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Recently Created Lists

GEOGDISSERTATIONS  (Created 29/04/2020)   A forum for those overseeing undergraduate dissertations in UK geography departments to discuss responses and resources in the current situation

LIBPMC  (Created 22/04/2020)   Discussion list individuals working in the areas of library performance measurement and assessment in the professions of librarianship and information management, providing a space for the exchange of ideas and sharing of best practice.

MUPACT  (Created 22/04/2020)   This is an events announcement list for a collaborative group of music production and technology academics organising a sustainable system of environmentally (and pandemically) friendly, online research dissemination events.

HCIVIDEOW  (Created 20/04/2020)   This list is to support periodic workshops and online networking of those studying or using video in human computer interaction education. The importance of this has been emphasised by the recent move to online learning due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

CIUK-CLUSTER-CHALLENGE  (Created 17/04/2020)   Mailing list for the Computing Insight UK (CIUK) Cluster Challenge

NATIONALCOLLECTION  (Created 16/04/2020)   The Arts and Humanities Research Council has launched a funding call for Towards a National Collection (https://ahrc.ukri.org/research/fundedthemesandprogrammes/tanc-opening-uk-heritage-to-the-world/). This list is to help applicants develop partnerships for their proposals.

CREATIVEHECOVID  (Created 14/04/2020)   The list aims to bring together discussion and research about the impact of Covid-19 on creative disciplines in higher education.

SYNERBI-ANNOUNCE  (Created 09/04/2020)   This is a general, low volume, list for announcements about meetings, news and events.

SYNERBI-DEVEL  (Created 09/04/2020)   A list for developers to discuss CCP SyneRBI software, including SIRF.

SYNERBI-PHANTOMS  (Created 09/04/2020)   A list for the discussion about PET-MR and other multi-modality phantoms

SYNERBI-USERS  (Created 09/04/2020)   A list for users to discuss CCP SyneRBI software, including SIRF.

WH-ENGAGE  (Created 03/04/2020)   This open list is used by the World Heritage Learning and Engagement network, to share best practice, make announcements and provide a network forum for practitioners and organisations involved in World Heritage Education, Learning and Engagement.

OLDAGEPSYCHIATRY  (Created 01/04/2020)   This list is used by the Faculty of Old Age Psychiatry and the Royal College of Psychiatrists to keep members up to date and informed on developments in education, research and effective practice.

SPECIALCOLLECTIONSSURVEY  (Created 01/04/2020)   This is a survey about how special collections are promoted and why. To gather feedback from special collections staff to support my MA dissertation research area.

ACADEMICLISTENING  (Created 27/03/2020)   An area for discussion and sharing of information for members of the BALEAP 'Developing, Teaching and Testing Academic Listeners' special interest group and others with interest in this field.

NTTC  (Created 27/03/2020)   This public list supports the "Text-Critical Thursdays" seminar run by the IGNTP.

KEF  (Created 26/03/2020)   Research England will use this list to make announcements to the knowledge exchange community about the Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF)

UK-SOSS  (Created 26/03/2020)   The UK-SOSS mailing list includes the email addresses of researchers and students in the area of Solar Physics and related topics, from mainly the United Kingdom. This list is primarily used to make public annoucements on the arrangement and update of the seminars.

ONEWORLD  (Created 25/03/2020)   This list is for announcments of forthcoming seminars for the on-line One World Probability Seminar. Please visit the following address for further details: https://www.wim.uni-mannheim.de/doering/one-world/

TVWELLNET-NEWS  (Created 25/03/2020)   The TV Well-being Network (TVWellNet) news list sends announcements to educators, practitioners and researchers in health and care across the Thames Valley. Announcements include training and events for health and social care staff and students; well-being research and resources for health and social care; and information on educational exchanges.

BINOMIAL-NOMENCLATURE  (Created 23/03/2020)   This list is for the research and discussion of the etymology of plants and animal species scientific names (binomial nomenclature) and the history of vernacular names.

YORBMSCPD  (Created 19/03/2020)   This list supports Continual Professional Development activities and discussion for Biomedical Scientists across laboratory sites

BRISTOL-MULTILEVEL  (Created 13/03/2020)   News from the Centre for Multilevel Modelling, based at the University of Bristol. Includes updates from the Centre, details of upgrades to MLwiN and other software, and workshop announcements.

BALEAPCREATIVE  (Created 11/03/2020)   For tutors/lecturers in EAP (English for Academic Purposes) working in Arts & Design FE/HE contexts

JPICH-CHIP  (Created 11/03/2020)   In order to help researchers or interested partners to find partners in other countries and organisations for the JPICH Cultural Heritage, Identities & Perspectives: Responding to Changing Societies (CHIP) Call, this email group has been set up so that researchers can subscribe to receive such requests, and to post requests themselves.

OPENRESEARCHSCOTLAND  (Created 11/03/2020)   Open Access group in Scotland with the aim of being inclusive

MPE  (Created 09/03/2020)   To enable discussion between registered Medical Physics Experts (MPEs) and aspiring MPEs to improve understanding of the Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposures) Regulations (IRMER) to protect individuals subject to medical exposures using ionising radiation.

BSCWALES  (Created 06/03/2020)   For sharing news and events relating to or emanating from the British Society of Criminology Wales Branch.

ESOL-NETWORK-NE  (Created 06/03/2020)   Information sharing on ESOL provision and support for learners and teachers in the North East

STATS-SEM  (Created 06/03/2020)   The biweekly statistical seminar at University of Bristol.

BRISTOL-QIT-SEM  (Created 04/03/2020)   Announcements of seminars for the Quantum Information Theory group at the University of Bristol, and other announcements of broad interest to those working on quantum information theory.

SJ-SIG-BALEAP  (Created 24/02/2020)   This is the discussion forum for BALEAP's EAP for Social Justice Special Interest Group. It aims to bring together a network of EAP practitioners and researchers passionate about promoting social justice values in EAP.

SUPPORT-HPC-BCU  (Created 21/02/2020)   This list is to support, troubleshoot and answer the frequently asked questions about using and utilising high performance compute cluster at Birmingham City University.

BRISTOL-LOGIC-AND-SET-THEORY-SEM  (Created 20/02/2020)   Announcement of talks in the Logic and Set Theory Seminar at the School of Mathematics of the University of Bristol and related events.

CPERI-POL-ECON-RESEARCH-INNOV  (Created 18/02/2020)   This list aims to keep all scholars of Science & Technology Studies and Political Economy interested in the conjunction of these disciplines updated with the plans and organization for the annual CPERI workshop.

DARKSIDE-UK  (Created 18/02/2020)   This list is used to coordinate UK activities on the DarkSide direct dark matter detection experiment.

AGROECOLOGY  (Created 13/02/2020)   This list is the discussion forum for a growing network of critical agroecology researcher across the UK, Europe and beyond. Its focus is on the social, political and economic aspects of agroecological transformations of food systems as much as on the ecological ones. It was set up after two important sessions at the Oxford Real Farming Conference 2019 & 2020, both convened by the Food Ethics Council, on how to make publicly funded research support an agroecological transition.

SHOLG  (Created 13/02/2020)   SHOLG is a Scottish Sector professional services liaison group, that meets 2-3 times a year across Scotland. The groups reports to ARC SCOTNI. Members discuss and share best practice around operational student records data quality issues related to HESA returns, Data Futures, SAAS, SLC, UCAS, UKVI and student records etc.

BRISTOLETDSSEMINAR  (Created 12/02/2020)   This list is used to make announcements of the Bristol ergodic theory and dynamical systems seminar.

EPIC-COMMUNITY  (Created 12/02/2020)   A mailing list for researchers in areas relevant to egocentric perception, including Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Multimedia, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Human Computer Interaction and Visual Sciences.

GEO-CEOS  (Created 12/02/2020)   Group on Earth Observation and Committee of Earth Observation Satellites

GWASCENTRAL-NEWS  (Created 12/02/2020)   Mailing list for disseminating news about the GWAS Central resource.

NEURODIVERSITY  (Created 12/02/2020)   Welcome to the Neurodiversity In/And Creative Research Group! Here, we wish to explore the messy and magical entanglements between neurodiversity, creativity and research, and all the possibilities and intersections in between. This is a virtual forum for practitioners and researchers with interest in any of these terms - unstable, multifaceted and exciting as they each already are. We will share, discuss, debate, motivate, interrogate and support one another's practice and research. Collectively we may help make neurodiversity in research and the contributions of neurodivergent researchers more visible, and make research culture more inclusive. We welcome participants from any background/discipline/sector, with/without an affiliation. As this is a public forum, be mindful about sharing personal and confidential information here. Anyone can join this network. If you are her as an ally please share why you are here, what you wish to learn. We also ask you to be respectful of each other's views and ideas expressed here. We aim to develop a positive network of individuals interested in Neurodiversity In/And Creative Research. Welcome! Best wishes from Kai and Ranjita.

NORTH-AMERICAN-SONGSTER  (Created 12/02/2020)   A discussion list for those researching vernacular Anglo-American cheap print song and music materials

OCEANMODELLINGSIG-CHALLENGERSOC  (Created 12/02/2020)   The Ocean Modelling Special Interest Group connects UK ocean modellers of all flavours. Our goal is to promote interaction, especially among early career ocean modellers. We aim to showcase the breadth and brilliance of UK ocean modelling. We hold an informal annual meeting in September where as many people as possible speak.

TELSIGBALEAP  (Created 12/02/2020)   Technology-enhanced learning special interest group

UNIWISE-UKUSER  (Created 11/02/2020)   Discussion list for use by UK HE and FE customers of UNIwise products for Digital Exams

FOUNDATIONAL-STUDIES-BRISTOL  (Created 06/02/2020)   To advertise events (talks/workshops/seminars) in logic and philosophy of mathematics at the University of Bristol, associated with the "Foundational Studies Bristol" research group.

PALASS  (Created 06/02/2020)   Network for palaeoeoenvironmental and archaeological scientists based in Scotland

PCWP-ANNOUNCE  (Created 06/02/2020)   This list, associated with the annual Popular Culture and World Politics conference, is primarily used to circulate calls for papers and other announcements related to scholarship in the field of Popular Culture and World Politics.

AURALDIVERSITY  (Created 30/01/2020)   Aural Diversity researches differences in hearing and their implications for fields such as music, sound studies, acoustics, audiology, environmental design, hearing care and hearing technologies.

URC-CHAPLAINS  (Created 30/01/2020)   A network list for United Reformed Church (URC) Chaplains working in Higher Education.

CREATIVE-ARTS-IN-HEALTH  (Created 29/01/2020)   Creative Arts in Health as an aid to recovery is building a research evidence base following the UK Government report in 2017 which is actively promoting the use of the arts in health and wellbeing.

OLDFRISIAN  (Created 29/01/2020)   The list is meant for announcements about events, publications or courses with regard to Old Frisian studies.

ATLASSIAN-USER-GROUP  (Created 28/01/2020)   For HE and FE institutions who are using Atlassian suite products in their institutions, including Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, Confluence and Bitbucket.

