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Learning Technology

A forum for comments and discussion on issues concerning provision of, access to and quality of adult vocational guidance and counselling, with a particular emphasis on combating social exclusion.

The Jisc Accessibility Community maths working group aims to collate useful research and practices for the HE sector. This list will help us to share, research and promote accessible maths workflows. You can find us on Github as A11ymaths.

A list to encourage discussion of current IT curriculum issues between ACER member colleges (Association of Colleges in the Eastern Region)

A JISC email list for academics interested in exploring the positive impact of active learning on student experience. Do you want to include more interactive technology? Do you struggle to keep abreast with research? Want to be able to build on existing theory and practice and transfer 'what works' into new settings? Interested in disturbing what role students should have in their learning? Subscribe now to join our discussions. Technology Enhanced Active Learning

The Active Learning Network mailing list aims to create a platform for #discussion on active learning practice and research, as well as for dissemination of information related to the scope of the Network.

ALT-ARLTSIG is a list for Members of the Association for Learning Technology Anti-Racism and Learning Technology Special Interest Group.

The ALT Learning Spaces SIG is a community of practitioners in UK HE and aims to share good practice and resources; brief each other on areas of new development and events; discuss common issues, possible solutions, collaboration and research; raise awareness and help to inform the development of a strategic approach to learning spaces; collaborate with other stakeholder groups involved with learning spaces.

A list for members of the North East Learning Environments (NELE) group to enhance communication and collaboration amongst the group members. Set up in 2000 the group was formed by the HE institutions of Durham, Newcastle, Northumbria, Teesside and Sunderland in order to help choose a VLE. To date we include all feeder FE institutions into these Universities and invite guests from other institutions in the locale.

ALT-SCOTLAND is a list for Members of the Association for Learning Technology based in Scotland.

List to support the work of the ALT Wales Special Interest Group.

Discussion list to support ALT Members in Northern Ireland FE and HE institutions.

The SIG exists to provide a network for the exchange of ideas and practices in relation to current issues in educational technology with the aim of supporting the informed use of learning technologies in NW England

If you live in the south of England and work in Education (HE/FE) and are passionate about the TEL and its role in enhancing learning and teaching practice and or research, do join the ALT South group by subscribing to this mailing list and be part of the events and activities in the region.

Supporting higher and further education institutions in the UK to share their expertise in learning analytics. Engaging with international research and development in the area of learning analytics. Supporting community engagement with the Jisc project around learning analytics. NOTE: promotion of products, services, jobs etc is not permitted on this list.

Disciplinary Interest Group(DIG) for Anthropology is Primary concerned with teaching and learning but recognizes overlap with research It has the following remit: 1. To monitor and feedback to the discipline on developments in the Higher Education Academy 2. Make sure that anthropology has a voice 3. Identifying sources of Teaching and Lerning Funding and supporting bids.

This email listing is for the academy of marketing (education sub group). Its intention? To provide a forum for marketing academics in the UK to share ideas, developments and problems.

This list is used to make announcements from Jisc to the FE /HE community surrounding the use of Immersive Technology including Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) and its usefulness in education, and share information surrounding forthcoming events, training and workshops.

An email list for participants of our monthly Teaching and Learning in Archaeology and Heritage virtual roundtables. A informal space to discuss challenges and share good practice.

The list will provide a forum for the sharing of information between teachers of computing and digital design in schools of architecture in the UK.

The Assistive Technology group, a practitioner led group aims to support practitioners in developing and embedding assistive technology for students in FE and HE.

A discussion list for those who deliver assistive technology training for people with disabilities.

News bulletin of the British and Irish Law, Education & Technology Association (BILETA)

A discussion forum for UK users of the Blackboard learning environment wishing to develop 'Building Blocks'. It welcomes both pedagogical and technical input.

This list is used by the Blackboard Mobile user community to collaborate and share ideas, issues and information.

A list to promote discussion amongst Blackboard/Courseinfo users in Universities, Colleges and Schools in the UK.

Discussion list for those providing pedagogical and technical support for Blackboard in Wales.

