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We wish to use this list to debate new findings and theories in the academic study of magic. We will use the list to publicise events, research and CFPs in the field.

This list supports researchers pursuing the comparative social study of long term (prehistoric to contemporary) urbanisation processes, urban life, and urban landscape development, established as an emergent field of interest at the ACUMEN workshop, 12-13 Dec. 2012 in Leeds. The list is used for learned discussion, research questions, community building, project collaborations, and relevant announcements.

Mailing List for the IASFM Working Group for Archiving and Documentation of History of Forced Migration. The Working Group seeks to document and preserve original history of forced migration at both national and international levels. We would like to generate new partnerships and networking opportunities for developing forced migration archives and for helping with the creation of knowledge on, and the collection, documentation and preservation of forced migration history. We recognise that there is a needto work on how knowledge in the field of forced migration is created/ produced and maintained. Our aim for this Working Group, therefore, will be to bring together researcher, academics, librarians, archivists, activists, advocates (i.e.NGOs) who are either interested in the history of forced migration and related fields, or are interested in the care and preservation of the archival and library collections that help to preserve the often hidden voices of the migration journey. With a focus on networking on history of forced migration, we will also address the growing critique of the divide between experts and forced migrants themselves. We would like to take steps to ensure that the documentation of testimonies associated with the migration journey are actively preserved. <HTML> Mailing List for the IASFM Working Group for Archiving and Documentation of History of Forced Migration. The Working Group seeks to document and preserve original history of forced migration at both national and international levels. We would like to generate new partnerships and networking opportunities for developing forced migration archives and for helping with the creation of knowledge on, and the collection, documentation and preservation of forced migration history. We recognise that there is a needto work on how knowledge in the field of forced migration is created/ produced and maintained. Our aim for this Working Group, therefore, will be to bring together researcher, academics, librarians, archivists, activists, advocates (i.e.NGOs) who are either interested in the history of forced migration and related fields, or are interested in the care and preservation of the archival and library collections that help to preserve the often hidden voices of the migration journey. With a focus on networking on history of forced migration, we will also address the growing critique of the divide between experts and forced migrants themselves. We would like to take steps to ensure that the documentation of testimonies associated with the migration journey are actively preserved. </HTML>

Informal group of scholars working in Northern Ireland (UK) and the Republic of Ireland (ROI) on African topics.

For members of the Association of History and Computing-UK Branch and interested others to discuss the uses of computers and computer-assisted methods in research and teaching within the UK.

This Jiscmail has been set up to facilitate connections between UK based researchers, and researchers in the Labex Pasts in the Present cluster of excellence (Labex PasP) who are interested in applying for the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and Labex PasP 2021 joint funding opportunity. This funding opportunity will support collaborative transnational and transcultural research across one or more of the themes of: The environmental arts and humanities: landscapes, memory, and experiences #Controversial and contested pasts and heritages Futures and futurology: anticipating, imagining and understanding diverse futures Projects are expected to start on 1 February, 2022 and last between 18-30 months. #This funding opportunity closes on 5 October 2021, at 16:00 GMT+1.

The ALCS list aims to promote the scholarly study and teaching of the language, culture, history and society of the Low Countries by facilitating communication between interested scholars and teachers.

This list is for communicating information about the activities of the Anglo-Russian Research Network.

There are contested categories in the history of lgbtq studies involving the extent to which modern concepts may be roled back into history. This list will assemble evidence showing cultural diversity across information spaces but with the intention to enhance theory and practice through building new information processing tools.

The list will be used by the network to create a database of potential partners and collaborators, as well as communicating events, sending invitations, updates and calls

Announcements of interest to architectural historians in further and higher education and heritage bodies: calls for papers; conferences; lectures; publications; courses; funds; vacancies; organisations.

An email list for participants of our monthly Teaching and Learning in Archaeology and Heritage virtual roundtables. A informal space to discuss challenges and share good practice.

