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ACORN's intent is to develop and promote the field of organizational art and aesthetics. We wish to provide a wide range of forums where researchers and teachers interested in connecting art, aesthetics, and creative practice within organizational and work settings can meet, exchange ideas, share resources, and experiment with new forms of thinking and practice.

We wish to use this list to debate new findings and theories in the academic study of magic. We will use the list to publicise events, research and CFPs in the field.

This is a mailing list bringing together UK-based and non-UK based academics and researchers working mainly in the social sciences who have faced situations of threats as a result of their research. In recent years, there has been a rising number of cases of researchers whose lives were at risk because of the work they were conducting. This group aims to support all academics facing such difficult times and make visible their plight by issuing declarations and reports.

This list provides a forum for discussion emerging from the ESRC seminar series, Activism, Volunteering and Citizenship.

A restricted discussion list for providers of drug and/or alcohol misuse courses, mainly within the HE and FE sector.

This is the mailing list of the ESA Research Network on Ageing in Europe. The Ageing in Europe mailing list is used for researchers in the field of ageing. Purposes include sharing information on conferences and publications; exchanging ideas relevant to research on ageing; making contact with potential collaborators on new research initiatives.

This list is to facilitate communications - about research and conferences etc. - between members of the British Sociological Association study group 'Ageing, Body and Society'

We welcome researchers who are interested in ageing society research in China and UK

Network of people and organisations working in the arts and humanities and interested in contemporary slavery

A discussion list for researchers, lecturers and practitioners with an interest in alcohol misuse. This list is intended primarily for the UK alcohol information and treatment community.

The broad aim of this research network is to advance the international, comparative and interdisciplinary study of alternatives to capitalism.

This membership list will be used by the BSA Animal/Human Studies Group list owner to make announcements relevant to the group.

This list provides space for researchers to share ideas related to risk, limits and exposure in contemporary society.

The list is meant to bring together researchers from different universities and share and spread knowledge and research outputs, events, calls for papers and grant proposals between members.

The list will be used by the network to create a database of potential partners and collaborators, as well as communicating events, sending invitations, updates and calls

The Argentina Research Network (ARN) brings together academics, researchers and postgraduate students from a wide range of disciplines who share a research interest in Argentina. http://argentinaresearchnetwork.wordpress.com/ It provides a forum that aims to improve interaction, the dissemination of information, sharing of research and fostering of academic discussion among researchers of Argentina, primarily in the UK and Ireland. It collaborates with broader European and Latin American networks and institutions to stage joint workshops and events whilst maintaining a country-specific focus. ARN was formed in 2009 due to the growing level of academic interest in Argentina. Please see our website and click "follow" to receive information about our events http://argentinaresearchnetwork.wordpress.com/

The Art and Mobilities Network supports creative and artistic mobilities research. The list is inclusive and open to discussion of practices, histories, theories, methods, and aesthetics of mobility, and the contribution that creative and interdisciplinary research can make to mobility and social change. The list is based at the Centre for Mobilities Research at Lancaster University.

A site devoted to the discussion and research of Victorian Cultural Philanthropy in Europe and USA. Supporting an international conference Art for Life's Sake: Women, Gender, Class and Victorian Cultural Philanthropy at Southampton Institute 16/17 November 2002.

ASEN Edinburgh is the first branch of (Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism) ASEN and launched on 26 May 2017. ASEN Edinburgh organise local activity to advance the study of ethnicity and nationalism.

Description: This list is used share research news and events with the research community who work or are interested in social sciences and humanities HIV research. It is moderated by ASSHH UK steering committee.

This is a discussion list for anyone involved in attitudes research whether it is methodological, theoretical or applied.

The list has been set up to facilitate discussion on the Baltic States between and amongst scholars and practitioners in many different fields of research, both in terms of scholarship and teaching. In particular, this mailing list encourages the exchange of issues related to such topics as politics, foreign policy, security studies, society, culture, history, geography and so on.

The Bangladesh Research Network (BRN) aims to bring together students, researchers, and practitioners from a variety of disciplines united by a common interest in Bangladesh. The network wishes to draw together people working on Bangladesh that may otherwise not know each other; in this way, the network aims facilitate debate and discussion, exchange information on relevant conferences and news on Bangladesh, organise events and establish a forum for continued interaction and communication among scholars on Bangladesh. The network is open to students (both undergraduate and postgraduate), academic staff and researchers. It is a UK based network but anyone is welcome to join; we particularly welcome members from Bangladesh itself.

For use by BASEES members to promote discussion and make announcements about events in Slavonic and East European Studies.

A research network devoted to developing research and knowledge exchange on conflict, terrorism and related issues.

This list is intended as communication channel for students and scholars who share a research interest at the intersection of STS - Science and Technology Studies - and the Built Environment. It is meant to stimulate knowledge sharing between and among UK researchers and their peers abroad.

An open list for social scientists interested in biographical methods.

Used by researchers and teachers using BNIM to explore questions of method and support each other's work.

The aim of this group is to encourage the advancement of research and theory around bisexuality including networking, collaborative research and sharing resources.

Official mailing list of the British International Studies Association's International Political Economy working group

The BISA Working Group on the International Studies of the Mediterranean, Middle East and Asia (ISMMEA) aims to provide an interdisciplinary forum in which to bring a diverse range of scholars and practitioners together

This list supports the developing discipline of Black music in Britain. The list is for researchers, academics, practitioners. The jiscmail welcomes interdisciplinary approaches to Black music in Britain, across genre and era.

This list supports the developing discipline of Black music in Britain. The list is for researchers, academics, practitioners. The jiscmail welcomes interdisciplinary approaches to Black music in Britain, across genre and era.

This is a list for discussion and announcements of the Brain Injury and Homelessness Network. All are welcome to join. The network was formed in April 2016 after discussions between people involved in the research project 'How or why do some brain injured people become homeless in Sheffield' and others setting up a NeuroTriage project in Liverpool.

British Government@LSE is an new initiative currently based in the Government Department to promote and develop research on British Government being conducted at the LSE. We hold public events and produce research publications. British Government@LSE will be a focus for scholars in the Government Department and around the School who are analyzing and commenting on these developments. It will also host high profile public lectures, seminars, symposia and visiting speaker programmes addressing scholars, civil and public servants and students of British politics and it #will support the British Politics and Policy Blog.

This list communicates the activities of the British Society of Criminology Midlands Regional Network; including announcements, projects, research and other relevant items.

This is the mailing list of the British Sociological Association Alcohol Study Group. The purpose of the Group is to look sociologically at the meaning of alcohol use in society.

Discussion list organised by the British Sociological Association Activism in Sociology Forum. For the forum's announcements list visit: https://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/cgi-bin/webadmin?A0= BSA-ACTIVISM-IN-SOCIOLOGY-FORUM

The British Sociological Association Auto/Biography Study Group brings together people interested in the analytical examination of the various kinds of biography and autobiography, the relationship between the differing genres of representing lives, and the interrelations between biography, autobiography, text and lives.

Encourage discussion and application of Bourdieuian social theory within sociology Connect Bourdieuian researchers to generate and consolidate theoretical knowledge To facilitate networking and discussion through organised activities To support postgraduate students who are engaging with Bourdieu

Welcome to the BSA Cities and Mobilities list. This BSA study group list acts as a point of contact and collaboration for those interested in the above themes. Please use the list to post relevant news, articles, events and calls for papers. You can also Tweet us at @BSACities. The group also organises a stream at the BSA Annual conference and your participation in this stream is very much encouraged. We will also run a programme of events throughout the year.

To foster a network of scholars, practitioners and students interested in Citizenship Studies. Encourage collaboration and support to sociologists working in the area of Citizenship Studies by increasing the visibility of the discipline. To provide a space to allow for the critical engagement and elaboration of Citizenship Studies.

Email list of members of the BSA DDB study group. This list is used to facilitate DDB events, calls for papers and related research projects.

This group aims to encourage research into the social aspects of emotions. It will connect scholars working on emotions, facilitating the exchange of ideas and information The list will also be used to organise and inform members of events.

Discussion forum for the BSA Environment and Health special interest group. This group addresses the interaction between environmental change and human health from a sociological perspective.

This British Sociological Association Study Group aims to connect those interested in the broad area of families, intimacy and personal relationships: it has postgraduate and staff members from across the career and disciplinary range.

The Gender and Feminism Study Group is a forum for academics, researchers and students, who are interested in exploring, discussing and/or actively researching the multifaceted, ambiguous and challenging nature of gender theory and research.

This is the jisc email group of BSA Study Group 'Diaspora, Migration and Transnationalism' (DMT). The study group and the email list aim to establish an intellectual home for the study of migration, diasporic groups and their transnational activities.

The North East Medical Sociology group was established to bring together individuals with an interest in the critical sociology of health, and enhance the profile of medical sociology in the region. This list exists to share news and information relating to the group or medical sociology more widely, to promote group discussion and collaborative working, and to attract new group members.

A group for sociologists within and beyond the BSA to discuss the theory and application of new materialist and posthuman perspectives to sociology. This Jiscmail group will be the means to share and disseminate information and news relevant to the study group's objectives.

This is the JISCmail list for the BSA Postgraduate Forum. The PGF facilitates contact between student members and the BSA. The PGF holds regular events across the UK. It is open to all postgraduate members of the BSA.

The social statistics study group is a working group of BSA members who are interested in the application of statistical methods to social science research. The group aims to bring sociologists with a shared interest in statistical (or mixed) methods together and to offer a shared space to meet, develop ideas, present work. We would like to invite everybody with an interest in statistical (or other quantitative) methods along to the new study group.

The mailing list will be used by the BSA Sociology of the Arts Study Group, which brings together individuals interested in, and working with, creative industries, artists, designers, curators or those in other artistic fields. The list will be used to encourage academic discussion, to advertise events, and to facilitate collaborations between academics, practitioners and enterprise.

Email list for the British Sociology Association's Science and Technology Studies Study Group.

This list is used by the BSA's Theory Study Group to make announcements regarding the research community, conferences and events, programmes, publications, and projects.

This email list will be used to communicate conferences, important events, new publications to members of the British Sociological Association's violence against women study group.

