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Policy, Management, Organisation

This is the main mailing list of ABCP (Association of British Chinese Professors) for the organisation to communicate with its members and for its members to discuss relevant topics via email. More about ABCP can be found on its website: https://abcp.org.uk/.

This list is for a network of practitioners within UK HE providers responsible for the analysis of admissions data to share knowledge, highlight new policies and promote good practice.

A list for university/college professionals using Business Intelligence practices and tools to support decision making and informed management in their institutions: to exchange good practice and accessible (non-technical) advice.

ADMIN-SLC This list aims to provide a means of communication and information dissemination for HE administrators interested in any, or all, aspects of dealing with the Student Loan Company and their various associated bodies.

A distribution list to communicate research and development news related to agroforestry in Europe, linked to the EU FP7 research project "AGFORWARD" and the work of the European Agroforestry Federation

A group to share knowledge about apprenticeships including: degree and higher apprenticeship internal HE processes, employer engagement, process improvement, student engagement. This is to enable FE and HE to offer an excellent customer experience and increase recruitment

This is a list for academics interested in engaging with the researchers at the Scottish Parliament.

This list will be for Association of University Administrator Advocates at universities within the South Region

This list is designed for members of the AUA Managing Change in Higher Education Network, open both to AUA Members and non-members. The list is deisgned to share experiences, issues and good practice on all aspects of managing change in higher education. <HTML> This list is designed for members of the AUA Managing Change in Higher Education Network, open both to AUA Members and non-members. The list is deisgned to share experiences, issues and good practice on all aspects of managing change in higher education. </HTML>

This list is to be used by the community of Coordinators of the AUA to connect with their counterparts, discuss upcoming events, share best practice, to enable communications from National Office and as a discussion forum.

A Special Interest Group of the British Academy of Mangement. This 'Gender in Management Special Interest Group' is a dedicated network to keep up to date with current issues in the area of gender and management.

This list is used to facilitate communication within the special interest group for bariatric psychologists and psychiatrist, in order promote the development of national clinical guidelines and facilitate research in this area as well as publicise important publications, projects and developments in the field.

This list is used to exchange information on research, projects and best practice with regard to the participation of ethnic minorities in Higher Education, and issues of concern to academic and other staff in HEIs, who are of BME origin.

With the UK's only BREXIT Research Centre, BCU's BREXIT Centre now request the support of JISC to set-up a BREXIT Support Network to collaborate research and teaching activities relating to BREXIT to support the Research Centre.

The list is to allow for effective and speedy communication between members of the newly formed specialist BSC Victims Network.

A community set up to discuss the relationship between Buddhist ideas and the delivery of Mental Health Care- for anyone with an interest in exploring the impact Buddhist thought and practice can have on our experience as professionals and or as users of the system.

This group will coordinate a joint policy and professional service group of the Heads of Careers and Employability services within the 1994 Group. We will use this forum to discuss strategy, delivery and research for the support for the support of the #continuation of study and the transition from study to work. Employability has increasing political importance within Higher Education and we would like to communicate our message in a joined-up and strategic way.

This Network provides a space for critical learning, dialogue and exchange between practitioners, academics, policy makers and children and young people to innovate thinking and practice concerning children's participation

CIBEA is an educationally focussed association which intends to be: -an expert hub for creative thinking related to business -bring creativity and business closer together -be a common voice for postgraduate research and teaching -define and contribute to the development of skills -provide a focal point to develop and disseminate research into creativity in business and the business of creativity & Sharing expertise and knowledge

To be used by CoLRiC members as a forum for exchanging information and advice and by CoLRiC to inform members of CoLRiC news, publications and events

1.furthering research into international comparative studies of special education systems & policies, 2.developing a data base for such studies, 3.disseminating such studies by means of information technology, 4.facilitating critical analysis of special education systems & policies.

List for discussion of all issues relating to the employment and career management ofcontract research staff within the academic community, for the sharing of relevant experience, and for information exchange on local and national responses to the Concordat/RCI.

The CRMinHEFE list is a space for all stakeholders to discuss the implementation of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) as a process and as a technology in Higher and Further Education. It's focus is on the strategic, cultural change, systems management, etc aspects of CRM, rather than on the detailed installation issues of vendor specific systems.

Knowledge sharing discussion space for the administration, management and sharing best practice of processes within student services. The aim is to improve the quality of service for the student.

Email list for the Careers in Research Online Survey (CROS), or the Principal Investigators and Research Leaders online Survey (PIRLS).

