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> Rather than being confined to public administration, legal definitions and descriptions of socio-economic conditions as they are manifest in a specific moment in time, the uncovered revelations of "social harm" and heinous practices will go beyond empirical declarations to explain why whether it be good or bad society and/or the economic environment has come to be in the condition that it is. Genocide, war, class, gender, social exclusion, (institutional) discrimination and racism, migration, (social) media influence and public perception/actions are prominent aspects of our dissemination process in a dedicated opposition to (anti-)social injustice.

> The aim of iTrust is to provide a forum for cross-disciplinary investigation of the application of trust as a means of establishing security and confidence in the global computing infrastructure, recognizing trust as a crucial enabler for meaningful and mutually beneficial interactions.

> IAEG-C20 aims to develop worldwide guidance to engineering geologists on the investigation, assessment and remediation of contaminated land

> This mailing list will be to support the operations of the Image Analysis Focused Interest Group of the Royal Microscopical Society (IAFIG-RMS). Members of this group include scientists who conduct some form of image analysis in the life and microscopy sciences. Its purpose will be to keep its members updated with announcements and other information.

> International Association for Languages and Intercultural Communication

> This list is hosted by the International Association for Media and History (IAMHIST), for announcements and discussion on the broad topic of media history, and to circulate information of interest to group members (e.g. projects, reviews, call for papers, publications, etc).

> A discussion group for anyone involved in the provision and management of music library services. For members of IAML(UK & Irl) and interested parties.

> The International Association for Media in Science recognises the importance of the use of screen based resources in University science education. It provides an international forum for the sharing of innovation and expertise to the benefit of higher education.

> This network is designed to facilitate communication and collaboration amongst the members of the IAPS organisation who are interested in matters of place, place attachment and place identity.

> For those researching the properties of indoor air quality, climate and the implications of this on objects, works of art, and archival records.

> This list is used by the IAREP Hon Sec, President and Hon Treasurer to communicate with members about matters concerning the formal processes of IAREP such as election of officers, and academic events such as the annual colloquium. Members similalrly use the list to communicate with each other, on matters such as academic vacancies or studentships etc.

> This list is for scholars researching religion and gender and linked to the International Association for the study of Religion & Gender

> An open jiscmail list for the International Alliance of Research Library Associations. This list will be used to update the international research library community, and its stakeholders, of the ongoing work of IARLA and its forthcoming initiatives.

> A discussion list for members of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music UK and Ireland branch.

> International Association for the Study of Sexuality and Culture: A list for academics and independant researchers working on the study of sexuality and culture. Keywords: Sexuality, Culture, Anthropology

> IBERIA provides a forum for the dissemination of information and the discussion of matters of common concern among subject specialists, librarians, academic staff, postgraduate students and others in the field of Spanish and Portuguese studies.

> This list was retained (archived) on 21/01/22. No one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. For all enquires, please contact help@jisc.ac.uk This list is used by scholars working on the Iberian Atlantic to disseminate information and discuss topics of interest.

> This list is used to provide ICED Council members with details of various ICED matters, including meeting arrangments and papers. It is also for ICED Council members to discuss ICED issues with each other.

> This list is for ICGG-related communications only. Users posting announcements unrelated to the ICGG (including CFPs and marketing material) will be removed from the list. This list is for communication and discussion between members of the International Critical Geography Group (ICGG) and for the dissemination of information about the International Conferences of Critical Geography and related activities. Membership of the ICGG is obtained by subscribing to this list. By subscribing to this list you are confirming that you wish to join the ICGG and that you support its Statement of Purpose, which can be found here: http://internationalcriticalgeography.org/statement-of-purpose/. This super list posts to the following sub lists: ICGG-STEERINGCOMMITEE, ICGG-BOARD.

> This is a sub-list of the ICGG -International Critical Geography Group. The list is restricted to the members of the Steering Group

> This is a list of the steering committee of the International Critical Geography Group. This is a sub-list of ICGG

> The International Centre for Intercultural Studies at UCL promotes intellectually rigorous, practically relevant and interdisciplinary intercultural studies that advance understanding of the role of culture in society, education and communication and inform intercultural practices and policies. Please join this mailing list to stay informed of upcoming events at the Centre.

> This list is for managers of UK based imaging centres (e.g. MRI, PET, MEG, CT) to discuss issues related to centre management.

> The list provides a space for announcements (publications, events, news, CFPs) and a forum for the scholarly discussion and debate of issues pertaining to the cinema and media (television, radio, digital, etc.) in Italy, including in its transnational and transmedia dimensions.