PRE-MODERNTOWNS  (Created 28/01/2020)   The Pre Modern Towns Group is an informal, interdisciplinary association of historians, archaeologists, archivists and others which has been meeting since 1978. We aim to reflect current research on any aspect of the historical study of towns in Britain and Europe from the early medieval period to the eighteenth century. This list is used primarily for conference announcements

WOMENINTHEHILLS  (Created 28/01/2020)   This mailing list circulates information about the activities, events and findings conducted by the Women In The Hills (c. 1800-2020) AHRC-funded research network.

BRISTOL-PROB-SEM  (Created 24/01/2020)   Mailing list for the University of Bristol probability seminar.

OPENATHENS  (Created 24/01/2020)   A discussion list for OpenAthens customers

RGCAREERSDATA  (Created 24/01/2020)   This is the list for the careers data specialists in the Russell Group careers services (plus University of London).

GO-P2P  (Created 22/01/2020)   The Global Observatory on Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading (GO-P2P) is a forum for international collaboration to understand the policy, regulatory, social and technological conditions necessary to support the wider deployment of peer-to-peer, community self-consumption and transactive energy trading models.

SCHWARTZROUNDS  (Created 22/01/2020)   A list to support health librarians who are involved with or interested in Schwartz Rounds.

EXAMMARKING  (Created 21/01/2020)   I'd like to ask if there are any other small university colleges or colleges (under or only slightly over 1000 students) who have migrated from Speedwell Question Bank and Multiquest software, and its exam paper scanner. We are using an old scanner and version of this software, both of which are out of support, and need to look into alternatives as well as the option of purchasing a new scanner and Speedwell software licensing. I'd be very grateful for any help

SW-WALES-RES-COMMERCIALISATION  (Created 20/01/2020)   This list will be used by University research commercialisation offices (and related office and services) in the South West and Wales to share best practice, tools and ideas as well as to create a community of practice around regular events.

PHILOSOPHY-EVENTS-UOB  (Created 17/01/2020)   To advertise events (talks/workshops/seminars) at the University of Bristol run by the Department of Philosophy.

BSA-AUTO-BIOGRAPHY-GROUP  (Created 14/01/2020)   The British Sociological Association Auto/Biography Study Group brings together people interested in the analytical examination of the various kinds of biography and autobiography, the relationship between the differing genres of representing lives, and the interrelations between biography, autobiography, text and lives.

NEURORELS  (Created 14/01/2020)   An email list for all clinicians and researchers interested in relationships, social context and neurological conditions. A platform to share relevant CPD events, publications, networking opportunities, and recruitment for research.

SGLOSMUSEUMS  (Created 14/01/2020)   <html> South Gloucestershire Museums Group is an unincorporated association. The aims of the group shall be to promote inspiration, learning and enjoyment through the exploration of museum collections for the benefit of local communities and the general public. <p> Membership shall be open to museums and heritage centres that are open to the public and whose collecting area is wholly or partly within South Gloucestershire. </p> </html>

FCEPC-GENERAL  (Created 13/01/2020)   Mailing list for a future circular electron positron collider. General news, Silicon Tracker R&D, DAQ R&D

LIVINGMAPS  (Created 13/01/2020)   Livingmaps Network was established to develop a network of researchers, community activists, artists and others with a common interest in the use of mapping for social change, public engagement, critical debate and creative forms of community campaigning

AGEINGRESEARCH-UKCHINA  (Created 10/01/2020)   We welcome researchers who are interested in ageing society research in China and UK

DISCOVERMATERIALS-ANNOUNCE  (Created 10/01/2020)   Announce Mailling List for Discover Materials (http://www.discovermaterials.uk/) Ambassador Maillist to coordinate activities across the UK

EVIDENCENETWORK4RENTING  (Created 06/01/2020)   The Evidence Network for Renting (EN4R) is a knowledge-exchange hub bring together academics, stakeholders and policymakers to share research and evidence on renting. Our network serves three core purposes; to share research and knowledge across professional, policy and academic groups; promote opportunities which enable connections to be developed between different groups; and to nurture opportunities for evidence-informed policymaking and practice.

BLACKBRITISHMUSIC  (Created 02/01/2020)   This list supports the developing discipline of Black music in Britain. The list is for researchers, academics, practitioners. The jiscmail welcomes interdisciplinary approaches to Black music in Britain, across genre and era.

BLACKMUSICINBRITAIN  (Created 02/01/2020)   This list supports the developing discipline of Black music in Britain. The list is for researchers, academics, practitioners. The jiscmail welcomes interdisciplinary approaches to Black music in Britain, across genre and era.

ERJN  (Created 02/01/2020)   The aim of the European Reproductive Justice Network (ERJN) is to share knowledge of law, society, culture and practice across Europe in relation to reproductive justice. The network recognises reproductive justice as a core element of human rights, particularly, but not exclusively for women. This is an interdisciplinary network for academics, professionals and activists.

MOCHA  (Created 23/12/2019)   Interdisciplinary list of researchers working on 'moments of change' (context changes when habits are disrupted)

RESEARCHINGEDUCATION  (Created 20/12/2019)   This allows a subscriber to receive periodic alerts of recent short papers published by the website 'researchingeducation.com' - directed at teaching practitioners with an interest in educational research

YA-LIST  (Created 19/12/2019)   Discussion of topics related to the Year Abroad at UK and Irish universities

LIS-ALSLD-NE  (Created 17/12/2019)   A platform for professional discussion, collaboration and sharing best practice of staff learning and development within academic libraries in North East England.

COPYRIGHT-HUMANITIES  (Created 12/12/2019)   A listserv for scholars working in the arts and humanities who have research interests in copyright and its history

TUDORMUSIC  (Created 12/12/2019)   A mailing list for those researching Tudor music for discussion, announcements of recent publications, organisation of conference panels, etc

EHEALTH  (Created 09/12/2019)   eHealth Discussions

QUANTITATIVE-METHODS-TEACHING  (Created 09/12/2019)   A list for discussion about quantitative methods teaching, especially in the social sciences. It replaced a previous NCRM list in December 2019. List owners are Jen Buckley (UK Data Service) and Nick Bearman (UCL).

TURINGINS-HUMANITIES-DATASCIENCE  (Created 06/12/2019)   This mailing list is for those interested in the work of the Humanities and Data Science Interest Group of The Alan Turing Institute. We will be sharing key updates, announcements and events as well as opportunities for engaging with the ongoing work associated with the group.

ARCH-MUS-AMERICAS  (Created 04/12/2019)   This list of the dissemination of scholarly news and discussion between researchers interested in the study of music as part of the archaeology of the Americas.

IARLA-OPEN  (Created 02/12/2019)   An open jiscmail list for the International Alliance of Research Library Associations. This list will be used to update the international research library community, and its stakeholders, of the ongoing work of IARLA and its forthcoming initiatives.

AVIATIONARCHIVES  (Created 28/11/2019)   The email list for the Aviation and Aerospace Archives Initiative and those interested in the documentary heritage of Britain's contribution to and experience of aviation and aerospace.

HPCWE  (Created 28/11/2019)   Mailing list for HPCWE.

PSYCHMUSIC  (Created 28/11/2019)   A general contact, discussion and announcement list for Musedelica, a research group focussed on psychedelic music and issues surrounding psychoactive substances and music.

DH-UKIRELAND  (Created 25/11/2019)   A collaborative research funding programme between the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the Irish Research Council. In order to help researchers or interested partners to find partners in both countries for the Digital Humanities funding calls, this email group has been set up so that researchers can subscribe to receive such requests, and to post requests themselves.

RUGIT-SMG  (Created 25/11/2019)   Service Management Group for Russell Group IT community promoting service management and ITIL <HTML> <h2>Service Management Group for Russell Group IT community promoting service management and ITIL</h2> </HTML>

PARLIAMENT-ACADEMIC  (Created 20/11/2019)   This list supports greater interaction between the House of Commons Library and academic libraries, by allowing list members to share strategies for engagement with House of Commons research staff which will increase the visibility of academic research for parliamentary research staff and select committee staff.

HOLOCAUST-WRITERS  (Created 19/11/2019)   This list is for the discussion and promotion and development of non-academic Holocaust writing, e.g. creative writing, non-fiction, fiction, poetry etc. The aim is to network among those who are interested in both producing and working with the producers of such texts.

PROBABILISTIC-NUMERICS  (Created 19/11/2019)   This email list is used to disseminate workshop and conference announcements, job opportunities and other announcements relevant to researchers in probabilistic numerical methods in the UK and abroad.

HEALTHCARE-FUTURELEARN  (Created 15/11/2019)   This list is for partners of FutureLearn working in Health and care to discuss collaborative working.

CISCO-SDA  (Created 13/11/2019)   A place for technical staff in HE to discuss the challenges in implementing a Cisco SDA network. Hopefully to share best practise and any learning experiences. Generic discussion of intent based networking welcomed.

SGLOSHERITAGE  (Created 07/11/2019)   The South Gloucestershire Heritage Partnership Group brings together South Gloucestershire officers and councillors with members of the heritage community, parish councils and other relevant bodies to share information on what is happening in the heritage sector within South Gloucestershire.

BAALSIGIC  (Created 04/11/2019)   The BAAL Special Interest Group in Intercultural Communication provides a forum for applied linguists,researchers, language teachers, business trainers and the wider public to engage in debate about the nature and potential application of key concepts in the field.

EURO-URB  (Created 04/11/2019)   The Euro-Urb list is a forum for the discussion of the theory and practice of sustainable urbanism in Europe. It is allied to INTBAU and the Council for European Urbanism.

BTG-COLONIAL-LEGACIES  (Created 31/10/2019)   This JISC mail list supports the GW4 Bridging the Gap Colonial Legacies theme

MEBIOMED  (Created 28/10/2019)   Writing list for the ME/CFS Biomedical Consortium project

RELIHEN  (Created 25/10/2019)   The Residential Life in Higher Education Network (RELIHEN) mailing list is an easy way to share information, best practice and seek advice or information from fellow colleagues working in Residential Life at HE institutions in the UK.

GEOGED-RGS-IBG  (Created 24/10/2019)   This list is used by the Geography and Education Research Group of the Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers to share information relevant to our members.

SCIENCEINTHEPARK  (Created 23/10/2019)   This list is for members of the public interested in an annual STEM outreach event called "Science in the Park", held at Nottingham's Wollaton Hall in March.

IUSDRP  (Created 21/10/2019)   This is a mailing list of the Sustainable Development Research Programme (IUSDRP)

NHS-REPOSITORIES  (Created 21/10/2019)   This list is used to discuss best practice and the development of NHS institutional repositories, including shared repositories between HE and the NHS.

PLURALISTICPRACTICE  (Created 21/10/2019)   List of people involved in the Pluralistic Practice Steerig group working to link-up practitioners and academics, and disseminate knowledge around pluralistic counselling and psychotherapy practice

SEATS  (Created 21/10/2019)   This list is for those in UK FE and HE who manage and support SEAtS software to monitor attendance. The aim is to share ideas, experiences and solutions that relate to SEAtS.

CUBIC-MRI  (Created 17/10/2019)   This email list is going to be used by the academics of Royal Holloway, University of London, Roehampton University, University of Surrey and Brunel University who are associated with MRI at Combined Universities Brain Imaging Centre

CLIMATECHANGEMANAGEMENT  (Created 16/10/2019)   This list is of interest to researchers and educators working on information, communication and research on matters related to climate change.

