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> List to support the set up, management and communication for the Open Access Monograph Conference.

> This list is for users of the Output Area Classification, produced by the Office for National Statistics as part of the outputs from the 2001 UK Census

> A list for sharing experiences and good practice in open access implementation. Note - this list was originally set up to support the Open Access Good Practice project.

> This list is used to make announcements to, and foster discussion between, users of the OASIS form. The OASIS project provides an online index to the mass of archaeological grey literature that has been produced as a result of the advent of large-scale developer funded fieldwork.

> This list is for discussion about the use and development of open source assistive technology software. This is the "Open Source Assistive Technology Software Special Interest Group" (OATS-SIG) list, the list was previously hosted by Becta and is now hosted by JISC TechDis on JISCMAIL. This list emerged from the OATS project ( oatsoft.org).

JISC TechDis is a JISC Advance Service which promotes the use and research of Open Source Assistive Technologies and those supporting users.

Subscribers to this list will also receive messages posted to www.jiscmail.ac.uk/Techdis- news

> Discussion relating to the sites, instruments and people associated with historic observatories & their technical, social, imperial and colonial histories. We also encourage participants to share innovative ideas and best practice in the study, preservation and public engagement with historic observatory sites and heritage.

> Occ-health is a list open to everyone with an interest in teaching, learning and research in occupational health and safety. As it is a publicly funded list, recruitment using the list is not possible (this includes agencies and employers). Key words: occupational health, employment, health & safety

> This list will be of interest to all practitioners of occupational and environmental medicine and occupational health. Its aim is to promote discussion about current issues and to foster a global approach to research and teaching.

> learning and professional support activities across the UK on occupational medicine for CESR candidates sharing information and knowledge about the research component of the training #Supported by the Society of Occupational Medicine - an Educational charity The primary list owner is the Society of Occupational Medicine

> ocean-colour has been setup to provide a forum for the discussion of ocean colour airborne/satellite imagery and shipborne measurements. This mailing list is run in conjunction with the Challenger Society for Marine Science (CSMS) / Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society (RSPSoc) Marine Optics Group.

> The OceanLaw Mailing List is an un-moderated academic and professional e-mail list for the discussion of issues and the exchange of information relating to the international law of fisheries and related law of the sea and international law subjects, such as the protection of the marine environment or maritime boundary claims.

> The Ocean Modelling Special Interest Group connects UK ocean modellers of all flavours. Our goal is to promote interaction, especially among early career ocean modellers. We aim to showcase the breadth and brilliance of UK ocean modelling. We hold an informal annual meeting in September where as many people as possible speak.

> This is the mailing list of the International Commission for the History of Oceanography. Please post here about events, research news, and other matters relating to the history of ocean science.

> This list is used by the Oxford Centre for Life-Writing to make announcements to its members about forthcoming events, study opportunities, research initiatives and online activities.

> Octolist is being initiated to allow networking and news dissemination between octocoral researchers

> This is an email list for primary care researchers who are interested in researching the the organisation and delivery of primary care. This is an email list for primary care researchers who are interested in researching the the organisation and delivery of primary care.

> The Outdoor Environmental Education Research Seminar was held in April 2016 at the Broomlee Outdoor Centre in the Scottish Borders. The seminar brought together PhD students with an interest in outdoor environmental and sustainability education and related topics. This mailing list has been created to continue the discussions started at that event, and also for PhD students and early career academics in these and related fields to share experience, opportunities and ideas.

> A public list for discussion about the release, use, remix and discovery of Open Educational Resources (OER). Managed jointly by the ALT OER SG, and staff in JISC, CETIS and the Academy with an interest in OER.

> All members of this list are active in OER practice and/or research. They form the planning committee for the OER13 conference (March 2013), co-chaired by Jackie Carter and Chris Pegler

> Hello and welcome to the OER for Educational Development network! This forum is for anyone interested in creating or using open education resources in educational development in higher education.