> Scientific meeting announcements in (Bio)Inorganic Chemistry, following up on ECOSTBio COST Action (CM1305), which include conferences, workshops, summer schools, etc. Scientific meeting announcements in (Bio)Inorganic Chemistry, following up on ECOSTBio COST Action (CM1305), which include conferences, workshops, summer schools, etc.

> Job announcements in Inorganic Chemistry, following up on ECOSTBio COST Action (CM1305) Job announcements in Inorganic Chemistry, following up on ECOSTBio COST Action (CM1305)

> This list is used to inform the Classics community (in its widest sense) and others interested in the field about events and initiatives organised or facilitated by the Institute of Classical Studies.

> This list is used by the International and Comparative Social Policy Group of the Social Policy Association to support its wider activities and to promote and facilitate discussion and networks between researchers and teachers in the fields of international and comparative Social Policy

> A list to support the communications of an Information and Communications Technology in Education Research Network

> This list exists for behavioural and social scientists actively committed to high quality academic research in the field of intellectual disability.

> IDANET (Individual Differences and Assessment Network is a JISCMAIL administered listserv network for students, academic researchers and professionals involved in thedefinition, theory, and measurement of individual differences. The net members are drawn from the areas of experimental, clinical, and educational research, encompassing fields as diverse as psychophysiological assessment, psychometrics, personality theory and measurement, and cognitive ability. The range of specialisations encompassed within individual differences research provides for a rather wider content area than most other listservs. However, that is why individual differences research remains so interesting and challenging. Idanet is a fairly "quiet" listserv in that mainly information is imparted by its members through the emails, although it does spring into some lively debates every now and then! Quality, not quantity is the motto!

> Community group for technical vendor-neutral discussion on Identity and Access Management in an HE context.

Community group for technical vendor-neutral discussion on Identity and Access Management in an HE context.

Other lists that may be of interest:

  • MICROSOFT-IDENTITY for issues specific to the Microsoft IAM stack

Please let me know if there are more useful lists to go here.

> This list has been retained 23/12/20 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list Identity Management Pilots

> This list is for communication between members of the radionuclide dosimetry community. The primary focus is on research and development in dosimetry for molecular radiotherapy, but new and important matters in dosimetry for diagnostic use of radionuclides will be included.

> The mailing list is for the annual Welsh Linguistics Seminar held at Gregynog Hall, Wales, and organised by academics at Bangor, Cardiff and Helsiki Universities. The list is for anyone with an interest in the Welsh language and particularly those engaged in research on Welsh linguistics.

> The Strategic Agenda and Goals of the group include the following: 1. Federate and promote research and establish interfaces with relevant research fields. 1.1 Promote maintenance as an interdisciplinary science, blending knowledge from management, engineering, technological and technical field. 1.2 Contribute to the development of a general framework for advanced maintenance systems, establishing interfaces with production management and manufacturing plant control. 1.3 Promote and evolve the research agenda, including perspectives and foresight in the field, with regard to the intersection of technology, engineering and management. 1.4 Involve new and experienced researchers in the A-MEST WG community, considering the relevance of their knowledge and expertise to contribute to the research agenda, and the need to enhance global coverage and participation. 1.5 Promote the relationships of the WG with other technical committees TCs within IFAC, besides the TC 5.1, and with other scientific and technical organizations and communities (e.g., IFIP, ESREL, ISEAM, PHM, EFNMS, …). #2. Promote competence, growth and exchange of students, PhDs and young researchers. 2.1 Involve young researchers in the A-MEST WG community, through actions specifically done to attract their interest. 3. Promote academia-industry partnerships and highlight the impact of maintenance in industry and society. 3.1 Promote industry-academia partnerships, attracting industrial experts through specific actions for their active involvement in the A-MEST WG community. 3.2. Promote the role of maintenance for sustainability (economic, environmental, social impacts), highlighting technological enablers. 4. Promote and improve education and training in maintenance. 4.1. Steer the organisation of events, special sessions and other activities to facilitate best knowledge diffusion, 4.2. Maintain active push towards education and training activities in the above events via tutorials, industrial case studies and facilitate the exchange of junior and/or senior researchers and professionals.

> IFS exists to provoke debate on the future direction and current challenges affecting the creative industries, to support excellence across interior research & practice, and seeks to embed these into the learning experience of ug's and pg's. It acts as a regional authority on, and advocate for, Interior Design/Interior Architecture education, research, practice and collaboration.

