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Design Studies

This list is for announcements and discussion related to the activities of ADM-HEA, the Art, Design and Media Subject Centre of the Higher Education Academy. The Subject Centre promotes high quality in the learning and teaching of ADM in HE by enabling knowledge exchange, innovation and enterprise.

This list is used by those funded under any Design Research theme of the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) to make announcements and to discuss issues related to their design projects.

This list is for the dissemination and communication of updates about the Anticipation Conference series, and related Anticipation Studies events.

This group is for academics interested in the study or application of semiotics to various contexts, whether communication, design, marketing or other contexts.

Announcements of interest to architectural historians in further and higher education and heritage bodies: calls for papers; conferences; lectures; publications; courses; funds; vacancies; organisations.

The arclib-members list is a closed list and is to be used for the discussion of topics of interest to members of arclib. It will enable members of the group to raise any concerns, ask any questions or seek help from other members.

This mail list is for the Art Subject Focus Group which is a group comprising of art teachers in schools, arts organisations and University staff interested in the furtherance of collaborative arts projects and research. Members from all areas are welcome although meetings are usually held in the West Midlands.

The programmes may be called Multimedia Arts, Interactive Arts, Electronic Arts, CyberArts, Design, Graphic Design and so on; this list is for discussion of issues relevant to Programme and Module Leaders on such courses. Teaching ideas, problems, technology and of course developing Creative content should all get discussed.

This list is used for the participants and presenters of the Artscapes: Urban Art and the Public conference to keep in touch and exchange research ideas.

The list will provide a forum for the sharing of information between teachers of computing and digital design in schools of architecture in the UK.

Aural Diversity researches differences in hearing and their implications for fields such as music, sound studies, acoustics, audiology, environmental design, hearing care and hearing technologies.

The mailing list will be used by the BSA Sociology of the Arts Study Group, which brings together individuals interested in, and working with, creative industries, artists, designers, curators or those in other artistic fields. The list will be used to encourage academic discussion, to advertise events, and to facilitate collaborations between academics, practitioners and enterprise.

The CAD-IN-DESIGN mailing list is used for the discussion of computer aided design in the product design workplace, with the mission of establishing how 'CAD' should be correctly employed in this specific workplace.

The Computer Arts Society was founded in 1968.

CEPHAD aims at stimulating the flow of ideas between research in philosophy and research in design

CIBEA is an educationally focussed association which intends to be: -an expert hub for creative thinking related to business -bring creativity and business closer together -be a common voice for postgraduate research and teaching -define and contribute to the development of skills -provide a focal point to develop and disseminate research into creativity in business and the business of creativity & Sharing expertise and knowledge

Announcement list for digital and electronic arts histories

DEED represents Departments, Schools, Faculties and Courses offering advanced level design education, including post-graduate studies and research in a variety of design areas. DEED recognises the increasing significance of interdisciplinary practice in all areas of design with the advent of the new information technologies, multimedia and computer-based design. In tandem with the increasingly multidisciplinary nature of design education with the growth of modularity, hybrid design disciplines and research. DEED supports its members and the broader academic community through a variety of activities including annual conferences, seminars, workshops, papers, and representation to the media, Government and other interested organisations.

A list for discussing issues around design fiction research and practice.

A forum for the discussion of design historical issues, and the exchange of related information and reviews, administered by the Design History Society for members and interested others.

Community of practice on Design Knowledge Exchange

This list distributes Design Research News, an independent digital newsletter that communicates news of design research to a global audience. It is emailed monthly and is free of charge.

This list is used by the organisers of the Design4Health European conferences to communicate with contributors and participants. This conference is open to researchers and practitioners in design and health. <HTML> This list is used by the organisers of the <strong>Design4Health European conferences</strong> to communicate with contributors and participants. This conference is open to researchers and practitioners in <strong>design</strong> and <strong>health and wellbeing</strong>. </HTML>

A list for those interested in digital methods in the context of teaching and research. This includes updates about publications, tools, methods, approaches, projects, events and activities.

This list provides a communication resource for those who are interested in the art, design, research and technologies associated with textiles. Examples include digital textile design and printing, 3D textiles, smart textiles and wearables, digitally enabled interior fabrics, etc.

This list has been retained 11/08/20 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list DRS Design Research Society Discussion List

This list is used by members of the AHRC Early Modern Dress & Textiles Research Network to make announcements, raise discussion and disseminate information relating to the Network projects and themes

This list supports the engineering and design educator community. This list will enable members to receive regular updates of relevant information.

