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> This list will serve a growing community of researchers using GABA MRS, both those seeking to improve the methods and those applying them to studies of normal brain function and disease.

> This list is for all those working in the field of Galician Studies to make announcements and share information about research, teaching, and developments in Galician Studies.

> The purpose of this list is to provide a forum for discussion for those involved in emergent field of games technology and design.

> Mailing list to support a community interested in games-based learning and gamification approaches. Initially formed around 'Game to Learn' events, but open to all.

> This list is for the discussion of the use of Genetic Algorithms in Production Scheduling Problems.

> This list is a discussion list for scholars working on George Gascoigne and other early Elizabethan writers, to facilitate the exchange of ideas about the generation at the very beginning of the English literary renaissance. Gascoigne dominated the early Elizabethans and influenced Sidney, Spenser, Shakespeare and many others. The list began as a forum for the continuation of discussions begun at The Gascoigne Seminar in September 2007.

> This list connects a multi disciplinary and international community of researchers investigating the growth of private urban governance. The list-owner co-founded this community in 1999, which meets F2F every two years.

> The Glasgow AudioVisual Network brings together a diverse range of researchers and practitioners who are all interested in the operation of sound within screen media from music and sound in film and television, through new media and audio-visual composition, to contemporary theatrical and artistic work that makes use of sound and moving image.

> The GCEbb mailing list is for discussions to promote the successful use of genetic code expansion (GCE) technologies in research and teaching.

> Global Consortium for Systems Research (GCSR) — We study, forecast, and guide systems change to solve grand challenges. We are an inclusive global community and anyone can become an Associate Member for free by signing up for the GCSR List on JISCMail. This is an e-mail forum for non-moderated educational and research discussions. GCSR was convened following the 2013 symposium at The Royal Society: Global Integrated Assessment: Making Sense of Complexity in an Interdependent World. GCSR is currently hosted at the Sustainable Innovation Think Tank (SITT) at Unbuilt Labs. To learn more about GCSR, including our Working Groups and our 2022-2023 10th Anniversary Strategic Plan, please visit: https://unbuiltlabs.com/gcsr

> List for discussion of issues in museum education in the UK, in particular learning in and from museums, and related research.

> This list is to discuss issues related to the Gender Deviance and Society Research Group of the University of Greenwich and related matters.

> Mailing list for the research network "gender-inclusive language"

> This list aims to provide a forum for the discussion of gender in all matters related to the study and practice of religion. It is sponsored by the Gender and Religion Research Centre, based in the Dept of the Study of Religions at the SOAS and is open to those who have an interest in this area of research.

> This list is for discussion of research on gender, science, technology and engineering (SET), including but not limited to, research on gender differences in involvement in SET occupations and education, feminist science studies and philosophical critiques of SET.

> This group brings together people involved in research on gender violence issues from academic and statutory or voluntary sector organisations. It is supported by the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships, The University of Glasgow and Zero Tolerance. Members of this list work within on the UN definition of Gender-Based Violence defined in Article 2 of the Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women http://www.un.org/documents/ga/res/48/a48r104.htm Visit our web-pages here http://scottishgbvresearchnetwork.blogspot.co.uk/

> This is the list initiated through ESRC seminar series Gendered Inclusion in Contemporary Organizations. The aims of seminar and the group of scholars on this list is to critically explore the conditions, forms and circumstances of women's and men's inclusion in organisations in order to generate a more complex account of contemporary experiences of workplace (in)equalities. The list will serve as a medium of communication for those involved in the seminars and those wanting to join the debate. The list will be used to exchange news, ideas, information on forthcoming events, relevant topics, general interaction and collaboration between participants and so on.

> The purpose of the list is to share information about academic research and events about gender, race, and labour regulation in a variety of contexts. We are particularly interested in fostering feminist and interdisciplinary approaches to labour law, regulation, and policy.

> This list will be used by the Genetics and Medicine Historical Network (GenMedHist) to make announcements, publicise events and projects, and encourage communication and discussion among those engaged in the preservation, analysis, and study of the history of medical genetics.

> Open discussion list for the statistical system Genstat

> To further collective knowledge and information about the processes of gentrification and social change in different cities and their impact and consequences on neighbourhoods and people.

