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A restricted discussion list for providers of drug and/or alcohol misuse courses, mainly within the HE and FE sector.

SICSA Affective Computing workshop to be held at Abertay early next year (date to be announced)

Establishing and constructing an alternative heuristics for the study of the human subject and existence as whole, unique and dynamic, self-constructing totalities

Ubiquitous computing leads to a convergence between architectural design and HCI. HCI - Human-computer interaction research studies human behavior/cognitive events. HCI research methods are valuable for designing buildings that meet users needs. Architects skills are vital for designing interactive technologies in buildings.

This list is for discussion of issues and dissemination of information in relation to the promotion of cross disciplinary perspectives on understanding 'antisocial personality disorder' (and related diagnoses and categories.

This is a discussion list for anyone involved in attitudes research whether it is methodological, theoretical or applied.

This list is used to communicate with all members of the Applied Vision Association

BACP Workplace Managers jiscmail provides a forum for divisional members who are managers of workplace counselling services to discuss issues with colleagues, share information, advertise relevant events and share good practice.

BACP Workplace Members JiscMail provides a forum for divisional members to discuss issues with colleagues and share information.

This list is used to facilitate communication within the special interest group for bariatric psychologists and psychiatrist, in order promote the development of national clinical guidelines and facilitate research in this area as well as publicise important publications, projects and developments in the field.

The list aims at fostering the use of experimental methods and behavioural insights in health economics, policy, and management.

The list aims to circulate information on seminars, events and opportunities among behavioural and experimental researchers in the (broadly defined) London area. It also aims to promote the organisation of joint events to share ideas and build collaborative networks in the area of behavioural and experimental social sciences.

A mailing list for anyone interested in the links between reading fiction and non-fiction and health. Bibliotherapy, including Books on Prescription, reading groups, self-help etc.

Used by researchers and teachers using BNIM to explore questions of method and support each other's work.

This group is for researchers and students engaged with the work of the British psychoanalyst, Wilfred Bion (1897-1979), within the humanities (including, but not restricted to: literature, literary criticism, creative writing, film studies, coaching, pedagogy, psychology, social theory, critical theory).

The aim of this group is to encourage the advancement of research and theory around bisexuality including networking, collaborative research and sharing resources.

For sharing news and events relating to or emanating from the British Society of Criminology Wales Branch.

A community set up to discuss the relationship between Buddhist ideas and the delivery of Mental Health Care- for anyone with an interest in exploring the impact Buddhist thought and practice can have on our experience as professionals and or as users of the system.

This is a dedicated mailing list for CAMHS professionals to enable them to discuss issues, exchange information, gain and provide support to peers, problem solve etc in order to develop culturally competent CAMHS services.

A forum for sharing information and good practice for CBT practitioners within student services; counselling/therapy teams; wellbeing teams, etc. as well as for students practicing CBT. If you have any interesting journal articles/books; short CPD type courses to promote; or just wanting to link into others in the field, this may well be the list for you!

This list connects up researchers and practitioners in order to explore the conceptual development and empirical evidence for using Eye Movement Desensitization with Children and Adolescents

This list is used by CHIME (the EPSRC Music and HCI Network) to discuss ideas and plan events, workshops and other network activities.

This is a mailing list for communication with users of the Chandler House functional near-infrared spectroscopy lab.

cii Mail Group will keep interested parties informed of its events, projects and publications. The Group will also allow members to post relevant information to the list.

This network is for anyone with interests in climate change and it's effect on mental health. Open to academics, practitioners, and interested citizens.

The cog-sci-rel-l mailing list serves the interdisciplinary community of scholars researching the cognitive science of religion.

The COGNIT mailing list was used for the discussion and distribution of information to researchers interested in inter-disciplinary research in the areas of Cognitive Science and Information Technology in the Bristol and Bath area. The list was closed in 2015 due to a lack of recent activity but old posts are still available on this website.

