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Business / Management

ACORN's intent is to develop and promote the field of organizational art and aesthetics. We wish to provide a wide range of forums where researchers and teachers interested in connecting art, aesthetics, and creative practice within organizational and work settings can meet, exchange ideas, share resources, and experiment with new forms of thinking and practice.

The Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine links together clinical academic, scientific and NHS staff in the fields of diagnostic testing. This list is dedicated to Point-of-Care testing. This is a growing area of interest drawing together practitioners and scientists as new technologies are transferred from bench to the bedside. The Technology Strategy Board is pushing this area as one strand of its Stratified Medicine Portfolio.

We welcome researchers who are interested in ageing society research in China and UK

Discussion about adopting and implementing Agile ways of working and DevOps working practices and tools within a University

This email listing is for the academy of marketing (education sub group). Its intention? To provide a forum for marketing academics in the UK to share ideas, developments and problems.

This group is for academics interested in the study or application of semiotics to various contexts, whether communication, design, marketing or other contexts.

All aspects of assessment in and for higher education: assessment theory and practice, designing assessment instruments (exams, coursework, etc.), marking/grading assessments, administration of assessments, assessment to support and improve learning, using assessments for programme evaluation, assessment needs of specific academic disciplines, social impact of/social issues relevant to assessment, ....

BACP Workplace Managers jiscmail provides a forum for divisional members who are managers of workplace counselling services to discuss issues with colleagues, share information, advertise relevant events and share good practice.

BACP Workplace Members JiscMail provides a forum for divisional members to discuss issues with colleagues and share information.

A Special Interest Group of the British Academy of Mangement. This 'Gender in Management Special Interest Group' is a dedicated network to keep up to date with current issues in the area of gender and management.

The list aims at fostering the use of experimental methods and behavioural insights in health economics, policy, and management.

Official mailing list of the British International Studies Association's International Political Economy working group

The mailing list fosters communication between the participants of the RSA Research Network on Regional Development and Changing Geography of Outsourcing Business Services in an Enlarged Europe. The RN aims to build upon the theoretical framework of value chains and the changing division of labour, which will be embedded in an understanding of recent trends in corporate restructuring.

With the UK's only BREXIT Research Centre, BCU's BREXIT Centre now request the support of JISC to set-up a BREXIT Support Network to collaborate research and teaching activities relating to BREXIT to support the Research Centre.

This list allows research managers working within business schools to discuss common challenges and share best practice

Discussion List for multidisciplinary researchers & practitioners interested in BPR, IT, knowledge management, human factors, PIP, and strategic issues across sectors. Submissions include: event & information announcements, and best practice discussion.

For business/organisation studies researchers/research groups seeking to network with academic peers and improve the quality of their research. The list is part of networking activities of UK academics working in departments with less than maximum RAE ranking.

The BusinessDiscourseNet is a list dedicated to dialogue and information exchange between scholars from a variety of disciplines, research and teaching traditions, who are interested in the new multidisciplinary field of Business Discourse.

This open list supports the Critical Management Studies Division of the Academy of Management.

Mailing list for Cambridge-INET news letters

Computer Aided Production Management (CAPM) All aspects of the application of computers to production planning and control, including specification, design, new methods and technologies, implementation, management, human aspects, and links to the wider business such as CIM and BPR.

This list is used to make announcements relating to CERCNet (Comparative Employment Research Collaborative Network) activities, or pertaining to internationally comparative research on work, employment and labour management in general.

Discussion list for developers working towards interoperability and portability of e-portfolio and personal development records, in the UK and wider contexts; moving beyond UKLeaP towards practical standards based on real experience. Some technical knowledge may be assumed.

CIBEA is an educationally focussed association which intends to be: -an expert hub for creative thinking related to business -bring creativity and business closer together -be a common voice for postgraduate research and teaching -define and contribute to the development of skills -provide a focal point to develop and disseminate research into creativity in business and the business of creativity & Sharing expertise and knowledge

The network covers trends and issues around the development of the creative and cultural industries at the regional level. It is focused on the UK but explores also initiatives at the European and International level. It aims to foster a multi-disciplinary debate among researchers, practitioners and policy makers in the field. <HTML> <HTML> The network covers trends and issues around the development of the creative and cultural industries at the regional level. It is focused on the UK but explores also initiatives at the European and International level. It aims to foster a multi-disciplinary debate among researchers, practitioners and policy makers in the field. The research network also runs a website with news, event and working paper. Visit <a href="http://www.creative-regions.org.uk"> Creative Regions Website </a> </HTML> </HTML>

Forums and Announcement list for all critical scholars of finance. All welcome!

