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Evidence Based Health

This discussion list is for the Clinical Practice working group of the Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine - the learned society of the profession which supports the educational, scientific and research interests of clinical biochemists and chemical pathologists in the UK.

The Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine links together clinical academic, scientific and NHS staff in the fields of diagnostic testing. This list is dedicated to Point-of-Care testing. This is a growing area of interest drawing together practitioners and scientists as new technologies are transferred from bench to the bedside. The Technology Strategy Board is pushing this area as one strand of its Stratified Medicine Portfolio.

PaLMnet is the UK Paediatric Laboratory Medcine Network. It is a subgroup of the ACB Scientific Affairs committee. Its main objective is to support harmonisation and rational use of laboratory testing for infants, babies and children and young people up to the age of 18 years

The A&F MetaLab collaboration aims to connect those using A&F and researchers in the field and create shared learning across A&F laboratories around the world to increase the effectiveness of A&F.

The purpose of this group is to allow persons with an interest in evidence-based health care on the Island of Ireland to informally share, discuss and disseminate information related to The Cochrane Collaboration and The Cochrane Library.

This list is used by the international research community to share methodological developments in qualitative evidence synthesis. This will include details of conference and training events, new methodological literature and methods enquiries.

This list serves to bring together professionals involved in the provision of Assitive Technology for people with physical and/or sensory disabilities. The list also acts as a forum to share best practice, research opportunities and case studies on rare and/or complex cases.

The Base-libraries list exists to facilitate discussion between the health libraries in Birmingham, the Black Country and Solihull.

The list aims at fostering the use of experimental methods and behavioural insights in health economics, policy, and management.

To enable members of the BEME International Collaborating Centre to communicate with each other.

List for the benefit-risk working group underneath the NIHR Statistics Group. For the purpose of distributing information about benefit-risk use in clinical trials.

Clinicians and scientists who are interested in all aspects of neurosurgical research

This list serves as a forum for those interested in applications of the findings of behavioural economics and psychology to all aspects of public and private decision making. The list moderator is Adam Oliver, of the London School of Economics.

This is a list for discussion and announcements of the Brain Injury and Homelessness Network. All are welcome to join. The network was formed in April 2016 after discussions between people involved in the research project 'How or why do some brain injured people become homeless in Sheffield' and others setting up a NeuroTriage project in Liverpool.

Announcement list for BRISSKit project. Please see http://www.brisskit.le.ac.uk for details of national HEFCE/JISC funded project to provide mature open source biomedical research database applications over the Janet and secure NHS networks.

The North East Medical Sociology group was established to bring together individuals with an interest in the critical sociology of health, and enhance the profile of medical sociology in the region. This list exists to share news and information relating to the group or medical sociology more widely, to promote group discussion and collaborative working, and to attract new group members.

The social statistics study group is a working group of BSA members who are interested in the application of statistical methods to social science research. The group aims to bring sociologists with a shared interest in statistical (or mixed) methods together and to offer a shared space to meet, develop ideas, present work. We would like to invite everybody with an interest in statistical (or other quantitative) methods along to the new study group.

A community set up to discuss the relationship between Buddhist ideas and the delivery of Mental Health Care- for anyone with an interest in exploring the impact Buddhist thought and practice can have on our experience as professionals and or as users of the system.

A place for researchers, carers, service users, third sector organisations, practitioners and policy makers to share and exchange information on the evidence base for carer services, research and policy

A forum for sharing information and good practice for CBT practitioners within student services; counselling/therapy teams; wellbeing teams, etc. as well as for students practicing CBT. If you have any interesting journal articles/books; short CPD type courses to promote; or just wanting to link into others in the field, this may well be the list for you!

This list has been retained 31/03/2021 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list This list is used by the Centre of Evidence Based Dermatology (CEBD) to provide a monthly e-mail update on new evidence-based resources in dermatology, with an emphasis on guidelines, systematic reviews and evidence-based summaries.

This list is to function as a discussion forum for Members of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine. The Centre exists to promote Evidence-Based Medicine by developing educational programmes and by providing support for other Centres in the UK. This is a closed list.

Network for theory & evidence on the health & wellbeing impacts of community empowerment. A resource for distributing & locating theory & evidence on community empowerment. A place for the discussion of the state-of-the-evidence, practice & future directions. A resource for, & of, academics, frontline practitioners, & CVS members.