It is a forum for presentation of theory and research in the sociology of violence. It will address all forms of violence â& 128;“ interpersonal, collective, nonstate and state. Though based in the BSA it aims to be international and interdisciplinary in focus. We organize events to promote debate on violence and organize the theory stream at the BSA conference.

This is the mailing list for the British Sociological Association's Visual Sociology Study Group.

A study group of the British Sociological Association. This 'Work, Employment and Economic Life' Study Group reflects the interests of BSA members who research and teach in the fields of the sociology of work, economic life, labour markets and industrial sociology.

This is the email list for members of the British Sociological Association's Digital Sociology group.

This group brings together sociologists interested in educational issues for the purposes of developing and sharing knowledge and engaging in critical debate.

This list is for all those interested in historical and comparative sociology. It is a list connected to the BSA Historical and Comparative Study Group but you do not need to be a member of the BSA to subscribe

The BSA Teaching Group is a voluntary group of teachers who have joined together to further the interests of sociology teaching in secondary schools, sixth form colleges and universities. You can connect to others with whom you can share good practice, ideas for lesson plans, resources, events and information about job vacancies.

This list is for postgraduate criminology students and those in early career.

The Hate Crime Network seeks to bring together academics, practitioners and policy makers working in the field of hate crime to share information and experiences about hate crime with a view to developing critical analysis and debate across research, policy, and practice.

The list is to allow for effective and speedy communication between members of the newly formed specialist BSC Victims Network.

For sharing news and events relating to or emanating from the British Society of Criminology Wales Branch.

This list is for those interested in developing a ByRefugees network, to increase local and forcibly displaced researchers in Refugee & Forced Migration Studies research. It is used to share information on relevant research, events, and opportunities for those affected by and researching displacement.

A meeting place for academics and others involved in organising and researching science engagement activities.

This list is to enable academics, postgraduate students, and others to discuss the current changes being proposed to higher education.

This list is for members of the Carceral Geography Working Group.

Provides a forum for critical researchers to debate caregiving issues, provides a link between the voluntary sector and academia, and to advertise caregiving events, publications, and projects.

The list caters primarily the communication needs of the collaborative research network "Centrifugal Europe: State, Sovereignty and the future of European integration", wider community of scholars of European Studies and scholars working on aspects of societal, national and European integration processes across the EU member-states. The mailing list will be used to facilitate exchange, communicate news and updates of research activities of the network.

This list is used to make announcements relating to CERCNet (Comparative Employment Research Collaborative Network) activities, or pertaining to internationally comparative research on work, employment and labour management in general.

child-youth-environments provides a forum for discussion on the social and material environments of young people. It brings together researchers and practictioners on issues of relevance to the lives of children and youth both in contemporary society and in historical context.

This Network provides a space for critical learning, dialogue and exchange between practitioners, academics, policy makers and children and young people to innovate thinking and practice concerning children's participation

This list is an open discussion forum for those interested in research and policy relating to child poverty.

for those involved in collecting and documenting community history on an online platform

cii Mail Group will keep interested parties informed of its events, projects and publications. The Group will also allow members to post relevant information to the list.

Academic discussion of the relationship between urban change and religion. Key themes: geographies of secularisation and the 'post-secular'; Significance of 'faith-based organisations' in urban planning and policy; Significance of religion for urban politics and urban social cohesion.

Partnership group to address the issue of sexual harassment within the Bradford City Ward.

CLS use this list to provide updates on cohort study workshops and events, enhancements and additions to the data, and to promote discussions among researchers and policy makers. It covers the National Child Development Study, the 1970 British Cohort Study and the Millennium Cohort Study.

This mailing list offers research news, updates and content about the Department of Culture, Media and Creative Industries at King's College London benefitting researcher in this subject areas in UK and internationally

This is a list for academics, students, faith organisations and activists working in the field of migration, refugees and the politics of belonging.

Practitioner,academic, community member research and knowledge exchange network

Welcome to the Community Health Workers' Internet Forum, an online group for Health Visitors, District Nurses and Support Nurses with an interest or involvement in the practice, research, development or theory of Community Health.

This list has been retained, and is therefore no longer active The list provides a forum for discussion and debate between academics studying forms of community asset and land ownership. This is a growing area of public policy and the list is aimed at academics engaged with community ownership and control of public services, housing, community facilities and cooperatives.

Complicity is a longstanding feature of everyday moral experience, this list focuses on practical and theoretical examinations of complicity, including discussion, CFP and research news.

This list explores the relationships between conflict and disaster; two terms which are often viewed, studied and practised in isolation. The need for the list is based on the notion that the separation of the two is detrimental to disaster risk reduction and response, and to conflict prevention, management and resolution. We invite discussion and knowledge sharing around the following initial areas: Theory, scholarly work, and grey literature/evidence in conflict and disaster policy and practice (where conflict and disaster are either combined or separate); Theoretical debates around disaster and conflict; The relevance or otherwise of combining disaster and conflict in policy and practice; Case studies of people living in conflict plus disaster vulnerable countries and contexts; The addition of cross cutting topics such as gender, race/ethnicity, and others as they emerge in discussion. We hope the list will provide the space for the development of a conflict+disaster community of interest and practice.


News letter for The '& 128;˜Cost of Living'& 128;™. A blog for all people interested in the politics, economics and sociology of health and health care.

This list aims to keep all scholars of Science & Technology Studies and Political Economy interested in the conjunction of these disciplines updated with the plans and organization for the annual CPERI workshop.

CRIM-ETHNOG is a list for the discussion of ethnographic research into crime, deviance, social control, victimisation, exclusion and other related areas. The list is a place for discussing practical, ethical, legal, theoretical, methodological and epistemological dimensions of ethnographic research. Although "criminological" in scope, the list is open to contributors from other disciplines.

A mailing list intended for communication between members of the Special Interest Group on Crime and Language research.

This list is for practitioners and academics wishing to build networks and discuss current criminal justice issues. Also a way for CCJS to announce current activities of interest to the members.

This list will be used to disseminate information about forthcoming events that will be of interest to those working in UK HE institutions who are interested in criminology, criminal justice and socio-legal studies.

This list is intended as a support and information network for postgradate criminologists.

This group will foster communication and collaboration between across different disciplines undertaking critical event/festival research

The list is for the communication and exchange of information on workshops, conferences, call for papers, jobs, books, articles, films, blogs and websites related to global health and its study by critically-minded scholars in the social sciences and humanities.

To discuss key features of work and employment from a radical and labour focused perspective

This listserv connects scholars in organisation studies and political theory using the 'Logics of Critical Explanation' of Glynos and Howarth in their work. The scope is to connect people, propose ideas like special issues or events, and support each other. Anyone with an interest in post-structuralism or wanting to learn more is welcome!

A communications forum for individuals interested in the development of 'critical' approaches to research and practice in the area of information systems (broadly defined).

Focused on the emerging field of Critical University Studies and related research across the Humanities and Social Sciences.

For attendees of the interdisciplinary seminar series, with critical interest in the construction and management of gender sexuality in the medical, discursive and cultural spheres.

This is the mailing list for the Durham University Centre for Research into Violence and Abuse (CRiVA). We use it to keep our members updated with our quarterly newsletter, as well as other ad hoc updates about our latest events and activities. We currently have about 400 members both within and beyond academia. For more information about CRiVA, go to our website, https://www.dur.ac.uk/criva.

RESEARCHING HOW EUROPEAN INTEGRATION SHAPES THE WAY WE LIVE The Centre for Research on the European Matrix (CRonEM) is a new multidisciplinary research centre housed in the School of Politics at the University of Surrey. At CRonEM, we research European integration as a matrix of overlapping layers of governance, institutions and processes that shape how people of this continent live their lives and are governed, as well as how Europe engages the rest of the world. Our Mail Group will keep interested parties informed of our events and will also allow members to exchange information with each other. CRONEM was previously known as the Centre for Research on Nationalism, Ethnicity and Multiculturalism. A legacy page which hosts information about CRONEM’s previous work and events (2004-12) will be available soon at www.surrey.ac.uk/cronem Please see below an archive of previous postings (September 2005 - August 2012).

The Trans-Pennine Working Group is an international, democratic membership organisation committed to developing a materialist critique of capitalism, unconstrained by conventional academic divisions between subjects.

This list is a communications, dissemination and discussion forum linked to an ESRC funded seminar series on the cultural industries. It is an interdisciplinary initiative concerned with concepts, theory and practice in the field of the cultural industries.

Cultural Policy Observatory Ireland: an all island research network is aimed at growing, connecting and profiling academic research relating to cultural policy across the island of Ireland. It is a collective venture which will be of interest to those whose work explores the value, impact and functions of arts and cultural policies (both implicit and explicit) on the island of Ireland. www.culturalpolicyireland.org

A network for those interested in discussing issues linked to cities, urbanism, austerity and resistance.

The Cyber-Society-Live mailing list is a moderated discussion list for those who are interested in the interdisciplinary and academic study of Cyber Society in all its manifestations.

The purpose of this list is to provide a forum which will: a) identify a network of academics who are interested in discussing the issue(s) of cybercrime, b) it will also engender discussion on the subject.

This is the discussion and information list of the Cycling and Society Research Group - a cross-disciplinary and multi-institutional group of researchers concerned with cycling and bicycles from a broad range of intellectual perspectives.

The Death and Culture Network (DaCNet) seeks to explore and understand cultural responses to mortality. It focuses on the impact of death and the dead on culture, and the way in which they have shaped human behaviour. The network is committed to promoting an inter-disciplinary study of mortality.

An announcement list for Loughborough's Discourse and Rhetoric Group, serving up weekly data sessions and other delights since 1987.

This is a local list for DARG at Loughborough. You can email dargcoordinator@lboro.ac.uk if you think you should be on this list.

This list is used by academics and other interested individuals involved in the study of dark / thanatourism.

This list is to facilitate communications about research and conferences between researchers whose interest is in the study of death. This group is interdisciplinary but aims mainly at researchers in the social sciences and humanities.

This list is for scholars in the social and medical sciences and the humanities interested in the social context of death, dying and the disposal of the dead to raise issues for discussion, circulate information about current developments, and seek help with research (e.g. bibliographic inquiries).