GLAMLABS  (Created 14/10/2019)   The community mailing list for setting up, maintaining and sustaining Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums' cultural heritage innovation Labs.

LATIN-AMERICA-FORUM  (Created 11/10/2019)   This list is the email forum of the Regional Studies Association's Latin America Division and provides a platform to discuss and share latest developments in regional research, policy and practice in Latin America. #Posts are moderated and can be made in English, Spanish or Portuguese. This is a sub-list of REGIONAL-STUDIES-COMMUNITY.

BILINGUALISM-MATTERS-LONDON  (Created 08/10/2019)   Bilingualism Matters London brings together academic researchers from London-based higher education institutions, non-academic stakeholders, and members of the public in a collaborative knowledge exchange about bi-/multilingualism, language learning and their benefits.

DIGITALSTUDIES  (Created 08/10/2019)   An email list to support the activities of an interdisciplinary and inter-institutional reading group broadly concerned with issues raised by all things 'digital'.

LINGUISTICSINMFL  (Created 07/10/2019)   The Linguistics in MFL project will assess the potential for the inclusion of linguistic topics in the Further Education MFL curriculum.

PRIDEINSTEM  (Created 07/10/2019)   Pride in STEM is a charitable trust run by an independent group of LGBT+ scientists & engineers from around the world. Proud of who we are and what we do. We aim to showcase and support all LGBT+ people in STEM fields.

STUDENTEXPERIENCE  (Created 07/10/2019)   A jiscmail list to bring together colleagues working in the fields of student experience and engagement. Run by Josh Gulrajani and David Gilani from AUA's Student Experience and Engagement Network.

FPH-IANDI-SIG  (Created 03/10/2019)   For members of the Faculty of Public Health special interest group on information and intelligence, also open to colleagues outside the Faculty who share similar interests. The list will support general communication and support for information and intelligence including news of events, consultations and resources arranging meetings and, when required, detailed discussion of drafts and documents.

FINDEES  (Created 30/09/2019)   This list aims to bring together UK and global scholars working on issues of finance, financialisation, and financial integration in developing and emerging economies

UCISA-ACCESSIBILITY  (Created 26/09/2019)   List for discussions on the digital accessibility legislation

UCISA-LONDON-COM  (Created 26/09/2019)   list for use of the ucisa London committee

GENINTNETWORK  (Created 23/09/2019)   Connect HEIs providing or developing GEN programmes for the purpose of collaboration.

JORMA-RESEARCH  (Created 23/09/2019)   This group seeks to support the development of ideas, projects, and collaborations in the area of research management and administration.

DECOLONIALHE  (Created 20/09/2019)   This list aims to faciliate interconnections and mutual learning between research offices, researchers and funders in higher education in the UK and globally to improve research development practices informed by a decolonial awareness.

CCMPHDSEMINARS  (Created 19/09/2019)   This is a list involving PhD students, researchers and staff members linked to the Department of Culture, Communication and Media at UCL Institute of Education, University College London.

MICROFOCUS-GROUP  (Created 18/09/2019)   This mailing list supports IT managers, mainly in HE, FE and high schools across the south of UK and Wales with a specific interest in Novell/Microfocus infrastructure

PEARL-USERS  (Created 18/09/2019)   Service announcement for the Pearl cluster

RIVAL  (Created 18/09/2019)   This email list is to enable members of the RIVAL network to contact each other. It is open to 'normal' members (i.e. those who attend the RIVAL events) and 'remote' members ( i.e. those who cannot attend in person but who follow RIVAL events online.)

BAM-HRM-SIG  (Created 14/09/2019)   For members of the British Academy of Management Human Resource Management Special Interest Group and those interested in the activities of the group

DACNET  (Created 09/09/2019)   The Death and Culture Network (DaCNet) seeks to explore and understand cultural responses to mortality. It focuses on the impact of death and the dead on culture, and the way in which they have shaped human behaviour. The network is committed to promoting an inter-disciplinary study of mortality.

SPANISHINSOCIETY  (Created 09/09/2019)   This mailing list allows members of the International Association for the Study of Spanish in Society to share information such as calls for papers, announcements of publications and events, and funding opportunities, for example.

GM2-GRIDPP  (Created 02/09/2019)   For members of the Muon g-2 experiment at FNAL and of GridPP to support the on boarding of UK computing sites.

PENNATULACEA  (Created 02/09/2019)   This email list could serve as a designated contact platform to exchange some ideas and information about sea pens, as well as any taxa that may be relevant to the researchers part of this email list. Everybody is welcome!

UK-CARE  (Created 02/09/2019)   The UK-CARE, founded in 2000, is a non-profit international organisation with long-term missions providing a platform to promote the collaboration between universities, research institutes and industries both in the UK/EU and China.

LIS-TEACHEREDUCATIONLIBRARIAN  (Created 30/08/2019)   This list is used to share best practice between Education Librarians working in Further and Higher Education, who have a School Experience or Teaching Practice Collection and support School Teachers.

SYNTHESIS-SWIM  (Created 23/08/2019)   This list is for researchers interested in sharing knowledge and learning about synthesis without meta-analysis in systematic reviews.

CREATIVE-WRITING-PHD  (Created 20/08/2019)   This list is for discussion and mutual support between people currently undertaking an MPhil or PhD in creative writing.

SE-PRINCIPALS  (Created 20/08/2019)   Mailing list of Principals from Colleges of Further Education in the South East Region.

MENSTRUATION  (Created 15/08/2019)   This list is for sharing information about research on menstruation: planned events, new publications, funding calls etc. It was founded by the members of the Wellcome Trust-funded interdisciplinary Menstruation Research Network.

LIS-REPOSITORY  (Created 12/08/2019)   List for institutional repository managers working in the NHS.

SCOT-HIST-SCI  (Created 12/08/2019)   A network for historians of science based in Scotland, and historians of Scottish science, where "Science" embraces engineering, mathematics medicine, science and technology.

FARM  (Created 07/08/2019)   This list will be used to share announcements of the newly established FARM network, which shares research with academics, stakeholders, experts by experience, and others with the aim of working collaboratively to see action in terms of food research.

EDI-EQUITYDIVERSITYINCLUSION  (Created 06/08/2019)   The Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Network (EDIN) is a multidisciplinary and practitioner based group that aims to encourage active and rich collaboration between specialists from different disciplines both within and beyond academia; promotes the discussion of global EDI issues; encourages research; knowledge sharing, good practice and training in EDI issues.

LOCATIONBASEDGAMES  (Created 06/08/2019)   Mailing list for researchers and practitionaires that are interested in location-based games. Please note that we use 'location-based games' here as a catch-all term that aims to describe all type of games that are: (1) played "in the wild", (2) use mobile technologies, and (3) incorporate location as part of the gameplay in one way or another. Examples of location-based games include: Pokemon GO, Harry Potter Wizards Unite, etc. The list is open to anyone. Posting to the list is lightly moderated to avoid spam, irrelevant posts, and subscription queries. The list is archived and searchable on the web. The owners do not necessarily approve or endorse content shared on this list. The views expressed in messages are the personal views of the author. The owners accept no liability for any errors, corruption or omissions that might arise. The JiscMail Service Policy document: http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/policyandsecurity/ describes the way in which we expect the service to be used by subscribers. It sets out (S9) JISC handling of personal data obligations under the Data Protection Act (1998).

THEORY-INTO-PRACTICE  (Created 30/07/2019)   The TiP (Theory into Practice) discussion list is a supportive and collaborative space for those teaching in Higher Education to gain and share knowledge and experience of putting Learning & Teaching theory into practice in the classroom.

TRRR  (Created 30/07/2019)   An academic and community based grouping focusing on issues of race, religion and social justice with particular attention paid to issues impacting African descendant communities

YAMN  (Created 30/07/2019)   A regional network of museums and galleries supporting best accessible educational practice through supporting and sharing research and case studies and the provision of training.

LIBRARY-HUB-DISCOVER  (Created 26/07/2019)   The Library Hub Discover list keeps you up-to-date with the latest news about the Discover, the nationally accessible library catalogue. Provided by Jisc, Discover gives free access to the merged catalogues of major Academic & Special Libraries in the UK and Ireland, plus the UK National Libraries, including the British Library.

UKRG  (Created 26/07/2019)   A forum for communication and collaboration between registrars, collection managers, exhibition organizers and other museum professionals in fields related to the work undertaken by registrars.

SROC-DELEGATES  (Created 25/07/2019)   This list is for delegates of the most recent Student Records Officers Conference (SROC) for post-conference follow on communications and for delegates to remain in touch

ARTMOBS  (Created 23/07/2019)   The Art and Mobilities Network supports creative and artistic mobilities research. The list is inclusive and open to discussion of practices, histories, theories, methods, and aesthetics of mobility, and the contribution that creative and interdisciplinary research can make to mobility and social change. The list is based at the Centre for Mobilities Research at Lancaster University.

DHNORTHWEST  (Created 18/07/2019)   Digital Humanities North West aims to bring together those teaching and researching using DH tools and methods at institutions in the North West of England. We share ideas and methods for research and teaching and explore ways to collaborate.

AAAI-FRAMEWORK  (Created 17/07/2019)   A list that covers the working group progressing the UK RI project (non funded at present) on the National Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting Infrastructure (AAAI) to prove the framework prior to a full project being approved.

SYSFLING  (Created 17/07/2019)   Sysfling is the main international discussion group for the international SFL community. Discussion includes various issues related to theory and/or methodologies, announcements of books and conferences, answers to questions (e.g., What work has been done in SFL on X), etc.

DISABILITYSTUDIESPGR  (Created 15/07/2019)   This is a mailing list for postgraduate researchers who are working within disability studies. It will be used for announcing events aimed primarily at postgraduate students. It can also be used as a way to build a community of researchers who can support one another.

GROUNDEDTHEORY  (Created 15/07/2019)   Discussion group on grounded theory.

IEITHYDDIAETH  (Created 11/07/2019)   The mailing list is for the annual Welsh Linguistics Seminar held at Gregynog Hall, Wales, and organised by academics at Bangor, Cardiff and Helsiki Universities. The list is for anyone with an interest in the Welsh language and particularly those engaged in research on Welsh linguistics.

SEASPN-UOB  (Created 09/07/2019)   A newly setup network for social policy research in Southeast Asia

ESPORTS  (Created 08/07/2019)   Bringing scholars and industry together. The main functions of this email list are to foster collaboration, share news, develop esports as a scientific discipline, and develop conversations around the subject of esports. The list is supported by the University of Salford, Manchester. Follow @EsportInsight http://esportinsight.net

WIESCIENCES  (Created 03/07/2019)   The Women in Environmental Sciences, is a vehicle created to foster and support new groups of women interested in environmental sciences and to promote such activities in their local communities in relation to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Members of the group include audience were academics, early career researchers, postgraduate students and people with a general interest in the environment.

DECOLONISINGCLASSICS  (Created 02/07/2019)   A list to discuss themes, ideas, events, and work aimed at decolonising classics, classical studies, ancient history, and archaeology (including reception studies and teaching and learning).