To enable researhers to net work and keep the conversation alive

This list connects up researchers and practitioners in order to explore the conceptual development and empirical evidence for using Eye Movement Desensitization with Children and Adolescents

The UK Clinical Librarian mailing list is used for the discussion of issues and dissemination of information relating to Clinical Librarians and those with similar roles.

This listserv will be used to connect a community of individuals and organisations interested in supporting the use of reliable evidence synthesis in the response to COVID-19.

This list is used by CRD to co-ordinate Public Health Service research

Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP) develops educational interventio ns to help health service decision makers, & those who influence health service decisions, develop skills in the critical appraisal of evidence about effectiveness, to promote the delivery of evidence-based healthcare.

This list will provide relevant announcements to all postgraduates and Stage two trainees within Scotland. This will include jobs and funding opportunities as well as relevant training days and conferences. The list can also be used by Health Psychology postgraduates and trainees to network and ask others in the Health Psychology community in Scotland for advice. This list is run by the postgraduate representatives from the Division of Health Psychology-Scotland committee.

A U.K. based list to bring together ideas and views from the wide community of district nurses. The list will encourage sharing of research findings, relevant conferences and the impact of policy upon the role of the district nurse. Research and educational opportunities are fundamental to the practice of district nursing. The list will be of great value to practitioners and educationalists.

The list is used to promote and foster awareness and academic discussion on digital interventions in preventing and dealing with domestic violence and abuse.

The purpose of the list is to allow higher education teachers in the UK and elsewhere to share and improve teaching resources for evidence-based health care

The Eating Disorders Special Interest Group of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. Interests include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, atypical eating disorders

eHealth Discussions

A forum for EMDR practitioners to share research ideas, clinical issues and knowledge sharing.

This forum is part of a NIHR Research Funding looking at using EMDR Therapy with Adults with Intellectual Learning Disabilities. The initial purpose is to have it as a restricted forum for the the ID Psychologists and the members of the Research Team.

Environmental Health Informatics announcement and discussion list. Providing a forum for the growing health and environmental research informatics community and range of stakeholders amd providers.

The aim of the EQUAL North network is to build a community of academics, researchers and practitioners across the north of England who share a common interest in addressing health and social inequalities.

This list is used by the early career members of the European Society for Prevention Research (EUSPR) to share information concerning prevention-related funding, job opportunities, upcoming conferences and publications. For further information, please visit http://euspr.org/early-careers-forum/

This list is for discussion of teaching, practice and implementation EBH. Evidence based health (EBH) is the integration of individual knowledge with the best available external evidence from systematic research in making decisions about health care. This list is for teachers and practitioners in EBHC to communicate with colleagues, announce meetings and courses, stimulate discussion, air controversies and aid the implementation of EBH. If you have a query about evidence concerning a specific clinical topic, please be aware that this is not the focus of this list, and you should look elsewhere first. If you do post a request to EBH, please include with your post a statement showing where you have already looked and what you have found. It is considered good manners to offer to repost a summary of what you find afterwards as well. Other general principles of netiquette apply to the list, particularly: i) Please be polite and respectful in your use of language ii) Please don't post attachments to the list.

This is a cross-disciplinary, cross-sectoral discussion list to enable academics and others concerned with the use of evidence in public sector policy and practice to network, debate, share ideas and exchange information. It has been set up by the Research Unit for Research Utilisation (RURU) at St. Andrews University - previosuly funded by the ESRC and a member of the ESRC's Network for Evidence-Based Policy and Practice - to facilitate national and international interchange in this field.

Promote discussion and sharing of ideas in relation to EXON Discussion of NIPE Competencies Integration of EXON within undergraduate midwifery curriculum Networking and sharing ideas.

A list for discussing methodological issues surrounding the analysis of UK administrative health databases, hosted by the Farr Institute

This list has been retained 31/03/2021 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list This list is used by the Orthopaedics and Trauma Group at the University of Nottingham to provide a monthly e-mail update on new evidence-based resources relevant to foot and ankle surgery, with an emphasis on guidelines and systematic reviews.

For members of the Faculty of Public Health special interest group on information and intelligence, also open to colleagues outside the Faculty who share similar interests. The list will support general communication and support for information and intelligence including news of events, consultations and resources arranging meetings and, when required, detailed discussion of drafts and documents.