I recently organized a webinar series titled ‘Non-Western Perspectives on Terrorism Industry’, which was quite successful, and I received quite a few people asked me to set up an emailing list/network. The aim of the list/network is to allow members from different parts of the world to share/discuss ideas pertaining to decolonisation/decoloniality and the terrorism industry, share their publications, and share information about research funding and webinars/workshops/conferences.

Network for the decolonisation of Higher Education at the University of Chester and beyond. Join to make connections with students, academics and staff working to decolonise the university.

This list is used by CAFAS to provide a forum for views on defending and developing academic freedom for the education and research community.

Mailing list associated with the Westminster Development Policy Network at the University of Westminster (Lonodn) and open to anyone working in the field of international development, development policy, or development studies

This is a list that hopes to initiate a lively dialogue on diasporas and their involvement in media cultures. This list aims at attracting mainly academic scholars doing research on minorities, diaspora and the media, as well as minority and NGO representatives, who are active in the field. This is an open-access list.

Supports responsible ICT research and innovation and digital ethics in disaster risk management. This is a sub-list of CEMORE-GLOBAL

The mailing list for project partners forming a consortium for the Digital Jail proposal to the EC FP7 Call 10

A list for those interested in digital methods in the context of teaching and research. This includes updates about publications, tools, methods, approaches, projects, events and activities.

An email list to support the activities of an interdisciplinary and inter-institutional reading group broadly concerned with issues raised by all things 'digital'. If you wish to participate please email Sam Kinsley before trying to subscribe to the list: http://geography.exeter.ac.uk/staff/index.php?web_id=Sam_Kinsley

A critical approach to the sociology of disability is timely given the challenges facing disabled people under the current coalition government in the UK. This Study Group aims to reclaim the alost sociology of disability

Among the many groups affected by UK welfare reform and benefit cuts, sick and disabled people can arguably lay claim to being â& 128;˜the hardest hitâ& 128;™. Specific policies (including the introduction of Employment and Support Allowance, Personal Independence Payments, the Work Programme and Universal Credit), the narrative about supporting only the ‘genuinely disabledâ& 128;™, and wider austerity measures will all have major impacts on the lives of disabled people. Against this context, it is critically important to engage with empirical research that helps explore the likely consequences of this ongoing reform programme. This group is for those interested in these debates, building from a Social Policy Association-funded event in Sep 2012.

A forum for knowledge exchange and networking between researchers from any discipline who wish to advance understanding of disability issues in a disaster or crisis context.

This group, based at the University of Sheffield, aims to support existing research in the area of dis/ability studies, disseminate research findings and investigate new areas of investigation and collaboration, both nationally and internationally. We welcome academics from across the disciplines as well as research users, policy makers, research participants, and others interested in contributing to this dynamic and growing field.

This is a mailing list for postgraduate researchers who are working within disability studies. It will be used for announcing events aimed primarily at postgraduate students. It can also be used as a way to build a community of researchers who can support one another.

- The Disaster Resilience list aims to develop knowledge and understanding of the complex term, resilience; and to identify the key dimensions of resilience across a range of disciplines and domains. - The creation of this list is linked to the FP7 project, emBRACE: Building Resilience Amongst Communities in Europe www.embrace-eu.org - emBRACE is jointly co-ordinated by Prof Debby Sapir (Universite Catholique De Louvain) and Dr Maureen Fordham (Northumbria University) - This DISASTER-RESILIENCE discussion list was launched on 13 October 2011, International Day for Disaster Reduction http://www.unisdr.org/2011/iddr/. The List is managed by Maureen Fordham, John Twigg and Hugh Deeming - The emBRACE project has received funding from the European Community‘s Seventh Framework Programme FP7/2007-2013 under grant agreement n° 283201. The European Community is not liable for any use that may be made of the information shared on this list.

The Disability Research Centre (DRC) promotes and conducts high quality interdisciplinary research about disability in society. The mission of the DRC is to highlight both the ordinariness and the relative invisibility of disability by (i) Seeking to understand different dimensions of the social and cultural (re) production of disability in society; (ii) Producing creative, academic and embodied knowledges exposing the often unequal treatment of disabled people; (iii). Engaging in both scholarly and practical research that renders the lives of disabled people, and the knowledges underpinning them, visible and vital; (iv). Providing a resource, and focal point, for disabled people of all ages to engage with (in) academic environments; and, (v). Developing positive, constructive, constructions of disabled peopleâ& 128;™s identities.

This mailinglist gives support to the e-social science community in technical and related questions. It is managed by the National Centre for e-Social Science.

Email list for researchers assessing the European Capital of Culture

This is the official list of the ECPR Standing Group Participation and Mobilisation. It serves as one of the main communication channels of the Standing Group members. The list will be used to communicate activities organised by the Standing Group or the ECPR, as well as a means of communications among members in relation to research activities, publications or other pieces of information of general interest to the research community interested in topics relating to participation and mobilization. The Standing Group and this list is open to academics in any region of the world.

The Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Network (EDIN) is a multidisciplinary and practitioner based group that aims to encourage active and rich collaboration between specialists from different disciplines both within and beyond academia; promotes the discussion of global EDI issues; encourages research; knowledge sharing, good practice and training in EDI issues.

This list is used by the coordinators of the ESRC Seminar Series 'New Perspectives and Culture' to make announcements about the Seminar Series, related events, publications and projects.

JISCMAIL for CES' European Integration and Global Political Economy Network

Embodiment is the bodily aspect of subjectivity. It underpins emotion, language, thought and social interaction.

Our focus is on scholarly and research active that focuses on varying perspectives of emotion within the context of criminal justice.

This list is used by the employment policy groups established by the Social Policy Association to share information about their activities and promote discussion of employment policy issues

This list is for academics, practitioners and members of the public who are interested in the many ways in which we encounter and interact with the material remains of the dead in contemporary society. These encounters can be socio-economic, cultural, regulatory or political. The purpose of the list is to network anyone interested in the wide range of potential encounters - whether identity politics, medical, ethical, commodification eg. tourism, popular culture, faith-based.

An international network of researchers, practitioners and policy makers concerned with access to energy, fuel poverty, vulnerability and social justice in energy matters.

This is the official mailing list for the Sociological Association of Ireland study group for Environment & Society

Environmental-Labour-Research@jiscmail.ac.uk is a multidisciplinary mailing list for researchers who are interested in the relationship between labour, trade unions, production, sustainable development and globalisation/North-South relations.

The list is intended to improve communication between acedemics and others studying the inter-face between the environment and society, and will help generate discusion on common interests amoung list members. It will also act as a point of dissemination for meetings, seminars or conferences dealing with socio-environmental matters and the interconnections between the two.

This list is used for announcing new issues of the academic online journal 'ephemera' (www.ephemeraweb.org) and other ephemeral happenings.

This list helps to bring together researchers working on the various aspects of human rights and how they affect society including age discrimination, religion and belief, sexual orientation, disability discrimination, gender equality/sex discrimination, race discrimination, prejudice etc. to discuss research and share knowledge and information. This list has been retained 01/08/14. Existing subscribers may access archives, the list won't accept any new posts or subscribers.

This list will facilitate the sharing of relevant information between researchers interested in working together within the social sciences and humanities, specifically with a focus on Europe-India multilateral collaboration. This will include academics that have common links through the EU-India Social Sciences and Humanities Platform (EqUIP - equipproject.eu). Many of those included on the list will have attended EqUIP events or subscribed to updates on the platforms website.

The aim of the European Reproductive Justice Network (ERJN) is to share knowledge of law, society, culture and practice across Europe in relation to reproductive justice. The network recognises reproductive justice as a core element of human rights, particularly, but not exclusively for women. This is an interdisciplinary network for academics, professionals and activists.

This list was closed/shut-down on January 12, 2017. Alternatively, subscribe to the EUROPEAN-SOCIOLOGIST list operated by the European Sociological Association by going to https://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/cgi-bin/webadmin?A0= EUROPEAN-SOCIOLOGIST

European Sociological Association Working Group on Consumption: mailing list facility. Bulletin board and newsletter concerning issues in the sociology of consumption. Sublist of ESA-ALL

The Discussion list for members of the European Sociological Association's Medical Sociology Research Network

Mailing List of the Research Network 18 (Sociology of Communications and Media Research) of the European Sociological Association

This is a group for members and other academics related to European Sociological Association (ESA) Sexuality Research Network (RN 23). In contrast to the long history of medical and psychological interest in sexuality, the sociological understanding of sexuality is a relatively new phenomenon, spanning a history of some 40 years. However during this time the sociology of sexuality, through both empirical research and theoretical writing, has become an important feature of academic work at both a national and international level. This work has enabled sociology to develop critical alternatives to the essentialism present in mainstream research on sexualities. Similarly, significant links have been made between sexuality and other salient social identities, for example gender, race, class and nationality. Whilst acknowledging the importance of biology, contemporary sociologists of sexuality prioritize the relationship between the individual and society to show the ways in which sexual desires, practices, identities, and attitudes are conceptualized, categorized, deployed, and ultimately regulated through the social institutions and practices of different societies. These areas, together with issues relating to the theorisation of sexuality alongside methodological developments, is an form important foci for ESA Sexuality Research Network.

An email list for members of the European Sociological Association Sociology of Children and Childhood Research Network

The list is for members of the European Society of Criminology Thematic Working Group on Juvenile Justice (ESC-TWGJJ).

This is an email list for individuals who are interested or involved in the work of the European Society of Criminology's Victims Working Group

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this is a list that has been set up to accompany the ESRC seminar series Ethical Consumption in the UK and Europe: New Developments and New Challenges for Policy, Practice and Research our aim, however, is to make this the site of a much wider discussion and stimulate an ongoing cross-disciplinary debate that reaches out beyond the borders of academia...

This is the generic communication list of the COST Action ETHMIGSURVEYDATA, which includes all members of the network from all workgroups regardless of whether also in the Management Committee or not. The list homepage is available at www.jiscmail.ac.uk/ETHMIGSURVEYDATA-ALL The email address for the list is ETHMIGSURVEYDATA-ALL@JISCMAIL.AC.UK Any emails sent to this address will be distributed to all subscribers of the list. Any replies sent to an email coming to the list will be sent to the whole list of subscribers.

