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This mailing list is primarily for members of the African Theatre Association, but non-members who are interested in news and information about African theatre and performance are welcomed.

A list linked to discussions of research discussions in creative writing as relates to research council considerations around AHRC Creative Writing research training project (2005-2007)

The ALCS list aims to promote the scholarly study and teaching of the language, culture, history and society of the Low Countries by facilitating communication between interested scholars and teachers.

Establishing and constructing an alternative heuristics for the study of the human subject and existence as whole, unique and dynamic, self-constructing totalities

This is a restricted discussion list for Members of the Angela Carter Society, which seeks to celebrate and promote the study and appreciation of the life and work of Angela Carter. Join now: www.angelacartersociety.com.

There are contested categories in the history of lgbtq studies involving the extent to which modern concepts may be roled back into history. This list will assemble evidence showing cultural diversity across information spaces but with the intention to enhance theory and practice through building new information processing tools.

Description: This list is used share research news and events with the research community who work or are interested in social sciences and humanities HIV research. It is moderated by ASSHH UK steering committee.

News and discussion relevant to the study of popular / folk / traditional ballads - international and multilingual.

Events, announcements, and discussion list for the British Association for Modernist Studies.

This list is only open to members of the Association. We will post on relevant call for papers, notices of conferences, and offer the opportunity to contact all members of BARS with queries regarding work-in-progress.

For use by BASEES members to promote discussion and make announcements about events in Slavonic and East European Studies.

This list is for those who are working on or who are interested in any aspect of BBC history, to keep members in touch with each other,with current work and to publicise events.

A mailing list for anyone interested in the links between reading fiction and non-fiction and health. Bibliotherapy, including Books on Prescription, reading groups, self-help etc.

This group is for researchers and students engaged with the work of the British psychoanalyst, Wilfred Bion (1897-1979), within the humanities (including, but not restricted to: literature, literary criticism, creative writing, film studies, coaching, pedagogy, psychology, social theory, critical theory).

The mailing/discussion list for the Mellon Funded British Library Labs project.

This list supports the activities and goals of the Book History Postgraduate Student Network. It aims to facilitate discussion and research in all areas and periods of book history and to encourage the growth of an interdisciplinary community of book historians in the early stages of their careers.

Borders and Borderlands in Medieval and Early Modern Europe is a research network based at the University of Bristol. The network organises research events and encourages grant applications.

The Book and Print initiative is a School of Advanced Study-wide consortium for the study of the book, the manuscript, the print, the map...

Discussion and news list for practitioners and readers of current poetry and poetics, with emphasis on recent postmodern and innovative poetries in Britain and Ireland.

A space for academic discussion about the life and work of Anthony Burgess, sharing developments in Burgess Studies and asking questions to colleagues.

This list has been created for the discussion of issues surrounding the electronic publication of Cancioneros. Topics for discussion include, but are not restricted to,transcription of original documents, collation, variation, mss description, etc.

This list is used by the Centre for the Study of Contemporary Women's Writing (CCWW) at the Institute of Modern Languages Research. The Centre promotes and facilitates national and international research on contemporary writing by women in French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish (including Catalan and Galician)

The UK list for academic discussion of all aspects of children's literature.

This list is available to all post-graduate students in Classics, Classical Archaeology, Ancient History, Ancient Philosophy, etc. for the dissemination of relevant and useful information (conferences, seminars, projects, publications, jobs, etc.).

This list is primarily for Classicists interested in the interaction of cognitive science with classical material, but it is also intended to be a place for interdisciplinary connection with those in e.g. cognitive humanities, psychology, philosophy, neuroscience. It is primarily a forum for the dissemination of relevant information on conferences, seminars, publications, research projects, etc.

Comparative-literature intends to provide a forum for all who are interested in the study of literature without confinement to national or linguistic boundaries, and in relation to other disciplines. It will advertise the activities of the British Comparative Literature Association (BCLA).

A listserv for scholars working in the arts and humanities who have research interests in copyright and its history

This list is for discussion of research and announcement of events in the emerging field of corpus stylistics - the use of language corpora in the analysis of the language of literature.

