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A list to announce Accelerator Physics seminars in the UK.

The Jisc Accessibility Community maths working group aims to collate useful research and practices for the HE sector. This list will help us to share, research and promote accessible maths workflows. You can find us on Github as A11ymaths.

The North Atlantic Climate System Study - ACSIS - is a NERC Long Term Science Multi-Centre (LTSM) Programme, led by the National Centre for Atmospheric Science and delivered by six NERC Centres (NCAS, NOC, BAS, NCEO, CPOM, PML) in collaboration with the UK Met Office. The overarching science objective of ACSIS is: To enhance the UK & 128's capability to detect, attribute and predict changes in the North Atlantic Climate System

This list will be used to communicate information to the members of the John Adams Institute for Accelerator science

Announcement of the events organized by the Adams Institute

List dedicated to UK AMOR (atomic molecular optical R-matrix) high end computing consortium

A Physical Sciences LTSN Centre discussion list, for educational issues within the Astronomy Higher Education community. It will also carry announcements of events, publications and other items of interest. Sublist of physsci-education

The list seeks to serve educators, science communicators and those working in the fields of education and public outreach in astronomy related fields, to exchange ideas, best practises and resources.

The Astronomy Teaching in Schools mailing list is to be used for the discussion of the practice and theory of astronomy education in UK schools.

The purpose of this list is for any member to make announcements to further and higher education and the research communities about workshops, seminars, forums, publications, work programmes, projects and gaps in the field of atmospheric dispersion.

This is the newsgroup of the British Biophysical Society. The newsgroup email circulates matters of general interest to the Biophysics community in the UK, including conferences, awards, and items in the news. <HTML> This is the newsgroup of the British Biophysical Society. The newsgroup email circulates matters of general interest to the Biophysics community in the UK, including conferences, awards and items in the news. </HTML>

Members of BICISMRM

News & Updates about Beam Delivery Simulation (BDSIM)

The aim of the BiomagCentral mailing list is to provide a forum for information exchange and discussion. Please use this list to announce jobs, workshops and courses. You are also welcome to announce the publication of a new paper. If you have points of interest to the greater biomagnetism community you are welcome to initiate a discussion. However, please be civil: very specialised discussions and disputes do not belong on the list. For now, the list is not moderated.

The British Medical Laser Association is a scientific society established to promote, for the benefit of the public the application of laser technology in medicine by: - promoting research and development in laser technology in medicine and by the publication of the useful results of such research -promoting collaboration and understanding between clinical and scientific disciplines in the field of laser application -promoting the safe operation of lasers in the treatment of human disease -establishing standards in the medical application of lasers

This list is for all parties interested in organising events to promote crystallography as part of the Bragg centenary celebrations (2013) and international year of crystallography (2014)

We set up the bridgce UK network in 2013 to develop multi-disciplinary research in nuclear astrophysics across more than 10 UK institutes, see website for details: http://www.astro.keele.ac.uk/bridgce We now need a mailing list to improve communication across our network.

Announcements of seminars for the Quantum Information Theory group at the University of Bristol, and other announcements of broad interest to those working on quantum information theory.

For the CALICE Speakers Bureau

This list is for academic-licensed users of the CASTEP plane-wave DFT ab-initio modelling code. Discussions and queries on usage, tips, tools and enhancements are all welcome.

The Context-Based-Learning (CBL) mailing list is used to discuss and develop ways of renewing and improving the teaching of Physical Sciences in UK Higher Education. The CBL approach uses contexts, storylines and case-studies to present science to students in a way that facilitates learning and increases motivation. Sublist of physsci-education

List will be used for communication among the LhARA collaboration members. The LhARA collaboration is working to deliver the concept of the laser-hybrid accelerator that will serve the Ion Therapy Research Facility. This super list posts to the following sub-lists: CCAP-LHARA-OUTREACH-INVOLVEMENT, CCAP- LHARA-EB.

