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Religious Studies

ABTAPL is the Association of British Theological and Philosophical Libraries The list will be used as a forum for sharing experience and information in the fields of theological and philosophical librarianship and resource management.

We wish to use this list to debate new findings and theories in the academic study of magic. We will use the list to publicise events, research and CFPs in the field.

Informal group of scholars working in Northern Ireland (UK) and the Republic of Ireland (ROI) on African topics.

The BISA Working Group on the International Studies of the Mediterranean, Middle East and Asia (ISMMEA) aims to provide an interdisciplinary forum in which to bring a diverse range of scholars and practitioners together

The Christian Academic Network

A network for chaplains, educationalists and researchers to share information on education, training and research requirements and provision.

To enable researhers to net work and keep the conversation alive

for those involved in collecting and documenting community history on an online platform

Academic discussion of the relationship between urban change and religion. Key themes: geographies of secularisation and the 'post-secular'; Significance of 'faith-based organisations' in urban planning and policy; Significance of religion for urban politics and urban social cohesion.

The cog-sci-rel-l mailing list serves the interdisciplinary community of scholars researching the cognitive science of religion.

This list will be used by conservators to consider spiritual and ethical considerations when conserving diverse cultural artefacts buildings and interiors

A list for researchers in any aspect of the western monastic tradition from late antiquity looking forward in time, with the aim of fostering exchanges across the research community.

I recently organized a webinar series titled ‘Non-Western Perspectives on Terrorism Industry’, which was quite successful, and I received quite a few people asked me to set up an emailing list/network. The aim of the list/network is to allow members from different parts of the world to share/discuss ideas pertaining to decolonisation/decoloniality and the terrorism industry, share their publications, and share information about research funding and webinars/workshops/conferences.

This list provides a forum for people to explore issues relating to the spirituality and theology of disability. It is aimed at people with disabilities, practitioners and researchers with an interest in this area.

Embodiment is the bodily aspect of subjectivity. It underpins emotion, language, thought and social interaction.

To provide an interdisciplinary, supportive and easily accessible network for individuals actively involved/interested in the study of 'extraordinary' experiences (such as religious, spiritual, 'anomalous' experiences, etc.).

Discussion list on faith-based social change issues. The list is open to both academic perspectives and grass-roots voices.

This list aims to provide a forum for the discussion of gender in all matters related to the study and practice of religion. It is sponsored by the Gender and Religion Research Centre, based in the Dept of the Study of Religions at the SOAS and is open to those who have an interest in this area of research.

This group provides a forum for the discussion of geographies of religions, beliefs, faith and spirituality. Discussions focus on research, teaching and associated issues of relevance to the intersection of faith and spirituality with place and community.

This list is to inform users about the HRI's upcoming activities.

The History of Women Religious of Britain and Ireland (H-WRBI) mailing list is used for the discussion of all topics relevant to the study of women religious of Britain and Ireland. It also aims to provide information on all up-coming conferences and seminars of interest.

This list is for scholars researching religion and gender and linked to the International Association for the study of Religion & Gender

This mailing list exists to support the research initiatives of the In Via Dante Network. We aim principally to foster dialogue between PGR and ECR Dantisti across different institutions in the British Isles and further afield.

This discussion list is for members of the International Society for Historians of Atheism Secularism & Humanism to raise discussion items, to make announcements and to notify the members of items of interest.

A list for the interdisciplinary study of the Late Roman Empire and Mediterranean world in late antiquity. Contributions are welcome from all fields of Late Antique Studies.

LITURGY is intended as a discussion on all aspects of the academic study of Christian liturgy. The list does not confine itself to any single historical period, geographical area or denomination. Contributions are therefore welcome from scholars in all fields of theology or history.

This academic mailing list is dedicated to circulating information related to the field of medieval Dominican studies, or information of interest to those studying medieval Dominicans (e.g. related to mendicants, preaching, etc.). Announcements might include calls for papers, notices of conferences, lectures, seminars, events, new books and so on. The mailing list could also be a forum for questions and discussion pertinent to the field, although if this proves very popular then the list might be divided into two lists, Announcements and Discussion.

This list provides a forum for discussions related to religious life and thought in Europe from late antiquity to the early modern period (inclusive). Postings regarding bibliographical matters and new publications are also valued. Subscribers are urged to share their expertise with others.

This list is used by medievalists working IN Scotland (not necessarily ON Scotland) for networking: looking for potential collaborators for research; planning, announcing or advertising conferences, workshops, events, publication opportunities, jobs, studentships, post-docs, grants etc.

This jisclist is the discussion forum for the AHRC-funded Minorities on Campus research network. This multidisciplinary network will use jisc to share understandings and develop research on the impact of social inequalities around religion, ethnicity and gender on lived experiences of discrimination and equality on HE campuses in India.

