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OMHEP-ANNOUNCEMENTS (Created: 27 Feb 2024)
> The list will share news and events with a community of health economic researchers, policy-makers, commissioners and service users in the area of mental health.

> We are looking to establish pedagogically informed best practice guidance for the development and distribution of regular low-stakes testing for all students. The starting point for such research into this area is to build a network of colleagues who are interested, or currently implement such assessments, so we can build a clearer picture of current practice and determine how (if at all) we can improve such assessments.

ELIT-WIKI (Created: 23 Feb 2024)
> This is a public discussion/mailing list for everyone interested in expanding the representation of electronic literature in popular resources such as Wikipedia.

ELCRESEARCH (Created: 21 Feb 2024)
> This list is an announcement list for information and updates about research on Energy Limiting Conditions (ELC).

MA-TH-SS-X-ANNOUNCE-LIST (Created: 21 Feb 2024)
> This mail list is for announcements from the Mathematics of Mass Extinction Network (Ma(th)ssX) supported by the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences.

EDD-COP (Created: 14 Feb 2024)
> The Educational Development Community of Practice - EdD CoP - community of people who support communities of practice focusing on educational development/ teaching & learning. This could be at a local level, at the level of the institution, and everything in between and including CoPs organised around particular themes or aspects of teaching and learning (e.g., assessment). This Community of Practice is a space for colleagues to share experiences, solicit advice, draw on members, expertise, and celebrate successes. EdD CoP will provide opportunities, such as webinars and workshops, for the sharing of ideas and resources to work as a team to enable our own internal communities of practices to thrive.

GERBRAS (Created: 12 Feb 2024)
> The list aims to foster cooperation between UK, Germany and Brazil on matters related to science and technology.

> The Compassionate Assessment Network is for higher education teachers, researchers and policymakers who are interested in developing compassionate assessment practices and policies. The network aims to encourage connections and the sharing of resources, practices, policies and research related to compassionate assessment.

ENOEL-SPARCEUROPE (Created: 07 Feb 2024)
> This list reaches the European Network of Open Education Librarians

SERA-ETHICSNETWORK (Created: 07 Feb 2024)
> This email list belongs to the Scottish Educational Research Association's (SERA) Ethics in Education Network.

EAASLIST (Created: 02 Feb 2024)
> This list is for announcements to members of the EAAS (European Association for American Studies) and its affiliate associations

> Membership of this list is for those not in NHS but are associated with the health literacy community of practice.

> This is a jiscmail for a network on people interested in social science research on disability, neurodivergence, religion and non-religion (DNRN). This list is to facilitate contact between members of the network.

PLAYFULLEARNING (Created: 29 Jan 2024)
> This list is used by the Playful Learning Association to make announcements about PLA events and activities.

> The Molecular Radiotherapy (MRT)Consortiums mission is to support equitable patient access to and safe delivery of evidence-based theranostic MRT and provide a multidisciplinary forum for all relevant stakeholders engaged in MRT to help advance research, knowledge and policy engagement on MRT across the UK. This is a Sub List of Super List - MRTCONSORTIUM

COUNTRY-HOUSE-RESEARCH (Created: 24 Jan 2024)
> This is a friendly, informal discussion mailing list for researchers exploring any aspect of the country house. It provides a network for country house researchers to raise discussion points, research questions and project collaborations as well as receive relevant announcements.

FINGEO (Created: 24 Jan 2024)
> This list is used for discussion and announcements relevant to the Global Network on Financial Geography (FinGeo) community, such as upcoming events, conferences, job postings, projects, publications.

AIEDCHANGES (Created: 19 Jan 2024)
> Monthly updates on AI in education, covering conferences, courses, tools, projects, research, guidelines, regulations, ethics, and more. A forum for conversations and collaborations among academic staff and digital education professionals across institutions. All welcome to contribute perspectives in this emerging area.

SCD-CEPH-S3 (Created: 18 Jan 2024)
> This email list is to provide a single announcement place for SCD Ceph S3 Service information.

UK-CATALYSIS (Created: 16 Jan 2024)
> This list is for the UK Catalysis Community to share announcements and information (e.g. conferences, job postings etc) across all areas of catalysis, including homogeneous, heterogeneous, biocatalysis, photo- and electrocatalysis.

SARG (Created: 12 Jan 2024)
> Email distribution list for members of SUIG's South Asia Regional Group

LONDONNMR (Created: 09 Jan 2024)
> Announcements of upcoming meetings

UK-AFRICA-ESD-NETWORK (Created: 09 Jan 2024)
> This is a network of academics in the UK and Africa working in the area of ESD and interested in sharing practice, collaborating and promoting ESD in further and higher education.

QUEERLOCALCULTURES (Created: 04 Jan 2024)
> This list envisages engaging all research and activist communities in gender and queer culture with the topic of local queer cultures. Local queer cultures are broadly conceived as lesser-known LGBTIA+ material and immaterial legacies, including visual and performing arts, artefacts, and heritage that have failed to fit normative industry or popular standards. This is a Sub-List of Super-List QUEERKINSHIP

GIFT-FINANCE-DEV (Created: 21 Dec 2023)
> This list is used for Higher Education Development Gift Finance Officers to share ideas, collaborate and network.

> A (restricted) discussion list for academics, practitioners and policymakers interested in community justice and Probation, whether as a particular practice, a profession or a statutory agency in the UK.

MANTID-IMAGING-ANNOUNCE (Created: 20 Dec 2023)
> Mantid Imaging is a graphical toolkit for performing 3D reconstruction of neutron tomography data.

STEM-AUTHORS (Created: 20 Dec 2023)
> A list for academics and non-academics who have written, or are interested in writing, STEM books to share training, work, and other opportunities.

UKADRECR (Created: 20 Dec 2023)
> The purpose of this network is to send announcements of meetings and for others to share information relating to academia.

BLE-CLIMATE (Created: 18 Dec 2023)
> A discussion list to promote a Digital Education response towards achieving Climate Sustainability goals in Bloomsbury based HEIs. This is a Sub-List of Super List BLE- ANNOUNCEMENTS