This is the discussion list for cultural & literary research in Quebec & French-Canadian studies

This list is for students and researchers of all disciplines who share an interest in creative critical writing. It is used to announce events, calls for papers, publications and other relevant material and, so doing, to foster a sense of community around creative-critical work.

A list for creative writers and researchers in creative writing in universities and colleges, considering ideas and issues, and developing links bewteen excellence in creative writing practice in universities and the quality of the writing arts, publishing and literary culture beyond.

To share knowledge and good practice and post opportunities for those teaching on creative writing degrees

A mailing list intended for communication between members of the Special Interest Group on Crime and Language research.

Focused on the emerging field of Critical University Studies and related research across the Humanities and Social Sciences.

The Centre for the Study of International Slavery (CSIS) is a research partnership between the University of Liverpool and National Museums Liverpool's International Slavery Museum. This list is used to make announcements about the Centre's activities and related events. See www.liv.ac.uk/csis for more information.

The Cultural Translation and East Asia: Art, Film and Literature mailing list is to encourage and support the development and maintain of this aspect of Asian Studies in the UK and beyond.

This list serves as a network of and for scholars working in the area of surveillance studies. We seek to engage with scholars from a range of multidisciplinary backgrounds, post jobs, events, CFPs and discussion topics within a shared research area of surveillance, culture and the twenty first century.

A list for researchers in any aspect of the western monastic tradition from late antiquity looking forward in time, with the aim of fostering exchanges across the research community.

The Fusion programme is aimed at increasing access to cultural participation for people experiencing disadvantage in Wales. This list will enable greater communication between them allowing best practice to be shared. Subscribers will include museum and arts learning professionals.

Following the David Mitchell Conference 2017, this list has been set up in order for researchers to share their ideas and work in progress, circulate new publications and news, and to help foster new collaborations and connections across the research community.

Network for the decolonisation of Higher Education at the University of Chester and beyond. Join to make connections with students, academics and staff working to decolonise the university.

A list for discussing issues around design fiction research and practice.

Disability was endemic to industrial society with a high incidence of accidents and injuries. This discussion group is concerned with how industrialization shaped conceptions and experiences of disability and how the narratives of disability (historical, literary, journalistic etc) are represented.

Dix-neuf is a mailing list run under the auspices of the Society of Dix-Neuvi�mistes. This society was established to provide a scholarly focal point for nineteenth-century French studies in the UK and Ireland. It organizes events bringing together both postgraduates and academics and publishes articles in its online journal.

A forum for the exchange of ideas and contacts for all those involved in the theory and practice of dramaturgy

List for network members and associates of the DRIVE project led by Bournemouth, CUEA and CHUKA universities.

List for discussion of the novelist Elizabeth von Arnim (1866-1941), following the 2015 conference at Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge.

The Higher Education Accademy, via its Discipline Lead for English and Creative Writing, provides a supportive network of communication and activities to advance the practice of teaching English across the UK higher education. This list service provides a forum to discuss the evolving pedagogy of professional English studies and keeps members informed of relevant HEA activities.

Forum for discussion of research topics in Victorian Literature and related fields.

For the discussion,sharing and development of EPBC teaching materials which will help academics and students to learn more about European literature, languages and culture

Lista de correo da Asociación Internacional de Estudos Galegos para o intercambio de información relacionada cos Estudos Galegos, perspectivas profesionais, e para favorecer o networking entre os seus membros.

The FEMINIST-TRANSLATION-STUDIES discussion list is a transnational feminist tool aimed at creating cross-border alliances and sharing news about publications, conferences and other academic events on this research field. It also enables members to ask critical questions and raise issues about any aspect related to Feminist Translation Studies in a broad sense. The vehicular language of the mailing list is English, but all geographies are included. It was created and administered by Olga Castro, University of Warwick, Great Britain. For more information, please contact the list owner.

This list is used to facilitate interdisciplinary discussion of folktales, fairy tales and fantasy literature. Contributions may include research enquiries as well information about relevant publications and events.