Cultural Policy Observatory Ireland: an all island research network is aimed at growing, connecting and profiling academic research relating to cultural policy across the island of Ireland. It is a collective venture which will be of interest to those whose work explores the value, impact and functions of arts and cultural policies (both implicit and explicit) on the island of Ireland. www.culturalpolicyireland.org

A group to spark and facilitate discussion on Participation and Engagement in the Arts and a place for members to share research. Details of subscribers on this mailing list are being held by Jiscmail and not the University of Leeds. If you unsubscribe from this mailing list you may continue to receive other communications from the University. To view the complete policies and terms please visit: https://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/policyandsecurity/

This list is used by Centre for Cultural Policy at the University of Leeds to support, promote and share rigorous, critical and cutting-edge academic research and knowledge exchange across the arts and cultural sector and the wider creative industries. Details of subscribers on this mailing list are being held by Jiscmail and not the University of Leeds. If you unsubscribe from this mailing list you may continue to receive other communications from the University. To view the complete policies and terms please visit: https://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/policyandsecurity/

A network for those interested in discussing issues linked to cities, urbanism, austerity and resistance.

This list is used by customer service practitioners to discuss current issues, share best practice and identify key areas for customer service development.

We are a community of stakeholders in health/medical data sharing - comprising those interested in creating solutions to the ethical, legal, social, governance and technical issues within this domain.

An e-mail group to support the RSC London data forum meetings. The intention of these meetings is to develop a strategic approach to the management of data in post 16 education providers by sharing good practice and evaluating theoretical data management models. The group is open to education staff across the UK.

Discussion group of the Decolonizing Alliance, an international community committed to intellectual and practical collaboration, translation, active solidarity, and resistance to tackle intersectional inequalities and neo-colonial power relations.

This group is set up for those training providers on the RoTAP (Register of approved training providers). The aim of this community to is share information / questions / learnings from the Degree Apprenticeship programmes running within institutions.

A group for those leading fundraising and alumni engagement teams in Post-1992 UK institutions with a focus on sharing trends, benchmarking and best practice.

support for FE and HE organisations implementing and responding to accessibility legislation.

This list aims to serve as an interdisciplinary discussion forum for the current policy issues on the service provision for disabled students and staff in higher education in the UK bringing together researchers, service providers, service users and policy makers from a wide range of disciplines.

For delegates of two courses on diversity who expressed an interest in setting up a mailbase as a discussion on managing diversity in the HE sector.

A list to enable the community to more easily feed into the development of DMPonline, the DCC's data management planning tool. This list will act as a place to share ideas for future development and to feedback on plans.

A list for Operations Managers and users of drone systems in HE & FE to discuss CAA policies and institutional responses. The list will also consider increasing needs, challenges and demands associated with facilitating and developing professional practise using drones across disciplines.

A list to share information and strategies regarding changes to the Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA)

This list provides a forum for community-wide discussion of areas of interest relating to e-theses and dissertations, including the use of e-theses within institutions, digitisation of print theses, author concerns and guidance, and the EThOS e-theses service.

To share policies and guidelines and support developments in Electronic Assessment Management.

This list has been set up to promote and disseminate research into early years language learning and its implementation in policy and practice; to create opportunities for informed and constructive discussion and debate; and to support the development of cross-national collaboration and interaction.

This list is for the discussion of issues relating to the European Cultural Policy and Practice and the related subject pedagogy of universities and independent organisations. Cross disciplinary approaches including Museums, Heritage, Galleries, Performing/Visual Arts, Festivals, etc are encouraged.

This list serves the Educational Development Research Network set up by SEDA and SRHE. We welcome contributions from Higher Education teachers, developers, researchers and policy makers who are interested in the practice, research and policy of staff and educational development.

Concerned with Educational guidance and learner support. The list will provide a forum to discuss policy, practice and research relating to guidance in the adult HE context. It will enhance communication for members of the UACE Equality network looking at guidance and others interested in EG.

This list provides space for discussion around issues relating to first year experience. It will include news and discussion items as identified by members.

An international network of researchers, practitioners and policy makers concerned with access to energy, fuel poverty, vulnerability and social justice in energy matters.

Electronic discussion group for a network of scholars and practitioners interested in the concept of energy justice. This list is to be used for the promotion of energy justice related events, publications, job opportunities and areas of collaboration.

This list is to going to be for key stakeholders interested in Women Leaders in HE so women leaders, aspiring women leaders, leaders and managers in HE (all genders) and the wider HE community of academics. It is related to the The EnPOWER project which aims to address the gender imbalance in leadership roles in the Higher Education sector in through activities such as an international Community of Practice and networking by challenging cultures of inequality and generating new ways of working that create, support and enable career pathways for women leaders.

Concerned with work related learning and enterprise activities in Higher Education. For the discussion of work related learning and other enterprise activities in curriculum development, personal transferable skills, etc. Originally established for the former Enterprise in Higher Education programme funded by the U.K. Department of Employment.

