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This is the main mailing list of ABCP (Association of British Chinese Professors) for the organisation to communicate with its members and for its members to discuss relevant topics via email. More about ABCP can be found on its website: https://abcp.org.uk/.

For exchange of information and ideas related to an International Study Group on Academic-Industry Relations. Current topics within the ISG are spin-off companies, strategic science centres, and bridging institutions like FhG and TNO, but all interested in the topic are welcome.

An area for discussion and sharing of information for members of the BALEAP 'Developing, Teaching and Testing Academic Listeners' special interest group and others with interest in this field.

A list to encourage discussion of current IT curriculum issues between ACER member colleges (Association of Colleges in the Eastern Region)

The Active Learning Network mailing list aims to create a platform for #discussion on active learning practice and research, as well as for dissemination of information related to the scope of the Network.

A discussion list for Adult Numeracy specialists in the UK.

This Association for Academic Outreach list facilitates discussion, development and dissemination of good practice. Membership is drawn from academics engaged in forms of Outreach, including employability, public engagement and Widening Participation, predominantly, though not exclusively, within the UK.

Discussion forum for people involved in Archives and Education

Establishing and constructing an alternative heuristics for the study of the human subject and existence as whole, unique and dynamic, self-constructing totalities

A discussion list for the Amplify FE Community of Practice. AmplifyFE is a network to connect and amplify communities of practice for digital learning, teaching and assessment in vocational education.

This list is used to make announcements from Jisc to the FE /HE community surrounding the use of Immersive Technology including Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) and its usefulness in education, and share information surrounding forthcoming events, training and workshops.

To enable action researchers in the UK to learn from African researchers about Ubuntu as a way of being as they explore multi-media narratives for representing their action research studies.

The Assistive Technology group, a practitioner led group aims to support practitioners in developing and embedding assistive technology for students in FE and HE.

Forensic Linguistics Reading Group - Centre for Forensic Linguistics at Aston University

The list seeks to serve educators, science communicators and those working in the fields of education and public outreach in astronomy related fields, to exchange ideas, best practises and resources.

list for AUA members to discuss issues related to partnerships and collaborations, including Erasmus Mundus and other Bologna issues and HE in FE

Mailing list for members of the BAAL Linguistics and Knowledge about Language in Education (LKALE)special interest group.

BACP Workplace Managers jiscmail provides a forum for divisional members who are managers of workplace counselling services to discuss issues with colleagues, share information, advertise relevant events and share good practice.

BACP Workplace Members JiscMail provides a forum for divisional members to discuss issues with colleagues and share information.

A list for for the discussion of research, scholarship and practice in English for Academic Purposes and other issues relevant to the work of BALEAP members.

For tutors/lecturers in EAP (English for Academic Purposes) working in Arts & Design FE/HE contexts

This list focuses on the professional development of adult literacy, language and numeracy teachers. It welcomes members working in UK and non-UK contexts concerned with initial and continuing teacher education of adult literacy, language and numeracy teachers.

Built Environment E-Learning Network. For academics, researchers and technologists in the area of the e-learning in the built environment, including areas such as mobile learning, ubiquitous learning, ambient learning, future learning spaces, virtual learning environments, open learning environments, pedagogy, e-Assessment, e-skills, e-CPD, learning standards, etc.

Used by researchers and teachers using BNIM to explore questions of method and support each other's work.

This JiscMail list is used to make announcements, share best practice and support training and teaching in higher education and clinical laboratory practice.

This list is open to any Further Education establishment that operate a Blackboard VLE environment. This is also open to 6th forms and Training Providers, that are not HE establishments, that use Blackboard.

THIS LIST IS NOW DEFUNCT. To join Boundary Objects, the network for early career researchers working with museums and collections, please complete the membershhip form on our website. Thank you. http://www.boundaryobjects.org/join-us/

Encourage discussion and application of Bourdieuian social theory within sociology Connect Bourdieuian researchers to generate and consolidate theoretical knowledge To facilitate networking and discussion through organised activities To support postgraduate students who are engaging with Bourdieu

A list to discuss online delivery of moving images to support HE teaching and research with input from FE. Issues to be addressed include content selection, access, rights clearance, encoding, description, asset management, authorisation and delivery.

This mailing list has been created to facilitate the sharing of information among Scottish colleges with an interest in research. The Colleges Action Inquiry Research Network (CAIRN) is hosted by the College Development Network (CDN). We welcome open discussion on a range of topics, but discourage direct sales or commercial activity.

This list is deliberatly narrow in its ambitions, namely to help those teaching financial accounting to make best use of all forms of Computer Assisted Learning. The list originator admits a bias to objective testing, computer-based assessment and Virtual Learning Environments, but it is hoped that the list will take on a life of its own.

This is a mailing list to support the Jisc funded Change Agents' Network - a network which supports staff and students working in partnership to bring about change with technology.

This list is for CARN members to discuss issues in Action Research

This list will be used by the Centre for East London Studies (CELS) at UEL and associated individuals and institutions for announcements and discussions.

Discussion list for developers working towards interoperability and portability of e-portfolio and personal development records, in the UK and wider contexts; moving beyond UKLeaP towards practical standards based on real experience. Some technical knowledge may be assumed.

Description: Variety 2013 indicated that there was considerable interest in the use of chemical concept inventories to quantitatively assess the impact of teaching innovations. This list aims to keep and grow that group.