> Mailing list for discussion of social scientific study of ignorance

> IGP (Iceland Greenland seas Project) - an email list for IGP project participants, including those taking part in the coupled field campaign of January-March 2018.

> Announcement and related information list. Research seminar on the Economic and Social History of the Early Modern World. Fortnightly in term time at the Institute of Historical Research, London.

> Announcement list for the History of Sexuality Seminar, based at the Institute of Historical Research, London. Organised by a team of conveners and in association with the Raphael Samuel History Centre, the seminar takes place approximately every 3 weeks in term-time. # This list is not a discussion list and will be used only to post news about upcoming seminars and call for papers.

> This list is used by the International History Seminar of the North. It provides announcements, updates, and calls for papers for our in-person and online events.

> This mailing list is for discussion around the topic of developing, sharing and re-use of open educational resources on information literacy

> This list has been established to create new and reinforce established networks for disseminating information about events, conferences and publications related to Illustration Research.

> Iberian and Latin-American Music mailing list (ILM) enables those engaged on research into music in the Iberian peninsula and Latin America to exchange information and ideas. This includes new archival research, details of relevant conferences, publications and work in progress.

> This list is for an interdisciplinary research network on International Law and Policy in Africa. The network is made up of a group of scholars and practitioners in this area. The list provides opportunities to share information, knowledge and research, debate issues, make announcements, arrange workshops, and enhance research collaboration.

> This list has been retained 17/02/2016. No one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. contact helpline@jiscmail.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list Designing a curriculum is an important, challenging and creative aspect of the role of the teacher in higher education. This list has been set up for those with an interest in curriculum design to enable them to share their experience and knowledge, as well as learn from others. It arose out of the Imaginative Curriculum project, which is based on the idea that knowledge that is useful to HE teachers can be developed through a network of people who want to share their learning with other teachers.

> Immunobiology is a journal club site to post cutting edge articles; allowing discussion of the evidence and the background to immunoregulation

> This list will provide a forum for academics to engage in conversations about research impact, ahead of the Research Excellence Framework submission (REF2021). It will also provide a space for the discussion of new and ongoing collaborations. For more information, please contact: Dr Chris Hewson (c.d.hewson@salford.ac.uk) Professor Andy Miah (a.miah@salford.ac.uk)

> The practice sharing network of research professionals helping each other and academics understand, promote, evidence and evaluate impact and public engagement activities and outcomes in various disciplines.

> The purpose of this discussion forum is to have meaningful conversations about the impact of widening access work across England and the UK.

> The Impact Research Group are a cross institutional group of researchers interested in exploring the impacts of enterprising and entrepreneurial education (EEE) in a wide range of contexts.

> The Imperial and World History seminar meets at the Institute of Historical Research of the University of London throughout the academic year. This list will distribute information about the meetings of the seminar to subscribers

> This is the mailing list for the Fluid Dynamics Seminar in the Department of Mathematics at Imperial College London.

> A list to promote the exchange of ideas and information on new Rb/Sr & K/Ca geochronology techniques. Discussion of laboartories including techniques, standards, instruments and opportunities.

> This list will facilitate discussion between practitioners, researchers and policymakers in the international field of criminal justice practice.

> A list for academics and professional services staff interested in supporting inclusion, diversity, and equality in higher education. Open internationally.

> This list is for those interested in the process of inclusive design and its application across all design disciplines

> The list is for educators and educational researchers interested in developing inclusive gifted and talented educational theory and practice.

> List to encourage discussion within the area of Industrial Archaeology - it aims to help establish links between fieldwork, research, individuals and establishments.

> This list is aimed primarily at all kinds of industrial economists. It should also appeal to academics with backgrounds in management, business, finance and industrial organisation, and those with specific interests in firm strategy and behaviour, market structure and the economics of regulation.

> This list seeks to provide an enabling context for knowledge sharing, as well as bring to the nexus of research and practices aimed at fostering sustainable development, Indigenous perspectives. We seek to promote opportunities and initiatives that illustrate the interplay between Indigenous knowledge and different contexts that underpin sustainable development.

> The successful transition to higher education has never been more important. As student numbers, fees and expectations climb, universities must make certain their studentsâ& 128;™ first experience of higher education is positive. Ensuring the vital first few weeks contain the right balance of information, nurture and challenge is key to successful induction programmes. This jiscmail list seeks to share best practice, discuss sector-wide strategies, successes and challenges and to share new ideas in order to develop planning frameworks relating to successful and engaging induction programmes

> Environmental issues concerning industry, commerce, business. Scope: enviro/economics, tools (life cycle analysis, design for the environment, auditing), implications of new legislation, clean technology/industrial ecology, EIA/sustainable planning, env-policy & integration with business strategy.