> This is a closed list for programme management purposes. It is for projects in the Rapid Innovation Strand of the JISC/HEA OER Programme. It is no longer actively used. For general OER interest, please see OER-DISCUSS

> This list is used to exchange information about issues relating to the governance, implementation and management of the Office 365 collaboration suite in the United Kingdom Higher and Further Education community. Please note that commercial entities may be subscribed to this list. They are requested to behave responsibly, and not to treat the list as a means of generating leads, making sales pitches etc. The list owners reserve the right to remove anyone not abiding by this request. This is a super-list of MICROSOFT-365.

> The official-statistics is for announcements and discussion of any aspect of official statistics. It has links to the Official Statistic Committee of the Royal Statistical Society. The list welcomes contributions from the producers and users of official statistics as well as from members of the academic community.

> The aim of this list is to bring together cross disciplinary engagement around the role of oral history in supporting refugee and migrant lives. It will enhance networking opportunities for the exchange of information between academics, students, researchers, practitioners and members of the public, including opportunities for virtual and physical networking and advice. To collaborate with other networks, both nationally and internationally, to help connect with the international migration issues as recorded through oral history.

> There are important differences between global Occupational Health/Medicine and travel health but occupational health needs to ensure if travel health services are provided (in-house or outsourced) that they are medically appropriate. Health Professionals and organisations are often involved in the potentially bigger risk of fitness to work issue and nurses often seeing more individual travel health issues. A key issue is: who makes the decision about fitness to work abroad?

> This list is used by UK OJS (Open Journal Systems) users (or potential users) to share experiences and knowledge about supporting Open Access journal publishing in Higher Education.

> This list is used by the Faculty of Old Age Psychiatry and the Royal College of Psychiatrists to keep members up to date and informed on developments in education, research and effective practice.

> This list will share info and good practice in working with older people across libraries, museums, archives, cultural and heritage organisations

> The list is meant for announcements about events, publications or courses with regard to Old Frisian studies.

> This list to used by the AHRC-funded Observatory for Monitoring Data-Driven Approaches to Covid-19 to make announcements about project publications, events and other activities.

> A network for qualified Occupational Physicians to work together to build and protect occupational medicine as a viable and thriving medical & academic specialty focused on enhancing and maintaining the health of people at work. WE aim to complement the work of existing professional bodies

> This list is used by the OneGeology project to provide updates on the activities of the OneGeology project, including circulation of newsletters, updates to the portal and catalogue, announcements of workshops, and meetings.

> This list is for announcments of forthcoming seminars for the on-line One World Probability Seminar. Please visit the following address for further details: https://www.wim.uni-mannheim.de/doering/one-world/

> Announcement list to communicate to anyone using online surveys.

> Networking group for those managing or designing online CPD, non-degree courses, particularly for the education sector, but also industry and business.

> This list is to create a communication and dialogue vehicle for the expansion and sharing of knowledge about teaching online in HE

> This research looks at the purchase of prescription medicine from the Web.An online survey which will measure this behaviour is in the process of being designed. The purpose of this list is to talk about these issues via a discussion group in order to feed into the design of the survey.

> Open Covid Pledge for Education (https://www.alt.ac.uk/open-covid-pledge) discussion, updates, events, shared resources

> Announcement list and discussion forum for the Open Arts Journal

> A discussion list for OpenAthens customers.

This list is intended to enable OpenAthens customers to talk directly to each other. It should not be used by customers to report service-affecting issues - that can only be done by logging a support ticket with the OpenAthens Service Desk

To check the OpenAthens service status, visit status.openathens.net

> This list was been created to facilitate discussion and the sharing of information about Open Badges amongst education providers. Please note, the list is managed by Jisc, and links to the http://openbadges.org/en-US/ site run by Mozilla are for information only.

> This list supports of the work of the Open Education Special Interest Group of the Association for Learning Technology

> List to manage committee business and discussion.

> Mailing list for The Baron Thyssen Centre for the Study of Ancient Material Religion at The Open University.

> Open Access group in Scotland with the aim of being inclusive

> This list is used by members of the Open Rose Group for communication amongst members. The Open Rose Group consists of members from Yorkshire University Libraries with responsibility for supporting students with disabilities.

> This mailing list is to enable the transaction of business for the Scottish Council on Open Scholarship (SCOS), which is an outcome of the ERIS project. The main usage will be for SCOS administration and the discussion of the Open Scholarship idea. This will involve Scottish HE institutions, The Royal Society of Edinburgh, Universities Scotland,etc.