This Network provides a space for critical learning, dialogue and exchange between practitioners, academics, policy makers and children and young people to innovate thinking and practice concerning children's participation

This list is used by the child studies and early years courses to share information and resources and support the child studies network.

CIBEA is an educationally focussed association which intends to be: -an expert hub for creative thinking related to business -bring creativity and business closer together -be a common voice for postgraduate research and teaching -define and contribute to the development of skills -provide a focal point to develop and disseminate research into creativity in business and the business of creativity & Sharing expertise and knowledge

A place for botanic garden educators and related professionals to discuss the social role of botanic gardens and other outdoor learning sites.

Practitioner,academic, community member research and knowledge exchange network

Community partners need infrastructure support to create enduring community-university partnerships for the future. Harnessing their collective experience, crafting opportunities to share best practice and making links that help to address community issues are the basis for building a network.

Discussion group for psychologists associated with the clinical work and research of the Conatus child psychology practice; opportunities for members to exchange ideas, expertise and opinion concerning current topics in child psychology

The CoSector Moodle User Group will exist in order to represent CoSector's customers strategic, technical and operational interests with respect to the CoSector's Hosted Moodle service. The group will share good practice amongst the user community, consider and influence future development of the CoSector's service offering, including: product & service improvements, new product development, joint (cross-institutional) development projects, identify user requirements in light of legal, government and operational changes within the UK education sector.

The CPD Forum is a specialist group for those in higher education institutions involved in the development, delivery and marketing of continuing professional development, executive education and short courses. It provides a platform and opportunity to sharing best practices.

Information and discussion forum for issues involving critical thinking. Topics encouraged include critical thinking - models, constructs, development and measurement.

Focused on the emerging field of Critical University Studies and related research across the Humanities and Social Sciences.

A support, advocacy, information and policy development forum for researchers and lecturers with dyslexia in Higher Education. This will be the first ever opportunity for dyslexic academics to work together in identifying the challenges they face, ways of overcoming barriers and to re-address the deficit model of dyslexia. Our members come from every region of the UK and all academic ranks are represented from Dean and Professor to Visiting Lecturer. Our members so far are drawn from 30 academic disciplines across the Arts, Sciences, Social Sciences and the Humanities.

Closed list for UK Dance Department members who have paid current membership fees.

This list has been retained 27/10/2021 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list HESA's Data Futures programme will transform the data collection process #for the UK higher education sector. This list will be used to provide #updates on the project to AP community.

This list has been retained 27/10/2021 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list This mail group is a forum for institutions that will be developing 'in-house' systems to support the HESA Data Futures return.

This network is open to deaf education practitioners and researchers for the purposes of sharing events, projects, publications and developments and to facilitate collaborative, international and multidisciplinary working.

DEED represents Departments, Schools, Faculties and Courses offering advanced level design education, including post-graduate studies and research in a variety of design areas. DEED recognises the increasing significance of interdisciplinary practice in all areas of design with the advent of the new information technologies, multimedia and computer-based design. In tandem with the increasingly multidisciplinary nature of design education with the growth of modularity, hybrid design disciplines and research. DEED supports its members and the broader academic community through a variety of activities including annual conferences, seminars, workshops, papers, and representation to the media, Government and other interested organisations.

support for FE and HE organisations implementing and responding to accessibility legislation.

This group focuses on technology enhanced postgraduate & academic learning

A list for technical discussion related to DMPonline to allow the wider developer community to share ideas and contribute to the code. DMPonline is an open source tool provided by the Digital Curation Centre for Data Management Planning.

This is a discussion list that supports the professoriate of De Montfort University by allowing members to communicate within the professoriate and to reach out to professoriates in other universities.

To enable communication within the HEFESTIS DPO-Share Steering Group.

The Disability Research Centre (DRC) promotes and conducts high quality interdisciplinary research about disability in society. The mission of the DRC is to highlight both the ordinariness and the relative invisibility of disability by (i) Seeking to understand different dimensions of the social and cultural (re) production of disability in society; (ii) Producing creative, academic and embodied knowledges exposing the often unequal treatment of disabled people; (iii). Engaging in both scholarly and practical research that renders the lives of disabled people, and the knowledges underpinning them, visible and vital; (iv). Providing a resource, and focal point, for disabled people of all ages to engage with (in) academic environments; and, (v). Developing positive, constructive, constructions of disabled peopleâ& 128;™s identities.

This list is used by Jisc to make announcements to further and higher education and the wider society as a whole about the Dyslexia Adult Network (DAN) and to encourage communication between those who are interested in increasing awareness of the impact of dyslexia, other specific learning differences and related conditions in adults.

This list provides a forum for community-wide discussion of areas of interest relating to e-theses and dissertations, including the use of e-theses within institutions, digitisation of print theses, author concerns and guidance, and the EThOS e-theses service.

This list is used for researchers and practitioners interested in English as an Additional Language (in the UK and internationally).

To share policies and guidelines and support developments in Electronic Assessment Management.

This list has been set up to promote and disseminate research into early years language learning and its implementation in policy and practice; to create opportunities for informed and constructive discussion and debate; and to support the development of cross-national collaboration and interaction.

A collaborative list to facilitate discussions and planning in relation to crowd sourced e-book accessibility audits.

For teachers and lecturers interested in curriculum issues affecting economics, business, and related subjects.