This list is for sharing announcements of events, publications, and ongoing research in the culture of trees and forests. It brings together academics and researchers from different institutions and fields, including environmental history, anthropology, art history, law, literature, and geography. It aims to provide a communication network for the large breadth of research in forest humanities, history, politics, and culture.

This list is a discussion list for scholars working on George Gascoigne and other early Elizabethan writers, to facilitate the exchange of ideas about the generation at the very beginning of the English literary renaissance. Gascoigne dominated the early Elizabethans and influenced Sidney, Spenser, Shakespeare and many others. The list began as a forum for the continuation of discussions begun at The Gascoigne Seminar in September 2007.

This email list supports the international, interdisciplinary GeoHumanities community. It will offer a space for discussion and information exchange between scholars and practitioners interested in the intersections of geographical themes- space, place, landscape, environment, the urban and mobilities and arts and humanities scholarship and practice.

The list will be used to provide information to and allow discussion between participants in the German Philosophy Seminar at the IGRS (University of London), convened by Dr. Johan Siebers, and to inform members of other relevant events.

Mailing list of the Graphic Justice Research Alliance. An interdisciplinary research network exploring the crossover between law and justice and comics of all kinds.

The Historical Fictions Research Network aims to create a place for the discussion of all aspects of fictional historical narrative. We welcome people working on prose, drama, visual art, reception studies, musicology, museum displays, film, tv, gaming, wargaming, graphic novels, transformative works and any other areas engaged in the narrative construction of the fictional past.

This list is for the discussion and promotion and development of non-academic Holocaust writing, e.g. creative writing, non-fiction, fiction, poetry etc. The aim is to network among those who are interested in both producing and working with the producers of such texts.

This list is used to inform the Classics community (in its widest sense) and others interested in the field about events and initiatives organised or facilitated by the Institute of Classical Studies.

This mailing list exists to support the research initiatives of the In Via Dante Network. We aim principally to foster dialogue between PGR and ECR Dantisti across different institutions in the British Isles and further afield.

This list exists to help members of the MLA (Modern Language Association) with interests in language and literary linguistics to communicate with each other

This is the mailing list for Science, Text and Culture in Latin America, an AHRC-funded research network organised by Dr Joanna Page (Cambridge) and Dr Maria Blanco (Oxford).

List for those interested in Latin American cultural products created for the Internet, and new discourses, practices and communities generated by such cultural products. See the project blog at: http://latamcyber.wordpress.com/

A mailing list for those interested in or working at the expansive intersections between legality and culture. This includes work such as law and the humanities, cultural legal studies, legal history, law and philosophy, and critical legal studies.

This will be the main means of communication for the Liverpool Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (formerly Liverpool Centre for Medieval Studies) - a hub for research, research networking and support in the field of medieval and Renaissance Studies in the UK, and especially in the North West.

This email list provides a forum to discuss lesbian lives in the ethos of the Lesbian Lives conference. We aim to be an international social, cultural, political and artistic venue for sharing ideas and information of relevance to Lesbian Lives. We hope to develop dialogues and discussions that understand that 'the lesbian perspective still continues to be a critical gaze from a charged margin and the Lesbian Lives Conference continues to be a friendly experience of energetic engagement' O'Donnell, 2008.

The Libyan Epigraphy Research Network is a community of researchers and heritage professionals with an interest in the inscriptions of the ancient provinces that overlap with the area of modern Libya.

This list is for information exchange and discussion amongst librarians working with children's literature, academic research and collections.

The aim of this list is create a community for information professionals who support research and teaching in the field of literature, enabling the sharing, discussion and exchange of ideas and information.

This list carries announcements of UK calls for conference papers, conferences and other events (meetings, conferences, seminars etc) in English literature, language, linguistics and cultural studies. Please note that it does not carry announcements about publications. It is administered by the Institute of English Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London.

