novelist Elizabeth von Arnim (1866-1941), following the 2015 conference at Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge.

> ELLME is a network that brings together individuals who are interested in early language learning (from 0 to 6/7). It is open to practitioners and researchers across career stages and all over the world.

> To act as a discussion forum for all those interested in the evaluation of learning technology in higher education both from an HCI and educational standpoint.

> Electron microscopy community in UK and Ireland networking list. List members can ask for advice, post job advertisements and advertise meetings/courses.

> An interdisciplinary list for research into embodiment and corporeality in artistic practice and performance.

> Embodiment is the bodily aspect of subjectivity. It underpins emotion, language, thought and social interaction.

> Discussion and support forum for researchers and clinicians working or hoping to work intensively with service users.

> A forum for EMDR practitioners to share research ideas, clinical issues and knowledge sharing. Previously EMDR UK and Ireland Clinical and Academic Forum: Please be aware that this forum is not in anyway affiliated with either EMDR UK or EMDR All Ireland. Posts by individual members of these organisations are does so on a person level and do not reflect the views of these organisations.

> Follow on group from current Jismail group needing to work on specific issues together

> This forum is part of a NIHR Research Funding looking at using EMDR Therapy with Adults with Intellectual Learning Disabilities. The initial purpose is to have it as a restricted forum for the the ID Psychologists and the members of the Research Team.

> A network for university careers and employability colleagues working in employer and business development roles

> This list will serve as a mailing list to all who are interested in research in EMI. We will share recent publications with the group so we know what recent literature has been published, we will share events and conferences that are going on in EMI in the UK and across the world. We would like to create an equal platform for all to participate in discussion and share ideas and opinions on anything English Medium of Instruction (EMI) related.

> This list has been set up to support the ALT East Midlands Learning Technologists' Group who aim to foster communication, community and collaboration between learning technologists working across the education sector.

> Our focus is on scholarly and research active that focuses on varying perspectives of emotion within the context of criminal justice.

> EMP Cymru (Wales Emerging Museum Professionals Group) is a community of new and emerging museum and heritage professionals. We are a welcoming and active network that supports knowledge exchange, skills building and resource sharing. Everyone is welcome whether you are still studying heritage, waiting for your first position in a museum or are currently working or volunteering in the sector. We strive to represent the diverse roles within the museum sector and celebrate the achievements of the community and its individual members.

> This list is intended for those involved in the development and management of employability resources in UK HEIs to share ideas and materials

> This list is used by the employment policy groups established by the Social Policy Association to share information about their activities and promote discussion of employment policy issues

> A list primarily for announcements concerning electroacoustic and computer music, and course announcements for those working in the Electronic Music Studios at Goldsmiths, University of London.

> Announcements and discussions of the Emute Lab research group

> This list is for academics, practitioners and members of the public who are interested in the many ways in which we encounter and interact with the material remains of the dead in contemporary society. These encounters can be socio-economic, cultural, regulatory or political. The purpose of the list is to network anyone interested in the wide range of potential encounters - whether identity politics, medical, ethical, commodification eg. tourism, popular culture, faith-based.

> To share knowledge & expertise of EndNote, EndNote Web & Reference Manager among UK FE, HE & Research Council site licences. Also for Adept Scientific & Thomson Reuters to announce new releases, patches, user group events and beta testing of new versions.

> A place where those with an interest in endometriosis can share information on the subject.

> List for those involved in energy/water management and conservation in University amd College buildings to discuss, share and exchange information, experience and ideas.

> An international network of researchers, practitioners and policy makers concerned with access to energy, fuel poverty, vulnerability and social justice in energy matters.

> Electronic discussion group for a network of scholars and practitioners interested in the concept of energy justice. This list is to be used for the promotion of energy justice related events, publications, job opportunities and areas of collaboration.

> Mathematics, statistics and economics of the management of energy networks: management of uncertainty, prediction, buffering, storage, demand management, and structuring of markets.