> The SiG exists to explore questions about human-object interactions focusing on objects and engaging with social Practices, which involve Experiences of objects in networks of relationship.

> This is the mailing list for authors, reviewers, and readers of the journal. We will keep you updated with calls for review, calls for contributions, latest publications, and calls for special editions.

> The starting membership of this list is participants in the Open Source Housing Crisis Workshop at Central Saint Martins on 13 March 2015 but anyone with an interest is welcome to join the discussion.

> A list for the discussion of developments in opera scholarship and research. Conference announcements may be included.

> This is a Special Interest Group (SIG) for anyone interested in Object-Process Methodology (OPM) which is a compact conceptual approach, language, and methodology for modelling and knowledge representation of automation systems. The application of OPM ranges from simple assemblies of elemental components to complex, multidisciplinary, dynamic systems. OPM has been adopted by the International Organization for Standardization, ISO, and on December 7, 2015 it was published as a normative ISO 19450 document at https://www.iso.org/obp/ui/#iso:std:iso:pas:19450:ed-1:v1:en. Over the past two decades, Prof. Dov Dori of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management at the Technion has been developing Object-Process Methodology (OPM) as a language and method for conceptual modeling of complex systems of any kind, be it artificial or natural. An OPM model expresses both graphically and textually the architecture of the system: Interconnected diagrams at varying levels of detail, from a bird's eye view to any desired number of "nuts and bolts" views, specify any conceptual and logical aspect of the system. Each graphic expression is translated on the fly to a corresponding textual specification in a plain subset of English. A basic premise underlying OPM is that one can build a model of any system in any domain and at any level of complexity with the most minimal set of building blocks: stateful objects (objects with states) and processes that create or consume objects, or change their states. Over the last decade, Technion students at the Enterprise Systems Modeling Laboratory developed OPCAT (Object-Process CASE Tool), a software package that is available freely from the Lab's website http://esml.iem.technion.ac.il/ and translates the user's graphic input into simple English in real time. This enables quick model development jointly by the customer and the system architects and engineers, and reliable verification of the model as it is being created. The SIG is managed by Dr Pathmeswaran Raju of Cranfield University, UK.

> Discussion list for users of OptaDOS

> This list is for NCEO scientists concerned with datasets of aerosol and cloud properties derived from imager data.

> The list is to support Users of the Optimal Retrieval of Aerosols and Clouds (ORAC) algorithm. This is a community code that is used in the UK & Europe.

> This list brings together academics, researchers, practitioner and students from different disciplines interested in the role of the humanities and social sciences in shaping oral health, the mouth and teeth

> A list for academics engaged in research and scholarship in the diverse range of interpretations of what constitutes organizational effectivenes and how this may be achieved and maintained in contemporary businesses

> This list aims to promote the exchange of news, views and information between anyone with an interest in organic geochemistry.

> The purpose of the ORG-SCIENCE electronic network is to support critical scholarly discussion, reflection and research in the areas of knowledge production in organizational research; of the institutional context of organizational studies; and of research policy and practice in this and related disciplines.

> The list is to help establish an international network of those (academics, crime and justice practitioners) interested in organised crime and extortion racket systems. It is linked to GLODERS (the Global Dynamics of Extortion Racket Systems), a European Commission funded research project, www.gloders.eu. Announcements of conferences, jobs, and projects welcome.

> A list established for the Organisation for Propaganda Studies covering research on Organised Persuasive Communication, including propaganda, public relations, information warfare, psyops, marketing, lobbying and other promotional activities.

> This list is used by the Operational Research Group of Scotland to announce meetings and events and to allow members to disseminate information relating to the society.

> This list focuses on sharing understanding of the influence of Open Resource use in higher education (HE), but also is interested in sharing, reuse and remixing of open content and practice across education more broadly. The emphasis here is particularly on identifying, sharing, exploring and comparing examples of OER research and findings from these. However, although the primary interest of this list is in open resource or open practice activity, research which has a broader remit which informs open resource research is also welcome, for example research into reuse of learning objects. Initial list membership was derived from the ORIOLE project but new members are also welcome. This list is also being used during Open Ed 2012 as a way of engaging with the Remixathon of the original ORIOLE survey (2011). However you came to this list we hope that we can share interests and inform future research. If you are not already a member of the more general OER-Discuss list it is suggested that you join that too.

