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A discussion list for Adlib software users in archives, libraries and museums to keep in touch with each other and to share ideas, tips and best practice

HEERA mailing list

To support and develop the use of Agresso CRM in FE and HE Institutions in the UK

AI4FM is a project aimed at using AI techniques to learn from human users how to discharge Proof Obligations that arise in typical formal method applications. This list will keep people informed of progress.

This discussion list is to facilitate the sharing of: problems, experiences and ideas surrounding Anti Virus issues.

This list is used by the team behind the Anvil continuous integration service to make announcements to their user community

This list is used to make announcements from Jisc to the FE /HE community surrounding the use of Immersive Technology including Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) and its usefulness in education, and share information surrounding forthcoming events, training and workshops.

Ubiquitous computing leads to a convergence between architectural design and HCI. HCI - Human-computer interaction research studies human behavior/cognitive events. HCI research methods are valuable for designing buildings that meet users needs. Architects skills are vital for designing interactive technologies in buildings.

Intended for all administrators and end-users of astronomy and astronomy-related software. Request information on software problems, availability of software solutions, or provide info on software titles particularly useful to the academic community.

For HE and FE institutions who are using Atlassian suite products in their institutions, including Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, Confluence and Bitbucket.

This list is used to exchange information about issues relating to the governance, implementation and management of the Azure cloud compute platform in the United Kingdom Higher and Further Education community

The Beatbox Users mailing list.

The aim of the BiomagCentral mailing list is to provide a forum for information exchange and discussion. Please use this list to announce jobs, workshops and courses. You are also welcome to announce the publication of a new paper. If you have points of interest to the greater biomagnetism community you are welcome to initiate a discussion. However, please be civil: very specialised discussions and disputes do not belong on the list. For now, the list is not moderated.

This list is used by the Blackboard Mobile user community to collaborate and share ideas, issues and information.

A list to promote discussion amongst Blackboard/Courseinfo users in Universities, Colleges and Schools in the UK.

Discussion on approaches to improving students’ financial capability #News & best practice of integrating Blackbullion within Student Services #Product roadmap updates and input on priorities from the community #Provide feedback on feature releases and reporting of bugs.

A mailing list for the administrators of the Bloomsbury Media Cloud

Announcement list for BRISSKit project. Please see http://www.brisskit.le.ac.uk for details of national HEFCE/JISC funded project to provide mature open source biomedical research database applications over the Janet and secure NHS networks.

The BUGS software carries out Bayesian inference on complex statistical models using Markov chain Monte Carlo techniques. BUGS is freely available from the MRC Biostatistics Unit. This list is for users of BUGS to exchange information and worked examples.

The CAD-IN-DESIGN mailing list is used for the discussion of computer aided design in the product design workplace, with the mission of establishing how 'CAD' should be correctly employed in this specific workplace.

The aim of the List is to provide a community of information exchange and a discussion - a forum for teachers and learning support teachers (mainly in Scotland but not restricted to Scotland) who use Assistive Technology to support learners with additional support needs.

Forum for work with the Collaborative Computer Project in Small Angle Scattering, dissemination of new computing protocols and methodologies. Also news group for announcement of conferences, papers and jobs.

CCP-BioSim is an inclusive wide-ranging project, bringing together researchers from all branches of 'molecule-oriented' biochemistry and biology. CCP-BioSim develops and provides training and tools to lower the barrier to non-experts becoming proficient and productive users of biomolecular simulation techniques. This list is intended to support all activities of the CCP-BioSim community.

This list is for users of the FESetup tool for setting up molecular dynamics simulations.

The Collaborative Computational Project for electron cryo-microscopy (CCP-EM) supports researchers and software developers in biological EM. This list is intended as a general support forum for the CCP-EM community. It is also the place for asking questions on CCP-EM software, provided by UK-based software developers.

Mailing list, to complement the current CCPi-MEMBERS@ list, for software development activity within the EPSRC funded network.

Mailing List for members of CCPi, an EPSRC funded Collaborative Computational Project in Tomographic Imaging. This super list posts to the following sub lists:CCPI-COVID19 and CCPI-DVC

Commit messages for the software repository at https://github.com/cctbx/cctbx-project

Discussion group for users of the Celcat timetabling/room booking and attendance packages.