EKSIG is concerned with understanding the nature and role of knowledge in research and practice in order to clarify fundamental principles and practices of using practice in research.

enquire is a space within which diverse forms of art & design research practice and documentation are explored. Where 'knowledge', in its many different forms, is examined, and where methodologies from various disciplines are compared. It is where new forms of knowledge production and consumption are considered, and where the existing categories, abstractions and concepts that define knowledge and enquiry are challenged, and alternatives put forward.

This list is used by members to make announcements about everyday futures and related projects, programmes, conferences and publications.

The main aim of the email discussion group is to enable dialogue and debate between researchers, artists and curators whose interest is in museum and exhibition practice influenced by feminism.

This list is used by the International Food Design Society to make announcements about conference calls and to stimulate the research community to share knowledge and create a network of people interested in the emerging Food Design discipline.

The purpose of this list is to provide a forum for discussion for those involved in emergent field of games technology and design.

The Graphic Design Educators Network (GDEN) advocates graphic design education

The Group for Learning in Art and Design (GLAD) is well known in the art and design education community for its annual conferences which focus on issues of teaching and learning. GLADNET offers an opportunity to extend this dialogue between academics working in art and design HE.

This list is dedicated for debates and information on graphic design and visual communication related topics, in particular with focus on histories and bringing more inclusive perspectives to graphic design histories we write, we teach and/or create. This list is mainly a space created for graphic design/visual communication historians, but which also welcomes educators and practitioners interested in expanding their references.

The Global Sustainable Design and Ethical Trade Network list is for sustainability in interdisciplinary design and business.

The Historical Fictions Research Network aims to create a place for the discussion of all aspects of fictional historical narrative. We welcome people working on prose, drama, visual art, reception studies, musicology, museum displays, film, tv, gaming, wargaming, graphic novels, transformative works and any other areas engaged in the narrative construction of the fictional past.

IFS exists to provoke debate on the future direction and current challenges affecting the creative industries, to support excellence across interior research & practice, and seeks to embed these into the learning experience of ug's and pg's. It acts as a regional authority on, and advocate for, Interior Design/Interior Architecture education, research, practice and collaboration.

This list has been established to create new and reinforce established networks for disseminating information about events, conferences and publications related to Illustration Research.

This list is for those interested in the process of inclusive design and its application across all design disciplines

Luxury is an email list that provides an academically informed global forum for all those in the arts, humanities, and social sciences interested in the transformed and expanded nature of the multifaceted concept of luxury. <HTML> Luxury is an email list that provides an academically informed global forum for all those in the arts, humanities, and social sciences interested in the transformed and expanded nature of the multifaceted concept of luxury. </HTML>

News, announcements & CfP related to medical mobilities research and the Medical Mobilities Reading Group

This list is used for the collaboration and the sharing of good practice in the teaching, learning and assessment of art and design subjects, in the MEG (mixed economy group) colleges.

The creation of a community of design academics, researchers, practitioners, stakeholders, and policy makers, working together in support of a vibrant design economy in the Midlands.

The MinD list provides a public forum for the discussion of research into the application of design to support people with dementia, their carers and anyone else involved in dementia care.

Discussion list for members of the MinD Network for Design and Dementia

A mailing list to share research, news, Call for Papers, etc, among those working on the intersection of fashion and modernist literature.

This list is to create a communication and dialogue vehicle for the expansion and sharing of knowledge about teaching online in HE

The SiG exists to explore questions about human-object interactions focusing on objects and engaging with social Practices, which involve Experiences of objects in networks of relationship.

This is a Special Interest Group around Creative Engagement and Consultation. The list aims at exploring how design universities and local governments can work together to carry out local engagement in more creative and possibly more inclusive ways by using participatory design approach; and fostering opportunities for collaboration between local government and higher education design institutions. The list is specially aimed at local government officers and design academics interested or active in new opportunities for collaborative learning and societal impact join the mailing list now and do not miss the opportunity for further collaboration.

: phd-design is for discussion of PhD studies in design and related research, teaching and supervision.

This list service is used to support dialogue, networking and collaboration between practice-as-research postgraduate students and early career researchers across the Arts and Humanities in Scotland.

A forum for research and mutual support of practitoners of performance lighting in uk higher education.

