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> The NABO (North Atlantic Biocultural Organisation) mailing list is used for discussion and announcements to the multinational and interdisciplinary group of scholars working in the North Atlantic region.

> NACHE is a forum for counsellors to share practice, research & ideas about counselling in Higher Education. We meet online and in person from time to time.

> National Association for Music in Higher Education Network Discussion Forum

> The discussion list for Mathematics and Numeracy practitioners in colleges, adult education and other post compulsory training organisations.

> This is an email list that will be used by the organising committee of the National Association for Numeracy and Mathematics in Colleges.

> for researchers and practitioners who are interested in researching and evaluating the use of narrative in health and related disciplines

> This cross disciplinary list is for scholars in the area of narrative inquiry broadly who are interested in the aesthetics of their approaches. This cross-fertilisation of social and human science with art and humanities may include, for example, autoethnographers, performance and experimental ethnographers, cultural and communication scholars with an interest in performance, narrative and dialogic narrative researchers, those using the arts in social science enquiry, to name but a few.

> This list is a sub-set of the nases mailbase for the NASES executive. Its purpose is to assist in the management of the nases mailbase and those issues discussed on it (by an elected group of individual practitioners supported by co-opted experts).

> Allow private communication between NASES members.

> The NASSS-CAT Community represents a user community for the NASSS-CAT tool (Non-adoption, Abandonment, and barriers to Spread, Scale-up and Sustainability - Complexity Assessment Tool), during a technology-supported change project.

> A list of all Medical School Secretaries of UK Medical Schools. A forum for quick queries, dissemination of information and sharing of good practice.

> The Arts and Humanities Research Council has launched a funding call for Towards a National Collection (https://ahrc.ukri.org/research/fundedthemesandprogrammes/tanc-opening-uk-heritage-to-the-world/). This list is to help applicants develop partnerships for their proposals.

> To facilitate discussion and exchange of views on licensing, innovation and Wikimedian-in-Residency issues at Wikimedia UK, NLS, NLW and British Library.

> A unique platform for the natural products researchers to exchange views, ideas, experiences, problems, solution to problems and any matter relating to natural products research bioassay, spectroscopy, NMR, chromatography, biosynthesis etc.

> This is the list by the NatSCA to make announcements of meetings, seminars and to provide professional specialist support to natural history curators.

> This is a multidisciplinary discussion group on natural hazards and disasters, covering socio-economic, psychological, organisational, scientific and technical aspects.

> This discussion list is intended to provide a welcoming forum for the exchange of information between Researchers and Practitioners providing activities that support social cohesion and well-being in nature. The list has been set up in collaboration between the Silvanus Trust, and researchers at two universities, Anglia Ruskin University (Sara Knight) and the University of Plymouth (Sue Waite). It is moderated by Miles Opie, Faculty of Education, University of Plymouth and Alice Goodenough, The Silvanus Trust. This site has now been superceded by the following site:

> The NBK-Community-Discussion list is an open community led forum for discussion, debate and sharing of information and advice about the NBK and related services.

> The NBWN is a self organised network of black workers in HE / FE institutions across the North west, North East, Yorkshire, Scotland and Ireland. Its aims are: 1. To provide the opportunity to share experiences with Black workers at HE/FE. 2. To promote race equality through active engagement with relevant institutions and organisations: 3. To seek to uphold the ethics and principles of the Race Equality legislation. 4. To work towards improving career prospects and opportunities. 5. To ascertain the prime issues of the equality and diversity in work place. 6. To minimise the potential isolation of Black workers by providing a focal point for advice and support.

> This list is for anyone working and/or interested in public engagement and community engagement in higher education. A platform to facilitate sharing information, ideas and discussion.

> This group invites academics and practitioners to discuss research, and policy papers, share events and updates that relate to student-community engagement. Student-community engagement describes a form of informal and formal experiential education where learning emerges through a cycle of action and reflection. It encompasses a wide variety of practices including service-learning, community-based learning, learning-linked volunteering and scholarship of engagement. We hope this group will become an interdisciplinary forum for discussion. Cross cutting, or boundary spanning posts, research and news are particularly welcomed, as are those that look more closely at particular areas of practice. - sub-list of NCCPE-PEN

> Discussion group for the UK Non-Crystalline Diffraction synchrotron radiation user community.