> A forum for academic discussion on industrial relations broadly conceived. It covers current research, methods, results and theories on employment relations, collective relationships, trade unions, HRM & employment law.

> This mailing list is for anyone who uses - or would like to use - mathematical techniques to solve industrial problems. It aims to: - Better connect mathematicians, statisticians, and industrialists across the UK working in the area of industrial maths; and - Disseminate invitations received from EU-Maths-In, the European Service Network of Mathematics for Industry and Innovation (http://www.eu-maths-in.eu). Please - use meaningful subject lines with keywords (e.g. CONFERENCE, CFP, JOB, EVENT, WORKSHOP, COURSE, MEETING, CONSULTATION, etc.), - send plain text, - no commercial advertising (job and conference announcements excepted), - reply only to the sender, not to everyone, - keep any opinions brief and on topic.

> The Inequalities Research Network is supported by Leeds Social Sciences Institute. It aims to provide a focal point for the collective work undertaken across diverse sectors to address social inequalities and increase social justice.

> Information law and policy research and practice: discussion and announcements. This list communicates and support the work of scholars and practitioners specialising in information law and policy, including legal topics such as data protection, freedom of information, defamation, intellectual property and misuse of private information. Broader themes of interest include access to information and digital information sharing and communication. This mailing list is unmoderated and content reflects the views of those who post to the list and not of any organisation. The archives are available to view online by registered members of the list. Any messages posted to the list are subject to the JISCMail acceptable use policy, which states that users should avoid engaging in unreasonable behaviour, or disrupting the general flow of discussion on a list.

> A discussion list for for members of the academic community associated with International Foundation Programmes (IFPs). The list is run on behalf of InForm, the journal of teaching and learning related good practice in the IFP sector.

> Forum for those working on Information Systems (IS) topics, eg. Development, Methodologies, Use/Operation, Quality, Theories, etc. Postings may include: discussions on IS topics; requests for references/advice; questions on theory/research; thoughts on recent books; conference details/calls for papers, etc. Forum for those working on Information Systems (IS) topics, eg. Development, Methodologies, Use/Operation, Quality, Theories, etc. Postings may include: discussions on IS topics; requests for references/advice; questions on theory/research; thoughts on recent books; conference details/calls for papers, etc.

> This list is used for seminar and other announcements from the Institute of Nuclear Medicine Physics group at University College London

> A team of Researchers in the UK have been sponsored by the ESRC to develop an integrative theory of Social Representations and Identities in the context of Innovation. This list will discuss relevant theoretical and methodological issues.

> This list is designed to be a forum for Inorganic Chemists to discuss and exchange information on research and teaching interests and concerns. It will also allow for easy and effective notification of forthcoming conferences and vacant faculty, post-doc and studentship positions.

> A mailing list for those interested in discussing and keeping up to date with the International Network of Research Management Societies (INORMS) Research Administration as a Profession (RAAAP) TaskForce work on collecting longitudinal data about RMA as a profession around the world. This is a sub-list of INORMS-RAAAP-TaskForce

> The mailing list for updates on the INORMS Research Administration as a Profession (RAAAP) TaskForce

> The purpose of INOSS is to develop and to promote the interdisciplinary study of statelessness through the sharing of news, projects, and examples of good practices. It includes scholars working in academia, in professional settings, and in a myriad of other ways to deepen and broaden our collective understanding of statelessness.

> INQUIRE is a EU funded project with the aim of helping to reinvigorate inquiry-based science education throughout Europe. Coordinated by Innsbruck University and Botanic Gardens Conservation International, 14 botanic gardens in 11 countries have developed 60 hour teacher training courses to inspire students in science and help address biodiversity and climate change.

> Discussion of issues around the development and design of e-learning and online materials for learning.

> To share knowlege and experiences within the remit of insurance and risk management programmes

> International boundaries, both on land and at sea, are often a major source of stress between states. This list provides a forum for the exchange of information and ideas relating to the delimitation, demarcation and management of international borders, particularly the peaceful resolution of boundary-related conflict.

> This list focuses on international student migration in Africa

> Announcements of new publications and other related news for the journal Internet Archaeology.