This list is primarily for Classicists interested in the interaction of cognitive science with classical material, but it is also intended to be a place for interdisciplinary connection with those in e.g. cognitive humanities, psychology, philosophy, neuroscience. It is primarily a forum for the dissemination of relevant information on conferences, seminars, publications, research projects, etc.

Welcome to the Community Health Workers' Internet Forum, an online group for Health Visitors, District Nurses and Support Nurses with an interest or involvement in the practice, research, development or theory of Community Health.

The Community Psychology Discussion List is used for discussion and dissemination between UK based community psychologists.

This list is for teaching and curriculum development practitioners in Higher Education who have an interest in embedding and assessing compassion into the degree programmes they design and/or teach on.

Discussion group for psychologists associated with the clinical work and research of the Conatus child psychology practice; opportunities for members to exchange ideas, expertise and opinion concerning current topics in child psychology

A forum for lecturers, teachers and trainers working in counselling and psychotherapy teaching / training in Higher Education in the UK, to share information, practice, ideas relating to the teaching and management of counselling and psychotherapy programmes.

A list for the discussion and contributions to field of counselling, therapy and research within HE in UK.

Cognitive Psychology UK is a list created to bring together people interested in cognition research. The list will post details of conferences, jobs available, test and experiment resources and allow members to raise and discuss their individual interests.

Creative Arts in Health as an aid to recovery is building a research evidence base following the UK Government report in 2017 which is actively promoting the use of the arts in health and wellbeing.

CRIM-ETHNOG is a list for the discussion of ethnographic research into crime, deviance, social control, victimisation, exclusion and other related areas. The list is a place for discussing practical, ethical, legal, theoretical, methodological and epistemological dimensions of ethnographic research. Although "criminological" in scope, the list is open to contributors from other disciplines.

This list will promote the discussion and network of academics in the UK who are currently working on the evaluation of crime reduction and disorder projects.

This list is for practitioners and academics wishing to build networks and discuss current criminal justice issues. Also a way for CCJS to announce current activities of interest to the members.

This list is intended as a support and information network for postgradate criminologists.

Information and discussion forum for issues involving critical thinking. Topics encouraged include critical thinking - models, constructs, development and measurement.

For attendees of the interdisciplinary seminar series, with critical interest in the construction and management of gender sexuality in the medical, discursive and cultural spheres.

RESEARCHING HOW EUROPEAN INTEGRATION SHAPES THE WAY WE LIVE The Centre for Research on the European Matrix (CRonEM) is a new multidisciplinary research centre housed in the School of Politics at the University of Surrey. At CRonEM, we research European integration as a matrix of overlapping layers of governance, institutions and processes that shape how people of this continent live their lives and are governed, as well as how Europe engages the rest of the world. Our Mail Group will keep interested parties informed of our events and will also allow members to exchange information with each other. CRONEM was previously known as the Centre for Research on Nationalism, Ethnicity and Multiculturalism. A legacy page which hosts information about CRONEM’s previous work and events (2004-12) will be available soon at www.surrey.ac.uk/cronem Please see below an archive of previous postings (September 2005 - August 2012).

This listserv is for discussions relating to the work undertaken by the Chester Research Unit for the Psychology of Health and its collaborators.

This email list is going to be used by the academics of Royal Holloway, University of London, Roehampton University, University of Surrey and Brunel University who are associated with MRI at Combined Universities Brain Imaging Centre

Cultnet is made up of a group of researchers and lecturers who share an interest in culture, intercultural communication and education. The group aims to develop research collaborations and publications, to share teaching material related to culture, and to provide a supportive environment in which doctoral students and researchers can meet to exchange ideas and support one another's professional development. It primarily includes researchers in the areas of languages, linguistics, education, and psychology but all with an interest in culture are welcome.

This list supports networking, discussion and knowledge sharing for academic purposes in the subject of Cycling and Trauma.

