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Staff Development

The Active Learning Network mailing list aims to create a platform for #discussion on active learning practice and research, as well as for dissemination of information related to the scope of the Network.

The list aims to provide a channel of communication for those interested in equal opportunities in higher education for students and staff.

The SIG exists to provide a network for the exchange of ideas and practices in relation to current issues in educational technology with the aim of supporting the informed use of learning technologies in NW England

marketing, recuitment and international education issues

This is the list of the Area Studies Network which is co-ordinated by the Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies. The Network brings together colleagues involved in the teaching of HE programmes in Area Studies and in the disciplines that contribute to those programmes. This list is for the discussion of issues relating to the teaching of Area Studies e.g. interdisciplinary learning, benchmarking, non-specialist learners, residence abroad, programme design, marketing and recruitment. It may also be used to disseminate information relating to Area Studies events and publications.

This list will be for Association of University Administrator Advocates at universities within the South Region

A collaborative network for colleagues interested in supporting autistic people in HE, Autism-in-HE offers a supportive and welcoming space for discussion and sharing of practice and experience.

BACP Workplace Managers jiscmail provides a forum for divisional members who are managers of workplace counselling services to discuss issues with colleagues, share information, advertise relevant events and share good practice.

BACP Workplace Members JiscMail provides a forum for divisional members to discuss issues with colleagues and share information.

For tutors/lecturers in EAP (English for Academic Purposes) working in Arts & Design FE/HE contexts

This list is for chairs, committee members and staff members supporting university Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic Staff Network groups.

This list draws together practitioners from diverse contexts and institutions to share experiences and expertise in the development of academic reading.

This list is used by staff working in the six Bloomsbury Colleges to find out about the activities of the BLE (Bloomsbury Learning Environment). This is a super-list of the following sub-lists: BLE-ECHO360,BLE-ELLUMINATE,BLE-SUPPORT,BLE-CLOUDSUPPORT BLE-TURNITIN,BLE-WEBDEV,BLE-ACCESSIBILITY,BLE-MOBILE, BLE-PANOPTO,BLE-PROJECT,BLE-XERTE,BLE-ASSESSMENT, LONDON-BADG,BLE-MOOC,BLE-BASS,BLE-INNOVATORS,BLE-ABC, BLE-DSASHE

I am researching BME participation in HE and in particular educational development. I want to set up a list for BME members of SEDA to explore whether SEDA reflects the community it serves and to create a network for BME SEDA members.

For medical educators supporting students who have long terms conditions. The purpose is to share information, publications, good practice, training resources and events within the higher education community. Particularly useful to hear from educators with experience of Fitness to Practise issues and its variable outcomes.

A collaborative space for science and arts communication practitioners based in Birmingham and the West Midlands to share news, upcoming events and thoughts on outreach and public engagement activities

This list will be used to share best practice and discuss challenges in increasing female participation in sport at university. BUCS will share insight and guidance from national partners and Sport England where relevent via this list. <HTML> http://www.bucs.org.uk/women </HTML>

This list will be used to share best practice and discuss challenges in supporting workforce development in sport at university. BUCS will share insight and guidance from national partners and Sports Coach UK where relevant via this list.

The subject centre is one of the 24 subject centres of the Higher Education Academy.

Mailing list to support the usergroup for staff using the Learning Objects CampusPack collaboration tools. Please be aware that this list was set up to support UK educational institutions, and although we welcome contributions from global users, some discussions may be UK-centric.

Description: CARE4PhD is for career advisers who support PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. The list enables discussions and information sharing amongst its members.

Open list for anyone who is a member of the CILIP South West Member Network. Members are encouraged to participate in this group by contributing to the planning of and attending events for library and information workers and retired members in the South West of England.

A place for botanic garden educators and related professionals to discuss the social role of botanic gardens and other outdoor learning sites.

Discussion group for psychologists associated with the clinical work and research of the Conatus child psychology practice; opportunities for members to exchange ideas, expertise and opinion concerning current topics in child psychology

List for discussion of all issues relating to the employment and career management ofcontract research staff within the academic community, for the sharing of relevant experience, and for information exchange on local and national responses to the Concordat/RCI.

This list is used by the Corporate Collections Network to promote Best Prac= tice for Museum professionals using and promoting collections in a corporat= e environment.