This list is open to any Further Education establishment that operate a Blackboard VLE environment. This is also open to 6th forms and Training Providers, that are not HE establishments, that use Blackboard.

I am researching BME participation in HE and in particular educational development. I want to set up a list for BME members of SEDA to explore whether SEDA reflects the community it serves and to create a network for BME SEDA members.

This list is used to facilitate the communication between D2L Brightspace Virtual Learning Environment users in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

This list is deliberatly narrow in its ambitions, namely to help those teaching financial accounting to make best use of all forms of Computer Assisted Learning. The list originator admits a bias to objective testing, computer-based assessment and Virtual Learning Environments, but it is hoped that the list will take on a life of its own.

Mailing list to support the usergroup for staff using the Learning Objects CampusPack collaboration tools. Please be aware that this list was set up to support UK educational institutions, and although we welcome contributions from global users, some discussions may be UK-centric.

This list is for users of the CampusPress service that provides multi-site WordPress implementations for education. CampusPress are also the providers of the well-known EduBlogs platform.

This is a mailing list to support the Jisc funded Change Agents' Network - a network which supports staff and students working in partnership to bring about change with technology.

This list is used by Careers Professionals to discuss issues relating to the management and effective use of social media to engage our clients and stakeholders. The group also provides a forum to exchange new ideas and best practice with Careers staff with a particular responsibility for managing their Service's uses of social media.

The Jisc Cetis Accessibility mailing list was used to support the Cetis Accessibility Special Interest Group from 2001-2011. It is now used as a forum for discussions about the accessibility of online resources and services.

For members of the HE/FE community who wish to discuss issues relating to metadata for learning resources

A mailing list to support the CETIS Portfolio SIG, which seeks to develop the community and foster consensus in the area of definitions, specifications and standards for learner services including personal development planning (PDP) and e-portfolio. We clearly recognise that this goal needs involvement both from practitioners in the field, and from developers and technical staff who have responsibility for designing and building systems. We aim to promote dialogue within and between groups of stakeholders, aiming at workable consensus on definitions, specifications and standards, while fully acknowledging the desirability of diversity in PDP and other practice. Any technical terms used on this list should be explained.

Discussion list for developers working towards interoperability and portability of e-portfolio and personal development records, in the UK and wider contexts; moving beyond UKLeaP towards practical standards based on real experience. Some technical knowledge may be assumed.

This list is for the JISC CETIS Assessment Special Interest Group to discuss issues about the interoperability of CAA and the current (developing) specifications in this area such as IMS QTI.

A closed list for Learning Technologists who are Certified Members of ALT

Welcome to the mailing list of the EUROCALL Special Interest Group (SIG) in Computer Mediated Communication (CMC). We would like to use this space to create opportunities for members to share information regarding interests, projects and practices.

The computer-assisted assessment list discusses all aspects of the use of computers to assess student learning. This includes computer and web based assessment, the use of optical mark and character readers and the wider use of technology to support the assessment process.

This list is established to share ideas and practice in CAL. It is open to anyone using computer-based learning resources, and anyone researching or supporting the use of such learning resources. The list does not specialiase in any particular platform or software solution, but seeks to share innovation in the theory and practice of CAL in education.

This list is used to discuss issues relating to the use of corpus resources, tools and methodologies in CALL.

The CoSector Moodle User Group will exist in order to represent CoSector's customers strategic, technical and operational interests with respect to the CoSector's Hosted Moodle service. The group will share good practice amongst the user community, consider and influence future development of the CoSector's service offering, including: product & service improvements, new product development, joint (cross-institutional) development projects, identify user requirements in light of legal, government and operational changes within the UK education sector.

A list for critical discussion at the intersection of pervasive digital technology, informal and community learning and development/empowerment/inclusion, working across communities, countries, cultures and contexts looking at research methods, told, ethics and theories

A mailing list for individuals working in the UK Conservatoires as e-learning/learning technologies professionals

Deliberations was an interactive, electronic web-based resource on teaching and learning in higher education. The deliberations-forum list acted as a platform for the higher education community to discuss a wide range of issues on teaching and learning and to disseminate, request and share relevant information.