The purpose of the list is to allow persons involved in the academic reviews of research literature to share information and findings

This list is used by CELL to make announcements about research, publications, events, seminars, and studentships

This list is used by members of the Sir David Lyndsay Society to share information, questions and research discussion relating to the work of Sir David Lyndsay (c. 1486-1555)

This list is used by the AHRC-funded project 'Beyond the Frame: Indian British Connections', the Arts and Humantieis Research Council-funded follow on project to 'Making Britain: South Asian Visions of Home and Abroad, 1870-1950' (2007-10) to make announcements about conferences, exhibitions, events, publications and workshops.

A forum for the discussion, promotion and development of online manuscript research among the professionals, researchers and students collaborating in the field.

MappingWriting.com is a freely available website which is exploring geographical representations in cultural texts -- primarily literary, but not exclusively. The list will assist scholars to communicate about conferences, publications and developments in this area.

This list is for use by researchers in the field of masculinity studies accross academic disciplines to post announcements and generate discussions in this field.

This list is for scholars and archivists, etc, interested in the mass digitization of original textual materials, particularly digital photography of medieval manuscripts.

This list is used by medievalists working IN Scotland (not necessarily ON Scotland) for networking: looking for potential collaborators for research; planning, announcing or advertising conferences, workshops, events, publication opportunities, jobs, studentships, post-docs, grants etc.

A multidisciplinary forum for discussing memory in the twenty-first century. Researchers, authors, artists and organisations are invited to share news, events, projects and publications. The Memory Network emerged from an AHRC Network led by the University of Roehampton and Durham University in 2012-14.

This interdisciplinary mailing list, co-ordinated by Helen Coffey and Leah Clark at the Open University, is aimed at scholars interested in life in buildings, institutions and broader geographical areas during the middle ages and early modern period. It will allow scholars from various disciplines to share news of relevant publications and events as well as other research and teaching initiatives.

This is a monthly email digest of events, publications, calls for papers etc of interest to scholars working on the 'middlebrow'.

This list is designed to provide a sounding board for criticism of; research into; and discussion about John Milton and his time.

Discussion includes all post-war fiction originating in the British Isles, though specific attention is aimed at recent publications.

A mailing list to share research, news, Call for Papers, etc, among those working on the intersection of fashion and modernist literature.

This list provides updates and announcements on research training in Modern Languages https://modernlanguages.sas.ac.uk/graduate-study/research-training

MONC brings together scholars and professionals working on modernism in Wales to facilitate better communication and collaboration.

The principal aim of the Network (funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council) is to enable cross-cultural and interdisciplinary dialogue on the study of motherhood, exploring what representations and narratives of motherhood in contemporary women-authored European literatures can contribute to different disciplines.

This cross disciplinary list is for scholars in the area of narrative inquiry broadly who are interested in the aesthetics of their approaches. This cross-fertilisation of social and human science with art and humanities may include, for example, autoethnographers, performance and experimental ethnographers, cultural and communication scholars with an interest in performance, narrative and dialogic narrative researchers, those using the arts in social science enquiry, to name but a few.

This network involves academics in sociology, literature, history, politics and linguistics who are interested in morbidity, mortality and the commemoration of this.

To disseminate information regarding interdisciplinary north-west seminars. To forge connections between researchers with corresponding interests throughout the north-west. To promote research of the early modern period, in any discipline.

This list will facilitate communication among staff and post-graduate medievalists at the University of Nottingham.

The Northern Premodern Seminar (formerly the Northern Renaissance Seminar) is an ongoing seminar series concerned with literature and culture 1250 to 1700.

This list is used by the Oxford Centre for Life-Writing to make announcements to its members about forthcoming events, study opportunities, research initiatives and online activities.

Mailing list for The Baron Thyssen Centre for the Study of Ancient Material Religion at The Open University.

The list will serve as the email distribution list for the newly-created Interdisciplinary Network for Nineteenth-Century Italian Studies. We are in the process of constructing a website and contacting colleagues in the UK and North America, Italy, Australia and Canada, etc., who specialise in any aspect of C19th Italy. The network 'mission statement' is as follows: #

The Poetics and Linguistics Association is an international academic association for the linguistic study of literature, and related areas. The association website is www.pala.ac.uk.