A list for important service announcements. https://community.jisc.ac.uk/apps/certificate-service And https://community.jisc.ac.uk/groups/janet-certificate-service

Announcements relating to the ChemShell computational chemistry software. This is a low traffic list for news including releases and training.

This list is used to share updates on the software tool CIAlign, used to clean, interpret and visualise multiple sequence alignments.

Mailing list for the Computing Insight UK (CIUK) Cluster Challenge

This list covers all aspects of Fortran 90, 95, 2003, 2008, 2018 and various parallel Fortran dialects. The emphasis should be on the new features of Fortran 90. It welcomes contributions from people who write Fortran 90 applications, teach it in courses, want to port programs and use it on (super) computers.

For use by heads/managers of computer support groups in computer science departments/schools to discuss policies, software, hardware, staffing.

The CREST Open Workshop programme consist of a series of informal monthly workshops organised by the CREST Centre (Centre for Research on Evolution Search & Testing). Details on the CREST Open Workshop Website at: http://crest.cs.ucl.ac.uk/cow

This list has been retained 27/10/2021 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list This mail group is a forum for institutions that will be developing 'in-house' systems to support the HESA Data Futures return.

This list is used to disseminate information between all members of the dawn collaboration on all aspects of the collaboration. It can also be used to contact members of the collaboration by other interested parties.

Mailing list for the Developers of the DAWN Science collaborative software. www.dawnsci.org

This list is for discussions of issues to do with the UCL Depthmap software developed by UCL. This software is now in use by over 1500 researchers, students and academics in over 70 countries. Topics include the trivial (how to use certain features) to questions about the direction of future developments, and the active involvement of other institutions.

A list to facilitate discussion amongst members of the Faculty of Art, Design and Humanities at De Montfort University (staff and students) with an interest in Digital Humanities.

Commit messages for the software repository at https://github.com/dials/dials

This list facilitates the discussion of research and scholarly activity in the field of digital comic studies.

The DiRAC Project PI's list. This to facilitate communication between those awarded computing resources on the DiRAC HPC Systems and those who manage the DiRAC HPC Systems.

DL_POLY is a leading molecular dynamics package in UK developed at Daresbury Laboratory since 1992 to meet the needs of the UK's Computational Community Project 5 (CCP5). First releases in 1993 it has progressed to version 4.09 serving a large community of academic and industrial researchers. This mailing list is not a replacement for your own work, nor is it a replacement for your supervisor's work. This mailing list is a voluntary endeavour: nobody is entitled to an answer, even less to an immediate answer.

DMF (Data Migration Facility) service. Used to inform users of changes to the service.

A list for technical discussion related to DMPonline to allow the wider developer community to share ideas and contribute to the code. DMPonline is an open source tool provided by the Digital Curation Centre for Data Management Planning.

A list to enable the community to more easily feed into the development of DMPonline, the DCC's data management planning tool. This list will act as a place to share ideas for future development and to feedback on plans.

A list to facilitate discussion between members of the DSpace UK & Ireland User group. DSpace is a repository software package adopted by more than a dozen UK & Irish HE institutions to support their Institutional Repository.

UK activities for Data Acquisition(DAQ) development for the DUNE long-baseline neutrino experiment.

This group is for those involved in the development of Data Warehouses and Business Intelligence interfaces within UK HE Institutions. It is intended to allow questions, discussions, trouble shooting and brainstorming and friendly support.

Discusses topic of electronic document management (EDM), particularly in the context of reengineering higher education administrative business processes. This includes document imaging, OCR/ICR, intranets, knowledge management, and workflow. It also links to related JISC-funded activities.

Discusses topic of electronic document management (EDM), particularly in the context of reengineering higher education administrative business processes. This includes document imaging, OCR/ICR, intranets, knowledge management, and workflow. It also links to related JISC-funded activities.

Edinburgh Research Software Engineers Community: announcements, discussions and alerts for potential and current RSEs across Edinburgh.

The UK e-Infrastructure Academic User Community Forum was created to maintain and grow the community of UK researchers who use computers of any shape or size in their research, regardless of discipline or domain. The purpose of the Forum mailing list is to give the e-infrastructure community regular updates on developments in the UK e-Infrastructure space and within the E-infrastructure Leadership Council, and to disseminate information about our bi-annual Forum meetings. These meetings provide a space for discussions about the community's future, and allow the community the opportunity to influence Government and help define e-infrastructure policy in the UK.