An announcement list for Loughborough's Discourse and Rhetoric Group, serving up weekly data sessions and other delights since 1987.

This is a local list for DARG at Loughborough. You can email dargcoordinator@lboro.ac.uk if you think you should be on this list.

This list is used by academics and other interested individuals involved in the study of dark / thanatourism.

This list will provide relevant announcements to all postgraduates and Stage two trainees within Scotland. This will include jobs and funding opportunities as well as relevant training days and conferences. The list can also be used by Health Psychology postgraduates and trainees to network and ask others in the Health Psychology community in Scotland for advice. This list is run by the postgraduate representatives from the Division of Health Psychology-Scotland committee.

Drama Theory generalises game theory by applying the metaphor of drama to human interaction. Analysis focuses on how characters frame, resolve and are transformed by interactions. It embraces irrationality and emotions. Applications in peace studies, politics, psychology, economics and HCI.

The Disability Research Centre (DRC) promotes and conducts high quality interdisciplinary research about disability in society. The mission of the DRC is to highlight both the ordinariness and the relative invisibility of disability by (i) Seeking to understand different dimensions of the social and cultural (re) production of disability in society; (ii) Producing creative, academic and embodied knowledges exposing the often unequal treatment of disabled people; (iii). Engaging in both scholarly and practical research that renders the lives of disabled people, and the knowledges underpinning them, visible and vital; (iv). Providing a resource, and focal point, for disabled people of all ages to engage with (in) academic environments; and, (v). Developing positive, constructive, constructions of disabled peopleâ& 128;™s identities.

The list is intended for domestic violence practitioners, researchers and religious stakeholders to share new research, training materials and experiences to build good practices together and to promote more integrated approaches to addressing domestic violence in religious communities. It is linked to the UKRI-funded project "Bridging religious studies, gender & development and public health to address domestic violence: A novel approach for Ethiopia, Eritrea and the UK" led by Dr Romina Istratii (SOAS) and the webinar "Addressing domestic violence in religious communities: Taking stock of lessons and approaches in the era of decolonising knowledge."

Through this list members of the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction Special Interest Group on Writing (EARLI SIG Writing), and interested others, can receive news and announcements regarding the group's activities. The list does not allow open discussion.

This is the official list of the ECPR Standing Group Participation and Mobilisation. It serves as one of the main communication channels of the Standing Group members. The list will be used to communicate activities organised by the Standing Group or the ECPR, as well as a means of communications among members in relation to research activities, publications or other pieces of information of general interest to the research community interested in topics relating to participation and mobilization. The Standing Group and this list is open to academics in any region of the world.

The Eating Disorders Special Interest Group of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. Interests include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, atypical eating disorders

Embodiment is the bodily aspect of subjectivity. It underpins emotion, language, thought and social interaction.

A forum for EMDR practitioners to share research ideas, clinical issues and knowledge sharing.

Our focus is on scholarly and research active that focuses on varying perspectives of emotion within the context of criminal justice.

Discussion and notices list for the British Psychological Society Engineering Psychology Special Interest Group. All aspects of human factors and ergonomics research covered. Also for notices of meetings and enquiries.

Environmental-Labour-Research@jiscmail.ac.uk is a multidisciplinary mailing list for researchers who are interested in the relationship between labour, trade unions, production, sustainable development and globalisation/North-South relations.

The EnvPsy mailing list is for all those interested in environment-behaviour relations. It is the listserv of IAPS. The list will be of interests to psychologists, geographers, planners, architects, sociologists and all other disciplines which have an interest in people-environment transactions.

EPNET: The Educational Psychology List - A forum for the exchange of ideas and information among University research/teaching staff working in the field of Educational Psychology and Educational Psychologists throughout the UK and elsewhere

This list has been set up to promote discussion amongst practitioners and researchers in the field of ergonomics and human factors.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To reply to the INDIVIDUAL sender, chose 'reply' in your email client. To reply to the ENTIRE list, chose 'reply all' in your email client. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Email discussion list for the European Survey Research Association --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

This list was created by a group of researchers with a particular interest in ethnicity, culture and religion and the ways they impact upon people's experiences of reproduction; especially involuntary childlessness. It is an open forum for the exchange of ideas relating to all aspects of ethnicity, infertility and reproduction.

