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> WAGNet connects scholars in the field of gender and Chinese studies to exchange information on events, activities and publications. We publish WAGRev, an e-journal of reviews of new work in this field.

> This list evolved from Beyond The Pedestrian: Walking in Research, Theory, Practice and Performance (University of Liverpool, 26.7.18). It aims to provide an online space for interdisciplinary information sharing, discussion and debate about walking. Our definition of walking is welcoming to all kinds of bodies and includes orthotics, sticks, wheels and other assistive technologies. This conversation is open to students, academics and anyone else interested in exploring the more than pedestrian.

> List for discussion of the Simitive WAMS (Workload Allocation Modelling System) product among academic, administrative and technical stakeholders in the sector and with appropriate representative of Simitive should they wish to participate.

> The Walking Artists Network seeks to connect those who define themselves as walking artists, or who are interested in walking as a mode of art practice through a series of meetings and an online interface. We hope to share examples of our walking practices, and the practices that inspire; to ask how we might define walking art as a medium, and whether attempting a definition is a fruitful method for generating discussion and debate; to explore the multi-disciplinary routes to walking as an art practice. This list is for all who define themselves as walking artists, or who are interested in walking as a mode of art practice.

> An interdisciplinary network for scholars working in war representation.

> A network of researchers, lawyers, practitioners, and all persons with professional and/or academic interest in furtherance of anti corruption laws

> This is the Waste, Pollution, and Toxicities Working Group: an interdisciplinary and international network which aims to foster critical research into pollution, waste, and toxicities broadly defined.

> A general list for discussing, and sharing information on, a broad range of water resources issues in the social and physical sciences, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary and critical perspectives.

> The list has been setup to facilitate discussion relating to international and national water law.

> This list is used to share skills, knowledge, and information related to the care and research of Wax collections, and upcoming related events and exhibitions.

> This mail list is for all practitioners or anyone with an interest in work based learning, to swap information, publicise events, share good practice, discuss issues and to support the network of colleagues at different institutions. Please note, the list was originally set up to focus on work based and work related learning in Aimhigher, and that purpose has now been broadened out to encourage wider debate and collaboration.

> Women, Crime and Criminal Justice is a specialist network for the study of women, crime and criminal justice and providing support to women in the British Society of Criminology and in criminology and allied subject areas.

> This list, hosted by the CASTLE project, is for those interested in conducting assessment using the WWW. It is a forum for all WAA (web-assisted-assessment) issues e.g. question design/databases, authoring/delivery software etc., and also use of the CASTLE tools for WAA.

> For the discussion of issues relating to the World-Wide-Web, Web browsers, Web servers, the HTML language, HTML documents and editors, across all platforms.

> WebPA is an open source online peer assessment tool that enables every team member to recognise individual contributions to group work. This list is for users or developers who wish to join the WebPA community. For details of WebPA see: http://www.webpaproject.com/

> List for the UK Higher and further communities to discuss all aspects of managing institutional Web services, maintaining the information, developing and managing web services, dealing with organisational and management issues and sharing of relevant experiences of maintaining a large information system.

> A mailing list for all those interested in Weimar Film and its academic discussion.

> List for the discussion of all aspects of ‘Holy’ Wells, and related water veneration, including their definition, architecture, distribution, history, folklore, archaeology, etymology and hydrology.

> This is a support group for Welsh museum staff and volunteers through the Federation of Museums and Art Galleries in Wales. It is a place to share research, knowledge, best practice and discuss current issues in the museum sector.

> A forum for Welsh Studies, including but not limited to Welsh Writing in English and Welsh History.

> To establish a multidisciplinary research infrastructure which is rooted in an Equality and Diversity (E&D) agenda and that can identify health and social care priorities of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) patients, service users, and groups in Wales. The purpose of this list is to facilitate the development of ethnicity, health and social research. The aim is to offer members a virtual space to exchange information and develop research collaborations.

> This list is used by the Welsh Electronic Records Management Group for sharing information.

> This list enables collaboration between the individual Library Groups for West European Languages and will facilitate the dissemination of information and discussion of issues in West European studies in the UK

> This list is for the Women's Film and Television History Network - UK/Ireland, and it is intended for researchers, educators, archivists and independent filmmakers and industry professionals. The list will be used to disseminate information on developing research, education and exhibition programs, academic and industry contacts, and general information related to the history of women working in the film and television industries of the UK and Ireland. It will also be used to publicize the Networks biennnial conference and other related academic and industry events.