This list is a forum for discussion of issues around the development of publishing studies as a discipline in the UK and internationally, and for the dissemination of news about forthcoming events, funding opportunities and publications in this field of study. Included within this topic are publishing culture generally, book, serials and publishing history; economic, political and social issues associated with the development, sale and dissemination of intellectual property; design, typography and production of print and electronic media; audience and reception studies, among others.

This is an informal discussion mailing list, managed by RADMA, for anyone studying the management of research and development, technology and innovation. Join this list to become a member of the RADMA Association, allowing you to receive notifications of funding opportunities, conferences and other events. RADMA (Research and Development Management) is a UK-based charity focused on the needs of researchers and students of research technology and innovation management - in particular, activities such as conferences, workshops and summer schools. Funding is provided to students at the Masters and Doctoral programme level and to early career researchers to host workshops. RADMA is closely associated with the R&D Management journal and conferences.

This list was started as an outcome of the conference 'Re-inventing design education in the University' in Perth 11-13th December 2000. The views and exchanges at the conference were stimulating and it is hoped that such discussion will be continued on this list.

Sculptural Thinking is a mailing list which brings together research in practice and theory around the concept of sculptural thinking. This may include areas of research interest in sculptural practice, the history and theory of sculpture, curation and archiving. Themes include: sculpture and the archive, sculpture and materials, sculpture in public. The mailing list is also open to new forms and modes of sculptural thinking in research-creation.

Sculptural Thinking is a mailing list which brings together research in practice and theory around the concept of sculptural thinking. This may include areas of research interest in sculptural practice, the history and theory of sculpture, curation and archiving. Themes include: sculpture and the archive, sculpture and materials, sculpture in public. The mailing list is also open to new forms and modes of sculptural thinking in research-creation.

This list supports the work of the SDN by providing a discussion forum for people with interests in sustainable design.

This mailing list is run by Hedley Roberts, for Staff, Students, Alumni and Associates of the School of Architecture and the Visual Arts to share of information about upcoming events, openings and opportunities.

The Shoe Network is an opportunity for like minded and interested people from higher education, other museums, research communities, artists and designers to share shoe related projects of any type and current research. Quite often such a diverse group find it difficult to link up and share information. This would be an invaluable tool to achieve this.

This list connects members of Stitching Together, a research network focused on participatory textile making - making textiles with others - as an emerging methodological approach used in cross-disciplinary research.

This list is linked to the Centre for Studies of Home, a joint venture between Queen Mary University of London and The Geffrye Museum, UK. It serves as a forum for advertising and discussing events associated with the Centre and as a place where others can advertise events and share opportunities relevant to the study of home and domestic life.

This group has been made to develop research into where and how Technical staff are involved in Learning and Teaching. It will discuss and develop 'best practice' encouraging a collaborative approach between academic and technical staff to deliver the best possible learning experience.

This list is to facilitate and stimulate research in textile design and practice including cross-disciplinary collaboration and textile design education. It is used to make announcements to the textile design research community.

The newly formed Centre for Cognition, Computation and Culture has formed a research environment to consider Art and Technology application with Goldsmiths Digital Studios and BT. The group is an open discussion forum to compliment realtime sessions occuring each month. The list is for artists/technologists/researchers interested in pushing the envelope.

This list circulates information regarding scholarly activity around comics, manga and graphic novels across a number of disciplines and institutions in the UK.

UK Virtual Reality Special Interest Group e-mailing list.

This list covers topics and announcements in data visualization, visual analytics, and visual data science.

This list managed by the Wedgwood Museum. It is for use by those with an academic interest in the ware and history of Josiah Wedgwood and Sons Ltd and its subsidiaries.

the 'Women in Print' list exists to promote research, discussion and #writing into the overlooked contributions and legacies of women to print #culture - whether as writers, publishers, artists and designers, art #directors, teachers and through their domestic lives.

WIRAD aims to become Wales' premier Art & Design research institution and an internationally significant player in the Art & Design research field by building on the research excellence and talent that Wales possesses. This list is part of a pan-Wales resource for Art & Design research.

The Writing-PAD network is led by Goldsmiths, University of London and now works with over 100 institutions worldwide. The network has been set up to support those students on art and design courses who are often highly adept in the visual domain but less expert in writing. The network seeks to disseminate good practice and as such will work with institutions across the art and design sector.

This list is for all parties interested in organising events as part of International Year of Light 2015.


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