> A JISCMail group for data and evaluation people from various consortia involved in the National Collaborative Outreach Program (NCOP) to share ideas and approaches.

> Members from across the UK will use JISCMail to discuss clinical trials ideas in cancer research (in a supportive & palliative care setting)and develop them. The Group will respond to research calls from various institutions such as Marie Curie.

> National Centre for the Study and Prevention of Violence and Abuse information and newsletter.

> North East Assessors Discussion List supporting Disabled Students in Higher Education

> This list is for staff leading and contributing to programmes and courses for staff new to teaching in HE. It provides a forum for discussing the issues encountered in leading such programmes and enhancing academic practice. It also provides opportunities to share good practice and experiences.

> The North England Blackboard User Group is for institutions based across the north of England and brings together the users of the Blackboard Learn platform. The group meets twice a year, in May and November with a different host institution for each meeting. The group no longer uses JISCMail for communication. Please go to the NEBUG Blackboard Community Site to join on the following URL: https://community.blackboard.com/groups/nebug

> Supporting AHRC funded NE Heritage Partnership project (integrating academic researchers with community heritage groups)

> The Localism Act 2011 empowered Parish and Town Councils or Neighbourhood Fora in unparished areas to develop neighbourhood plans for their areas. This is the ultimate in community engagement - and can be a ripe area for research and peer-to-peer assistance.

> The interaction between where people live and their individual outcomes is complex and mutli-faceted. This list is for researchers and practitioners working on neighbourhood effects related research.

> To share experience, notify of events/training opportunities, post questions, encourage networking locally and regionally, share good practice, request information, and facilitate research. The group is aimed at all those interested in the broad access and learning agenda across museums, libraries and archives (of all types) in North East England.

> List for Chief Investigators based in the Northumberland Tyne and Wear Clinical Research Network

> Distribution list of users of the IT system the CSP Module.

> Group covering RM&G in North East and North Cumbria.

> Distribution and discussion group for research management performance metrics in NTW CLRN area.

> Discussion group for Research Study Co-coordinators based in NTW region.

> This list is for the use of anyone working in primatology who is based in the north of England. It can be used to ask for help, disseminate information about meetings and inform people about interesting research developments.

> The NERC (Natural Environment Research Council ) SIS Data Citation and Publication project is a collaboration between all the NERC-funded data centres. It aims to develop the processes and procedures required to allow the data sets stored in the NERC data centres to be made citeable and published via peer-review. The citation mechanism will be through the assignment of digital object identifiers DOIs, and the process of peer-review and publication of datasets will be done in collaboration with recognised academic journal publishers.

> This list will be used to share information about the Diamond Light Source to members of the NERC community. It will be a forum for discussion of issues relevant to NERC's involvement in Diamond, eg submissions on future strategy and investments.

> This list will be used to share information about the ISIS facility with members of the NERC community. It will be a forum for discussion of issues relevant to NERC's involvement in ISIS, eg submissions on future strategy and investments.

> This list is used by the North-Eastern Regional Film Seminar to organise its meetings and to extend discussion outside the meetings.

> Research impact and policy professionals from the North East UK sharing best practice

> Mailing list for early career researchers postgrads, postdocs etc working on energy systems, parallel to National Energy Research Network. Will include notices of relevant events arranged by UKERC and peer support discussions.

> This list is used by the North East Regional Obligations Group as a forum to discuss members' research and other matters connected with the law of obligations.

> The aim is to offer training to update guidance professionals whom are concerned with delivering careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) in HE and related contexts.

> This list is to be used by members of the North East Regional Teaching Group in order to network, organise meetings, update and question/answer queries relating to TDA activities and current information/changes in the current Teacher Training system.

> This list is used by the members of the North East Syntax Seminar to make announcements and discuss Syntax, Semantics and their interfaces.

> Neural-Symbolic Learning and Reasoning Association

> A group for researchers and practitioners interested in the study of networks in the context of crime. The list is intended to be used for announcements, discussion and the formation of research collaborations.

> This list is for the discussion of issues relating to network monitoring and network performance measurement. It covers all measurement types including flow-monitoring

> Networc is an interdisciplinary research network engaging in the promotion and study of transnationalism and world history in universities across the North East of England.

