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University infrastructure

The mailing list of the HEFCE Co-ordination team for Widening Participation to Higher Education. This is a sublist of widening-participation.

An open list to discuss administrative aspects of admissions, including public aspects of admissions through UCAS. Not intended for the discussion of individual cases. Members will not generally have addresses ending in .ac.uk as these addresses will be in the admin-ucas list (which is a sub-list of this one and will hence see all messages).

Payroll administration is a highly specialised topic and requires specific skills, knowledge and experience. This list will allow university payroll managers nationwide to share those attributes promptly and economically, and provide a consistent and professional service to all employees.

Ethically complex work in SHAPE disciplines is at risk of either not going ahead, or not being supported. This Network of researchers, University Ethics Committee (UEC) members and non-academic beneficiaries will develop ways in which ethics frameworks and processes can support challenging work in SHAPE disciplines.

The ALT Learning Spaces SIG is a community of practitioners in UK HE and aims to share good practice and resources; brief each other on areas of new development and events; discuss common issues, possible solutions, collaboration and research; raise awareness and help to inform the development of a strategic approach to learning spaces; collaborate with other stakeholder groups involved with learning spaces.

Supporting higher and further education institutions in the UK to share their expertise in learning analytics. Engaging with international research and development in the area of learning analytics. Supporting community engagement with the Jisc project around learning analytics. NOTE: promotion of products, services, jobs etc is not permitted on this list.

Announcement list for BRISSKit project. Please see http://www.brisskit.le.ac.uk for details of national HEFCE/JISC funded project to provide mature open source biomedical research database applications over the Janet and secure NHS networks.

The catalyst list is for people for the HEI's who received funding from RCUK for the public engagement with research Catalysts funding call. This new funding is intended to act as a catalyst for culture change within HEIs to help them embed public engagement with research within their policies, procedures and practices.

Discussion group for users of the Celcat timetabling/room booking and attendance packages.

The Co-operative Higher Education Network (CHEN) is a general purpose mailing list with a focus on co-operated higher education in the broadest sense. It is open to anyone who wishes to talk and network around co-operative higher education. This is an informal space where ideas, themes, proposals and solutions can be generated and discussed. Moderation will be kept to a minimum. CHEN members may wish to organised events and other activities.

This is a mailing list for communication with users of the Chandler House functional near-infrared spectroscopy lab.

The Consortium of Institutes of Advanced Studies list members will be used to discuss CIAS events, programmes, visiting fellows, policy.

A place for technical staff in HE to discuss the challenges in implementing a Cisco SDA network. Hopefully to share best practise and any learning experiences. Generic discussion of intent based networking welcomed.

Discussion list for the network of UK researchers associated with the pan-European CLARIN project, building an infrastructure for the support of advanced research in the humanities using electronic language resources.

The UK Cloud Computing Special Interest Group (Cloud SIG), is a group of active users, developers, researchers and providers doing interesting things in cloud computing who come together to identify and solve key issues in the adoption and use of clouds.

List for discussion of all issues relating to the employment and career management ofcontract research staff within the academic community, for the sharing of relevant experience, and for information exchange on local and national responses to the Concordat/RCI.

A list for those interested in events, activities and research related to critical infrastructure studies.

The CRMinHEFE list is a space for all stakeholders to discuss the implementation of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) as a process and as a technology in Higher and Further Education. It's focus is on the strategic, cultural change, systems management, etc aspects of CRM, rather than on the detailed installation issues of vendor specific systems.

Community discussion, planning and management for data.ac.uk.

This list is used to make announcements and promote discussion to Higher Education and the international research community about research data publication. Topics include technical and scientific peer review, trusted repository accreditation and the challenges for researchers, institutions, funders and publishers.

This list aims to faciliate interconnections and mutual learning between research offices, researchers and funders in higher education in the UK and globally to improve research development practices informed by a decolonial awareness.

This group is set up for those training providers on the RoTAP (Register of approved training providers). The aim of this community to is share information / questions / learnings from the Degree Apprenticeship programmes running within institutions.