This list provides a forum for counselling service administrators working in HE in Scotland to share best practice, training and more

This cpd25 Jisc list will update M25 members and other interested parties on forthcoming events, visits and cpd25 news.

Email list for the Careers in Research Online Survey (CROS), or the Principal Investigators and Research Leaders online Survey (PIRLS).

This list is used by customer service practitioners to discuss current issues, share best practice and identify key areas for customer service development.

Closed list for UK Dance Department members who have paid current membership fees.

This list aims to faciliate interconnections and mutual learning between research offices, researchers and funders in higher education in the UK and globally to improve research development practices informed by a decolonial awareness.

Deliberations was an interactive, electronic web-based resource on teaching and learning in higher education. The deliberations-forum list acted as a platform for the higher education community to discuss a wide range of issues on teaching and learning and to disseminate, request and share relevant information.

The list supports a collaboration to develop commons licensed materials to foster advanced digital skills for students and researchers and to manage a project to create a Qualitative Data Carpentry Course to supplement the existing quantitative offerings of the Software Carpentry community.

Universities, Colleges and Training Providers are looking to digital solutions to support and meet the challenge of the increase in apprenticeships.

This group focuses on technology enhanced postgraduate & academic learning

To share policies and guidelines and support developments in Electronic Assessment Management.

EATAW is a scholarly organisation that seeks to bring together those involved or interested in the teaching, tutoring, research, administration and development of academic writing in higher education in Europe. EATAW membership is free and is open to individuals from all over the world.

Smaller institutions Group in Scotland.

This is discussion group for FE and HE staff interested in engaging with Jisc's R&D team around future EdTech Services, solutions and products.

A network to share best practice and creative campaign ideas across the student movement.

This list provides space for discussion around issues relating to first year experience. It will include news and discussion items as identified by members.

This list will provide information to the JISC community about the e-learning and Pedagogy Programme. The list will be used to consult with the community as well as disseminating programme outputs.

This group is the members of the Education Sector PA Network.

This list is used primarily (but not exclusively) by staff in Higher Education institutions interested in evaluating the impact of researcher training and development activity, to share ideas views and information on evaluation.

The focus of the list is for advertising external-examiner vacancies and providing general discussion and support surrounding external-examiner issues.

This network is an email support network for Human Resources Directors & Managers in Further Education Corporations, 6th Form Colleges and similar bodies to share information about important issues, share good practice, help each other with problems, publicise training events and conferences and anything which the members will find useful or interesting to know about.

The Student Global Leadership Conference aims to bring together student leaders with key figures in both the theory and implementation of leadership. This list is used by FIE to make announcements to further and Higher education and the research community about our Student Global Leadership Conference.

For all those interested in ethics, funding, design, implementation and future of doctoral research.

The Future Teacher 3.0 project is an Erasmus+ funded project to provide free staff training, capacity building, resources and support for anyone in interested in improving their teaching and learning and using, developing and sharing effective ways of inspiring, supporting and engaging learners with and without digital technologies.

A network of support and information for academics and professional staff with an interest in or responsibility for gender equality, diversity and Athena SWAN activities in geography and related departments.

This list is used for communication between the Sociology Department at Goldsmiths to schools / colleges within the London area and beyond about the discipline of Sociology.

A list for members of the UK Council of Graduate Education's Graduate School Managers Network.

This JISC list is for those who support the development of Graduate Teaching Assistants in UK Higher Education.

This group of Advanced Practitioners are working to improve the effectiveness of teaching, learning and assessment through the use of learning technologies. The list is used to offer mutual support, a sense of online community and a place to share ideas with each other.

This list represents a forum through which staff involved in the delivery of mathematics and statistics (including support staff) can discuss the issues surrounding employability development

This list exists to promote and foster discussion of the Higher Education Academy and related issues.

This list is a discussion area for Heads of e-Learning working in HE. The list is primarily for discussion of strategic issues relating to the embedding of e-learning.

A closed list, membership available only to ordinary and personal members of HELOA (Higher Education Liaison Officers Association) in Scotland, to discuss with each other recruitment activities which affect us all.

A subgroup of the Higher Education Liaison Officers (HELOA) list to be used to communicate information of relevance and interest to members of HELOA in the south west of England region

The Higher Education Race Action Group (HERAG) aims to support institutions and equality practitioners in advancing race equality and changing the culture of the higher education #sector. HERAG meets three times a year and anyone with an interest in race equality is welcome to come along to the meetings.