Discussion and support regarding the use of digital audio as a single medium including podcasting to support learning, teaching and assessment.

support for FE and HE organisations implementing and responding to accessibility legislation.

Universities, Colleges and Training Providers are looking to digital solutions to support and meet the challenge of the increase in apprenticeships.

This list is used by digital literacy practitioners in Wales to share information, links and news. Digital Diamonds is the name of this community of practice and its website.

This list is for researchers working in digital health to share stories about their work, find collaboration, and hear about new developments.

This list is for research and teaching in Modern Languages which engages with digital media and technologies, with a primary focus on languages other than English. We will share announcements of events connected to the Digital Modern Languages Seminar Series, and invite you to share announcements connected to your own digital events and projects.

This group focuses on technology enhanced postgraduate & academic learning

This list is to share ideas and best practice in using digital technology to support learning in museums, libraries, archives, galleries etc

A forum created for HE & FE staff, based in and around the Edinburgh area, who are involved in the Disabled Students Allowance process and the ongoing support of students with disabilities and specific learning difficulties.

This list is used by those interested in e-learning activity across Wales. Its focus is both pedagogic and technical.

To share policies and guidelines and support developments in Electronic Assessment Management.

A collaborative list to facilitate discussions and planning in relation to crowd sourced e-book accessibility audits.

This is discussion group for FE and HE staff interested in engaging with Jisc's R&D team around future EdTech Services, solutions and products.

For the study of distributed, open, and distance education in Asian countries

This list is an area for e-learning specialists working in Conservatoires and other specialist arts institutions. It is for discussion of any issues around supporting and #implementing learning technologies to support teaching in music and the arts.

The e-learning research list aims to provide a forum for discussion of issues relating to e-learning research.

This list is to provide a forum for sharing experiences of selecting, implementing and using Electronic Voting Systems (EVS or sometimes referred to as Personal Response Systems,PRS).

To act as a discussion forum for all those interested in the evaluation of learning technology in higher education both from an HCI and educational standpoint.

This list has been set up to support the ALT East Midlands Learning Technologists' Group who aim to foster communication, community and collaboration between learning technologists working across the education sector.

This list supports the work of the JISC e-Learning Programme and will be used to facilitate discussions and consulation with a group of experts representing FE, ACL and HE communities on learning and teaching related activities.

This is the mailing list of the Scottish e-Portfolio Forum, used to distribute the latest news on e-Portfolio developments, announce meetings of the group, and allow members to share their ideas and experiences.

The purpose of this list is to act as a national conduit to support communications surrounding issues relating to eSafety within the post 16 education sector. Here list members can share best practice, ask for help and generally promote the safer use of technology within an educational and social context.

This list is designed to support action research in the development of tools to evalauate learning in online virtual environments.

This mailing list is associated with Evaluation Collective community of practice in higher education.

Supporting the course evaluation process with eXplorance Blue Course Evaluation software and usage within education institutions. Also includes the use of Data Integrity Gateway (DIG). Although set up initially for UK members we would welcome Blue members from around the world to join as well to build a truly global membership. This is a user led community group. Please encourage Blue users to join. If anyone has any queries please contact the List Owner: Julie Mulvey (julie.mulvey@durham.ac.uk)

This list is used to update all Jisc members in the further education and skills sector of any changes or potential changes to digital content provision. The group is also used as a forum for sharing good practice between members.

The Future Teacher 3.0 project is an Erasmus+ funded project to provide free staff training, capacity building, resources and support for anyone in interested in improving their teaching and learning and using, developing and sharing effective ways of inspiring, supporting and engaging learners with and without digital technologies.

Mailing list to support a community interested in games-based learning and gamification approaches. Initially formed around 'Game to Learn' events, but open to all.

For staff using Gradescope

Communications for the Hairdressing Training Service at Jisc, which will include content updates, new projects and tips and techniques for those who teach or are studying Barbering and Hairdressing levels 1-3.