This list was created by a group of researchers with a particular interest in ethnicity, culture and religion and the ways they impact upon people's experiences of reproduction; especially involuntary childlessness. It is an open forum for the exchange of ideas relating to all aspects of ethnicity, infertility and reproduction.

This list is for researchers conducting or interested in ethnographic approaches to researching health (broadly defined). The list is to be used to share information on publications, projects, conferences, workshops etc, for discussion about relevant issues, and for general networking.

To encourage scholarly research and exchange between academics on issues related to ethnic minorities, minority rights, and the origin, development and settlement of ethnic conflicts Keywords: ethnic minorities; minority rights; origin, development and settlement of ethnic conflicts.

This is the mailing list for EUHealthGov - the European Union Health Governance research network. List members are welcome to post upcoming events, publications and projects of interest.

This is the mailing list of the European Sociological Association (ESA). Discussion, announcements (e.g., conferences, new posts, new books, etc.), and information (e.g., research groups) for sociologists and other social scientists are welcome.

To exchange news about conferences and workshops organised by academics in the field of social network analysis in the UK and Europe.

This list is open to anyone in Scotland who has an interest in evaluation. It is primarily to enable discussion, learning and networking amongst colleagues working in evaluation, though it can be used to inform the list of relevant seminars, tenders and employment opportunities.

This list is used by members to make announcements about everyday futures and related projects, programmes, conferences and publications.

This list is used to make announcements relevant to the study of evidence-based policy in health, development, economics and more. Suitable announcements include calls for papers, relevant conferences/other events, programs and publications. The list will be publicly archived at the JISCMAIL site.

The Evidence Network for Renting (EN4R) is a knowledge-exchange hub bring together academics, stakeholders and policymakers to share research and evidence on renting. Our network serves three core purposes; to share research and knowledge across professional, policy and academic groups; promote opportunities which enable connections to be developed between different groups; and to nurture opportunities for evidence-informed policymaking and practice.

A network for academics, artists and anyone else who has an interest in creative experimentation with research practice. This includes experimentation with audio and visual methods, experimentation with narrative, textual and print-based methods, and research methods drawn from sound art, avant-garde film, photography, performance art and contemporary music.

To provide an interdisciplinary, supportive and easily accessible network for individuals actively involved/interested in the study of 'extraordinary' experiences (such as religious, spiritual, 'anomalous' experiences, etc.).

Discussion list on faith-based social change issues. The list is open to both academic perspectives and grass-roots voices.

An interdisciplinary list for those teaching or researching in areas concerning contemporary families and households.

This list is used by members of the Fan Studies Network, to disseminate information such as calls for papers, publicizing events, and discussion about pertinent topics.

This list will be used to share announcements of the newly established FARM network, which shares research with academics, stakeholders, experts by experience, and others with the aim of working collaboratively to see action in terms of food research.

To discuss the issues around the fear of crime - one of the fastest growing areas of academic and policy-related criminological research. Research has been undertaken across the world and it is expected that this list will reflect this. Key words: fear, crime, criminology, crime policy.

A list for academics (PhD students through to Professors) who consider themselves to be feminist. Please share news of research, funding, networking, conferences and ideas for a website.

The Student Global Leadership Conference aims to bring together student leaders with key figures in both the theory and implementation of leadership. This list is used by FIE to make announcements to further and Higher education and the research community about our Student Global Leadership Conference.

This list aims to bring together UK and global scholars working on issues of finance, financialisation, and financial integration in developing and emerging economies

The Food-study-group list is maintained by the British Sociological Association's Sociology of Food Study Group and the Scottish Colloquium on Food and Feeding -SCOFF-. The list is used to promote and disseminate sociologically-informed research on all aspects of food production and consumption. The list also provides a forum for academics and health practitioners who want to discuss ideas and share information.

A discussion forum for those studying food banks, food security and food poverty in the UK. Includes ethnography, discursive, political, economic and critical research approaches. Share information about events, meetings, publications and research proposals. Takes an international perspective on food banks around the world.

This list brings together members of the Fuel Poverty Research network to discuss matters relating to the network and its research interests

The mailing list aims to stimulate discussion and knowledge sharing on the future and future developments of festivals in response to the Covid-19 crisis

This list connects a multi disciplinary and international community of researchers investigating the growth of private urban governance. The list-owner co-founded this community in 1999, which meets F2F every two years.

UK academics working on the 100K Genomes Project, Implementation Partnership Group on 'Patient involvement and experience'.

This list is to discuss issues related to the Gender Deviance and Society Research Group of the University of Greenwich and related matters.

This is the list initiated through ESRC seminar series Gendered Inclusion in Contemporary Organizations. The aims of seminar and the group of scholars on this list is to critically explore the conditions, forms and circumstances of women's and men's inclusion in organisations in order to generate a more complex account of contemporary experiences of workplace (in)equalities. The list will serve as a medium of communication for those involved in the seminars and those wanting to join the debate. The list will be used to exchange news, ideas, information on forthcoming events, relevant topics, general interaction and collaboration between participants and so on.

The purpose of the list is to share information about academic research and events about gender, race, and labour regulation in a variety of contexts. We are particularly interested in fostering feminist and interdisciplinary approaches to labour law, regulation, and policy.

This list is used by the RGS (IBG) Geographies of Children, Youth and Families group to make announcements to education and research communities about the groups workshops, conferences and publications. It also provides a forum for discussion and debate of issues of interest to this group.

This group provides a forum for the discussion of geographies of religions, beliefs, faith and spirituality. Discussions focus on research, teaching and associated issues of relevance to the intersection of faith and spirituality with place and community.

The Global Mobilities Network connects a community of mobilities researchers, activists and their partners in industry policy and communities to develop the analytical and methodological purchase of the mobilities paradigm, and its impact for research co-creation. This world-wide list is maintained by Jessie Carbutt, CeMoRe Administrator, Department of Sociology, Lancaster University, UK cemore@lancaster.ac.uk. The list was formerly named cemore-global. However, to connect us more effectively globally, we are merging subscribers of both the cemore-global mailing list and the GMN and renaming the cemore-global list to global-mobilities.

This list is used for communication between the Sociology Department at Goldsmiths to schools / colleges within the London area and beyond about the discipline of Sociology.

This list provides a forum for anyone engaged in matters relating to graduate employment and employability. It intends to promote high-level debate on these issues, particularly to challenge much of the current, intellectually questionable orthodoxy.

This list aims to support the establishment of a research network on graduate transitions to work. This network arises from the Symposium on the Political Economy of Higher Education and Training that was held at the University of Warwick on the 13th of July 2018, funded by the Warwick Institute of Advanced Study. At present, network development is in early stages. We hope to apply for funding and to set up more events on this theme in the future. This list will be used to circulate correspondence, news and events related to graduate transitions to employment.

Email list and networking facility for academics working on environmental politics in any country - a forum for requests and information (primarily announcements of academic jobs, and calls for papers for conferences). The list was previously the discussion list of the ECPR Environmental Politics (previously 'Green Politics') Standing Group, formed in 1991. GDPR regulations mean that the list is now formally independent of the European Consortium for Political Research, but most of the members are also members of the SG. If you wish to also join the Standing Group - you can do so at: ecpr.eu and follow the links to groups and networks.

This list is designed to create an online forum for postgraduate and early career members of the Global Studies Association. The forum will allow networking, exchange, information on events, funding and discussion on issues relevant to researchers conducting multi-disciplinary research.

A forum for researchers and policy experts in the field of Global Social Policy to share information and discuss about publications, research projects, policy initiatives, and upcoming events. Of interest to individuals working in the areas of Social Policy, Sociology, Politics, Economics, Development Studies and International Relations.

This list is for scholars and research students who have an interest in the field of gender, sport and society. The list provides a network for discussion on current issues, and posts updates on news, conferences and relevant research/publications.

This discussion list supporting research and collaboration around the areas of happiness and wellbeing for the members for the British Sociological Association Happiness Study Group

The Health Equity Network (HEN) aims to encourage active and fruitful collaboration between specialists from different disciplines in addressing and debating issues of equity and inequality in health.

This list is for academics and practitioners engaged or interested in the field of health policy futures research.

The Higher Education Race Action Group (HERAG) aims to support institutions and equality practitioners in advancing race equality and changing the culture of the higher education #sector. HERAG meets three times a year and anyone with an interest in race equality is welcome to come along to the meetings.

Announcements and discussion related to the work of the Association for Heterodox Economics. <HTML> Announcements and discussion related to the work of the Association for Heterodox Economics. </HTML>

This list is to share ideas and research on creating thriving high streets and town/city centres. Its focus is interdisciplinary, international and forward-looking. We're interested in local economies, public space, culture and community and in encouraging new collaborations and research partnerships.

This list is used for sharing information related to historical sociology.

An email list for all those interested in co-production research, and in keeping up with the work of Holi.

The Human Resource Management (HRM) research list aims to promote exchange of academic research activity and community news in relation to human resource management (broadly defined) from various social science perspectives.

Rather than being confined to public administration, legal definitions and descriptions of socio-economic conditions as they are manifest in a specific moment in time, the uncovered revelations of "social harm" and heinous practices will go beyond empirical declarations to explain why whether it be good or bad society and/or the economic environment has come to be in the condition that it is. Genocide, war, class, gender, social exclusion, (institutional) discrimination and racism, migration, (social) media influence and public perception/actions are prominent aspects of our dissemination process in a dedicated opposition to (anti-)social injustice.

This network is designed to facilitate communication and collaboration amongst the members of the IAPS organisation who are interested in matters of place, place attachment and place identity.

The list supports the IAPS Sustainability network and aims to bring together IAPS scientists with an interest in sustainability issues.

This list is for scholars researching religion and gender and linked to the International Association for the study of Religion & Gender

This list is used by the International and Comparative Social Policy Group of the Social Policy Association to support its wider activities and to promote and facilitate discussion and networks between researchers and teachers in the fields of international and comparative Social Policy

Mailing list for discussion of social scientific study of ignorance

A forum for those researching in the area of the history of immigration to the UK to share information about their work, circulate information about forthcoming events and publications, and to promote discussion across this wide field.

The Inequalities Research Network is supported by Leeds Social Sciences Institute. It aims to provide a focal point for the collective work undertaken across diverse sectors to address social inequalities and increase social justice.