> This list is to support discussion of the use of network automation tools and techniques at Janet-connected sites. This may cover areas such as provisioning, updates and validation of network device configurations and state.

> Ebulletin from "The Network - tackling social exclusion", incorporating the WTYL Digest

> The Networked Learning in Higher Education list is run by the Networked Learning in Higher Education team at Lancaster University's Centre for Studies in Advanced Learning Technology (CSALT). The list covers networked learning, online learning, eLearning, web-based learning, etc.

> This list is used to share good practice and promote discussion between disability networks at UK HE institutions.

> Distribution of newsletter for "The Network - tackling social exclusion"

> This is a interdisciplinary forum to bring clinicians, allied health care professionals, scientists and engineers together who have a special interest in ventilator weaning and extubation in Neurocritical care. #This will also be an opportunity to conduct small evidence based projects, clinical audits and progress research in this area.

> Building the research community to establish pathways and protocols for referral, rehabilitation and transitions between rehabilitation and palliative care, for brain cancer patients

> International network of researchers, practitioners & community members addressing challenges faced by neurodivergent people in the criminal justice system

> This is a list to facilitate the exchange of information regarding ethics and biomedical research into autism and what has become known as "the broader autistic phenotype" and it's relationship to the concept of neurodiversity.

> Welcome to the Neurodiversity In/And Creative Research Group! Here, we wish to explore the messy and magical entanglements between neurodiversity, creativity and research, and all the possibilities and intersections in between. This is a virtual forum for practitioners and researchers with interest in any of these terms - unstable, multifaceted and exciting as they each already are. We will share, discuss, debate, motivate, interrogate and support one another's practice and research. Collectively we may help make neurodiversity in research and the contributions of neurodivergent researchers more visible, and make research culture more inclusive. We welcome participants from any background/discipline/sector, with/without an affiliation. Please note this is a public forum, and we request you be mindful about sharing any personal and confidential information about yourself and others here. Anything you post using this email address NEURODIVERSITY@JISCMAIL.AC.UK will be seen not only by the whole network but anyone on the internet as this is a public list. Anyone can join this network. If you are here as an ally please share why you are here, what you wish to learn. We also ask you to be respectful of each other's views and ideas expressed here. We aim to develop a positive network of individuals interested in Neurodiversity In/And Creative Research. Welcome! Best wishes from Dr Kai Syng Tan and Dr Ranjita Dhital. Contact: kai.tan@alumni.ucl.ac.uk and r.dhital@UCL.AC.UK . For more about the Network: www.bit.ly/creativitynd

> This list is for academic researchers using the technique of Magnetoencephalography, concentrating in particular on methods for data analysis

> We aim to provide high quality information, current awareness and a forum for discussion about neuropsychiatry. Neuropsychiatry concerns the interface of psychiatry and neurology (incorporating cognitive neuroscience and related areas). Colleagues from UK and elsewhere are welcome to join.

> An email list for all clinicians and researchers interested in relationships, social context and neurological conditions. A platform to share relevant CPD events, publications, networking opportunities, and recruitment for research.

> A mailing list for providing support to the Universal Neutrino MC Generator users.

> This list will be used for communication by the UK neutrino community.

> A list for announcing new public mailing lists

> For those involved in curating, exhibiting, archiving or interpreting new media art (including net.art, interactive installations, digital video etc.) The list of the CRUMB web site http://www.crumbweb.org

> Britain has a rich tradition in planning new towns. They provide many examples of success in delivery new development at scale and providing employment and amenities for new residents. However, our new towns are no longer new and many face significant challenges going into the future. This forum encourages debate about a wide range of research on new towns. This includes: How new settlements in the future can learn from our new towns programme How to update the physical infrastructure of new towns The social history of new towns Heritage and conservation in a new town context What can we learn and share with international experiences of new towns How to improve the environmental sustainability in new towns Different new town models including those led by local authorities and the private sector

> For all those interested in discussing newsfilm, as well as sharing and advocating its use in research and teaching.

> This is the mailing list for the wider UK community supporting the development of the next generation of gravitational-wave experiments.

> A mailing list to promote and document a discussion around NeXus file format definitions and data processing workflows for the magnetic and resonant x-ray scattering international community, with the goal of promoting and exploiting FAIR data in our science area.

