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> (TADS) seminar provides a forum for researchers at The Alan Turing Institute working in foundational areas of Data Science and related fields. https://turing-seminar.github.io

> This list distributes news and announcements related to Tangible Interaction. It supports interdisciplinary and international collaboration and discussion in this area of research and teaching.

> This list is used by the Theatre and Performance Research Association to facilitate scholarly exchanges among research communities in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

> List for the exchange of ideas, news & requests on Tardigrada biology.

> This list has been retained 18/12/2023 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list The Tate in Space Discussion List is an opportunity to discuss a range of questions including: Why place a Tate in Space?; the search for new audiences; space architecture; space pollution and the practicalities of siting and installing works in zero gravity. Edited highlights from the discussions will be edited and published in archive form on the Tate in Space site. There will be a number of invited respondents to the discussion lists including space artists, writers, scientists, architects as well as curators and art historians.

> Support for administrators of sites participating in GridPP Testbeds.

> Announcement list primarily although not exclusively for researchers and professionals working in health and social care settings for the dissemination of knowledge and information about traumatic brain injury and its wider effects on carers, relatives and families.

> For research support staff working with researchers in Text and Data Mining. Focus is on legal aspects, tools, and storage of data for TDM research.

> A superlist covering open and closed teacher education sublists, for mailings of general information, notification of events, conferences and publications of professional interest.

> Description: This list is used by teacher researchers and practitioner researchers interested in teacher research, to share ideas, create new knowledge and celebrate systematic and rigorous enquiry.

> A forum for academics interested in using the Internet to support independent, open, distance or flexible learning.

> This list is relevant to all those who teach politics courses in Higher Education. Its purpose is to discuss any issues around the teaching and learning of politics.

> This list is used to discuss issues relating to the teaching of computer and information security in UK higher education institutions.

> This list is for those concerned with the initial teaching of statistics in all phases of education. It will relate to the objectives of the journal Teaching Statistics and the associated Trust, and will also enable discussion of how to make teaching and learning statistics more effective.

> The list is designed to offer a forum for teachers of televison practice and the technical staff that support them, to share information on their current practices.

> A mailing list for academics employed on teaching only contracts to discuss and disseminate scholarship of teaching and learning

> For those teaching university linguistics. 1000 members worldwide. Tips/advice/resources. Welcome!

> This list is for the discussion of technology-enhanced assessment and feedback in further and higher education. It was set up following requests from delegates at the JISC Effective assessment in a digital age workshop series.

> A mental health podcast produced from the University of Bristol. The mailing list will provide news and updates to university students, staff and any other listeners.

> This group has been made to develop research into where and how Technical staff are involved in Learning and Teaching. It will discuss and develop 'best practice' encouraging a collaborative approach between academic and technical staff to deliver the best possible learning experience.

> This group exists as a community of practice for sharing knowledge and activities in eLearning and promoting technology enhanced learning initiatives to all healthcare organisations in England. Membership is comprised of representatives from NHS, HEI and affiliated organisations who have knowledge of, or an interest in eLearning development and implementation.

> Taking forward change in technology-enhanced education: a cascading workshop and conference for institutional stakeholders

> List for the discussion of all issues associated with the management of telecommunications systems in the Higher Education environment

> Technology-enhanced learning special interest group

> The tephra mailing list is used for the discussion and distribution of advances in the fields of Quaternary tephrochronology and volcanism.

> Mailing list for people interested in activities and events run by the TESF network

> The list is used by Edinburgh Text Analysis Research Group (based in the University of Edinburgh, but open to researchers across UK and beyond) to discuss projects and ideas related to Text Analysis (aka Automated Content Analysis, Quantitative Content Analysis, Text as Data, Text Mining etc).

> This list is to facilitate and stimulate research in textile design and practice including cross-disciplinary collaboration and textile design education. It is used to make announcements to the textile design research community.

> The Textiles Reading Group aims to engage with and discuss scholarship on all aspects of textiles, and to serve as a forum for the exchange of resources and research relating to the study of textiles.

> This list aims to provide an interdisciplinary forum for discussing the theory and practice of textual scholarship, as well as for disseminating news, announcements and calls for papers. It is maintained for and on behalf of the international community of textual scholars by Barbara Bordalejo and endorsed by the Society for Textual Scholarship and the European Society for Textual Scholarship

> A significant group within the DH community is engaged in the creation of various types of electronic editions and yet we still lack a theoretical framework specifically dedicated to digital editions. This list provides a space to start conversations about this fundamental aspect of or work.

> The Graduate Network provides quarterly networking and professional development events for users of Exeter's Graduate Business Partnership.

> The e-mail list is to disseminate news, information, research findings, and good practice to members of The Network more effectively.


> The newly formed Centre for Cognition, Computation and Culture has formed a research environment to consider Art and Technology application with Goldsmiths Digital Studios and BT. The group is an open discussion forum to compliment realtime sessions occuring each month. The list is for artists/technologists/researchers interested in pushing the envelope.

> Open access email forum for peer group review of work-in-progress of all forms of contemporary poetry.

> We encourage members to post their latest research, start new discussion topics on aspects related to petrographic and more broadly ceramic analysis, and advertise opportunities for job and collaboration.