List of attendees from workshops for new lecturers and graduate teaching assistants

The Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Network (EDIN) is a multidisciplinary and practitioner based group that aims to encourage active and rich collaboration between specialists from different disciplines both within and beyond academia; promotes the discussion of global EDI issues; encourages research; knowledge sharing, good practice and training in EDI issues.

This list is used by the coordinators of the ESRC Seminar Series 'New Perspectives and Culture' to make announcements about the Seminar Series, related events, publications and projects.

Our Special Interest Group is an offshoot of the UK User Group, meeting 3 times a year. Our aim is to expand knowledge and expertise, in a focused environment. We are led by customers within the Education sector, working together with Unit4 to address business issues and develop ideas.

A mailing list for scientists and educators interested in sharing ideas and thoughts on educational and citizen seismology

EKSIG is concerned with understanding the nature and role of knowledge in research and practice in order to clarify fundamental principles and practices of using practice in research.

This list is to provide a forum for sharing experiences of selecting, implementing and using Electronic Voting Systems (EVS or sometimes referred to as Personal Response Systems,PRS).

A forum for EMDR practitioners to share research ideas, clinical issues and knowledge sharing.

This list is to going to be for key stakeholders interested in Women Leaders in HE so women leaders, aspiring women leaders, leaders and managers in HE (all genders) and the wider HE community of academics. It is related to the The EnPOWER project which aims to address the gender imbalance in leadership roles in the Higher Education sector in through activities such as an international Community of Practice and networking by challenging cultures of inequality and generating new ways of working that create, support and enable career pathways for women leaders.

This list will provide information to the JISC community about the e-learning and Pedagogy Programme. The list will be used to consult with the community as well as disseminating programme outputs.

This is the mailing list of the Scottish e-Portfolio Forum, used to distribute the latest news on e-Portfolio developments, announce meetings of the group, and allow members to share their ideas and experiences.

The purpose of this list is to act as a national conduit to support communications surrounding issues relating to eSafety within the post 16 education sector. Here list members can share best practice, ask for help and generally promote the safer use of technology within an educational and social context.

Information sharing on ESOL provision and support for learners and teachers in the North East

This group is the members of the Education Sector PA Network.

This list is used by members of the Ethics in Engineering Education Working Group of SEFI (European Society of Engineering Education) to share and discuss, e.g., experiences, practices, developments and events in ethics and ethical leadership in engineeering education.

The list will be used for discussion and dissemination, support of imaging research in psychiatry and neurosciences

This list is used by the Scottish Framework for Fair Access Development Group to disseminate information and encourage engagement and discussion about fair access in Scotland.

This network is an email support network for Human Resources Directors & Managers in Further Education Corporations, 6th Form Colleges and similar bodies to share information about important issues, share good practice, help each other with problems, publicise training events and conferences and anything which the members will find useful or interesting to know about.

This list is to facilitate information exchange, discussion and collaborative project development amongst members of the Building Bridges Forum, an open forum of individuals in FE and HE Institutions across the East of England with an interest in encouraging and supporting mature learners to take up FE and HE.

This is a mailing list for academics, researchers and professionals working on the use of film and other media for language learning.

This list is used to disseminate examples of good practice, to open the discussion about Foundation degrees to a wider community and to publicise material of general interest.

For all those interested in ethics, funding, design, implementation and future of doctoral research.

Mailing list to support a community interested in games-based learning and gamification approaches. Initially formed around 'Game to Learn' events, but open to all.

The Graphic Design Educators Network (GDEN) advocates graphic design education

This list is used by the Geography and Education Research Group of the Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers to share information relevant to our members.

Announcement list for events, projects and publications. This list is used to support networking among German foreign language teachers.

The Global Circle consists of philosophers sympathetic to the idea that philosophy should tackle, and promote awareness of, global problems - global intellectually, and global in the sense of concerning the planet and the future of humanity.

Group of scholars from ESRC-funded Global Citizenship symposium held in Hong Kong 8 - 10 December 2013

A group that includes Museums and cultural organisations within the county. The group meets regularly to share information, advice and knowledge. A forum to support, train and increase professional standards within the sector. A supportive group which promotes leaning and cultural activities within the county.

This list provides a forum for anyone engaged in matters relating to graduate employment and employability. It intends to promote high-level debate on these issues, particularly to challenge much of the current, intellectually questionable orthodoxy.

This list aims to support the establishment of a research network on graduate transitions to work. This network arises from the Symposium on the Political Economy of Higher Education and Training that was held at the University of Warwick on the 13th of July 2018, funded by the Warwick Institute of Advanced Study. At present, network development is in early stages. We hope to apply for funding and to set up more events on this theme in the future. This list will be used to circulate correspondence, news and events related to graduate transitions to employment.

Discussion group on grounded theory.

This JISC list is for those who support the development of Graduate Teaching Assistants in UK Higher Education.

This group is used by UK university recruitment staff to make announcements for the purposes of recruitment and collaborative activities in the MENA region

This group of Advanced Practitioners are working to improve the effectiveness of teaching, learning and assessment through the use of learning technologies. The list is used to offer mutual support, a sense of online community and a place to share ideas with each other.

List for HDCA Thematic group Children's Capabilities

Welcome to the HDCA's Early Career Researchers and Practitioners Network (ECRPN) Listserv. Our network aims to facilitate a HDCA community that supports early career members in their research and transition from their stage as a student towards a professional phase of their career, and to also foster exchange and integrate practitioner’s knowledge and experience.