DIGITALADVENTURE  (Created 02/07/2019)   This list helps us explore the Digital Adventure in Libraries, Archives, Culture and Arts and related educational services. From LibTech to makerspaces, AI to Z.

SHU-CHEFS  (Created 02/07/2019)   Email list for announcements, discussions, postings related to the Culture, Health, Environment, Food and Society (CHEFS) Research Cluster, based at Sheffield Hallam University.

MEMORYANDMIGRATION  (Created 01/07/2019)   The elist aims to allow collaborations and communication amongst academic working in the fields of memory studies and migration studies

BYTHEBOOK  (Created 27/06/2019)   This list allows delegates of the By the Book conference to communicate and develop research ideas and proposals.

ICMN  (Created 27/06/2019)   This list is for managers of UK based imaging centres (e.g. MRI, PET, MEG, CT) to discuss issues related to centre management.

SCAPP  (Created 27/06/2019)   SCAPP is the newly formed Scottish Community of Access and Participation Practitioners. The list will keep our members up to date with our activities.

WAXSSN  (Created 25/06/2019)   This list is used to share skills, knowledge, and information related to the care and research of Wax collections, and upcoming related events and exhibitions.

GLASGOWMENTALHEATHPRACTITIONERS  (Created 20/06/2019)   This list is for those working in the field of student mental health in Glasgow. The list is a forum to share ideas, good practice, resources, training opportunities, research and more.

INTERGENERATIONAL-FUTURES  (Created 20/06/2019)   A communication channel for participants at the workshop Intergenerational Futures: a workshop on public health and the life-course. We also welcome social scientists, public health researchers and practitioners, environmental/planetary health specialists, and others with an interest in health, environments, and the life-course to join the list.

OHSMIGRATIONSIG  (Created 20/06/2019)   The aim of this list is to bring together cross disciplinary engagement around the role of oral history in supporting refugee and migrant lives. It will enhance networking opportunities for the exchange of information between academics, students, researchers, practitioners and members of the public, including opportunities for virtual and physical networking and advice. To collaborate with other networks, both nationally and internationally, to help connect with the international migration issues as recorded through oral history.

SOUTHWESTACADEMICSKILLSNETWORK  (Created 20/06/2019)   This list will serve as a support network to all those working to support students with academic skills.

PRONTO-BETA-TEST  (Created 19/06/2019)   This is beta-testing-only mailing list for the PRoNTo software.

UKHLS  (Created 19/06/2019)   This list is for researchers and data users to discuss the Understanding Society study.

ACU-CLIMATE-RESILIENCE  (Created 18/06/2019)   The Climate Resilience Network supports universities to develop resilience to climate change both within their institution and their communities, to share knowledge and best practice, and a platform for universities to connect with policymakers and develop effective approaches to resilience and disaster preparedness.

UCISA-DIVERSITYCHAMPIONS  (Created 18/06/2019)   List for discussion about diversity among the members of ucisa

RES-DIGICAP  (Created 17/06/2019)   A list to facilitate discussion and development in the area of digital capabilities and skills for staff involved with any facet of the research process

LMFACILITIES  (Created 14/06/2019)   This list for those people involved in running Light Microscopy facilities, mainly in Universities. It is intended as an easy mechanism to help share knowledge and expertise, relevant to facility management etc.

CBMNET  (Created 13/06/2019)   Crossing Biological Membranes is a network in Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy (IBBE)

DIGITALMODERNLANGUAGES  (Created 11/06/2019)   This list is for research and teaching in Modern Languages which engages with digital media and technologies, with a primary focus on languages other than English. We will share announcements of events connected to the Digital Modern Languages Seminar Series, and invite you to share announcements connected to your own digital events and projects.

PEDAGOGICALRESEARCH  (Created 07/06/2019)   The purpose of this list is to establish a network of scholarship track academics within the UK and beyond and to provide a space for sharing pedagogical research tips, findings, papers, etc. and to facilitate discuss

RESEARCHINGBREXITNETWORK  (Created 07/06/2019)   The Researching Brexit Network is for those who are involved in researching Brexit. We are aiming towards organising two small conferences per year, as well as encouraging collaboration across disciplines, methodologies and universities. All involved in researching Brexit are welcome to join and share ideas, events etc.

TOPCAT-ANNOUNCE  (Created 07/06/2019)   Announcement list for TOPCAT, STILTS and STIL software. This low-volume list is only used for release announcements etc.

DECOLONISECHESTER  (Created 06/06/2019)   Network for the decolonisation of Higher Education at the University of Chester and beyond. Join to make connections with students, academics and staff working to decolonise the university.

NABO  (Created 06/06/2019)   The NABO (North Atlantic Biocultural Organisation) mailing list is used for discussion and announcements to the multinational and interdisciplinary group of scholars working in the North Atlantic region.

SCHOOLSOFSANCTUARY  (Created 06/06/2019)   The Schools of Sanctuary Jisc email is aimed at all educational practitioners interested in teaching about refugee issues within schools and colleges. Its purpose is to share good practice in curriculum development and other activities which promote welcome and inclusion for everybody, and in particular people seeking sanctuary. It is particularly relevant to Schools of Sanctuary and others interested in the sanctuary award. For further information on the schools of Sanctuary award please see https://schools.cityofsanctuary.org/

COFFEE-SCIENCE  (Created 31/05/2019)   This is a TEST LIST created by JiscMail and is not a real JiscMail list. List to discuss use coffee and other beverages in HE and FE

IRIS-OPERATIONS  (Created 31/05/2019)   List for IRIS Operations Discussion. Sub-list of IRIS-COLLABORATION.

TEA-ART  (Created 31/05/2019)   list to discuss the art of tea and all its flavours

HEIDS-EUC  (Created 30/05/2019)   A support forum for discussion of all aspects of end-user computing and desktop management in HE and FE environments, open to all Scottish HE and FE IT staff.

MECCSA-LCM  (Created 28/05/2019)   The MeCCSA Local and Community Media Network aims to promote research into Local and Community Media in the UK. It is one of a series of networks in the Media, Communication and Cultural Studies (MeCCSA) subject association in the UK. The aim of the network is to draw together those scholars interrogating this landscape to raise the profile of research in this field and strengthen its future trajectory. The network also offers the opportunity to increase collaboration between industry and academia and emerging innovators and disruptors in the field. An increasing number of academics working in the area of local and community media, including both the executive members above and suggested members below, come with a background in relevant industries.

CLIMATECHANGE-MENTALHEALTH  (Created 24/05/2019)   This network is for anyone with interests in climate change and it's effect on mental health. Open to academics, practitioners, and interested citizens.

SOCIALISINGNITROGEN  (Created 24/05/2019)   A mailing list for members of, and those interested in, the Socialising Nitrogen network. This research group are interested in work in the arts, humanities and social sciences that engage with nitrogen. Pollution / Environment / Geopolitics / History / Economy / Society

LINKEDIN-LEARNING-HE  (Created 22/05/2019)   A discussion list for those supporting subscribed access to the LinkedIn Learning platform within further and higher education. This list is intended to provide a discussion forum for administrators, technical staff, educators, liaison and subject librarians and front-line support staff.

UKANIMATIONPGR  (Created 21/05/2019)   A network for Animation PGR students studying in the UK. Includes practice-based and theory-based researchers.

MECCSA-REAPN  (Created 15/05/2019)   This list is used by the Network to share information, help develop and promote research and opportunities. Research areas include but not limited to issues of race, media and culture.

HEMATHSTL  (Created 09/05/2019)   This list has been created to allow those with an interest in teaching and learning in the mathematical sciences within higher education to: Keep up to date with the activities of the IMA, and other professional organisations, in relation to teaching and learning in higher education. Advertise your own related resources, activities, events and conferences. Obtain the views and opinions of other colleagues in the mathematical sciences quickly and easily.

UKVI-STARTUP-ROUTE  (Created 08/05/2019)   This group is for endorsing bodies under the Startup Route to discuss best practice and concerns with the route.

NUCLEARWARWOMEN  (Created 07/05/2019)   A group to exchange ideas and provide support for women who research and work across nuclear policy, nuclear geopolitics, nuclear geographies, nuclear culture and similar disciplines relating to nuclear warfare.

DR-PHYSICS-EDUCATION  (Created 03/05/2019)   This list is for discussion of teaching all aspects of science and technology on Diagnostic Radiography BSc courses and other undergraduate or postgraduate medical imaging courses to include teaching basic physics, digital radiography, CT, MRI, PET, RNI, radiobiology and radiation protection.

PSYCHOGEOGRAPHIES  (Created 03/05/2019)   Psychogeography has fractured and re-invented itself many times and continues to do so, spawning many post-psychogeographies. This evolving landscape impinges on research and creativity in the arts, humanities and, increasingly, the sciences. This list is for the discussion and dissemnination of events, discussion and information in these areas.

MULTIFAITHNETWORK  (Created 30/04/2019)   Jiscmail for the University of Warwick Multi-Faith Staff Network

BMENETWORKS  (Created 29/04/2019)   This group is to share best practice, support each other and inspire idea exchange in actively furthering the HE Black and Minority Ethnic agenda.

OPENMATERIALRELIGION  (Created 29/04/2019)   Mailing list for The Baron Thyssen Centre for the Study of Ancient Material Religion at The Open University.

GEOSCIGAMES  (Created 26/04/2019)   A mailing list for people working on games in the geosciences to discuss research, playtest ideas, and connect with others in the field.

BAFTSS-PRSIG  (Created 24/04/2019)   The BAFTSS (British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies) Practice Research Special Interest Group (PRSIG) aims to evaluate how practice can contribute new knowledge to the field in terms of its significance, originality and rigour, exploring innovative methods of academic dissemination and peer review; as well as the potential of practice research for public engagement and impact.

HPC-PEDAGOGY  (Created 23/04/2019)   There is a clear need to discuss pedagogical methods regarding high performance computing, both to address the identified shortfall in such skills and to share best practises

IIH  (Created 23/04/2019)   This is a list for University staff across the UK and beyond who are interested in enhancing internationalisation at Home for international and UK students.

SCOTTISH-MICROSCOPY  (Created 16/04/2019)   The Scottish Microscopy community networking list. List members can ask #for advice and advertise meetings/courses.

CATE  (Created 15/04/2019)   Mailing list for Winners of Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence (CATE) Award from Advance HE.

OHTRAVELMEDICINE  (Created 12/04/2019)   There are important differences between global Occupational Health/Medicine and travel health but occupational health needs to ensure if travel health services are provided (in-house or outsourced) that they are medically appropriate. Health Professionals and organisations are often involved in the potentially bigger risk of fitness to work issue and nurses often seeing more individual travel health issues. A key issue is: who makes the decision about fitness to work abroad?

VXSF  (Created 12/04/2019)   Discussion and announcement list for the user community of the Versatile X-ray Spectroscopy Facility (VXSF) at the University of Leeds, funded by the Sir Henry Royce Institute.

BRIGHTSPACEUKROI  (Created 11/04/2019)   This list is used to facilitate the communication between D2L Brightspace Virtual Learning Environment users in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

AKNPHASE2  (Created 10/04/2019)   To act as a way for project partners to share outputs, outcomes, events, ideas, etc.