To discuss key features of work and employment from a radical and labour focused perspective

This listserv connects scholars in organisation studies and political theory using the 'Logics of Critical Explanation' of Glynos and Howarth in their work. The scope is to connect people, propose ideas like special issues or events, and support each other. Anyone with an interest in post-structuralism or wanting to learn more is welcome!

A communications forum for individuals interested in the development of 'critical' approaches to research and practice in the area of information systems (broadly defined).

The aim of this list is to share information, promote and build networks with those interested in critical perspectives of the Voluntary and Community Sector. With a particular focus on organizational and management related issues.

The CRMinHEFE list is a space for all stakeholders to discuss the implementation of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) as a process and as a technology in Higher and Further Education. It's focus is on the strategic, cultural change, systems management, etc aspects of CRM, rather than on the detailed installation issues of vendor specific systems.

This list is a communications, dissemination and discussion forum linked to an ESRC funded seminar series on the cultural industries. It is an interdisciplinary initiative concerned with concepts, theory and practice in the field of the cultural industries.

The DEAS project aims to create a community of researchers and practitioners working collectively across disciplines (computer sciences, engineering and business) and sectors (manufacturing, transport and finance services) to co-create and initiate a comprehensive research agenda that accelerates the innovation of digitally enhanced advanced services within the UK. The principal research question of this project is 'How can transformative digital technologies accelerate the innovation of DEAS, and also deliver significant impact on the manufacturing, transport and financial service sectors in the UK?'

Discussion group of the Decolonizing Alliance, an international community committed to intellectual and practical collaboration, translation, active solidarity, and resistance to tackle intersectional inequalities and neo-colonial power relations.

This mailing list provides a network for researchers in the fields of electronic business, electronic commerce and Internet-related management research and developments.

Discusses topic of electronic document management (EDM), particularly in the context of reengineering higher education administrative business processes. This includes document imaging, OCR/ICR, intranets, knowledge management, and workflow. It also links to related JISC-funded activities.

For teachers and lecturers interested in curriculum issues affecting economics, business, and related subjects.

EKSIG is concerned with understanding the nature and role of knowledge in research and practice in order to clarify fundamental principles and practices of using practice in research.

Mailing list for those interested in entrepreneurship research

This list is used for announcing new issues of the academic online journal 'ephemera' (www.ephemeraweb.org) and other ephemeral happenings.

A platform for discussion, dissemination of best practice and training in relationship to emergency planning in museums, libraries and archives in Wales

This group is the members of the Education Sector PA Network.

The list aims to provide a channel of communication and information for members about activities and events in the field of EU environmental politics.

This is the list initiated through ESRC seminar series Gendered Inclusion in Contemporary Organizations. The aims of seminar and the group of scholars on this list is to critically explore the conditions, forms and circumstances of women's and men's inclusion in organisations in order to generate a more complex account of contemporary experiences of workplace (in)equalities. The list will serve as a medium of communication for those involved in the seminars and those wanting to join the debate. The list will be used to exchange news, ideas, information on forthcoming events, relevant topics, general interaction and collaboration between participants and so on.

This list provides a forum for anyone engaged in matters relating to graduate employment and employability. It intends to promote high-level debate on these issues, particularly to challenge much of the current, intellectually questionable orthodoxy.

The Global Sustainable Design and Ethical Trade Network list is for sustainability in interdisciplinary design and business.

The purpose of this community of practice is for HEA OER International project leads/teams to communicate with each other and with the HEA OER International management team during the lifecycle of the project. The list is used as a bulletin noticeboard and for announcements, sharing project experiences,project plans and reporting.

A list for sharing and discussing the implications of developments in the management of Health-Care.

The Museums Copyright Group was formed in 1996 to answer an increasing number of concerns about copyright expressed by professionals working in the museums and galleries community. The Group now has members representing museums, galleries, archives and libraries including national and regional institutions, and those attached to universities and local authorities.

This list aims to develop discussion and the exchange of ideas between academic researchers of the many disciplines (management, psychology, sociology, etc.) who have an academic or research interest in the study of the running of not-just-for-profit businesses which are hobby-driven.