This list is used by the early career members of the European Society for Prevention Research (EUSPR) to share information concerning prevention-related funding, job opportunities, upcoming conferences and publications. For further information, please visit http://euspr.org/early-careers-forum/

The event marketing list enables academics and selected practitioners to discuss current research and issues in this growing field of marketing. Encompasses experiential marketing activities and all forms of promotional events. Areas of interest are: design and creativity; event marketing and IMC; effectiveness evaluation etc.

To provide an interdisciplinary, supportive and easily accessible network for individuals actively involved/interested in the study of 'extraordinary' experiences (such as religious, spiritual, 'anomalous' experiences, etc.).

This list is intended for scientists and clinicians interested in all aspects of eye movement studies. The list is intended to host general discussions, conference and meeting information, discussion of methods, models, apparatus etc.

To discuss the issues around the fear of crime - one of the fastest growing areas of academic and policy-related criminological research. Research has been undertaken across the world and it is expected that this list will reflect this. Key words: fear, crime, criminology, crime policy.

A discussion forum for those studying food banks, food security and food poverty in the UK. Includes ethnography, discursive, political, economic and critical research approaches. Share information about events, meetings, publications and research proposals. Takes an international perspective on food banks around the world.

This list will serve a growing community of researchers using GABA MRS, both those seeking to improve the methods and those applying them to studies of normal brain function and disease.

This list provides a forum for anyone engaged in matters relating to graduate employment and employability. It intends to promote high-level debate on these issues, particularly to challenge much of the current, intellectually questionable orthodoxy.

This discussion list supporting research and collaboration around the areas of happiness and wellbeing for the members for the British Sociological Association Happiness Study Group

Academia and Industry discussion forum for researchers interested in Human-Data Interaction

The network aims to improve collaboration between postgraduates. The network can be used as a forum for discussions, advice and ideas and practical advice on methodologies. The network can also be used to information on relevant conferences and updates on developments in health psychology.

The list is used to inform Stage 2 trainee health psychs of issues related to their training

The Higher Education Race Action Group (HERAG) aims to support institutions and equality practitioners in advancing race equality and changing the culture of the higher education #sector. HERAG meets three times a year and anyone with an interest in race equality is welcome to come along to the meetings.

This network is designed to facilitate communication and collaboration amongst the members of the IAPS organisation who are interested in matters of place, place attachment and place identity.

The list supports the IAPS Sustainability network and aims to bring together IAPS scientists with an interest in sustainability issues.

This list is used by the IAREP Hon Sec, President and Hon Treasurer to communicate with members about matters concerning the formal processes of IAREP such as election of officers, and academic events such as the annual colloquium. Members similalrly use the list to communicate with each other, on matters such as academic vacancies or studentships etc.

This list exists for behavioural and social scientists actively committed to high quality academic research in the field of intellectual disability.

IDANET (Individual Differences and Assessment Network is a JISCMAIL administered listserv network for students, academic researchers and professionals involved in thedefinition, theory, and measurement of individual differences. The net members are drawn from the areas of experimental, clinical, and educational research, encompassing fields as diverse as psychophysiological assessment, psychometrics, personality theory and measurement, and cognitive ability. The range of specialisations encompassed within individual differences research provides for a rather wider content area than most other listservs. However, that is why individual differences research remains so interesting and challenging. Idanet is a fairly "quiet" listserv in that mainly information is imparted by its members through the emails, although it does spring into some lively debates every now and then! Quality, not quantity is the motto!

