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Recently Created Lists

DESIGN-KNOWLEDGE-EXCHANGE  (Created 07/09/2021)   Community of practice on Design Knowledge Exchange

DVA-DIGITAL-INTERVENTION  (Created 02/09/2021)   The list is used to promote and foster awareness and academic discussion on digital interventions in preventing and dealing with domestic violence and abuse.

UUKI-OSM-RISK-MANAGEMENT  (Created 02/09/2021)   This list is to discuss issues pertaining to risk management in international mobility

NIHR-STATS-LAB-STUDIES  (Created 31/08/2021)   Communications of the NIHR Statistics Group: Laboratory Studies Section.

PID-ALLIANCE  (Created 26/08/2021)   A mailing list for colleagues actively involved in supporting activities towards a global persistent identifier alliance.

ACTIVELEARNINGNETWORK  (Created 24/08/2021)   The Active Learning Network mailing list aims to create a platform for #discussion on active learning practice and research, as well as for dissemination of information related to the scope of the Network.

MULTI-FACTOR-AUTHENTICATION  (Created 24/08/2021)   Discussion list about the use and rollout of multi-factor authentication. Primarily for UK federation and other federated uses cases.

DFRG-NETWORK  (Created 19/08/2021)   The Design Feminisms Research Group (DFRG) at Northumbria University's School of Design is helping facilitate the growth of a network of feminist designers and researchers in the North East of England. This mailing list is used to share events and ideas, and to discuss topics related to design feminisms.

IPSA-RCS  (Created 13/08/2021)   International Political Science Association (IPSA) conducts research activities in political science, its Research Committees (RC) provide members in sub-fields of the discipline an opportunity to associate with colleagues and are the backbone of the Association. This list will allow effective coordination of RCs voice viz. their own members and the association in pursuit of their interests.

RE-CONNECT  (Created 13/08/2021)   This mailing list is used to provide announcements and updates to persons interested in the RE: Connect project, which explores teaching in UK RE around climate change and the environment.

CRIVA  (Created 09/08/2021)   This research discussion/mailing list will enable members to share news, update the group on events and initiatives and foster collaborations. We already have a strong membership of approx 1,000 individuals (mostly academics, some professionals).

LIS-PSYCHOLOGY  (Created 06/08/2021)   This discussion list is for librarians that support learning, teaching and research in psychology and related disciplines, e.g. Neuroscience, Psychosocial Studies.

AHRCPLACE  (Created 30/07/2021)   This list is to support networking around the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) programme on Place and the funding opportunities we make available. We hope it will help build connections between the myriad of people, groups, and organisations working on Place and interested in accessing our funding for research and knowledge exchange. This includes everyone from researchers to community groups, from cultural and heritage organisations to policy makers, and beyond. We will share details of funding opportunities to the list. We encourage members interested in applying to share a message with the group about what you're looking for collaborators for and what sort of collaborators you're looking for.

ALN-STEERING-GROUP  (Created 29/07/2021)   This list is used for discussion between members of the Steering Group of Academic Libraries North.

SHERPAUSERS  (Created 26/07/2021)   For users to receive communications and updates directly from the Sherpa Product Team, and to provide feedback into general development and direction of the services.

WHELF-METADATA  (Created 26/07/2021)   This list is used by the WHELF Cataloguing / Metadata group to facilitate communication across the group.

DEVELOPPOST-1992  (Created 13/07/2021)   A group for those leading fundraising and alumni engagement teams in Post-1992 UK institutions with a focus on sharing trends, benchmarking and best practice.

STUDENTMENTALHEALTH  (Created 08/07/2021)   University-NHS partnerships to improve student MH in HE

AUTISM-IN-HE  (Created 05/07/2021)   A collaborative network for colleagues interested in supporting autistic people in HE, Autism-in-HE offers a supportive and welcoming space for discussion and sharing of practice and experience.

AHRC-LABEX2021  (Created 02/07/2021)   This Jiscmail has been set up to facilitate connections between UK based researchers, and researchers in the Labex Pasts in the Present cluster of excellence (Labex PasP) who are interested in applying for the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and Labex PasP 2021 joint funding opportunity. This funding opportunity will support collaborative transnational and transcultural research across one or more of the themes of: The environmental arts and humanities: landscapes, memory, and experiences #Controversial and contested pasts and heritages Futures and futurology: anticipating, imagining and understanding diverse futures Projects are expected to start on 1 February, 2022 and last between 18-30 months. #This funding opportunity closes on 5 October 2021, at 16:00 GMT+1.

MDCPUBLIC  (Created 02/07/2021)   This is the public announcement mailing list for the Media Discourse Centre led by Prof. Stuart Price at De Montfort University, Leicester England.

POSTGRADUATEPEDAGOGIESNEWS  (Created 02/07/2021)   News and announcements from Postgraduate Pedagogies, the open-access journal focused on the experiences and contributions of Graduate Teaching Assistants in Higher Education.

SNNEC  (Created 28/06/2021)   The listserv will provide a platform to connect scholars, museum curators and other stakeholders with a specialism/interested in Scotland's relationship with Europe in the C19th and now.

MECCSASOUND  (Created 24/06/2021)   This list name relates to a Meccsa Network on Sound Studies. It will be a forum to support the research community in sound studies.

NPOP-COASTAL  (Created 21/06/2021)   National Partnership for Ocean Prediction Coastal Modelling and Application Activity Group mailing and discussion list. Used for group announcements, and sharing coastal modelling and processes information, making technical enquiries and discussion.

UK-DANCE-LIBRARIANS  (Created 18/06/2021)   As Dance librarians from specialist UK conservatoires and university departments we share issues related to the provision, management and circulation of our library resources and services, including user education and research support.

INTERMUSE  (Created 16/06/2021)   This list is for anyone who is interested in 'The Internet of Musical Events: Digital Scholarship, Community and the Archiving of Performance' (InterMusE) project. We will use the list to post project updates including resources, news and events.

GOODFOODWORK  (Created 15/06/2021)   A network of scholars and others interested in promoting good work within global food production and other parts of the food system.

FEEDBACKMUSIC  (Created 08/06/2021)   Discussion list for the AHRC Feedback Musicianship Network.

UCML  (Created 02/06/2021)   This list is used by the University Council of Modern Languages to share developments, events, and initiatives of relevance to the UK's Higher education languages community.

TRS-OUTREACH  (Created 27/05/2021)   This mailing list is for Outreach Convenors in Theology and Religious Studies departments in Higher Education Institutions.

UNITOPIA  (Created 26/05/2021)   UniTopia is an experiment in knowledge production, an open seminar series exploring universities past present and future.

HIGHSTREETS  (Created 18/05/2021)   This list is to share ideas and research on creating thriving high streets and town/city centres. Its focus is interdisciplinary, international and forward-looking. We're interested in local economies, public space, culture and community and in encouraging new collaborations and research partnerships.

CCPI-DVC  (Created 12/05/2021)   This is a sub-list of CCPI-MEMBERS. Discussion group on the CCPi Digital Volume Correlation solution.

CPHN  (Created 12/05/2021)   Mailing list for Critical Public Health Network, for researchers in the area of critical approaches to public health

COMPASS-DATASCIENCEATWORK  (Created 11/05/2021)   Mailing list for updates on seminar speakers and events

EUHEALTHGOV  (Created 06/05/2021)   This is the mailing list for EUHealthGov - the European Union Health Governance research network. List members are welcome to post upcoming events, publications and projects of interest.

SPAHOUSINGPOLICYGROUP  (Created 06/05/2021)   Announcement list for the Social Policy Association's Housing Policy Group - info about group activities, events and publications.

SONIC-TEHRAN-NETWORK  (Created 26/04/2021)   This list serve researchers from a range of field interested in urban sound, with a focus on the city of Tehran.