> All automotive related engineering issues - a sub list of engineering-all

> This list supports researchers at the five national Engineering Design Centres. Sublist of engineering-all

> This list is aimed at geotechnical engineers in research and industry. It can be viewed as an informal forum for exchanging information & ideas on any aspects of geotechnical engineering (soil and rock) and related fields, such as engineering geology & geo-environmental engineering.

> Engineering Integration is a topic of growing interest in industry and academia. It stresses a seamless product development process and includes aspects which influence integration of products, processes and data in an engineering enterprise to optimise quality, cost and time to market. Sublist of engineering-all

> Forum for discussion of research topics in Victorian Literature and related fields.

> Electronic discussion group for members of the Energy Geographies Research Group of the Royal Geographical Society - Institute of British Geographers, and others interested in this subject area.

> This list reaches the European Network of Open Education Librarians

> This list is to going to be for key stakeholders interested in Women Leaders in HE so women leaders, aspiring women leaders, leaders and managers in HE (all genders) and the wider HE community of academics. It is related to the The EnPOWER project which aims to address the gender imbalance in leadership roles in the Higher Education sector in through activities such as an international Community of Practice and networking by challenging cultures of inequality and generating new ways of working that create, support and enable career pathways for women leaders.

> enquire is a space within which diverse forms of art & design research practice and documentation are explored. Where 'knowledge', in its many different forms, is examined, and where methodologies from various disciplines are compared. It is where new forms of knowledge production and consumption are considered, and where the existing categories, abstractions and concepts that define knowledge and enquiry are challenged, and alternatives put forward.

> This list is hosted by the Learning through Enquiry Alliance, a network of Centres for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. It focuses on discussion of issues relating to approaches to higher education learning that are based on student enquiry and research.

> This list has been retained 23/12/20 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list This email list is for the JISC Enterprise Architecture Practice Group.

> Concerned with work related learning and enterprise activities in Higher Education. For the discussion of work related learning and other enterprise activities in curriculum development, personal transferable skills, etc. Originally established for the former Enterprise in Higher Education programme funded by the U.K. Department of Employment.

> This list supports researchers considering experimental and novel approaches which advance theoretical understanding of the domain of entrepreneurship and its real-life practices, contexts and impacts. This includes researchers drawing on multi-disciplinary perspectives, who seek to expose conceptual anomalies, while developing impactful debates in dialogue with the mainstream of entrepreneurship science.

> This list will be used by members of the Association of Environmental Archaeology to post discussion items. It is a closed list for AEA members.

> The list is a discussion forum and information exchange network concerning all areas of environmental chemistry, geochemistry and biogeochemistry, including the chemistry of terrestrial & marine aquatic environments, soil & sedimentary systems and the atmosphere.

> For those interested in environmental education and education for sustainable living through research and scholarship. Open to academics for discussion of research issues and to provide news and information.

> The (plant) Environmental Physiology Group is part of the British Ecological Society and The Society for Experimental Biology. This list is open to anyone worldwide and aims to promote research discussion and to distribute information such as conference details and employment opportunities.

> This list aims to connect individuals and groups who are involved in or interested in engaging with research in environment and geosciences or are involved in public engagement and outreach activity in these fields.

> This is a list serving the growing transdisciplinary scholarly-activist-artistic field of Environmental Humanities, including call outs for papers, conferences, events, workshops, support and collaborations

> This is the official mailing list for the Sociological Association of Ireland study group for Environment & Society

> This list has been established to provide a discussion forum, and information, for international research in environmental ethics. Areas for discussion include value theory in environmental philosophy and a range of more applied topics. Information concerns jobs, publications and conferences.

> Environmental Health Informatics announcement and discussion list. Providing a forum for the growing health and environmental research informatics community and range of stakeholders amd providers.

> Specialist list for researchers and disaster professionals on the interactions between disasters (natural and conflict-induced) and the environment.