The Museums Copyright Group was formed in 1996 to answer an increasing number of concerns about copyright expressed by professionals working in the museums and galleries community. The Group now has members representing museums, galleries, archives and libraries including national and regional institutions, and those attached to universities and local authorities.

This discussion list is for members of the Health Sciences and Practices Inclusivity Special Interest Group.

This list is for the professional ethics implementation group. Its membership will include academics from HE, employers and other related stakeholders. Sub-list of ideacetl

This list has been retained 17/02/2016. No one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. contact helpline@jiscmail.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list Designing a curriculum is an important, challenging and creative aspect of the role of the teacher in higher education. This list has been set up for those with an interest in curriculum design to enable them to share their experience and knowledge, as well as learn from others. It arose out of the Imaginative Curriculum project, which is based on the idea that knowledge that is useful to HE teachers can be developed through a network of people who want to share their learning with other teachers.

This list will provide a forum for academics to engage in conversations about research impact, ahead of the Research Excellence Framework submission (REF2021). It will also provide a space for the discussion of new and ongoing collaborations. For more information, please contact: Dr Chris Hewson (c.d.hewson@salford.ac.uk) Professor Andy Miah (a.miah@salford.ac.uk)

This list is used for seminar and other announcements from the Institute of Nuclear Medicine Physics group at University College London

There has been plenty of hype over artificial intelligence and the internet of things. We believe it may be time to put aside the cynicism that this kind of hype generates and look seriously at how we can take advantage of these emerging technologies to improve the student experience, research and the management of our campuses.

Forum for those with an interest in intrapreneurship in researcher development.

A list to disseminate information about Jisc Scotland events and workshops.

This discussion list is for tutors and assessors in the post-16 sector in Wales who will be delivering the Essential Skills Wales digital literacy qualification. It will provide a platform for discussion, peer-support and dissemination of information by users of the Jisc Digital Literacy online Community of Practice.

this list consists of practitioners involved in supporting he students in the development of their academic skills.

Discusses continuous improvement in the workplace in HE

The list will support F/HE staff with an interest in Learning Design. It aims to share information, tools and ideas to promote excellent teaching and curriculum practices.

Provides an opportunity fo equality and diversity advisers from a number of South Coast HEIs to come together to share best practice.

This is a forum primarily but not exclusively for women in HE to raise issues, discuss challenges and problems, ask for guidance and advice and seek encouragement and support from each other.

A list for all alumni of the Leadership Foundation's Diversifying Leadership Programme as well as anyone interested in learning more.

This list is used by Leadership Foundation coaches to keep in contact and build community of practice amongst network of coaches used to share good practice.

Discussion list individuals working in the areas of library performance measurement and assessment in the professions of librarianship and information management, providing a space for the exchange of ideas and sharing of best practice.

Discussion list for staff and researchers working in small libraries/archives within larger organisations to promote sharing skills, knowledge and resources and to increase knowledge of the collections held by their respective institutions.

A platform for professional discussion, collaboration and sharing best practice of staff learning and development within academic libraries in North East England.

The Academic and Research Libraries Group (ARLG) Eastern is a regional group reporting to the national ARLG committee. This list is intended to allow information professionals across the Eastern region to find out about our events, news and activities.

List supporting staff not in traditional academic roles (such as librarians, learning developers and learning technicians) working towards HEA fellowship

lis-salctg exists to provide communication between the committee and the membership of the Scottish Academic Libraries' Co-operative Training Group (SALCTG). See: http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/files/LIS-SALCTG/welcome.html

A network focussing on the research training and development needs of doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers, specifically in the arts, humanities and social sciences.

Learning and Organisational Development Practitioner Group for London Universities

This list is to facilitate networking and sharing of practice among learning technologists, academic developers and academics in HEIs within the Greater London / M25 area. M25-LTG is an ALT member group. Our Twitter hashtag is #m25ltg

This list will support HEIs participating in the Equality Challenge Unit's Mainstreaming Equality through Governance and Management programme. It will provide a mechanism for discussion, the sharing of information and peer support for teams from 6 Scottish HEIs in the development of their approach to mainstreaming through governance and management.

This list is used by members of Manchester Metropolitan's Women's Network to support women in their careers. It is a space for professional networking, proposing collaborative work, and offering mutual professional and personal development support.

An unmoderated distribution list discussing teaching and learning of post-calculus mathematics.