A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of new publications, events, CFPs, and questions relating to smell and the past. The list is intended to be a space where the growing number of scholars interested in smell and the past across all disciplines (including the arts, humanities, social sciences, and sciences) can network and share research.

An academic, interdisciplinary and multilingual discussion list for all aspects of research related to picturebooks from around the world.

This list provides a means of communication between the individuals representing those organisations that constitute Partnerships in English in the periods between meetings.

Poetryetc provides a venue for a dialogue relating to poetry and poetics, promoting specific projects for internet and print publication, and providing a forum for you to debate your own critical and creative work.

A forum for discussion of how and where literature segues with environmental issues. A zone of literary activism and advocacy for the environment. For poets, writers, and academics.

To analyse the political and legal aspects of the BBC's longest running drama series "Doctor Who"

UK/Ireland German studies mailing list specifically dedicated to postgraduate and early career researcher's topics and issues.

This list will promote discussion between postgraduates working in the field of Francophone Postcolonial studies, and will inform members of forthcoming SFPS postgraduate events

News, announcements and discussions about historical colour printing. Part of the Printing Colour Project: writing colour into the history of printing in the west 1400-1920, www.printingcolourproject.com.

This list is used by the Queen Mary Centre for Religion and Literature in English (QMCRLE) to make announcements to its subscribers about forthcoming events, study opportunities, research initiatives and resources.

This list is run by the Postcolonial Seminar at Queen Mary University of London, to communicate information about events, meetings and new research.

This list provides updates from the Centre for Translation and Interpreting at Queen's University Belfast <HTML> Centre for Translation and Interpreting, Queen's University Belfast </HTML>

This interdisciplinary mailing list aims to bring together researchers focused on diverse aspects of queer representation, ranging from film and TV to performance and periodicals, as well as to theorise and queer the screen as a medium.

A discussion list dedicated to discussions of the place, use and function of all aspects of classical antiquity, its philosophy, history, literature and reception, in the work of contemporary French philosopher Jacques Ranciere

This list has been retained 29/11/2021 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list The Reader Development mailing list exists to promote the discussion of reader development activities in libraries and other organisations and to disseminate the findings of research into reader development and reading.

This list was retained (archived) on 11/02/2022. No one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. For all enquires, please contact help@jisc.ac.uk Announcement list for Renaissance and Early Modern seminars, conferences and other events in Scotland

The list can be used to circulate information about events, workshops, conferences and publications relevant to rhythm research community.

A forum for discussing the life and work of Robert Graves and for announcing forthcoming publications, the activities of the Trust and Society as well as the St John's College, Oxford, database project.

This group is connected to the Royal Studies Network, a new community of scholars working on research with royal themes or those with an interest in monarchal topics. It is designed to support the sharing of ideas, research, conferences, publications etc which would appeal to the group members. Ideally this group will also provide a forum which will enable members to find other individuals to develop collaborative research projects with, both in the UK and globally.

To exchange information and views on the life and work of the author Rudyard Kipling. Kipling's work has interest for those working on 19/20th century literature, the short story as literary form and narrative.

S A L O N - LONDON takes the real and interactive virtual salon as a place of confluence, a radical feminist environment. Solidarity is the basis of the platform. The site is a place for groups and individuals to meet and exchange ideas productively, with a shared vision of bringing about change and coming together through new forms of feminist kinship. S A L O N - LONDON is a starting point for artists and writers, an opening, a site of participation and plurality.

The Superlist for Scottish Language and Literature (ScotLangLit) lists.

This list is for discussions, announcements and queries by those interested in 18th century Scottish Literature or Language. Although mainly for academic staff, contributions are welcomed from undergraduate students and non-academics.

This list is for discussions, announcements and queries by those interested in Scottish Literature or Language of the 19th and 20th centuries. Although mainly for academic staff, contributions are welcomed from undergraduate students and non-academics.

This list is used by an international group of academics and practitioners dedicated to analysing and producing material on Scotland, in a variety of disciplines (i.e. history, literature, language, politics, etc.). It will be used primarily for the announcement of relevant events, and as a discussion forum.

