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Student Services

This would facilitate communication, spread ideas and share examples of good practice among academic skills/study skills lecturers and tutors.

An online help-desk and forum for sharing questions around support for disabled learners in HE. This list aims to act as a network to bridge school and college SENCOs with widening participation and disability services staff in HE, so they can ask questions and receive impartial advice about complex cases, DSA processes and available support for their students (e.g. accommodation, assistive technology etc).

An open list to discuss administrative aspects of admissions, including public aspects of admissions through UCAS. Not intended for the discussion of individual cases. Members will not generally have addresses ending in .ac.uk as these addresses will be in the admin-ucas list (which is a sub-list of this one and will hence see all messages).

The list aims to provide a channel of communication for those interested in equal opportunities in higher education for students and staff.

ADMIN-SLC This list aims to provide a means of communication and information dissemination for HE administrators interested in any, or all, aspects of dealing with the Student Loan Company and their various associated bodies.

This list aims to provide a means of communication and information dissemination for HE administrators interested in student matters. It is run by the JANET User Group for Administrators (JUGA).

For managers of students advice centres in students unions to share best practice and operational information relevant to these positions

This mailing list is for individuals working within student advice within East Anglia. This list is primarily aimed at improving communication and developing our services individually and as a whole through sharing best practice and exploring opportunities together. With this in mind, other individuals working within welfare and membership services are welcome to join in order to further these objectives

A forum for AHRC Collaborative Skills Development award holders to share ideas and resources, discuss challenges and network. Please note that specific questions for the AHRC should not be posted here, but sent directly to csd@ahrc.ac.uk. For further information on the Collaborative Skills Development scheme, and other AHRC initiatives, please visit the AHRC website: www.ahrc.ac.uk. <HTML> Collaborative Skills Development Forum </HTML>

marketing, recuitment and international education issues

AMOSSHE Wales lead members

This list is used by Academic Registrars Council (ARC) members and their nominees interested in attending a practitioners group about Home Office: UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) regulations relevant to Higher Education Institutions.

A discussion list for DSA assessors, Dyslexia tutors, AT trainers, Mentors and those working under the auspices of DSA QAG.

Discussion on approaches to improving students’ financial capability #News & best practice of integrating Blackbullion within Student Services #Product roadmap updates and input on priorities from the community #Provide feedback on feature releases and reporting of bugs.

This list is used to exchange information on research, projects and best practice with regard to the participation of ethnic minorities in Higher Education, and issues of concern to academic and other staff in HEIs, who are of BME origin.

BRIDGE is a network for PG students from any University and any discipline, with a research interest in East Asia. BRIDGE aims to circulate information on events, opportunities and activities relevant to East Asian Studies.

This is the JISCmail list for the BSA Postgraduate Forum. The PGF facilitates contact between student members and the BSA. The PGF holds regular events across the UK. It is open to all postgraduate members of the BSA.

This list is to be used by the British Universities & Colleges Sport membership to share best practice, notify and discuss pertinent issues arising within the higher education sport sector.

For academics interested in changing the HE curriculum in order to encourage students to become more responsible for their own educational, professional and vocational development. Higher Education for Capability provides conferences and a journal on delivering capability via the curriculum.

Description: CARE4PhD is for career advisers who support PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. The list enables discussions and information sharing amongst its members.

This list is used by Careers Professionals to discuss issues relating to the management and effective use of social media to engage our clients and stakeholders. The group also provides a forum to exchange new ideas and best practice with Careers staff with a particular responsibility for managing their Service's uses of social media.

Discussion list for administrators who work in Counselling Services in HE, affiliated nationally.

A forum for sharing information and good practice for CBT practitioners within student services; counselling/therapy teams; wellbeing teams, etc. as well as for students practicing CBT. If you have any interesting journal articles/books; short CPD type courses to promote; or just wanting to link into others in the field, this may well be the list for you!

This list is for a wider group of people involved in CHESS (Consortium of Higher Education Support Services for Deaf Students) - wider than the planning group

Partnership group to address the issue of sexual harassment within the Bradford City Ward.