EMPLOYMENT-POLICY-SPA  (Created 22/04/2021)   This list is used by the employment policy groups established by the Social Policy Association to share information about their activities and promote discussion of employment policy issues

ICMS  (Created 19/04/2021)   The list provides a space for announcements (publications, events, news, CFPs) and a forum for the scholarly discussion and debate of issues pertaining to the cinema and media (television, radio, digital, etc.) in Italy, including in its transnational and transmedia dimensions.

OUTCOMES-OF-CHILDREN-IN-CARE  (Created 15/04/2021)   This discussion group will explore the factors that contribute to the poor outcomes that children in care experience. It is hoped that the conversations, experience and evidence will inspire more research around the education and social outcomes for this group of people.

PLAN  (Created 14/04/2021)   A network of academics (professors, researchers etc) interested in public procurement law and regulatory policy.

BECOMING-WELL-READ  (Created 09/04/2021)   This list draws together practitioners from diverse contexts and institutions to share experiences and expertise in the development of academic reading.

IMPACTCULTURE  (Created 09/04/2021)   A community of professional services staff, academics and researchers interested in research impact, and how to build a more compassionate, healthy culture around impact in higher education settings.

IN-SITU-GEOCHRON  (Created 09/04/2021)   A list to promote the exchange of ideas and information on new Rb/Sr & K/Ca geochronology techniques. Discussion of laboartories including techniques, standards, instruments and opportunities.

RENEWABLE-ENERGY-RESEARCHNETWORK  (Created 09/04/2021)   The Renewable Energy Research Network mailing list is dedicated to research communication, information exchange, and research dissemination among researchers and educators on renewable energy research, development, deployment, and integration

PARTICLEPHYSICS-PUBLICENGAGEMENT  (Created 29/03/2021)   Discussion forum to develop and coordinate UK-wide particle physics public engagement activities, sharing best practice and resources.

EOSC  (Created 26/03/2021)   List for discussing UK involvement in the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)

ECORDSO  (Created 19/03/2021)   This list is used by the British Geological Survey to make public announcements about IODP Expeditions implemented by the ECORD Science Operator.

SWBIO-DTP-INTEREST  (Created 19/03/2021)   Using the email address to capture contact details of prospective students who are interested in finding out more about SWBio DTP, ahead of the project calls.

ARCHAEOLOGYTANDL  (Created 18/03/2021)   An email list for participants of our monthly Teaching and Learning in Archaeology and Heritage virtual roundtables. A informal space to discuss challenges and share good practice.

HEALTHBIOSCIENCE-IDEAS-NEWS  (Created 17/03/2021)   This list is used for announcing courses, webinars, and other training opportunities around medical and bioscience imaging we provide

MYANMARSTUDIESUK  (Created 17/03/2021)   This list is for academics working in the UK whose research is on Myanmar/Burma, to share information on navigating the changing circumstances in the country.

FLAMEDISX  (Created 15/03/2021)   List to coordinate a software collaboration flamedisx, a fitting package for liquid noble dark matter detectors

HE-PROFESSIONALS-RG  (Created 11/03/2021)   Mailing list for UK-wide national reading group for HE professionals.

READINGSIGHT  (Created 11/03/2021)   The Six Steps programme supports public and educational library services in providing accessible services with minimal barriers for visually impaired users.

SARAH  (Created 11/03/2021)   There are proposals to include additional semantics within IP addresses to aid routing and define how packets are handled. This list provides a forum for discussion of address semantics, network architectures and routing system challenges, for software and hardware research.

ALTSOUTH  (Created 09/03/2021)   If you live in the south of England and work in Education (HE/FE) and are passionate about the TEL and its role in enhancing learning and teaching practice and or research, do join the ALT South group by subscribing to this mailing list and be part of the events and activities in the region.

AEOLIAN  (Created 04/03/2021)   AEOLIAN (Artificial Intelligence for Cultural Organisations). NEH/AHRC Digital Humanities Research Network: Bringing together Digital Humanists, Computer Scientists & stakeholders to unlock cultural assets.

ACADEMIC-LIBRARIES-NORTH-BOARD  (Created 02/03/2021)   A list for Directors of member library services of Academic Libraries North, a group of University Libraries in the North of England. The group has remit of establishing closer collaboration in the development and delivery of library services with the aim of enhancing the student experience and optimising cost effectiveness.

LPEN  (Created 02/03/2021)   This list is used by the London Political Economy Network (LPEN) to make announcements about upcoming events.

UKDATASERVICE-IDENTITYINDATA  (Created 23/02/2021)   The UK Data Service gives access to the UK's most robust quantitative and qualitative survey data. Building on DataImpact2021, we want to support building a vibrant and supportive community, linking data producers, researchers and communities to explore methodologies and how discourses of self and identity in data can remain inclusive.

LANDSCAPEDECISIONS  (Created 18/02/2021)   A news & discussion group to encourage knowledge exchange between researchers & stakeholders with an interest in landscape decision-making research

HEILBRONNEVENTS  (Created 17/02/2021)   Monthly list of HIMR events

PSDI  (Created 17/02/2021)   For discussions around development of a national data infrastructure for physical science.

CANI-NET  (Created 16/02/2021)   CANInet is a listserv for members and affiliates of the Collaborative Artful Narrative Inquiry network. All members and affiliates are committed to the development of narrative and other arts-based forms of human and more-than-human inquiry.

OU-TEX-ANNOUNCEMENTS  (Created 16/02/2021)   Subscribe to receive notifications about releases and other developments for the OU-SUPPS and ouunit class files. These class files are used for the preparation of Open University teaching material that is prepared in LaTeX.

ANTI-RACIST-SOCIAL-WORK  (Created 11/02/2021)   The list is meant to bring together researchers from different universities and share and spread knowledge and research outputs, events, calls for papers and grant proposals between members.

AMOSSHE-WALES-LEADS  (Created 09/02/2021)   AMOSSHE Wales lead members

SECRECY-RESEARCH  (Created 09/02/2021)   This list is used by the Secrecy, Power, and Ignorance Network (SPIN) to share network and member related news, events, and research.

TEXTILES-READING-GROUP  (Created 08/02/2021)   The Textiles Reading Group aims to engage with and discuss scholarship on all aspects of textiles, and to serve as a forum for the exchange of resources and research relating to the study of textiles.

MATERIAL-ENCOUNTERS  (Created 04/02/2021)   The list will be used to announce the research cluster activities such as Calls for Papers/participation/ talks and international seminars and alike.

VRIN  (Created 04/02/2021)   The email and discussion forum for Violence Reduction Information Network members

VOLUME-EM  (Created 28/01/2021)   Volume Electron Microscopy (vEM) community in the UK networking list. List members can ask for advice, post job advertisements and advertise meetings/courses.

LGBTQ  (Created 27/01/2021)   List to share info and good practice between library, museum, archives & cultural heritage staff (and others) about work with LGBT communities.

MINORITIES-ON-CAMPUS  (Created 21/01/2021)   This jisclist is the discussion forum for the AHRC-funded Minorities on Campus research network. This multidisciplinary network will use jisc to share understandings and develop research on the impact of social inequalities around religion, ethnicity and gender on lived experiences of discrimination and equality on HE campuses in India.

CSLTWALES  (Created 20/01/2021)   Covid has radically changed the way we teach computing in higher education. This list is forum to discuss some of the lessons we have learnt and the problems we are facing. Perhaps most important are the long-term challenges and opportunities looking onwards.

FUTUREOFDOCTORALRESEARCH  (Created 13/01/2021)   For all those interested in ethics, funding, design, implementation and future of doctoral research.

MIAOS  (Created 12/01/2021)   Communication between members of the NERC Marine Integrated Autonomous Observing Systems (MIAOS) projects AlterEco (https://altereco.ac.uk) and CAMPUS (https://www.campus-marine.org)

AIED  (Created 11/01/2021)   What's happening in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in tertiary education. #Focusing on supporting implementation and scaling of AI for FE & HE.