> A forum for all those studying carbonatites (igneous carbonate rocks), to exchange views and information, including details of meetings and new publications.

> Group on Earth Observation and Committee of Earth Observation Satellites

> This list is used by the RGS (IBG) Geographies of Children, Youth and Families group to make announcements to education and research communities about the groups workshops, conferences and publications. It also provides a forum for discussion and debate of issues of interest to this group.

> This list will act as a platform for the dissemination and discussion of information related to computer modelling in Geoscience. Contributions are invited from researchers in Geology, Geography, Geochemistry, Hydrogeology and Engineering.

> A forum for exchange of views and information on geological collections and their management. This is the discussion list for the Geological Curators Group, affiliated to the Geological Society of London. For further information, and to join the Group, see the website: https://www.geocurator.org/ This list is open for anyone with an interest in geological collections to join and contribute.

> The list publicises activities of the Geological Society Environment Group and promotes discussion of environmental issues that interface with geology. Details will be posted of relevant conferences, fieldtrips and publications, especially in journals geologists may not regularly read.

> This list is provided by the Hydrogeological Group of the Geological Society for hydrogeologists and those from other disciplines with hydrogeological interests. It aims to promote hydrogeology via announcements and information exchange.

> This list has been set up under the auspices of the Metamorphic Studies Group and aims to act as an electronic information point for scientists working in all aspects of metamorphic geology.

> This list is the electronic information point for the Mineral Deposits Studies Group, an affiliate of the Geological Society (London). The list is also a forum open to all earth-scientists interested Economic Geology.

> A platform for discussion of the provision of transferable skills development and careers guidance within earth science undergraduate degree courses, and a medium for the dissemination of information relating to the activities of the UK Earth Sciences Personal & Career Development Network.

> A discussion vehicle and information point for postgraduate researchers in the Geological Sciences. It allows less-experienced researchers to request and distribute information in an informal environment which promotes collaboration. Funding, job and conference adverts will be posted regularly.

> The study of formal methods and approaches to reasoning and modelling in the geosciences: linguistics, logic,AI,mathematics,databases,...

> A forum for the discussion of all aspects of tectonics, structural geology and related disciplines. The list operates under the auspices of the Tectonic Studies Group of the Geological Society of London but is open to all. It carries regular postings advertising the Group's activities.

> Mailing list for professional and academic geoarchaeologists. Announcements and discussions on new research, upcoming conferences, job opportunities etc

> This list is intended to support and promote geodetic research activities in the UK, and is maintained by the Geodesy Group of the British Geophysical Association (see Geophysics List)

> A forum for those overseeing undergraduate dissertations in UK geography departments to discuss responses and resources in the current situation

> This list is used by the Geography and Education Research Group of the Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers to share information relevant to our members.

> This list is for discussion among those working with and/or on disabilities in geography.

> A network of support and information for academics and professional staff with an interest in or responsibility for gender equality, diversity and Athena SWAN activities in geography and related departments.

> A mailing list for those interested in being external examiners for taught courses in geography to share opportunities, contribute to discussions and ask questions.

> This group provides a forum for the discussion of geographies of religions, beliefs, faith and spirituality. Discussions focus on research, teaching and associated issues of relevance to the intersection of faith and spirituality with place and community.

> This email list supports the international, interdisciplinary GeoHumanities community. It will offer a space for discussion and information exchange between scholars and practitioners interested in the intersections of geographical themes- space, place, landscape, environment, the urban and mobilities and arts and humanities scholarship and practice.

> This list is for use of Committee members and participants in the Geological Society of London's Higher Education Network to make announcements and invite discussion on issues related to Geoscience learning and teaching in higher education.

> Information and discussion list for the Engineering Group of the Geological Society and other interested engineering geologists

> Geomatics has been setup to provide a forum for the discussion of geomatics (the science of spatial data), which is an interdisciplinary area of research and teaching. Keywords: coastal zone management, hydrography, geodesy, GIS, GPS, remote sensing.