This list provides a forum for counselling service administrators working in HE in Scotland to share best practice, training and more

A list for the discussion and contributions to field of counselling, therapy and research within HE in UK.

List intended for the use of HE administrators to discuss issues relating to the Disclosure and Barring Service, staffing and student procedural issues.

Knowledge sharing discussion space for the administration, management and sharing best practice of processes within student services. The aim is to improve the quality of service for the student.

This list will provide relevant announcements to all postgraduates and Stage two trainees within Scotland. This will include jobs and funding opportunities as well as relevant training days and conferences. The list can also be used by Health Psychology postgraduates and trainees to network and ask others in the Health Psychology community in Scotland for advice. This list is run by the postgraduate representatives from the Division of Health Psychology-Scotland committee.

The list for all those in UK HEIs whose job role is Dean of Students.

EATAW is a scholarly organisation that seeks to bring together those involved or interested in the teaching, tutoring, research, administration and development of academic writing in higher education in Europe. EATAW membership is free and is open to individuals from all over the world.

This list is for general discussion on matters relating to the Jisc eduroam(UK) service.

A network to share best practice and creative campaign ideas across the student movement.

This list provides space for discussion around issues relating to first year experience. It will include news and discussion items as identified by members.

Development in electronic transcripts,including technical development, best practice, links to other HE projects and any issues raised by the initiation of electronic transcripts.

This mailing list is associated with Evaluation Collective community of practice in higher education.

A group for people in colleges in the UK who want to learn from each other in developing their voluntary fundraising or work with alumni. (To keep discussion open, we do not incude amongst our membership anyone with a commercial interest in the field, such as consultants).

This list is for those working in the field of student mental health in Glasgow. The list is a forum to share ideas, good practice, resources, training opportunities, research and more.

This jisc aims to allow students' unions of GuildHE member institutions to network and co-ordinate activity.

A subgroup of the Higher Education Liaison Officers (HELOA) list to be used to communicate information of relevance and interest to members of HELOA in the south west of England region

The successful transition to higher education has never been more important. As student numbers, fees and expectations climb, universities must make certain their studentsâ& 128;™ first experience of higher education is positive. Ensuring the vital first few weeks contain the right balance of information, nurture and challenge is key to successful induction programmes. This jiscmail list seeks to share best practice, discuss sector-wide strategies, successes and challenges and to share new ideas in order to develop planning frameworks relating to successful and engaging induction programmes

Forum for those with an interest in intrapreneurship in researcher development.

This list is for sharing information about the development of a possible Jisc service to support colleges, skills providers and universities with the collection, analysis and interpretation of students' expectations and experiences of technology.

this list consists of practitioners involved in supporting he students in the development of their academic skills.

This is a platform for university staff and organisations interested in the promotion of HE opportunities for refugees and those in refugee-like situations.

LDTalk is a Learning Development student email discussion list for HE study support. Join us to: share learning resources; get to grips with referencing; think critically; write clearly; exchange feedback; develop proofreading skills; bounce ideas; compare notes; build knowledge; discuss good practice; reflect on study experiences; understand expectations; check regulations; give and receive support; learn socially and actively. Email us and tell us what you study and how. What works for you?

A forum for discussion and ideas to support any UK academic library providing, developing or planning a library service for their alumni.

The primary aim of the list is to exchange information, experience in supporting international students in academic libraries.

Discussion of user experience and creating and managing inspiring spaces in HE libraries.

This list will support HEIs participating in the Equality Challenge Unit's Mainstreaming Equality through Governance and Management programme. It will provide a mechanism for discussion, the sharing of information and peer support for teams from 6 Scottish HEIs in the development of their approach to mainstreaming through governance and management.

This is an open list for anyone within the academic community with an interest in Mature Students Issues. It is hoped that the list will be used to share best practice in mature students provision.

An informal mailing list for all managers co-ordinators of mentoring schemes based in HE institutions. Join the list to share best practice, discuss issues surrounding mentoring, and to seek support and advice from others running mentoring initiatives.

A forum for discussion of all aspects of mobile computing, including mobile websites, mobile application development and increasing access to services from mobile devices.