Capability Approach and Education Network thematic group

Empowerment & Collective Capabilities

Ethics and Development thematic group

Health and Disability thematic group

Thematic Group Human Rights

Thematic Group Indigenous Peoples

Thematic Group Horizontal Inequalities

Capability Approach and Law thematic group

Thematic Group Participatory Methods

Thematic Group Quantitative Research Methods

Thematic Group Sustainable Human Development

HDCA Thematic Group: Technology, Innovation & Design

The list aims to connect researchers and activities on the role of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) within the creative economy and to establish a network of collaborations around this theme.

This list represents a forum through which staff involved in the delivery of mathematics and statistics (including support staff) can discuss the issues surrounding employability development

The purpose of this community of practice is for HEA OER International project leads/teams to communicate with each other and with the HEA OER International management team during the lifecycle of the project. The list is used as a bulletin noticeboard and for announcements, sharing project experiences,project plans and reporting.

This list is for health promotion academics to use to discuss the future of health promotion in the UK, how it is taught, when and where for what purpose

This list keeps you up-to-date with the latest news, developments and events for the Jisc-funded Historical Texts service.

A mail list for supporting discussions about developments of Hybrid Teaching and Learning in HE and information sharing.

This is a list for University staff across the UK and beyond who are interested in enhancing internationalisation at Home for international and UK students.

This mailing list is for discussion around the topic of developing, sharing and re-use of open educational resources on information literacy

A list for academics and professional services staff interested in supporting inclusion, diversity, and equality in higher education. Open internationally.

The list is for educators and educational researchers interested in developing inclusive gifted and talented educational theory and practice.

INQUIRE is a EU funded project with the aim of helping to reinvigorate inquiry-based science education throughout Europe. Coordinated by Innsbruck University and Botanic Gardens Conservation International, 14 botanic gardens in 11 countries have developed 60 hour teacher training courses to inspire students in science and help address biodiversity and climate change.

A communication channel for participants at the workshop Intergenerational Futures: a workshop on public health and the life-course. We also welcome social scientists, public health researchers and practitioners, environmental/planetary health specialists, and others with an interest in health, environments, and the life-course to join the list.

This list is intended as a platform for researchers, practitioners and policy makers with an interest in children and young people's intersecting identities and inequalities. It arises from a recent international seminar series on 'Children's Rights, Social Justice and Social Identities in Scotland: Intersections in Research, Policy and Practice' (2013-2014), funded by the Scottish Universities Insight Institute: http://www.scottishinsight.ac.uk/Programmes/Programmes201314/ChildrensRights.aspx The list aims to: - disseminate innovative research, policy and practice - create meaningful knowledge exchange opportunities - generate new knowledge and identify priorities for action in the field of childhood identities and inequalities, children'& 128;™s rights, social justice, childhood/family studies and intersectionality - firmly put children and young people'& 128;™s inequalities on the agenda in research, policy and practice

This is a communication, news, events and discussion list for researchers in Yorkshire who use Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

Mailing list for researchers and education practitioners interested in informal second language learning. This list is to: facilitate continued interaction and increased collaboration in future research; to provide a platform to share research outcomes, in progress, publications, news about events, opportunities for collaboration, etc.

This list is to provide information, networking and support to lecturers and others involved in the initial training of teachers of languages in the UK.

This is a mailing list of the Sustainable Development Research Programme (IUSDRP)

This mailing list will support the community of practice for users of the Jisc digital experience insights service. This list will support institutions with the sharing of practice in engaging staff and students with their experiences of using technology.

This list will be used to keep interested parties up to date with progress on the JISC e-Learning Programme, for example through a quarterly newsletter and other ad hoc announcements.

The JISC-funded Geospatial Engagement and Community Outreach programme (GECO), is building connections between geospatial activities and projects throughout the UK. This discussion list will be used to support the growing community of organisations and individuals that use geo whether inside or outside of academia including those from non traditional geo backgrounds. The list will include announcements of JISC GECO project news and workshops but is primarily about making connections between peers using geospatial data and concepts in their work, whatever that work might be.

List managed by Jisc for those subscribing to Jisc's Transnational education licensing service - Licensing for users based at campuses and partner sites abroad.

This list has been retained 27/07/20 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list This group is aimed at joining individuals and organisations within HE, the cultural heritage sector and public service broadcasting, in order to join up ways in which each area plans to digitally commemorate the events of the First World war. This join-up will deliver content from across the public sector in order to increase education and research on WW1

This group seeks to support a scholarly and research-based approach to research management and administration through discussion, ideas development, and networking. This list is managed and supported by the Journal of Research Management and Administration

This list keeps you up-to-date with the latest news, developments and events for the Jisc-funded Journal Archives service.

To facilitate communication across Federation partners.

Mailing list for the learning analytics community exchange project.

Teachers, researchers, & others in the field of language for academic purposes (including but not limited to English for academic purposes (EAP)).

This list would be an email forum for teaching practitioners and researchers involved in the Language Futures project.

The list will support F/HE staff with an interest in Learning Design. It aims to share information, tools and ideas to promote excellent teaching and curriculum practices.

A list for collaboration, discussion and sharing of practice related to learning spaces in UK Colleges and Universities.

London Education Research Network for Social Justice (LERNS)

User group for CILIP ARLG Southern division for academic (FE & HE) and research library staff in Dorset, Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, and West Sussex.