This list is used to disseminate information about the Archives Hub service to its user community

The Argentina Research Network (ARN) brings together academics, researchers and postgraduate students from a wide range of disciplines who share a research interest in Argentina. http://argentinaresearchnetwork.wordpress.com/ It provides a forum that aims to improve interaction, the dissemination of information, sharing of research and fostering of academic discussion among researchers of Argentina, primarily in the UK and Ireland. It collaborates with broader European and Latin American networks and institutions to stage joint workshops and events whilst maintaining a country-specific focus. ARN was formed in 2009 due to the growing level of academic interest in Argentina. Please see our website and click "follow" to receive information about our events http://argentinaresearchnetwork.wordpress.com/

Association for Art History - Higher Education issues.

A site devoted to the discussion and research of Victorian Cultural Philanthropy in Europe and USA. Supporting an international conference Art for Life's Sake: Women, Gender, Class and Victorian Cultural Philanthropy at Southampton Institute 16/17 November 2002.

ARZAWA aims to provide a platform for communication and collaboration between scholars working on the Late Bronze and Early Iron Ages (ca. 1600-500 BCE) in Western Anatolia.

Assemblage is an internationally recognised, peer-reviewed journal of archaeology, ISSN 1365-3881. assemblage is a volunteer-run publication, produced by postgraduates within the Department of Archaeology at the University of Sheffield.

AURA (Archives in the UK/ Republic of Ireland & AI): AHRC/ IRC Digital Humanities Research Network: Bringing together Digital Humanists, Computer Scientists & stakeholders to unlock cultural assets.

The email list for the Aviation and Aerospace Archives Initiative and those interested in the documentary heritage of Britain's contribution to and experience of aviation and aerospace.

The list has been set up to facilitate discussion on the Baltic States between and amongst scholars and practitioners in many different fields of research, both in terms of scholarship and teaching. In particular, this mailing list encourages the exchange of issues related to such topics as politics, foreign policy, security studies, society, culture, history, geography and so on.

BASA was established in 1991 to encourage research in the history of Black and Asian peoples in Britain. BASA organises workshops for teachers, participates in education conferences, and campaigns on educational and institutional racism issues. In 1999, BASA established the Black and Asian Archives Working Party (now the BASA Research Resources Working Party):BASA-research-resources@jiscmail.ac.uk.

For use by BASEES members to promote discussion and make announcements about events in Slavonic and East European Studies.

This list is used by Beyond Text award holders,their collaborators and the associated Arts and Humanities Research Council research community to disseminate information about the individual projects within the 5 year strategic programme.

The Birkbeck Pain Project is a two-year pilot project funded by the Wellcome Trust. Itsets out to advance our understanding between corporeality and culture by exploring thecomplex biomedical, neurological, psychological, cognitive, and sensory aspects of the body in pain.Our approach is both historical (1760s to the 1960s) and transcultural. We are analysingnarratives of pain from diverse communities, including those whose voices were seldomheard. These include slave populations, prisoners, the poor, immigrant and religiousgroups, and children.This list aims to bring together scholars working in pain studies from any discipline,particularly in the arts, humanities and social sciences. It is intended to provide anonline forum that encourages members to share ideas and knowledge, and where details ofconferences, seminars and new publications can be posted. This list has been retained 04/08/15. No one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. contact helpline@jiscmail.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list

The primary aim of this e-group will be to promote collaborative research and the dissemination of findings from academic and community-based studies, projects, and initiatives, as well as fostering the exchange of information re. meetings, seminars, conferences etc of mutual interest. The majority of messages will comprise progress reports of existing projects; information regarding new course modules and research findings; feedback re. key government and art councils policies and strategies; as well as listings of events, conferences, and seminars and funding opportunities. The membership will include academic and community researchers, practitioners, archivists, curators, librarians, and community activists and local historians. Equally important are people based in voluntary arts and cultural organisations, art councils, art centres, and interested members of the public.

This list supports the activities and goals of the Book History Postgraduate Student Network. It aims to facilitate discussion and research in all areas and periods of book history and to encourage the growth of an interdisciplinary community of book historians in the early stages of their careers.

This list supports the RSLP project for nationwide research activities in book history and book design. This project aims to provide researchers with access to a web interface which will link records from six holdings libraries, including a virtual database of identified records.