A group for Managers of Membership Services in UK students' unions to discuss ideas, develop initiatives and share best practice.

The Midlands Researcher Developer Forum (MRDF) is a networking group open to university staff who support and develop research students and research staff in Midlands universities. The group meets 3-4 times a year. This list is for MRDF members to exchange ideas, share practice and encourage communication between our meetings.

This list is a sub-set of the nases mailbase for the NASES executive. Its purpose is to assist in the management of the nases mailbase and those issues discussed on it (by an elected group of individual practitioners supported by co-opted experts).

Allow private communication between NASES members.

North East Assessors Discussion List supporting Disabled Students in Higher Education

This group is used by members of NHAN, the Northern Housing Advisors' Network. Its purpose is for the discussion of student housing advice issues, and to enable the sharing of advice and knowledge. Our focus is mostly (but not solely) on the private rental sector.

Discussion list for Northern Universities Income and Tuition Fee Group.

This list is used by the National Union of Students Mature and Part-time campaign to share information, campaigns materials and best practice in support for mature and part-time students by students' unions.

This list is used by the NUS London regional team and sabbatical officers in London to network and share best practice in areas of Students' Union work.

The National Union of Students Autonomous Area for London. Delivering pan-London representation for over 800,000 students across the capital in both FE and HE.

Mae'r fforwm UCM hon yn galluogi myfyrwyr a swyddogion myfyrwyr yng Nghymru i rwydweithio a rhannu gwybodaeth a syniadau This NUS forum enables students and student officers in Wales to network, share information and ideas.

Announcement list to communicate to anyone using online surveys.

A place for all collaborative partner coordinators at Students' Unions to post and announce ideas, results, news and anything else that is relevant to the role. Means of networking and helping to achieve synergy and the best for the students studying under these circumstances.

This list is used by coordinators of Personal Development Planning (PDP) projects in Higher Education institutions to facilitate communication and information dissemination.

Sharing research, ideas and best practice on supporting progression to and success in taught pgt by under-represented groups

Discussion list on the issues of prevention and detection of plagiarism.

Used by the Office for Students to communicate about the Prevent duty in the English HE sector. It is not a discussion list.

This list is for Quaker Chaplains/Student Welcomers/Advisors and anyone interested in the role of Quakers (Religious Society of Friends) in supporting staff and students in the HE community.

This list is used as a communication channel for people who wish to develop a set of questions for RDM Training Benchmark

Sharing information and best practise on the support and development of research staff in UK HEIs. This includes careers advice, training ideas, use of Roberts money and the national research agenda.

This contact address will be used by those who are interested in supporting students in residences across the sector, whether this is for pastoral, welfare or discipline matters.

This list is to facilitate discussion and fact-finding for those employed in HE who have responsibility for the oversight and delivery of their institutions legal obligations in relation to safeguarding children and adults at risk.

The Students as Researchers schemes list is for all HE staff involved in the leading and administration of students as researchers schemes in their broadest sense. It will provide a forum for the sharing of best practice in the management, operation and evaluation of such schemes, provide a means for people to network and ask questions about issues related to the management of such schemes. The term research should be considered to encompass students engaged in curriculum evaluation and development activities, pedagogic and disciplinary research.

The email network for members of ScotHELD, Scotland's network for Learning Developers in Higher Education.

To allow consultation,strategy development and encourage research into provision of counselling and other student support in Scottish HEs

A place where HE/FE Institutions can come to together and share their ideas, resources and experiences of peer learning and support across Scotland

A forum for the exchange of ideas, resources and activities relating to the support and development of social enterprise. A multi-disciplinary network to support the fostering of enterprise through education, community projects and partnerships.

A designated jiscmail list for small and specialist students' unions to share ideas, best practice and advice on various issues within the higher and further education sectors.

This list is for social work academics, practitioners and students who have an interest in learning more about alcohol and drugs. It is intended to allow sharing of information and information exchange between the target audience, for example, it will allow students to ask for information from practitioners and academics, academics to find out what others are doing and for practitioners to have a direct line to academics who are specialist in this area and vice versa.