This list supports the Fuel Poverty Postgraduate Network and provides a virtual forum for postgraduate researchers to share ongoing research on fuel poverty, seek out potential collaborations, and develop an understanding of how findings can be effectively disseminated.

The globalforum mailing list is set up for the benefit of all those with a stake or an interest in the ethics of biomedical research involving human participants in developing countries. It aims to encourage discussion, networking and exchange of information across the globe, and in particular between developing and developed countries.

GPRD-Research aims to promote the exchange of information and advice between users of the General Practice Research Database (GPRD). This list is a forum to promote and share research ideas, methodologies, as well as providing a point of contact between new and existing users. <HTML> GPRD-Research aims to promote the exchange of information and advice between users of the General Practice Research Database (GPRD). <p>This list is a forum to promote and share research ideas, methodologies, as well as providing a point of contact between new and existing users. <p>The list is maintained by Dr Craig Currie and Dr Chris Poole. </HTML>

Discussion group on grounded theory.

This list is used by the Centre for Evidence Based Hand Surgery in the Orthopaedics and Trauma Group at the University of Nottingham to provide a monthly e-mail update on new evidence-based resources relevant to hand surgery, with an emphasis on guidelines and systematic reviews.

This list is for members of the Public Health England funded network on Work, Health and Wellbeing. It will provide an opportunity for the network members to mail any important information to other network members and have discussions about relevant topics.

Academia and Industry discussion forum for researchers interested in Human-Data Interaction

The Health Equity Network (HEN) aims to encourage active and fruitful collaboration between specialists from different disciplines in addressing and debating issues of equity and inequality in health.

This list is for health promotion academics to use to discuss the future of health promotion in the UK, how it is taught, when and where for what purpose

To provide a forum for sharing research and practice concerning Health Walks. The group is multidisplinary by nature and aimed at academics, health promotion specialists, clinicians, health psychologists and other interested parties involved in the research and promotion of walking.

An email discussion list for the research network of primary care teams in Hertfordshire and other parties interested in collaborative health services research.

The Health Impact Assessment (HIA) mailing list for the methodological and practical advancement of HIA in the development of healthy public policies, plans, programmes and projects.

HLG Wales is for Welsh librarians and information professionals interested in health/nursing/medicine/allied health.

This mailing list is for researchers interested in and working in the area of human and organisational factors of medical informatics.

The list is to enable health visitors undertaking research degrees to share information, announce opportunities and events and have academic discussions. This list has been retained 01/08/14. Existing subscribers may access archives, the list won't accept any new posts or subscribers.

LIS-NHS is an email forum for discussing developments and issues specific to the provision of library and information services within UK National Health Service and affiliated academic libraries.

This list is for UK knowledge, library and information professionals working in Public Health; to enable members to share knowledge, learning and experience.

For those involved either in doing or teaching others to do searches for systematic reviews to share experiences and help each other

------26/10/20 RETAIN LIST------ This list has been retained 12/09/2022 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list The list is to share best practice and develop new approaches to training. We teach academic, medical, nursing and health-care students

An informal forum for library and information professionals who are supporting researchers and students who are conducting systematic reviews and structured literature searches

This list will be used for the Steering Group and Content Editors to collaborate on developing the content of the MAP Toolkit at http://maptoolkit.wordpress.com/

This is an information forum for practitioners who have trained to use the Music Therapy Assessment Tool for Awareness in Disorders of Consciousness (MATADOC) This is a sub-list of MTNEUROLOGYNETWORK.

Multi-disciplinary radiotherapy

The aim of the list is to provide an online forum to encourage discussion and help develop a medical retina research network.

This list is for researchers and others who are interested in learning about and advancing the meta-ethnography qualitative synthesis approach. We would like to create a network for knowledge exchange and debate with the aim of raising the quality of published meta-ethnographies.

A forum for discussion on midwifery, reproductive and women's health education. Supported by the ICM Education Standing Committee. It aims to create a international network of educators who are eager to share information and materials, discuss concerns and and offer advice.

for researchers and practitioners who are interested in researching and evaluating the use of narrative in health and related disciplines

The NASSS-CAT Community represents a user community for the NASSS-CAT tool (Non-adoption, Abandonment, and barriers to Spread, Scale-up and Sustainability - Complexity Assessment Tool), during a technology-supported change project.

Distribution and discussion group for research management performance metrics in NTW CLRN area.