A closed discussion list for E-resource licensing for overseas campuses and partnerships. The list provides a forum for those negotiating e-resource licences for their overseas campuses or other partnerships. Through collaborative working,it is hoped that we can influence publishers and providers to streamline e=resource negotiations, licensing and payments, in order to make subscribed resources available to overseas campus students and collaborative partners.This would include any other related issues in making the information available to partnerships students, such as how the information is made available in terms of IT and authentication systems, in addition to any other support issues <HTML> A closed discussion list for E-resource licensing for overseas campuses and partnerships. The list provides a forum for those negotiating e-resource licences for their overseas campuses or other partnerships. Through collaborative working,it is hoped that we can influence publishers and providers to streamline e=resource negotiations, licensing and payments, in order to make subscribed resources available to overseas campus students and collaborative partners.This would include any other related issues in making the information available to partnerships students, such as how the information is made available in terms of IT and authentication systems, in addition to any other support issues </HTML>

This list is used to share best practice between Education Librarians working in Further and Higher Education, who have a School Experience or Teaching Practice Collection and support School Teachers.

The Forum is for institutions in and around the London area using Blackboard as their Virtual Learning Environment to 'bring together high quality expertise from different disciplines to share good practice, develop ideas and address staff training and implementation strategies'.

Mahara UK is for all those interested in the Mahara e-Portfolio. It will disseminate information on developments and events, specifically the annual conference.

This mailing discussion list invites everyone interested in participation, social action and inclusion in museums and heritage to share resources and ideas and work together to find new pathways to stronger heritage communities.

The MARTS group aims to provide a forum for discussion on research into martial arts and combat sports; opportunities for collaboration; and announcements of conferences, publications and research projects.

A discussion list for those running or interested in setting up Maths Arcades and HEIs. The main purpose of this list is to share good practice between institutions.

Sharing thoughts and information about the significance of mature learners in education and their roles in society.

For educators interested in the use of digital and social media for learning in F/HE @melsiguk

This group provides a forum for those interested in researching mentoring and coaching in order to improve practice and understanding of relevant theory

A forum for discussion of all aspects of mobile computing, including mobile websites, mobile application development and increasing access to services from mobile devices.

UK based discussion group to share research and news around the use of Massively Open Online Courses (Moocs)

A national list for UK Moodle users to ask questions, and share ideas and experiences related to the use of Moodle to support teaching & learning. Discussions that promote ideas, activities and suggestions connected with using Moodle to add value to the learner experience are strongly encouraged. There are 450+ subscribers on this popular list, with a large userbase and an increasing interest in Moodle there is bound to be a large amount of traffic. To switch to getting just one or two emails a day summarising these messages I would highly recommend using the DIGEST function. Please login at JISCMAIL.ac.uk then select Subsribers corner > click on Settings next to Moodle-UK > then select Subscription type as Digest If you use the list to share event, training or possible employment opportunities please do so in a subtle, concise and appropriate way. This can often be best achieved with a brief description and a short link. The advertising of commercial services is strictly prohibited. If in doubt please contact the List Owner - please see: (1) http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/policyandsecurity/acceptableuse.html#4 (2) http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/policyandsecurity/etiquette.html Happy Moodling! Jim Judges JISCMail Moodle-UK List Manager

To enable discussion between registered Medical Physics Experts (MPEs) and aspiring MPEs to improve understanding of the Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposures) Regulations (IRMER) to protect individuals subject to medical exposures using ionising radiation.

The Midlands Researcher Developer Forum (MRDF) is a networking group open to university staff who support and develop research students and research staff in Midlands universities. The group meets 3-4 times a year. This list is for MRDF members to exchange ideas, share practice and encourage communication between our meetings.

The list is to enable us to communicate relevant new information, publications and conferences related to addressing anxiety, resilience and safety in the context of learning and teaching mathematics in all sectors.

This list is used by MSDP members to communicate and share ideas relevant to the region

The list can be used to make announcements to the multimodal research community and to discuss relevant issues.

The discussion list for Mathematics and Numeracy practitioners in colleges, adult education and other post compulsory training organisations.

This is an email list that will be used by the organising committee of the National Association for Numeracy and Mathematics in Colleges.

This list is for anyone passionate about Higher Education Institutions public engagement, and is to facilitate sharing of information and discussion.

This list is for staff leading and contributing to programmes and courses for staff new to teaching in HE. It provides a forum for discussing the issues encountered in leading such programmes and enhancing academic practice. It also provides opportunities to share good practice and experiences.

This list is to be used by members of the North East Regional Teaching Group in order to network, organise meetings, update and question/answer queries relating to TDA activities and current information/changes in the current Teacher Training system.

Discussion list for researchers and practitioners in the field of nonprofit and social marketing and consumption.

This is the mailing list set up by NRICH (http://nrich.maths.org), part of the Millennium Mathematics Project at the University of Cambridge, to support primary mathematics teachers who are studying for or have completed the Primary Mathematics Specialist Teaching (MaST) qualification. Please subscribe to the mailing list to receive information and announcements about free online primary mathematics education resources published on the NRICH website and professional development courses and events.

This list is used by the NRICH project (http://nrich.maths.org) at the University of Cambridge as a discussion and information-sharing forum for HE tutors and LA staff delivering the Primary Mathematics Specialist Teacher (MaST) programme.

A low-volume support list for teachers, parents and researchers interested in online mathematics education resources.

A list for users, teachers, parents and researchers interested in participating in online mathematics education.