SFRA mailing list promotes the study of science fiction literature, film, and other media and serves the members of Science Fiction Research Association as well as researchers not affiliated with the organization.

A forum for discussing the subject of audiovisual Shakespeare, with particular reference to the BUFVC's research project: 'An International Database of Shakespeare on Film, Television and Radio'.

This list is used by members of SIBMAS to exchange news and views on the care and documentation of performing arts collections

A discussion and announcements list for scholars and students of the works of Sir Philip Sidney and Edmund Spenser, and of Renaissance literature, culture, and history more generally.

This list is for announcements of relevance to postgraduate students in Slavonic and East European studies at UK universities, or postgraduate members of the British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies.

The Scottish Network of Modernist Studies

Stage Translation Research Adaptation Practice is an international discussion forum for researchers and practitioners interested in stage translation and adaptation. It is intended that this forum will help subscribers to create networks and further the discipline.

A network of academics exploring various aspects of gender and equality. Based in the University of Sunderland.

This list is used to share ideas amongst nursing and health academics about the use of poetry, prose, drama, and other forms of creative writing in the curriculum.

This list aims to provide an interdisciplinary forum for discussing the theory and practice of textual scholarship, as well as for disseminating news, announcements and calls for papers. It is maintained for and on behalf of the international community of textual scholars by Barbara Bordalejo and endorsed by the Society for Textual Scholarship and the European Society for Textual Scholarship

A significant group within the DH community is engaged in the creation of various types of electronic editions and yet we still lack a theoretical framework specifically dedicated to digital editions. This list provides a space to start conversations about this fundamental aspect of or work.

Open access email forum for peer group review of work-in-progress of all forms of contemporary poetry.

The list will be linked to the Arts and Humanities Research Council 'translating cultures' theme, and will allow discussion of questions relating to this subject area.

A Translation Studies forum used by postgraduate students to stir up debates and make announcements on forthcoming events. Students are invited to help each other out by exchanging research and content-related questions. Issues to be discussed in this context include translation theory, literature, cultural studies, linguistics, DTS, cognitive theory and sociotranslatology. Experienced scholars are also welcome.

This list is used by the University Council of Modern Languages to share developments, events, and initiatives of relevance to the UK's Higher education languages community.

This list circulates information regarding scholarly activity around comics, manga and graphic novels across a number of disciplines and institutions in the UK.

A mailing list for scholars and others interested in the textual history of the Latin Bible (Vetus Latina) to share information and news. Announcements of projects, publications and conferences are welcome. Questions and discussions will be entertained so long as they are on an appropriate topic and do not become repetitive, lengthy or depart from civilised discourse. Contributions may be in any language. The archive is visible to the public, but e-mail addresses can only be seen by registered members.

WAGNet connects scholars in the field of gender and Chinese studies to exchange information on events, activities and publications. We publish WAGRev, an e-journal of reviews of new work in this field.

An interdisciplinary network for scholars working in war representation.

A forum for Welsh Studies, including but not limited to Welsh Writing in English and Welsh History.

This is a mailing list for the Will's World Hack Event community and accompanying the Online Hack event which runs from 5th December until 12th December 2012. However we hope the community around the event will continue beyond this date. Will'€™s World is a JISC Discovery project in which EDINA aims to demonstrate the value and principles of aggregation as a tactic. The concept behind this project is that assembling online data sources relating to one topic will add value and improve the discoverability of these resources; making it easier for developers and service providers to build services and ultimately providing an easier access for all to the data itself and enriched content based on it.

the 'Women in Print' list exists to promote research, discussion and #writing into the overlooked contributions and legacies of women to print #culture - whether as writers, publishers, artists and designers, art #directors, teachers and through their domestic lives.

WOIRN is a network of women academics working on all aspects of Irish life and culture, from disciplines as varied as sociology, geography, art history, cultural studies, literature and history.

This mailing list circulates information about the activities, events and findings conducted by the Women In The Hills (c. 1800-2020) AHRC-funded research network.