The purpose of INOSS is to develop and to promote the interdisciplinary study of statelessness through the sharing of news, projects, and examples of good practices. It includes scholars working in academia, in professional settings, and in a myriad of other ways to deepen and broaden our collective understanding of statelessness.

This list focuses on international student migration in Africa

This list aims to connect individuals and groups involved in or interested in interdisciplinary research on institutions or institutional thought. Members can use the list to post announcements about events, publications, calls for papers, job postings, etc. Please note that the list is moderated to ensure that only relevant announcements are circulated. Please note that personal data collected when joining the INTERDISCIPLINARY-INSTITUTIONS mailing list is used exclusively for the purposes of building the network and for informing members of activities within and related to it. This personal information will not be passed on to others.

A communication channel for participants at the workshop Intergenerational Futures: a workshop on public health and the life-course. We also welcome social scientists, public health researchers and practitioners, environmental/planetary health specialists, and others with an interest in health, environments, and the life-course to join the list.

This list is intended as a platform for researchers, practitioners and policy makers with an interest in children and young people's intersecting identities and inequalities. It arises from a recent international seminar series on 'Children's Rights, Social Justice and Social Identities in Scotland: Intersections in Research, Policy and Practice' (2013-2014), funded by the Scottish Universities Insight Institute: http://www.scottishinsight.ac.uk/Programmes/Programmes201314/ChildrensRights.aspx The list aims to: - disseminate innovative research, policy and practice - create meaningful knowledge exchange opportunities - generate new knowledge and identify priorities for action in the field of childhood identities and inequalities, children'& 128;™s rights, social justice, childhood/family studies and intersectionality - firmly put children and young people'& 128;™s inequalities on the agenda in research, policy and practice

Information Society and Justice (ISJ) is a biennial peer-review journal based in the Department of Applied Social Sciences (DASS) at the London Metropolitan University. It seeks to provide a proactive space for critical discussion of the issues around information, society and justice.

This is an info-list for people interested in being kept up-to-date with the Jam & Justice project

The list is used by the Jazz Research Network members as a discussion forum, and to announce current JRN news and events.

A forum for discussion on any matter relating to journalism research. The aim is encourage new research networks, to support the exchange of ideas between journalism researchers, and to encourage growth in a discipline through linkages between journalism researchers who are also practitioners.

This group aims to bring together the UK based academics studying the issues related to the Kurds and Kurdistan. It aims to provide a forum for networking, exchange of ideas, informing about the ongoing and/or future research, seminars, conference and discussions on the above mentioned subjects

The list supports knowledge exchange, learning, teaching, research and professional support activities across UK education organisations and other research institutions conducting research on evaluation of local area coordination and similar social care programmes.

To build and strengthen links among students, academics and policy-makers interested in the social policy of Latin American countries.

List for those interested in Latin American cultural products created for the Internet, and new discourses, practices and communities generated by such cultural products. See the project blog at: http://latamcyber.wordpress.com/

LGBT Health Research UK is a multidisciplinary group that aims to; promote equality in health and wellbeing for LGBT populations, promote equity in treatment & care services, and to influence wider public policy on LGBT health by; encouraging, facilitating and conducting research, and by developing and disseminating good practice in education & training of health and social care practitioners.

This mailing list promotes discussion and a network of academics and practitioners working in the areas of voluntary and community sector involvement in community safety and supporting offenders.

A network focussing on the research training and development needs of doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers, specifically in the arts, humanities and social sciences.

Drawing from bell hooks's concept of a love ethic, this list connects social researchers and practitioners who are currently engaged or interested in thinking and making with love. The list follows on from a workshop on love ethics, held in Sheffield in May 2022.

This list is used by the London Political Economy Network (LPEN) to make announcements about upcoming events.

This network focuses on the theme of social movements, mobilization and contestation in the MENA.

Luxury is an email list that provides an academically informed global forum for all those in the arts, humanities, and social sciences interested in the transformed and expanded nature of the multifaceted concept of luxury. <HTML> Luxury is an email list that provides an academically informed global forum for all those in the arts, humanities, and social sciences interested in the transformed and expanded nature of the multifaceted concept of luxury. </HTML>

This is a list associated with the informal seminar series jointly between University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University for announcements about seminars, conferences, papers, special issues etc. relevant to the complexity sciences (broadly conceived but including: social science, complexity physics, social networks, biological complexity). There is an associated blog at: http://manchester-complexity.blogspot.co.uk/

The list arises from a series of workshops on marketization that is defined as the introduction and intensification of price-based competition. The list aims to bring together researchers from various areas and disciplines and other interested public, who focus on structural and subjective effects of marketization on societies in Europe. It provides a space for sharing information and stimulating the discussions on changing markets and subjectivities within Europe and the ways we approach these issues theoretically, methodologically and in practice.

A research network and mailing list for researchers interested in issues of marriage and migration (and related fields).

Email list for the Martial Arts Studies Research Network, dedicated to the interdisciplinary academic study of martial arts.

This list is for use by researchers in the field of masculinity studies accross academic disciplines to post announcements and generate discussions in this field.

This is a discussion and announcement list for those interested in Mass-Observation: the original social research organisation and the contemporary national writing project.

Sharing thoughts and information about the significance of mature learners in education and their roles in society.

This is the public announcement mailing list for the Media Discourse Centre led by Prof. Stuart Price at De Montfort University, Leicester England.

The aim of the MeCCSA (Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association) Policy Network is to exchange ideas and research findings, but also to join with civil society in their debates with the regulators, the broadcasters and the Government.

News, announcements & CfP related to medical mobilities research and the Medical Mobilities Reading Group

The Medsocnews mailing list is used to distribute information and announcements to subscribers fo the Medical Sociology News news-letter.

A network for the discussion of all matters related to Memory + Activism

The elist aims to allow collaborations and communication amongst academic working in the fields of memory studies and migration studies

This list will provide a forum for policy debate and academic communication around issues of social justice and prosperity in the region of the Middle East and North Africa.

This list is for researchers and others who are interested in learning about and advancing the meta-ethnography qualitative synthesis approach. We would like to create a network for knowledge exchange and debate with the aim of raising the quality of published meta-ethnographies.

This list is for academics, activists and policy makers to come together to work towards a new agenda for urban strategies for residents with complex and precarious migration status. The list will provide a platform to draw connections between the political economy of cities, the security practices at the heart of contemporary racial and colonial capitalism and the migration apparatus. We will learn/share about both the nature of the contemporary capitalist security state as well as how it might be possible to contest it.

The mailing list offers a network to stimulate critical thinking and knowledge exchange on the processes that shape migrant mothers & cultural and caring work in enabling their children to occupy a place as future citizens

This jisclist is the discussion forum for the AHRC-funded Minorities on Campus research network. This multidisciplinary network will use jisc to share understandings and develop research on the impact of social inequalities around religion, ethnicity and gender on lived experiences of discrimination and equality on HE campuses in India.

Interdisciplinary list of researchers working on 'moments of change' (context changes when habits are disrupted)

This is the mailing list of the Moral Panic Research Network. The purpose of the Network is to bring together: scholars from a variety of disciplines who share an interest in moral panics; media practitioners, including journalists; and anyone else with an interest in moral panics. #The network is intended to be as open as possible, in order to stimulate discussion from a variety of perspectives; anyone who is interested in moral panics is very welcome to join the network.

The principal aim of the Network (funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council) is to enable cross-cultural and interdisciplinary dialogue on the study of motherhood, exploring what representations and narratives of motherhood in contemporary women-authored European literatures can contribute to different disciplines.

This network is for coordinating the activities of research project and knowledge platform managers working on climate change adaptation in mountain regions It was established in 2020 as part of the Adaptation at Altitude programme

The LSE Migration Studies Unit MSU was founded in 2007. It promotes the cross-disciplinary study of migration and is open to academics, students and policy-makers.

This mailing list serves to connect practitioners, social researchers, academics and students working in the fields of multiculturalism, cultural equality and intercultural relations. It aims to plan and discuss knowledge exchange events which will promote more engaged social research that it valuable in local communities.

The Multilingualism SIG is a Special Interest Group within the British Association for Applied Linguistics. It provides a forum to discuss, critically engage with, and research multilingualism (broadly defined) from a diverse range of theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches.

To examine issues relating to the development and history of friendly societies, co-operation, workers and consumers co-operatives, credit unions, building societies and other mutuals. To exchange information about their origins, their links, their activities and their future.

for researchers and practitioners who are interested in researching and evaluating the use of narrative in health and related disciplines

The NASSS-CAT Community represents a user community for the NASSS-CAT tool (Non-adoption, Abandonment, and barriers to Spread, Scale-up and Sustainability - Complexity Assessment Tool), during a technology-supported change project.

National Centre for the Study and Prevention of Violence and Abuse information and newsletter.

The interaction between where people live and their individual outcomes is complex and mutli-faceted. This list is for researchers and practitioners working on neighbourhood effects related research.

A group for researchers and practitioners interested in the study of networks in the context of crime. The list is intended to be used for announcements, discussion and the formation of research collaborations.

International network of researchers, practitioners & community members addressing challenges faced by neurodivergent people in the criminal justice system

Britain has a rich tradition in planning new towns. They provide many examples of success in delivery new development at scale and providing employment and amenities for new residents. However, our new towns are no longer new and many face significant challenges going into the future. This forum encourages debate about a wide range of research on new towns. This includes: How new settlements in the future can learn from our new towns programme How to update the physical infrastructure of new towns The social history of new towns Heritage and conservation in a new town context What can we learn and share with international experiences of new towns How to improve the environmental sustainability in new towns Different new town models including those led by local authorities and the private sector

This list will be used to share calls for papers, activities, policy, courses, exchange programmes, job opportunities and openings, studentships, study, emerging work, funding applications, and other related academic material about the night and night studies.

This network involves academics in sociology, literature, history, politics and linguistics who are interested in morbidity, mortality and the commemoration of this.

The list brings together social sciences, arts and humanities academics from the UK and Japan to develop new knowledge and insight about migration-driven socio-demographic change.