> This open list is used by the World Heritage Learning and Engagement network, to share best practice, make announcements and provide a network forum for practitioners and organisations involved in World Heritage Education, Learning and Engagement.

> This list is primarily for discussion about issues relating to HE libraries in Wales and for members of WHELF libraries to share news and information.

> This list is used by the WHELF Cataloguing / Metadata group to facilitate communication across the group.

> This list facilitates networking between participants of the 'White Spaces'conference stream at Gender Work and Organization 07 and others.

> The aim of this list is to disseminate information about activities that celebrate, inform or support women who are, or plan to be, engaged in computing research or leadership in UK academia, industry and government.

> The Women in Environmental Sciences, is a vehicle created to foster and support new groups of women interested in environmental sciences and to promote such activities in their local communities in relation to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Members of the group include audience were academics, early career researchers, postgraduate students and people with a general interest in the environment.

> A forum for members of the organisation Women in German Studies (founded 1988) and associates to discuss matters of common interest with regard to research and teaching.

> A discussion list for law teachers with an interest in learning and teaching issues that affect increasing the participation of women in law.

> This list covers any issues to do with the support and deployment of all versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems in UK HE and FE, and applications run on such systems. Discussion of Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Server 2016, 2012, 2008 etc, along with Microsoft Office, Exchange, Office 365, Sharepoint etc is welcome. The mechanisms for delivering Windows to machines (imaging/provisioning) as well as applications to users (installing, streaming etc) are also fine here.

> the 'Women in Print' list exists to promote research, discussion and #writing into the overlooked contributions and legacies of women to print #culture - whether as writers, publishers, artists and designers, art #directors, teachers and through their domestic lives.

> This is a public list designed to enable debate of wireless network issues and act as a link to the JANET Wireless Advisory Group.

> Working group for the WISE/Zooniverse project

> WOIRN is a network of women academics working on all aspects of Irish life and culture, from disciplines as varied as sociology, geography, art history, cultural studies, literature and history.

> To improve the communication between the members of the women and social policy special interest group & other interested academics. The aim is to discuss relevant issues, to inform each other about relevant research projects, publications, and conferences, and to organise events such as study days.

> Working together to identify women's obstacles, challenges and opportunities while doing fieldwork

> women ecologists in academic or related institutions primarily in higher education.

> The UK women-in-exile-studies mailing list is used to promote research on German-speaking women refugees of the 1930s and 1940s and facilitate discussion among interested researchers.

> This list is dedicated to those interesting in the history of women's participation in engineering, primarily - but not exclusively - in the 20th century UK .

> This list links a community of researchers and practitioners with an interest in women's work in music. It was set up following the 1st International Conference on Women's Work in Music (Bangor, Sept 2017).

> The purpose of this list is to promote engagement and discussion between specialists working on archaeological wood and charcoal. It provides a forum for the dissemination of notices on conferences, meetings and publications as well as discussion on relevant issues such as anatomical identification, methodology, preservation, wood-working technology and environmental reconstruction. The list aims to foster communication between all environmental archaeologists from universities, contracting units and freelance specialists, who are engaged in the analysis of waterlogged, desiccated or charred wood from archaeological sites.

> This list has been retained 22/04/2024 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list For discussion of the linguistic theory Word Grammar and related topics in linguistics.

> This group is for those keen to explore the full potential of the content management / blogging platform WordPress in educational and research contexts.

> This list has been established to support the development of a working class studies in the UK, in parallel with an ESRC-sponsored seminar series.

> This list will be used by the Alliance to facilitate communication between members of the network and encourage discussion on themes related to work integrated learning.

> For all aspects of the 'Web of Science Service for UK Education' provided by Clarivate

> A group for individuals involved in monitoring and evaluation of outreach/WP activities in HE

> An informal network for those interested in applying Carol Bacchi's WPR (What's the Problem Represented to Be?) approach. This list is to announce events, new publications, calls for papers and collaborations. It is not a discussion forum. (Members seeking to open a discussion thread can direct colleagues to other platforms as appropriate).

> The impact of digital technologies upon writing and lived experience

> To encourage discussion and the exchange of good practice by those actively involved in teaching and research which help native English speakers in any discipline in higher education to improve their writing.

> This list is to support the "White Rose Learning Technologists' Forum". This group has recently been established to foster communication and collaboration between learning technologists working in FE, HE and relevant NGOs and private sector members.

> The list provides an avenue for sharing updates and good practice for vocational teaching practitioners. The list allows educators to access further support and collaboration for their learners on the WorldSkills UK Learning Lab. This includes updates on resources, Mindset skills and careers guidance resources for vocational leaners.