LITHME-CORE  (Created 11/01/2021)   This is a sub-list of LITHME

LITHME-WG1  (Created 08/01/2021)   Working Group 1 (Computational Linguistics) of the 'COST Action' research network, Language In The Human-Machine Era (LITHME). This is a sub-list of LITHME

LITHME-WG2  (Created 08/01/2021)   Working Group 2 (Language and law) of the 'COST Action' research network, Language In The Human- Machine Era (LITHME). This is a sub-list of LITHME

LITHME-WG3  (Created 08/01/2021)   Working Group 3 (Language rights) of the 'COST Action' research network, Language In The Human- Machine Era (LITHME). This is a sub-list of LITHME

LITHME-WG4  (Created 08/01/2021)   Working group 4 (Language diversity, vitality, and endangerment) of the 'COST Action' research network, Language In The Human-Machine Era (LITHME). This is a sub-list of LITHME

LITHME-WG5  (Created 08/01/2021)   Working Group 5 (Language learning and teaching) of the 'COST Action' research network, Language In The Human-Machine Era (LITHME). This is a sub-list of LITHME

LITHME-WG6  (Created 08/01/2021)   Working Group 6 (Ideologies, beliefs and attitudes) of the 'COST Action' research network, Language In The Human-Machine Era (LITHME). This is a sub-list of LITHME

LITHME-WG7  (Created 08/01/2021)   Working Group 7 (Lang work, lang professionals, inc. translators, terminologists) of the 'COST Action' research network, Language In The Human-Machine Era (LITHME). This is a sub-list of LITHME

LITHME-WG8  (Created 08/01/2021)   Working Group 8 (Language variation/change/contact, pragmatics, interaction) of the 'COST Action' research network, Language In The Human-Machine Era (LITHME). This is a sub-list of LITHME

NIGHTSTUDIES  (Created 08/01/2021)   This list will be used to share calls for papers, activities, policy, courses, exchange programmes, job opportunities and openings, studentships, study, emerging work, funding applications, and other related academic material about the night and night studies.

DV-GENDER-FAITH  (Created 07/01/2021)   The list is intended for domestic violence practitioners, researchers and religious stakeholders to share new research, training materials and experiences to build good practices together and to promote more integrated approaches to addressing domestic violence in religious communities. It is linked to the UKRI-funded project "Bridging religious studies, gender & development and public health to address domestic violence: A novel approach for Ethiopia, Eritrea and the UK" led by Dr Romina Istratii (SOAS) and the webinar "Addressing domestic violence in religious communities: Taking stock of lessons and approaches in the era of decolonising knowledge."

DECOLONISING-LANGUAGES-NETWORK  (Created 05/01/2021)   This list connects the participants of the 'Decolonising Modern Languages Symposium' (Birmingham/IMLR-Sept.2020). It gathers and disseminates ideas, examples of practice and scholarship to all those embracing the decolonial approach in language and culture research and education.

NEURO-VENTWEAN  (Created 05/01/2021)   This is a interdisciplinary forum to bring clinicians, allied health care professionals, scientists and engineers together who have a special interest in ventilator weaning and extubation in Neurocritical care. #This will also be an opportunity to conduct small evidence based projects, clinical audits and progress research in this area.

EROS  (Created 23/12/2020)   This email list serves as the main communication channel for members of the Empirical Research on Sentencing Network (ERoS). All members are allowed to use this channel to communicate relevant information across the network.

ARC-UKVIPG  (Created 21/12/2020)   This list is used by Academic Registrars Council (ARC) members and their nominees interested in attending a practitioners group about Home Office: UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) regulations relevant to Higher Education Institutions.

IMPACT-OF-WP-AND-ACCESS  (Created 18/12/2020)   The purpose of this discussion forum is to have meaningful conversations about the impact of widening access work across England and the UK.

LRC-SOUTH  (Created 14/12/2020)   This list will provide LRC staff in the south the opportunity to share good practice/problems and also inform them of events/forums

PSSN  (Created 14/12/2020)   The Plastics Subject Specialist Network (PSSN) offers peer support for those working with plastics in heritage collections. Our aim is to encourage the sharing of knowledge and research to assist with plastics material identification, as well as standards of collections care, interpretation and display.

MEMORY-AND-ACTIVISM  (Created 11/12/2020)   A network for the discussion of all matters related to Memory + Activism

EASIANTRANSLATIONPEDAGOGYADVANCE  (Created 09/12/2020)   This lists exists to support the enhancement of Chinese/Japanese/Korean to English translation pedagogy at higher education institutions

MARRIAGEANDMIGRATION  (Created 09/12/2020)   A research network and mailing list for researchers interested in issues of marriage and migration (and related fields).

TE-TIE-ALLMEMBERS  (Created 08/12/2020)   This is a public mailing list for all members of the Teaching English & Teaching IN English in global contexts network.

OMDDAC  (Created 03/12/2020)   This list to used by the AHRC-funded Observatory for Monitoring Data-Driven Approaches to Covid-19 to make announcements about project publications, events and other activities.

LTAN  (Created 30/11/2020)   A discussion list for those involved in archives relating to land transport. This is a mutual support network for archive creators, custodians and users. #The network deals with research resources in the following areas. #Design, making and use of vehicles; associated infrastructure / people.

MIGRANTCITY  (Created 30/11/2020)   This list is for academics, activists and policy makers to come together to work towards a new agenda for urban strategies for residents with complex and precarious migration status. The list will provide a platform to draw connections between the political economy of cities, the security practices at the heart of contemporary racial and colonial capitalism and the migration apparatus. We will learn/share about both the nature of the contemporary capitalist security state as well as how it might be possible to contest it.

POLYGRAM  (Created 30/11/2020)   Communication among POLYGRAM consortium members

EDTECHCOFFEE  (Created 24/11/2020)   This is discussion group for FE and HE staff interested in engaging with Jisc's R&D team around future EdTech Services, solutions and products.

BAMESTAFFNETWORKLEADS  (Created 20/11/2020)   This list is for chairs, committee members and staff members supporting university Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic Staff Network groups.

CMCI-NEWS  (Created 17/11/2020)   This mailing list offers research news, updates and content about the Department of Culture, Media and Creative Industries at King's College London benefitting researcher in this subject areas in UK and internationally

INT-STUDENT-MIGRATION-AFRICA  (Created 17/11/2020)   This list focuses on international student migration in Africa

SCAN  (Created 16/11/2020)   Scholar Activist Network. A network for academics who are involved in social movements and who see their academic and activist work as being aligned.

EPN2024RI-ALLCONTACTS  (Created 13/11/2020)   An email list encompassing all members of the EPN 2024 RI (Europlanet 2024 Research Infrastructure) finance, admin, scientific, Transnational Access leads, all officers (including impact)

EPN2024RI-PMC  (Created 13/11/2020)   Project Management Committee mailing list EPN 2024 RI

ABEP-UK  (Created 06/11/2020)   This is a list dedicated to the discussion of matters related to and of interest of Brazilian Postgraduate Students and Researchers based in the UK. It is a list associated with the Association of Brazilian Postgraduate Students and Researchers in the UK (Associação Brasileira de Estudantes de Pós-Graduação e Pesquisadores no Reino Unido, ABEP-UK).

MED-ULTRASOUND-PHYS  (Created 04/11/2020)   The list is for scientists, engineers and clinicians working in academia and healthcare to discuss issues and ideas related to diagnostic and therapeutic Medical Ultrasound.