This is a list for National Science and Engineering Week event organisers to communicate with one another and share best practice. Organisers work at universities, research institutions, learned societies, trusts, schools, colleges, science clubs, community centres, science centres, museums, outreach companies, science and engineering-based industry or are individuals, all with an interest in creating events to inspire and engage adults and children with science and engineering based ideas. Join the list to learn more about National Science and Engineering Week!

The Outdoor Environmental Education Research Seminar was held in April 2016 at the Broomlee Outdoor Centre in the Scottish Borders. The seminar brought together PhD students with an interest in outdoor environmental and sustainability education and related topics. This mailing list has been created to continue the discussions started at that event, and also for PhD students and early career academics in these and related fields to share experience, opportunities and ideas.

Networking group for those managing or designing online CPD, non-degree courses, particularly for the education sector, but also industry and business.

Open Covid Pledge for Education (https://www.alt.ac.uk/open-covid-pledge) discussion, updates, events, shared resources

Information and file store for the trainers associated to the Open University Access Centre

This list is for the users and potential users of the Panopto lecture capture system. The aim is to share ideas and experiences that relate to Panopto.

For discussion of Physics Education Research in the UK

Discussion list for the ancient philosophy as Lifelong Learning concept

This list is primarily for the Philosophy of Management Special Interest Group of the British Academy of Management and provides information to members about workshop activities, the annual conference stream, the journal "Reason in Practice" and other collaborative opportunities in the UK and Europe. Practitioners with an interest in the contribution that philosophy can make to improving managerial and organizational practice and reflection are also welcome to join.

This list welcomes all involved in learning and teaching in disciplines relevant to public health.

This is a list intended to promote dialogue regarding research into the physical management of violence and aggression. It will encourage and facilitate discussion surrounding physical interventions. The list is primarily aimed at current trainers and academics.

This is a list intended to promote dialogue regarding research into the physical management of violence and aggression. It will encourage and facilitate discussion surrounding physical interventions. The list is primarily aimed at current trainers and academics.

This List supports Partnership communications between the University of Plymouth and the Plymouth University of the Third Age (U3A) The two learning communities have many principles in common and the Partnership aims to be a mutually beneficial arrangement. The University of Plymouth Community Engagement Strategy supports sharing and excitement about wider opportunities for learning in the Community. The strategy aims to help people transform their lives through education, empowering people to deliver their talents and provide opportunities to foster social inclusion. Creativity and innovation are embedded in all their activities which are delivered through partnership with business, the public sectors, community groups, and charities. The University of the Third Age (U3A) consists of self-help, self-managed lifelong learning co-operatives for older people no longer in full time work, providing opportunities for their members to share learning experiences in a wide range of interest groups and to pursue learning, not for qualifications, but for enjoyment and the love of learning. Membership benefits include valuable opportunity for social engagement at a time of life when people can become isolated, the negative effects of which are well known. The U3A also aspires to work in partnership with other research and learning organisations. Activities includes collaboration in research, support for students from the local community and opportunities to share resources and learning opportunities.

A multi-disciplinary discussion of podcasting for reserachers in education, media, radio and subjects where podcasting is a subject of study.

A forum for sharing ideas, best-practice and potential growth in teaching and research around Classics and Ancient History in post-92 institutions within UK Higher Education. Members should be employed in teaching and/or research in a post-92 institution, and be working with Classics & Ancient History, broadly defined.

Discussion group of the UK's Association of Postdoctoral Researchers: for help, policy campaigning and the exchange of information about career opportunities, international research communities and research mobility.

This practitioner-researcher e-forum is to establish and evolve interconnecting and branching networks of web-based communications to support practitioner-research.

An email list for people working as public relations educators in the UK higher education system.

This list brings together teachers, academics and researchers, teacher trainers and other language practitioners to exchange practical ideas, experiences and research about learning and teaching languages at primary level.

This list is consolidation of an existing email list of PLs in HEIs in Scotland which has been developed as part of the Enhancement Themes sector level activity in this area. The list aims to facilitate dialogue among PLs and extend the activity of the Evidence for Enhancement community beyond the life of the cluster.

Discussion forum to assist staff in colleges across Scotland with the development of a quality improvement culture. To promote dialogue with other agencies and for regarding quality improvement including announcements re publications, projects and research. To assist with the formulation of Scotland's colleges perspective on quality improvement to influence key agencies.

This serves a key purposes of Researching, Advancing and Inspiring Student Engagement: enable networking, and sharing practice and dialogue

This is the mailing list for RaPAL, Research and Practice in Adult Literacy (www.rapal.org.uk), which brings together researchers and adult literacy practitioners.

The Six Steps programme supports public and educational library services in providing accessible services with minimal barriers for visually impaired users.

Welcome to this multi- and inter-disciplinary discussion group, the aim of which is to exchange ideas and information related to reflective practice.

This discussion list is for use by the team developing the online Refugee Thesaurus resource, for discussing new ideas and changes / updates that need to be made.

This list is for the committee of the Research Information and Digital Literacies Coalition (RIDLs) which aims to bring together organisations to promote the value of information and research data literacy for academic researchers; and to enable activities which help to advance this knowledge and skills.

This list will help to support the JISC Relationship Management Programme projects and also aims to inform those who are not part of the Programme, but who wish to try similar approaches in their own institutions.

This list has been set up to support SALT - Southern Area Learning Technologists. SALT is a local network group aiming to encourage communication and collaboration between those working in Technology Enhanced Learning across the education sector in the South and provide opportunities to meet others in the same area of work.