Community of practice on Design Knowledge Exchange

A list for technical discussion related to DMPonline to allow the wider developer community to share ideas and contribute to the code. DMPonline is an open source tool provided by the Digital Curation Centre for Data Management Planning.

The list for all those in UK HEIs whose job role is Dean of Students.

This list provides a forum for community-wide discussion of areas of interest relating to e-theses and dissertations, including the use of e-theses within institutions, digitisation of print theses, author concerns and guidance, and the EThOS e-theses service.

For discussion of all topics related to end-to-end network performance, including tools used, network monitoring, and end system tuning. Intended audiences are the application end users/communities, network operators/administrators within Janet-connected sites, and academic network researchers

Smaller institutions Group in Scotland.

An email list encompassing all members of the EPN 2024 RI (Europlanet 2024 Research Infrastructure) finance, admin, scientific, Transnational Access leads, all officers (including impact)

Project Management Committee mailing list EPN 2024 RI

Information sharing and support group for administrative and academic staff working on Erasmus Mundus joint masters degree programmes.

This list is for everyone involved in managing information, including physical and electronic records, related to university estates departments. This includes managing building manuals, drawings, maintenance records, and photographs; BIM; records related to tenders, space charging, contracts; and more.

Updates, announcements, service alerts and customer discussion list for the UK eduroam Visitor Access (eVA) service.

This mailing list is associated with Evaluation Collective community of practice in higher education.

A network to provide support to all FE managers with responsibilities for estates, facilities , asset and property management.

The Freedom of Information Act came into force on 1st January 2005, and affects the way FE and HE institutions handle information. This list aims to be a forum for exchanging ideas and as a focus for the community, to operate as a repository for FAQs, to aid us in understaning the application of the legislation. Members should observe normal Netiquette. The list is not for Commercial purposes. As higher and further education institutions are public authorities as determined under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, postings to the list, including expressions of opinion, may be subject to the disclosure requirements of the Act.

The Global Circle consists of philosophers sympathetic to the idea that philosophy should tackle, and promote awareness of, global problems - global intellectually, and global in the sense of concerning the planet and the future of humanity.

A list for members of the UK Council of Graduate Education's Graduate School Managers Network.

This list facilitates discussion between those involved in developing and managing business continuity in the HE Sector.

This list is used by HEDIIP for notifications and for discussion about the programme.

This list is a discussion area for Heads of e-Learning working in HE. The list is primarily for discussion of strategic issues relating to the embedding of e-learning.

A subgroup of the Higher Education Liaison Officers (HELOA) list to be used to communicate information of relevance and interest to members of HELOA in the south west of England region

Mailing list for members of technical staff managing data and voice networks at Welsh Higher Education institutions that are members of the HEWIT group.

The HPC Special Interest Group brings together sites running large local HPC facilities. By meeting and sharing experiences its mission is to promote and enable the use of research computation and to ensure its sustainable and effective use within the UK HEIs.

This list is for managers of UK based imaging centres (e.g. MRI, PET, MEG, CT) to discuss issues related to centre management.

A mail list for students and staff at the Institute for Educational Cybernetics, University of Bolton.

A mailing list for those interested in discussing and keeping up to date with the International Network of Research Management Societies (INORMS) Research Administration as a Profession (RAAAP) TaskForce work on collecting longitudinal data about RMA as a profession around the world. This is a sub-list of INORMS-RAAAP-TaskForce

To share knowlege and experiences within the remit of insurance and risk management programmes

A list for collaboration, discussion and sharing of practice related to learning spaces in UK Colleges and Universities.

This list for those people involved in running Light Microscopy facilities, mainly in Universities. It is intended as an easy mechanism to help share knowledge and expertise, relevant to facility management etc.

A list for the discussion, promotion and support of location-aware technologies in education.