This is a list for National Science and Engineering Week event organisers to communicate with one another and share best practice. Organisers work at universities, research institutions, learned societies, trusts, schools, colleges, science clubs, community centres, science centres, museums, outreach companies, science and engineering-based industry or are individuals, all with an interest in creating events to inspire and engage adults and children with science and engineering based ideas. Join the list to learn more about National Science and Engineering Week!

This list is used by the Non-religion and Secularity Research Network (NSRN) to make announcements regarding the academic study of non-religion and secularity. The NSRN-DISCUSS list is available for enquiries and discussion.

This list is used by the Non-religion and Secularity Research Network NSRN to make enquiries and hold discussion related to study of non-religion and secularity. The NSRN-ANNOUNCE list is available for more formal announcements.

The aim of this list is to bring together cross disciplinary engagement around the role of oral history in supporting refugee and migrant lives. It will enhance networking opportunities for the exchange of information between academics, students, researchers, practitioners and members of the public, including opportunities for virtual and physical networking and advice. To collaborate with other networks, both nationally and internationally, to help connect with the international migration issues as recorded through oral history.

This research looks at the purchase of prescription medicine from the Web.An online survey which will measure this behaviour is in the process of being designed. The purpose of this list is to talk about these issues via a discussion group in order to feed into the design of the survey.

The SiG exists to explore questions about human-object interactions focusing on objects and engaging with social Practices, which involve Experiences of objects in networks of relationship.

The list is to help establish an international network of those (academics, crime and justice practitioners) interested in organised crime and extortion racket systems. It is linked to GLODERS (the Global Dynamics of Extortion Racket Systems), a European Commission funded research project, www.gloders.eu. Announcements of conferences, jobs, and projects welcome.

A list for research on Organised Persuasive Communication, including propaganda, public relations, information warfare, psyops, marketing, lobbying and other promotional activities.

A mailing list for academics interested in Olympic Studies, managed by Professor Andy Miah, University of Salford / @andymiah We have been operating for 20 years and host over 100 members worldwide. Postings cover a range of issues related to the Olympic Games, including notifications of research meetings, along with inquiries about Olympic history. Our membership includes employees of Olympic Games organizing committees, scholars and a range of people whose work relates to the Olympic programme. We discuss everything about the Olympic programme other than sport, but it does come up from time to time.

List for announcements and discussion of the emerging field of adolescent-to-parent abuse - for researchers, practitioners and policymakers

The Parenting Research List has been established by the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships to facilitate discussion, development, collaboration and new research on parenting. It is open to academics, researchers in the public and voluntary sectors, and to agencies with an interest in parenting research from both public and voluntary sectors

The list is for those interested in the interdisciplinary cross-sector symposium and workshop 'the role of parking in future cities' that will be held in Cambridge in September 2017.

This is an interdisciplinary network for researchers interested in software programming both as a research device and an object of study, particularly around the methodological innovations happening through social science usages of digital data. It aims to support the cultivation of "critical technical practice" (Agre, 1997) around the research, development and use of code - informed by developments in digital methods, digital sociology and emerging teaching formats. PaSS draws on research in Science and Technology Studies, New Media Studies, Software Studies, Ethnomethodology, Human-Computer Interaction and associated fields to look at how programming practices can not just be studied, but also critically leveraged for teaching and research. The PaSS mailing list is a low traffic list for news, announcements and discussion around programming in the context of social research. <HTML> This is an interdisciplinary network for researchers interested in software programming both as a research device and an object of study, particularly around the methodological innovations happening through social science usages of digital data. It aims to support the cultivation of "critical technical practice" (Agre, 1997) around the research, development and use of code - informed by developments in digital methods, digital sociology and emerging teaching formats. PaSS draws on research in Science and Technology Studies, New Media Studies, Software Studies, Ethnomethodology, Human-Computer Interaction and associated fields to look at how programming practices can not just be studied, but also critically leveraged for teaching and research. The PaSS mailing list is a low traffic list for news, announcements and discussion around programming in the context of social research. </HTML>

This list is for people researching paid domestic work and au pairing. The purpose is to share announcements and news.

The peals mailing list is used to notify academics and members of the public about events run by the Newcastle-based Policy, Ethics and Life Sciences Research Institute on the social and ethical aspects of genetics and the life sciences.

Brings together social scientists with an interest in the use of arts-based and humanities methods in the production and dissemination of social science data.

This jismail list seeks to bring together postgraduate social scientists working in the area of assisted reproduction across the UK and overseas. It will function as a means to connect researchers working in this specific area of health research and allow them to share research ideas, opportunities and events.

A mailing list for postgraduate and early career researchers working within the field of race & ethnicity studies. To facilitate communication, share articles, circulate calls for papers, & publicise events.

This working group: “Plantations: Political ecologies of extraction and resistance” aims to: Examine historical and contemporary perspectives on the ‘plantation’ and its processes of subsuming social and ecological relations into capitalist regimes through the appropriation of cheap natures, and the multiple and differentiated effects of these processes. #Examine how plantation logics (of erasure, replacement, simplification, extraction, and exploitation) shape and reshape social and ecological relations beyond the boundaries of #plantations through global markets and technologies, and resistance to these logics. Explore processes of resistance to plantations and examine possibilities for convivial and reparative futures. Draw together researchers, organisations, and frontline communities from across the world into interdisciplinary conversations on plantations in different geographical contexts.

A discussion list for researchers using, or intending to use the Police National Computer research database and other criminal career/reconviction data.

An interdisciplinary list bringing together those engaged in research, including action research, on any aspect of policing and crime in post-socialist countries. Focus on discussion of theoretical and practical issues relevant to police reform and new approaches to tackling crime.

Official mailinglist of the Critical Political Economy Research Network of the European Sociological Association. http://criticalpoliticaleconomy.net/

The list is open to anyone with an interest in the topic, but it originated in a workshop on Political Community: Authority in the Name of Community hosted by the Centre for Citizenship, Civil Society and Rule of Law (CISRUL) at the University of Aberdeen in June 2014. You can access the full topic description at http://wp.me/PASsb-45. We confirmed in a previous workshop that the term “political community” was appropriate for identifying a core set of issues that interest us at CISRUL, even though it was evident that no term will ever carry all the right connotations and none of the wrong ones. Though we each have our own preferred approach, reflecting the wide range of perspectives in CISRUL, several of us are using the term “political community” for one whose members feel somehow represented within its structures of authority, and thus somehow obliged to their fellow-members to follow its norms and accept its decisions. We prefer, on the whole, to reserve the term “political community” for those that claim a degree of self-sufficiency and we distinguish political communities from political collectives such as trade unions or churches which see themselves as players in a broader political community. In a political community, (more or less) ultimate authority is claimed in the name of some kind of (more or less) encompassing community of members.

This list is used by committee members of the Population Geography Research Group of the RGS-IBG to make announcements.

This list is used by members of the Post-Wage network to share information about research events, projects and publications related to experiences of work beyond the wage.

This list once supported the Political Studies Association Specialist Group for Poststructuralism and Radical Politics. That group no longer exists but the mailing list remains active in order to support communication between erstwhile members and to publicise events and keep people informed of publications, etc.

This list provides a forum through which researchers interested in the professions and concepts of professionalism can share insights, debate current topics, and announce events and projects of interest to list members.

This list was inspired by the successful symposium Protests as Events / Events as Protests. The conceptualisation of protests as events and vice versa involves consideration of the temporalities of protests as well as the mobilities that are enacted to bring together an assemblage that may be on the move or fixed at a still point. The symposium involved conversations between activists and non-activists, as well as academics as activists in order to explore the complex construction of protests as events / events as protests. The event was held at Leeds Metropolitan University in June 2013 (http://protestsandevents.wordpress.com) and covered the following topics: -Conceptualisations of protests as events -The academic/activist interface -Timings and rhythms of protests -Discursive constructions of protests -Protest and political tourism -Mobile assemblages and protests -Embodiments of protest events -Sustaining protests in the face of cultural changes -Protests and sports events -Critical hospitality and protests -Governance and the governmentalities of protest events

Electronic discussion and announcement list for South Asian politics

The purpose of the group and this mailing list is to get to know other MA and PhD students who are interested in and work in the field of Psychosocial Studies. We would like to organise events and conferences so we can get to know each other, network and share our research.

A general contact, discussion and announcement list for Musedelica, a research group focussed on psychedelic music and issues surrounding psychoactive substances and music.

The method of Qualitative Comparative Analysis arises both in historical and management research, and in sociological and health research. The aim of QCA is to systematically analyse the possible configurations as a stage of research that follows on from (but also iterates with) a stage of qualitative analysis of cases. In this approach, the 'case' is both the whole set of configurations -- ie the world, really existing as an interlinked whole -- and as a set of comparable 'smaller' objects, e.g. comparing clients, patients, enterprises, or countries. The list exists to promote discussion and debate about QCA and its related variants, such as fuzzy-set social science (Ragin, 2004), realist evaluation (Pawson and Tilley, 1997), and triangulation. <HTML> The method of Qualitative Comparative Analysis arises both in historical and management research, and in sociological and health research. The aim of QCA is to systematically analyse the possible configurations as a stage of research that follows on from (but also iterates with) a stage of qualitative analysis of cases. In this approach, the 'case' is both the whole set of configurations -- ie the world, really existing as an interlinked whole -- and as a set of comparable 'smaller' objects, e.g. comparing clients, patients, enterprises, or countries. The list exists to promote discussion and debate about QCA and its related variants, such as fuzzy-set social science (Ragin, 2004), realist evaluation (Pawson and Tilley, 1997), and triangulation. </HTML>

A list devoted to all aspects of qualitative research: methodological, theo retical and practical also intended to facilitate discussion of diverse qua litative research: interviewing, ethnography, participation observation, fo cus groups, biographical and life history studies

This list is tied to the recently formed Quantified Self Research Network which encourages interdisciplinary collaboration between those studying self tracking, wearable computing and the Quantified Self movement.

A list for discussion about quantitative methods teaching, especially in the social sciences. It replaced a previous NCRM list in December 2019. List owners are Jen Buckley (UK Data Service) and Nick Bearman (UCL).