> This e-mail list is intended to facilitate communication and collaboration between academics from 6 different institutions developing a NERC Centre of Doctoral Training in Smart and Autonomous Systems.

> This is a list for collaboration on muon front end design of the Neutrino Factory

> This is the class of PhD students from Surrey, Huddersfield, Strathclyde and QUB who started on the Next Generation of Accelerators CDT course in 2011

> General discussion list for the promotion of computer networking and systems research in the UK

> The NGO Working Group aims to promote the study of non-governmental organisations in world politics. It provides a forum to facilitate networking and collaboration between scholars and practitioners of similar interests. The activities of the group can be found at: bisa-ngo-workinggroup.org BISA NGO Working Group The NGO Working Group aims to promote the study of non-governmental organisations in world politics. It provides a forum to facilitate networking and collaboration between scholars and practitioners of similar interests. The Group's website is: bisa-ngo-workinggroup.org The list is maintained by Erla Thrandardottir and Angela Crack

> To facilitate organisation of NGS Public events and coordination of staff allocated to conference and other public events. Open to all NGS persons attending current events to facilitate communication and dissemination of conference information

> The National Grid Service provides "free at point of use" access to grid computing resources for UK researchers from all research areas. A fortnightly news bulletin is sent out from this list containing information on software and hardware updates, grid training and events and much more.

> This is announcement list for notify NGS users about service down time and status.

> This group is used by members of NHAN, the Northern Housing Advisors' Network. Its purpose is for the discussion of student housing advice issues, and to enable the sharing of advice and knowledge. Our focus is mostly (but not solely) on the private rental sector.

> Description: This list is to support the communication between members of the NHS-HE Forum. This Forum meets twice a year to discuss initiatives to improve the connectivity and inter-operability of electronic services supporting students and staff at Universities and in the NHS that are involved in education and research associated with medicine, dentistry, nursing and other professions allied to medicine .

> This list is used to discuss Open Access support in NHS knowledge and library services, and the development of NHS institutional repositories. NHS or HE members only.

> A network predominately for the NHS MR Physics community in Scotland to ask questions (hopefully get answers) and to share ideas

> Discussion for NHS users of ProKnow within Radiotherapy

> This network is for sharing research, knowledge and practice in relation to neurodiversity and domestic abuse.

> This list will be used to share calls for papers, activities, policy, courses, exchange programmes, job opportunities and openings, studentships, study, emerging work, funding applications, and other related academic material about the night and night studies.

> List to allow communication between NIHR GCP Facilitators.

> Communications of the NIHR Statistics Group: Laboratory Studies Section.

> A network for Italian teachers in HE in UK to share ideas and support each other

> Academic discussion list for the history, theory and analysis of nineteenth-century music

> This list is an email list to support the NIRAN Board in the development of the Northarn Ireland Regional Area Network [NIRAN], which is part of the wider JANET network, supporting JANET and Internet connectivity to the NI HE and FE sector.

> This list is designed to enhance and facilitate communications between the various operational and management stakeholders of the Northern Ireland Regional Area Network (NIRAN). NIRAN is an integral part of the UK JANET network for all higher and further education.

> This mailing list is for the purpose of group communication between members of the NISCHR ReDA user group.

> This list is to provide NLP ideas and working practices in learning, teaching and management

> This, it is hoped will allow the free exchange of information on how NLP is use and promote good practice of its use in Higher Education.

> A discussion forum for academics involved in the delivery of non-medical prescribing courses.

> This list is meant to be used for general discussions about nuclear magnetic resonance.

> The Numerical Modelling Working Group consists of the numerical modelling support team at the British Atmospheric Data Centre and the NCAS Computational Modelling Support team based at the University of Reading

> This network involves academics in sociology, literature, history, politics and linguistics who are interested in morbidity, mortality and the commemoration of this.

> This list is used by NNMHR (Northern Network for Medical Humanities Research)to communicate relevant announcements, such as events, conferences, jobs and publications.

> The Noble Gas Geochemistry Network is used for the exchange of information on noble gas measurements for Earth Sciences in the UK

> The list brings together social sciences, arts and humanities academics from the UK and Japan to develop new knowledge and insight about migration-driven socio-demographic change.

> This list allows people applying for New Opportunities Fund Digitisation funding to share experiences, keep informed of developments and learn easily about good practice. The list will particularly encourage discussion of the technical standards required when developing digital cultural resources.