QSFP  (Created 10/04/2019)   Email list for the management of Quantum Sensors for Fundamental Physics

RESEARCHNOTEBOOKS  (Created 09/04/2019)   This list is for discussion about managing research notebooks particularly to use of IT tools or research notebooks.

STITCHINGTOGETHER  (Created 08/04/2019)   This list connects members of Stitching Together, a research network focused on participatory textile making - making textiles with others - as an emerging methodological approach used in cross-disciplinary research.

BLACKBULLION  (Created 03/04/2019)   Discussion on approaches to improving students’ financial capability #News & best practice of integrating Blackbullion within Student Services #Product roadmap updates and input on priorities from the community #Provide feedback on feature releases and reporting of bugs.

ODPC  (Created 03/04/2019)   This is an email list for primary care researchers who are interested in researching the the organisation and delivery of primary care. <HTML> This is an email list for primary care researchers who are interested in researching the the organisation and delivery of primary care. </HTML>

REMAKINGCANCER  (Created 03/04/2019)   Remaking Cancer is a network for scholars working on cancer in Social Sciences and Humanities.

SAFEGUARDING  (Created 03/04/2019)   This list is to facilitate discussion and fact-finding for those employed in HE who have responsibility for the oversight and delivery of their institutions legal obligations in relation to safeguarding children and adults at risk.

CULTURALEXPERTISE  (Created 02/04/2019)   Cultural Expertise is a platform for members of the legal profession and experts for interacting on cultural expertise in court and out-of-court litigation. <HTML> https://www.law.ox.ac.uk/research-and-subject-groups/cultural-expertise-europe-what-useful </HTML>

MEDUSA-ACADEMIC-NETWORK  (Created 02/04/2019)   A mailing list for the Medusa Academic Network - a regional Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities network working to promote Equality & Diversity in North East Universities

SOCIALPRESCRIBINGMATTERS  (Created 01/04/2019)   This list is to raise awareness of social prescribing developments; to provide a platform for sharing information,ideas, research and evaluation and above all else to bring people together to develop collaborations and partnership through a commitment to shared values and principles.

CV-FOR-BOOK-AND-ART-HISTORY  (Created 22/03/2019)   Discussion list on computer vision for book and art history.

EMDRTAID  (Created 19/03/2019)   This forum is part of a NIHR Research Funding looking at using EMDR Therapy with Adults with Intellectual Learning Disabilities. The initial purpose is to have it as a restricted forum for the the ID Psychologists and the members of the Research Team.

STICKYCAMPUS  (Created 15/03/2019)   This list will be used to provide updates and host discussions around Jisc's Sticky Campus Roadshow

MULTILINGUALISM-SIG  (Created 14/03/2019)   The Multilingualism SIG is a Special Interest Group within the British Association for Applied Linguistics. It provides a forum to discuss, critically engage with, and research multilingualism (broadly defined) from a diverse range of theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches.

HI-CBT-AT-UEA  (Created 05/03/2019)   List for supporting engagement with UEA High Intensity CBT PG Dip, and for sharing important information and updates.

ACCOUNTABLESYS  (Created 04/03/2019)   Discussion and networking list for exploring issues of accountability as they relate to systems and emerging technologies.

LIS-LRSGMIDLANDS  (Created 01/03/2019)   This list is for members of the Library Research Support Group based in the Midlands to communicate with each other on matters relating to library support for researchers. It is a forum for sharing good practice and working on projects of mutual interest. It is a closed list, so please email the list owners if you would like to join.

ICN-CONF  (Created 26/02/2019)   Scientific meeting announcements in (Bio)Inorganic Chemistry, following up on ECOSTBio COST Action (CM1305), which include conferences, workshops, summer schools, etc. <HTML> Scientific meeting announcements in (Bio)Inorganic Chemistry, following up on ECOSTBio COST Action (CM1305), which include conferences, workshops, summer schools, etc. </HTML>

ICN-JOBS  (Created 26/02/2019)   Job announcements in Inorganic Chemistry, following up on ECOSTBio COST Action (CM1305) <HTML> Job announcements in Inorganic Chemistry, following up on ECOSTBio COST Action (CM1305) </HTML>

MAPNETWORK  (Created 26/02/2019)   This mailing discussion list invites everyone interested in participation, social action and inclusion in museums and heritage to share resources and ideas and work together to find new pathways to stronger heritage communities.

PNO-SIG  (Created 26/02/2019)   This is the mailing list for the special interest group for UK psychologists working in childhood brain tumour.

AGILE-DEVOPS  (Created 22/02/2019)   Discussion about adopting and implementing Agile ways of working and DevOps working practices and tools within a University

PROGRAMMELEADERS-SCOTLAND  (Created 22/02/2019)   This list is consolidation of an existing email list of PLs in HEIs in Scotland which has been developed as part of the Enhancement Themes sector level activity in this area. The list aims to facilitate dialogue among PLs and extend the activity of the Evidence for Enhancement community beyond the life of the cluster.

APA-PROVIDERS-NETWORK  (Created 18/02/2019)   Network for providers developing Academic Professional Apprenticeship Programmes

CRIT-DIGIT-LEARNING-RESEARCH4DEV  (Created 18/02/2019)   A list for critical discussion at the intersection of pervasive digital technology, informal and community learning and development/empowerment/inclusion, working across communities, countries, cultures and contexts looking at research methods, told, ethics and theories

DEVELOPMENT-STUDIES-WDPN  (Created 18/02/2019)   Mailing list associated with the Westminster Development Policy Network at the University of Westminster (Lonodn) and open to anyone working in the field of international development, development policy, or development studies

MICE-CB  (Created 18/02/2019)   Mailing list for MICE Collaboration Board

POPULISMFASCISMDEMOCRACY  (Created 18/02/2019)   The list links scholars across the UK, and other parts of the world completing research on populist politics - and democracy, and fascist politics.

YUJA  (Created 18/02/2019)   YuJa Lecture Capture

RIMW-PHD  (Created 15/02/2019)   This list is for PhD researchers based in London and working on forced migration and connected to the Refuge in a Moving World interdisciplinary PhD network. The list provides a space to share information about events, journal announcements and monthly seminars in UCL.

UKCGE-SUPER-RECOGNITION-SCHEME  (Created 15/02/2019)   This list is for those supporting participants in the UKCGE's Research Supervisors Recognition Programme

SSOSNETWORK  (Created 14/02/2019)   This is a mailing list for researchers with an interest in topics related to Outer Space.

ARCH-AMERICAS  (Created 12/02/2019)   A list to share content between Europe-based researchers working in the archaeology of the Americas. Especially for announcements such as seminars, meetings, job openings, workshops, books, and the like.

DIGITALMUSICOLOGY  (Created 12/02/2019)   The list is a forum for interdisciplinary researchers and practitioners to share news, events, and discussion of Digital Musicology.

MEDICAL-COLLECTIONS-SCOTLAND  (Created 12/02/2019)   This list was created by Scotland and Medicine, a professional network for those working with medical collections in Scotland. This listing is open to all and aims to connect heritage staff and researchers and provide access to medical collections and expertise across Scotland.

SCURLCOPYRIGHTLEGAL  (Created 07/02/2019)   Sharing best practice on legal issues in the educational environment

ANGLO-RUSSIAN-NETWORK  (Created 05/02/2019)   This list is for communicating information about the activities of the Anglo-Russian Research Network.

UNITICMSUSERS  (Created 05/02/2019)   The list for users of UNITI CMS from Bellside Solutions, to share ideas, advice, etc.

BIOMONITORING  (Created 04/02/2019)   This list is to promote networking, knowledge exchange and discussion amongst biomonitoring practitioners (both human and wildlife) and those interested in the application and interpretation of data for policy and interventions.

IAMHIST  (Created 04/02/2019)   This list is hosted by the International Association for Media and History (IAMHIST), for announcements and discussion on the broad topic of media history, and to circulate information of interest to group members (e.g. projects, reviews, call for papers, publications, etc).

EAL-RESEARCH  (Created 30/01/2019)   This list is used for researchers and practitioners interested in English as an Additional Language (in the UK and internationally).

LIS-DECOLONISE  (Created 30/01/2019)   This list is for those working in libraries to share experiences, information and resources in decolonising library collections and services.

MUSICHE  (Created 23/01/2019)   MusicHE is the UK's subject association for institutions, departments, organisations and individuals who train and educate the next generation of musicians through higher education. We promote the creative, cultural and economic benefits of studying for a music degree – whether in a conservatoire, college or university – and we champion musical research, scholarship and practice at the highest level to ensure a healthy and vibrant future for our discipline.

RACE-DISPLACEMENT  (Created 22/01/2019)   In 2015 the number of forcibly displaced people across the world was the highest since World War II (UNHCR Global Trends 2016). As global inequalities are largely the sedimentation of colonialism, several mechanisms and expressions of displacement occur alongside racial lines. Displacement has reached an equally unprecedented level also within and nearby urban areas, with slum populations rising exponentially in the last years. The purpose of this mailing list is to offer a forum where scholars, activists, practitioners and anyone else interested in these issues can share information, ideas and other resources aiming at illuminating the logics of displacement and banishment that operate at either an international or an urban scale, and often at both scales. Call for papers, book launches, art performances, social mobilizations, debates, newspaper articles and any other resource that sets a link between race and displacement will be welcome. Sharing is caring.

MENTAL-HEALTH-NLP  (Created 17/01/2019)   This is a mailing list for researchers and charities interested in Natural Language Processing for Mental Health. This is a subnetwork of Healtex - the UK healthcare text analytics network.

POST92CLASSICS  (Created 17/01/2019)   A forum for sharing ideas, best-practice and potential growth in teaching and research around Classics and Ancient History in post-92 institutions within UK Higher Education. Members should be employed in teaching and/or research in a post-92 institution, and be working with Classics & Ancient History, broadly defined.

NBK-COMMUNITY-DISCUSSION  (Created 16/01/2019)   The NBK-Community-Discussion list is an open community led forum for discussion, debate and sharing of information and advice about the NBK and related services.

NUCLEAR-CULTURE-RESEARCH-GROUP  (Created 16/01/2019)   The Nuclear Culture Research Group brings together academics artists and nuclear professionals to discuss ideas and opportunities around nuclear history, site and archive, with a particular emphasis on decommissioning and future nuclear technologies. This mailing list will enhance research dialogues around curation, artistic production, collaboration with scientific colleagues and theory.

EBHL  (Created 15/01/2019)   The European Botanical and Horticultural Libraries Group (EBHL) is an association to promote and facilitate co-operation and communication between those working in botanical and horticultural libraries, archives and related institutions in Europe. Europe is interpreted in the widest sense to include countries both within and outside the European Union (EU)

SOUTHERN-UNIONS  (Created 11/01/2019)   This list is for students' union staff and officers in the south of England to discuss upcoming events, issues, and share good practice.

LANGUAGELANGLITMLA  (Created 10/01/2019)   This list exists to help members of the MLA (Modern Language Association) with interests in language and literary linguistics to communicate with each other

DEAS  (Created 09/01/2019)   The DEAS project aims to create a community of researchers and practitioners working collectively across disciplines (computer sciences, engineering and business) and sectors (manufacturing, transport and finance services) to co-create and initiate a comprehensive research agenda that accelerates the innovation of digitally enhanced advanced services within the UK. The principal research question of this project is 'How can transformative digital technologies accelerate the innovation of DEAS, and also deliver significant impact on the manufacturing, transport and financial service sectors in the UK?'