This list is used for announcing new issues of the academic online journal 'ephemera' (www.ephemeraweb.org) and other ephemeral happenings.

The aim of the EQUAL North network is to build a community of academics, researchers and practitioners across the north of England who share a common interest in addressing health and social inequalities.

Bringing scholars and industry together. The main functions of this email list are to foster collaboration, share news, develop esports as a scientific discipline, and develop conversations around the subject of esports. The list is supported by the University of Salford, Manchester. Follow @EsportInsight http://esportinsight.net

This list is for everyone involved in managing information, including physical and electronic records, related to university estates departments. This includes managing building manuals, drawings, maintenance records, and photographs; BIM; records related to tenders, space charging, contracts; and more.

This list is used primarily (but not exclusively) by staff in Higher Education institutions interested in evaluating the impact of researcher training and development activity, to share ideas views and information on evaluation.

This is a group for those institutions using the EvaSys survey tool. It is a user-led list with the aims of: -developing the expertise of EvaSys users in the UK -sharing knowledge and experiences of implementation and associated issues for staff and students -sharing tips and advice on using the system Replies go to the list and the original sender. Do remember to delete as appropriate.

This list is used to make announcements relevant to the study of evidence-based policy in health, development, economics and more. Suitable announcements include calls for papers, relevant conferences/other events, programs and publications. The list will be publicly archived at the JISCMAIL site.

This is a cross-disciplinary, cross-sectoral discussion list to enable academics and others concerned with the use of evidence in public sector policy and practice to network, debate, share ideas and exchange information. It has been set up by the Research Unit for Research Utilisation (RURU) at St. Andrews University - previosuly funded by the ESRC and a member of the ESRC's Network for Evidence-Based Policy and Practice - to facilitate national and international interchange in this field.

The Evidence Network for Renting (EN4R) is a knowledge-exchange hub bring together academics, stakeholders and policymakers to share research and evidence on renting. Our network serves three core purposes; to share research and knowledge across professional, policy and academic groups; promote opportunities which enable connections to be developed between different groups; and to nurture opportunities for evidence-informed policymaking and practice.

This list is used by the Scottish Framework for Fair Access Development Group to disseminate information and encourage engagement and discussion about fair access in Scotland.

For Examinations Officers in colleges funded by the Learning and Skills Council (LSC) to share information on Examinations issues, and to provide a support network for staff working in college Examinations Departments.

A group for people in colleges in the UK who want to learn from each other in developing their voluntary fundraising or work with alumni. (To keep discussion open, we do not incude amongst our membership anyone with a commercial interest in the field, such as consultants).

The Further Education Tutorial Network (FETN) forum is available to all FETN members to support the sharing of ideas, information and good practice. FETN is a not for profit company created to support the development of tutorial support, learner development and learner support across the Learning and Skills sector.

The Student Global Leadership Conference aims to bring together student leaders with key figures in both the theory and implementation of leadership. This list is used by FIE to make announcements to further and Higher education and the research community about our Student Global Leadership Conference.

The Internet of Food Things (IoFT) Network Plus is supporting the digitalised food chain. It brings together data and computer scientists, chemists, and economists. It investigates artificial intelligence, data analytics, IoT, robots and emerging technologies. It will run conferences, workshops and fund pilot studies, projects, and reviews

This list brings together members of the Fuel Poverty Research network to discuss matters relating to the network and its research interests

A group concerned that academic inquiry should help humanity acquire more wisdom by rational means. Wisdom is taken to be the capacity to realize what is of value in life, for oneself and others. It includes knowledge, understanding and technological know-how, and much else besides.

A group concerned to discuss issues arising in connection with the view that academic inquiry should help humanity acquire more wisdom by rational means. Wisdom is taken to be the capacity to realize what is of value in life, for oneself and others. It includes knowledge, understanding and technological know-how, and much else besides.

The mailing list aims to stimulate discussion and knowledge sharing on the future and future developments of festivals in response to the Covid-19 crisis

Global Consortium for Systems Research (GCSR) — We study, predict, and guide systems change for the better. We are an inclusive global community and anyone can become an Associate Member for free by signing up for the GCSR List on JISCMail. This is an e-mail forum for non-moderated educational and research discussions. GCSR was convened following the 2013 symposium at The Royal Society: Global Integrated Assessment: Making Sense of Complexity in an Interdependent World. GCSR is currently hosted at the Sustainable Innovation Think Tank (SITT) at Unbuilt Labs. To learn more about GCSR, including our Working Groups and our 2022-2023 10th Anniversary Strategic Plan, please visit: https://unbuiltlabs.com/gcsr

A network of support and information for academics and professional staff with an interest in or responsibility for gender equality, diversity and Athena SWAN activities in geography and related departments.