> The TiP (Theory into Practice) discussion list is a supportive and collaborative space for those teaching in Higher Education to gain and share knowledge and experience of putting Learning & Teaching theory into practice in the classroom.

> This list will enable international participants at a recent advanced summer school held at the University of Warwick to keep in touch about relevant projects and future initiatives.

> A discussion and information list for researchers and practitioners interested in the therapeutic community movement and for TC residents/ former residents.

> Discussion forum for ongoing thermogeology research

> This list is used for announcements and discussions related to research in the theory of randomised optimisation algorithms and related methods.

> This list is used for announcements and discussions related to the theory of randomised search heuristics (ThRaSH) seminar series: https://thrash-seminars.github.io The aim of the seminars is to stimulate interactions within the research field and between people from different disciplines working on randomized algorithms.

> Welcome to the National Association for Three Dimensional Design Education list, a forum for anyone involved in management, teaching or research in further and higher design education. Subject coverage includes: industrial, interior, theatre, furniture, glass, ceramics and jewellery design.

> This is a group of clinicians who are involved in the care of patients with Thyroid Eye disease. It includes Ophthalmologists, Physicians, Orthoptists and psychologists. The aim of the group is to improve the management and care of these patients through the developments of shared guidelines, MDM, and involvement in research

> The purpose of this list is to enable discussion and the sharing of best practice in regards to Student Visa compliance, for those working in this field.

> A discussion list for researchers interested in exploring the role of time in social life and particularly around issues of belonging, inclusion and exclusion, community identity etc.

> A hands-on making and meeting event exploring the edges of technology on the wild edge of Scotland. It enables attendees to have a 'technological retreat', away from the pressures of their host institution, and also engage with the technology and design challenges of an isolated community.

> This list is used by Jisc and FE Midlands members to discuss teaching and learning and to announce upcoming events, projects and meetings.

> Discussion and information list for teaching and learning technology officers at universities. List is created to promote interaction between officers and to establish a platform for informal discussions end exchange of idea's related to TLT and organisational issues.

> This is a list for participants of the Top Management Programme (17)

> This list is for discussion of tooth wear and microwear and its use for reconstruction of trophic ecology and diet

> Announcement list for TOPCAT, STILTS and STIL software. This low-volume list is only used for release announcements etc.

> Discussion list for users of the TOPCAT, STILTS and STIL software. Users, potential users, developers and other interested parties are encouraged to use this to post questions, answers, bug reports, feature requests, comments, tips, experiences etc related to the software

> A FORUM for the exchange of ideas and information by researchers and practitioners involved in the pursuit of excellence in the construction sector. Sublist of total-quality-all

> A forum to present information, comment and debate on quality management issues, trends and developments which affect the healthcare industry. Sublist of total-quality-all

> A forum for the exchange of ideas and information by researchers and practitioners involved in the development and use of statistical concepts and techniques for continuous improvement. Sublist of total-quality-all

> TOURFOR aims to encourage discussion on sustainable co-development of tourism and forestry by identifying and promoting appropriate conceptual tools and transferable good practice within the European Union and specially from the UK, Finland and Portugal.

> This discussion group is aimed at academics and researchers working in all areas of tourism. This includes issues involved with the teaching of tourism at undergraduate and/or postgraduate level, and research into tourism and its related areas.

> Discussion and exchange of information relating to cultural tourism and policy. This includes: regeneration, gentrification, city branding and creative cities. Also: festivals, Olympic/cultural cities, heritage, tourist gaze, authenticity. Share announcements and insights in the above and related areas

> To facilitate discussion and the exchange of ideas, research findings etc, relating to issues in the tourism markets among academic researchers and industrial practitioners.

> This is the official mailing list of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES) Commission on the Anthropology of Tourism. The list is open to everyone with an interest in the anthropology of tourism. More info is available at http://www.iuaes.org/comm/tourism.html

> An informal space to explore how to support those engaged with all forms of digital learning and teaching in HE & FE. Discussion topics and advise on supporting colleagues develop their digital teaching practices. A community space to share ideas, research and innovative practice aimed at developing digital pedagogical and technological expertise.

> For all members of the Transparency Review of Activity Costs Self-Help Group and associated bodies such as JCPSG (Joint Costing and Pricing Steering Group) and JMC

> This list has been retained 14/11/2023 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list This list is for announcements and discussions relating to the TractoR software package for magnetic resonance imaging and tractography.

> This list is used by professionals involved in training and development activities within HRD (Human Resource Development) to share resources, give support and conduct research into pertinent issues.

> Fr all transgendered / transsexual academics, or other academics in any field involved in the study of transsexual and transgender people, culture, medicine, law and social welfare

> A digital space for us to share perspectives and ideas exploring what trans ecologies is and could be.

> The NISO Code of Practice for journal transfers is a Recommended Practice covering journal transfers. An important part of the Code is timely communication to libraries of journal transfers by publishers. The Transfer Alerting Service - https://journaltransfer.issn.org - is where publishers post notices of transfers and it is also a database of all the transfer notices posted by publishers - it can be searched and there is an RSS feed. Notifications of transfers are automatically posted to this list by the Transfer Alerting Service.