A mailing list for the Medusa Academic Network - a regional Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities network working to promote Equality & Diversity in North East Universities

For educators interested in the use of digital and social media for learning in F/HE @melsiguk

This group provides a forum for those interested in researching mentoring and coaching in order to improve practice and understanding of relevant theory

A discussion list for the Methods North West consortium team.

This group is for discussion of ideas and actions arising from the LGBT staff forum at Manchester Metropolitan University.

A group for Managers of Membership Services in UK students' unions to discuss ideas, develop initiatives and share best practice.

A discussion list to provide peer support for staff who facilitate Public Engagement with Research in Midlands-based Higher Education Institutions

The Midlands Researcher Developer Forum (MRDF) is a networking group open to university staff who support and develop research students and research staff in Midlands universities. The group meets 3-4 times a year. This list is for MRDF members to exchange ideas, share practice and encourage communication between our meetings.

The list is to enable us to communicate relevant new information, publications and conferences related to addressing anxiety, resilience and safety in the context of learning and teaching mathematics in all sectors.

This list is used by MSDP members to communicate and share ideas relevant to the region

Gwybodaeth gyfoes am amgueddfeydd yng Nghymru / Current news for museums in Wales

This list is for anyone passionate about Higher Education Institutions public engagement, and is to facilitate sharing of information and discussion.

This list is for staff leading and contributing to programmes and courses for staff new to teaching in HE. It provides a forum for discussing the issues encountered in leading such programmes and enhancing academic practice. It also provides opportunities to share good practice and experiences.

This is the group list for the North-West OER Network, a group to support staff in sharing, developing and promoting OER in North-West England.

A list for sharing experiences and good practice in open access implementation. Note - this list was originally set up to support the Open Access Good Practice project.

Hello and welcome to the OER for Educational Development network! This forum is for anyone interested in creating or using open education resources in educational development in higher education.

Announcement list to communicate to anyone using online surveys.

Networking group for those managing or designing online CPD, non-degree courses, particularly for the education sector, but also industry and business.

An open discussion and support list for e-Portfolio and PDP UK Network members run by The Centre for Recording Achievement.

Performance For All is a collaborative project involving 35 universities to develop on-line appraisal and performance management tools right for HE today

Sharing research, ideas and best practice on supporting progression to and success in taught pgt by under-represented groups

A network of University of Leeds and Third Sector organisations involved with the University of Leeds Positive Impact Partners (PIP) Programme.

Discussion list on the issues of prevention and detection of plagiarism.

This is an open mailing list for all educational users of Poll Everywhere to share ideas, ask questions and provide answers. It supports a UK HE/FE User Group.

News and announcements from Postgraduate Pedagogies, the open-access journal focused on the experiences and contributions of Graduate Teaching Assistants in Higher Education.

Used by the Office for Students to communicate about the Prevent duty in the English HE sector. It is not a discussion list.

This list is consolidation of an existing email list of PLs in HEIs in Scotland which has been developed as part of the Enhancement Themes sector level activity in this area. The list aims to facilitate dialogue among PLs and extend the activity of the Evidence for Enhancement community beyond the life of the cluster.

A special interest group of the Network of P-VCs in Teaching & Learning supported by the higher Education Academy.

Facility for news, discussion and record of proceedings of the Quality Strategy Network for HE in the UK.

Discussion forum to assist staff in colleges across Scotland with the development of a quality improvement culture. To promote dialogue with other agencies and for regarding quality improvement including announcements re publications, projects and research. To assist with the formulation of Scotland's colleges perspective on quality improvement to influence key agencies.

A list for members of the religion, collections and heritage group, which is dedicated to the care and interpretation of religious collections in museums, places of worship, faith organisations, schools and elsewhere.

A list to facilitate discussion and development in the area of digital capabilities and skills for staff involved with any facet of the research process

Sharing information and best practise on the support and development of research staff in UK HEIs. This includes careers advice, training ideas, use of Roberts money and the national research agenda.

This list is for members, chairs and administrators of university based research ethics committees and others who have an interest in research ethics. It is aimed to serve as means to share information, seek assistance and help from others.

The Research Impact Engagement and Support Network brings together research management working on research impact across the UK.

This list has been retained 30/07/20 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list The SCA (Strategic Content Alliance ) Intellectual Property Rights email list will be for discussing updates on events and news, promoting discussion on IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) issues and creating a community of practice in this area.