The Global Observatory on Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading (GO-P2P) is a forum for international collaboration to understand the policy, regulatory, social and technological conditions necessary to support the wider deployment of peer-to-peer, community self-consumption and transactive energy trading models.

Discussion group on grounded theory.

here is a list for members to communicate with each other on issues and practice in relation to apprenticeships.

Mailing list for UK-wide national reading group for HE professionals.

Healtex is a UK-wide multi-disciplinary research network established to build a strong, collaborative and sustainable UK community in healthcare text analytics by bringing together partners from academia, industry, healthcare services and policy makers, with collaborative links internationally, and integrate it into the growing health informatics community.

Allowing employers and recruiters to keep up to date with HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report) developments, and to be the first to recieve notice of plans for national implementation.

This list is used by HEDIIP for notifications and for discussion about the programme.

hequal-qaen is a list for managers of quality assurance and enhancement in higher education. Its origins are in the quality assurance and enhancement network developed by the Higher Education Quality Council (HEQC). HEQC supports the list but is not responsible for it.

The Museums Copyright Group was formed in 1996 to answer an increasing number of concerns about copyright expressed by professionals working in the museums and galleries community. The Group now has members representing museums, galleries, archives and libraries including national and regional institutions, and those attached to universities and local authorities.

The purpose of this group is for all HR Professionals working in Universities to come together, to share best practice, for knowledge exchange and to have a place where they can ask any questions!

This list has been retained 17/02/2016. No one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. contact helpline@jiscmail.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list Designing a curriculum is an important, challenging and creative aspect of the role of the teacher in higher education. This list has been set up for those with an interest in curriculum design to enable them to share their experience and knowledge, as well as learn from others. It arose out of the Imaginative Curriculum project, which is based on the idea that knowledge that is useful to HE teachers can be developed through a network of people who want to share their learning with other teachers.

A community of professional services staff, academics and researchers interested in research impact, and how to build a more compassionate, healthy culture around impact in higher education settings.

The successful transition to higher education has never been more important. As student numbers, fees and expectations climb, universities must make certain their studentsâ& 128;™ first experience of higher education is positive. Ensuring the vital first few weeks contain the right balance of information, nurture and challenge is key to successful induction programmes. This jiscmail list seeks to share best practice, discuss sector-wide strategies, successes and challenges and to share new ideas in order to develop planning frameworks relating to successful and engaging induction programmes

Areas of discussion will include - defining information governance, how organisations can learn from each other, how to share documentation

A mailing list for those interested in discussing and keeping up to date with the International Network of Research Management Societies (INORMS) Research Administration as a Profession (RAAAP) TaskForce work on collecting longitudinal data about RMA as a profession around the world. This is a sub-list of INORMS-RAAAP-TaskForce

This list is used to make important service announcements with regard to registrars & owners of ac.uk and gov.uk domains.

This list is intended to host discussions about health and geo ideas and issues and was created as a follow up to the JISC GECO Project's Open Source Geo and Health Workshop(held in August 2011). We are interested in sharing anything that relates to the role of location, geospatial data or place (in very broad terms) in health including research, policy and practice around physical and mental health. We welcome members from academia, the NHS, healthcare providers, policy makers, statisticians, technology providers and others interested in the possibilities around the intersections of location and health.

This list is used by Jisc and HESA to assist in the design, development and ultimately the launch of a National business intelligence service.

List managed by Jisc for those subscribing to Jisc's Transnational education licensing service - Licensing for users based at campuses and partner sites abroad.

This list is used by the Kit-Catalogue project to communicate with its community of users, contributors and developers around the UK.

To build and strengthen links among students, academics and policy-makers interested in the social policy of Latin American countries.

This list is for communication and the sharing of good practice between those managing lesbian gay bisexual and trans staff networks within HE and FE institutions.

Supporting a community of practice for project management in libraries. An exchange for practical ideas and information, estimates, benchmarking. #Discussing development and training for project management in libraries. #Information on project management methodologies and technology.

The Lighthouse Policy Group www.lighthousepolicygroup.net is an informal and independent network to support those who work in the role of Executive Officer to the Vice-Chancellor / Policy Adviser or similar with the purpose of sharing knowledge, best practice, mutual concerns and the challenges of the role which mainly operates as a team of one within our respective institutions. The Group is open to all irrespective of Mission Group.

A mailing list for lightsource communicators, to exchange good practice on communicating synchrotron science.

Discussion of user experience and creating and managing inspiring spaces in HE libraries.

Lifelong Learning Network practitioners

This mailing list promotes discussion and a network of academics and practitioners working in the areas of voluntary and community sector involvement in community safety and supporting offenders.

Forum for discussion of restoration of London rivers.

