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Recently Created Lists

FOODFIN (Created: 24 May 2024)
> The Food and Finance email list provides a friendly and supportive platform for researchers (university-based or non-university-based) who work on the financialisation of food, food speculation, rent-seeking and rent-extraction in food and related topics to exchange ideas, share research outputs, and consult others.

SCHOLARSHIP-SPOTLIGHT (Created: 24 May 2024)
> This discussion space is designed to share and support scholarship practices across Higher Education. The openly available innovative and developmental website can be found at https://scholarshipspotlight.uk. Here you'll find links to multiple different resources relating to the scholarship of Higher Education.

GET-TOGETHER-AND-WRITE (Created: 23 May 2024)
> This list is used to setup Get Together and Write meetings, an online monthly writing group for geographers.

UKCONDENSATES (Created: 16 May 2024)
> This mailing list is for those interested in biomolecular condensates research in the UK.

> Linguistic Anthropology list is created by the GLOCAL, the Global Council for Anthropolopgical Linguistics. The GLOCAL is a council steering annual conferences, publications, and media, scholarship, consultations, and collaborations on Linguistic Anthropology and Anthropological Linguistics, with a global focus. Scholars globally gather to engage in work on fields in Linguistic and Cultural Anthropology, though this does not limit interest to Linguistic Anthropologists, Linguistics, or Anthropologists. Networking a global set of higher institutions, and organizations, the GLOCAL collaborates with multiple bodies to increase the scope and quality of work in these fields.

TROPOUK (Created: 13 May 2024)
> This list is used by TROPO UK (Association of Teachers and Researchers of Portuguese) to announce events, training, and other opportunities to stakeholders in all levels of formal and informal education in the UK. It also aims to reach relevant international stakeholders and partners.

EVERYTHINGPAST (Created: 10 May 2024)
> EverythingPast is a digital archives mapping project. We will use this space to share news about workshops and any updates about our project and website.

CRMRECRUIT (Created: 08 May 2024)
> A discussion list for UK Universities which use, or are implementing, Ellucian CRM Recruit for Admissions. To share best practice and resolve issues.

AARC (Created: 07 May 2024)
> This is a mailing list for the Animal aDNA Research Community (AaRC). AaRC brings together early career researchers studying animal ancient DNA. This list is used for announcements of AaRC events and initiatives, as well as for scientific discussions among members.

FUNDING-SUST-UK-TRE-COMM (Created: 07 May 2024)
> A list for the WG on funding and sustainability to discuss matters and organise work. Everyone can join but discussions will be kept private to allow sharing potentially identifying information.

IHSN (Created: 29 Apr 2024)
> This list is used by the International History Seminar of the North. It provides announcements, updates, and calls for papers for our in-person and online events.

PLAYCAFEPROJECT (Created: 29 Apr 2024)
> Sharing events, networks, and related information and outputs about early childhood, play and semi public/ public life like play cafes

AIM-COMMUNITY (Created: 24 Apr 2024)
> The AIM newsletter features updates and events related to AI in Multiple Long-Term Conditions, all within the scope of the AIM Programme funded by NIHR.

> Collaborative platform for practitioners working in old age liaison psychiatry, all MDT members welcome.

QICDT-ANNOUNCEMENTS (Created: 24 Apr 2024)
> Announcements in the training programme of the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Quantum Informatics

ANOMALIES (Created: 22 Apr 2024)
> This list aims to facilitate knowledge exchange on anomalies, across research domains. Any aspect (detection, characterisation, forecast) is in scope.

> A list for sharing publications, projects and activities related to critical technical practices.

LEARNINBLOCK (Created: 22 Apr 2024)
> A forum for sharing good practice, discussions and queries around block and immersive learning and schoeduling.

PETRA-CIG (Created: 22 Apr 2024)
> This list will support communications amongst UK/Ireland Digital Humanities Association PeTRA Community Interest Group members. Humanities and GLAM sector Researchers and practitioners based in Ireland and the UK are welcome to join.

MI-EM (Created: 19 Apr 2024)
> This list is used to update the community regarding the Midlands Innovation Electron Microscopy Network

UK-TRE-GLOSSARY (Created: 17 Apr 2024)
> Co-development of glossary(ies) for the UK TRE (trusted research enviornment) community.

> The Ecological Crises and Organisation (ECO) network opened this space for conversations about the ecological crises, mainly from an organisational perspective, broadly from a social science perspective, and in particular from a critical perspective. Everyone interested in participating in open and respectful dialog is invited.

AICHEMYHUB (Created: 11 Apr 2024)
> This list will be used to share information with members of the EPSRC-funded AIchemy (AI for Chemistry) Hub.

ADFHE (Created: 05 Apr 2024)
> We will use this list to share updates, notifications of events and other relevant resources. List members may also ask questions and share their own thoughts and resources.

> Discussion list for clinical academics on breathing motion management for cancer therapies and beyond. Networking forum that allows collaborative research nationally and internationally. Help develop research in the area, support for researchers, centralising.

IMPACTRESEARCH (Created: 04 Apr 2024)
> The Impact Research Group are a cross institutional group of researchers interested in exploring the impacts of enterprising and entrepreneurial education (EEE) in a wide range of contexts.

> Global Politics Unbound (GPU) is a research group based within Queen Mary University of London’s School of Politics and International Relations. Global Politics Unbound invites research on the uneven and entangled nature of international politics, the continuities and frictions of colonial and capitalist relations, the raced, classed and gendered structures that undergird our everyday practices, and the different struggles and actors that seek to transform them. Overall, the idea behind our collective work is to see the world as connected, and to explore what that means to the study of global politics.

> This is a list for all healthcare scientists working in a combination of health and academic sectors - where they contribute to research and leadership

> Oxfordshire Local Policy Lab: an alliance between the University of Oxford, Oxford Brookes University, and Oxfordshire County Council that aims to bridge the gap between research and local policy.

STSMN (Created: 27 Mar 2024)
> A mailing list for the STSMN (pronounced 'system') network. Bringing together colleagues in the Midlands, North and beyond. Exploring new collaborative futures for Science and Technology Studies.