> Discussion list for researchers and practitioners in the field of nonprofit and social marketing and consumption.

> The Non-religion & Education Research Network includes members of organisations (academic, policy, etc.) who are interested in research relation to non-religion in education and education about non-religion.

> For discussion of comparative rural issues in Scotland and the Nordic countries. Includes issues relating to environment, economics, social, and cultural development. Includes research topics, management, and education for or about rural development.

> This list provides a collaborative opportunity for researchers of any discipline who wish to examine the nature of and culture around normal physiological birth. This includes the biological, emotional psychological, social and clinical processes and consequences involved.

> A discussion list for those researching vernacular Anglo-American cheap print song and music materials

> A list for any members of the Northern Collaboration, a group of University Libraries in the North of England, who are interested in the activities of the Content SIG

> The Northern Digital Resources list is to support library staff in the northern region.

> This list is to support the Northern Robotics Seminar series. It will be used primarily to announce upcoming seminars, but may also be used to distribute relevant conference calls.

> Co-ordination of HEP Grid/e-Science activities between Universities of Lancaster, Liverpool, Manchester and Sheffield and CLRC Daresbury Laboratory.

> To disseminate information regarding interdisciplinary north-west seminars. To forge connections between researchers with corresponding interests throughout the north-west. To promote research of the early modern period, in any discipline.

> This is the group list for the North-West OER Network, a group to support staff in sharing, developing and promoting OER in North-West England.

> A discussion group on nasal research; nasal-physiology, pharmacology, disease,common cold, hayfever, nasal surgery, nasal measurements such as rhinomanometry andacoustic rhinometry, mainly oriented towards human research but to include relevant animal research.

> This list will facilitate communication among staff and post-graduate medievalists at the University of Nottingham.

> Scottish Novell User Group provides a forum for technical managers and support staff across Scottish academic institutions to collaborate on all things Novell.

> National Partnership for Ocean Prediction Coastal Modelling and Application Activity Group mailing and discussion list. Used for group announcements, and sharing coastal modelling and processes information, making technical enquiries and discussion.

> The Northern Premodern Seminar (formerly the Northern Renaissance Seminar) is an ongoing seminar series concerned with literature and culture 1250 to 1700.

> This is the mailing list set up by NRICH (http://nrich.maths.org), part of the Millennium Mathematics Project at the University of Cambridge, to support primary mathematics teachers who are studying for or have completed the Primary Mathematics Specialist Teaching (MaST) qualification. Please subscribe to the mailing list to receive information and announcements about free online primary mathematics education resources published on the NRICH website and professional development courses and events.

> This list is used by the NRICH project (http://nrich.maths.org) at the University of Cambridge as a discussion and information-sharing forum for HE tutors and LA staff delivering the Primary Mathematics Specialist Teacher (MaST) programme.

> A low-volume support list for teachers, parents and researchers interested in online mathematics education resources.

> A list for users, teachers, parents and researchers interested in participating in online mathematics education.

> This is a list for National Science and Engineering Week event organisers to communicate with one another and share best practice. Organisers work at universities, research institutions, learned societies, trusts, schools, colleges, science clubs, community centres, science centres, museums, outreach companies, science and engineering-based industry or are individuals, all with an interest in creating events to inspire and engage adults and children with science and engineering based ideas. Join the list to learn more about National Science and Engineering Week!

> This list is used by NSPRC Trainees, 2010 cohort to exchange information about publications, projects, conferences etc.

> This list is used by the Non-religion and Secularity Research Network (NSRN) to make announcements regarding the academic study of non-religion and secularity. The NSRN-DISCUSS list is available for enquiries and discussion.

> This list is used by the Non-religion and Secularity Research Network NSRN to make enquiries and hold discussion related to study of non-religion and secularity. The NSRN-ANNOUNCE list is available for more formal announcements.

> Network of managers who supervise one or more technical apprentices across the UK.

> The NTDC mailing list for Partner Affiliate organisations of the National Technician Development Centre.

> Networking Technical Liaison Group - For technical issues within JANET

> This list has been retained 11/06/2021 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list This list is used by members of the Norfolk Teaching Librarians Network for news and discussion.

> This public list supports the "Text-Critical Thursdays" seminar run by the IGNTP.