> There has been plenty of hype over artificial intelligence and the internet of things. We believe it may be time to put aside the cynicism that this kind of hype generates and look seriously at how we can take advantage of these emerging technologies to improve the student experience, research and the management of our campuses.

> The InterAcT (integrated academic clinical training) Trainees list is a forum where clinical academic trainees can discuss mutual problems with regards to combining clinical and academic training, grant writing, fellowship applications and research.

> This list aims to connect individuals and groups involved in or interested in interdisciplinary research on institutions or institutional thought. Members can use the list to post announcements about events, publications, calls for papers, job postings, etc. Please note that the list is moderated to ensure that only relevant announcements are circulated. Please note that personal data collected when joining the INTERDISCIPLINARY-INSTITUTIONS mailing list is used exclusively for the purposes of building the network and for informing members of activities within and related to it. This personal information will not be passed on to others.

> A communication channel for participants at the workshop Intergenerational Futures: a workshop on public health and the life-course. We also welcome social scientists, public health researchers and practitioners, environmental/planetary health specialists, and others with an interest in health, environments, and the life-course to join the list.

> This list is for anyone who is interested in 'The Internet of Musical Events: Digital Scholarship, Community and the Archiving of Performance' (InterMusE) project. We will use the list to post project updates including resources, news and events.

> The International Impact Network is a discussion forum for anyone working in the area of research impact across the world. The aim of this network is to provide a useful and inclusive space to reach out to colleagues globally to discuss challenges, debate ideas and share approaches to enabling, embedding and maximising the impact of research.

> A list for discussion of issues related to building and using interoperable digital services across a range of domains such as libraries and museums. It will also disseminate details of work from the UK Interoperability Focus, and will act as a forum for others working in this important field. Note that this list is now closed.

> This list is intended as a platform for researchers, practitioners and policy makers with an interest in children and young people's intersecting identities and inequalities. It arises from a recent international seminar series on 'Children's Rights, Social Justice and Social Identities in Scotland: Intersections in Research, Policy and Practice' (2013-2014), funded by the Scottish Universities Insight Institute: http://www.scottishinsight.ac.uk/Programmes/Programmes201314/ChildrensRights.aspx The list aims to: - disseminate innovative research, policy and practice - create meaningful knowledge exchange opportunities - generate new knowledge and identify priorities for action in the field of childhood identities and inequalities, children'& 128;™s rights, social justice, childhood/family studies and intersectionality - firmly put children and young people'& 128;™s inequalities on the agenda in research, policy and practice

> The International Research Development Network is intended to provide a forum for professional services staff at UK Universities to learn more about funding opportunities for international research collaboration and partnership development, outside of the EU research and innovation framework programmes and structural funds. This list has been retained 02/10/20 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list

> This public list is used for announcements and general discussion on the work of the International Network for Theology and Mental Health (INTMH), a new research centre of the University of Aberdeen, directed by Professor John Swinton.

> Forum for those with an interest in intrapreneurship in researcher development.

> Discussion forum for clinicians managing intrathecal baclofen pumps. These are used to treat severe spasticity and sometimes dystonia. This will facilitate management of unusual problems and will develop into a useful educational resource for trainees.

> This mailing list exists to support the research initiatives of the In Via Dante Network. We aim principally to foster dialogue between PGR and ECR Dantisti across different institutions in the British Isles and further afield.

> This is the distribution list for the IOP (Institute of Psychiatry) Journal Club, held weekly in term time at the Institute of Psychiatry, London SE5 8AF

> This list is used as a discussion and information sharing forum by researchers from a variety of academic disciplines who are engaged in the study of societies and cultures of the Indian Ocean Region.

> This is a mailing list of the members of the "International Politics of Migration, Refugees, and Diasporas" Working Group at the British International Studies Association

> Intellectual property - science. This list covers intellectual property in science, academic-industry links, sociological/ethical/legal analyses, inventiveness and exploitability (eg via patents). Information, bibliographies, news, research-in-progress, meetings etc. All welcome.

> International Political Science Association (IPSA) conducts research activities in political science, its Research Committees (RC) provide members in sub-fields of the discipline an opportunity to associate with colleagues and are the backbone of the Association. This list will allow effective coordination of RCs voice viz. their own members and the association in pursuit of their interests.

> The ipv6-users list is primarily for anyone at a Janet-connected site interested in deploying or running IPv6 at their site or for specific projects.