For those practicing Lean and other strategies to improve university administration, teaching and research in London and SE of England. This list is a sub-list of LEANHE-ENGLAND

London Technical Contacts: This list is used by those Further, Higher and Adult educational institutions and can be used to inform members about new developments, and for raising technical issues and enquiries, and for discussion when appropriate.

A forum for library professionals of satellite campuses (in London) to share good practice and talk about any challenges faced, particularly that could be different from a main campus.

Learning and Teaching Spaces Managers Group (LTSMG) The group is for Directors, Managers, Technical Supervisors and Senior Technicians responsible for managing and delivering audio visual facilities, IT equipment and emerging educational technologies in learning and teaching spaces throughout higher education. There is also a core of members interested in learning space design ie collaborative and social learning spaces to meet changing teaching and learning styles. Visit the web site here: http://www.ltsmg.co.uk

This list is used by the main contact points for institutions who have signed up to the Manifesto for Public Engagement.

The McShib jiscmail list has been established to support the McShib forum, which is a real-time opportunity (usually a meeting) for persons in Scotland interested in Shibboleth. For queries or comments about Shibboleth in general (outwith the Scottish forum) please post to the national (UK) list at JISC-SHIBBOLETH@JISCMAIL.AC.UK

A discussion list for the Methods North West consortium team.

A list for discussion of development of the Moonshot software.

A discussion list to provide peer support for staff who facilitate Public Engagement with Research in Midlands-based Higher Education Institutions

This list is for anyone passionate about Higher Education Institutions public engagement, and is to facilitate sharing of information and discussion.

This list is to support discussion of the use of network automation tools and techniques at Janet-connected sites. This may cover areas such as provisioning, updates and validation of network device configurations and state.

This list is used to share good practice and promote discussion between disability networks at UK HE institutions.

A list for sharing experiences and good practice in open access implementation. Note - this list was originally set up to support the Open Access Good Practice project.

This list is used to exchange information about issues relating to the governance, implementation and management of the Office 365 collaboration suite in the United Kingdom Higher and Further Education community. Please note that commercial entities may be subscribed to this list. They are requested to behave responsibly, and not to treat the list as a means of generating leads, making sales pitches etc. The list owners reserve the right to remove anyone not abiding by this request. This is a super-list of MICROSOFT-365.

Padzahr is a social enterprise. We want to democratise data, giving communities, organisations and individuals a platform from which to make decisions and influence policy. Big data has long been the domain of multinational companies and governments. With all the knowledge comes all the power. Affecting change is a challenge without hard facts to back up arguments. Our aim is to level the playing field

A mailing list for colleagues actively involved in supporting activities towards a global persistent identifier alliance.

Discussion list on the issues of prevention and detection of plagiarism.

To allow contact and information sharing between users of Ex Libris Primo TotalCare within the UK education community.

Email list for Atira Pure UK User Group

Facility for news, discussion and record of proceedings of the Quality Strategy Network for HE in the UK.

This list has been retained 09/06/2021 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list The list is intended to serve as a forum for discussion on issues faced by all within the UK research community as a result of the introduction of the REF. Members are encouraged to share technical queries and solutions for collecting bibliographic, bibliometric and other data for the REF.

List to discuss the data management issues arising in and from research projects in Higher Education and related research communities, in the UK and internationally, established by the Digital Curation Centre on behalf of the JISC.

Sharing information and best practise on the support and development of research staff in UK HEIs. This includes careers advice, training ideas, use of Roberts money and the national research agenda.

This list is for members, chairs and administrators of university based research ethics committees and others who have an interest in research ethics. It is aimed to serve as means to share information, seek assistance and help from others.

This list is for discussion about managing research notebooks particularly to use of IT tools or research notebooks.

Welcome to the Resourcelink Reporting Services Special Interest Group (SIG) Mailbase. The group is comprised of Northgate Arinso HR system users from within both the Public and Private sectors. Resourcelink Reporting Services is the new reporting module within the NGA system. We aim to maintain a helpful and friendly environment where all users can share advice and guidance.