> The Nuclear Culture Research Group brings together academics artists and nuclear professionals to discuss ideas and opportunities around nuclear history, site and archive, with a particular emphasis on decommissioning and future nuclear technologies. This mailing list will enhance research dialogues around curation, artistic production, collaboration with scientific colleagues and theory.

> A group to exchange ideas and provide support for women who research and work across nuclear policy, nuclear geopolitics, nuclear geographies, nuclear culture and similar disciplines relating to nuclear warfare.

> Discussion list for Northern Universities Income and Tuition Fee Group.

> List to provide a single point of communicaiton for all members of the NULJ mutual document supply scheme

> This list will service librarians and information professionals working in London Universities established after 1992.

> Keywords: Nursing, Decision Making, Decision Research, Research Information. Use. The list is for the exchange of research ideas and information around decision making by nurses The aim is the development and promotion of good quality, academic discourse around this poorly researched area.

> Focus on nurse and nursing education, especially ENB998/997. For innovations in teaching and assessing on clinical practice, sharing of information and developing links.

> The list is designed to promote discussion of philosophical issues in nursing In a rapidly growing area of interest, the aim is to encourage debate and to foster a sense of community among philosophically-minded academic nurses in the UK and around the world. Keywords: nursing, philosophy.

> Martha Rogers' conceptual system The Science of Unitary Human Beings continues to evolve as a significant theoretical perspective. The list is part of that evolution, enabling nurses from around the UK & the world to enter into scholarly debate, discuss latest developments & significant issues. This list has been retained 17/06/14. No one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list

> NURSE-UK is a list for discussion of nursing research/teaching/education issues in the UK. It is un-moderated.

> To provide a national and international forum for the discussion of philosophical and practical issues related to the academic study of the history of nursing.

> The list aims to promote transcultural nursing and health as well as the associated constructs of cultural competence and compassion, through sharing information, discussion, feedback, exchange of ideas and critical comment. The list will be a repository of innovative thinking and developments.

> This list is used by the National Union of Students Mature and Part-time campaign to share information, campaigns materials and best practice in support for mature and part-time students by students' unions.

> This list is owned by National Union of Students and used for discussion and dissemination of information and policy relating to postgraduate education, the NUS National Postgraduate Committee, and related events. It will be of interest to students' union officers and staff, postgraduate student reps and postgraduate students.

> To provide fortnightly newsletters about the work of the campaign.

> Description: NUS extra mailbase: Opportunity to discuss strategy, compare ideas and assist with day-to-day operational issues from union to union.

> This list is used by the NUS London regional team and sabbatical officers in London to network and share best practice in areas of Students' Union work.

> The National Union of Students Autonomous Area for London. Delivering pan-London representation for over 800,000 students across the capital in both FE and HE.

> Mailing list for Scottish students' associations staff & officers

> The nuSTORM facility is being proposed to measure neutrino-nucleon scattering cross sections, to search for sterile neutrinos and to serve a variety of R&D programmes for future muon-based accelerator facilities and neutrino detectors. At the time of writing, an LOI has been submitted to, and well received by, the FNAL PAC (see https://indico.fnal.gov/conferenceDisplay.py?confId= 5710). This list is intended to aid communication between those in the UK who would like to make a contribution to this exciting project. The nuSTORM facility is being proposed to measure neutrino-nucleon scattering cross sections, to search for sterile neutrinos and to serve a variety of R&D programmes for future muon-based accelerator facilities and neutrino detectors. At the time of writing, an LOI has been submitted to, and well received by, the FNAL PAC (see https://indico.fnal.gov/conferenceDisplay.py?confId= 5710). This list is intended to aid communication between those in the UK who would like to make a contribution to this exciting project.

> Mae'r fforwm UCM hon yn galluogi myfyrwyr a swyddogion myfyrwyr yng Nghymru i rwydweithio a rhannu gwybodaeth a syniadau This NUS forum enables students and student officers in Wales to network, share information and ideas.

> This list is used to bring together people involved in or interested in evaluation, with a particular value on collaboration, reflexivity, diversity, participation and appropriate (mixed) methods. It aims to increase evaluation capability and advocate for good evaluation practice.

> A mail group to support the actions of the North West Virtual Reality Group: sub list of ukvrsig