This list will be used for the dissemination of service information, training events, seminars and peer-to-peer advice related to the eIS Emerald GPU cluster system.

Development in electronic transcripts,including technical development, best practice, links to other HE projects and any issues raised by the initiation of electronic transcripts.

To share knowledge & expertise of EndNote, EndNote Web & Reference Manager among UK FE, HE & Research Council site licences. Also for Adept Scientific & Thomson Reuters to announce new releases, patches, user group events and beta testing of new versions.

Environmental Health Informatics announcement and discussion list. Providing a forum for the growing health and environmental research informatics community and range of stakeholders amd providers.

A mailing list for researchers in areas relevant to egocentric perception, including Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Multimedia, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Human Computer Interaction and Visual Sciences.

Discussion around the Eprints REF plugin

I'd like to ask if there are any other small university colleges or colleges (under or only slightly over 1000 students) who have migrated from Speedwell Question Bank and Multiquest software, and its exam paper scanner. We are using an old scanner and version of this software, both of which are out of support, and need to look into alternatives as well as the option of purchasing a new scanner and Speedwell software licensing. I'd be very grateful for any help

This list is intended for users of the Facility CMIS timetabling software package to discuss issues surrounding the implementation and use of the software.

This mailing list is for messages concerning Formal Aspects of Computing Science.

This list is for the announcements of events concerning Formal Aspects of Computing Science.

This list is for UK & Irish users of the Fedora digital repository software. The UK and Ireland User Group holds occasional meetings etc and the list is primarily intended to support domestic arrangements, not technical queries.

This list is for announcements regarding new releases and important papers regarding fineSTRUCTURE and ChromoPainter software packages.

This list is for discussion, help, bugfix announcements and notifying of related papers regarding fineSTRUCTURE and ChromoPainter software packages.

This group acts as an advisory panel to the Forum on Information Standards in Heritage, providing expertise in the implications for system development of emerging information standards.

This list was originally set up for discussion concerning a proposed European Network of Excellence in the area of formal methods led by London South Bank University, UK. Now it is available for general messages relating to formal methods. Anyone with an interest in formal methods may join.

This list is to provide user support, announcements, and feedback relating to the FORCinel software package: a free set of analysis tools for the rock magnetism community for the processing of first order reversal curve FORC diagams.

This is the official mailing list for the EPSRC Future blood testing for inclusive monitoring and personalised analytics Network

This list is for the discussion of the use of Genetic Algorithms in Production Scheduling Problems.

This list will stimulate research in many areas of GPS research. It will promote and aid discussion for all Global Positioning System (GPS) users of JPL's GIPSY-OASIS II software suite. Focus will be on problems, developments,strategies and applications. All levels of user welcome.

Discussion list for users of the PPARC GridPP Project

GridPP 3D database users list so that the Database Administrators can advise users of planned downtime.

For discussion of the GridSite website management system. See http://www.gridsite.org/ for more information.

Discussion and announcement list for the Harwell Campus Software Engineering Community

This list is to support periodic workshops and online networking of those studying or using video in human computer interaction education. The importance of this has been emphasised by the recent move to online learning due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Healtex is a UK-wide multi-disciplinary research network established to build a strong, collaborative and sustainable UK community in healthcare text analytics by bringing together partners from academia, industry, healthcare services and policy makers, with collaborative links internationally, and integrate it into the growing health informatics community.

This list is used for announcing courses, webinars, and other training opportunities around medical and bioscience imaging we provide

A support forum for discussion of all aspects of end-user computing and desktop management in HE and FE environments, open to all Scottish HE and FE IT staff.

Mailing list for members of technical staff providing IT Infrastructure Services at Welsh Higher Education institutions that are members of the HEWIT group.

A mailing list for UK public sector HPC sysadmins, including early career for discussion of HPC system level topics

Technical Forum List for the ARCHER National HPC Service. Aims to allow ARCHER Users, Service Providers, and other interested partners discuss technical issues around using HPC in the UK. Will not be used for general announcements, only for technical discussion and details of ARCHER Technical Forum Meetings.