The list will be used for communication among the Executive Board of the LhARA collaboration. This is a Sub-List of CCAP-LHARA.

List to communicate outreach and engagement activities for the LhARA collaboration. This is a sub-list of CCAP-LHARA.

The list is used to make announcements to the community supported by the Collaborative Computational Project for NMR Crystallography (CCP-NC).

For the discussion of science and software related to the field of NMR Crystallography

Mailing List for members of CCPi, an EPSRC funded Collaborative Computational Project in Tomographic Imaging. This super list posts to the following sub lists:CCPI-COVID19 and CCPI-DVC

This list is here to aid the sharing of best practice amongst those in clinical technology and clinical engineering roles both within the UK and abroad.


This list is used to coordinate UK activities on the DarkSide direct dark matter detection experiment.

A list for those involved with the development of ORAC code.

This list is to facilitate planning and discussion for the DIAMET field campaign. (DIAMET = Diabatic influences on mesoscale structures in extratropical storms -A NERC Storms Risk Mitigiation project).

The DiRAC Project PI's list. This to facilitate communication between those awarded computing resources on the DiRAC HPC Systems and those who manage the DiRAC HPC Systems.

List for supporting DiRAC as a VO: http://www.dirac.ac.uk/ http://www.stfc.ac.uk/1263.aspx This list is for communications involving individual 'users' (participating members of DiRAC and GridPP)

A mailing list for diversity officers and people working in EDI roles. The list can be used to network, share best practice, support each other, advertise opportunities and training and ask questions.

DL_POLY is a leading molecular dynamics package in UK developed at Daresbury Laboratory since 1992 to meet the needs of the UK's Computational Community Project 5 (CCP5). First releases in 1993 it has progressed to version 4.09 serving a large community of academic and industrial researchers. This mailing list is not a replacement for your own work, nor is it a replacement for your supervisor's work. This mailing list is a voluntary endeavour: nobody is entitled to an answer, even less to an immediate answer.

This list is for discussion of teaching all aspects of science and technology on Diagnostic Radiography BSc courses and other undergraduate or postgraduate medical imaging courses to include teaching basic physics, digital radiography, CT, MRI, PET, RNI, radiobiology and radiation protection.

Mailing list DUNE UK academics

DUNE UK general mailing list

UK computing topics for the DUNE experiment

UK activities for Data Acquisition(DAQ) development for the DUNE long-baseline neutrino experiment.

Mailing list for the DUNE UK Physics WP

This list has been retained 01/03/2021 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list This list is for staff and students of the Beltane Public Engagement Network interested in Science, Medicine, Maths and Engineering wishing to receive information from both the general Edinburgh Beltane mails about public engagement and additional public engagement related information specifically relevant to STEM Communication.

UK support for the European Incoherent Scatter radars located in Northern Scandinavia.

An email list encompassing all members of the EPN 2024 RI (Europlanet 2024 Research Infrastructure) finance, admin, scientific, Transnational Access leads, all officers (including impact)

Project Management Committee mailing list EPN 2024 RI

Mailing list for a future circular electron positron collider. General news, Silicon Tracker R&D, DAQ R&D

List is to support staff working in radiotherapy departments using the Flexiplan HDR (High-Dose Rate) planning system

This list is to provide user support, announcements, and feedback relating to the FORCinel software package: a free set of analysis tools for the rock magnetism community for the processing of first order reversal curve FORC diagams.

Announcement list for those assisting astronomers via the Galaxy Zoo project. Primarily used to announce new science results and research opportunites.

List of volunteers for the Galaxy Zoo project

List of Galaxy Zoo members

For members of the Muon g-2 experiment at FNAL and of GridPP to support the on boarding of UK computing sites.

This is a group to aide communication between people working on clouds within the GridPP project.

Discussion list for users of the PPARC GridPP Project

Email distribution list for the Herschel ATLAS Key Project

The list will be used to disseminate and exchange information in connection with the work and consultation of the ICFA Neutrino Panel.