LSHTM-OPENSCIENCE  (Created 09/01/2019)   Mailing list for discussion of open science issues relevant to staff and students at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

GSDETNETWORK  (Created 08/01/2019)   The Global Sustainable Design and Ethical Trade Network list is for sustainability in interdisciplinary design and business.

APXPS  (Created 06/01/2019)   A discussion list for sharing knowledge related to the use of ambient and near-ambient pressure X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy.

CEDA-NEWS  (Created 06/01/2019)   The purpose of this list is to send a newsletter to the CEDA user community with training opportunities, news, and other relevant information. It will be sent a maximum of 6 times per year.

MDT-RT  (Created 06/01/2019)   Multi-disciplinary radiotherapy

REALIST-PHD  (Created 06/01/2019)   This is a list for PhD students using or considering using realist methodology in their work, or interested in finding out more about realist methodology. It's to find peer support, link with others in similar geographical or topic areas, and discuss training, reading and everything realist PhD.

INORMS-RAAAP-UPDATES  (Created 05/01/2019)   The mailing list for updates on the INORMS Research Administration as a Profession (RAAAP) TaskForce

ONEGEOLOGY-ANNOUNCE  (Created 04/01/2019)   This list is used by the OneGeology project to provide updates on the activities of the OneGeology project, including circulation of newsletters, updates to the portal and catalogue, announcements of workshops, and meetings.

CONFLICT-AND-DISASTER  (Created 02/01/2019)   This list explores the relationships between conflict and disaster; two terms which are often viewed, studied and practised in isolation. The need for the list is based on the notion that the separation of the two is detrimental to disaster risk reduction and response, and to conflict prevention, management and resolution. We invite discussion and knowledge sharing around the following initial areas: Theory, scholarly work, and grey literature/evidence in conflict and disaster policy and practice (where conflict and disaster are either combined or separate); Theoretical debates around disaster and conflict; The relevance or otherwise of combining disaster and conflict in policy and practice; Case studies of people living in conflict plus disaster vulnerable countries and contexts; The addition of cross cutting topics such as gender, race/ethnicity, and others as they emerge in discussion. We hope the list will provide the space for the development of a conflict+disaster community of interest and practice.

INORMS-RAAAP  (Created 02/01/2019)   A mailing list for those interested in discussing and keeping up to date with the International Network of Research Management Societies (INORMS) Research Administration as a Profession (RAAAP) TaskForce work on collecting longitudinal data about RMA as a profession around the world. This is a sub-list of INORMS-RAAAP-TaskForce

MICE-EB  (Created 02/01/2019)   Email list for MICE Executive Board communication This is a sub-list of MICE

TRANSFORMURE  (Created 02/01/2019)   This list is for academics, policy, practice and funder colleagues who are interested in transforming how we think about, the use, production and generation of evidence, regulation and infrastructure to support evidence use, strategies and interventions which increase evidence use, and associated domains of inquiry

ABCP  (Created 28/12/2018)   This is the main mailing list of ABCP (Association of British Chinese Professors) for the organisation to communicate with its members and for its members to discuss relevant topics via email. More about ABCP can be found on its website: https://abcp.org.uk/.

ICGG-BOARD  (Created 27/12/2018)   This is a sub-list of the ICGG -International Critical Geography Group. The list is restricted to the members of the Steering Group

UCISA-ARTS  (Created 18/12/2018)   mail list for ucisa members who are IT directors of specialist Colleges and Universities of Art, Design & Performance

ICGG-STEERINGCOMMITEE  (Created 17/12/2018)   This is a list of the steering committee of the International Critical Geography Group. This is a sub-list of ICGG

COASTALANDMARINEGEOGRAPHIES  (Created 15/12/2018)   A mailing list for members of the RGS-IBG Coastal and Marine Research Group or those interested in their work.

JISC-GEOSPATIAL  (Created 10/12/2018)   List for further and Higher education and the research community who want to make better use of the Jisc Geospatial data service. Jisc will make announcements concerning the service but members of the list can also share experiences.

FE-COPYRIGHT  (Created 07/12/2018)   An open list for CLA licensees in Further Education to discuss how they make the most of their FE Licence and share tips, ideas and best practice for using resources and published content.

INTERNATIONALIMPACTNETWORK  (Created 23/11/2018)   The International Impact Network is a discussion forum for anyone working in the area of research impact across the world. The aim of this network is to provide a useful and inclusive space to reach out to colleagues globally to discuss challenges, debate ideas and share approaches to enabling, embedding and maximising the impact of research.

ESC-TWGJJ  (Created 22/11/2018)   The list is for members of the European Society of Criminology Thematic Working Group on Juvenile Justice (ESC-TWGJJ).

UKCRIC-INT  (Created 22/11/2018)   UK Collaboratorium for Research on Infrastructure and Cities (UKCRIC) communications for its internal community

CCLSHEFFIELD  (Created 20/11/2018)   Centre for Contemporary Legend - research group for folklore studies in UK Higher Education - list for sharing academic research ideas, events and other relevant information

KENTYAN  (Created 20/11/2018)   The Kent Youth Arts Network (YAN) is a community of support for arts and culture organisations and practitioners – employed and freelance – working with young people across Kent.

LANGAP  (Created 19/11/2018)   Teachers, researchers, & others in the field of language for academic purposes (including but not limited to English for academic purposes (EAP)).

BPISAS  (Created 18/11/2018)   The Book and Print initiative is a School of Advanced Study-wide consortium for the study of the book, the manuscript, the print, the map...

COLLABMARKETINGCOMMS  (Created 15/11/2018)   Network Group for the Directors of Marketing & Communications in the Collab Group of Colleges in the UK.

IIIN  (Created 14/11/2018)   List for imaging specialists and collaborators who are based at or have association with UKRI BBSRC research institutes

RELIGION-EXTINCTION  (Created 14/11/2018)   A list for updates and correspondence relating to the AHRC-funded Religion & Extinction project.

SOLID-IB  (Created 14/11/2018)   Email list for the SoLid Institute Board

DPO-SHARE-STEERING-GROUP  (Created 09/11/2018)   To enable communication within the HEFESTIS DPO-Share Steering Group.

RMS-UKEU  (Created 09/11/2018)   A list for users of the RMS/Mercury Accommodation system in the UK and Europe to discuss and share issues and good practice.

SABS4CYBER  (Created 02/11/2018)   This is list is for sharing information about research, events and news relating to the social and behavioural science of cyber security. It is intended for an inter-disciplinary audience with participation welcomed from those in academia, industry and Government.

SPONTANEOUS-MEMORIALS-NETWORK  (Created 02/11/2018)   This mailing list brings together practitioners, researchers and organisations involved in archiving and studying recent and past spontaneous memorials that appear after terrorist attacks, disasters and other tragic events. <HTML> This mailing list brings together practitioners, researchers and organisations involved in archiving and studying recent and past spontaneous memorials that appear after terrorist attacks, disasters and other tragic events. </HTML>

VISUALIZATION-RESEARCH  (Created 02/11/2018)   This list covers topics and announcements in data visualization, visual analytics, and visual data science.

BSCHATECRIMENETWORK  (Created 30/10/2018)   The Hate Crime Network seeks to bring together academics, practitioners and policy makers working in the field of hate crime to share information and experiences about hate crime with a view to developing critical analysis and debate across research, policy, and practice.

LIS-LONDON-BIOLOGY-LIBRARIES  (Created 30/10/2018)   This list is for members of the London Biology Libraries Group to communicate about different aspects of their work in supporting their research communities in Higher Education and other life sciences educational organisations.

MICE-SOFTWARE  (Created 30/10/2018)   This forum is for discussion of software issues related to MICE, the Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment. Feel free to post detailed analyses of technical software issues, bug reports, code organization, etc. Ideas on general principles/framework are also welcome.

ASENE  (Created 23/10/2018)   ASEN Edinburgh is the first branch of (Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism) ASEN and launched on 26 May 2017. ASEN Edinburgh organise local activity to advance the study of ethnicity and nationalism.

AWS-INTEREST-GROUP  (Created 23/10/2018)   This list is used by technical staff in HE and FE who are interested in using AWS cloud services and want to share information and their experiences within the community.

FE-DATA-PROTECTION  (Created 23/10/2018)   A list for the discussion of data protection matters and sharing advice and guidance in Further Education Colleges in the UK

SANCTUARY  (Created 23/10/2018)   A mutual support network for sharing information, learning and good practice around welcoming and supporting refugees and asylum seekers in Higher Education. Members may already be involved with the Article 26 and Universities of Sanctuary initiatives, or may simply wish to join to find out more.

UATEA-IG  (Created 23/10/2018)   This list supports communication between members of the University Alliance Teaching Excellence Alliance Implementation Group on programme activity.

UCISA-WIT  (Created 23/10/2018)   The purpose of the Women in Tech Group will be to support and encourage those women already working in IT at Universities (and whose organisation has ucisa Membership) and to encourage more women to consider a career in our sector.

UK-CHINA-CCI-NETWORK  (Created 15/10/2018)   This jiscmail list connects scholars and practitioners concerned with the culture and creative industries in the UK and China. It enables the exchange of information about research projects, publications, events and academic programmes of interest to its members. Moreover, the list promotes discussion and collaborative knowledge generation to advance understandings of the culture and creative industries in the UK and China.

BAAL-CORPUS-SIG  (Created 12/10/2018)   This BAAL special interest group is intended to bring together researchers interested in the uses of corpora and corpus methods in applied linguistic research.

IPA-YORKSHIRE  (Created 11/10/2018)   This is a communication, news, events and discussion list for researchers in Yorkshire who use Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

LIBRARYLABS  (Created 11/10/2018)   International community of existing and planned GLAM Labs.

NNMHR  (Created 11/10/2018)   This list is used by NNMHR (Northern Network for Medical Humanities Research)to communicate relevant announcements, such as events, conferences, jobs and publications.

OTTOCENTISMI  (Created 11/10/2018)   The list will serve as the email distribution list for the newly-created Interdisciplinary Network for Nineteenth-Century Italian Studies. We are in the process of constructing a website and contacting colleagues in the UK and North America, Italy, Australia and Canada, etc., who specialise in any aspect of C19th Italy. The network 'mission statement' is as follows: #

RADICAL-DEMOCRATIC-CITIZENSHIP  (Created 11/10/2018)   Help scholars and activists working on Radical Democratic Citizenship to stay connected. Also helps to collaborate.

TADS  (Created 11/10/2018)   (TADS) seminar provides a forum for researchers at The Alan Turing Institute working in foundational areas of Data Science and related fields. <HTML> https://turing-seminar.github.io </HTML>

U4BW-HR  (Created 11/10/2018)   A group for users of the HR / Payroll module within Unit 4 Business World (prev Agresso)

CRITICALEXPLANATION  (Created 10/10/2018)   This listserv connects scholars in organisation studies and political theory using the 'Logics of Critical Explanation' of Glynos and Howarth in their work. The scope is to connect people, propose ideas like special issues or events, and support each other. Anyone with an interest in post-structuralism or wanting to learn more is welcome!