This mailing list will be to support the operations of the Image Analysis Focused Interest Group of the Royal Microscopical Society (IAFIG-RMS). Members of this group include scientists who conduct some form of image analysis in the life and microscopy sciences. Its purpose will be to keep its members updated with announcements and other information.

Community group for technical vendor-neutral discussion on Identity and Access Management in an HE context. <HTML> <p>Community group for technical vendor-neutral discussion on Identity and Access Management in an HE context.</p> <p>Other lists that may be of interest:</p> <ul> <li>MICROSOFT-IDENTITY for issues specific to the Microsoft IAM stack</li> </ul> <p>Please let me know if there are more useful lists to go here.</p> </HTML>

Information law and policy research and practice: discussion and announcements. This list communicates and support the work of scholars and practitioners specialising in information law and policy, including legal topics such as data protection, freedom of information, defamation, intellectual property and misuse of private information. Broader themes of interest include access to information and digital information sharing and communication. This mailing list is unmoderated and content reflects the views of those who post to the list and not of any organisation. The archives are available to view online by registered members of the list. Any messages posted to the list are subject to the JISCMail acceptable use policy, which states that users should avoid engaging in unreasonable behaviour, or disrupting the general flow of discussion on a list.

The ipv6-users list is for anyone primarily in UK academia interested in deploying or using IPv6, the Next Generation Internet Protocol, on their hosts or networks in the UK. Keywords: IPng, IPv6

The ipv6-users list is for anyone primarily in UK academia interested in deploying or using IPv6, the Next Generation Internet Protocol, on their hosts or networks in the UK. Keywords: IPng, IPv6

List to facilitate discussions and communications relating to strategy development for the IRIS project.

The Jafer-dev mailing list is used for the discussion and distribution of JAFER technical issues.

The jafer-user mailing list is used as a general discussion forum for JAFER members.

Discussion forum for project members working with metadata (descriptive, structural or preservation) and associated standards. Appropriate topics include, but are not limited to: metadata production, procedures, tools and programming, evaluation et cetera. <HTML> Discussion forum for project members working with metadata (descriptive, structural or preservation) and associated standards. Appropriate topics include, but are not limited to: metadata production, procedures, tools and programming, evaluation et cetera. </HTML>

This list is used by the Kit-Catalogue project to communicate with its community of users, contributors and developers around the UK.

A list for the discussion of lecture capture and its use in UK higher education. This list is for any lecture capture platform / technology.

This is a CCP4-related list. However, the readership is restricted to those interested in the development of new software for the generation and manipulation of molecular descriptions (of ligands, typically bound to proteins).

A discussion list for those supporting subscribed access to the LinkedIn Learning platform within further and higher education. This list is intended to provide a discussion forum for administrators, technical staff, educators, liaison and subject librarians and front-line support staff.

An unrestricted list to facilitate the discussion, comparison, adoption and development of open source software solutions for libraries, whether full Library Management Systems or smaller components.

A discussion list for current customers of the Talis Aspire Resource List application

This list is used by users of the TalisList ReadingList software for the exchange of experience and information on how lists are set up and managed in academic libraries.

To discuss issues and best practice relating to the use of the Echo 360 lecture recording system (see http://www.Echo360.com) in HEIs within the London M25 area.

Discussion of the techniques for mapping and visualising Internet infrastructure, traffic flows, user demographics, web information structures and online social interaction. Also consideration of the wider issues of usability, asethetics, and meaning of the maps.

This list is for the discussion of the functionality of the MICE CDB. It is intended for anyone who wishes to store data or retrieve data from the CDB.

A forum for discussion of all aspects of mobile computing, including mobile websites, mobile application development and increasing access to services from mobile devices.

The Moodle Users Group for Greater London technical group (MUGGLx) is an extension to MUGGL for those who want to share the maintenance and development of plugins and system administration advice.

A national list for Moodle users to ask questions, share ideas and experiences relating to the technical aspects of the installing, the maintaining and the administration of Moodle.