Scientific meeting announcements in (Bio)Inorganic Chemistry, following up on ECOSTBio COST Action (CM1305), which include conferences, workshops, summer schools, etc. <HTML> Scientific meeting announcements in (Bio)Inorganic Chemistry, following up on ECOSTBio COST Action (CM1305), which include conferences, workshops, summer schools, etc. </HTML>

Job announcements in Inorganic Chemistry, following up on ECOSTBio COST Action (CM1305) <HTML> Job announcements in Inorganic Chemistry, following up on ECOSTBio COST Action (CM1305) </HTML>

This is the email distribution list for the International Commission for Planetary Atmospheres and their Evolution (ICPAE).

This is the mailing list for the Fluid Dynamics Seminar in the Department of Mathematics at Imperial College London.

This list is used for seminar and other announcements from the Institute of Nuclear Medicine Physics group at University College London

List to facilitate discussions and communications relating to strategy development for the IRIS project.

The "JASMIN-NAMe" list is to support a collaboration between the UK Met Office and a number of UK Universities. It is used for information sharing within the community of users running NAME on JASMIN. It can also be used to ask questions of the other experts within this community.

To support interactions between web mangers within the Research Councils and their institutes

This list is used by the members of the JHI to make announcements of up and coming events/seminars to it's Astrophysics community.

An email list for the JULES Process Evaluation Group looking at canopy structure

Labastro is an initiative of ASTRONET to coordinate physical, chemical and astronomical work in the field of experimental and theoretical laboratory astrophysics.

Announcements, discussions and coordination of UK R&D on silicon vertexing and tracking at a future linear collider.

E-mail list for the London Institute for Field Theory and Particle Physics

A mailing list for lightsource communicators, to exchange good practice on communicating synchrotron science.

The London Cosmology Group: Observational and Theoretical Cosmologists from University College, Imperial College, Queen Mary College and King's College, London.

Mailing lists for announcements to UK astronomers involved in/ interested in the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope and related science.

The list is for administrators of LZ VO (LUXZEPLIN experiment Virtual organisation). The LZ VO voms server is hosted by GridPP (Grid for Particle Physics);https://voms.gridpp.ac.uk:8443/voms/lz/voms/lz/.

Support and news mailing list for Magres View, the CCP-NC software for visualisation of computed NMR data.

Maths on Ice are monthly online seminars on research in Mathematical Glaciology.

This mailing list is meant to facilitate communication between the developers of the MAUS software.

The list is for scientists, engineers and clinicians working in academia and healthcare to discuss issues and ideas related to diagnostic and therapeutic Medical Ultrasound.

This list nucleates from former participants to a series of conferences organised by the Institute of Physics Biological Physics Group on Quantitative Methods in Gene Regulation.

Mailing list for MICE Collaboration Board

This list is for the discussion of the functionality of the MICE CDB. It is intended for anyone who wishes to store data or retrieve data from the CDB.

Email list for MICE Executive Board communication This is a sub-list of MICE

The is email list is to coordinate the stray magnetic field mitigation work going on within the MICE collaboration.

MICE Operations email list

The MICE experiment will include two short sections of 201 MHz linac. The implementation of the amplifiers required to deliver 8 MW of power is being performed by a team drawn from DL, CERN, Imperial, LBNL, Mississippi, and RAL. This mailing list will be used to help coordinate the work.

This forum is for discussion of software issues related to MICE, the Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment. Feel free to post detailed analyses of technical software issues, bug reports, code organization, etc. Ideas on general principles/framework are also welcome.

This list is the electronic information point for the Mineral Physics Group of The Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland. The list is also a forum open to all scientists interested in mineral physics.

The MIST mailing list is for messages and announcements of interest to the UK MIST (Magnetosphere Ionosphere and Solar Terrestrial physics) community. Information about MIST may be found on the Web site: http://www.mist.ac.uk/

The list will provide a forum for discussions, queries, help requests for researchers using Keith Refson's molecular-dynamics computer simulation package, Moldy.

