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Artificial Intelligence

SICSA Affective Computing workshop to be held at Abertay early next year (date to be announced)

AURA (Archives in the UK/ Republic of Ireland & AI): AHRC/ IRC Digital Humanities Research Network: Bringing together Digital Humanists, Computer Scientists & stakeholders to unlock cultural assets.

Mailing list for updates on seminar speakers and events

This list serves as a network of and for scholars working in the area of surveillance studies. We seek to engage with scholars from a range of multidisciplinary backgrounds, post jobs, events, CFPs and discussion topics within a shared research area of surveillance, culture and the twenty first century.

Digital Manufacturing, Digital Engineering, Industry 4.0, Smart Product and Manufacturing, Digitisation, digitalisation

This list helps us explore the Digital Adventure in Libraries, Archives, Culture and Arts and related educational services. From LibTech to makerspaces, AI to Z.

This email list aims to provide a network for researchers who are utilizing drones to conduct data collection, design research projects. Discussions focus on sharing experiences, project information, new technological breakthroughs, and news that may have an impact on using drone in civilian contexts. It emerges from the Nesta funded project 'Project Daedalus', which explores the creative potential of drones #projectdaedalus Set up by Professor Andy Miah, University of Salford @andymiah New members who are on Twitter will be added to the following list. https://twitter.com/andymiah/lists/drones4research Please email your twitter address to email@andymiah.net

The list is used to promote and foster awareness and academic discussion on digital interventions in preventing and dealing with domestic violence and abuse.

eHealth Discussions

A mailing list for researchers in areas relevant to egocentric perception, including Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Multimedia, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Human Computer Interaction and Visual Sciences.

Healtex is a UK-wide multi-disciplinary research network established to build a strong, collaborative and sustainable UK community in healthcare text analytics by bringing together partners from academia, industry, healthcare services and policy makers, with collaborative links internationally, and integrate it into the growing health informatics community.

This is a list of academics, mainly around the UK, interested in the research initiative of Large-Scale Complex IT Systems, and Ultra-Large Scale Systems.

This is a list associated with the informal seminar series jointly between University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University for announcements about seminars, conferences, papers, special issues etc. relevant to the complexity sciences (broadly conceived but including: social science, complexity physics, social networks, biological complexity). There is an associated blog at: http://manchester-complexity.blogspot.co.uk/

This list is to support the Northern Robotics Seminar series. It will be used primarily to announce upcoming seminars, but may also be used to distribute relevant conference calls.

Service announcement for the Pearl cluster

This is beta-testing-only mailing list for the PRoNTo software.

This list is for users of the PRoNTo toolbox to exchange information on usage, request help, or suggest modifications.

Group for researchers from the social sciences, arts, humanities re: the social/cultural issues of robots.

Newsletter for SEEBIBYTE project (seebibyte.org) computer vision tools for the digital humanities. For discussion, visit https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/seebibyte- users

This list is used by the FAST IMPACt project partners and project participants to make announcements about and updates on the FAST IMPACt project to the subscribers of the list, as well as for discussion purposes related to project activities and project research.

SIGGEN, mailing list for the Special Interest Group on natural language GENeration

This list is to increase collaboration - nationally and internationally - in the development of technologies and methods for automation in systematic reviews. The International Collaboration for Automation in Systematic Reviews moderates this open list.

The biweekly statistical seminar at University of Bristol.

The mailing list is served for StuConOS student conference. The StuConOS conference is aimed at current undergraduate and master students in the UK. The conference will give students a chance to submit their work and to have this reviewed by a programme committee of experts. We interpret the word "optimisation" in its very broad sense: anything that improves (in any way) software or the process of making it. It will give students an initial taste of research work and a chance to publish and discuss their ideas with experts. The programme committee will review the submissions and decide on those to be accepted and the prizes to be awarded. All authors will receive feedback on their work and those accepted for the conference will be published in a printed proceedings & online available and presented(by one of the authors) at the conference.

For researchers associated with the (ESRC/EPSRC) TEL Programme to share findings, funding opportunities, vacancies, resources and general support to those working in the interdisciplinary TEL field.

This mailing list is for those interested in the work of the Humanities and Data Science Interest Group of The Alan Turing Institute. We will be sharing key updates, announcements and events as well as opportunities for engaging with the ongoing work associated with the group.

This list is used by the Special Interest Group on Explainable AI within the Association Neural-Symbolic Learning and Reasoning for announcements concerning Calls for Papers, events, job opportunities, and new research projects.


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