> Environmental-Labour-Research@jiscmail.ac.uk is a multidisciplinary mailing list for researchers who are interested in the relationship between labour, trade unions, production, sustainable development and globalisation/North-South relations.

> This list brings together those interested in public engagement with environmental science. A wide range of people have been invited to join the list. NERC does not manage, approve or endorse content shared on this list. The views expressed in messages are the personal views of the author. They may not necessarily represent those of NERC. NERC accepts no liability for any errors, corruption or omissions that might arise. The JiscMail Service Policy document: http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/policyandsecurity/ describes the way in which we expect the service to be used by subscribers. It sets out (S9) JISC handling of personal data obligations under the Data Protection Act (1998).

> The list is intended to create a community of interest and provide information for those who teach, write, practice and research in environmental law

> The EnvPsy mailing list is for all those interested in environment-behaviour relations. It is the listserv of IAPS. The list will be of interests to psychologists, geographers, planners, architects, sociologists and all other disciplines which have an interest in people-environment transactions.

> Mailing list for announcements relating to environmental statistics. Operated by the Environmental Statistics Section of the Royal Statistical Society. PRIVACY NOTICE Environmental Statistics Section of the Royal Statistical Society The ENVSTAT mailing list is managed by the Environmental Statistics Section of the Royal Statistical Society. The message below is from the Royal Statistical Society. We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our supporters and in this notice we explain how we will handle your personal data. We will hold your personal data, - name and email address, - to send you, via email, notices and information of our activities and posts from other members of the list. This information is provided as legitimate interest. The mailing list is managed by jiscmail. We will not share your data with any additional third parties and will delete your data when you leave the ENVSTAT mailing list. Should you wish to no longer receive emails regarding the Environmental Statistics Section please unsubscribe at the jiscmail website: https://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/ENVSTAT. We manage your personal data securely through the jiscmail website and ensure that there is no unauthorised access. You are entitled at anytime to request to see a copy of all the data held on you, if you wish to see this please email your request to help@jisc.ac.uk. The Environmental Statistics Section is part of The Royal Statistical Society and their data protection office is contactable at gdpr@rss.org.uk You can request at anytime to no longer receive these email's by unsubscribing at the jiscmail website: https://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/ENVSTAT.

> List for discussing UK involvement in the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)

> For the discussion,sharing and development of EPBC teaching materials which will help academics and students to learn more about European literature, languages and culture

> This list supports the work of the JISC e-Learning Programme and will be used to facilitate discussions and consulation with a group of experts representing FE, ACL and HE communities on learning and teaching related activities.

> This list will provide information to the JISC community about the e-learning and Pedagogy Programme. The list will be used to consult with the community as well as disseminating programme outputs.

> This list is used for announcing new issues of the academic online journal 'ephemera' (www.ephemeraweb.org) and other ephemeral happenings.

> An email list encompassing all members of the EPN 2024 RI (Europlanet 2024 Research Infrastructure) finance, admin, scientific, Transnational Access leads, all officers (including impact)

> Project Management Committee mailing list EPN 2024 RI

> EPNET: The Educational Psychology List - A forum for the exchange of ideas and information among University research/teaching staff working in the field of Educational Psychology and Educational Psychologists throughout the UK and elsewhere

> The English Place-Name List is a forum for discussion of the etymology, history and significance of place-names in England.

> Discussion around the Eprints REF plugin

> A discussion list for further and higher education to discuss the ePUB standard which at the moment includes the Open Publication Structure (OPS) 2.0, Open Packaging Format (OPF) 2.0 and Open eBook Publication Structure (OEBPS) Container Format (OCF) 1.0 standards which are maintained by the International Digital Publishing Forum

> Discussion list for users of Ex Libris's Leganto Resource Management System. Including announcements from the Ex Libris User Group, EPUG-UKI.