This list is to support periodic workshops and online networking of those studying or using video in human computer interaction education. The importance of this has been emphasised by the recent move to online learning due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This list is a discussion area for Heads of e-Learning working in HE. The list is primarily for discussion of strategic issues relating to the embedding of e-learning.

This list is to support the FE & HE community who use the Helix/Medial Media Library product within their institution. The aim of the list is to allow users to share good practice, ask questions and compare experiences of using the product.

The list links lecturers working in the field of Primary music across Scottish Universities which offer Initial Teacher Education courses.

A mail list for supporting discussions about developments of Hybrid Teaching and Learning in HE and information sharing.

A list to provide peer and expert ICT suppport for student teachers.

A mail list for students and staff at the Institute for Educational Cybernetics, University of Bolton.

A mailing list to support a joint initiative with the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) and JISC TechDis to create a focus on Inclusive Learning processes in the Learning Technologist community. The group seeks to exploit web2.0 technologies to discover and share the benefits of Inclusive Learning practice with developers and students.

Discussion of issues around the development and design of e-learning and online materials for learning.

There has been plenty of hype over artificial intelligence and the internet of things. We believe it may be time to put aside the cynicism that this kind of hype generates and look seriously at how we can take advantage of these emerging technologies to improve the student experience, research and the management of our campuses.

Share case studies and practice of ipsative assessment (assessment of progress) and use of individual student learning gain data to enhance learning and student motivation

Mailing list for researchers and education practitioners interested in informal second language learning. This list is to: facilitate continued interaction and increased collaboration in future research; to provide a platform to share research outcomes, in progress, publications, news about events, opportunities for collaboration, etc.

The list is used by JANET Strategic Technologies Division to keep the JANET community informed of activities, progress and new projects relating to the development programme.

This mailing list will support the community of practice for users of the Jisc digital experience insights service. This list will support institutions with the sharing of practice in engaging staff and students with their experiences of using technology.

This list is for sharing information about the development of a possible Jisc service to support colleges, skills providers and universities with the collection, analysis and interpretation of students' expectations and experiences of technology.

This list will be used to keep interested parties up to date with progress on the JISC e-Learning Programme, for example through a quarterly newsletter and other ad hoc announcements.

This list is to provide a regional forum for work-based learning providers to receive and share information and news related to e-learning.

This list is used by its members to make announcements and share ideas/suggestions/questions related to the Research Data Spring initiative.

A list to disseminate information about Jisc Scotland events and workshops.

This list is used for general discussion regarding the introduction of a Shibboleth-based authentication and authorisation system within the UK's higher and further education and research communities.

This discussion list is for tutors and assessors in the post-16 sector in Wales who will be delivering the Essential Skills Wales digital literacy qualification. It will provide a platform for discussion, peer-support and dissemination of information by users of the Jisc Digital Literacy online Community of Practice.

This list is used by HLST Network to inform its community about new issues of the journal and updates on its website.

A discussion list for those in the HE community interested in the learning and teaching of languages

This is a general list for announcements and discussions around use and development of the open source Leap Individual Learning Plan software.

This list is used by members of the Learning from Film, TV and new media Network for annoucements and notifictaion of relevant events

The list will support F/HE staff with an interest in Learning Design. It aims to share information, tools and ideas to promote excellent teaching and curriculum practices.

A list for collaboration, discussion and sharing of practice related to learning spaces in UK Colleges and Universities.

Learning Systems Wales is a closed mailing list in support of the Learning Systems Wales HEWIT subgroup, in support and discussion of Higher Education Learning Systems in Wales.

This forum is open to Learning Technologists in further and higher education. The key aim is to allow learning technologists to communicate with and advise each other on the use of any educational technology.

A list for the discussion of lecture capture and its use in UK higher education. This list is for any lecture capture platform / technology.

A discussion list for those supporting subscribed access to the LinkedIn Learning platform within further and higher education. This list is intended to provide a discussion forum for administrators, technical staff, educators, liaison and subject librarians and front-line support staff.