> The British Geophysical Association's Open Email Discussion List. This list will support the activities of the BGA, a subsidiary body of the Royal Astronomical Society and the Geological Society of London. Discussion of any scientific aspect of geophysics, or of organisational matters relating to geophysics in the UK, will be welcomed.

> This mailing list is intended to support the exchange of knowledge, data, software, methods and publications in the area of geo-referenced data sets and the automated creation of geographic meta-data, also known as toponym resolution or spatial disambiguation. Of interest to subscribers are: - availability of geo-referenced data - state of the art methods for toponym resolution - description of software for address geocoding and toponym resolution from news and domain specific text collections - application reports (tourism, botany, social sciences, foreign policy, crime mapping, disaster relief)

> The list aims to foster cooperation between UK, Germany and Brazil on matters related to science and technology.

> This list is intended as a news service and discussion forum for historians of Germany based in the UK and beyond. Membership is open to everyone with an interest in German history - academic or research student.

> Announcement list for events, projects and publications. This list is used to support networking among German foreign language teachers.

> This list acts as a bulletin board and discussion forum for matters relating to research and teaching in any field of academic German Studies. It advertises the activities of the Association for German Studies in Great Britain and Ireland (AGS).

> This list is used to setup Get Together and Write meetings, an online monthly writing group for geographers.

> The purpose of this list is to pass on and exchange information about activities of the London branch of the 'Association for the German Language' / 'Gesellschaft für deutsche Sprache' (GfdS)

> This list is used by members of the Gender and Feminist Geographies Research Group (formerly the Women and Geography Study Group) of the Royal Geographical Society to circulate announcements and to facilitate discussion of issues of relevance to feminist geography and to supporting women in Geography. Note - the change of name follows from the 2013 debate and vote about the name of the group. This list is used by members of the Gender and Feminist Geographies Research Group (formerly the Women and Geography Study Group) of the Royal Geographical Society to circulate announcements and to facilitate discussion of issues of relevance to feminist geography and to supporting women in Geography. Note - the change of name follows from the 2013 debate and vote about the name of the group.

> This list is used to circulate information to members of the RGS-IBG Geography of Health and Wellbeing Research Group.

> This list is used for Higher Education Development Gift Finance Officers to share ideas, collaborate and network.

> This is a free public list to which anyone can subscribe and contribute by posting messages about job vacancies in GIS related fields. Very short messages from those seeking jobs are acceptable.

> For discussion of all GIS issues of interest in the UK; specifically conference announcements, help with technical problems, research news and noteworthy articles. PLEASE NOTE that jobs MUST be advertised on GIS-JOBS and not here. To discover geospatial data and resources visit "www.gogeo.ac.uk"

> GIS-WALES is a forum and discussion vehicle for all things relating to GIS in Wales. It aims to help the GIS community: with technical problems relating to GIS and spatial data; find the right data for specific problems; announce conferences, workshops and GI initiative in Wales; share experiences of solving GIS problems; discuss research news and GIS articles worthy of note. It allows the GIS community to request and distribute information in an informal environment which promotes collaboration. Funding, job and conference adverts will be posted regularly.

> This is the mailing list of the RGS-IBG Geographical Information Science Research Group. We encourage collaborative, cross-disciplinary discussion between the researchers, users and providers of digital geographical information. Our objective is to promote the development and application of theory and knowledge in GI Science to the collection, processing, analysis and modelling of geographical information within digital environments. Geographical Information Science Research Group website http://giscience.org.uk/ Geographical Information Science Research Group website http://giscience.org.uk/

> The Group for Learning in Art and Design (GLAD) is well known in the art and design education community for its annual conferences which focus on issues of teaching and learning. GLADNET offers an opportunity to extend this dialogue between academics working in art and design HE.

> The community mailing list for setting up, maintaining and sustaining Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums' cultural heritage innovation Labs.

> This list is for those working in the field of student mental health in Glasgow. The list is a forum to share ideas, good practice, resources, training opportunities, research and more.

> Mailing List of the School of Design at Middlesex University (London, Dubai, and Mauritius) open to anyone working globally in the field of design for socially inclusive progress, gender empowerment, economic development, and environmental sustainability to nurture transdisciplinary collaborations.