A national list for UK Moodle users to ask questions, and share ideas and experiences related to the use of Moodle to support teaching & learning. Discussions that promote ideas, activities and suggestions connected with using Moodle to add value to the learner experience are strongly encouraged. There are 450+ subscribers on this popular list, with a large userbase and an increasing interest in Moodle there is bound to be a large amount of traffic. To switch to getting just one or two emails a day summarising these messages I would highly recommend using the DIGEST function. Please login at JISCMAIL.ac.uk then select Subsribers corner > click on Settings next to Moodle-UK > then select Subscription type as Digest If you use the list to share event, training or possible employment opportunities please do so in a subtle, concise and appropriate way. This can often be best achieved with a brief description and a short link. The advertising of commercial services is strictly prohibited. If in doubt please contact the List Owner - please see: (1) http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/policyandsecurity/acceptableuse.html#4 (2) http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/policyandsecurity/etiquette.html Happy Moodling! Jim Judges JISCMail Moodle-UK List Manager

A list for discussion of development of the Moonshot software.

Forum for the Medical Research Council funded data managers, working both for MRC units as well as in universities.

mri3dX is a freeware program for visualisation of 3D structural/functional MRI. It was written by Dr Krish Singh and has over 100 registered users in the UK and worldwide. It is especially useful for visualising SPM output. This mailing list is intended for discussion and help on the use of mri3dX.

MRIcro is a free program for viewing and converting medical images. This list is designed to help users exchange tips and solutions.

This list is used by the clinical MR physics community to discuss topics related to research, teaching and service support.

For discussion of issues in image analysis research funded by RESAS

Discussion list about the use and rollout of multi-factor authentication. Primarily for UK federation and other federated uses cases.

NAIS Hardware Procurement Subgroup

Neural-Symbolic Learning and Reasoning Association

This list is to support discussion of the use of network automation tools and techniques at Janet-connected sites. This may cover areas such as provisioning, updates and validation of network device configurations and state.

A mailing list to promote and document a discussion around NeXus file format definitions and data processing workflows for the magnetic and resonant x-ray scattering international community, with the goal of promoting and exploiting FAIR data in our science area.

This mailing list is for the purpose of group communication between members of the NISCHR ReDA user group.

The Numerical Modelling Working Group consists of the numerical modelling support team at the British Atmospheric Data Centre and the NCAS Computational Modelling Support team based at the University of Reading

<HTML> This list is for discussion about the use and development of open source assistive technology software. This is the "Open Source Assistive Technology Software Special Interest Group" (OATS-SIG) list, the list was previously hosted by Becta and is now hosted by JISC TechDis on JISCMAIL. This list emerged from the OATS project (<a href="http://www.oatsoft.org"> oatsoft.org</a>). <p/> JISC TechDis is a JISC Advance Service which promotes the use and research of Open Source Assistive Technologies and those supporting users. <p> Subscribers to this list will also receive messages posted to www.jiscmail.ac.uk/Techdis- news </p> </HTML>

For users of OPAS/eOPAS to share knowledge and experience in use of the software and to provide coherent feedback to the software developer to help meet the needs and expectations of occupational health services in the higher education sector.

The list is to support Users of the Optimal Retrieval of Aerosols and Clouds (ORAC) algorithm. This is a community code that is used in the UK & Europe.

This list has been retained 04/11/20; no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list OSS Watch provides unbiased advice and guidance on the use, development, and licensing of free software, open source software, and open source hardware.

The OXSTATGEN list exists to support users of programs developed in Oxford for carrying out statistical analysis of genetic data. Programs currently supported are IMPUTE, SHAPEIT, SNPTEST, SDA, SBAT, PHENIX, BGENIE, MVNCALL, MULTIMIX, GENECLUSTER, HAPGEN, GTOOL, META, QCTOOL and CHIAMO.

Padzahr is a social enterprise. We want to democratise data, giving communities, organisations and individuals a platform from which to make decisions and influence policy. Big data has long been the domain of multinational companies and governments. With all the knowledge comes all the power. Affecting change is a challenge without hard facts to back up arguments. Our aim is to level the playing field

This list is for the users and potential users of the Panopto lecture capture system. The aim is to share ideas and experiences that relate to Panopto.

Service announcement for the Pearl cluster

This list is for software developers that use PERMIS to make authorisation decisions for their applications.

This list is for users of the PERMIS infrastructure and for administrators seeking help with installing and properly configuring PERMIS for use with their integrated application e.g. Shibboleth or GT4

Announcements of Open Research Seminars

Announcements concerning Provably Correct Systems ('ProCoS'), including conferences and other meetings, books and publications in general, jobs and studentships, etc.