Building the research community to establish pathways and protocols for referral, rehabilitation and transitions between rehabilitation and palliative care, for brain cancer patients

We aim to provide high quality information, current awareness and a forum for discussion about neuropsychiatry. Neuropsychiatry concerns the interface of psychiatry and neurology (incorporating cognitive neuroscience and related areas). Colleagues from UK and elsewhere are welcome to join.

An email list for all clinicians and researchers interested in relationships, social context and neurological conditions. A platform to share relevant CPD events, publications, networking opportunities, and recruitment for research.

A communications platform to enable best practice and information sharing, and national networking among Clinical Research Nurses

Communications of the NIHR Statistics Group: Laboratory Studies Section.

This list is used by NNMHR (Northern Network for Medical Humanities Research)to communicate relevant announcements, such as events, conferences, jobs and publications.

This list is used by NSPRC Trainees, 2010 cohort to exchange information about publications, projects, conferences etc.

Occ-health is a list open to everyone with an interest in teaching, learning and research in occupational health and safety. As it is a publicly funded list, recruitment using the list is not possible (this includes agencies and employers). Key words: occupational health, employment, health & safety

There are important differences between global Occupational Health/Medicine and travel health but occupational health needs to ensure if travel health services are provided (in-house or outsourced) that they are medically appropriate. Health Professionals and organisations are often involved in the potentially bigger risk of fitness to work issue and nurses often seeing more individual travel health issues. A key issue is: who makes the decision about fitness to work abroad?

This list to used by the AHRC-funded Observatory for Monitoring Data-Driven Approaches to Covid-19 to make announcements about project publications, events and other activities.

A network for qualified Occupational Physicians to work together to build and protect occupational medicine as a viable and thriving medical & academic specialty focused on enhancing and maintaining the health of people at work. WE aim to complement the work of existing professional bodies

The list will be to develop international research collaboration for research involving health behaviour and education within context using complimentary research methods.

To facilitate interchange between members of teams evaluating the NHS Pacesetters Programme to improve access to health services for members of socially disadvantaged groups, and those concerned to share good practice

List designed to serve as a forum for clinical psychologisty, neuro-psychologists and other psycho-social staff working in paediatric oncology to design research and intervention projects and to work collaboratively across centres. The list will also serve as a communication point to disseminate service development and related service issues. The list will ensure communication and the pooling of resources for all psycho-social staff working with children and adolescents who have cancer and with their families.

An emailing list bringing together academic researchers in the field of the safety and quality of healthcare delivery.

Research methodology associated with primary care databases and electronic health records.

The list is aimed at encouraging collaboration between UK services conducting clinical and research trials for children being treated for a brain tumour.

This is a list intended to promote dialogue regarding research into the physical management of violence and aggression. It will encourage and facilitate discussion surrounding physical interventions. The list is primarily aimed at current trainers and academics.

The Uk based "Prediction Modelling in Psychiatric Research"group provides a forum for people interested in prediction modelling such as psychiatrists, psychologists, statisticians, bioinformaticians and computer scientists to discuss methodology (such as machine and statistical learning) in psychiatric and psychological sciences. <HTML> The Uk based "Prediction Modelling in Psychiatric Research"group provides a forum for people interested in prediction modelling such as psychiatrists, psychologists, statisticians, bioinformaticians and computer scientists to discuss methodology (such as machine and statistical learning) in psychiatric and psychological sciences. </HTML>

Discussion and information concerning psychological and psychiatric aspects of cancer care. Clinical and academic staff welcome

a list allowing those working in or using public health observatories and public health intelligence in the uk and beyond, to discuss issues and share experiences and information.

This list is for the UK Radiopharmacy Community in NHS and Academic sectors to exchange information

school-health-edu aims to bring together educationalists involved in education and training for school health practitioners in light of the recent shift of emphasis from a task orientated to a more public health focused role for school nurses.

A multidisciplinary e-mailing list for those working in the field of sexual health, in research and applied settings.

The Scottish Knowledge Exchange Community of Practice (SKECP) is a network of KE practitioners and researchers who share KE practices and experience, build peer relationships for information exchange and support, build KE capacity, advance knowledge of KE effectiveness, and share KE events and activities.

This list aims to provide a forum for information, discussion and collaboration among speech and language therapists and others who are interested, or involved, in research into communication development and change, communication disability and-or disorders of feeding, swallowing and drinking.