BLOCKCHAIN-CULTURAL  (Created 03/11/2020)   Blockchain in the Cultural and Creative Sectors is a forum for debate and discussion of research and ideas about the implementation of this technology in these sectors

MIND-NETWORK  (Created 22/10/2020)   Discussion list for members of the MinD Network for Design and Dementia

NASSS-CAT-COMMUNITY  (Created 22/10/2020)   The NASSS-CAT Community represents a user community for the NASSS-CAT tool (Non-adoption, Abandonment, and barriers to Spread, Scale-up and Sustainability - Complexity Assessment Tool), during a technology-supported change project.

BYREFUGEES  (Created 21/10/2020)   This list is for those interested in developing a ByRefugees network, to increase local and forcibly displaced researchers in Refugee & Forced Migration Studies research. It is used to share information on relevant research, events, and opportunities for those affected by and researching displacement.

JULES-CANOPY  (Created 21/10/2020)   An email list for the JULES Process Evaluation Group looking at canopy structure

MARTIALARTSSTUDIES  (Created 20/10/2020)   Email list for the Martial Arts Studies Research Network, dedicated to the interdisciplinary academic study of martial arts.

SOCIALSTATS-SEMINARS  (Created 20/10/2020)   The list is used to make announcements about upcoming events in the Social Statistics Seminar series. The seminars are organised by the Department of Social Statistics of the University of Manchester.

AMPLIFYFE  (Created 19/10/2020)   A discussion list for the Amplify FE Community of Practice. AmplifyFE is a network to connect and amplify communities of practice for digital learning, teaching and assessment in vocational education.

OXFORD-UNI-TRACING-APP-SURVEY  (Created 19/10/2020)   This research will propose what security and privacy protecting technologies can be used in the contact tracing systems. How these technologies will affect the computation burden and energy consumption on mobile phone. The advantages, disadvantages of these technologies will be analysed and discussed. We are looking for healthy volunteers, aged above 18, who are the smart phone users and are the residents in the UK. You would be invited to participate in an online survey for 1 study session. The session would take about 4 minutes of your time. You would be asked to answer some questions about using a contact tracing app and the concerns about it.

CQFCS  (Created 14/10/2020)   This is the discussion list for cultural & literary research in Quebec & French-Canadian studies

FUTURE-FESTIVALS  (Created 12/10/2020)   The mailing list aims to stimulate discussion and knowledge sharing on the future and future developments of festivals in response to the Covid-19 crisis

OYSTERSTUDIES  (Created 29/09/2020)   A discussion list for all research matters relating to the global life of oysters.

JISC-DIGI-RESEARCH-COMMUNITY  (Created 28/09/2020)   <HTML> This list is for Jisc's digital research community for research leaders, researchers and research support professionals. <p>It will help enable discussion of concerns and the sharing of ideas across a full spectrum of activities related to research within institutions.</p> <p>It will also provide a space for you to: </p> <p> Consider where technology solutions might alleviate concerns and support objectives, and the culture, skills and processes needed for effective implementation of those solutions </p> <p> Share technology innovation and good practice, demonstrating the 'art of the possible' </p> <p> Unite disciplines, mission groups and geography </p> <p> Encourage collaboration and seek unified approaches </p> </HTML>

INVIADANTENETWORK  (Created 25/09/2020)   This mailing list exists to support the research initiatives of the In Via Dante Network. We aim principally to foster dialogue between PGR and ECR Dantisti across different institutions in the British Isles and further afield.

WALESNUCLEARMEDICINEPETCT  (Created 25/09/2020)   A discussion group for managers involved in Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT in Wales.

UCISA-DIG-COM  (Created 22/09/2020)   UCISA-IG Committee list

EARTH2EARTHSEMINAR  (Created 21/09/2020)   This list is used by Earth2Earth to announce upcoming talks and events.

JK-LINGUISTICS-PEDAGOGY  (Created 21/09/2020)   This list is for academics teaching Japanese/Korean Linguistics in higher education. We aim to share teaching and learning resources, information on conferences and workshop, and information on pedagogical research. Our themes include, but are not limited to: - inclusive classroom; - research-informed teaching; - teaching language variation and change; - linguistics for language students; - effective teaching methods and techniques; - tools and resources for teaching Japanese/Korean linguistics. <HTML> <p>This list is for academics teaching Japanese/Korean Linguistics in higher education. We aim to share teaching and learning resources, information on conferences and workshop, and information on pedagogical research. Our themes include, but are not limited to: <ul> <li>inclusive classroom;</li> <li>research-informed teaching;</li> <li>teaching language variation and change;</li> <li>linguistics for language students;</li> <li>effective teaching methods and techniques;</li> <li>tools and resources for teaching Japanese/Korean linguistics.</li> </ul> </HTML>

OPEN-COVID-ED  (Created 04/09/2020)   Open Covid Pledge for Education (https://www.alt.ac.uk/open-covid-pledge) discussion, updates, events, shared resources

VOLUNTEERSINESOLFORUM  (Created 02/09/2020)   The forum is to enable networking and discussion amongst providers of ESOL in the voluntary sector. It is moderated by the National Association for Teaching English and Community Languages to Adults (NATECLA)

UKETDS  (Created 27/08/2020)   This is a list for announcements of meetings, conferences and job opportunities for people working in dynamical systems and ergodic theory based at UK universities.

MATHSAD  (Created 27/08/2020)   The Heads of School already have a JISC list for sharing information etc. This list is set up for administrators with management responsibility in Mathematics to share good practice and support each other.

HEALTH-LITERACY  (Created 20/08/2020)   Mailing list for members of the health literacy community of practice. Membership of this list is limited to employees of the NHS or Health Education England.

PGR-ADMIN  (Created 17/08/2020)   A forum for discussion of topics in postgraduate research administration, whether in Graduate Schools, or in the graduate sections of central, faculty, school or departmental offices.

SEOWG  (Created 13/08/2020)   Email list for members of the Space Academic Network (SPAN) Earth Observation Working Group, which will provide a voice for Earth Observation sciences as part of the space-related research in the UK.

AURA  (Created 11/08/2020)   AURA (Archives in the UK/ Republic of Ireland & AI): AHRC/ IRC Digital Humanities Research Network: Bringing together Digital Humanists, Computer Scientists & stakeholders to unlock cultural assets.

BIOMED-TEACHINGANDTRAINING  (Created 07/08/2020)   This JiscMail list is used to make announcements, share best practice and support training and teaching in higher education and clinical laboratory practice.

DRIVENET  (Created 07/08/2020)   List for network members and associates of the DRIVE project led by Bournemouth, CUEA and CHUKA universities.

ROMANARCHAEOLOGY  (Created 29/07/2020)   This list for Roman archaeologists to communicate with each other across the UK and worldwide, especially in terms of advertising conferences and similar events, as well as discussing issues relevant to the field and soliciting help with archaeological matters. It should not be used to advertise new publications or engage in any discussion that could be considered non-professional.

YORKHISTORY  (Created 21/07/2020)   This list is for people who are working on or have queries relating to the history of York (UK)

EVA-UK-SUPPORT  (Created 20/07/2020)   Updates, announcements, service alerts and customer discussion list for the UK eduroam Visitor Access (eVA) service.

WAGNET  (Created 17/07/2020)   WAGNet connects scholars in the field of gender and Chinese studies to exchange information on events, activities and publications. We publish WAGRev, an e-journal of reviews of new work in this field.

EDIMS  (Created 16/07/2020)   The purpose of the list is to support a new network concerned with improving equality, diversity and inclusion in music studies in UK HE.

SCOTMETNET-ALL  (Created 13/07/2020)   The Scottish Metabolomics Network announcement list for all members. This list is moderated, and the default delivery is a weekly digest. For announcements, job opportunities, funding calls, meeting invites... Public archives. Subscriber information reports only accessible to list owners

MOUNTAIN-ADAPTATION-NETWORK  (Created 08/07/2020)   This network is for coordinating the activities of research project and knowledge platform managers working on climate change adaptation in mountain regions It was established in 2020 as part of the Adaptation at Altitude programme

TESF-INFO  (Created 01/07/2020)   Mailing list for people interested in activities and events run by the TESF network

EAM-LIST  (Created 26/06/2020)   This list is owned by the European Network for Avant-garde and Modernism studies (EAM). It may be used for calls for papers or contributions and for employment opportunities. Individuals may announce the publication of monographs or edited volumes. Only posts strictly relevant to the EAM community will be allowed.