DOLPHIN-VIVO  (Created 10/10/2018)   DOLPHIN-VIVO Project Management Group List A list for members of the PMG at Exeter, Bristol and Gloucester

NORTHERN-ROBOTICS  (Created 09/10/2018)   This list is to support the Northern Robotics Seminar series. It will be used primarily to announce upcoming seminars, but may also be used to distribute relevant conference calls.

PSYCHOLOGYLIBRARIANS  (Created 09/10/2018)   This list is used by Psychology librarians and information professionals to share information and best practice.

SHEL  (Created 09/10/2018)   SHEL is a network for women leaders in HE, we aim to develop professional practice by offering a women only space for peer to peer learning and support. Members are welcome who: have a leadership role in HE; are invested in educational change and development; identify as women.

URBANGROUNDWATER  (Created 04/10/2018)   A list to facilitate communication of a new network of UK and Malaysian (principally early career) academics recently created via a British Council Researcher Links workshop (see www.urban-groundwater.net)

RATE  (Created 03/10/2018)   A list for updates about the progress of the Radioactivity and the Environment (RATE) Knowledge Exchange Fellowship. The list will be used to update interested parties of the developments and events conducted throughout the fellowship

UOB-PROJECTQUALSSUPPORT  (Created 03/10/2018)   The University of Bath Conference, Spotlight on Project Qualifications, delegate and contributor group. Initiated to allow those delivering and supporting project qualifications to share good practice. Co-ordinated by The University of Bath, with group aprticipants from academic and support roles. More information and resources https://www.bath.ac.uk/topics/resources-for-teachers-to-help-students-apply-for- university/

CRIM-ETHNOG  (Created 02/10/2018)   CRIM-ETHNOG is a list for the discussion of ethnographic research into crime, deviance, social control, victimisation, exclusion and other related areas. The list is a place for discussing practical, ethical, legal, theoretical, methodological and epistemological dimensions of ethnographic research. Although "criminological" in scope, the list is open to contributors from other disciplines.

ED-RSE-COMMUNITY  (Created 02/10/2018)   Edinburgh Research Software Engineers Community: announcements, discussions and alerts for potential and current RSEs across Edinburgh.

GRADUATE-TRANSITIONS  (Created 02/10/2018)   This list aims to support the establishment of a research network on graduate transitions to work. This network arises from the Symposium on the Political Economy of Higher Education and Training that was held at the University of Warwick on the 13th of July 2018, funded by the Warwick Institute of Advanced Study. At present, network development is in early stages. We hope to apply for funding and to set up more events on this theme in the future. This list will be used to circulate correspondence, news and events related to graduate transitions to employment.

ISLL  (Created 02/10/2018)   Mailing list for researchers and education practitioners interested in informal second language learning. This list is to: facilitate continued interaction and increased collaboration in future research; to provide a platform to share research outcomes, in progress, publications, news about events, opportunities for collaboration, etc.

ORALHEALTHHUMSOCSCINET  (Created 02/10/2018)   This list brings together academics, researchers, practitioner and students from different disciplines interested in the role of the humanities and social sciences in shaping oral health, the mouth and teeth

FLAME  (Created 01/10/2018)   This is a mailing list for academics, researchers and professionals working on the use of film and other media for language learning.

SPEN-UOL  (Created 01/10/2018)   Soil, Plant, Environment Network of researchers at the University of Leeds.

SW-EM  (Created 01/10/2018)   SW-EM is a community of all those working within the field of electron microscopy in the South West UK. Open to all students, early-career researchers, technicians and academics alike, SW-EM aims to serve anyone working in Electron Microscopy in the SW.

PGTP  (Created 20/09/2018)   An online community of practice for those leading and/or teaching on postgraduate clinical education programmes. Through our Special Interest Group we intend to share information, expertise and ideas, as well as identify possible research projects and other areas for collaboration. In doing so, we hope to raise the profile of postgraduate programmes in healthcare education generally.

AFRICAIRELAND  (Created 14/09/2018)   Informal group of scholars working in Northern Ireland (UK) and the Republic of Ireland (ROI) on African topics.

APPRENTICESHIPS  (Created 14/09/2018)   A group to share knowledge about apprenticeships including: degree and higher apprenticeship internal HE processes, employer engagement, process improvement, student engagement. This is to enable FE and HE to offer an excellent customer experience and increase recruitment

ELL-REN  (Created 13/09/2018)   AILA Research Network in Early Language Learning

GLOBAL-MOBILITIES  (Created 12/09/2018)   The Global Mobilities Network connects a community of mobilities researchers, activists and their partners in industry policy and communities to develop the analytical and methodological purchase of the mobilities paradigm, and its impact for research co-creation. This world-wide list is maintained by Jessie Carbutt, CeMoRe Administrator, Department of Sociology, Lancaster University, UK cemore@lancaster.ac.uk. The list was formerly named cemore-global. However, to connect us more effectively globally, we are merging subscribers of both the cemore-global mailing list and the GMN and renaming the cemore-global list to global-mobilities.

LONDONSDFNETWORK  (Created 12/09/2018)   Learning and Organisational Development Practitioner Group for London Universities

DIGITALACCESSIBILITYREGULATIONS  (Created 11/09/2018)   support for FE and HE organisations implementing and responding to accessibility legislation.

JISC-DIGITALINSIGHTS-COP  (Created 10/09/2018)   This mailing list will support the community of practice for users of the Jisc digital experience insights service. This list will support institutions with the sharing of practice in engaging staff and students with their experiences of using technology.

BSA-NEWMAT  (Created 30/08/2018)   A group for sociologists within and beyond the BSA to discuss the theory and application of new materialist and posthuman perspectives to sociology. This Jiscmail group will be the means to share and disseminate information and news relevant to the study group's objectives.

POST-WAGE  (Created 30/08/2018)   This list is used by members of the Post-Wage network to share information about research events, projects and publications related to experiences of work beyond the wage.

UK-FORENSIC-SPEECH-LANG-SCI  (Created 30/08/2018)   Network for researchers and/or practicing scientists in the areas of forensic speech and language analysis; bringing forensic phonetic and forensic linguistic scientists together

CSGUK  (Created 23/08/2018)   Customer Services Group UK (CSGUK) is a group that supports library customer service professionals to develop, collaborate and knowledge share

CSTROU  (Created 23/08/2018)   I am an MSC Information Science student at City, University of London. I am currently carrying out a research study into the information resources used by higher education applicants living in London. I was just looking to disseminate this survey in order to find some participants for the survey.

CONTEMPORARYCOLLECTING  (Created 22/08/2018)   This list is for people working on contemporary collecting in museums, galleries, libraries and archives to discuss their work.

CRUKSUMMER2018  (Created 22/08/2018)   Mailing list to promote networking between attendees of 2018 CRUK Bioinformatics summer school

IRIS-WEB  (Created 22/08/2018)   For people involved in the operation of the IRIS website and other aspects of our online presence (Twitter, GitHub etc)

MEDHEALTHHUMS  (Created 22/08/2018)   A forum for discussion of any matter relating to medical and/or health humanities including details of relevant events, meetings, jobs, conferences, calls for papers etc.

ARTHISTORY-HE-NETWORK  (Created 14/08/2018)   Association for Art History - Higher Education issues.

ACBPALMNET  (Created 09/08/2018)   PaLMnet is the UK Paediatric Laboratory Medcine Network. It is a subgroup of the ACB Scientific Affairs committee. Its main objective is to support harmonisation and rational use of laboratory testing for infants, babies and children and young people up to the age of 18 years

ARMA-SIG-RES-EVAL  (Created 09/08/2018)   The mailing list for ARMA UK's Research Evaluation Special Interest Group

COPRODUCINGMUSEUMS  (Created 09/08/2018)   A peer-support group for anyone interested in co-producing museum content with communities

LIS-MENDELEY  (Created 09/08/2018)   Discussion list for UK Librarians in Higher Education using/promoting Mendeley

SFRA  (Created 09/08/2018)   SFRA mailing list promotes the study of science fiction literature, film, and other media and serves the members of Science Fiction Research Association as well as researchers not affiliated with the organization.

SWANSEA2020  (Created 09/08/2018)   Swansea2020 seeks to use the centenary of the University to engage with academic, public and alumni communities in discussion on research, learning and organisational development

WALKING-BEYOND-PEDESTRIAN  (Created 09/08/2018)   This list evolved from Beyond The Pedestrian: Walking in Research, Theory, Practice and Performance (University of Liverpool, 26.7.18). It aims to provide an online space for interdisciplinary information sharing, discussion and debate about walking. Our definition of walking is welcoming to all kinds of bodies and includes orthotics, sticks, wheels and other assistive technologies. This conversation is open to students, academics and anyone else interested in exploring the more than pedestrian.

EBOOKSFORAPPRENTICES  (Created 08/08/2018)   This list is used by members of the ebooks for apprentices project to share best practice, seek guidance and communicate any updates.

FEANDSKILLSCONTENT  (Created 08/08/2018)   This list is used to update all Jisc members in the further education and skills sector of any changes or potential changes to digital content provision. The group is also used as a forum for sharing good practice between members.

FOTR-LIST  (Created 08/08/2018)   For discussion of research relating to experimental and analytical approaches to understanding fossilization of remains of non-biomineralized organisms and tissues

PRESERVINGCOMMUNITYARCHIVES  (Created 08/08/2018)   Identity, Representation and Preservation in Community Digital Archives and Collections is a 12 month project funded by a British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award (2018) held by Dr. Sharon Webb (Principal Investigator). It is an intervention in three important areas; community archives, digital preservation and content representation. As communities take charge of their heritage, and create their own digital archives, the long-term viability and sustainability of these increasingly important collections, is uncertain. LGBTQ+ communities, feminist networks, black communities, among other marginalised groups, use digital technology to ensure representation and to protect against future erasure from the historical record. However, these representations are at risk of loss because of the fragility of digital archives and their associated infrastructures, both the human infrastructures (i.e. volunteers) and the digital infrastructures. This project asks what are the implications of a community-driven approach to long-term sustainability of these materials, and how might we support community archives without removing their agency. # The programme of work, will bridge the gap between community archives and the individuals and institutions with the means to provide (digital) infrastructural advice and support. It acknowledges and recognizes the autonomy of communities seeking to capture their own narratives as digital archives; and does not seek to intervene in the process of community collection; instead, it explores how communities might be supported in the long-term; and along the way asks how we can link them to academic research infrastructures.

ANGELACARTERSOCIETY  (Created 06/08/2018)   This is a restricted discussion list for Members of the Angela Carter Society, which seeks to celebrate and promote the study and appreciation of the life and work of Angela Carter. Join now: www.angelacartersociety.com.

ORINGRESISTANCE  (Created 06/08/2018)   In order to build an apparatus, I kindly ask for people to share their experience with resistance of different o-ring materials e.g. PTFE or FFKM to alcohols. In my UHV experiments, I will use ethanol, methanol, benzene and other vapours as well as gases like hydrogen and carbon monoxide. In order to build the apparatus, I need valves which are chemical resistant. Although I found valves which seem well suited for the experiments because they have metal sealings, I would be very glad to hear from other people if there is some decision support concerning the o-rings.