This list is to raise awareness of social prescribing developments; to provide a platform for sharing information,ideas, research and evaluation and above all else to bring people together to develop collaborations and partnership through a commitment to shared values and principles.

A research network for members to circulate the latest news and research relevant to the topic of Spontaneous Future Cognition.

This list is to increase collaboration - nationally and internationally - in the development of technologies and methods for automation in systematic reviews. The International Collaboration for Automation in Systematic Reviews moderates this open list.

The purpose is to enhance communication and network for health professionals involved in clinical care and research activity relating to reproductive health, sexuality, parenting and infant care.

Identifying independent statisticians to sit on Trial Steering Committees (TSC) and Data Monitoring Committees (DMC) etc is often challenging. The aim of this list is to link statisticians across the NIHR, CTUs and health research groups in order to provide opportunity for reciprocation in this activity and to facilitate professional development of statisticians to fulfill these roles.

A forum for those involved in improving access to the best available evidence in supportive and palliative care. Users include academics, researchers, managers, health and social care practitioners in hospitals, hospices, specialist palliative care units and elsewhere in the voluntary, NHS, university and private sectors, plus administrative, library and IT professionals and others. A broad-based community of practice of individuals and groups engaged in online information provision and use in this field, both elsewhere in the UK and internationally.

This list is for researchers interested in sharing knowledge and learning about synthesis without meta-analysis in systematic reviews.

This list will provide an international platform for sharing information about systems approaches to chronic disease prevention. Members include research students and world leading researchers working to develop this methodology.

Announcement list primarily although not exclusively for researchers and professionals working in health and social care settings for the dissemination of knowledge and information about traumatic brain injury and its wider effects on carers, relatives and families.

This is a group of clinicians who are involved in the care of patients with Thyroid Eye disease. It includes Ophthalmologists, Physicians, Orthoptists and psychologists. The aim of the group is to improve the management and care of these patients through the developments of shared guidelines, MDM, and involvement in research

The TV Well-being Network (TVWellNet) news list sends announcements to educators, practitioners and researchers in health and care across the Thames Valley. Announcements include training and events for health and social care staff and students; well-being research and resources for health and social care; and information on educational exchanges.

This list has been retained 01/06/2020 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list Discussion list following 1st Conference of UK Teachers and Developers of Evidence-Based Health Care

A UK-wide consortium of academic centres has been formed to promote, facilitate and coordinate research activities around the UKBiobank resource, with a primary focus on eye and vision related research.

The UK Society for Behavioural Medicine (UKSBM) works towards integrating knowledge of biology, behaviour and the environment to prevent and treat disease. It brings together, for for the first time in the UK, a range of disciplines that contribute to achieving this broad objective. They include epidemiology, health psychology, medical sociology, health economics, statistics as well as public health, primary care, psychiatry, oncology, cardiology and diabetology and other clinical specialties.

This list has been retained 19/10/20 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list UMHAN supports the work of mental health specialists working within HE. It seeks to share good practice and to influence developments across the sector. Please see our website for further information about membership and our work: www.umhan.com

The Veterinary Society of Surgical Oncology (VSSO) was developed to bring together individuals with various backgrounds but similar goals: to more effectively treat veterinary patients with cancer and to advance the understanding of cancer across species. While much of our focus is placed on the surgical aspects of oncology, we incorporate the principles of other treatment modalities such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and interventional oncology, and focus on utilizing evidence-based medicine in our daily practice.

To establish a multidisciplinary research infrastructure which is rooted in an Equality and Diversity (E&D) agenda and that can identify health and social care priorities of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) patients, service users, and groups in Wales. The purpose of this list is to facilitate the development of ethnicity, health and social research. The aim is to offer members a virtual space to exchange information and develop research collaborations.

WERC is committed to conducting high quality research with a focus on racialised groups in Wales, and to the development research resources, best practice guidance, and knowledge exchange opportunities. As such, we remain committed to working collaboratively with patients, service users and community groups to draw out research priorities and to foster an interest in research, as well as with practitioners, policy makers, funders and researchers to improve practice, influence policy and to strengthen the quality and quantity of ethnicity, health and social research in Wales. The purpose of this list is to facilitate the development of ethnicity, health and social research, with this WERC strand rooted in older people and ageing research. The aim is to offer members a virtual space to exchange information and develop research collaborations that focus on racialised older population groups in Wales.

This list supports Continual Professional Development activities and discussion for Biomedical Scientists across laboratory sites