Queer Theory in Law and Global Society-Law and Society Collaborative Research Network (CRN) Queer theory in law and global society focuses on disrupting established meanings. The aim is to investigate (and disrupt) law's role in global structures of oppression. We deploy queer theory to go beyond identity " to study the global political economy. We invite all to examine our own roles in structures of oppression - and resistance. THIS GROUP IS FOR CRN MATTERS ONLY. FOR NOTIFICATIONS ON THE SUBJECT (EVENTS, PUBLICATIONS, CASES, ETC), SEE THE GROUP QUEER-GLOBLAW-NOTICES FOR DISCUSSIONS ON THE SUBJECT, SEE THE GROUP QUEER-GLOBLAW-DISCUSS

This list will be used by international academics to discuss literature, and share information concerning LGBT and non-heterosexual forms of relationships, family, and kinship. <HTML> QUEER KINSHIP AND RELATIONSHIPS hopes to engage in, and understand the multiplicity of issues concerning non-heterosexual families and relationships in their everyday lives. Researchers and academics interested in non-normative intimacy, kinship, relationships, and broadly defined family, are invited to join in.We are interested in discussing the manifold complexity of everyday life of non-heterosexual relations in various geo-cultural locations across globe, in their social, economic, political, cultural, personal, and other dimensions. This is a place to share relevant information, exchange views, and to integrate researchers from all over the world. We seek to engage in exciting, interesting, and challenging discussions. This group is hosted in English. </HTML>

This group is for social scientists and researchers, at all stages of their career, who use, are learning and/or would like to learn R Programming for analysis. Please use this group to share learning and teaching resources, events, pose questions to colleagues or share any information which may be of interest to group members.

In 2015 the number of forcibly displaced people across the world was the highest since World War II (UNHCR Global Trends 2016). As global inequalities are largely the sedimentation of colonialism, several mechanisms and expressions of displacement occur alongside racial lines. Displacement has reached an equally unprecedented level also within and nearby urban areas, with slum populations rising exponentially in the last years. The purpose of this mailing list is to offer a forum where scholars, activists, practitioners and anyone else interested in these issues can share information, ideas and other resources aiming at illuminating the logics of displacement and banishment that operate at either an international or an urban scale, and often at both scales. Call for papers, book launches, art performances, social mobilizations, debates, newspaper articles and any other resource that sets a link between race and displacement will be welcome. Sharing is caring.

To provide a forum for critical, inter/trans/post disciplinary conversations about race, class and/or ethnicity and their complex intersections

The list is for discussions following a workshop in October 2017.

Radix - Radical Interpretations of Disasters and Radical Solutions

Radstats is interested in the use of statistics to promote equality and social justice. A Radstats book 'Statistics and Society' included chapers on crime, economics, education, elections, ethnic issues, gender issues, health, housing, poverty, and unemployment.

The Roma Discussion Network List (also known as the RDNList) is an email-based community. It aims to encourage greater exchange of information, promote discussion and organise events in the UK for young career academics working on issues related to Roma, Gypsies and Traveller minorities. The list provides regular updates on major news, publications and events relating to Roma, Gypsies and Travellers. Posts also include information about relevant funding opportunities, research collaboration, job advertisements and new research projects.

This discussion list is for use by the team developing the online Refugee Thesaurus resource, for discussing new ideas and changes / updates that need to be made.

This list is intended for those interested in research into religion and popular music.

This list is dedicated to all scholars and stakeholders interested in questioning notions of reproductive ageing & timing, as well as how biotechnologies transform reproductive life.

This Jiscmail list would support the Nuffield funded 'COVID-19 and families on a low-income' project, by providing researchers with the opportunity to connect, particularly in terms of ethical issues and challenges. It would also advertise webinars, new content on our project website, and share resources.

The Researching Brexit Network is for those who are involved in researching Brexit. We are aiming towards organising two small conferences per year, as well as encouraging collaboration across disciplines, methodologies and universities. All involved in researching Brexit are welcome to join and share ideas, events etc.

The list can be used to circulate information about events, workshops, conferences and publications relevant to rhythm research community.

This list is for PhD researchers based in London and working on forced migration and connected to the Refuge in a Moving World interdisciplinary PhD network. The list provides a space to share information about events, journal announcements and monthly seminars in UCL.

Group for researchers from the social sciences, arts, humanities re: the social/cultural issues of robots.

To discuss and share information around the subject of rural climate change. Linked to the ESRS study group on rural climate change but you do not need to be a member of ESRS to subscribe

This list welcomes participation from researchers and others interested in contemporary and historical aspects of civil-military relations in Russia. Key words and phrases: civil-military relations society-military relations civilian control legitimacy and the armed forces military in politics

A discussion forum for members of the Sociological Association of Ireland,readers of the Irish Journal of Sociology, and all those interested in social policy in Ireland (North and South), Irish Studies and the systematic study of Irish society.

The Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies embodies the very best of the cultural studies tradition. It is committed to interdisciplinarity in the study of new cultural formations within and beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries. The Centre encompasses expertise from many disciplines including: Media, Sociology, English, History, Anthropology, Philosophy, Film Studies and has established its reputation both nationally and internationally.

A forum for discussion on any matter relating to science journalism research and teaching. Aims: to encourage new research networks and the exchange of ideas regarding science journalism research, teaching practice and skills development.

This list is for researchers interested in the communication of science and the strategic use of science by interests in society. It is a working group of the Public Interest Research Network

A forum for the discussion of the relationship between art and science, in particular the philosophy, psychology, sociology etc. of images, pictures, representations and visualisations in science and society

This announcement and discussion list is for historians and others working within the broad remit of Scottish leisure history, inclusive of popular culture, sports, tourism, music, cinema, etc.

The Scottish Sexualities Research Network List encourages interdisciplinary co-operation in the field of sexualities research in Scotland and will detail events, programmes, publications and research of relevance.

This list is for announcements from the Scottish Medical Sociology group; this is a regional sub group of BSA Medical Sociology.

To provide opportunities for cross-disciplinary discussion, networking, and dissemination of information for feminist research perspectives and approaches, mainly for Scottish academics.

An interdisciplinary group of academics and practitioners interested in the seaside and its society, economy and politics.

A newly setup network for social policy research in Southeast Asia

This list is used by the Secrecy, Power, and Ignorance Network (SPIN) to share network and member related news, events, and research.

Jiscmail for the International Network for Sexual Ethics and Politics

A multidisciplinary e-mailing list for those working in the field of sexual health, in research and applied settings.

this is an academic mailing list focused on sexuality and gender in central and eastern europe.

Email list for announcements, discussions, postings related to the Culture, Health, Environment, Food and Society (CHEFS) Research Cluster, based at Sheffield Hallam University.

The Scottish Knowledge Exchange Community of Practice (SKECP) is a network of KE practitioners and researchers who share KE practices and experience, build peer relationships for information exchange and support, build KE capacity, advance knowledge of KE effectiveness, and share KE events and activities.

This list is for announcements of relevance to postgraduate students in Slavonic and East European studies at UK universities, or postgraduate members of the British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies.

This is the official email list for the Scottish Media and Communication Association.

The list will facilitate discussion of social network analysis amongst interested UK academics, and will facilitate organisation of off-line meetings.

This super list posts to the following sub lists: SNAS-COMMITTEE The Social Network Analysis in Scotland Group (SNAS) provides a forum to discuss projects, issues and ideas related to Social Network Analysis (SNA). It aims to bring together academic staff, postgraduate students and practitioners engaging with SNA across Scotland and beyond.

A group for UK and international sociologists to discuss applied sociology. Engages with issues and work beyond academia. Supports the work of the British Sociological Association. To join us, please click on the 'Subscribe' button above and we will add you to the list. Nick Fox and Tina Basi convenors.

This list is for interdisciplinary academic discussion in the social sciences and humanities on war, terror and security in relation to wider society in the UK, the EU, and on a global scale.

A general list for the UK sociological community, for announcements, calls for papers and job openings.

This list focuses on the key research issues of Social Economy in the UK and across Europe. This includes discussions, potential collaboration between researchers, and dissemination of outputs on topics related to social enterprise, social value, mutual exchange networks, and alternative social economies. The list will also promote projects carried out by the different Social Economy stakeholders and practitioners. We are looking for a way to facilitate European collaboration in the broad field of Social Economy between researchers and practitioners. The sharing of knowledge in the field and building potential partnerships in research and/or practice would be outcomes to be encouraged between list members.

This is a network of Early Career Researchers (ECRs) working in Social Policy. For more details, see http://www.social-policy.org.uk/early-career-researcher-ecr-network/

This list is owned by the Executive Committee of the Indian Social Policy Association. It aims to bring together individuals and organisations in the UK and India (not exclusively) whose work centres on emerging social policy issues in India and South Asia.


Information list for researchers in analysis of social sequence data. Includes details of new applications, developments in methodology and events, particularly in the UK.

This list is for researchers in social care in Wales, and for practitioners and policymakers seeking to keep in touch with current developments in this area.

A space for the sharing of ideas, resources, and information relating to social and cultural geography

This is an email list for the social data science interest group at the Alan Turing Institute for Data Science.

A mailing list for members of, and those interested in, the Socialising Nitrogen network. This research group are interested in work in the arts, humanities and social sciences that engage with nitrogen. Pollution / Environment / Geopolitics / History / Economy / Society

This list has been established to facilitate ongoing discussion among participants at seminars in the ESRC Social Justice and Public Policy series.

Social Mouth Research Network info, for those interested in social, historical and cultural context of mouth, dentistry and/or oral health.

This purpose of this list is to provide a forum for the discussion social norms internationally and the development of cross-cultural social norms research.

This list is for social work academics, practitioners and students who have an interest in learning more about alcohol and drugs. It is intended to allow sharing of information and information exchange between the target audience, for example, it will allow students to ask for information from practitioners and academics, academics to find out what others are doing and for practitioners to have a direct line to academics who are specialist in this area and vice versa.

The Social Work and Health Inequalities Network is to promote discussion and action by Social Work practitioners, educators and researchers to combat the causes and consequences of unjust and damaging socially created inequalities in health.

Our key interest is how knowledge from the qualitative social sciences, such as Sociology of Technology, Activity Theory or Discourse Analysis, can contribute to the design and evaluation of the ubiquitous, pervasive and social proxy dimensions of technology. This includes an interest on how the usefulness of systems is socially constructed and culturally shaped.