> This list is a sub-list of EPUG-UKI-CONFIDENTIAL. Any messages posted to EPUG-UKI-CONFIDENTIAL will also be distributed to all subscribers of EPUG-UKI-SUMMON. Discussion list for users of the Summon discovery system within the UK and Ireland.

> To share equality related information, such as the development of a code of practice and E&D training, to support institutions Research Excellence Framework submissions.

> The aim of the EQUAL North network is to build a community of academics, researchers and practitioners across the north of England who share a common interest in addressing health and social inequalities.

> Purpose: Allow Jisc to know users better. Allow users to shape next phase of the service. Elicit feedback and feature requests Promote service growth. Create a community of data providers and users.

> This list has been set up to promote discussion amongst practitioners and researchers in the field of ergonomics and human factors.

> This list is meant to support research on ethical issues concerning ICT. It particularly aims to support research collaboration on EU projects.

> A list for Bloch scholars practitioners, instrumentalists, conductors and all those with an interest in the music of Ernest Bloch

> This email list serves as the main communication channel for members of the Empirical Research on Sentencing Network (ERoS). All members are allowed to use this channel to communicate relevant information across the network.

> European Sociological Association Working Group on Consumption: mailing list facility. Bulletin board and newsletter concerning issues in the sociology of consumption. Sublist of ESA-ALL

> The Discussion list for members of the European Sociological Association's Medical Sociology Research Network

> Mailing List of the Research Network 18 (Sociology of Communications and Media Research) of the European Sociological Association

> This is a group for members and other academics related to European Sociological Association (ESA) Sexuality Research Network (RN 23). In contrast to the long history of medical and psychological interest in sexuality, the sociological understanding of sexuality is a relatively new phenomenon, spanning a history of some 40 years. However during this time the sociology of sexuality, through both empirical research and theoretical writing, has become an important feature of academic work at both a national and international level. This work has enabled sociology to develop critical alternatives to the essentialism present in mainstream research on sexualities. Similarly, significant links have been made between sexuality and other salient social identities, for example gender, race, class and nationality. Whilst acknowledging the importance of biology, contemporary sociologists of sexuality prioritize the relationship between the individual and society to show the ways in which sexual desires, practices, identities, and attitudes are conceptualized, categorized, deployed, and ultimately regulated through the social institutions and practices of different societies. These areas, together with issues relating to the theorisation of sexuality alongside methodological developments, is an form important foci for ESA Sexuality Research Network.

> An email list for members of the European Sociological Association Sociology of Children and Childhood Research Network

> The list is for members of the European Society of Criminology Thematic Working Group on Juvenile Justice (ESC-TWGJJ).

> Announcement and discussion list for student members and early career researchers within the European Society for Ecological Economics (ESEE).

> The English Surname List is a forum for discussion of the etymology, history and significance of surnames in England.

> Information sharing on ESOL provision and support for learners and teachers in the North East

> ESOL-Research is a discussion forum for researchers and practitioners with an interest in research into teaching and learning ESOL. ESOL-Research is managed by James Simpson - jamesebsimpson@gmail.com NATECLA: https://www.natecla.org.uk/

> Member list of the European Network for Social Policy Analysis, ESPAnet. ESPAnet is an association of academics involved or interested in the analysis of social policy in Europe. The Network encourages and fosters a multi-disciplinary approach to the analysis of European social policy. It is therefore open to people from a range of disciplines, including social policy, sociology, political science, international relations, history, law and economics. It draws its membership from and defines its remit in relation to countries spanning the European continent, welcoming analysts from western, central and eastern European countries. The Network for European Social Policy Analysis is an association of academics involved or interested in the analysis of social policy in Europe. Its members undertake mainly comparative work, focusing on analysis of social policy in European societies, the social policy of the European Union and of other cross-national bodies. The Network encourages and fosters a multi-disciplinary approach to the analysis of European social policy.