The Human Resource Management (HRM) research list aims to promote exchange of academic research activity and community news in relation to human resource management (broadly defined) from various social science perspectives.

For HR professionals with a responsibility for systems and reporting to: - share practice and knowledge - ask questions and learn from other colleagues - raise ideas for events

This list is used by the IAREP Hon Sec, President and Hon Treasurer to communicate with members about matters concerning the formal processes of IAREP such as election of officers, and academic events such as the annual colloquium. Members similalrly use the list to communicate with each other, on matters such as academic vacancies or studentships etc.

This list is for managers of UK based imaging centres (e.g. MRI, PET, MEG, CT) to discuss issues related to centre management.

This List is used by those participating in the Business Ethics Theme Team of the Inter-Disciplinary Ethics Aplied CETL. Sublist of ideacetl

This list is for the professional ethics implementation group. Its membership will include academics from HE, employers and other related stakeholders. Sub-list of ideacetl

The Strategic Agenda and Goals of the group include the following: 1. Federate and promote research and establish interfaces with relevant research fields. 1.1 Promote maintenance as an interdisciplinary science, blending knowledge from management, engineering, technological and technical field. 1.2 Contribute to the development of a general framework for advanced maintenance systems, establishing interfaces with production management and manufacturing plant control. 1.3 Promote and evolve the research agenda, including perspectives and foresight in the field, with regard to the intersection of technology, engineering and management. 1.4 Involve new and experienced researchers in the A-MEST WG community, considering the relevance of their knowledge and expertise to contribute to the research agenda, and the need to enhance global coverage and participation. 1.5 Promote the relationships of the WG with other technical committees TCs within IFAC, besides the TC 5.1, and with other scientific and technical organizations and communities (e.g., IFIP, ESREL, ISEAM, PHM, EFNMS, …). #2. Promote competence, growth and exchange of students, PhDs and young researchers. 2.1 Involve young researchers in the A-MEST WG community, through actions specifically done to attract their interest. 3. Promote academia-industry partnerships and highlight the impact of maintenance in industry and society. 3.1 Promote industry-academia partnerships, attracting industrial experts through specific actions for their active involvement in the A-MEST WG community. 3.2. Promote the role of maintenance for sustainability (economic, environmental, social impacts), highlighting technological enablers. 4. Promote and improve education and training in maintenance. 4.1. Steer the organisation of events, special sessions and other activities to facilitate best knowledge diffusion, 4.2. Maintain active push towards education and training activities in the above events via tutorials, industrial case studies and facilitate the exchange of junior and/or senior researchers and professionals.

Areas of discussion will include - defining information governance, how organisations can learn from each other, how to share documentation

To share knowlege and experiences within the remit of insurance and risk management programmes

This is a communication, news, events and discussion list for researchers in Yorkshire who use Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

List for OA Journal Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Equality and Diversity.

This group seeks to support a scholarly and research-based approach to research management and administration through discussion, ideas development, and networking. This list is managed and supported by the Journal of Research Management and Administration

The list is to circulate organisational and logistical information to the members of the London Behavioural & Experimental Group (LBEG) about the initiatives of the group.

Discusses continuous improvement in the workplace in HE

This is a sub-list of TRANSLATIO A forum administered by the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies and the Institute of Modern Languages Research at the School of Advanced Study, University of London, to share information about Legal Translation in general, and about our new Legal Translation initiative.

A list to discuss the support and development of the London Classification of Business Studies (LCBS), a classification scheme and thesaurus for business literature and resources.

For those practicing Lean and other strategies to improve university administration, teaching and research in London and SE of England. This list is a sub-list of LEANHE-ENGLAND

Luxury is an email list that provides an academically informed global forum for all those in the arts, humanities, and social sciences interested in the transformed and expanded nature of the multifaceted concept of luxury. <HTML> Luxury is an email list that provides an academically informed global forum for all those in the arts, humanities, and social sciences interested in the transformed and expanded nature of the multifaceted concept of luxury. </HTML>

Managing the Economic Transition (MET) Network is intended to bring together researchers from the disciplines of management and economics interested in the economic transition / institutional change. More information can be found at: <<http://www.ssees.ucl.ac.uk/met-network/index.htm>>

The list supports researchers and practitioners interested in mindfulness and its benefits for organisations. It started with a special interest group at Sheffield Business School, but aims to be inclusive, encouraging academics and professionals elsewhere to join. It promotes the exchange of ideas, research and experiences.