Borders and Borderlands in Medieval and Early Modern Europe is a research network based at the University of Bristol. The network organises research events and encourages grant applications.

THIS LIST IS NOW DEFUNCT. To join Boundary Objects, the network for early career researchers working with museums and collections, please complete the membershhip form on our website. Thank you. http://www.boundaryobjects.org/join-us/

The Book and Print initiative is a School of Advanced Study-wide consortium for the study of the book, the manuscript, the print, the map...

This list is a forum for the discussion of British music of all types composed after c. 1900, and for announcements of events, publications, etc. associated with the Post-1900 British Music Network and with the study and discussion of post-1900 British music in general.

This list is for all those interested in historical and comparative sociology. It is a list connected to the BSA Historical and Comparative Study Group but you do not need to be a member of the BSA to subscribe

This list is used by the British Society for the History of Philosophy to communicate with and between members about events and society matters.

This JISC mail list supports the GW4 Bridging the Gap Colonial Legacies theme

Information and research network for any aspect of eighteenth century culture, literature, history, philosophy. Book reviews, research abstracts, info on conferences etc welcome.

This list is used for announcements for the AHRC's 'Care for the Future: Thinking Forward through the Past' theme award holders and researchers. These communications may include information about theme events, award holder events, opportunities for networking and further awards, and other theme-related information.

A discussion and information mailing list for the RSLP funded CASBAH project, Caribbean Studies - Black and Asian History. The project aims to identify and map national research resources for Caribbean Studies and the history of Black and Asian people in Britain. More details at www.casbah.ac.uk

Centre for Contemporary Legend - research group for folklore studies in UK Higher Education - list for sharing academic research ideas, events and other relevant information

Scholarly network for scholars working on the history and archaeology of Central Asia, with special reference to the Hellenistic period.

Discussion list on the topic of working with challenging, contested and sensitive histories in museums and heritage sites, linked to the Challenging History Network.

for those involved in collecting and documenting community history on an online platform

An interdisciplinary mailing list for Cinema and Photography: An arena for scholars to share critical discussion, CFPs, bibliographic information, and public announcements of interest across film and photography whether formally, philosophically, theoretically or critically based.

This list is available to all post-graduate students in Classics, Classical Archaeology, Ancient History, Ancient Philosophy, etc. for the dissemination of relevant and useful information (conferences, seminars, projects, publications, jobs, etc.).

The aim of this list is to be a channel for discussion and information sharing for students, researchers, professional conservators and collection managers, and para-professionals caring for collections in museums, archives, libraries and historic buildings in Wales.

A list for circulating news and information about the history of commodities.


This list will be used by conservators to consider spiritual and ethical considerations when conserving diverse cultural artefacts buildings and interiors

For the circulation of information related to, and general discussion of current issues in, theory and practice in contemporary archaeology and historical archaeology in the UK and internationally. This list will be used by the Standing Committee of the Contemporary and Historical Archaeology in Theory (CHAT) conference group to to announce relevant items of news or information.

A listserv for scholars working in the arts and humanities who have research interests in copyright and its history

This list is used by the Corporate Collections Network to promote Best Prac= tice for Museum professionals using and promoting collections in a corporat= e environment.

The list is for the communication and exchange of information on workshops, conferences, call for papers, jobs, books, articles, films, blogs and websites related to global health and its study by critically-minded scholars in the social sciences and humanities.

Focused on the emerging field of Critical University Studies and related research across the Humanities and Social Sciences.

The Centre for the Study of International Slavery (CSIS) is a research partnership between the University of Liverpool and National Museums Liverpool's International Slavery Museum. This list is used to make announcements about the Centre's activities and related events. See www.liv.ac.uk/csis for more information.

CTC is an international network considering the use of Greco-Roman antiquity in contemporary political discourse.

The culthist mailing list is used for conceptual debates in Cultural History, academic announcements, and related issues.

A public list for institutions, individuals to discuss cultural heritage datasets released by Cultural Heritage organisations such as Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums and Archives primarily in the UK but also anywhere in the world.