A list to support health librarians who are involved with or interested in Schwartz Rounds.

This is a research community for science communication, public engagement, and resarch impact activity in Greater Manchester. It's a place to share, collaborate, and connect.

This list is used by the ILT Champions from Independent Specialist Colleges and Partners to share advice, information and best practice to further develop use of information and learning technology in specialist education. Subscribers to this list will also receive messages posted to www.jiscmail.ac.uk/Techdis-news

Scottish Higher Education Researcher Developers. Practitioners' group for researcher developers from Universities across Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The Scottish Public Engagement Network is a meeting point for everyone with an interest in public engagement in Scotland.

This list is designed to facilitate discussion and sharing of best practice for partnerships practitioners in Scottish Higher Education. This includes (but is not limited to) processes, governance, security and risk management and mitigation

Map current provision of library services to mobile devices and collaborate on developments

The SDF list for dissemination of information and for discussion amongst staff developers on any topic relating to staff development broadly defined in HE

SEDA is the professional association for staff and educational developers in the UK, promoting innovation and good practice in higher education. SEDA is seen by many as the shaper of thought and initiator of action in staff and educational development, not only in the UK but in the international domain also. This forum is for both SEDA members and for the wider educational development community and gives people the opportunity to share information and discuss ideas relating to staff and educational development in HE.

To support and provide a network for people delivering higher education in the FE sector.

This list supports the development of the learning technologies community within the UK Higher Education, as part of the activities of the Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA). It enables members to discuss issues in learning technology, and facilitates local meetings of the network.

This list is available to all education establishments who use the Select HR applications to share advice and good practice and have a collective voice when making suggestions to Select HR for amendments and enhancements

South East Learning Network for the Hants & IOW subregion, bringing together educational organisations and providers in the area for post-16 education to support learning.

South East Learning Network for the Kent area, bringing together educational organisations and providers in the area for post 16 education to support learning.

This is the collaborative Network for the MKOB and Berkshire Regions in the South East. These meetings run every term for all post 16 establishments in the MKOB and Berkshire Region.

The purpose of this list is to develop a network for sharing and support relating to the service learning activities in HE and the community.

A forum for the exchange of ideas, resources and activities relating to the support and development of social enterprise. A multi-disciplinary network to support the fostering of enterprise through education, community projects and partnerships.

This list is to support the activity of an ESRC funded research project (WiSP) which has been investigating social work professional writing. The purpose of this list is to generate a conversation and networking with colleagues in HEI social work programmes about the ways in which professional writing is and could be taught. The aim is to support the development of impact resources for higher education. Membership is open to colleagues from training sections of local authorities .

SPA works closely with universities and colleges to enhance good practice, excellence and professionalism in the recruitment and selection of students to higher education. The SPA list is used to disseminate good practice and advice to members of the HE sector and create a forum where issues and concerns can be aired.

For discussion of issues and activities related to the field of Staff Development in Higher Education, including Curriculum Development, Learning and Teaching, Assessment, Appraisal, Audit, etc. This is a list for all those involved/interested - not just full time staff developers.

The National Higher Education Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (HE STEM) programme aims to improve outreach and widening participation across the sector. This STEM-Outreach-SW network is particularly for practitioners in the South West of England who work in the education sector (primary, secondary and tertiary) and who share a common interest in outreach and widening participation. There is a particular focus on sharing practice to help raise the profile and quality of outreach and widening participation activities.

This group provides an announcement and communication channel for practitioners from the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics disciplines who are undertaking, or seeking to undertake, discipline based pedagogic research in higher education.

Address demand for the continuing professional development of higher education staff, particularly academic staff, in supporting the development of student employability and enterprise in their working setting. It supports professional engagement with the implementation of enhanced practice in evidence informed ways.

A jiscmail list to bring together colleagues working in the fields of student experience and engagement. Run by Josh Gulrajani and David Gilani from AUA's Student Experience and Engagement Network.

A community for SU Designers who want to share creative ideas, get input, enhance marketing material and network

This list is to allow lay/external trustees from students' unions acorss the UK to discuss issues, share experiences and identify solutions to the range of issues they discover on students' union trustee boards. It is facilitated by staff at the National Union of Students who will offer help and support as well as promoting materials and resources that they feel is helpful to members of the group.

SUN aims to provide resources and events to support university lecturers of space engineering and technology in the UK.