This list is intended for people interested in the material dimensions of missionary encounters, and particularly the ways these have shaped the development of museum collections. It should also be of interest to people interested in the commemoration of the missionary past through a range of heritage processes, from monuments to reconciliation ceremonies and reenactments.

The Non-religion & Education Research Network includes members of organisations (academic, policy, etc.) who are interested in research relation to non-religion in education and education about non-religion.

This list will facilitate communication among staff and post-graduate medievalists at the University of Nottingham.

This public list supports the "Text-Critical Thursdays" seminar run by the IGNTP.

Mailing list for The Baron Thyssen Centre for the Study of Ancient Material Religion at The Open University.

This list is for those in the UK who are active in research, education, and practice on the interface of psychology and religion. Its purpose is to share ideas, discuss potential collaboration, announce events and forthcoming publications, distribute calls for papers, seek advice, and generally keep up-to-date with new ideas.

A group convened through the British and Irish Association for Practical Theology (www.biapt.org.uk), which brings together academics, research students and researching professionals in the field of pastoral care, practical theology and Christian social ethics. This group aims to facilitate networking amongst BIAPT members interested in developing issues in public theology, or the interaction between faith traditions and social policy, political economy and civil society.

This list is used by the Queen Mary Centre for Religion and Literature in English (QMCRLE) to make announcements to its subscribers about forthcoming events, study opportunities, research initiatives and resources.

This list is for Quaker Chaplains/Student Welcomers/Advisors and anyone interested in the role of Quakers (Religious Society of Friends) in supporting staff and students in the HE community.

A list for members of the religion, collections and heritage group, which is dedicated to the care and interpretation of religious collections in museums, places of worship, faith organisations, schools and elsewhere.

This mailing list is used to provide announcements and updates to persons interested in the RE: Connect project, which explores teaching in UK RE around climate change and the environment.

A list for updates and correspondence relating to the AHRC-funded Religion & Extinction project.

This list is used by the leadership team and all others interested in the Religion, Health, and Humanities Researchers network to make announcements, share ideas, make introductions, and communicate relevant information. It is intended to foster connections and celebrate accomplishments among like-minded researchers, clinicians, and scholars.

Its purpose is to link researchers interested in the topic of religion and politics in various national and international contexts.

This list is intended for those interested in research into religion and popular music.

The Religious Archives Group is an informal group of archivists, librarians and others. The main focus is the administration and care of religious archives in the UK. The Group holds an annual conference.

This list is used by those interested in reverie research to share with each other and the wider community announcements, news, publications and other materials.

The list is concerned with the archaeology and art history of South Asia (India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan). It will give information about conferences and publications, provide a vehicle for swapping information with each other, and be a forum for friendly debate.

SOCREL is a discussion and news list devoted to Sociology of Religion and is primarily for academics working in the field in (or about) the UK.The list grew out of discussions in the sociology of religion groupof the British Sociological Association. Please Note Only members of SocRel are able to freely post messages through this email list.If you are not a member of SocRel but have an important announcement to distribute, please forward your message to Kim Harding (khard001@gold.ac.uk) for vetting and distribution.It is only possible to post messages using an email account that is registered as part of SocRel membership.

This list supports a long-term research collaboration with biological field recorders into "Spiritual Landscapes". List members will likely have attended a workshop hosted by a member of the research team, particularly Dr. Jeremy Kidwell. The list is meant to provide a forum for persons to report on their experience in the field, troubleshoot issues, and share announcements about forthcoming events that may be of interest.

The Centre for Spirituality Studies at the University of Hull aims to promote interdisciplinary research and scholarship developing a critical understanding of spirituality.

This is the supporting email list for the UK Research Network for Theology, Religion and Popular Culture. Established in 2005, this is a forum for those involved in advanced research in this field in universities and faith-based HE providers.

An academic and community based grouping focusing on issues of race, religion and social justice with particular attention paid to issues impacting African descendant communities

This mailing list is for Outreach Convenors in Theology and Religious Studies departments in Higher Education Institutions.

The object of the Association shall be to promote the academic study of Buddhism through the national and international collaboration of all scholars whose research has a bearing on the subject.

A mailing list for scholars and others interested in the textual history of the Latin Bible (Vetus Latina) to share information and news. Announcements of projects, publications and conferences are welcome. Questions and discussions will be entertained so long as they are on an appropriate topic and do not become repetitive, lengthy or depart from civilised discourse. Contributions may be in any language. The archive is visible to the public, but e-mail addresses can only be seen by registered members.

List for the discussion of all aspects of ‘Holy’ Wells, and related water veneration, including their definition, architecture, distribution, history, folklore, archaeology, etymology and hydrology.


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