A list for researchers in any aspect of the western monastic tradition from late antiquity looking forward in time, with the aim of fostering exchanges across the research community.

The Death and Culture Network (DaCNet) seeks to explore and understand cultural responses to mortality. It focuses on the impact of death and the dead on culture, and the way in which they have shaped human behaviour. The network is committed to promoting an inter-disciplinary study of mortality.

Network for the decolonisation of Higher Education at the University of Chester and beyond. Join to make connections with students, academics and staff working to decolonise the university.

A list to discuss themes, ideas, events, and work aimed at decolonising classics, classical studies, ancient history, and archaeology (including reception studies and teaching and learning).

This list is used by CAFAS to provide a forum for views on defending and developing academic freedom for the education and research community.

A forum for the discussion of design historical issues, and the exchange of related information and reviews, administered by the Design History Society for members and interested others.

Disability was endemic to industrial society with a high incidence of accidents and injuries. This discussion group is concerned with how industrialization shaped conceptions and experiences of disability and how the narratives of disability (historical, literary, journalistic etc) are represented.

Dix-neuf is a mailing list run under the auspices of the Society of Dix-Neuvi�mistes. This society was established to provide a scholarly focal point for nineteenth-century French studies in the UK and Ireland. It organizes events bringing together both postgraduates and academics and publishes articles in its online journal.

This list is used by members of the AHRC Early Modern Dress & Textiles Research Network to make announcements, raise discussion and disseminate information relating to the Network projects and themes

The International Network for Early Modern Festival Study, was created by Dr Laura Fernandez-Gonzalez as part of her Re-creating Early Modern Festivals project, the list is now coordinated by Dr Bram van Leuveren. This network is a forum in which scholars researching Early Modern Festivals can discuss issues of mutual interest. Scope and contents The International Network aims to connect scholars researching or interested in Early Modern Festivals. The objective is to create a 'virtual' space where participants can increase collaboration and dialogue between researchers interested in the same topics. The Network is: an International Research Forum in which participants can raise questions and / or discuss an issue of interest. This can enhance festivals research given the diverse academic disciplines involved, e.g. architectural and art history, social, political economic and cultural history, cartography, music, languages, literatures and performance studies.

A discussion group for those engaged in teaching, researching and teacher training in History post-16. It focuses on sharing good practice and information. Keys: History Teaching A level Undergraduate History

This list has been retained 01/03/2021 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list A list for the humanities and social science staff and students in the Beltane partnership.

Mailing list for the Women's Committee of the Economic History Society

EMP Cymru (Wales Emerging Museum Professionals Group) is a community of new and emerging museum and heritage professionals. We are a welcoming and active network that supports knowledge exchange, skills building and resource sharing. Everyone is welcome whether you are still studying heritage, waiting for your first position in a museum or are currently working or volunteering in the sector. We strive to represent the diverse roles within the museum sector and celebrate the achievements of the community and its individual members.

The English Place-Name List is a forum for discussion of the etymology, history and significance of place-names in England.

This list will facilitate the sharing of relevant information between researchers interested in working together within the social sciences and humanities, specifically with a focus on Europe-India multilateral collaboration. This will include academics that have common links through the EU-India Social Sciences and Humanities Platform (EqUIP - equipproject.eu). Many of those included on the list will have attended EqUIP events or subscribed to updates on the platforms website.

The English Surname List is a forum for discussion of the etymology, history and significance of surnames in England.

To encourage scholarly research and exchange between academics on issues related to ethnic minorities, minority rights, and the origin, development and settlement of ethnic conflicts Keywords: ethnic minorities; minority rights; origin, development and settlement of ethnic conflicts.

A list devoted to scholarly discussion of business history in the U.K. andelsewhere in Europe. Its purpose is threefold: to disseminate information across the Continent, to act as a forum for expressing opinion within the discipline, and to present useful ideas and methods from other fields.

Mailing list for establishing the Europeana Sounds EDM profile for sound

To provide an interdisciplinary, supportive and easily accessible network for individuals actively involved/interested in the study of 'extraordinary' experiences (such as religious, spiritual, 'anomalous' experiences, etc.).