COVIDEND  (Created 22/06/2020)   This listserv will be used to connect a community of individuals and organisations interested in supporting the use of reliable evidence synthesis in the response to COVID-19.

UK-MUON-BEAMS  (Created 18/06/2020)   Mailing list to allow information sharing for the development of a UK contribution to a future European muon accelerator initiative.

UKRI-PE-COLLABORATORS  (Created 18/06/2020)   This list is used by potential applicants to UK Research and Innovation Public Engagement calls to find collaborators to create proposals with.

SCOTTISH-MEDSOC  (Created 14/06/2020)   This list is for announcements from the Scottish Medical Sociology group; this is a regional sub group of BSA Medical Sociology.

OCEANSCIENCEHISTORY  (Created 08/06/2020)   This is the mailing list of the International Commission for the History of Oceanography. Please post here about events, research news, and other matters relating to the history of ocean science.

SOCIALCULTURALGEOGRAPHY  (Created 08/06/2020)   A space for the sharing of ideas, resources, and information relating to social and cultural geography

SW-PFHEA  (Created 02/06/2020)   Mailing list for members of the South-West Principal Fellows (PFHEA) Group to share good practice, have discussions, and arrange meetings

NEXUS-REXS  (Created 21/05/2020)   A mailing list to promote and document a discussion around NeXus file format definitions and data processing workflows for the magnetic and resonant x-ray scattering international community, with the goal of promoting and exploiting FAIR data in our science area.

ESOL-TEACHING-NORTHERN-IRELAND  (Created 19/05/2020)   This forum is for ESOL teachers, volunteers & trainee teachers based in Northern Ireland where we can share good practice about teaching and learning, resources and ideas.

RESEARCHING-COVID-19  (Created 19/05/2020)   This Jiscmail list would support the Nuffield funded 'COVID-19 and families on a low-income' project, by providing researchers with the opportunity to connect, particularly in terms of ethical issues and challenges. It would also advertise webinars, new content on our project website, and share resources.

NMP  (Created 18/05/2020)   A discussion forum for academics involved in the delivery of non-medical prescribing courses.

WOMEN-FIELDWORK  (Created 18/05/2020)   Working together to identify women's obstacles, challenges and opportunities while doing fieldwork

LISEN  (Created 15/05/2020)   The London Impact Support & Engagement Network (LISEN) is a network of impact support professionals working in Higher Education Institutions in London.

MA-ENGLANDLONDON  (Created 12/05/2020)   This list is used by Museums Association members in London to exchange and discuss the latest thinking, knowledge and research related to museums, galleries and heritage sites. The Museums Association's aims are to develop and grow a vibrant and dynamic network of members; campaign and advocate for museums to change lives and inspire and develop workforce to deliver our vision for the sector.

MA-ENGLANDMIDLANDS  (Created 12/05/2020)   This list is used by Museums Association members in the Midlands to exchange and discuss the latest thinking, knowledge and research related to museums, galleries and heritage sites. The Museums Association's aims are to develop and grow a vibrant and dynamic network of members; campaign and advocate for museums to change lives and inspire and develop workforce to deliver our vision for the sector.

MA-ENGLANDNORTH  (Created 12/05/2020)   This list is used by Museums Association members in the north of England to exchange and discuss the latest thinking, knowledge and research related to museums, galleries and heritage sites. The Museums Association's aims are to develop and grow a vibrant and dynamic network of members; campaign and advocate for museums to change lives and inspire and develop workforce to deliver our vision for the sector.

MA-ENGLANDSOUTHEAST  (Created 12/05/2020)   This list is used by Museums Association members in South East England to exchange and discuss the latest thinking, knowledge and research related to museums, galleries and heritage sites. The Museums Association's aims are to develop and grow a vibrant and dynamic network of members; campaign and advocate for museums to change lives and inspire and develop workforce to deliver our vision for the sector.

MA-ENGLANDSOUTHWEST  (Created 12/05/2020)   This list is used by Museums Association members in South West England to exchange and discuss the latest thinking, knowledge and research related to museums, galleries and heritage sites. The Museums Association's aims are to develop and grow a vibrant and dynamic network of members; campaign and advocate for museums to change lives and inspire and develop workforce to deliver our vision for the sector.

GEOGDISSERTATIONS  (Created 29/04/2020)   A forum for those overseeing undergraduate dissertations in UK geography departments to discuss responses and resources in the current situation

LIBPMC  (Created 22/04/2020)   Discussion list individuals working in the areas of library performance measurement and assessment in the professions of librarianship and information management, providing a space for the exchange of ideas and sharing of best practice.

MUPACT  (Created 22/04/2020)   This is an events announcement list for a collaborative group of music production and technology academics organising a sustainable system of environmentally (and pandemically) friendly, online research dissemination events.

HCIVIDEOW  (Created 20/04/2020)   This list is to support periodic workshops and online networking of those studying or using video in human computer interaction education. The importance of this has been emphasised by the recent move to online learning due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

CIUK-CLUSTER-CHALLENGE  (Created 17/04/2020)   Mailing list for the Computing Insight UK (CIUK) Cluster Challenge

NATIONALCOLLECTION  (Created 16/04/2020)   The Arts and Humanities Research Council has launched a funding call for Towards a National Collection (https://ahrc.ukri.org/research/fundedthemesandprogrammes/tanc-opening-uk-heritage-to-the-world/). This list is to help applicants develop partnerships for their proposals.

CREATIVEHECOVID  (Created 14/04/2020)   The list aims to bring together discussion and research about the impact of Covid-19 on creative disciplines in higher education.

SYNERBI-ANNOUNCE  (Created 09/04/2020)   This is a general, low volume, list for announcements about meetings, news and events.

SYNERBI-DEVEL  (Created 09/04/2020)   A list for developers to discuss CCP SyneRBI software, including SIRF.

SYNERBI-PHANTOMS  (Created 09/04/2020)   A list for the discussion about PET-MR and other multi-modality phantoms

SYNERBI-USERS  (Created 09/04/2020)   A list for users to discuss CCP SyneRBI software, including SIRF.

WH-ENGAGE  (Created 03/04/2020)   This open list is used by the World Heritage Learning and Engagement network, to share best practice, make announcements and provide a network forum for practitioners and organisations involved in World Heritage Education, Learning and Engagement.

OLDAGEPSYCHIATRY  (Created 01/04/2020)   This list is used by the Faculty of Old Age Psychiatry and the Royal College of Psychiatrists to keep members up to date and informed on developments in education, research and effective practice.

SPECIALCOLLECTIONSSURVEY  (Created 01/04/2020)   This is a survey about how special collections are promoted and why. To gather feedback from special collections staff to support my MA dissertation research area.

ACADEMICLISTENING  (Created 27/03/2020)   An area for discussion and sharing of information for members of the BALEAP 'Developing, Teaching and Testing Academic Listeners' special interest group and others with interest in this field.

NTTC  (Created 27/03/2020)   This public list supports the "Text-Critical Thursdays" seminar run by the IGNTP.

KEF  (Created 26/03/2020)   Research England will use this list to make announcements to the knowledge exchange community about the Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF) and related knowledge exchange policy areas.

UK-SOSS  (Created 26/03/2020)   The UK-SOSS mailing list includes the email addresses of researchers and students in the area of Solar Physics and related topics, from mainly the United Kingdom. This list is primarily used to make public annoucements on the arrangement and update of the seminars.