This is the distribution list for the IOP (Institute of Psychiatry) Journal Club, held weekly in term time at the Institute of Psychiatry, London SE5 8AF

The list is to circulate organisational and logistical information to the members of the London Behavioural & Experimental Group (LBEG) about the initiatives of the group.

LGBT Health Research UK is a multidisciplinary group that aims to; promote equality in health and wellbeing for LGBT populations, promote equity in treatment & care services, and to influence wider public policy on LGBT health by; encouraging, facilitating and conducting research, and by developing and disseminating good practice in education & training of health and social care practitioners.

Promotion of education, research and effective professional practice in consultation-liaison psychiatry and related fields, including psychosomatics and health psychology.

The Liaison-Psychiatry-TNC is meant for anyone with a GMC registration up to the level of new consultant (less than 5 years in post) for dissemination of information on training, clinical/academics, meetings/conferences, jobs and relevant policy issues in the UK.

News, queries and discussion of information resources for Psychology.

This discussion list is for librarians that support learning, teaching and research in psychology and related disciplines, e.g. Neuroscience, Psychosocial Studies.

MAIDD (Mindfulness Acceptance and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities) exists to create communities of researchers and academic practitioners interested in the application of mindfulness and acceptance-based approaches to support individuals with ID and/or autism and families and carers.

This is the mailing list for the research group on Mathematical Psychology and Neuroscience at City, UoL.

Sharing thoughts and information about the significance of mature learners in education and their roles in society.

A group of professionals involved in providing, supervising and researching Mentalization Based Therapy for Eating Disorders

This list is for information sharing, discussion and debate between all those involved in learning and teaching about mental health, within higher education, across the disciplines and professions in the East Midlands Region. It complements, and feeds in to, the work of the Mental Health in Higher Education project (mhhe) - a project of the Higher Education Academy.

This list is for information sharing, discussion and debate between all those involved in learning and teaching about mental health, within higher education, across the disciplines and professions in the West Midlands Region. It complements, and feeds into, the work of the Mental Health in Higher Education project (mhhe) - a project of the Higher Education Academy Sub-List of MHHE

Interdisciplinary list of researchers working on 'moments of change' (context changes when habits are disrupted)

This is the mailing list of the Moral Panic Research Network. The purpose of the Network is to bring together: scholars from a variety of disciplines who share an interest in moral panics; media practitioners, including journalists; and anyone else with an interest in moral panics. #The network is intended to be as open as possible, in order to stimulate discussion from a variety of perspectives; anyone who is interested in moral panics is very welcome to join the network.

The principal aim of the Network (funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council) is to enable cross-cultural and interdisciplinary dialogue on the study of motherhood, exploring what representations and narratives of motherhood in contemporary women-authored European literatures can contribute to different disciplines.

This mailing list serves to connect practitioners, social researchers, academics and students working in the fields of multiculturalism, cultural equality and intercultural relations. It aims to plan and discuss knowledge exchange events which will promote more engaged social research that it valuable in local communities.

The list can be used to make announcements to the multimodal research community and to discuss relevant issues.

This list is managed by Dr Evangelos Himonides (UCL), on behalf of the Society for Education and Music Psychology Research (sempre), and aims to serve as a discussion forum for researchers working at the shared boundaries of science and music. This list was previously managed by the Institute of Musical Research.

National Centre for the Study and Prevention of Violence and Abuse information and newsletter.

This list is for the use of anyone working in primatology who is based in the north of England. It can be used to ask for help, disseminate information about meetings and inform people about interesting research developments.

Building the research community to establish pathways and protocols for referral, rehabilitation and transitions between rehabilitation and palliative care, for brain cancer patients

International network of researchers, practitioners & community members addressing challenges faced by neurodivergent people in the criminal justice system

An email list for all clinicians and researchers interested in relationships, social context and neurological conditions. A platform to share relevant CPD events, publications, networking opportunities, and recruitment for research.