This list is used to facilitate interdisciplinary discussion of folktales, fairy tales and fantasy literature. Contributions may include research enquiries as well information about relevant publications and events.

This list is for announcements about and discussion of the Great Britain Historical GIS as a developing historical resource. The main emphasis is on the system's contents and how best to make this available to a wide range of users through the Vision of Britain web site.

This list will be used by the Genetics and Medicine Historical Network (GenMedHist) to make announcements, publicise events and projects, and encourage communication and discussion among those engaged in the preservation, analysis, and study of the history of medical genetics.

This email list supports the international, interdisciplinary GeoHumanities community. It will offer a space for discussion and information exchange between scholars and practitioners interested in the intersections of geographical themes- space, place, landscape, environment, the urban and mobilities and arts and humanities scholarship and practice.

This list is intended as a news service and discussion forum for historians of Germany based in the UK and beyond. Membership is open to everyone with an interest in German history - academic or research student.

The community mailing list for setting up, maintaining and sustaining Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums' cultural heritage innovation Labs.

This list is dedicated for debates and information on graphic design and visual communication related topics, in particular with focus on histories and bringing more inclusive perspectives to graphic design histories we write, we teach and/or create. This list is mainly a space created for graphic design/visual communication historians, but which also welcomes educators and practitioners interested in expanding their references.

Discussion and news list for the History Data Service (HDS). The HDS collects, preserves, and promotes the use of digital resources, which result from or support historical research, learning and teaching. It is part of the UK Data Archive at the University of Essex.

raise the profile of records and archival issues within the health sector #facilitate the networking, collaborating and sharing of information #contribute to the development of standards and best practice promote the use and value of health archives and records

The History and Economic Development Group is a UK-based academic network. This list is intended to facilitate discussion of the historical dimension of economic development, in its political and social context: especially, but not exclusively, in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Many different disciplines are interested in Hercules. This list is for anyone interested in the hero in any medium or period. Researchers and artists of all kinds can use it to find: i) information about Hercules in particular genres/media/periods, and ii) potential collaborators for projects.

The list will support dissemination of information to those engaged in research on heritage issues in the Yorkshire region - both in universities and in museums, locally and nationally.

The Historical Fictions Research Network aims to create a place for the discussion of all aspects of fictional historical narrative. We welcome people working on prose, drama, visual art, reception studies, musicology, museum displays, film, tv, gaming, wargaming, graphic novels, transformative works and any other areas engaged in the narrative construction of the fictional past.

Founded in 2005, the network's members are academic researchers in historical sociolinguistics from all over the world. Our activities consist of conferences and summer schools and our webpage is http://hison.sbg.ac.at/

This mail list aims at providing up-to-date information on research, publications and initiatives related to nineteenth-century Spain. Scholars from the UK, the US, Canada and Spain are involved in the project.


This list is used for sharing information related to historical sociology.

To enable exchange of ideas and resources among teachers and researchers of childhood and family history in Britain and Europe.

A list concerned with the digitisation of historical material whether as an image or an OCR'd document. This list aims to bring together experts in the field of digitising historical material and academics who have projects in mind.

A post-graduate economic history conference and newsletter.

Historical applications of Geographical Information Systems technology

List for historians, heritage providers and other interested parties to discuss issues raised by a critical examination of the ways in which the past is, and has been, preserved, presented and consumed.

This list is a forum for the discussion of intellectual history.

This list is for the exchange of information and discussion about the history of computing in the United Kingdom. Historians of computing, business historians, museum curators, and others with an interest in this expanding interdisciplinary historical specialty are encouraged to join.

History-sources is to coordinate the collection of on-line and written sources.

Run by the Higher Education Academy Subject Centre for History, Classics & Archaeology for the exchange of information about good practice in history teaching and learning, innovation, and the use of learning technologies.

Information and discussion group for those with an academic or research interested in the history of geology or the wider earth sciences

Supporting research into the history of second/foreign language learning, teaching and assessment.

This list is for the discussion and promotion and development of non-academic Holocaust writing, e.g. creative writing, non-fiction, fiction, poetry etc. The aim is to network among those who are interested in both producing and working with the producers of such texts.