> Bringing scholars and industry together. The main functions of this email list are to foster collaboration, share news, develop esports as a scientific discipline, and develop conversations around the subject of esports. The list is supported by the University of Salford, Manchester. Follow @EsportInsight http://esportinsight.net

> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To reply to the INDIVIDUAL sender, chose 'reply' in your email client. To reply to the ENTIRE list, chose 'reply all' in your email client. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Email discussion list for the European Survey Research Association --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

> This is a research network for social science research on a range of global environmental issues. Formerly the list was set up as part of the ESRC funded Global Environmental Change Programme(GEC). Although GEC Programme ended in 2000, the research network remains active, and the list is now administered by the Centre for Social & Economic Research on the Global Environment (ESRC funded). We welcome any members who share our research interests.

> The estate management list covers urban land and buildings their development, use, management and valuation/appraisal; it is of primary interest to academics and researchers in Land Economy, Estate Management and related fields.

> This list is for everyone involved in managing information, including physical and electronic records, related to university estates departments. This includes managing building manuals, drawings, maintenance records, and photographs; BIM; records related to tenders, space charging, contracts; and more.

> Lista de correo da Asociaci�n Internacional de Estudos Galegos para o intercambio de informaci�n relacionada cos Estudos Galegos, perspectivas profesionais, e para favorecer o networking entre os seus membros.

> Announcements concerning the ETHICOMP conference series

> Discussion list for learning and teaching in ethics and social welfare

> This is the generic communication list of the COST Action ETHMIGSURVEYDATA, which includes all members of the network from all workgroups regardless of whether also in the Management Committee or not. The list homepage is available at www.jiscmail.ac.uk/ETHMIGSURVEYDATA-ALL The email address for the list is ETHMIGSURVEYDATA-ALL@JISCMAIL.AC.UK Any emails sent to this address will be distributed to all subscribers of the list. Any replies sent to an email coming to the list will be sent to the whole list of subscribers.

> This list was created by a group of researchers with a particular interest in ethnicity, culture and religion and the ways they impact upon people's experiences of reproduction; especially involuntary childlessness. It is an open forum for the exchange of ideas relating to all aspects of ethnicity, infertility and reproduction.

> This list exists especially for ethnomusicologists (and others whose work intersects with ethnomusicology) who are based in the UK or whose work has a strong UK focus.

> This list is for researchers conducting or interested in ethnographic approaches to researching health (broadly defined). The list is to be used to share information on publications, projects, conferences, workshops etc, for discussion about relevant issues, and for general networking.

> The list promotes discussion concerning issues connected with the use of ethnographic research methods in education. It is a forum to share ideas, generate activity, exchange information and experiences

> To promote discussion on issues relating to museum ethnography, its practice and theory. a forum for queries and suggestions covering material culture, anthroplogy and archaeology and museum studies topics. A noticeboard for relevant meetings, conferences or other useful information.

> To encourage scholarly research and exchange between academics on issues related to ethnic minorities, minority rights, and the origin, development and settlement of ethnic conflicts Keywords: ethnic minorities; minority rights; origin, development and settlement of ethnic conflicts.

> This list is established to announce events including workshops, publications, and projects related to the EU's role as international mediator.

> This is the mailing list for EUHealthGov - the European Union Health Governance research network. List members are welcome to post upcoming events, publications and projects of interest.

> A list devoted to scholarly discussion of business history in the U.K. andelsewhere in Europe. Its purpose is threefold: to disseminate information across the Continent, to act as a forum for expressing opinion within the discipline, and to present useful ideas and methods from other fields.

> A network of European academic economic researchers funded by the EU to investigate the micro-economic roots of the macro-economic problems of growth, unemployment and inequality. Emphasis is placed on the quantitative analysis of innovation data amongst companies, establishments and workers.

> The Euro-Urb list is a forum for the discussion of the theory and practice of sustainable urbanism in Europe. It is allied to INTBAU and the Council for European Urbanism.