The Money, Macro and Finance mailing list is used to inform those interested in attending MMF seminars and conferences of the various activities planned.

This list is to support discussions relating to a series of workshops entitled Making Projects Critical, and more generally debate around the theme of Critical Project Studies. <HTML> This list is to support discussions relating to a series of workshops entitled 'Making Projects Critical', and more generally debate around the theme of Critical Project Studies. </HTML>

This list is used by MSDP members to communicate and share ideas relevant to the region

To examine issues relating to the development and history of friendly societies, co-operation, workers and consumers co-operatives, credit unions, building societies and other mutuals. To exchange information about their origins, their links, their activities and their future.

Discussion list for researchers and practitioners in the field of nonprofit and social marketing and consumption.

This list is to create a communication and dialogue vehicle for the expansion and sharing of knowledge about teaching online in HE

A list for academics engaged in research and scholarship in the diverse range of interpretations of what constitutes organizational effectivenes and how this may be achieved and maintained in contemporary businesses

The purpose of the ORG-SCIENCE electronic network is to support critical scholarly discussion, reflection and research in the areas of knowledge production in organizational research; of the institutional context of organizational studies; and of research policy and practice in this and related disciplines.

This list is used by the Operational Research Group of Scotland to announce meetings and events and to allow members to disseminate information relating to the society.

This list complements the general PCP list with a specialist list for the mutual support of those using and developing computer-based tools in empirical PCP research, including conceptual/repertory grid elicitation and analysis, content analysis, concept mapping, and other constructivist tools. It is intended to allow experience and good practices in tools usage to be shared by the research community, and to help newcomers, particularly graduate students, in making effective use of available tools. It is also hoped that it will provide a forum for developing requirements for a new generation of tools, and encourage their development.

This list is primarily for the Philosophy of Management Special Interest Group of the British Academy of Management and provides information to members about workshop activities, the annual conference stream, the journal "Reason in Practice" and other collaborative opportunities in the UK and Europe. Practitioners with an interest in the contribution that philosophy can make to improving managerial and organizational practice and reflection are also welcome to join.

A network of academics (professors, researchers etc) interested in public procurement law and regulatory policy.

This list provides a forum through which researchers interested in the professions and concepts of professionalism can share insights, debate current topics, and announce events and projects of interest to list members.

Announcement and discussion list for ORS Problem Structuring Methods SIG

The list is for Corporate and Public Affairs academics and practitioners interested in International Research. ie Campaigns, Lobbying and Regulation

The Public and Political Leadership network provides a bridge between (European) academics conducting research on leadership in the public domain. The aim of the list is to further international collaboration between leadership researchers by providing a forum to post, for instance, research/methodology questions, queries to submit conference panels, notifications of new publications and conferences, and ideas for submitting grant proposals.

The method of Qualitative Comparative Analysis arises both in historical and management research, and in sociological and health research. The aim of QCA is to systematically analyse the possible configurations as a stage of research that follows on from (but also iterates with) a stage of qualitative analysis of cases. In this approach, the 'case' is both the whole set of configurations -- ie the world, really existing as an interlinked whole -- and as a set of comparable 'smaller' objects, e.g. comparing clients, patients, enterprises, or countries. The list exists to promote discussion and debate about QCA and its related variants, such as fuzzy-set social science (Ragin, 2004), realist evaluation (Pawson and Tilley, 1997), and triangulation. <HTML> The method of Qualitative Comparative Analysis arises both in historical and management research, and in sociological and health research. The aim of QCA is to systematically analyse the possible configurations as a stage of research that follows on from (but also iterates with) a stage of qualitative analysis of cases. In this approach, the 'case' is both the whole set of configurations -- ie the world, really existing as an interlinked whole -- and as a set of comparable 'smaller' objects, e.g. comparing clients, patients, enterprises, or countries. The list exists to promote discussion and debate about QCA and its related variants, such as fuzzy-set social science (Ragin, 2004), realist evaluation (Pawson and Tilley, 1997), and triangulation. </HTML>

To promote and encourage the newly-developed qualitative research.

This is an informal discussion mailing list, managed by RADMA, for anyone studying the management of research and development, technology and innovation. Join this list to become a member of the RADMA Association, allowing you to receive notifications of funding opportunities, conferences and other events. RADMA (Research and Development Management) is a UK-based charity focused on the needs of researchers and students of research technology and innovation management - in particular, activities such as conferences, workshops and summer schools. Funding is provided to students at the Masters and Doctoral programme level and to early career researchers to host workshops. RADMA is closely associated with the R&D Management journal and conferences.

