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Recently Created Lists

> Making Historical Dress is an Arts and Humanities Research Council-funded network, exploring recreative practice within histories of dress and textiles.

NERIG (Created: 02 Jun 2023)
> Research impact and policy professionals from the North East UK sharing best practice

SYREN (Created: 02 Jun 2023)
> The Synthesizer Research Network (SyReN) is a UK-based network of academics, industry, musicians, and expert enthusiasts. The goal of the network is to bring stakeholders together to improve our understanding of how synthesizers are used by musicians to improve the design of future instruments and performance practice.

TEL-NATIONAL (Created: 30 May 2023)
> This group exists as a community of practice for sharing knowledge and activities in eLearning and promoting technology enhanced learning initiatives to all healthcare organisations in England. Membership is comprised of representatives from NHS, HEI and affiliated organisations who have knowledge of, or an interest in eLearning development and implementation.

BUSHCRAFT-RESEARCH (Created: 26 May 2023)
> Academics and professionals engaged in researching history, principles, cultures and practices in Bushcraft, Survival Studies, Primitive Technology, Wilderness Living and associated fields.

> This list is to provide announcements for the Accelerating Digital Skills for Music Researchers pilot (Accelerating embedded computational analysis of Web data about music in UK universities, AHRC-funded project AH/X007316/1).

GRRIPP (Created: 26 May 2023)
> The GRRIPP list grows from the UKRI-funded GRRIPP project (www.grripp.net) and aims to advance decolonial research and policy advocacy with gender and intersectionality at the centre.

GUILDHE-SKILLS (Created: 26 May 2023)
> This is a group of GuildHE member institutions who are working on developing their apprenticeship provision, technical education and other skills policies in their universities.

ARABIC-L (Created: 24 May 2023)
> ARABIC-L is a mailing list for Arabic Linguistics and Arabic Language Teaching, sponsored by the University of Leeds. Prior to the sponsorship of the University of Leeds, Arabic-L was administered by Dilworth Parksinson, Professor of Asian and Near Eastern Languages, Brigham Young University.

SOFT-MATTER (Created: 23 May 2023)
> The Soft Matter Mailing List is for distributing information and announcements related to the study of soft condensed matter, which is the science of liquid crystals, polymers, surfactants, colloids, gels and networks, and biologically motivated physics.

ELLMENET (Created: 19 May 2023)
> ELLME is a network that brings together individuals who are interested in early language learning (from 0 to 6/7). It is open to practitioners and researchers across career stages and all over the world.

NTAM (Created: 19 May 2023)
> Network of managers who supervise one or more technical apprentices across the UK.

> This is a forum for current students and graduates of the University of Liverpool Online programme in Academic Practice. Is offers an area of networking, sharing ideas and keeping in touch for graduates of the programme at all levels. Its focus is global international learning and teaching theory and practice.

BACNETWORK-LANGUAGES (Created: 17 May 2023)
> Languages and cultures network that discusses the challenges and benefits of hybrid academic/professional lives, and provides peer-support

SERA-TEN (Created: 17 May 2023)
> This list is for members of the Scottish Educational Research Association's (SERA) Teacher Education Network.

LMAGAG (Created: 12 May 2023)
> The list will facilitate discussion, knowledge sharing and arrangements for gatherings of the established London Museum and Galleries Archivists Group.

LEIMIGNET (Created: 10 May 2023)
> A list for announcements and communications on behalf of the Migration Mobility and Citizenship network at the University of Leicester. We envisage a mixture of academic and non-academic addresses. We would like it to be for announcements only.

SYNTEACH-ANNOUNCE (Created: 09 May 2023)
> Announcements related to the SynTeach project on syntax pedagogy in Canada, UK and US HE.

LIVED-EXPERIENCE (Created: 04 May 2023)
> This list is for people interested in the use of 'lived experience' perspectives in research and the development of policy and practice.

SOTL-AND-STEM (Created: 28 Apr 2023)
> This mailing list is intended for anyone interested in scholarship, teaching and learning with a focus on science, technology, engineering, mathematics or associated subjects.

AGWG-RGS (Created: 25 Apr 2023)
> This list is used by the committee of the Animal Geography Working Group of the Royal Geographical Society, to make announcements and communications to research group members regarding research group activities.

DATAETHICSCLUB (Created: 25 Apr 2023)
> An interdisciplinary discussion group about data ethics. Open to people from any discipline who have an interest in the topic. We usually meet fortnightly on a Wednesday, 1pm UK time!

EDGENET (Created: 25 Apr 2023)
> A discussion and announcement list for EdgeNet: the regional studies research network on peripheral places and regions.

STUDY-PARTICIPATION (Created: 25 Apr 2023)
> I am inviting you to be involved in my study. It is around the relationship between physical activity levels and moving to university (and the associated lifestyle-related changes). I am looking for first year university students who have had to move in order to study at university.

JLUECW (Created: 24 Apr 2023)
> This list is for the newly-created Joint Liverpool Universities English and Creative Writing forum, which connects members of our city's English and Creative Writing departments--at Liverpool John Moores, Hope, University of Liverpool, and Edge Hill--to one another. The list will be critical in our mission of cross-university collaboration, collegiality, and in-person activities. It is open to academic staff and postgraduate students.

RIGHT-TO-FOOD (Created: 24 Apr 2023)
> This list is for all those in Higher Education and beyond who are interested in the Right to Food as a means of helping to deliver a fairer, more sustainable and more affordable food system. Universities have a key role to play in sharing best practice, partnering with local, national and international partners and delivering meaningful and transformational change through research and innovation, teaching and the curriculum, and civic mission. The University of Kent, in partnership with the Food Foundation, has committed to being a Right to Food University dedicated to the principles and approaches outlined above. In doing so, it also commits to sharing its learning with others in a collaborative and inquiring spirit and to providing a platform for other universities and organisations to share their knowledge, expertise and experiences.

> This is a global network of people working on Mithila Art. Mithila Art is an ancient art form practiced for centuries in the Mithila region of Nepal and Bihar of India, which has a rich history and cultural significance. Although there are many forms of Mithila Art, Mithila painting, traditionally done by women, has received significant attention in recent years. We aim to bring together artists, scholars and practitioners who are working on and interested in Mithila Art through this network.

PACIFIC-CIRCLE (Created: 17 Apr 2023)
> The Pacific Circle promotes research and exchanges in the history of science, medicine, and other practices of knowledge in the Asia-Pacific region, broadly construed.

NHSPROKNOW (Created: 14 Apr 2023)
> Discussion for NHS users of ProKnow within Radiotherapy

GRAD-SUPPORT (Created: 12 Apr 2023)
> This list is for staff working to organise and run graduation ceremonies. To share best practice and to provide support.