This list is to provide NLP ideas and working practices in learning, teaching and management

This list is used by the Non-religion and Secularity Research Network (NSRN) to make announcements regarding the academic study of non-religion and secularity. The NSRN-DISCUSS list is available for enquiries and discussion.

This list is used by the Non-religion and Secularity Research Network NSRN to make enquiries and hold discussion related to study of non-religion and secularity. The NSRN-ANNOUNCE list is available for more formal announcements.

This discussion group will explore the factors that contribute to the poor outcomes that children in care experience. It is hoped that the conversations, experience and evidence will inspire more research around the education and social outcomes for this group of people.

List designed to serve as a forum for clinical psychologisty, neuro-psychologists and other psycho-social staff working in paediatric oncology to design research and intervention projects and to work collaboratively across centres. The list will also serve as a communication point to disseminate service development and related service issues. The list will ensure communication and the pooling of resources for all psycho-social staff working with children and adolescents who have cancer and with their families.

List for announcements and discussion of the emerging field of adolescent-to-parent abuse - for researchers, practitioners and policymakers

This list offers both a forum for the discussion of Personal Construct Psychology,in terms of the theoretical and methodological concerns of this discipline, and an analysis of the relationship between this discipline and other perspectives within the social sciences.

This list complements the general PCP list with a specialist list for the mutual support of those using and developing computer-based tools in empirical PCP research, including conceptual/repertory grid elicitation and analysis, content analysis, concept mapping, and other constructivist tools. It is intended to allow experience and good practices in tools usage to be shared by the research community, and to help newcomers, particularly graduate students, in making effective use of available tools. It is also hoped that it will provide a forum for developing requirements for a new generation of tools, and encourage their development.

The list is aimed at encouraging collaboration between UK services conducting clinical and research trials for children being treated for a brain tumour.

The preference elicitation group is for economists, psychologists, philosophers, behavioural and management scientists, and others interested in the elicitation of people's preferences for 'goods', with particular emphasis on health and health care. The list supports dissemination of relevant details of the annual Preference Elicitation Group (PEG) conference.

Brings together social scientists with an interest in the use of arts-based and humanities methods in the production and dissemination of social science data.

This jismail list seeks to bring together postgraduate social scientists working in the area of assisted reproduction across the UK and overseas. It will function as a means to connect researchers working in this specific area of health research and allow them to share research ideas, opportunities and events.

List of people involved in the Pluralistic Practice Steerig group working to link-up practitioners and academics, and disseminate knowledge around pluralistic counselling and psychotherapy practice

This is the mailing list for the special interest group for UK psychologists working in childhood brain tumour.

This is the mailing and communications list for the Psychology of Women & Equalities Section of the BPS (British Psychological Society).

The Uk based "Prediction Modelling in Psychiatric Research"group provides a forum for people interested in prediction modelling such as psychiatrists, psychologists, statisticians, bioinformaticians and computer scientists to discuss methodology (such as machine and statistical learning) in psychiatric and psychological sciences. <HTML> The Uk based "Prediction Modelling in Psychiatric Research"group provides a forum for people interested in prediction modelling such as psychiatrists, psychologists, statisticians, bioinformaticians and computer scientists to discuss methodology (such as machine and statistical learning) in psychiatric and psychological sciences. </HTML>

Research network designed to look at emerging issues in egalitarian political philosophy and public policy.

The purpose of the group and this mailing list is to get to know other MA and PhD students who are interested in and work in the field of Psychosocial Studies. We would like to organise events and conferences so we can get to know each other, network and share our research.

This list is for those in the UK who are active in research, education, and practice on the interface of psychology and religion. Its purpose is to share ideas, discuss potential collaboration, announce events and forthcoming publications, distribute calls for papers, seek advice, and generally keep up-to-date with new ideas.

A discussion list of methods to be used in psychological research. These could range from appropriate methodology for a research programme, to specific questions regarding the interpretation of a particular result. The list is broad based, encompassing both quantitative & qualitative approaches.