The Information and Records Management Society (IRMS) mailing list is used to share RM knowledge and expertise among IRMS Members and friends, alert list members to training and job opportunities and to promote the activities of the IRMS in both the UK and internationally.

The Renewable Energy Research Network mailing list is dedicated to research communication, information exchange, and research dissemination among researchers and educators on renewable energy research, development, deployment, and integration

This list is for members of the Information and Communications Technology for Development Centre at Royal Holloway, University of London.

This list will help to support the JISC Relationship Management Programme projects and also aims to inform those who are not part of the Programme, but who wish to try similar approaches in their own institutions.

The Scottish Business History Network aims to support and connect those interested in business history, heritage and archives.

To provide opportunities for cross-disciplinary discussion, networking, and dissemination of information for feminist research perspectives and approaches, mainly for Scottish academics.

A newly setup network for social policy research in Southeast Asia

Email list for announcements, discussions, postings related to the Culture, Health, Environment, Food and Society (CHEFS) Research Cluster, based at Sheffield Hallam University.

This mailing list keeps its members informed on what is happening in research on slum tourism. We send out regular updates both of academic and more general nature.

The list aims to foster a debate on small business growth management issues, such as: decision making, modelling/simulation, Accounting & System Dynamics models as learning/planning tools to cope with strategic change; start-up processes; knowledge elicitation; Interactive Learning Environments

To support the growing community of researchers in HE involved with improving the performance of small and medium-sized manufacturing companies. The list is an offshoot of and will support the SMESME conference series begun in 1998.

The list is to discuss the use of SocioTechnical approaches to Information Systems Development It is promoted by the Socio-Technical Group of BCS. Its aim is to help managers and technologists understand, design for and manage the organizational factors which surround ICTs

This list is intended to be used by those people with an interest in facilitating the development of a cohesive British academic sport business management community.

The SSFN list has been established to promote scientific exchange and to encourage resource sharing in the interdisciplinary field of social studies of finance. <HTML> The SSFN list has been established to promote scientific exchange and to encourage resource sharing in the interdisciplinary field of social studies of finance. </HTML>

"Start Up New Venture Creation" aims to link professionals in career advice, business support and lecturers supporting real start-ups by students and graduates and staff in exchanging good and best practice in support approaches as well as learning and teaching. The aim is to share information on workshops, conferences, new resources, books, successes, approaches in offering good start-up support, short exercises and discuss topics of mutual interest for entrepreneurship educators and business support providers within and outside of academia. It is not focused on research exchange or research related topics.

The University of Sussex is seeking to appoint an external examiner for Finance and Accounting, to examine the International Year One Programme. The course is delivered by our partnership organisation, Study Group, at our on campus International Study Centre. Applications from candidates with experience of collaborative provision will be prioritised. Please note that we are unable to accept applications from those who: • Have previously been appointed as an external examiner at the University of Sussex. • Within the last five years, have been a member of staff or student within the University of Sussex or one of its Partner Institutions (including Study Group); • Have any direct interest in or ties to the University or Study Group. • Hold more than one other external examiner position. Information on the external examining role at the University of Sussex is available here: https://www.sussex.ac.uk/webteam/gateway/file.php?name= ee-handbook-2015-16- (final).pdf&site= 457 Please send expressions of interest and a current CV to Isabel Costello, Academic Development and Quality Enhancement Officer (I.Costello@sussex.ac.uk). Closing date: 5th May 2017

This list will keep members of the UK Systems Society informed of events and developments in the systems thinking world.

The voluntary sector studies network is used for discussion between researchers interested in the broad field of voluntary and nonprofit organisations and their work.

A network of researchers, lawyers, practitioners, and all persons with professional and/or academic interest in furtherance of anti corruption laws

A list for users of the Workplace Employment Relations Survey (WERS). This list is operated by NIESR on behalf of the WERS sponsors. A user-support site for the 2011 WERS is available at: www.wers2011.info

The list is to facilitate discussion between members attending and interested in an ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council) sponsored seminar programme looking at young people and precarious work. The list will continue beyond the duration of the seminars (2011 - 2012) with the intention of developing interdisciplinary discussion and networks.


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