A list for those concerned with the supervision of researchers and research students and those involved in supervisor development.

This list is to share and discuss policy and research work in students' unions within further and higher education. It supports peer to peer training and development, collaboration and events. # This list is used to make announcements about events, positions and research being undertaken in the student movement.

Following on from the Education for Sustainable Development: Graduates as Global Citizens conference, this list is a forum for the continuation of debate and dialogue. It is an interdisciplinary online forum for contributions on sustainable development and global citizenship issues in HE.

Mailing list for members of the South-West Principal Fellows (PFHEA) Group to share good practice, have discussions, and arrange meetings

The programme board appointed to oversee the SWERN (South West England Regional Network) disengagement project.

Description: This list is used by teacher researchers and practitioner researchers interested in teacher research, to share ideas, create new knowledge and celebrate systematic and rigorous enquiry.

Discussions on Teacherworld will focus on current issues in the field of race, ethniciry and diversity and inclusion and how these impact upon education. It welcomes contributions from teachers, trainees and others interested in sharing good practice in this area and promoting diversity.

Teaching and Learning Exchange is a list announcing Exchange workshops, conferences and seminars. <HTML> Teaching and Learning Exchange is a list announcing Exchange workshops, conferences and seminars. </HTML>

A mailing list for academics employed on teaching only contracts to discuss and disseminate scholarship of teaching and learning

A mailing list for academics employed on teaching only contracts to discuss and disseminate scholarship of teaching and learning

The TiP (Theory into Practice) discussion list is a supportive and collaborative space for those teaching in Higher Education to gain and share knowledge and experience of putting Learning & Teaching theory into practice in the classroom.

This list is to be used by staff in higher education institutions across the UK, to share good practice and experiences in the area of teaching, learning and quality enhancement in transnational education. It is envisaged that the list will play a critical part in developing a Community of Practice, where resources and experiences will be shared and members will be able to ask questions and seek /provide feedback to the €œ'community'.

An informal space to explore how to support those engaged with all forms of digital learning and teaching in HE & FE. Discussion topics and advise on supporting colleagues develop their digital teaching practices. A community space to share ideas, research and innovative practice aimed at developing digital pedagogical and technological expertise.

This list is used by professionals involved in training and development activities within HRD (Human Resource Development) to share resources, give support and conduct research into pertinent issues.

A discussion forum for those individuals and institutions in Higher and Further Education who use Turning Technologies Clickers and ResponseWare. For teachers, administrators, Learning Technologists and IT staff.

This list supports communication between members of the University Alliance Teaching Excellence Alliance Implementation Group on programme activity.

The ucisa-sdg list is for the discussion of staff development issues relating to staff involved in the support and delivery of information systems in UK Higher & Further Education. The list is also used by the UCISA Staff Development Group to announce courses and events.

This is list is intended for UK Council for Graduate Education members. It is intended as a forum for the discussion of issues related to postgraduate education, research, training and administration.

This list is for those supporting participants in the UKCGE's Research Supervisors Recognition Programme

A forum for communication and collaboration between registrars, collection managers, exhibition organizers and other museum professionals in fields related to the work undertaken by registrars. For members of UK Registrars Group.

A list for Teaching Fellow, or those in academic teaching focused roles

This list is to form a wider group for the Service Users of the tool 'Validate', which is used at UK HEI's to streamline the Right to Study and Right to Work procedures. The tool is allowing Universities to greater enhance the Enrolment and Registration procedures by ensuring all students are included in the Enrolment processes (instead of specifically targetting a subset). This group is to benefit from the work done by service users in enhancing the client to better serve our student population.

The list will be used by educational developers in Welsh HEIs who support academic development.

This list is used by student wellbeing advisory personnel to share information,to discuss service development and delivery.The list enables the development of links between student support personnel working within Higher Education systems in the United Kingdom.

This group is for anyone in the West Midlands who has an interest in open badges, or learning more about them. Use this list to ask questions, share knowledge, develop ideas and and highlight good practice.

This Association for Learning Technology (ALT) members group is for anyone in the West Midlands region of the UK working or interested in learning technology.

A list originally initiated by JISC TechDis to facilitate and support a national community of teachers making use of Xerte Online Toolkits and now managed by the Xerte Project Community. This list aims to complement the existing technical lists hosted by the University of Nottingham. You may also wish to subscribe to the forums on the Xerte Community website at http://xerte.org.uk