This is beta-testing-only mailing list for the PRoNTo software.

This list is for users of the PRoNTo toolbox to exchange information on usage, request help, or suggest modifications.

A UK-wide user group for the Unit 4 QL Exams Module in the Further Education community.

A list for users and software developers of reading list solutions (commercial and open source software, or other approaches) in academic institutions to discuss issues around their implementation, use, development and interoperability with other systems.

This list is for discussion about managing research notebooks particularly to use of IT tools or research notebooks.

This list is used by institutions that are using (or investigating) Safecom to provide a pull-print infrastructure.

The SAP UK HERUG is an independent user group. The list supports the activities of the group which are designed to assist UK HE institutions in their use of the system.

There are proposals to include additional semantics within IP addresses to aid routing and define how packets are handled. This list provides a forum for discussion of address semantics, network architectures and routing system challenges, for software and hardware research.

SCARF cluster announcements

SCARF user discussion list

This list is open to Blackboard users in further and higher education institutions, especially those from Scotland and Northern Ireland.

A list for Scottish Research Software Engineers.

This list is for those in UK FE and HE who manage and support SEAtS software to monitor attendance. The aim is to share ideas, experiences and solutions that relate to SEAtS.

Newsletter for SEEBIBYTE project (seebibyte.org) computer vision tools for the digital humanities. For discussion, visit https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/seebibyte- users

The list is to discuss the use of SocioTechnical approaches to Information Systems Development It is promoted by the Socio-Technical Group of BCS. Its aim is to help managers and technologists understand, design for and manage the organizational factors which surround ICTs

This list is intended for those in education support that develop in house software. ideally this list will be used to discuss and share ideas relating to education support software, such as student record systems or virtual learning environments.

Mailing list for users and developers of the Space Syntax Toolkit for QGIS, to ask questions, discuss the use and applications, and make suggestions.

This list is to increase collaboration - nationally and internationally - in the development of technologies and methods for automation in systematic reviews. The International Collaboration for Automation in Systematic Reviews moderates this open list.

This is an inter University group who are currently reviewing their student record system.

This list will contain discussions about development of Starlink software.

Starlink Software User Support: Starlink's main objectives are to provide and coordinate leading edge interactive data reduction and analysis tools for use in research by UK Astronomy,STP and Solar scientists.

There is growing interest in using streaming technology for delivering video, audio and synchronised multimedia presentations in learning, teaching and research. This list is for members of the UK HE community with input from other education sectors.

The mailing list is served for StuConOS student conference. The StuConOS conference is aimed at current undergraduate and master students in the UK. The conference will give students a chance to submit their work and to have this reviewed by a programme committee of experts. We interpret the word "optimisation" in its very broad sense: anything that improves (in any way) software or the process of making it. It will give students an initial taste of research work and a chance to publish and discuss their ideas with experts. The programme committee will review the submissions and decide on those to be accepted and the prizes to be awarded. All authors will receive feedback on their work and those accepted for the conference will be published in a printed proceedings & online available and presented(by one of the authors) at the conference.

The Software Ontology for Resource Description (SWORD) project is a short, six month, project to start the development of a software ontology. This will enable descriptions to be made of software artefacts used in the creation, management and analysis of data. Such descriptions are an important part of digital preservation as knowing what software have been used with data enables quality assurance, re-creation, repetition and judgments to be made about the data in hand.

This is a general, low volume, list for announcements about meetings, news and events.

A list for developers to discuss CCP SyneRBI software, including SIRF.

A list for the discussion about PET-MR and other multi-modality phantoms

A list for users to discuss CCP SyneRBI software, including SIRF.

Support for administrators of sites participating in GridPP Testbeds.

This list is used to discuss issues relating to the teaching of computer and information security in UK higher education institutions.

A hands-on making and meeting event exploring the edges of technology on the wild edge of Scotland. It enables attendees to have a 'technological retreat', away from the pressures of their host institution, and also engage with the technology and design challenges of an isolated community.

Announcement list for TOPCAT, STILTS and STIL software. This low-volume list is only used for release announcements etc.