News for the molecular dynamics and chemical physics community.

To enable discussion between registered Medical Physics Experts (MPEs) and aspiring MPEs to improve understanding of the Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposures) Regulations (IRMER) to protect individuals subject to medical exposures using ionising radiation.

This list is used by the clinical MR physics community to discuss topics related to research, teaching and service support.

Discussion group for the UK Non-Crystalline Diffraction synchrotron radiation user community.

A group for researchers and practitioners interested in the study of networks in the context of crime. The list is intended to be used for announcements, discussion and the formation of research collaborations.

This list will be used for communication by the UK neutrino community.

A mailing list to promote and document a discussion around NeXus file format definitions and data processing workflows for the magnetic and resonant x-ray scattering international community, with the goal of promoting and exploiting FAIR data in our science area.

The International Design Study of the Neutrino Factory

This is the class of PhD students from Surrey, Huddersfield, Strathclyde and QUB who started on the Next Generation of Accelerators CDT course in 2011

A list for the 2012 cohort of PhD students in the Doctoral Training Centre for Next Generation Accelerators. They are at Huddersfield, Strathclyde, Surrey and Belfast

The Noble Gas Geochemistry Network is used for the exchange of information on noble gas measurements for Earth Sciences in the UK

Co-ordination of HEP Grid/e-Science activities between Universities of Lancaster, Liverpool, Manchester and Sheffield and CLRC Daresbury Laboratory.

The Nuclear Culture Research Group brings together academics artists and nuclear professionals to discuss ideas and opportunities around nuclear history, site and archive, with a particular emphasis on decommissioning and future nuclear technologies. This mailing list will enhance research dialogues around curation, artistic production, collaboration with scientific colleagues and theory.

The nuSTORM facility is being proposed to measure neutrino-nucleon scattering cross sections, to search for sterile neutrinos and to serve a variety of R&D programmes for future muon-based accelerator facilities and neutrino detectors. At the time of writing, an LOI has been submitted to, and well received by, the FNAL PAC (see https://indico.fnal.gov/conferenceDisplay.py?confId= 5710). This list is intended to aid communication between those in the UK who would like to make a contribution to this exciting project. <HTML> The nuSTORM facility is being proposed to measure neutrino-nucleon scattering cross sections, to search for sterile neutrinos and to serve a variety of R&D programmes for future muon-based accelerator facilities and neutrino detectors. At the time of writing, an LOI has been submitted to, and well received by, the FNAL PAC (see https://indico.fnal.gov/conferenceDisplay.py?confId= 5710). This list is intended to aid communication between those in the UK who would like to make a contribution to this exciting project. </HTML>

Discussion list for users of OptaDOS

This list is for NCEO scientists concerned with datasets of aerosol and cloud properties derived from imager data.

This is an informal STFC Particle Astrophysics mailing list. This list will be used for the circulation of information considered to be relevant to the wider Particle Astrophysics Community.

Discussion forum to develop and coordinate UK-wide particle physics public engagement activities, sharing best practice and resources.

Organisational mailing list supporting the Particle Accelerators for Science and Innovation project.

UK subset of the PASI (Particle Accelerators for Science and Innovation) list.

For discussion of Physics Education Research in the UK

This group is intended for users of Philips Nuclear Medicine systems. It is a support network for those using these systems for research and development work.

A UK Physical Sciences Centre discussion list, for educational issues within the Physics Higher Education community. It will also carry announcements of events, publications and other items of interest. Sublist of physsci-education.

This list is primarily set up for teachers of the physical sciences UK in higher education. The physical sciences covered include chemistry, physics, astronomy and forensic science. The list is intended to be used for discussion of all topics relating to the teaching of the physical sciences.

Pride in STEM is a charitable trust run by an independent group of LGBT+ scientists & engineers from around the world. Proud of who we are and what we do. We aim to showcase and support all LGBT+ people in STEM fields.