> A forum for people in the Operational Research community to exchange ideas and views

> This list aims to bring together a global community of experts on Paulus Orosius and the reception of his ideas and works across the centuries.

> A mailing list for academics interested in Olympic Studies, managed by Professor Andy Miah, University of Salford / @andymiah We have been operating for 20 years and host over 100 members worldwide. Postings cover a range of issues related to the Olympic Games, including notifications of research meetings, along with inquiries about Olympic history. Our membership includes employees of Olympic Games organizing committees, scholars and a range of people whose work relates to the Olympic programme. We discuss everything about the Olympic programme other than sport, but it does come up from time to time.

> This is the mailing list for the Open SoTL Network. A network that supports everyone who is interested in undertaking or already involved in the scholarship of teaching and learning.

> This list has been retained 04/11/20; no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list OSS Watch provides unbiased advice and guidance on the use, development, and licensing of free software, open source software, and open source hardware.

> This group is for professional astronomers who use the Mac OSX operating system. It is for discussion of applications, sharing of hints, announcement of new ports of astronomy software etc.

> The list will serve as the email distribution list for the newly-created Interdisciplinary Network for Nineteenth-Century Italian Studies. We are in the process of constructing a website and contacting colleagues in the UK and North America, Italy, Australia and Canada, etc., who specialise in any aspect of C19th Italy. The network 'mission statement' is as follows: #

> Information and file store for the trainers associated to the Open University Access Centre

> This list for members of the UK research community outside the Open University Mathematics and Statistics Department who wish to be kept informed of mathematics events hosted by the department. The events include seminars and special lectures of interest to a wider audience

> Subscribe to receive notifications about releases and other developments for the OU-SUPPS and ouunit class files. These class files are used for the preparation of Open University teaching material that is prepared in LaTeX.

> This discussion group will explore the factors that contribute to the poor outcomes that children in care experience. It is hoped that the conversations, experience and evidence will inspire more research around the education and social outcomes for this group of people.

> Discussion list for the promotion of outdoor learning amongst colleges in Scotland and relevant agencies to share ideas and resources and make announcements.

> To enable debate and discussion around research issues in outdoor and adventure education and experiential learning

> The JiscMail team use this list to send messages to all our list owners. These messages are normally announcements about the service and requests for information. Owners should then forward any relevant messages on to their list(s). Only list owners can subscribe, every list owner should belong to this list. The JiscMail team use this list to send messages to all our list owners. These messages are normally announcements about the service and requests for information. Owners should then forward any relevant messages on to their list(s). Only list owners can subscribe, every list owner should belong to this list.

> The ox-users list is aimed at all Ox users, in order to discuss problems, share code and provide pointers to resources. Ox is an object-oriented matrix programming language which is used in econometrics/statistics research and teaching. Universities have access to a free version of Ox.

> This research will propose what security and privacy protecting technologies can be used in the contact tracing systems. How these technologies will affect the computation burden and energy consumption on mobile phone. The advantages, disadvantages of these technologies will be analysed and discussed. We are looking for healthy volunteers, aged above 18, who are the smart phone users and are the residents in the UK. You would be invited to participate in an online survey for 1 study session. The session would take about 4 minutes of your time. You would be asked to answer some questions about using a contact tracing app and the concerns about it.

> This mailing list will be used mostly to advertise seminar organized within our Department. The aim is to allow researchers to manage their subscriptions individually. Members from other departments and other universities (e.g. visiting professors) will obviously be welcome to subscribe if interested.

> The list will be to develop international research collaboration for research involving health behaviour and education within context using complimentary research methods.

> The OXSTATGEN list exists to support users of programs developed in Oxford for carrying out statistical analysis of genetic data. Programs currently supported are IMPUTE, SHAPEIT, SNPTEST, SDA, SBAT, PHENIX, BGENIE, MVNCALL, MULTIMIX, GENECLUSTER, HAPGEN, GTOOL, META, QCTOOL and CHIAMO.

> A discussion list for all research matters relating to the global life of oysters.