> Discussion group linked with the European Causal Inference Meeting

> List for those in charge of European Documentation Centres (EDC) or similar EU information relays for discussion of European Union documentation and information policy.

> The list aims to provide a channel of communication and information for members about activities and events in the field of EU environmental politics.

> The list will be used for discussion and dissemination, support of imaging research in psychiatry and neurosciences

> This list is historically based on a network of music departments established with EU funding from about 1990 in most of the countries of Western and Central Europe. It is free for anyone to join who wishes to discuss European issues in musicology, or publicize forthcoming events and matters of interest, etc.

> For academic criminologists in Britain principally those who are associated with the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control. For news about research initiatives; requests for collaborators or partners in proposed research initiatives; requests for information etc.

> Deals with social policy and social welfare issues in Europe, including the EU. Of interest to academics in social policy, sociology,economics, political science, law, public administration and other fields, and also to others involved in policy debate.

> This is a mailing focused on sociology in, from and about Europe. Discussion, announcements (e.g., conferences, new posts, new books, etc.), and information (e.g., research groups) for sociologists and other social scientists are welcome.

> This list is for postgraduate and early-career researchers working on all aspects of European integration.

> A discussion list for people willing to share their experience and expertise in handling EU information and/or who are seeking help with EU-related materials, websites etc. Previously restricted to members of the European Information Association, but from March 2012 open to anyone working with information provided by or about the European Union.

> This discussion list allows exchange of information and debate between academics, professionals, fans and all interested in the Eurovision Song Contest.

> To exchange news about conferences and workshops organised by academics in the field of social network analysis in the UK and Europe.

> This list is used by the early career members of the European Society for Prevention Research (EUSPR) to share information concerning prevention-related funding, job opportunities, upcoming conferences and publications. For further information, please visit http://euspr.org/early-careers-forum/

> EVA London conference - Electronic Visualisation & the Arts. This list is for announcements and discussion among conference delegates.

> Updates, announcements, service alerts and customer discussion list for the UK eduroam Visitor Access (eVA) service.

> This list is used primarily (but not exclusively) by staff in Higher Education institutions interested in evaluating the impact of researcher training and development activity, to share ideas views and information on evaluation.

> This list is open to anyone in Scotland who has an interest in evaluation. It is primarily to enable discussion, learning and networking amongst colleagues working in evaluation, though it can be used to inform the list of relevant seminars, tenders and employment opportunities.

> This list is designed to support action research in the development of tools to evalauate learning in online virtual environments.

> This mailing list is associated with Evaluation Collective community of practice in higher education.

> List for discussion of all aspects of special event, conference and exhibition management, including research and education, for the sharing of relevant experience and for information exchange on the management and development of events.

> This list is for members of Even Up, a group for university presses to come together to discuss issues of equality, diversity and inclusion in academic publishing.

> This list is used by members to make announcements about everyday futures and related projects, programmes, conferences and publications.

> This list is a site for the discussion of news, events, debates and discovery connected to everyday creativity. 'Everyday creativity’ is characterised by quotidian day-to-day actions that are often understood in terms of little and mini ‘c’ creativity. The boundaries of everyday creativity stretch well beyond traditional artforms, to a diverse range of immersive creative activities that millions of people engage in globally in the home, online or in local community settings to explore their creative potential, maintain their health and wellbeing, connect to others and to nature, learn and develop, and add meaning and purpose to their lives. Such activities are often removed from established hierarchies, economic models and notions of excellence.

> EverythingPast is a digital archives mapping project. We will use this space to share news about workshops and any updates about our project and website.

> This list is for discussion of teaching, practice and implementation EBH. Evidence based health (EBH) is the integration of individual knowledge with the best available external evidence from systematic research in making decisions about health care. This list is for teachers and practitioners in EBHC to communicate with colleagues, announce meetings and courses, stimulate discussion, air controversies and aid the implementation of EBH. If you have a query about evidence concerning a specific clinical topic, please be aware that this is not the focus of this list, and you should look elsewhere first. If you do post a request to EBH, please include with your post a statement showing where you have already looked and what you have found. It is considered good manners to offer to repost a summary of what you find afterwards as well. Other general principles of netiquette apply to the list, particularly: i) Please be polite and respectful in your use of language ii) Please don't post attachments to the list.