This group is a mailing list for the BSA Sociology of Mental Health study group.

This list is to enable post grads in the sociology of religion to support each other. It is a place to try ideas out, to ask stupid (and intelligent) questions, and to winge about supervisors and the research/phd process.

Mailing list to share information about doing research and research impact in end of life care from social science perspectives.

This list brings together social scientists working in public health research contexts, in conjunction with the symposium 'Beyond Them and Us' being held in Cambridge in September 2012. It acts both as a forum for discussion and as a facility for the announcement of events, publications and jobs.

This list is used by social sciences librarians within the University of London's many Libraries to exchange information about research, information provision, resources etc.

This list serve researchers from a range of field interested in urban sound, with a focus on the city of Tehran.

A Working Group of the European Society of Criminology interested in Situational and Spatial Criminology

A discussion and information list for all academics working in the field of Popular Music Studies, especially those resident in Scotland.

This list is for anyone in the social, behavioural or economic sciences interested in behavioural spillover (i.e., when change in one behaviour leads to change in other behaviour/s) or unintended consequences from behaviour change interventions

The Centre for Spirituality Studies at the University of Hull aims to promote interdisciplinary research and scholarship developing a critical understanding of spirituality.

The Sociology of Sport Study Group of the British Sociological Association (BSA) list: facilitates the promotion of research and scholarship in the sociology of sport; represents the professional interests of those engaged in the sociology of sport; raises the profile of expertise in the sociology of sport in public debate and within appropriate user constituencies provides an opportunity for members of the sport study group to exchange and discuss research and communicate developments in appropriate national and international groups with complementary scholarly interests.

This is used by the members of the Association for the Study of Sport and the European Union, a research network of academics interested in the impact of European politics and policies on sport and vice-versa.

Official email list for the International Association for the Philosophy of Sport.

The list is created as a result of the workshop organised under the Researcher Links scheme offered within the Newton Fund, the British Council and Fund de Amparo Pesquisa do Estado de Paulo - FAPESP (2004/50504-8), in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil on 10-13th March, 2015. # The aim of the list of to connect researchers, policy makers and activists interested in examining the complex range of sociocultural impacts that arise from the design, management and legacy planning for mega sport events. The impacts on local populations, spaces and community identities are deeply interconnected with processes of social and political transformation that occur via urban redevelopment and relocation, the promotion of sport development to enhance social cohesion, tourism development, and education, health and employment programs.

This list has been retained 04/06/2020 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list This list exists to promote the exchange of information and ideas related to social policy in Scotland.

This list will be used by members of the BSA/SPA Study Group for the Sociology of Social and Public Policy to facilitate communication amongst the research community in this area.

Open to Universities and Students' Unions operating Mentoring or Befriending schemes within their institutions or who are involved in researching this area of work.

This is to generate interdisciplinary discussion (within sociology, cultural studies, discourse analysis,geography)on the theory and empirical investigation of 'deviant' subcultural styles and related phenomena (clubcultures and countercultures)

Superdiversity is a relatively new field of research. The list aims to provide a forum for scholars & practitioners to discuss and disseminate their work in this field.

A list to connect South Wales counsellors, therapists, academics and students within the Social Sciences discipline.

This distribution list is to promote discussion of issues emerging from the Tackling Poverty and Inequality series of events.

The list is used by Edinburgh Text Analysis Research Group (based in the University of Edinburgh, but open to researchers across UK and beyond) to discuss projects and ideas related to Text Analysis (aka Automated Content Analysis, Quantitative Content Analysis, Text as Data, Text Mining etc).

This group is for people who wish to explore and encourage the use of theatre and drama in qualitative research and teaching

A discussion and information list for researchers and practitioners interested in the therapeutic community movement and for TC residents/ former residents.

A discussion list for researchers interested in exploring the role of time in social life and particularly around issues of belonging, inclusion and exclusion, community identity etc.

Transforming Childhoods is an interdisciplinary research network that aims to explore children's lives in context and build connections between young people and society.

This list is for academics, policy, practice and funder colleagues who are interested in transforming how we think about, the use, production and generation of evidence, regulation and infrastructure to support evidence use, strategies and interventions which increase evidence use, and associated domains of inquiry

A Translation Studies forum used by postgraduate students to stir up debates and make announcements on forthcoming events. Students are invited to help each other out by exchanging research and content-related questions. Issues to be discussed in this context include translation theory, literature, cultural studies, linguistics, DTS, cognitive theory and sociotranslatology. Experienced scholars are also welcome.

This is the supporting email list for the UK Research Network for Theology, Religion and Popular Culture. Established in 2005, this is a forum for those involved in advanced research in this field in universities and faith-based HE providers.

An academic and community based grouping focusing on issues of race, religion and social justice with particular attention paid to issues impacting African descendant communities

The list is for members of the UK Disabled Children Research Network. The network is made up of researchers working in the area of disability and childhood from contexts both of academia and the third sector.

A news list supporting researchers in higher education, business, third sector and all levels of government. The UK Data Service provides free access to a huge catalogue of economic and social data, including UK census data from 1971-2011. See our website at https://ukdataservice.ac.uk/

The UK Data Service gives access to the UK's most robust quantitative and qualitative survey data. Building on DataImpact2021, we want to support building a vibrant and supportive community, linking data producers, researchers and communities to explore methodologies and how discourses of self and identity in data can remain inclusive.

The aims of the UK European Migration Network (EMN) National Network are to: (i) develop ties between researchers and Home Office Science: Migration and Border Analysis; (ii) to integrate the members of the UK National Network further into EMN activities (e.g. information provision, analysis, informing policy development, and to discuss EMN activities and study findings); and, (iii) to secure an exchange of information between external UK Network members and Home Office Science, so that research agendas are mutually informed by current and future EMN reports and studies, and so creating opportunities for collaboration. UK EMN National Network members are predominantly external migration researchers from academia, think tanks, NGOs and OGDs.

The UK Society for Behavioural Medicine (UKSBM) works towards integrating knowledge of biology, behaviour and the environment to prevent and treat disease. It brings together, for for the first time in the UK, a range of disciplines that contribute to achieving this broad objective. They include epidemiology, health psychology, medical sociology, health economics, statistics as well as public health, primary care, psychiatry, oncology, cardiology and diabetology and other clinical specialties.

UniTopia is an experiment in knowledge production, an open seminar series exploring universities past present and future.

A mailing list for public engagement work related to nanotechnology.

This list provides for dialogue on various debates and concerns related to the study of cities and urban geography, and a channel for the dissemination of related information on upcoming conferences, seminars, CFPs, and other events. Maintenance of the list is coordinated by the Urban Geography Research Group (UGRG) of the Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers), and participation is open to members of the UGRG and anyone else interested in research on cities.

The Uruguay Research Network (URN) aims to bring together students, academics and researchers from a variety of academic disciplines united by a common interest in Uruguay. The network wishes to draw together people working on Uruguay that may otherwise not know each other; in this way, the network aims facilitate debate and discussion, exchange information on relevant conferences and news on Uruguay, organise events and establish a forum for continued interaction and communication among scholars on Uruguay. The network is open to students (both undergraduate and postgraduate), academic staff and researchers. It is a UK based network but anyone is welcome to join; we particularly welcome members from Uruguay itself. English and Spanish are the working languages of the network.

The User Involvement Research mailing list aims to bring together people with expertise in user involvement and public participation in the evaluation and delivery of public services. We seek to take forward theoretical, conceptual and practical thinking around different types and mechanisms of user involvement. We seek to promote engagement with researchers, providers, policy makers across the higher education, voluntary and public sectors.

Email list for research and PhD community of the UWS School of Creative and Cultural Industries.

This international, interdisciplinary network has been established to bring together researchers and practitioners in relevant fields (criminology, gerontology, sociology, social policy, health and so on) who are working in the area of violence against older women (incorporating elder abuse, sexual violence, domestic violence and other forms of gender-based violence).

This list exists to promote the discussion of methodological problems and innovations associated with research into computer-mediated communication

News and announcements associated with the International Visual Methods conferences (see http://www.visualmethods.org)

This list serves as a site for discussion and listings for the International Sociological Association Visual Sociology Working Group ISA WG03 (formerly known as the International Sociological Association Visual Sociology Thematic Group TG05).

The Voluntary Sector New Researchers is used for discussion and support amongst early career researchers and students interested in voluntary sector research.

WAGNet connects scholars in the field of gender and Chinese studies to exchange information on events, activities and publications. We publish WAGRev, an e-journal of reviews of new work in this field.

A general list for discussing, and sharing information on, a broad range of water resources issues in the social and physical sciences, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary and critical perspectives.

Women, Crime and Criminal Justice is a specialist network for the study of women, crime and criminal justice and providing support to women in the British Society of Criminology and in criminology and allied subject areas.

A list for users of the Workplace Employment Relations Survey (WERS). This list is operated by NIESR on behalf of the WERS sponsors. A user-support site for the 2011 WERS is available at: www.wers2011.info

This list facilitates networking between participants of the 'White Spaces'conference stream at Gender Work and Organization 07 and others.

WOIRN is a network of women academics working on all aspects of Irish life and culture, from disciplines as varied as sociology, geography, art history, cultural studies, literature and history.

This list has been established to support the development of a working class studies in the UK, in parallel with an ESRC-sponsored seminar series.

This list is a forum for for academics and others involved in the study of youth crime, youth criminology and youth justice. It supports the Youth Criminology / Youth Justice Study Network of the British Society of Criminology and is open to all other interested parties. The list acts as a resource for the announcement of relevant meetings, seminars, conferences, calls for papers, research and publications. It is also hoped that members will use the list to share and debate ideas and ways of disseminating ideas into the practice and policy field.

This is a list for communications between members of the Yorkshire Medical Sociology group.

The Youth Study Mailing List is a forum for academics and others involved in the study of youth. It is linked to the British Sociological Association's 'Youth Study Group', but is open to all other interested parties. The list will be used as a resource for the announcement of relevant meetings, seminars, conferences, calls for papers and publications. It is also hoped that members will use the list to share and debate ideas as well as to draw upon a varied pool of knowledge and expertise.


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