> Transformative, participatory & arts-based research approaches & methods

> Transforming Evidence is an multidisciplinary, cross-sectoral, international community. We aim to connect individuals and organisations who generate, share and use evidence. Our community members include academics, policymakers, practitioners and funders, as well as journalists, think tanks and intermediaries. What do we do? We bring together a community of expertise around evidence production, sharing and use. This expertise is sometimes confined to individual disciplines, sectors or countries. Transforming Evidence works to understand what is already known across these spaces and develop collaborative research projects to address unanswered questions. We share learning widely. Our work helps colleagues to identify gaps in understanding, and it can support funding applications to research those gaps. Why are we needed? Society is underpowered to tackle the challenges that face us and governments. We are not making the most of vast and increasing investment in knowledge production. And we have little consolidated knowledge, or practices in place, to support a shared understanding about how research can more effectively address social problems. Transforming Evidence tackles these issues by trying to understand how to produce, share and use evidence well - in particular, by connecting expertise and creating space for new conversations. We publish our learning and foster a vibrant community. Who benefits? All academics, funders, decision-makers and publics have a stake in this conversation. We aim to help research funding, in the long run, to have greater impact. We share inter-disciplinary learning, which can help research to focus on key unanswered questions and can help funders and researchers to achieve greater impact from research. Our work provides insights into relationships between research, decision- making and practice. That should also help intermediaries who facilitate cross-sector relationships. Our workstreams: Sharing existing knowledge and best practice about evidence use, drawing out key lessons from STS, public policy, development, health and beyond. Connecting communities across sectors and globally, to create networks and identify and address new questions. Working with decision-makers about how to make better use of evidence, building capacity and supporting creating use Generating new research on evidence production and use, building on what we already know and ensuring that transdisciplinary collaboration flourishes. transforming-evidence.org

> This list has been retained 04/11/2022 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list

> Cultivating mutual beneficial relationships between community-led action for sustainable prosperity and academic research.

> The list will be linked to the Arts and Humanities Research Council 'translating cultures' theme, and will allow discussion of questions relating to this subject area.

> A Translation Studies forum used by postgraduate students to stir up debates and make announcements on forthcoming events. Students are invited to help each other out by exchanging research and content-related questions. Issues to be discussed in this context include translation theory, literature, cultural studies, linguistics, DTS, cognitive theory and sociotranslatology. Experienced scholars are also welcome.

> List to organise translations for the Zooniverse Citizen Science projects to improve access for speakers of all languages around the world.

> This list is to enable the discussion of all aspects of the conservation and restoration of items in transport and related collections, for example buses, trains, trams, cars, motorcycles, aircraft, etc.

> News and discussion relating to the academic and public histories of all modes of civilian transport.

> This list is used to disseminate information and share good practice amongst libraries, archives, museums and others working with Travellers.

> This list facilitates discussions amongst researchers involved in NERC Future of UK Treescapes projects

> The list is primarily intended for academic staff teaching and researching in English Language and Linguistics in universities in the UK. Members will discuss current issues of interest and concern to the HE linguistics community.

> The TRi-TSUG Scotland Group mailing list is to provide a forum for its members to exchange information and views about transport statistics in Scotland.

> For the discussion of transport information planning; the role of information systems design in the development of integrated transport policies and strategies.

> This list is used by TROPO UK (Association of Teachers and Researchers of Portuguese) to announce events, training, and other opportunities to stakeholders in all levels of formal and informal education in the UK. It also aims to reach relevant international stakeholders and partners.

> This is the supporting email list for the UK Research Network for Theology, Religion and Popular Culture. Established in 2005, this is a forum for those involved in advanced research in this field in universities and faith-based HE providers.

> This mailing list is for Outreach Convenors in Theology and Religious Studies departments in Higher Education Institutions.

> A mailing list for those researching Tudor music for discussion, announcements of recent publications, organisation of conference panels, etc

> To connect researchers working on the study of persistence, recurrence, transmission and transformation of tunes, especially in (but not confined to) traditional and popular culture. Historical, comparative, ethnographic, computational, archival approaches welcome. International, inter- and intra-cultural perspectives welcome. Open to all bona fide researchers with relevant interests.

> The tunicates are a major group of invertebrates representing an early offshoot from the evolutionary line leading to the vertebrates. We discuss all aspects of tunicate biology including chordate origins. Keywords: protochordate, urochordate, ascidia, salp, doliolid, Larvacea, Pyrosoma, tadpole, sea-squirt

> This mailing list is for those interested in the work of the Humanities and Data Science Interest Group of The Alan Turing Institute. We will be sharing key updates, announcements and events as well as opportunities for engaging with the ongoing work associated with the group.

> A discussion forum for those delivering and supporting Turnitin services that will enable participants to highlight issues, get an indication of how widespread any issues are, and provide support to each other. This list is open which means that suppliers can also join therefore it is particularly important that posts should be constructive, accurate, and fair.

> Distribution List from Trade Union side within UKRI. Used for maintaining communications within TUS over issues regarding formation and operation of UKRI