This list has been retained 30/07/20 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list This list is for the 10 affiliate mebers of the SCA, so that they can be kept regularly updated and informed of SCA affivities and products. This group will also act as an information sharing forum between all of the partners.

This list has been retained 24/05/2021 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list A site for everyone involved in the Higher Education Funding Council for England catalyst funded project (2015-2018) on embedding scholarship in College Higher Education in England, administered by the Association of Colleges

An official UK-based School Bullying network for researchers/academics in higher education to share advice, support and research studying bullying. Discuss current and new approaches to maintain diversity in bullying research. Identify important research questions and further new collaborations.

This list is for members of the public interested in an annual STEM outreach event called "Science in the Park", held at Nottingham's Wollaton Hall in March.

The email network for members of ScotHELD, Scotland's network for Learning Developers in Higher Education.

List of institutional, individual and honorary members of SCUTREA (Standing Conference on University Teaching and Research in the Education of Adults)

This list is used by the Secrecy, Power, and Ignorance Network (SPIN) to share network and member related news, events, and research.

South East Learning Network for the Hants & IOW subregion, bringing together educational organisations and providers in the area for post-16 education to support learning.

South East Learning Network for the Kent area, bringing together educational organisations and providers in the area for post 16 education to support learning.

This is the collaborative Network for the MKOB and Berkshire Regions in the South East. These meetings run every term for all post 16 establishments in the MKOB and Berkshire Region.

South East Learning Network list for Surrey and Sussex, enabling networking in the post-16 sector for organisations in these 2 counties.

The South Gloucestershire Heritage Partnership Group brings together South Gloucestershire officers and councillors with members of the heritage community, parish councils and other relevant bodies to share information on what is happening in the heritage sector within South Gloucestershire.

<html> South Gloucestershire Museums Group is an unincorporated association. The aims of the group shall be to promote inspiration, learning and enjoyment through the exploration of museum collections for the benefit of local communities and the general public. <p> Membership shall be open to museums and heritage centres that are open to the public and whose collecting area is wholly or partly within South Gloucestershire. </p> </html>

SHEL is a network for women leaders in HE, we aim to develop professional practice by offering a women only space for peer to peer learning and support. Members are welcome who: have a leadership role in HE; are invested in educational change and development; identify as women.

This is the discussion forum for BALEAP's EAP for Social Justice Special Interest Group. It aims to bring together a network of EAP practitioners and researchers passionate about promoting social justice values in EAP.

This list will provide a space for academics and practitioners in higher education to connect and share resources, ideas, best practices and innovations in the area of sustainability in learning and teaching.

A designated jiscmail list for small and specialist students' unions to share ideas, best practice and advice on various issues within the higher and further education sectors.

The list aims to foster a debate on small business growth management issues, such as: decision making, modelling/simulation, Accounting & System Dynamics models as learning/planning tools to cope with strategic change; start-up processes; knowledge elicitation; Interactive Learning Environments


For people using social networking to enrich the student experience

Linking academic outreach practitioners in Norfolk, SOIN will maximise collaboration and ensure effective use of resources

This list will serve as a support network to all those working to support students with academic skills.

This group aims to share news, information, events and activities relating to the field of sporting heritage.

Mailing List for Institutional Contacts for SROC, for the dissemination and notification of matters of interests to SROC delegates and those working within the field of Student Records and Data.

A list for graduates / researchers / organisations supporting STEAM / STEM / Education and the streams in these sectors (teaching, careers, policy etc) From early years/first years right upto KS4, from around the world.

This list provides a forum for those working in or interested in the area of student retention in higher education to exchange views and share good practice.

Address demand for the continuing professional development of higher education staff, particularly academic staff, in supporting the development of student employability and enterprise in their working setting. It supports professional engagement with the implementation of enhanced practice in evidence informed ways.

A list for students' associations joining Europlat as associate partners.

This list is to share and discuss policy and research work in students' unions within further and higher education. It supports peer to peer training and development, collaboration and events. # This list is used to make announcements about events, positions and research being undertaken in the student movement.

This list is to support, troubleshoot and answer the frequently asked questions about using and utilising high performance compute cluster at Birmingham City University.

This mailing list is made up of the Heads of Departments and Key Contacts from UK economics departments that subscribe to the Economics Network.

The University of Sussex is seeking to appoint an external examiner for Finance and Accounting, to examine the International Year One Programme. The course is delivered by our partnership organisation, Study Group, at our on campus International Study Centre. Applications from candidates with experience of collaborative provision will be prioritised. Please note that we are unable to accept applications from those who: • Have previously been appointed as an external examiner at the University of Sussex. • Within the last five years, have been a member of staff or student within the University of Sussex or one of its Partner Institutions (including Study Group); • Have any direct interest in or ties to the University or Study Group. • Hold more than one other external examiner position. Information on the external examining role at the University of Sussex is available here: https://www.sussex.ac.uk/webteam/gateway/file.php?name= ee-handbook-2015-16- (final).pdf&site= 457 Please send expressions of interest and a current CV to Isabel Costello, Academic Development and Quality Enhancement Officer (I.Costello@sussex.ac.uk). Closing date: 5th May 2017

Following on from the Education for Sustainable Development: Graduates as Global Citizens conference, this list is a forum for the continuation of debate and dialogue. It is an interdisciplinary online forum for contributions on sustainable development and global citizenship issues in HE.