> The Global Mobilities Network connects a community of mobilities researchers, activists and their partners in industry policy and communities to develop the analytical and methodological purchase of the mobilities paradigm, and its impact for research co-creation. This world-wide list is maintained by the CeMoRe Administrator, Department of Sociology, Lancaster University, UK cemore@lancaster.ac.uk.

> This is a mail list to enable discussion and sharing of good practice between members on the subject of Global Mobility in Higher Education.

> The list is one of the discussion fora for the Global Pharmaceutical and Society Studies Network. This aims to bring together academic researchers interested in the relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and society.

> The Global Circle consists of philosophers sympathetic to the idea that philosophy should tackle, and promote awareness of, global problems - global intellectually, and global in the sense of concerning the planet and the future of humanity.

> The globalforum mailing list is set up for the benefit of all those with a stake or an interest in the ethics of biomedical research involving human participants in developing countries. It aims to encourage discussion, networking and exchange of information across the globe, and in particular between developing and developed countries.

> This is a global network of people working on Mithila Art. Mithila Art is an ancient art form practiced for centuries in the Mithila region of Nepal and Bihar of India, which has a rich history and cultural significance. Although there are many forms of Mithila Art, Mithila painting, traditionally done by women, has received significant attention in recent years. We aim to bring together artists, scholars and practitioners who are working on and interested in Mithila Art through this network.

> Global Politics Unbound (GPU) is a research group based within Queen Mary University of London’s School of Politics and International Relations. Global Politics Unbound invites research on the uneven and entangled nature of international politics, the continuities and frictions of colonial and capitalist relations, the raced, classed and gendered structures that undergird our everyday practices, and the different struggles and actors that seek to transform them. Overall, the idea behind our collective work is to see the world as connected, and to explore what that means to the study of global politics.

> A group that includes Museums and cultural organisations within the county. The group meets regularly to share information, advice and knowledge. A forum to support, train and increase professional standards within the sector. A supportive group which promotes leaning and cultural activities within the county.

> This list is intended for the discussion of themes and opportunities related to the GNHRE network. You can also browse the GNHRE website at www.gnhre.org

> The Global Observatory on Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading (GO-P2P) is a forum for international collaboration to understand the policy, regulatory, social and technological conditions necessary to support the wider deployment of peer-to-peer, community self-consumption and transactive energy trading models.

> GOAL is dedicated to the discussion of Open Access practice and policy-making by the worldwide research community (in no order: researchers, librarians, universities, research institutions, research funding agencies, governmental research policy-makers and commercial entities) with the aim of enabling concrete, practical steps to be taken to achieve Open Access.

> A network of scholars and others interested in promoting good work within global food production and other parts of the food system.

> In light of the specific Sector Agreement negotiated by Janet, this list is for the community to discuss Google Apps for Education and share experiences. Membership of this list includes the UK research and education community and persons from Google.

> The list is intended to provide a forum for those working in higher education governance support to exchange views and ideas, and thereby to help to develop and disseminate best practice in these challenging times. It builds on the development of the Governance web site www.lfhe.ac.uk/governance but should be of most interest and use to governance practitioners, including clerks and secretaries, rather than governors themselves. For HE governance support to exchange views, ideas and help to develop/disseminate best practice.

> GP-UK facilitates discussion on new ideas, research, workshops, seminars, conferences,grants, education, software development etc for the UK General Practice (Family Medicine) community. Non-UK views are also welcome. GP-UK intends to promote collaborative work, problem solving and support.

> GPRD-Research aims to promote the exchange of information and advice between users of the General Practice Research Database (GPRD). This list is a forum to promote and share research ideas, methodologies, as well as providing a point of contact between new and existing users. GPRD-Research aims to promote the exchange of information and advice between users of the General Practice Research Database (GPRD).

This list is a forum to promote and share research ideas, methodologies, as well as providing a point of contact between new and existing users.

The list is maintained by Dr Craig Currie and Dr Chris Poole.

> This list is for staff working to organise and run graduation ceremonies. To share best practice and to provide support.

> For staff using Gradescope

> This list provides a forum for anyone engaged in matters relating to graduate employment and employability. It intends to promote high-level debate on these issues, particularly to challenge much of the current, intellectually questionable orthodoxy.