This list is to inform users about the HRI's upcoming activities.

The History of Women Religious of Britain and Ireland (H-WRBI) mailing list is used for the discussion of all topics relevant to the study of women religious of Britain and Ireland. It also aims to provide information on all up-coming conferences and seminars of interest.

Hyphen-Society is committed to the promotion of an understanding of the role of the smallest, atomic, units of meaning in computer based information systems, and the damage caused by failure in this.

This list is hosted by the International Association for Media and History (IAMHIST), for announcements and discussion on the broad topic of media history, and to circulate information of interest to group members (e.g. projects, reviews, call for papers, publications, etc).

This list is for scholars researching religion and gender and linked to the International Association for the study of Religion & Gender

This list was retained (archived) on 21/01/22. No one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. For all enquires, please contact help@jisc.ac.uk This list is used by scholars working on the Iberian Atlantic to disseminate information and discuss topics of interest.

This list is used to inform the Classics community (in its widest sense) and others interested in the field about events and initiatives organised or facilitated by the Institute of Classical Studies.

Announcement and related information list. Research seminar on the Economic and Social History of the Early Modern World. Fortnightly in term time at the Institute of Historical Research, London.

Announcement list for the History of Sexuality Seminar, based at the Institute of Historical Research, London. Organised by a team of conveners and in association with the Raphael Samuel History Centre, the seminar takes place approximately every 3 weeks in term-time. # This list is not a discussion list and will be used only to post news about upcoming seminars and call for papers.

The list is intended to compliment the existing mining-history list in facilitating contacts between mining historians at international higher education level with a view to organising the International Mining History Congress held every three years. Traffic would be minimal.

A forum for those researching in the area of the history of immigration to the UK to share information about their work, circulate information about forthcoming events and publications, and to promote discussion across this wide field.

Industrial Heritage North West group is for curators of Industrial Heritage to share best practise, promoting organisational resilience, public engagement and collections care.

Mailing list for promoting scholarly research and communicating news and events from the Institute of Intellectual History at the University of St Andrews.

This is an interdisciplinary mailing list for the discussion of all aspects of interwar rural history, with a focus on the UK

This mailing list exists to support the research initiatives of the In Via Dante Network. We aim principally to foster dialogue between PGR and ECR Dantisti across different institutions in the British Isles and further afield.

This list is used as a discussion and information sharing forum by researchers from a variety of academic disciplines who are engaged in the study of societies and cultures of the Indian Ocean Region.

This discussion list is for members of the International Society for Historians of Atheism Secularism & Humanism to raise discussion items, to make announcements and to notify the members of items of interest.

ISUF is the international organization of urban form for researchers and practitioners; it seeks to advance research and practice in fields concerned with the built environment.

List for further and Higher education and the research community who want to make better use of the Jisc Geospatial data service. Jisc will make announcements concerning the service but members of the list can also share experiences.

This list has been retained 27/07/20 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list This group is aimed at joining individuals and organisations within HE, the cultural heritage sector and public service broadcasting, in order to join up ways in which each area plans to digitally commemorate the events of the First World war. This join-up will deliver content from across the public sector in order to increase education and research on WW1

This list arose from the Lascar Seafaring workshop (April 2011) as a resource for researchers working on the global lives of Asian sailors.

A list for the interdisciplinary study of the Late Roman Empire and Mediterranean world in late antiquity. Contributions are welcome from all fields of Late Antique Studies.

A mailing list for those interested in or working at the expansive intersections between legality and culture. This includes work such as law and the humanities, cultural legal studies, legal history, law and philosophy, and critical legal studies.

This will be the main means of communication for the Liverpool Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (formerly Liverpool Centre for Medieval Studies) - a hub for research, research networking and support in the field of medieval and Renaissance Studies in the UK, and especially in the North West.

This email list provides a forum to discuss lesbian lives in the ethos of the Lesbian Lives conference. We aim to be an international social, cultural, political and artistic venue for sharing ideas and information of relevance to Lesbian Lives. We hope to develop dialogues and discussions that understand that 'the lesbian perspective still continues to be a critical gaze from a charged margin and the Lesbian Lives Conference continues to be a friendly experience of energetic engagement' O'Donnell, 2008.