The Academic and Research Libraries Group (ARLG) Eastern is a regional group reporting to the national ARLG committee. This list is intended to allow information professionals across the Eastern region to find out about our events, news and activities.

List for discussion of the provision of information to those involved in educational research, schools and college library provision,teacher training and the study of education. The list is occasionally closed to the public - if so, and you want to join, please mail one of the list owners.

This list for those people involved in running Light Microscopy facilities, mainly in Universities. It is intended as an easy mechanism to help share knowledge and expertise, relevant to facility management etc.

The Forum is for institutions in and around the London area using Blackboard as their Virtual Learning Environment to 'bring together high quality expertise from different disciplines to share good practice, develop ideas and address staff training and implementation strategies'.

VLE users group for the Midlands

To discuss issues and best practice relating to the use of the Echo 360 lecture recording system (see http://www.Echo360.com) in HEIs within the London M25 area.

This list is to facilitate networking and sharing of practice among learning technologists, academic developers and academics in HEIs within the Greater London / M25 area. M25-LTG is an ALT member group. Our Twitter hashtag is #m25ltg

Mahara UK is for all those interested in the Mahara e-Portfolio. It will disseminate information on developments and events, specifically the annual conference.

A forum for the discussion, promotion and development of online manuscript research among the professionals, researchers and students collaborating in the field.

A debate covering educational and technical issues. How can mathematical assessment packages contribute to deep understanding? Which question types best test which mathematical skills? Can test editors be designed to construct questions suitable for diagnostic, continuous and grading assessment?

The McShib jiscmail list has been established to support the McShib forum, which is a real-time opportunity (usually a meeting) for persons in Scotland interested in Shibboleth. For queries or comments about Shibboleth in general (outwith the Scottish forum) please post to the national (UK) list at JISC-SHIBBOLETH@JISCMAIL.AC.UK

For educators interested in the use of digital and social media for learning in F/HE @melsiguk

To be used in order that the Committee of MmIT (the MultiMedia and Information Technology Group) - a sub-group of Cilip - can communicate and exchange documentation amongst Committee members.

This list focuses on the pedagogy and use of mobile learning techniques, innovations and resources, particularly in the UK HE and FE sectors, but also in commercial or corporate fields. This includes the use of handheld devices like smartphones, tablets, and games consoles for learning, and for the development of educational apps or mobile resources. The list explores the implications for teaching and learning as mediated by mobile devices, and for adapting existing resources and practice to a culture with the widespread availability of mobile devices and connectivity.

A forum for discussion of all aspects of mobile computing, including mobile websites, mobile application development and increasing access to services from mobile devices.

This list has been retained 28/06/2021 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list A network to promote collaborative research and best practice for mobile learning in medical and health education.

UK based discussion group to share research and news around the use of Massively Open Online Courses (Moocs)

A list to discuss the implementation and use of the open source Moodle VLE in Higher Education in the UK, including integration with other insitituional systems

The Moodle Users Group for Greater London technical group (MUGGLx) is an extension to MUGGL for those who want to share the maintenance and development of plugins and system administration advice.

A national list for Moodle users to ask questions, share ideas and experiences relating to the technical aspects of the installing, the maintaining and the administration of Moodle.

Multimedia-Courseware is aimed at people who are interested in the design and implementation of multimedia courseware, especially within the domain of Computing Science.

Multimedia-Courseware is aimed at people who are interested in the design and implementation of multimedia courseware, especially within the domain of Computing Science.

The North England Blackboard User Group is for institutions based across the north of England and brings together the users of the Blackboard Learn platform. The group meets twice a year, in May and November with a different host institution for each meeting. The group no longer uses JISCMail for communication. Please go to the NEBUG Blackboard Community Site to join on the following URL: https://community.blackboard.com/groups/nebug

This is the group list for the North-West OER Network, a group to support staff in sharing, developing and promoting OER in North-West England.