This list will support HEIs participating in the Equality Challenge Unit's Mainstreaming Equality through Governance and Management programme. It will provide a mechanism for discussion, the sharing of information and peer support for teams from 6 Scottish HEIs in the development of their approach to mainstreaming through governance and management.

The list arises from a series of workshops on marketization that is defined as the introduction and intensification of price-based competition. The list aims to bring together researchers from various areas and disciplines and other interested public, who focus on structural and subjective effects of marketization on societies in Europe. It provides a space for sharing information and stimulating the discussions on changing markets and subjectivities within Europe and the ways we approach these issues theoretically, methodologically and in practice.

The list will create a network for people involved in promoting maths education and research to the public, policy makers and the media, enabling them to share information and support each others work.

The aim of the MeCCSA (Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association) Policy Network is to exchange ideas and research findings, but also to join with civil society in their debates with the regulators, the broadcasters and the Government.

A mailing list for the Medusa Academic Network - a regional Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities network working to promote Equality & Diversity in North East Universities

This list will provide a forum for policy debate and academic communication around issues of social justice and prosperity in the region of the Middle East and North Africa.

Workshops designed to guide on evaluation and research techniques, become more effective at gathering and getting the most out of data. Group is aimed at helping to provide resources and support to enable better quality evaluation and research to improve services and practices

Communication between members of the NERC Marine Integrated Autonomous Observing Systems (MIAOS) projects AlterEco (https://altereco.ac.uk) and CAMPUS (https://www.campus-marine.org)

This group is for discussion of ideas and actions arising from the LGBT staff forum at Manchester Metropolitan University.

A group for Managers of Membership Services in UK students' unions to discuss ideas, develop initiatives and share best practice.

The Museum Information and Records Management listserv is a forum to address issues and share skills in this area over the long term.

This list is used to share good practice and promote discussion between disability networks at UK HE institutions.

Distribution of newsletter for "The Network - tackling social exclusion"

The Non-religion & Education Research Network includes members of organisations (academic, policy, etc.) who are interested in research relation to non-religion in education and education about non-religion.

This list is used by the National Union of Students Mature and Part-time campaign to share information, campaigns materials and best practice in support for mature and part-time students by students' unions.

This list is used to bring together people involved in or interested in evaluation, with a particular value on collaboration, reflexivity, diversity, participation and appropriate (mixed) methods. It aims to increase evaluation capability and advocate for good evaluation practice.

The official-statistics is for announcements and discussion of any aspect of official statistics. It has links to the Official Statistic Committee of the Royal Statistical Society. The list welcomes contributions from the producers and users of official statistics as well as from members of the academic community.

Open Access group in Scotland with the aim of being inclusive

This list is for all providers (teachers, lecturers, developers, managers, researchers, consultants) of initial teacher training (e.g. PGCE and Cert. Ed. for FE and HE)and subsequent professional development of teachers in the post-compulsory (16+) sector of UK education.

This is a Special Interest Group around Creative Engagement and Consultation. The list aims at exploring how design universities and local governments can work together to carry out local engagement in more creative and possibly more inclusive ways by using participatory design approach; and fostering opportunities for collaboration between local government and higher education design institutions. The list is specially aimed at local government officers and design academics interested or active in new opportunities for collaborative learning and societal impact join the mailing list now and do not miss the opportunity for further collaboration.

An open discussion and support list for e-Portfolio and PDP UK Network members run by The Centre for Recording Achievement.

This list is for those interested in this most interesting and exciting aspect of student experience: student to student peer led academic learning.

Performance For All is a collaborative project involving 35 universities to develop on-line appraisal and performance management tools right for HE today

The management of Petroleum Data Management is a diverse field. It addresses strategic issues such as standards, people, process and technology, as well as more tactical issues such as the management of physical records (e.g. logs, maps, sections, tapes and reports) and their digital equivalents (well logs, seismic surveys, complex 3D sub-surface models or even a National Data Repository). The aim of this list is to build a global community of Petroleum Data Managers who can work together to share their experiences and solve common problems, issues and concerns.

Sharing research, ideas and best practice on supporting progression to and success in taught pgt by under-represented groups

mailing list to enable practice-sharing amongst project managers working in the Higher Education sector

A list for those developing and using computational models in the governance policy cycle

A network of university professionals working to engage academic research with public policy. Our aims are to share best practice, useful knowledge, and support collaboration where appropriate.

Discussion group of the UK's Association of Postdoctoral Researchers: for help, policy campaigning and the exchange of information about career opportunities, international research communities and research mobility.

This group is to accompany a series of breakfast meet-ups designed as a supportive opportunity for exchange between people with roles involving particular responsibility for supporting or delivering Patient and Public Involvement with research at higher education and medical institutions.

Used by the Office for Students to communicate about the Prevent duty in the English HE sector. It is not a discussion list.