Discussion list for users of the TOPCAT, STILTS and STIL software. Users, potential users, developers and other interested parties are encouraged to use this to post questions, answers, bug reports, feature requests, comments, tips, experiences etc related to the software

This list is for announcements and discussions relating to the TractoR software package for magnetic resonance imaging and tractography.

Automated mails will be sent to users when a gadget is updated so that they can re-download the relevant gadget to obtain the updates

This mailing list is for participants in the TrustCoM project who are working on or have a strong interest in Action Line 2 (Software and Systems Engineering). This is a sub-list of trustcom-prop

The purpose of the list is to exchange information among the participants in AL3 from TrustCom Project Sub-list of TRUSTCOM-PROP

This mailing list will be used for information exchange and work coordination within WP20 VO Management Modelling, of the EU FP6 Project TrustCoM - IST 01945

This mailing list will be used for information exchange and work coordination within WP21 BP Enactment and Orchestration Modelling, of the EU FP6 Project TrustCoM - IST 01945

TrustCom project mailing list, work package 25, EN/VO Infrastructure Modelling

TrustCoM project, Work Package 29, BP Enactment and Orchestration Implementation

The list supports the econometrics package Time Series Modelling, to disseminate news about new releases, ask and answer questions and share code and information.

This mailing group is for Ubuntu users to discuss their experiences, share best practice and promote its reuse.

This list is to support the discussion and collaboration between the UK and China data visualisation research community.

This list is primarily for Condor administrators, or people considering Condor deployments, within the UK academic and e-science communities.

Discussion list for users of NeXT and NeXT-derived technologies. This includes the use and maintenance of NeXT hardware; use and administration of NeXT Unix-based operating systems--NEXTSTEP and OPENSTEP--on NeXT or other hardware (ie. PC, Sparc, HP); migration to and use of NeXT-derived operating systems owned by Apple (ie. Darwin and MacOS X), and also the use and development of GNUstep; programming and software development for xSTEP, Darwin, MacOS X (Unix and Cocoa, but NOT Carbon or Classic), WebObjects and GNUstep. The list is intended primarily to provide a forum for UK users of these technologies (both academic and otherwise), but those from outside the UK (especially in Europe) are also encouraged to participate. Because of its origins in the NeXT-using community, the list is NOT intended to act as a forum for users of existing Apple systems wishing to migrate to OS X, as such users will be better served within existing Apple Mac fora. However, some Mac developers (especially those with Unix experience) may find the discussion of the Unix and Cocoa systems in OS X of interest. Additionally, non-NeXT Unix (including Linux and xBSD) users and developers wishing to investigate OS X may find the list to be a useful forum.

This list has been retained 06/10/2021 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list Established in 1996, the aims of the UK PET Physics Group (previously the UK PET SIG) are to share common experience and where practical to co-ordinate efforts in areas of mutual interest amongst the participating institutions

Mailing list used to communicate changes, updates, releases of the UKRmol/UKRmol+ inner region suite.

Discussion on the VIPS/ip image processing software.

This list exists to promote the discussion of methodological problems and innovations associated with research into computer-mediated communication

This list exists to promote the discussion of methodological problems and innovations associated with research into computer-mediated communication

Visualisation Interest Group at Harwell Campus, involving large facility scientists from STFC, Diamond Light Source, ESA, and any other organisations or companies who are interested in visualisation technologies, advances, services and developments on the Campus. Topics include scientific image analysis, visual analytics techniques for data analysis, and innovative use of large visualisation displays and VR/AR technologies for big volume, high fidelity data analysis and exploration, uncertainty analysis.

This list provides a forum for social scientists to discuss the use of visualisation tools - the graphics facilities of a range of computer software - in their teaching & research.

A mailing list to discuss development practices, concerns, and objectives for the open source peer review tool, WebPA

This list is intended to support users who are using corpus based methods in the humanities, social science and computer science disciplines, in particular corpus linguistics, conceptual history and natural language processing, via the Wmatrix toolkit.

This group is for those keen to explore the full potential of the content management / blogging platform WordPress in educational and research contexts.

This list is used by the Special Interest Group on Explainable AI within the Association Neural-Symbolic Learning and Reasoning for announcements concerning Calls for Papers, events, job opportunities, and new research projects.

This list is for supporting users of Diamond's XChem facility

To discuss issues around the installation and use of Moodle as a VLRE