> This list aims to support the establishment of a research network on graduate transitions to work. This network arises from the Symposium on the Political Economy of Higher Education and Training that was held at the University of Warwick on the 13th of July 2018, funded by the Warwick Institute of Advanced Study. At present, network development is in early stages. We hope to apply for funding and to set up more events on this theme in the future. This list will be used to circulate correspondence, news and events related to graduate transitions to employment.

> Discussion and contact list for members of Grampian Information - a cooperative organisation of information providers. The majority of members work in library or information units supporting Higher Education and Research Institutes which are located in the Grampian area.

> This list is dedicated for debates and information on graphic design and visual communication related topics, in particular with focus on histories and bringing more inclusive perspectives to graphic design histories we write, we teach and/or create. This list is mainly a space created for graphic design/visual communication historians, but which also welcomes educators and practitioners interested in expanding their references.

> Mailing list of the Graphic Justice Research Alliance. An interdisciplinary research network exploring the crossover between law and justice and comics of all kinds.

> This list is a forum for researchers interested in industrial graphites to promote networking, discussion and exchange of ideas. This list is particularly relevant to those interested in nuclear graphite, its use as a structural material in reactor systems and subsequent ageing mechanisms and decommissioning. This list also includes discussion on the IAEA international database on irradiated graphite properties.

> Email list and networking facility for academics working on environmental politics in any country - a forum for requests and information (primarily announcements of academic jobs, and calls for papers for conferences). The list was previously the discussion list of the ECPR Environmental Politics (previously 'Green Politics') Standing Group, formed in 1991. GDPR regulations mean that the list is now formally independent of the European Consortium for Political Research, but most of the members are also members of the SG. If you wish to also join the Standing Group - you can do so at: ecpr.eu and follow the links to groups and networks.

> This is a group to aide communication between people working on clouds within the GridPP project.

> To coordinate deployment and support for GRIDPP2 storage management solutions for both Tier1 and Tier2 sites across the UK, including the provision of feedback into devlopment.

> A list for the discussion of support issues related to using GridPP provided resources

> Discussion list for users of the PPARC GridPP Project

> Discussion group on grounded theory.

> The GRRIPP list grows from the UKRI-funded GRRIPP project (www.grripp.net) and aims to advance decolonial research and policy advocacy with gender and intersectionality at the centre.

> This list is designed to create an online forum for postgraduate and early career members of the Global Studies Association. The forum will allow networking, exchange, information on events, funding and discussion on issues relevant to researchers conducting multi-disciplinary research.

> The Global Sustainable Design and Ethical Trade Network list is for sustainability in interdisciplinary design and business.

> Forum for members of the German Studies Library Group, both librarians and academics. The Group is concerned with provision of high quality library services in the field of German studies and seeks to enhance services by co-operative projects and good communication between members.

> A forum for researchers and policy experts in the field of Global Social Policy to share information and discuss about publications, research projects, policy initiatives, and upcoming events. Of interest to individuals working in the areas of Social Policy, Sociology, Politics, Economics, Development Studies and International Relations.

> gender studies research group UWE

> This list is for scholars and research students who have an interest in the field of gender, sport and society. The list provides a network for discussion on current issues, and posts updates on news, conferences and relevant research/publications.

> This JISC list is for those who support the development of Graduate Teaching Assistants in UK Higher Education.

> This list is used by guidance staff in colleges in Scotland and relevant agencies to share ideas and resources and make announcements.

> this is a list for members of GuildHE to discuss issues around the admission of students

> This is a group of GuildHE member institutions who are working on developing their apprenticeship provision, technical education and other skills policies in their universities.

> This jisc aims to allow students' unions of GuildHE member institutions to network and co-ordinate activity.

> This group is used by UK university recruitment staff to make announcements for the purposes of recruitment and collaborative activities in the MENA region

> A mailing list for Isambard. Isambard is a HPC service provided by GW4 and the UK Met Office. The system is funded by EPSRC and is one of a number of Tier-2 HPC facilities in the UK.

> Mailing list for disseminating news about the GWAS Central resource.