Mailing list managed by PsyPAG that supports the research of postgraduate psychologists. See our web site for more information: http://www.psypag.co.uk Postings could include: requests for recommended references, advice, questions, theory, research, thoughts, the Quarterly. Please do not post requests for journal articles to the list. <HTML> Mailing list managed by PsyPAG that supports the research of postgraduate psychologists. See our web site for more information: http://www.psypag.co.uk Postings could include: requests for recommended references, advice, questions, theory, research, thoughts, the Quarterly. Please do not post requests for journal articles to the list. </HTML>

A general contact, discussion and announcement list for Musedelica, a research group focussed on psychedelic music and issues surrounding psychoactive substances and music.

Discussion and information concerning psychological and psychiatric aspects of cancer care. Clinical and academic staff welcome

This list is used by members of the Network at the IGRS to discuss issues related to psychoanalysis and creative/performing arts

The list is used by memebers of the Network at the IGRS to discuss translation and other issues related to psychoanalysis in French studies.

This list is used by members of the Network at the IGRS to discuss translation and other issues related to psychoanalysis and Hispanic studies

This list is used by members of the Network at the IGRS to discuss translation and other issues related to psychoanalysis and Italian studies

This list is used by members of the Network at the IGRS to discuss issues related to psychoanalysis and politics

A list devoted to all aspects of qualitative research: methodological, theo retical and practical also intended to facilitate discussion of diverse qua litative research: interviewing, ethnography, participation observation, fo cus groups, biographical and life history studies

To promote and encourage the newly-developed qualitative research.

This list is tied to the recently formed Quantified Self Research Network which encourages interdisciplinary collaboration between those studying self tracking, wearable computing and the Quantified Self movement.

This list is dedicated to all scholars and stakeholders interested in questioning notions of reproductive ageing & timing, as well as how biotechnologies transform reproductive life.

RESILIENCE aims to bring together researchers interested in studying the resilience and well-being of students and trainees, the selection and recruitment of doctors, and career choices for students and trainees

This list is used by those interested in reverie research to share with each other and the wider community announcements, news, publications and other materials.

The list can be used to circulate information about events, workshops, conferences and publications relevant to rhythm research community.

The list is for discussion of matters relevant to the Special Interest Group for Research into Teaching of the British Psychological Society's Division of Teachers & Researchers in Psychology. Participation is not limited to psychologists or to strictly psychological teaching.

This is list is for sharing information about research, events and news relating to the social and behavioural science of cyber security. It is intended for an inter-disciplinary audience with participation welcomed from those in academia, industry and Government.

An official UK-based School Bullying network for researchers/academics in higher education to share advice, support and research studying bullying. Discuss current and new approaches to maintain diversity in bullying research. Identify important research questions and further new collaborations.

A multidisciplinary e-mailing list for those working in the field of sexual health, in research and applied settings.

This list is for those interested in solution-focused therapy/working who are also academics

This list is to increase dialogue between researchers in the UK and internationally in order to increase the pace, quality and scope of research into suicidality in autism.

This list aims to provide a forum for information, discussion and collaboration among speech and language therapists and others who are interested, or involved, in research into communication development and change, communication disability and-or disorders of feeding, swallowing and drinking.

The list will facilitate discussion of social network analysis amongst interested UK academics, and will facilitate organisation of off-line meetings.

This is an email list for the social data science interest group at the Alan Turing Institute for Data Science.

Social Mouth Research Network info, for those interested in social, historical and cultural context of mouth, dentistry and/or oral health.

This purpose of this list is to provide a forum for the discussion social norms internationally and the development of cross-cultural social norms research.

This list is for social work academics, practitioners and students who have an interest in learning more about alcohol and drugs. It is intended to allow sharing of information and information exchange between the target audience, for example, it will allow students to ask for information from practitioners and academics, academics to find out what others are doing and for practitioners to have a direct line to academics who are specialist in this area and vice versa.