This list is for users of the ProSolution Student Management and Information System to discuss, share problems and solutions.

The list is for Corporate and Public Affairs academics and practitioners interested in International Research. ie Campaigns, Lobbying and Regulation

The Public and Political Leadership network provides a bridge between (European) academics conducting research on leadership in the public domain. The aim of the list is to further international collaboration between leadership researchers by providing a forum to post, for instance, research/methodology questions, queries to submit conference panels, notifications of new publications and conferences, and ideas for submitting grant proposals.

This list is for discussions arising from the activities of the ESRC NCRM-funded network for Participatory Video in Research Methods.

A special interest group of the Network of P-VCs in Teaching & Learning supported by the higher Education Academy.

Facility for news, discussion and record of proceedings of the Quality Strategy Network for HE in the UK.

Set up after the successful forum held at the University of Kent in 2018, this list is a place for those interested in Radical Pedagogies to interact and share best practice.

This is an informal discussion mailing list, managed by RADMA, for anyone studying the management of research and development, technology and innovation. Join this list to become a member of the RADMA Association, allowing you to receive notifications of funding opportunities, conferences and other events. RADMA (Research and Development Management) is a UK-based charity focused on the needs of researchers and students of research technology and innovation management - in particular, activities such as conferences, workshops and summer schools. Funding is provided to students at the Masters and Doctoral programme level and to early career researchers to host workshops. RADMA is closely associated with the R&D Management journal and conferences.

Used by the REF team (on behalf of the UK funding bodies HEFCE, HEFCW, SFC, and Department for the Economy in Northern Ireland) to provide updates on the 2021 Research Excellence Framework for the assessment of research in UK higher education. It is not a discussion list.

This discussion list is for use by the team developing the online Refugee Thesaurus resource, for discussing new ideas and changes / updates that need to be made.

This list is used by members of the Regulatory Forum to discuss common issues, to share ideas and knowledge, to identify best practice, to exchange information and to highlight mattersof current and future common interest.

Civica REMS MIS Application Client Steering Group

This list is for members, chairs and administrators of university based research ethics committees and others who have an interest in research ethics. It is aimed to serve as means to share information, seek assistance and help from others.

This mailing list is for pilot institutions participating in the Responsible Futures Accreditation to communicate between each other and be kept up to date with activity.

To discuss implications of the Re-Use of Public Sector Regulations and consequent implications for Research Institutions

To consider options in relation to benchmarking and sharing of best practice in appropriate areas; To assist the Russell Group in the formulation of policy responses to the Funding Councils and other appropriate bodies in areas of expertise; To assist the Russell Group in appropriate areas of responsibility; To support the development of management information for the Russell Group; To consider ways in which information required by regulatory bodies might be enhanced, and advise on League Tables issues; To provide a forum for networking and information exchange.

This list is for sustainability discussions relating specifically to Russell Group institutions e.g. benchmarking between institutions, sharing good practice and finding ways of working together

A discussion and announcement forum for elected Committee members of Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) [RGS-IBG] Research Groups, maintained by the Research and Higher Education Division of the RGS-IBG. Contact rhed@rgs.org for assistance.

This list will help to support the JISC Relationship Management Programme projects and also aims to inform those who are not part of the Programme, but who wish to try similar approaches in their own institutions.

Welcome to the Resourcelink Reporting Services Special Interest Group (SIG) Mailbase. The group is comprised of Northgate Arinso HR system users from within both the Public and Private sectors. Resourcelink Reporting Services is the new reporting module within the NGA system. We aim to maintain a helpful and friendly environment where all users can share advice and guidance.

A mutual support network for sharing information, learning and good practice around welcoming and supporting refugees and asylum seekers in Higher Education. Members may already be involved with the Article 26 and Universities of Sanctuary initiatives, or may simply wish to join to find out more.

This list has been retained 30/07/20 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list The list is used by the Strategic Content Alliance to alert Scottish bodies of upcoming Strategic Content Alliance events in their area and about the work of the Strategic Content Alliance generally.

SCAPP is the newly formed Scottish Community of Access and Participation Practitioners. The list will keep our members up to date with our activities.

This list is designed to facilitate discussion and sharing of best practice for partnerships practitioners in Scottish Higher Education. This includes (but is not limited to) processes, governance, security and risk management and mitigation

To provide opportunities for cross-disciplinary discussion, networking, and dissemination of information for feminist research perspectives and approaches, mainly for Scottish academics.

The Scottish Planners Forum provides a collective voice for professional planners within the university sector in Scotland <HTML> The Scottish Planners Forum provides a collective voice for professional planners within the university sector in Scotland </HTML>

Used to support activites of a group of folk, based in Scotland who are involved in managing institutional websites. The group meets quarterly and this list facilitates communication between those meetings.