A mutual support network for sharing information, learning and good practice around welcoming and supporting refugees and asylum seekers in Higher Education. Members may already be involved with the Article 26 and Universities of Sanctuary initiatives, or may simply wish to join to find out more.

The Scottish Planners Forum provides a collective voice for professional planners within the university sector in Scotland <HTML> The Scottish Planners Forum provides a collective voice for professional planners within the university sector in Scotland </HTML>

Mailing list of Principals from Colleges of Further Education in the South East Region.

This list is for discussion of security architecture within the UK Education and Research community. All those in the community working, or with an interest. in information security or enterprise architecture are welcome to join. <HTML> This list is for discussion of security architecture within the UK Education and Research community. All those in the community working, or with an interest. in information security or enterprise architecture are welcome to join. </HTML>

This list is about smartcard systems and their uses in HE/FE education. The group explores best pratice, technology and value for money. The group is not limited to tangible card systems as RFID, biometrics, IP, PIN and the cost benefit of systems and the issues of cash (and its cost) will be explored. Members will normally be existing or potential users of smartcards.

The list will be a forum for discussion of the practical possibilities which social media affords for all aspects of academic life: with a particular focus on teaching, research and public engagement.

SPA works closely with universities and colleges to enhance good practice, excellence and professionalism in the recruitment and selection of students to higher education. The SPA list is used to disseminate good practice and advice to members of the HE sector and create a forum where issues and concerns can be aired.

Community support group for Splunk users in HE

The Steeple projects are JISC funded UK Higher Education community projects. It seeks to investigate, develop, and document sustainable institutional infrastructure to support #university wide educational audio/video processing and podcasting.

This list is used to communicate with and derive responses and research from the student fundraising community across the UK in both further and higher education.

This list provides a forum for those working in or interested in the area of student retention in higher education to exchange views and share good practice.

A discussion and information list for people working in UK higher education with a specific interest in improving communication and engagement with current students (as opposed to marketing and communication to prospective students).

This list is to allow lay/external trustees from students' unions acorss the UK to discuss issues, share experiences and identify solutions to the range of issues they discover on students' union trustee boards. It is facilitated by staff at the National Union of Students who will offer help and support as well as promoting materials and resources that they feel is helpful to members of the group.

This list is for university staff across the world to discuss sustainability issues and solutions. The aim is to provide a global network for sharing best practice in the field of sustainability and its application to university operations. Inspired by the Making Universities Sustainable Conference in Copenhagen 2014. This is the first global email-list for HE Sustainability Professionals and is intended to be a hotbed of discussion for everything sustainability related in the sector, a place to share bright ideas and best practice and ensure that we are working together on a global scale to tackle the issues surrounding sustainability. It is completely free of charge and open to anyone working in sustainability in the higher education sector. There are a couple of ground rules: - Please keep the discussion friendly - Please keep to the subject of sustainability - Please keep the emails in English. Helpful tips: If you would like to start a private discussion please reply to the sender’s email address and not hit the ‘reply’ button. To enable his to happen please remember to provide your email address in your contact details when you sign off an email to the group.

SW-EM is a community of all those working within the field of electron microscopy in the South West UK. Open to all students, early-career researchers, technicians and academics alike, SW-EM aims to serve anyone working in Electron Microscopy in the SW.

The programme board appointed to oversee the SWERN (South West England Regional Network) disengagement project.

A group for users of the HR / Payroll module within Unit 4 Business World (prev Agresso)

UCISA-IG Committee list

This is a discussion list to share experiences of developing digital strategy and digital business transformation plans and issues.

ucisa Enterprise Architecture discussion list

This list is primarily for Condor administrators, or people considering Condor deployments, within the UK academic and e-science communities.

This is list is intended for UK Council for Graduate Education members. It is intended as a forum for the discussion of issues related to postgraduate education, research, training and administration.

This group is for use by those estates managers who work for an FE college in the the West Midlands area. Sublist of FEESTATESNETWORK