<HTML> This list is for discussion about the use and development of open source assistive technology software. This is the "Open Source Assistive Technology Software Special Interest Group" (OATS-SIG) list, the list was previously hosted by Becta and is now hosted by JISC TechDis on JISCMAIL. This list emerged from the OATS project (<a href="http://www.oatsoft.org"> oatsoft.org</a>). <p/> JISC TechDis is a JISC Advance Service which promotes the use and research of Open Source Assistive Technologies and those supporting users. <p> Subscribers to this list will also receive messages posted to www.jiscmail.ac.uk/Techdis- news </p> </HTML>

This list is used to exchange information about issues relating to the governance, implementation and management of the Office 365 collaboration suite in the United Kingdom Higher and Further Education community. Please note that commercial entities may be subscribed to this list. They are requested to behave responsibly, and not to treat the list as a means of generating leads, making sales pitches etc. The list owners reserve the right to remove anyone not abiding by this request. This is a super-list of MICROSOFT-365.

Announcement list to communicate to anyone using online surveys.

Networking group for those managing or designing online CPD, non-degree courses, particularly for the education sector, but also industry and business.

This list focuses on sharing understanding of the influence of Open Resource use in higher education (HE), but also is interested in sharing, reuse and remixing of open content and practice across education more broadly. The emphasis here is particularly on identifying, sharing, exploring and comparing examples of OER research and findings from these. However, although the primary interest of this list is in open resource or open practice activity, research which has a broader remit which informs open resource research is also welcome, for example research into reuse of learning objects. Initial list membership was derived from the ORIOLE project but new members are also welcome. This list is also being used during Open Ed 2012 as a way of engaging with the Remixathon of the original ORIOLE survey (2011). However you came to this list we hope that we can share interests and inform future research. If you are not already a member of the more general OER-Discuss list it is suggested that you join that too.

Subscribe to receive notifications about releases and other developments for the OU-SUPPS and ouunit class files. These class files are used for the preparation of Open University teaching material that is prepared in LaTeX.

This list is for the users and potential users of the Panopto lecture capture system. The aim is to share ideas and experiences that relate to Panopto.

Group of HE members using Moodle and Panopto. Discussions around what we would like to see developed for the integration of the two platforms.

A mailing list for the discussion of Problem Based Learning within HE/FE establishments.

This list complements the general PCP list with a specialist list for the mutual support of those using and developing computer-based tools in empirical PCP research, including conceptual/repertory grid elicitation and analysis, content analysis, concept mapping, and other constructivist tools. It is intended to allow experience and good practices in tools usage to be shared by the research community, and to help newcomers, particularly graduate students, in making effective use of available tools. It is also hoped that it will provide a forum for developing requirements for a new generation of tools, and encourage their development.

This list is for anyone interested in using PDAs , Smartphones, Netbooks, Tablets,Internet Cafes or any other mobile technology for any educational purpose. It is aimed at users, developers and researchers.

The perception-practitioners list is for discussion of any issues relating to rolling out an assessment system based on Question Mark Perception.

This is an open mailing list for all educational users of Poll Everywhere to share ideas, ask questions and provide answers. It supports a UK HE/FE User Group.

This list is used for discussion and announcements of portals within an educational institutional context. Discussion relating to choice of portal, appropriate channel services, linking to managed learning environments is all encouraged, from both a technical and management perspective. Participants will be drawn from University managers across many fields: information services, administration, computing services, MIS systems, e-Learning and web managers.

News and announcements from Postgraduate Pedagogies, the open-access journal focused on the experiences and contributions of Graduate Teaching Assistants in Higher Education.

To allow contact and information sharing between users of Ex Libris Primo TotalCare within the UK education community.

This list is for discussions arising from the activities of the ESRC NCRM-funded network for Participatory Video in Research Methods.

A special interest group of the Network of P-VCs in Teaching & Learning supported by the higher Education Academy.

This list is used as a communication channel for people who wish to develop a set of questions for RDM Training Benchmark

A list for users and software developers of reading list solutions (commercial and open source software, or other approaches) in academic institutions to discuss issues around their implementation, use, development and interoperability with other systems.