ONEWORLD  (Created 25/03/2020)   This list is for announcments of forthcoming seminars for the on-line One World Probability Seminar. Please visit the following address for further details: https://www.wim.uni-mannheim.de/doering/one-world/

TVWELLNET-NEWS  (Created 25/03/2020)   The TV Well-being Network (TVWellNet) news list sends announcements to educators, practitioners and researchers in health and care across the Thames Valley. Announcements include training and events for health and social care staff and students; well-being research and resources for health and social care; and information on educational exchanges.

BINOMIAL-NOMENCLATURE  (Created 23/03/2020)   This list is for the research and discussion of the etymology of plants and animal species scientific names (binomial nomenclature) and the history of vernacular names.

YORBMSCPD  (Created 19/03/2020)   This list supports Continual Professional Development activities and discussion for Biomedical Scientists across laboratory sites

BRISTOL-MULTILEVEL  (Created 13/03/2020)   News from the Centre for Multilevel Modelling, based at the University of Bristol. Includes updates from the Centre, details of upgrades to MLwiN and other software, and workshop announcements.

BALEAPCREATIVE  (Created 11/03/2020)   For tutors/lecturers in EAP (English for Academic Purposes) working in Arts & Design FE/HE contexts

OPENRESEARCHSCOTLAND  (Created 11/03/2020)   Open Access group in Scotland with the aim of being inclusive

MPE  (Created 09/03/2020)   To enable discussion between registered Medical Physics Experts (MPEs) and aspiring MPEs to improve understanding of the Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposures) Regulations (IRMER) to protect individuals subject to medical exposures using ionising radiation.

POWES  (Created 09/03/2020)   This is the mailing and communications list for the Psychology of Women & Equalities Section of the BPS (British Psychological Society).

BSCWALES  (Created 06/03/2020)   For sharing news and events relating to or emanating from the British Society of Criminology Wales Branch.

ESOL-NETWORK-NE  (Created 06/03/2020)   Information sharing on ESOL provision and support for learners and teachers in the North East

STATS-SEM  (Created 06/03/2020)   The biweekly statistical seminar at University of Bristol.

BRISTOL-QIT-SEM  (Created 04/03/2020)   Announcements of seminars for the Quantum Information Theory group at the University of Bristol, and other announcements of broad interest to those working on quantum information theory.

SJ-SIG-BALEAP  (Created 24/02/2020)   This is the discussion forum for BALEAP's EAP for Social Justice Special Interest Group. It aims to bring together a network of EAP practitioners and researchers passionate about promoting social justice values in EAP.

SUPPORT-HPC-BCU  (Created 21/02/2020)   This list is to support, troubleshoot and answer the frequently asked questions about using and utilising high performance compute cluster at Birmingham City University.

BRISTOL-LOGIC-AND-SET-THEORY-SEM  (Created 20/02/2020)   Announcement of talks in the Logic and Set Theory Seminar at the School of Mathematics of the University of Bristol and related events.

CPERI-POL-ECON-RESEARCH-INNOV  (Created 18/02/2020)   This list aims to keep all scholars of Science & Technology Studies and Political Economy interested in the conjunction of these disciplines updated with the plans and organization for the annual CPERI workshop.

DARKSIDE-UK  (Created 18/02/2020)   This list is used to coordinate UK activities on the DarkSide direct dark matter detection experiment.

AGROECOLOGY  (Created 13/02/2020)   This list is the discussion forum for a growing network of critical agroecology researcher across the UK, Europe and beyond. Its focus is on the social, political and economic aspects of agroecological transformations of food systems as much as on the ecological ones. It was set up after two important sessions at the Oxford Real Farming Conference 2019 & 2020, both convened by the Food Ethics Council, on how to make publicly funded research support an agroecological transition.

SHOLG  (Created 13/02/2020)   SHOLG is a Scottish Sector professional services liaison group, that meets 2-3 times a year across Scotland. The groups reports to ARC SCOTNI. Members discuss and share best practice around operational student records data quality issues related to HESA returns, Data Futures, SAAS, SLC, UCAS, UKVI and student records etc.

BRISTOLETDSSEMINAR  (Created 12/02/2020)   This list is used to make announcements of the Bristol ergodic theory and dynamical systems seminar.

EPIC-COMMUNITY  (Created 12/02/2020)   A mailing list for researchers in areas relevant to egocentric perception, including Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Multimedia, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Human Computer Interaction and Visual Sciences.

GEO-CEOS  (Created 12/02/2020)   Group on Earth Observation and Committee of Earth Observation Satellites

GWASCENTRAL-NEWS  (Created 12/02/2020)   Mailing list for disseminating news about the GWAS Central resource.

NEURODIVERSITY  (Created 12/02/2020)   Welcome to the Neurodiversity In/And Creative Research Group! Here, we wish to explore the messy and magical entanglements between neurodiversity, creativity and research, and all the possibilities and intersections in between. This is a virtual forum for practitioners and researchers with interest in any of these terms - unstable, multifaceted and exciting as they each already are. We will share, discuss, debate, motivate, interrogate and support one another's practice and research. Collectively we may help make neurodiversity in research and the contributions of neurodivergent researchers more visible, and make research culture more inclusive. We welcome participants from any background/discipline/sector, with/without an affiliation. Please note this is a public forum, and we request you be mindful about sharing any personal and confidential information about yourself and others here. Anything you post using this email address NEURODIVERSITY@JISCMAIL.AC.UK will be seen not only by the whole network but anyone on the internet as this is a public list. Anyone can join this network. If you are here as an ally please share why you are here, what you wish to learn. We also ask you to be respectful of each other's views and ideas expressed here. We aim to develop a positive network of individuals interested in Neurodiversity In/And Creative Research. Welcome! Best wishes from Dr Kai Syng Tan and Dr Ranjita Dhital. Contact: kai.syng.tan@mmu.ac.uk and r.dhital@UCL.AC.UK .

NORTH-AMERICAN-SONGSTER  (Created 12/02/2020)   A discussion list for those researching vernacular Anglo-American cheap print song and music materials

OCEANMODELLINGSIG-CHALLENGERSOC  (Created 12/02/2020)   The Ocean Modelling Special Interest Group connects UK ocean modellers of all flavours. Our goal is to promote interaction, especially among early career ocean modellers. We aim to showcase the breadth and brilliance of UK ocean modelling. We hold an informal annual meeting in September where as many people as possible speak.

TELSIGBALEAP  (Created 12/02/2020)   Technology-enhanced learning special interest group

UNIWISE-UKUSER  (Created 11/02/2020)   Discussion list for use by UK HE and FE customers of UNIwise products for Digital Exams

FOUNDATIONAL-STUDIES-BRISTOL  (Created 06/02/2020)   To advertise events (talks/workshops/seminars) in logic and philosophy of mathematics at the University of Bristol, associated with the "Foundational Studies Bristol" research group.

PALASS  (Created 06/02/2020)   Network for palaeoeoenvironmental and archaeological scientists based in Scotland

PCWP-ANNOUNCE  (Created 06/02/2020)   This list, associated with the annual Popular Culture and World Politics conference, is primarily used to circulate calls for papers and other announcements related to scholarship in the field of Popular Culture and World Politics.

AURALDIVERSITY  (Created 30/01/2020)   Aural Diversity researches differences in hearing and their implications for fields such as music, sound studies, acoustics, audiology, environmental design, hearing care and hearing technologies.

URC-CHAPLAINS  (Created 30/01/2020)   A network list for United Reformed Church (URC) Chaplains working in Higher Education.

CREATIVE-ARTS-IN-HEALTH  (Created 29/01/2020)   Creative Arts in Health as an aid to recovery is building a research evidence base following the UK Government report in 2017 which is actively promoting the use of the arts in health and wellbeing.

OLDFRISIAN  (Created 29/01/2020)   The list is meant for announcements about events, publications or courses with regard to Old Frisian studies.