SFACADEMICS  (Created 06/08/2018)   This list is for those interested in solution-focused therapy/working who are also academics

AI3SD  (Created 24/07/2018)   This email list will support the EPSRC Network+ in AI for Automated Scientific Discovery www.ai3sd.org

FOODCHAIN  (Created 24/07/2018)   The Internet of Food Things (IoFT) Network Plus is supporting the digitalised food chain. It brings together data and computer scientists, chemists, and economists. It investigates artificial intelligence, data analytics, IoT, robots and emerging technologies. It will run conferences, workshops and fund pilot studies, projects, and reviews

GENHOME2  (Created 24/07/2018)   This jiscmail is used by researchers, practitioners, housing professionals and members of the public interested interested in measuring outcomes of home adaptations/modifications.

MUSEUMMENTORSSCOTLAND  (Created 24/07/2018)   A list for Museum Mentors for Accredited museums across Scotland: a means to share information, get in touch, ask questions, etc. Administered by Museums Galleries Scotland.

PRINTINGCOLOUR  (Created 20/07/2018)   News, announcements and discussions about historical colour printing. Part of the Printing Colour Project: writing colour into the history of printing in the west 1400-1920, www.printingcolourproject.com.

CRITICALUNIVERSITYSTUDIES  (Created 09/07/2018)   Focused on the emerging field of Critical University Studies and related research across the Humanities and Social Sciences.

DATAFUTURES-INHOUSE  (Created 09/07/2018)   This mail group is a forum for institutions that will be developing 'in-house' systems to support the HESA Data Futures return.

MPEN  (Created 09/07/2018)   A discussion list to provide peer support for staff who facilitate Public Engagement with Research in Midlands-based Higher Education Institutions

RSS-DATA-ETHICS-SIG  (Created 09/07/2018)   This is the mailing list of the Special Interest Group on Data Ethics of the Royal Statistical Society. ROYAL STATISTICAL SOCIETY PRIVACY NOTICE Data Ethics Special Interest Group (SIG) We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our supporters and in this notice we explain how we will handle your personal data. We will hold your personal data, - name and email address, - to send you, via email, notices and information of our activities. This information is provided as legitimate interest. We will not share your data with any third parties and will delete your data when you leave the above-named SIG. Should you wish to no long receive email’s regarding the Data Ethics SIG please email RSS-DATA-ETHICS-SIG- request@jiscmail.ac.uk. We store your personnel data securely and ensure that there is no unauthorised access. You are entitled at anytime to request to see a copy of all the data held on you, if you wish to see this please email your request to RSS-DATA-ETHICS-SIG- request@jiscmail.ac.uk. The Data Ethics SIG is part of The Royal Statistical Society and their data protection office is contactable at gdpr@rss.org.uk <HTML> Data Ethics run by the Royal Statistical Society </HTML>

ACCESSHE-DISABILITY  (Created 03/07/2018)   An online help-desk and forum for sharing questions around support for disabled learners in HE. This list aims to act as a network to bridge school and college SENCOs with widening participation and disability services staff in HE, so they can ask questions and receive impartial advice about complex cases, DSA processes and available support for their students (e.g. accommodation, assistive technology etc).

PROMOINDUSTRIES  (Created 03/07/2018)   A mailing list for scholars interested in critical sociological/cultural analyses of the promotional industries and promotional cultures.

QMSOUTHASIA  (Created 21/06/2018)   This list is run by the South Asia Forum at Queen Mary University of London and is used to communicate information about events, meetings and new research relevant to the field.

DIGITALETHICS  (Created 19/06/2018)   Supports responsible ICT research and innovation and digital ethics in disaster risk management. This is a sub-list of CEMORE-GLOBAL

CTC  (Created 18/06/2018)   CTC is an international network considering the use of Greco-Roman antiquity in contemporary political discourse.

BREXIT  (Created 13/06/2018)   With the UK's only BREXIT Research Centre, BCU's BREXIT Centre now request the support of JISC to set-up a BREXIT Support Network to collaborate research and teaching activities relating to BREXIT to support the Research Centre.

ACADEMICSUNDERTHREAT  (Created 12/06/2018)   This is a mailing list bringing together UK-based and non-UK based academics and researchers working mainly in the social sciences who have faced situations of threats as a result of their research. In recent years, there has been a rising number of cases of researchers whose lives were at risk because of the work they were conducting. This group aims to support all academics facing such difficult times and make visible their plight by issuing declarations and reports.

LIS-FAKENEWS  (Created 11/06/2018)   This list is intended to enable sharing of programmes, best practice, and resources used by information professionals to educate and enable their service users to navigate Fake News in the current information environment.

NHS-SCOTLAND-MRI-PHYSICS  (Created 11/06/2018)   A network predominately for the NHS MR Physics community in Scotland to ask questions (hopefully get answers) and to share ideas

BESPALAEOECOLOGY  (Created 06/06/2018)   Mailing list for Palaeoecology Special Interest Group of the British Ecological Society

COUNSELLING-THERAPY-TEACHING  (Created 06/06/2018)   A forum for lecturers, teachers and trainers working in counselling and psychotherapy teaching / training in Higher Education in the UK, to share information, practice, ideas relating to the teaching and management of counselling and psychotherapy programmes.

LABOURWORKDEVELOPMENTNETWORK  (Created 01/06/2018)   Launched at De Montfort University (in collaboration with the University of Sussex) in June 2016, the Labour, Work, and Development Network brings together scholars from a variety of disciplines and universities across the UK and Europe conducting research on labour, work, and development in the Global South.

PKES-ANN  (Created 31/05/2018)   Announcement-only list for non-member supporters of PKSG

DMANDLIAISONPSYCH  (Created 29/05/2018)   This group would be directed at academics, physicians and psychiatrists involved in research and care delivery of patients with Diabetes Mellitus and psychological impact on the person.

MEMSPACES  (Created 29/05/2018)   This interdisciplinary mailing list, co-ordinated by Helen Coffey and Leah Clark at the Open University, is aimed at scholars interested in life in buildings, institutions and broader geographical areas during the middle ages and early modern period. It will allow scholars from various disciplines to share news of relevant publications and events as well as other research and teaching initiatives.

QMPOSTCOLONIAL  (Created 29/05/2018)   This list is run by the Postcolonial Seminar at Queen Mary University of London, to communicate information about events, meetings and new research.

AIRQUALITY  (Created 24/05/2018)   This list is for sharing knowledge and experience in all aspects of air quality, mainly focused on the UK.

CCPI-DEVEL  (Created 24/05/2018)   Mailing list, to complement the current CCPi-MEMBERS@ list, for software development activity within the EPSRC funded network.

CULTURALPOLICYATLEEDS  (Created 24/05/2018)   This list is used by Centre for Cultural Policy at the University of Leeds to support, promote and share rigorous, critical and cutting-edge academic research and knowledge exchange across the arts and cultural sector and the wider creative industries. Details of subscribers on this mailing list are being held by Jiscmail and not the University of Leeds. If you unsubscribe from this mailing list you may continue to receive other communications from the University. To view the complete policies and terms please visit: https://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/policyandsecurity/

IAFIG-RMS  (Created 24/05/2018)   This mailing list will be to support the operations of the Image Analysis Focused Interest Group of the Royal Microscopical Society (IAFIG-RMS). Members of this group include scientists who conduct some form of image analysis in the life and microscopy sciences. Its purpose will be to keep its members updated with announcements and other information.

RGSGEOGSOFJUSTICE  (Created 24/05/2018)   Geographies of Justice is a Research Group of the Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers, providing a forum for exploring the wide range of issues of relevance to justice within contemporary human geography. Privacy notice for RGSGEOGSOFJUSTICE By using the RGSGEOGSOFJUSTICE your personal data (email address, name) may be used by the list owner to manage your membership, support you in using this mailing list, to identify problems or to make the mailing list better. If you post messages to this mailing list, be aware that any personal data you share within your email (email address, name and signature information) may be visible to others. To check who else may view your message and personal data, check the mailing list archive privacy setting, which is displayed at www.jiscmail.ac.uk/GEOGSOFJUSTICE. Your email will continue to be subscribed to the mailing list until you ask the list owner, or JiscMail Helpline to remove your details. Any email messages you post to the mailing list will remain in the mailing list web-accessible archives, until you ask the list owner, or JiscMail helpline to remove these details.

UK-CENSUS-LONGITUDINAL  (Created 24/05/2018)   The list provides information and announcements about support for the ONS Longitudinal Study, the Northern Ireland LS and the Scottish LS. Specifically, the list is about cross-study or pan-UK interests.

AFAO  (Created 22/05/2018)   This Association for Academic Outreach list facilitates discussion, development and dissemination of good practice. Membership is drawn from academics engaged in forms of Outreach, including employability, public engagement and Widening Participation, predominantly, though not exclusively, within the UK.

IRIS-TWG  (Created 17/05/2018)   This list is primarily for announcements/proposals etc relating to UKT0 technical development. Day to day activities are handled through the Slack group. Sub-list of IRIS-COLLABORATION.

BSA-SOCIAL-STATS-GROUP  (Created 14/05/2018)   The social statistics study group is a working group of BSA members who are interested in the application of statistical methods to social science research. The group aims to bring sociologists with a shared interest in statistical (or mixed) methods together and to offer a shared space to meet, develop ideas, present work. We would like to invite everybody with an interest in statistical (or other quantitative) methods along to the new study group.

UKSEA  (Created 14/05/2018)   The UK Space Environments Association is committed to improving communication, collaboration and cooperation across the UK Space Sector. Please subscribe here: http://space-environments.co.uk

EUROCIM-DISCUSS  (Created 09/05/2018)   Discussion group linked with the European Causal Inference Meeting

QUB-TRANSLATION-AND-INTERPRETING  (Created 09/05/2018)   This list provides updates from the Centre for Translation and Interpreting at Queen's University Belfast <HTML> Centre for Translation and Interpreting, Queen's University Belfast </HTML>

REVERIERESEARCH  (Created 09/05/2018)   This list is used by those interested in reverie research to share with each other and the wider community announcements, news, publications and other materials.

HERMENEUTIC-PHENOMENOLOG  (Created 04/05/2018)   An online forum to share learning and resources for those engaged/involved in hermeneutic phenomenological based research.

NETWORC  (Created 04/05/2018)   Networc is an interdisciplinary research network engaging in the promotion and study of transnationalism and world history in universities across the North East of England.

CCP-SAS  (Created 02/05/2018)   Forum for work with the Collaborative Computer Project in Small Angle Scattering, dissemination of new computing protocols and methodologies. Also news group for announcement of conferences, papers and jobs.

DCN-AFRICA  (Created 02/05/2018)   A UK-based worldwide e-mail broadcast system for the discrete choice community, who have a focus on research in Africa.

FEMINIST-HCI  (Created 02/05/2018)   This mailing list was established after the Feminist HCI Special Interest Group at CHI2018. It was instigated by fempower.tech - a group of intersectional feminists who aim to raise awareness of feminist issues in HCI by being overtly critical and political of the field, raising voices of underrepresented groups and topics, presenting tangible outcomes, and taking on an activist role for this. We create a supportive and collaborative environment within Open Lab (Newcastle University), academia, industry, and beyond.