This list is used by the ILT Champions from Independent Specialist Colleges and Partners to share advice, information and best practice to further develop use of information and learning technology in specialist education. Subscribers to this list will also receive messages posted to www.jiscmail.ac.uk/Techdis-news

This list is open to Blackboard users in further and higher education institutions, especially those from Scotland and Northern Ireland.

This list is for all flexible learning centre managers in Scotland's 47 FE Colleges and the agencies who support them.

This mailing list is for Staff Development Officers in Scotland's Colleges and the agencies who support them.

A group for those with responsibility for managing the technical side of the College's JISC connection and the internal ICT College network.

This is the forum for a group set up to evaluate VLE options and undertake a procurement process for the sector. List members will be those involved in TEL, Ed Tech, IT, Procurement and Teaching and Learning more widely.

The email network for members of ScotHELD, Scotland's network for Learning Developers in Higher Education.

The group provides a focus for a Scottish eAssessment connection, which brings together people from across the community and allows the identification of collaboration opportunities. It provides an informal platform for presenting and sharing current or upcoming work, and receiving and contributing feedback.

This list is for those in UK FE and HE who manage and support SEAtS software to monitor attendance. The aim is to share ideas, experiences and solutions that relate to SEAtS.

South East Learning Network list for Surrey and Sussex, enabling networking in the post-16 sector for organisations in these 2 counties.

SGARG provides a medium of communication between the members of this Applied Research Group at Coventry University. Its purpose is to serve as a contact point to deliver information and stay in communication.

This list is used by the simulation in radiography group to keep in touch, share resources, provide support, propose research and disseminate findings.


This mailing list has been created to facilitate the sharing of information among Scottish institutions who are using the Moodle learning platform. There are no restrictions on joining the list, i.e. you don't have to be a member of an educational institution - though we do ask that you don't post any 'direct sales' messages.

For people using social networking to enrich the student experience

This list is open to anyone who teaches Sociology or Criminology within Higher Education or HE in FE.

To assist in the promotion of innovation in learning, teaching and assessment in social policy. To collate and disseminate information on good practice. To increase awareness of developments in learning and teaching. To share information on pedagogical approaches. To exchange ideas on learning technologies. To inform the community regarding relevant events.

The list will be a forum for discussion of the practical possibilities which social media affords for all aspects of academic life: with a particular focus on teaching, research and public engagement.

This list is designed for academics to share information about new social media resources that can be used within higher education teaching, research and administration. It is primarily a 'what's new' list for social media within the HE sector. You don't have to be an advanced user to subscribe. You just have to be social media curious. It is set up by Professor Andy Miah (@andymiah) from the University of Salford (@andymiah) If you're just joining, the check out the archive summary here, which will get you started: https://tinyurl.com/AtoZCreativeMedia Hashtag: #socialmediaHE

SW-EM is a community of all those working within the field of electron microscopy in the South West UK. Open to all students, early-career researchers, technicians and academics alike, SW-EM aims to serve anyone working in Electron Microscopy in the SW.

This list has been retained 28/07/20 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list Learning Technologists within educational institutions in the South West covered by the JISC RSC SW

This list has been retained 28/07/20 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list Mailing list to support VLE and Intranet developers and users from educational providers across the SW. Supported by JISC RSC SW.

This list is used to discuss issues relating to the teaching of computer and information security in UK higher education institutions.

A mailing list for academics employed on teaching only contracts to discuss and disseminate scholarship of teaching and learning

This group exists as a community of practice for sharing knowledge and activities in eLearning and promoting technology enhanced learning initiatives to all healthcare organisations in Thames Valley & Wessex and the South West. Membership is comprised of representatives from NHS, HEI and affiliated organisations who have knowledge of, or an interest in eLearning development and implementation.

For researchers associated with the (ESRC/EPSRC) TEL Programme to share findings, funding opportunities, vacancies, resources and general support to those working in the interdisciplinary TEL field.

The TiP (Theory into Practice) discussion list is a supportive and collaborative space for those teaching in Higher Education to gain and share knowledge and experience of putting Learning & Teaching theory into practice in the classroom.