ATLASSIAN-USER-GROUP  (Created 28/01/2020)   For HE and FE institutions who are using Atlassian suite products in their institutions, including Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, Confluence and Bitbucket.

PRE-MODERNTOWNS  (Created 28/01/2020)   The Pre Modern Towns Group is an informal, interdisciplinary association of historians, archaeologists, archivists and others which has been meeting since 1978. We aim to reflect current research on any aspect of the historical study of towns in Britain and Europe from the early medieval period to the eighteenth century. This list is used primarily for conference announcements

WOMENINTHEHILLS  (Created 28/01/2020)   This mailing list circulates information about the activities, events and findings conducted by the Women In The Hills (c. 1800-2020) AHRC-funded research network.

BRISTOL-PROB-SEM  (Created 24/01/2020)   Mailing list for the University of Bristol probability seminar.

OPENATHENS  (Created 24/01/2020)   <HTML> A discussion list for OpenAthens customers. <p>This list is intended to enable OpenAthens customers to talk directly to each other. It should not be used by customers to report service-affecting issues - that can only be done by logging a support ticket with the <a href="https://www.openathens.net/support.php"target="_blank">OpenAthens Service Desk</a> </p> <p>To check the OpenAthens service status, visit <a href="http://status.openathens.net"target="_blank">status.openathens.net</a></p> </html>

RGCAREERSDATA  (Created 24/01/2020)   This is the list for the careers data specialists in the Russell Group careers services (plus University of London).

GO-P2P  (Created 22/01/2020)   The Global Observatory on Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading (GO-P2P) is a forum for international collaboration to understand the policy, regulatory, social and technological conditions necessary to support the wider deployment of peer-to-peer, community self-consumption and transactive energy trading models.

SCHWARTZROUNDS  (Created 22/01/2020)   A list to support health librarians who are involved with or interested in Schwartz Rounds.

EXAMMARKING  (Created 21/01/2020)   I'd like to ask if there are any other small university colleges or colleges (under or only slightly over 1000 students) who have migrated from Speedwell Question Bank and Multiquest software, and its exam paper scanner. We are using an old scanner and version of this software, both of which are out of support, and need to look into alternatives as well as the option of purchasing a new scanner and Speedwell software licensing. I'd be very grateful for any help

SW-WALES-RES-COMMERCIALISATION  (Created 20/01/2020)   This list will be used by University research commercialisation offices (and related office and services) in the South West and Wales to share best practice, tools and ideas as well as to create a community of practice around regular events.

PHILOSOPHY-EVENTS-UOB  (Created 17/01/2020)   To advertise events (talks/workshops/seminars) at the University of Bristol run by the Department of Philosophy.

BSA-AUTO-BIOGRAPHY-GROUP  (Created 14/01/2020)   The British Sociological Association Auto/Biography Study Group brings together people interested in the analytical examination of the various kinds of biography and autobiography, the relationship between the differing genres of representing lives, and the interrelations between biography, autobiography, text and lives.

NEURORELS  (Created 14/01/2020)   An email list for all clinicians and researchers interested in relationships, social context and neurological conditions. A platform to share relevant CPD events, publications, networking opportunities, and recruitment for research.

SGLOSMUSEUMS  (Created 14/01/2020)   <html> South Gloucestershire Museums Group is an unincorporated association. The aims of the group shall be to promote inspiration, learning and enjoyment through the exploration of museum collections for the benefit of local communities and the general public. <p> Membership shall be open to museums and heritage centres that are open to the public and whose collecting area is wholly or partly within South Gloucestershire. </p> </html>

FCEPC-GENERAL  (Created 13/01/2020)   Mailing list for a future circular electron positron collider. General news, Silicon Tracker R&D, DAQ R&D

LIVINGMAPS  (Created 13/01/2020)   Livingmaps Network was established to develop a network of researchers, community activists, artists and others with a common interest in the use of mapping for social change, public engagement, critical debate and creative forms of community campaigning

AGEINGRESEARCH-UKCHINA  (Created 10/01/2020)   We welcome researchers who are interested in ageing society research in China and UK

DISCOVERMATERIALS-ANNOUNCE  (Created 10/01/2020)   Announce Mailling List for Discover Materials (http://www.discovermaterials.uk/) Ambassador Maillist to coordinate activities across the UK

EVIDENCENETWORK4RENTING  (Created 06/01/2020)   The Evidence Network for Renting (EN4R) is a knowledge-exchange hub bring together academics, stakeholders and policymakers to share research and evidence on renting. Our network serves three core purposes; to share research and knowledge across professional, policy and academic groups; promote opportunities which enable connections to be developed between different groups; and to nurture opportunities for evidence-informed policymaking and practice.

BLACKBRITISHMUSIC  (Created 02/01/2020)   This list supports the developing discipline of Black music in Britain. The list is for researchers, academics, practitioners. The jiscmail welcomes interdisciplinary approaches to Black music in Britain, across genre and era.

BLACKMUSICINBRITAIN  (Created 02/01/2020)   This list supports the developing discipline of Black music in Britain. The list is for researchers, academics, practitioners. The jiscmail welcomes interdisciplinary approaches to Black music in Britain, across genre and era.

ERJN  (Created 02/01/2020)   The aim of the European Reproductive Justice Network (ERJN) is to share knowledge of law, society, culture and practice across Europe in relation to reproductive justice. The network recognises reproductive justice as a core element of human rights, particularly, but not exclusively for women. This is an interdisciplinary network for academics, professionals and activists.

MOCHA  (Created 23/12/2019)   Interdisciplinary list of researchers working on 'moments of change' (context changes when habits are disrupted)

YA-LIST  (Created 19/12/2019)   Discussion of topics related to the Year Abroad at UK and Irish universities

LIS-ALSLD-NE  (Created 17/12/2019)   A platform for professional discussion, collaboration and sharing best practice of staff learning and development within academic libraries in North East England.

COPYRIGHT-HUMANITIES  (Created 12/12/2019)   A listserv for scholars working in the arts and humanities who have research interests in copyright and its history

TUDORMUSIC  (Created 12/12/2019)   A mailing list for those researching Tudor music for discussion, announcements of recent publications, organisation of conference panels, etc

EHEALTH  (Created 09/12/2019)   eHealth Discussions

QUANTITATIVE-METHODS-TEACHING  (Created 09/12/2019)   A list for discussion about quantitative methods teaching, especially in the social sciences. It replaced a previous NCRM list in December 2019. List owners are Jen Buckley (UK Data Service) and Nick Bearman (UCL).

TURINGINS-HUMANITIES-DATASCIENCE  (Created 06/12/2019)   This mailing list is for those interested in the work of the Humanities and Data Science Interest Group of The Alan Turing Institute. We will be sharing key updates, announcements and events as well as opportunities for engaging with the ongoing work associated with the group.

ARCH-MUS-AMERICAS  (Created 04/12/2019)   This list of the dissemination of scholarly news and discussion between researchers interested in the study of music as part of the archaeology of the Americas.

IARLA-OPEN  (Created 02/12/2019)   An open jiscmail list for the International Alliance of Research Library Associations. This list will be used to update the international research library community, and its stakeholders, of the ongoing work of IARLA and its forthcoming initiatives.

AVIATIONARCHIVES  (Created 28/11/2019)   The email list for the Aviation and Aerospace Archives Initiative and those interested in the documentary heritage of Britain's contribution to and experience of aviation and aerospace.

PSYCHMUSIC  (Created 28/11/2019)   A general contact, discussion and announcement list for Musedelica, a research group focussed on psychedelic music and issues surrounding psychoactive substances and music.

DH-UKIRELAND  (Created 25/11/2019)   A collaborative research funding programme between the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the Irish Research Council. In order to help researchers or interested partners to find partners in both countries for the Digital Humanities funding calls, this email group has been set up so that researchers can subscribe to receive such requests, and to post requests themselves.