This list is for anyone in the social, behavioural or economic sciences interested in behavioural spillover (i.e., when change in one behaviour leads to change in other behaviour/s) or unintended consequences from behaviour change interventions

This list has been retained 04/08/20 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list The SpLD forum aims to facilitate discussion about Specific Learning Difficulties including (but not limited to) Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, ADHD, Asperger's Syndrome. It will be of most interest to practitioners and researchers working with adult students/clients.

A research network for members to circulate the latest news and research relevant to the topic of Spontaneous Future Cognition.

The purpose is to enhance communication and network for health professionals involved in clinical care and research activity relating to reproductive health, sexuality, parenting and infant care.

Open to Universities and Students' Unions operating Mentoring or Befriending schemes within their institutions or who are involved in researching this area of work.

A list for students' associations joining Europlat as associate partners.

A list to connect South Wales counsellors, therapists, academics and students within the Social Sciences discipline.

Announcement list primarily although not exclusively for researchers and professionals working in health and social care settings for the dissemination of knowledge and information about traumatic brain injury and its wider effects on carers, relatives and families.

This group is for people who wish to explore and encourage the use of theatre and drama in qualitative research and teaching

This is the official mailing list of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES) Commission on the Anthropology of Tourism. The list is open to everyone with an interest in the anthropology of tourism. More info is available at http://www.iuaes.org/comm/tourism.html

This network is a multidisciplinary group encompassing individuals within University College London and its associated institutions such as NHS trusts who have a research interest in eating disorders.

This list is for announcements of developments in the UK-CDI - the UK version of the Communicative Development Inventories

The UK Society for Behavioural Medicine (UKSBM) works towards integrating knowledge of biology, behaviour and the environment to prevent and treat disease. It brings together, for for the first time in the UK, a range of disciplines that contribute to achieving this broad objective. They include epidemiology, health psychology, medical sociology, health economics, statistics as well as public health, primary care, psychiatry, oncology, cardiology and diabetology and other clinical specialties.

To send relevant course updates and information to clinical supervisors supporting candidates on the University of Bristol Neuropsychology Practice Programmes.

This list is owned and maintained by The Violence Research Group at the University of Wales College of Medicine. The list will promote discussion by academics & practitioners active in the area of violence prevention. Discussion of the relationship between alcohol and violence will be encouraged.

To exchange information about lectures, seminars and events of interest to those pursuing research in vision science and related disciplines

Vision and Vehicles concerns the use of vision in driving, including the perceptual andcognitive capabilities of the vehicle controller, in-vehicle displays and the visualenvironment, and the impact on vision of the design of vehicles.

This list is used by the Visitor Studies Group members to exchange ideas, knowledge and research findings related to visitor studies and evaluation.

A list for users of the Workplace Employment Relations Survey (WERS). This list is operated by NIESR on behalf of the WERS sponsors. A user-support site for the 2011 WERS is available at: www.wers2011.info

A bulletin of new research and discussion on eating and drinking behaviour

The Women and Mental Health Special Interest Group (formerly WIPSIG) is a subsection of the Royal College of Psychiatrists which promotes mental health services for women, their families and carers, and enables women psychiatrists to achieve their potential across the NHS, academic institutions and the independant sector.

A forum to promote discussion, disseminate ideas and share research findings in the field of young people's sexual and reproductive health.

This is a discussion forum for all those working or researching in the area of child and adolescent mental health nursing.

The Youth Study Mailing List is a forum for academics and others involved in the study of youth. It is linked to the British Sociological Association's 'Youth Study Group', but is open to all other interested parties. The list will be used as a resource for the announcement of relevant meetings, seminars, conferences, calls for papers and publications. It is also hoped that members will use the list to share and debate ideas as well as to draw upon a varied pool of knowledge and expertise.

For sharing information between vision researchers across Yorkshire Universities


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