Mailing list of Principals from Colleges of Further Education in the South East Region.

An interdisciplinary group of academics and practitioners interested in the seaside and its society, economy and politics.

A newly setup network for social policy research in Southeast Asia

This list is for those interested in solution-focused therapy/working who are also academics


This group is a mailing list for the BSA Sociology of Mental Health study group.

This list is for students' union staff and officers in the south of England to discuss upcoming events, issues, and share good practice.

SPA works closely with universities and colleges to enhance good practice, excellence and professionalism in the recruitment and selection of students to higher education. The SPA list is used to disseminate good practice and advice to members of the HE sector and create a forum where issues and concerns can be aired.

This is a mailing list for a network that aims to promote research and teaching in the field of Social Policy and Environment in the UK. This mailing list will be linked to the Social Policy Association homepage and will be linked to the Social Policy and the Environment Network.

This mailing list brings together practitioners, researchers and organisations involved in archiving and studying recent and past spontaneous memorials that appear after terrorist attacks, disasters and other tragic events. <HTML> This mailing list brings together practitioners, researchers and organisations involved in archiving and studying recent and past spontaneous memorials that appear after terrorist attacks, disasters and other tragic events. </HTML>

Mailing List for Institutional Contacts for SROC, for the dissemination and notification of matters of interests to SROC delegates and those working within the field of Student Records and Data.

A group for discussion about issues relating to the running and development of Subject Specialist Networks that focus on collections and museums

To promote and enable discussion and exchange of information between statisticians, historians and others interested in the history of statistics

This list is used to communicate with and derive responses and research from the student fundraising community across the UK in both further and higher education.

This list is for use by JISC and related parties to announce and discuss issues, events, activities, projects and funding around the area of Student Lifecycle Relationship Management (SLRM), an area of Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

A jiscmail list to bring together colleagues working in the fields of student experience and engagement. Run by Josh Gulrajani and David Gilani from AUA's Student Experience and Engagement Network.

This list will be used by the partner unions in the National Union of Students/ Higher Education Academy Student-Led Teaching Awards project to exchange advice guidance and examples of good practice.

This list is for student officers and staff in students unions, FE and HE institutions interested in internationalising students' unions. Common topics include information on upcoming events on internationalisation and international students, international students in crisis, information on campaigns for international students, and new information on building global student communities.

This list is to allow lay/external trustees from students' unions acorss the UK to discuss issues, share experiences and identify solutions to the range of issues they discover on students' union trustee boards. It is facilitated by staff at the National Union of Students who will offer help and support as well as promoting materials and resources that they feel is helpful to members of the group.

A list for those concerned with the supervision of researchers and research students and those involved in supervisor development.

This list is to share and discuss policy and research work in students' unions within further and higher education. It supports peer to peer training and development, collaboration and events. # This list is used to make announcements about events, positions and research being undertaken in the student movement.

This list is for university staff across the world to discuss sustainability issues and solutions. The aim is to provide a global network for sharing best practice in the field of sustainability and its application to university operations. Inspired by the Making Universities Sustainable Conference in Copenhagen 2014. This is the first global email-list for HE Sustainability Professionals and is intended to be a hotbed of discussion for everything sustainability related in the sector, a place to share bright ideas and best practice and ensure that we are working together on a global scale to tackle the issues surrounding sustainability. It is completely free of charge and open to anyone working in sustainability in the higher education sector. There are a couple of ground rules: - Please keep the discussion friendly - Please keep to the subject of sustainability - Please keep the emails in English. Helpful tips: If you would like to start a private discussion please reply to the sender’s email address and not hit the ‘reply’ button. To enable his to happen please remember to provide your email address in your contact details when you sign off an email to the group.

This list will be used by University research commercialisation offices (and related office and services) in the South West and Wales to share best practice, tools and ideas as well as to create a community of practice around regular events.

The list members are disability advisers and widening participation practitioner at the universities in the SW region. It is planned that the list will expand to include SEN Teachers from local schools and learning suport advisers from colleges in the SW region. We are planning to use the list for communicating collaborative events for young people with disabilities, their parents and carers as well as disability and widening participation practitioners.

The aim of the Symbiosis project is to create and pilot a new model of economic resilience for smaller museums by building a resource to support them in developing deeper, mutually beneficial research collaborations with their relevant industries.

Mailing list for people interested in activities and events run by the TESF network

The purpose of this list is to enable discussion and the sharing of best practice in regards to Student Visa compliance, for those working in this field.

Discussion and exchange of information relating to cultural tourism and policy. This includes: regeneration, gentrification, city branding and creative cities. Also: festivals, Olympic/cultural cities, heritage, tourist gaze, authenticity. Share announcements and insights in the above and related areas

This list is used by professionals involved in training and development activities within HRD (Human Resource Development) to share resources, give support and conduct research into pertinent issues.