RUGIT-SMG  (Created 25/11/2019)   Service Management Group for Russell Group IT community promoting service management and ITIL <HTML> <h2>Service Management Group for Russell Group IT community promoting service management and ITIL</h2> </HTML>

PARLIAMENT-ACADEMIC  (Created 20/11/2019)   This list supports greater interaction between the House of Commons Library and academic libraries, by allowing list members to share strategies for engagement with House of Commons research staff which will increase the visibility of academic research for parliamentary research staff and select committee staff.

HOLOCAUST-WRITERS  (Created 19/11/2019)   This list is for the discussion and promotion and development of non-academic Holocaust writing, e.g. creative writing, non-fiction, fiction, poetry etc. The aim is to network among those who are interested in both producing and working with the producers of such texts.

PROBABILISTIC-NUMERICS  (Created 19/11/2019)   This email list is used to disseminate workshop and conference announcements, job opportunities and other announcements relevant to researchers in probabilistic numerical methods in the UK and abroad.

HEALTHCARE-FUTURELEARN  (Created 15/11/2019)   This list is for partners of FutureLearn working in Health and care to discuss collaborative working.

CISCO-SDA  (Created 13/11/2019)   A place for technical staff in HE to discuss the challenges in implementing a Cisco SDA network. Hopefully to share best practise and any learning experiences. Generic discussion of intent based networking welcomed.

SGLOSHERITAGE  (Created 07/11/2019)   The South Gloucestershire Heritage Partnership Group brings together South Gloucestershire officers and councillors with members of the heritage community, parish councils and other relevant bodies to share information on what is happening in the heritage sector within South Gloucestershire.

BAALSIGIC  (Created 04/11/2019)   The BAAL Special Interest Group in Intercultural Communication provides a forum for applied linguists,researchers, language teachers, business trainers and the wider public to engage in debate about the nature and potential application of key concepts in the field.

EURO-URB  (Created 04/11/2019)   The Euro-Urb list is a forum for the discussion of the theory and practice of sustainable urbanism in Europe. It is allied to INTBAU and the Council for European Urbanism.

BTG-COLONIAL-LEGACIES  (Created 31/10/2019)   This JISC mail list supports the GW4 Bridging the Gap Colonial Legacies theme

RELIHEN  (Created 25/10/2019)   The Residential Life in Higher Education Network (RELIHEN) mailing list is an easy way to share information, best practice and seek advice or information from fellow colleagues working in Residential Life at HE institutions in the UK.

GEOGED-RGS-IBG  (Created 24/10/2019)   This list is used by the Geography and Education Research Group of the Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers to share information relevant to our members.

SCIENCEINTHEPARK  (Created 23/10/2019)   This list is for members of the public interested in an annual STEM outreach event called "Science in the Park", held at Nottingham's Wollaton Hall in March.

IUSDRP  (Created 21/10/2019)   This is a mailing list of the Sustainable Development Research Programme (IUSDRP)

NHS-REPOSITORIES  (Created 21/10/2019)   This list is used to discuss Open Access support in NHS knowledge and library services, and the development of NHS institutional repositories.

PLURALISTICPRACTICE  (Created 21/10/2019)   List of people involved in the Pluralistic Practice Steerig group working to link-up practitioners and academics, and disseminate knowledge around pluralistic counselling and psychotherapy practice

SEATS  (Created 21/10/2019)   This list is for those in UK FE and HE who manage and support SEAtS software to monitor attendance. The aim is to share ideas, experiences and solutions that relate to SEAtS.

CUBIC-MRI  (Created 17/10/2019)   This email list is going to be used by the academics of Royal Holloway, University of London, Roehampton University, University of Surrey and Brunel University who are associated with MRI at Combined Universities Brain Imaging Centre

CLIMATECHANGEMANAGEMENT  (Created 16/10/2019)   This list is of interest to researchers and educators working on information, communication and research on matters related to climate change.

GLAMLABS  (Created 14/10/2019)   The community mailing list for setting up, maintaining and sustaining Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums' cultural heritage innovation Labs.

LATIN-AMERICA-FORUM  (Created 11/10/2019)   This list is the email forum of the Regional Studies Association's Latin America Division and provides a platform to discuss and share latest developments in regional research, policy and practice in Latin America. #Posts are moderated and can be made in English, Spanish or Portuguese. This is a sub-list of REGIONAL-STUDIES-COMMUNITY.

BILINGUALISM-MATTERS-LONDON  (Created 08/10/2019)   Bilingualism Matters London brings together academic researchers from London-based higher education institutions, non-academic stakeholders, and members of the public in a collaborative knowledge exchange about bi-/multilingualism, language learning and their benefits.

DIGITALSTUDIES  (Created 08/10/2019)   An email list to support the activities of an interdisciplinary and inter-institutional reading group broadly concerned with issues raised by all things 'digital'. If you wish to participate please email Sam Kinsley before trying to subscribe to the list: http://geography.exeter.ac.uk/staff/index.php?web_id=Sam_Kinsley

LINGUISTICSINMFL  (Created 07/10/2019)   The Linguistics in MFL project will assess the potential for the inclusion of linguistic topics in the Further Education MFL curriculum.

PRIDEINSTEM  (Created 07/10/2019)   Pride in STEM is a charitable trust run by an independent group of LGBT+ scientists & engineers from around the world. Proud of who we are and what we do. We aim to showcase and support all LGBT+ people in STEM fields.

STUDENTEXPERIENCE  (Created 07/10/2019)   A jiscmail list to bring together colleagues working in the fields of student experience and engagement. Run by Josh Gulrajani and David Gilani from AUA's Student Experience and Engagement Network.

FPH-IANDI-SIG  (Created 03/10/2019)   For members of the Faculty of Public Health special interest group on information and intelligence, also open to colleagues outside the Faculty who share similar interests. The list will support general communication and support for information and intelligence including news of events, consultations and resources arranging meetings and, when required, detailed discussion of drafts and documents.

FINDEES  (Created 30/09/2019)   This list aims to bring together UK and global scholars working on issues of finance, financialisation, and financial integration in developing and emerging economies

UCISA-ACCESSIBILITY  (Created 26/09/2019)   List for discussions on the digital accessibility legislation

UCISA-LONDON-COM  (Created 26/09/2019)   list for use of the ucisa London committee

GENINTNETWORK  (Created 23/09/2019)   Connect HEIs providing or developing GEN programmes for the purpose of collaboration.

JORMA-RESEARCH  (Created 23/09/2019)   This group seeks to support a scholarly and research-based approach to research management and administration through discussion, ideas development, and networking. This list is managed and supported by the Journal of Research Management and Administration

DECOLONIALHE  (Created 20/09/2019)   This list aims to faciliate interconnections and mutual learning between research offices, researchers and funders in higher education in the UK and globally to improve research development practices informed by a decolonial awareness.

CCMPHDSEMINARS  (Created 19/09/2019)   This is a list involving PhD students, researchers and staff members linked to the Department of Culture, Communication and Media at UCL Institute of Education, University College London.

MICROFOCUS-GROUP  (Created 18/09/2019)   This mailing list supports IT managers, mainly in HE, FE and high schools across the south of UK and Wales with a specific interest in Novell/Microfocus infrastructure

PEARL-USERS  (Created 18/09/2019)   Service announcement for the Pearl cluster

RIVAL  (Created 18/09/2019)   This email list is to enable members of the RIVAL network to contact each other. It is open to 'normal' members (i.e. those who attend the RIVAL events) and 'remote' members ( i.e. those who cannot attend in person but who follow RIVAL events online.)

BAM-HRM-SIG  (Created 14/09/2019)   For members of the British Academy of Management Human Resource Management Special Interest Group and those interested in the activities of the group