A general discussion forum on logical, semantic, and categorical methods in quantum information, computation, and programming languages

Email list for the management of Quantum Sensors for Fundamental Physics

This list will be used to support the work of the NERC thematic project "RAPID-WATCH" which is aimed at studying the effects of changes in the Atlantic Thermohaline Circulation.

Distribution of news on RAS activities (primarily meetings, grant opportunities etc.)

This list provides an email distribution service for the announcement of job opportunities within the astronomical and earth sciences, as part of the service strategy of the Royal Astronomical Society.

This lists facilitates discussion between UK scientists interested in radiative transfer.

News of laboratory improvement activities and events in HE from the S-Lab (Safe, Successful and Sustainable Labs) initiative

Sci-Art-Met is a platform for collaborative action, bringing together the best of interdisciplinary research and holistic practitioners for action on global health and wellbeing.

This list has been retained 08/10/2021 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list A forum for discussing and sharing plans, ideas and resources to improve science and interdisciplinary STEM education across the UK, improving information sharing, reducing duplication of effort, and enhancing collaboration. It is aimed at professional development providers, teacher trainers, and those working to improve delivery, policy, research and resources in science and STEM education. Members can post conferences, resources, job adverts, ask questions, identify others working on similar projects etc.

Those involved in the South East Physics Network.

Information about public engagement training,funding and participation opportunities

Spectrally High resolution Infrared measurements for the characterisation of Volcanic Ash (SHIVA): a new way to study volcanic processes <HTML> http://www.atm.ox.ac.uk/project/volcano/wiki/index.php/SHIVA </HTML>

Email list for the SoLid Institute Board

This is used to promote programmatic and technical discussion relevant to UK science and engineering research in space weather.

Discussion and information distribution list serving the spectroscopy community worldwide.

Email distribution list for the UK consortium members of the proposed European Space Agency SPICA space telescope

To enable discussion of Omicron Scanning Probe Microscopy instruments and software.

Starlink Software User Support: Starlink's main objectives are to provide and coordinate leading edge interactive data reduction and analysis tools for use in research by UK Astronomy,STP and Solar scientists.

A list to connect public engagement practitioners in SUPA (Scottish Universities Physics Alliance) institutions.

Forum for European experts in space weather applications related science. It promotes the development of European space weather capabilities. This includes knowledge transfer into space weather applications and research into the underpinning science.

A list for the discussion about PET-MR and other multi-modality phantoms

The UK-EELT list is a subscription based mailing list to alert members of the UK community on developments of the Extremely Large Telescope program. It will cover relevant news and announcements from the UK and the European Southern Observatory (ESO) and other partner countries.

The UK-SOSS mailing list includes the email addresses of researchers and students in the area of Solar Physics and related topics, from mainly the United Kingdom. This list is primarily used to make public annoucements on the arrangement and update of the seminars.

This list has been retained 06/10/2021 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list Established in 1996, the aims of the UK PET Physics Group (previously the UK PET SIG) are to share common experience and where practical to co-ordinate efforts in areas of mutual interest amongst the participating institutions

This list is used by members of the UK Polar Network for collaboration among young UK polar researches and the announcement of research, funding, and conference opportunities

Mailing list used to communicate changes, updates, releases of the UKRmol/UKRmol+ inner region suite.

The UKSP mailing list includes the email addresses of members of the Solar Physics and related communities in the United Kingdom, and also some overseas participants. Members of this list receive a fortnightly newsletter including announcements, news and job advertisements.

Discussion and announcement list for the user community of the Versatile X-ray Spectroscopy Facility (VXSF) at the University of Leeds, funded by the Sir Henry Royce Institute.

Mailing list to support communication between different partners in AHRC project, "Innovating in Combat: Telecommunications and intellectual property in World War One". The subject of discussion will be centred about military telecommunications in World War One and related project administration.

This list is for all parties interested in organising events as part of International Year of Light 2015.