Discussion and information list for teaching and learning technology officers at universities. List is created to promote interaction between officers and to establish a platform for informal discussions end exchange of idea's related to TLT and organisational issues.

An informal space to explore how to support those engaged with all forms of digital learning and teaching in HE & FE. Discussion topics and advise on supporting colleagues develop their digital teaching practices. A community space to share ideas, research and innovative practice aimed at developing digital pedagogical and technological expertise.

A discussion forum for those individuals and institutions in Higher and Further Education who use Turning Technologies Clickers and ResponseWare. For teachers, administrators, Learning Technologists and IT staff.

A discussion forum for those delivering and supporting Turnitin services that will enable participants to highlight issues, get an indication of how widespread any issues are, and provide support to each other. This list is open which means that suppliers can also join therefore it is particularly important that posts should be constructive, accurate, and fair.

The ucisa-dcg list is for discussion and sharing of experience and good practice in end user IT training and digital capability/skills development in UK further and higher education.

The ucisa-deg list is a discussion list for those interested related in the use of digital education in support of learning and teaching activities within HE and is a forum for the discussion of, and the exchange of information on the development and use of technologies in teaching and learning.

This is a discussion list to share experiences of developing digital strategy and digital business transformation plans and issues.

This list is used by the Higher Education Academy to make announcements to projects currently undertaking work as part of the OER Phase 3 Commissioned Embedding Projects #Strand.

Discussion list for use by UK HE and FE customers of UNIwise products for Digital Exams

This list is used by members of UoLIA's User Experience Working Group to arrange meetings, share information and discuss matters pertaining to the group.

This list has been retained 30/07/20 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list The video mailing list is for the discussion of the delivery, integration and use, of video content in education primarily via the JANET network. It is aimed at all of those interested in using videoconferencing and video streaming in online teaching and learning.

This list is for discussion of virtual patients including definitions, examples of good practice, technical implementation and interoperability.

This list is devoted to Internet-based internationalisation of curriculum at Higher Education institutions, which is often known as "virtual mobility". The list is aimed at educators, researchers, academic developers, learning technologists, policy-makers and anyone interested in using online technologies in order to facilitate students' access to international experience opportunities and intercultural development.

There is a lot of interest in the use of virtual worlds for teaching and learning. This list is to encourage discussion of developments in the use of virtual worlds in education.

The aim of this list is to promote discussion around the implementation and use of VLEs in the UK. It was originally established and managed by Ferl, a Becta information service for staff working within the Post Compulsory Education sector. It is now maintained by Rob Englebright on behalf of the community.

An open list discussing the development and use of VLEs in every sector of education in the UK

The list is aimed at providing a forum in which practice can be shared between language and related studies practitioners in Higher Education who are using Virtual Learning Environments

This list will be used for discussion, peer-support and dissemination of information by users of learning technology in the post-16 sector in Wales.

This list, hosted by the CASTLE project, is for those interested in conducting assessment using the WWW. It is a forum for all WAA (web-assisted-assessment) issues e.g. question design/databases, authoring/delivery software etc., and also use of the CASTLE tools for WAA.

WebPA is an open source online peer assessment tool that enables every team member to recognise individual contributions to group work. This list is for users or developers who wish to join the WebPA community. For details of WebPA see: http://www.webpaproject.com/

This group is for anyone in the West Midlands who has an interest in open badges, or learning more about them. Use this list to ask questions, share knowledge, develop ideas and and highlight good practice.

This Association for Learning Technology (ALT) members group is for anyone in the West Midlands region of the UK working or interested in learning technology.

This group is for those keen to explore the full potential of the content management / blogging platform WordPress in educational and research contexts.

For all aspects of the 'Web of Science Service for UK Education' provided by Clarivate

This list is to support people interested in or implementing XCRI, a schema for formatting and exchanging prospectus information.

A list originally initiated by JISC TechDis to facilitate and support a national community of teachers making use of Xerte Online Toolkits and now managed by the Xerte Project Community. This list aims to complement the existing technical lists hosted by the University of Nottingham. You may also wish to subscribe to the forums on the Xerte Community website at http://xerte.org.uk


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