This list is run by the International Council on Archives Section on University and Research Institution Archives (https://www.ica.org/en/about-university-archives-suv) for its members and to encourage broader professional discussion among those interested in its topics.

Mailing list for members of the South-West Principal Fellows (PFHEA) Group to share good practice, have discussions, and arrange meetings

The list members are disability advisers and widening participation practitioner at the universities in the SW region. It is planned that the list will expand to include SEN Teachers from local schools and learning suport advisers from colleges in the SW region. We are planning to use the list for communicating collaborative events for young people with disabilities, their parents and carers as well as disability and widening participation practitioners.

The aim of the Symbiosis project is to create and pilot a new model of economic resilience for smaller museums by building a resource to support them in developing deeper, mutually beneficial research collaborations with their relevant industries.

Description: This list is used by teacher researchers and practitioner researchers interested in teacher research, to share ideas, create new knowledge and celebrate systematic and rigorous enquiry.

Discussions on Teacherworld will focus on current issues in the field of race, ethniciry and diversity and inclusion and how these impact upon education. It welcomes contributions from teachers, trainees and others interested in sharing good practice in this area and promoting diversity.

For researchers associated with the (ESRC/EPSRC) TEL Programme to share findings, funding opportunities, vacancies, resources and general support to those working in the interdisciplinary TEL field.

Technology-enhanced learning special interest group

Mailing list for people interested in activities and events run by the TESF network

Following an inaugural international conference the delegates agreed to keep in touch, provide support and share ideas in research, education and practice.

The TiP (Theory into Practice) discussion list is a supportive and collaborative space for those teaching in Higher Education to gain and share knowledge and experience of putting Learning & Teaching theory into practice in the classroom.

This list is to be used by staff in higher education institutions across the UK, to share good practice and experiences in the area of teaching, learning and quality enhancement in transnational education. It is envisaged that the list will play a critical part in developing a Community of Practice, where resources and experiences will be shared and members will be able to ask questions and seek /provide feedback to the €œ'community'.

An informal space to explore how to support those engaged with all forms of digital learning and teaching in HE & FE. Discussion topics and advise on supporting colleagues develop their digital teaching practices. A community space to share ideas, research and innovative practice aimed at developing digital pedagogical and technological expertise.

Transforming Childhoods is an interdisciplinary research network that aims to explore children's lives in context and build connections between young people and society.

List to announce available Tutor vacancies at the Open University.

mail list for ucisa members who are IT directors of specialist Colleges and Universities of Art, Design & Performance

The list will serve the purpose of allowing communication among members of the UK Consortium on Sustainability Research, with information on research opportunities, grants, publications and events.

This list has been retained 01/06/2020 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list Discussion list following 1st Conference of UK Teachers and Developers of Evidence-Based Health Care

This list is used by HE and FE staff involved in advising and personal tutoring to share ideas, resources, and research in the field.

This list will be used as needed by the UK Linguistics Olympiad committee for communicating with teachers and/or pupils.

This list is designed to share news and information about Underground Mathematics, a new website, designed at the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge which aims to support and enhance post-16 mathematics education.

This list is for people involved in the Unionising the Future research project, which looks at understanding and supporting joint working between Trade Unions and Students' Unions from 1970 to the present day. It will be used to share ideas, resources and to communicate research outcomes, training materials and to promote events.

UniTopia is an experiment in knowledge production, an open seminar series exploring universities past present and future.

Discussion list for use by UK HE and FE customers of UNIwise products for Digital Exams

The University of Bath Conference, Spotlight on Project Qualifications, delegate and contributor group. Initiated to allow those delivering and supporting project qualifications to share good practice. Co-ordinated by The University of Bath, with group aprticipants from academic and support roles. More information and resources https://www.bath.ac.uk/topics/resources-for-teachers-to-help-students-apply-for- university/

A group for University of Leeds staff and alumni volunteering as School Governors.

This list serves as a site for discussion and listings for the International Sociological Association Visual Sociology Working Group ISA WG03 (formerly known as the International Sociological Association Visual Sociology Thematic Group TG05).

An open list discussing the development and use of VLEs in every sector of education in the UK

The forum is to enable networking and discussion amongst providers of ESOL in the voluntary sector. It is moderated by the National Association for Teaching English and Community Languages to Adults (NATECLA)

The list will be used by educational developers in Welsh HEIs who support academic development.

This open list is used by the World Heritage Learning and Engagement network, to share best practice, make announcements and provide a network forum for practitioners and organisations involved in World Heritage Education, Learning and Engagement.

Forum for Work Based Learning Providers across London regarding the new LLUK requirements for Initial Teacher Training. The Forum is jointly managed by The Westminster Partnership Centre for Excellence in Teacher Training (CETT) (University of Westminster) and LONCETT (Institute of Education)

This group is for anyone in the West Midlands who has an interest in open badges, or learning more about them. Use this list to ask questions, share knowledge, develop ideas and and highlight good practice.

This Association for Learning Technology (ALT) members group is for anyone in the West Midlands region of the UK working or interested in learning technology.

This group is for those keen to explore the full potential of the content management / blogging platform WordPress in educational and research contexts.

The list is to facilitate discussion between members attending and interested in an ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council) sponsored seminar programme looking at young people and precarious work. The list will continue beyond the duration of the seminars (2011 - 2012) with the intention of developing interdisciplinary discussion and networks.

A network for people that work with young people in a museum or gallery setting.