> To promote the transfer and development of evidence based practice to librarianship and information science. It will discuss issues such as systematic reviews, critical appraisal and rigorous research designs in librarianship, principally but not exclusively, in health information work.

> This is a cross-disciplinary, cross-sectoral discussion list to enable academics and others concerned with the use of evidence in public sector policy and practice to network, debate, share ideas and exchange information. It has been set up by the Research Unit for Research Utilisation (RURU) at St. Andrews University - previosuly funded by the ESRC and a member of the ESRC's Network for Evidence-Based Policy and Practice - to facilitate national and international interchange in this field.

> The Evidence Network for Renting (EN4R) is a knowledge-exchange hub bring together academics, stakeholders and policymakers to share research and evidence on renting. Our network serves three core purposes; to share research and knowledge across professional, policy and academic groups; promote opportunities which enable connections to be developed between different groups; and to nurture opportunities for evidence-informed policymaking and practice.

> EC covers all approaches to computing based on analogues of natural selection: eg genetic algorithms, genetic programming, evolutionary strategies and artificial life. Related fields include complex systems theory, chaos and cellular automata.

> This list will provide a forum for extensive discussion of topics which arise on the other European Women in Mathematics (EWM) lists.

> The list connects British women academic mathematicians, allowing advertisement of jobs, fellowships, and conferences, discussion of mathematical research and issues specifically relevant to women in a heavily male-dominated subject. It is a sublist of the list EWM-All.

> The European Working group On Drugs Oriented Research is the oldest of the European Communities drugs-related fora. EWODOR operates as a central exchange resource for researchers in the drug/alcohol field and hosts an annual symposium for members

> I'd like to ask if there are any other small university colleges or colleges (under or only slightly over 1000 students) who have migrated from Speedwell Question Bank and Multiquest software, and its exam paper scanner. We are using an old scanner and version of this software, both of which are out of support, and need to look into alternatives as well as the option of purchasing a new scanner and Speedwell software licensing. I'd be very grateful for any help

> Information of interest to the wider community of Excalibur KE events

> Announcement list for the Exchanges Journal Includes calls for papers & reader information Also monthly updates on publications & podcasts

> This list is used by the Research Centre for German & Austrian Exile Studies at the Institute of Modern Languages Research at the University of London. The Centre promotes and facilitates national and international research in German and Austrian Exile Studies.

> The list invites translators, artists, and scholars of diverse disciplines to explore experiential translation, which we understand as an in-the-moment, relational, material, embodied, spatially situated and ludic process

> A network for academics, artists and anyone else who has an interest in creative experimentation with research practice. This includes experimentation with audio and visual methods, experimentation with narrative, textual and print-based methods, and research methods drawn from sound art, avant-garde film, photography, performance art and contemporary music.

> The focus of the list is for advertising external-examiner vacancies and providing general discussion and support surrounding external-examiner issues.

> A public discussion list for those interested in exploring multi-disciplinary approaches to extinction, particularly from a humanities and social sciences perspective.

> The Early Conflict Photography 1890-1918 and Visual AI (EyCon) project aims at harnessing AI-reliant tools to analyse a large corpus of photographs, to create an open-access database. The project is partnering with a network of archival institutions in France and in the UK. The project is co-funded by Arts and Humanities Research Council/Labex Passés dans le Présent joint grant in a partnership with a Université de Paris Idex “chaire environnée”.

> This list is intended for scientists and clinicians interested in all aspects of eye movement studies. The list is intended to host general discussions, conference and meeting information, discussion of methods, models, apparatus etc.