This list is for academics, policy, practice and funder colleagues who are interested in transforming how we think about, the use, production and generation of evidence, regulation and infrastructure to support evidence use, strategies and interventions which increase evidence use, and associated domains of inquiry

Cultivating mutual beneficial relationships between community-led action for sustainable prosperity and academic research.

Distribution List from Trade Union side within UKRI. Used for maintaining communications within TUS over issues regarding formation and operation of UKRI

Network of academics, third sector workers, activists, policymaker, journalists and others interested in the issue of violence against students.

This list supports communication between members of the University Alliance Teaching Excellence Alliance Implementation Group on programme activity.

This is a discussion list to share experiences of developing digital strategy and digital business transformation plans and issues.

This list is intended to support the work of the Metadata for Education Group (MEG), which seeks common approaches to the description and exchange of educational content across all levels of the UK's educational system. See http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/metadata/education/ for more information.

This is list is intended for UK Council for Graduate Education members. It is intended as a forum for the discussion of issues related to postgraduate education, research, training and administration.

The aims of the UK European Migration Network (EMN) National Network are to: (i) develop ties between researchers and Home Office Science: Migration and Border Analysis; (ii) to integrate the members of the UK National Network further into EMN activities (e.g. information provision, analysis, informing policy development, and to discuss EMN activities and study findings); and, (iii) to secure an exchange of information between external UK Network members and Home Office Science, so that research agendas are mutually informed by current and future EMN reports and studies, and so creating opportunities for collaboration. UK EMN National Network members are predominantly external migration researchers from academia, think tanks, NGOs and OGDs.

This list is used by the Higher Education Academy to make announcements to projects currently undertaking work as part of the OER Phase 3 Commissioned Embedding Projects #Strand.

This group is for endorsing bodies under the Startup Route to discuss best practice and concerns with the route.

This list has been retained 19/10/20 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list UMHAN supports the work of mental health specialists working within HE. It seeks to share good practice and to influence developments across the sector. Please see our website for further information about membership and our work: www.umhan.com

User-led discussion group for users of ESS UNIT-e MIS software

A mailing list for public engagement work related to nanotechnology.

This list is to discuss issues pertaining to risk management in international mobility

List for institutions and agencies to exchange good practice and promote activity to widen participation in veterinary and allied professions in Scotland.

The Voluntary Sector New Researchers is used for discussion and support amongst early career researchers and students interested in voluntary sector research.

The forum is to enable networking and discussion amongst providers of ESOL in the voluntary sector. It is moderated by the National Association for Teaching English and Community Languages to Adults (NATECLA)

A network of researchers, lawyers, practitioners, and all persons with professional and/or academic interest in furtherance of anti corruption laws

The list has been setup to facilitate discussion relating to international and national water law.

WebPA is an open source online peer assessment tool that enables every team member to recognise individual contributions to group work. This list is for users or developers who wish to join the WebPA community. For details of WebPA see: http://www.webpaproject.com/

To establish a multidisciplinary research infrastructure which is rooted in an Equality and Diversity (E&D) agenda and that can identify health and social care priorities of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) patients, service users, and groups in Wales. The purpose of this list is to facilitate the development of ethnicity, health and social research. The aim is to offer members a virtual space to exchange information and develop research collaborations.

WERC is committed to conducting high quality research with a focus on racialised groups in Wales, and to the development research resources, best practice guidance, and knowledge exchange opportunities. As such, we remain committed to working collaboratively with patients, service users and community groups to draw out research priorities and to foster an interest in research, as well as with practitioners, policy makers, funders and researchers to improve practice, influence policy and to strengthen the quality and quantity of ethnicity, health and social research in Wales. The purpose of this list is to facilitate the development of ethnicity, health and social research, with this WERC strand rooted in older people and ageing research. The aim is to offer members a virtual space to exchange information and develop research collaborations that focus on racialised older population groups in Wales.

This list facilitates networking between participants of the 'White Spaces'conference stream at Gender Work and Organization 07 and others.

The Women in Environmental Sciences, is a vehicle created to foster and support new groups of women interested in environmental sciences and to promote such activities in their local communities in relation to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Members of the group include audience were academics, early career researchers, postgraduate students and people with a general interest in the environment.

WminCETT has been formed to develop excellent practice from existing good practice in Initial Teacher Training. The list will aid communication between partners and provide a space which others can be invited to join as appropriate with access to common documents/discussion threads.

A discussion group for members of the unpaid work experience working party

A forum for discussion and dissemination for research students associated with the White Rose Doctoral Training Centre Social Policy Pathway.


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