> IR represents the interests and activities of the British Computer Society Information Retrieval Specialist Group and the members of CEPIS constituent groups. Information Retrieval (IR) is concerned with enabling people to locate useful information in large, relatively unstructured, computer- accessible archives. Much of IR research is aimed at finding ways to represent the information needs of users and to match these with the contents of an archive. In many cases, those information needs will be best met by locating suitable text documents, but in other cases it may require retrieval of other media, such as video, audio, and images

> This list is for the Interdisciplinary Research in Sexual Health (IReSH) network in Scotland. It is used to make announcements about IReSH events, events organised by members, job postings, PhD adverts, and other relevant posts.

> List for IRIS Operations Discussion. Sub-list of IRIS-COLLABORATION.

> List to facilitate discussions and communications relating to strategy development for the IRIS project.

> This list is primarily for announcements/proposals etc relating to UKT0 technical development. Day to day activities are handled through the Slack group. Sub-list of IRIS-COLLABORATION.

> The purpose of this group is to informally share, discuss and disseminate information related to maternity care in Ireland among Irish midwives, other professionals and women interested in maternity services in Ireland.

> This is a general discussion forum for Irish studies with an initial focus on the Queen's University Belfast and JSTOR digitization project which will deliver 100 full text journals, 205 full text monographs and 2,500 manuscript images with detailed metadata. The resource will be free in the UK and Ireland. It is anticipated that list members will engage in discussion on the development of further research resources relating to Ireland.

> IRISS - Internet Research and Information for Social Scientists. Information about the IRISS conference and follow up discussion.

> Communication channel for members of the Interdisciplinary Research Network on the Environment and Society. IRNES is open to all those who have an interest in the interplay between the ecosystem and its sub-unit that we call society. Find our home page at http://irnes.webjump.com

> The list is used by the International Society for Biomolecular Archaeology (ISBA) to make announcements of upcoming events, jobs openings, opportunities, and share relevant updates of the society to the research community. Website: www.isbarch.org.

> Mailing list for the International Society for Clinical Eye Tracking (ISCET)

> ISDFPN has been set up with the aim of bringing together international colleagues working in or towards setting up Secure Data Facilities, to share expertise and experiences, discuss relevant areas of work, and to spark collaboration as well as develop new ideas.

> Founded in the Netherlands in 1990, ISEA International (formerly Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts) is an international non-profit organisation fostering interdisciplinary academic discourse and exchange among culturally diverse organisations and individuals working with art, science and technology. The main activity of ISEA International is the annual International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA).

> This discussion list is for members of the International Society for Historians of Atheism Secularism & Humanism to raise discussion items, to make announcements and to notify the members of items of interest.

> Interactive Systems and Instrument Design in Music (ISIDM) mailing list is used for the discussion and distribution of information, in the field of interactive music, to enhance and extend possibilities for human creativity in music and the arts

> Information Society and Justice (ISJ) is a biennial peer-review journal based in the Department of Applied Social Sciences (DASS) at the London Metropolitan University. It seeks to provide a proactive space for critical discussion of the issues around information, society and justice.

> Improving Student Learning: intended to encourage continuing discussion between participants of the ISL symposia, and others who are interested in improving the quality of students' learning. Lecturers, educational researchers, educational developers and action researchers might find an interest.

> This list connects scholars from a wide variety of disciplines interested in female religious leadership in Islamic communities worldwide.

> Mailing list for researchers and education practitioners interested in informal second language learning. This list is to: facilitate continued interaction and increased collaboration in future research; to provide a platform to share research outcomes, in progress, publications, news about events, opportunities for collaboration, etc.

> This list is for members of the International Society for Metal Music Studies to make announcements, share information, and connect with one another. General research queries are welcome. We encourage all users to treat each other with respect, and hate speech and discrimination will not be tolerated.

> ISUF is the international organization of urban form for researchers and practitioners; it seeks to advance research and practice in fields concerned with the built environment.

> A list for the exchange of information and discussion for archaeologists (prehistoric, classical or medieval) interested in Italy, whether based in the UK or elsewhere. Membership is open to all those with an interest in Italian archaeology.

> This list is dedicated to scholarly discussions in any field of Italian studies. The list owner(s) will also post information regarding publications of interest. Members of the list are encouraged to share their expertise, professionally and politely, with others.

> This list is to provide information, networking and support to lecturers and others involved in the initial training of teachers of languages in the UK.

> A forum for staff involved in supporting IT in the UK academic community and beyond.

> This is a mailing list of the Sustainable Development Research Programme (IUSDRP)