Mailing List for Institutional Contacts for SROC, for the dissemination and notification of matters of interests to SROC delegates and those working within the field of Student Records and Data.

This is an inter University group who are currently reviewing their student record system.

This list will be used for sharing information about student support issues at Northumbria University and for sharing information about other student support activities in the Newcastle area. It will be of particular interest to colleagues at Northumbria University - whether in Faculties, central Services or the Students' Union. However, staff at other universities are also very welcome to join!

This list is used to communicate with and derive responses and research from the student fundraising community across the UK in both further and higher education.

This list provides a forum for those working in or interested in the area of student retention in higher education to exchange views and share good practice.

A discussion and information list for people working in UK higher education with a specific interest in improving communication and engagement with current students (as opposed to marketing and communication to prospective students).

A jiscmail list to bring together colleagues working in the fields of student experience and engagement. Run by Josh Gulrajani and David Gilani from AUA's Student Experience and Engagement Network.

This JISC list has been set up to disseminate information relating to events, initiatives and advice relating to the management of student induction into HEIs in the UK.

This list will be used by the partner unions in the National Union of Students/ Higher Education Academy Student-Led Teaching Awards project to exchange advice guidance and examples of good practice.

Open to Universities and Students' Unions operating Mentoring or Befriending schemes within their institutions or who are involved in researching this area of work.

A community for SU Designers who want to share creative ideas, get input, enhance marketing material and network

This list is for student officers and staff in students unions, FE and HE institutions interested in internationalising students' unions. Common topics include information on upcoming events on internationalisation and international students, international students in crisis, information on campaigns for international students, and new information on building global student communities.

This list is for staff working in Student Unions' who are responsible for coordinating peer support/peer learning projects. <HTML> This list is for staff working in Student Unions' who are responsible for coordinating peer support/peer learning projects. </HTML>

This list is to allow lay/external trustees from students' unions acorss the UK to discuss issues, share experiences and identify solutions to the range of issues they discover on students' union trustee boards. It is facilitated by staff at the National Union of Students who will offer help and support as well as promoting materials and resources that they feel is helpful to members of the group.

A mailing list for academics employed on teaching only contracts to discuss and disseminate scholarship of teaching and learning

Titanium Schedule is a US based software specifically for use in Student Counselling Services. There are a number of UK Universities using this and this groups is a means of sharing both experience and expertise.

Network of academics, third sector workers, activists, policymaker, journalists and others interested in the issue of violence against students.

This list is to allow members of the UALL (Universities Association for Lifelong Learning) Student Experience Network to communicate about issues relating to the teaching and support of part time and mature students in Higher Education

This list is used by HE and FE staff involved in advising and personal tutoring to share ideas, resources, and research in the field.

A list for LGBT Students/Officers and Supporting Sabbatical Officers to find out about the changing regulations on LGBT Equality, and new thinking in this area.

This list has been retained 19/10/20 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list UMHAN supports the work of mental health specialists working within HE. It seeks to share good practice and to influence developments across the sector. Please see our website for further information about membership and our work: www.umhan.com

The list for users of UNITI CMS from Bellside Solutions, to share ideas, advice, etc.

Forum to discuss issues surrounding administration and federal regulatory compliance for US Loans

Discussion forum for the members of the UUK Code of Practice

This list is to discuss issues pertaining to risk management in international mobility

This list is to form a wider group for the Service Users of the tool 'Validate', which is used at UK HEI's to streamline the Right to Study and Right to Work procedures. The tool is allowing Universities to greater enhance the Enrolment and Registration procedures by ensuring all students are included in the Enrolment processes (instead of specifically targetting a subset). This group is to benefit from the work done by service users in enhancing the client to better serve our student population.

This list is used by student wellbeing advisory personnel to share information,to discuss service development and delivery.The list enables the development of links between student support personnel working within Higher Education systems in the United Kingdom.

A discussion group for members of the unpaid work experience working party

A jiscmail list to support dialogue, sharing of practice and communication between support staff working with care leavers in higher education