The Libyan Epigraphy Research Network is a community of researchers and heritage professionals with an interest in the inscriptions of the ancient provinces that overlap with the area of modern Libya.

A discussion list for all with an interest or involvement in history research collections, including librarians, archivists, museum staff and others.

This list is used by members of LocScot (Scottish branch of the CILIP Local Studies Group) to discuss professional/work related matters. <HTML> This list is used by members of LocScot (Scottish branch of the CILIP Local Studies Group) to discuss professional/work related matters. </HTML>

This list is used by CELL to make announcements about research, publications, events, seminars, and studentships

This list facilitates discussion between scholars with common interests in the field of British local history.

The London History and Philosophy of Economics group is an informal group of academics in the London area teaching and researching in the the history of economic thought, and the methodology and philosophy of the discipline.

A network focussing on the research training and development needs of doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers, specifically in the arts, humanities and social sciences.

The Labour and Society Research Group (LSRG) was established in 2009 by academics from Newcastle University and Northumbria University. <HTML> http://www.northumbria.ac.uk/sd/academic/sass/about/humanities/history/groups/lsrg </HTML>

A discussion list for those involved in archives relating to land transport. This is a mutual support network for archive creators, custodians and users. #The network deals with research resources in the following areas. #Design, making and use of vehicles; associated infrastructure / people.

This list is used by members of the Sir David Lyndsay Society to share information, questions and research discussion relating to the work of Sir David Lyndsay (c. 1486-1555)

This list is used by the AHRC-funded project 'Beyond the Frame: Indian British Connections', the Arts and Humantieis Research Council-funded follow on project to 'Making Britain: South Asian Visions of Home and Abroad, 1870-1950' (2007-10) to make announcements about conferences, exhibitions, events, publications and workshops.

A forum for the discussion, promotion and development of online manuscript research among the professionals, researchers and students collaborating in the field.

MappingWriting.com is a freely available website which is exploring geographical representations in cultural texts -- primarily literary, but not exclusively. The list will assist scholars to communicate about conferences, publications and developments in this area.

This is a discussion and announcement list for those interested in Mass-Observation: the original social research organisation and the contemporary national writing project.

Issues surrounding the costs and consumption of works of art and domestic goods in Italy 1300-1650, and information regarding the Material Renaissance research project.

A discussion list for those involved in, or with a particular interest in, the study of the history, geography and archaeology of medieval rural settlements. Maintained by the Medieval Settlement Research Group.

MedArch is a forum for Medieval Archaeology in Britain, Europe and the World. It aims to encourage a holistic -diachronic, interdisciplinary and cross-cultural - approach to the subject. Its membership links researchers and students in the academic and professional archaeological communities.

This list was created by Scotland and Medicine, a professional network for those working with medical collections in Scotland. This listing is open to all and aims to connect heritage staff and researchers and provide access to medical collections and expertise across Scotland.

This academic mailing list is dedicated to circulating information related to the field of medieval Dominican studies, or information of interest to those studying medieval Dominicans (e.g. related to mendicants, preaching, etc.). Announcements might include calls for papers, notices of conferences, lectures, seminars, events, new books and so on. The mailing list could also be a forum for questions and discussion pertinent to the field, although if this proves very popular then the list might be divided into two lists, Announcements and Discussion.

This list provides a forum for discussions related to religious life and thought in Europe from late antiquity to the early modern period (inclusive). Postings regarding bibliographical matters and new publications are also valued. Subscribers are urged to share their expertise with others.

This list is used by medievalists working IN Scotland (not necessarily ON Scotland) for networking: looking for potential collaborators for research; planning, announcing or advertising conferences, workshops, events, publication opportunities, jobs, studentships, post-docs, grants etc.

A network for the discussion of all matters related to Memory + Activism

This interdisciplinary mailing list, co-ordinated by Helen Coffey and Leah Clark at the Open University, is aimed at scholars interested in life in buildings, institutions and broader geographical areas during the middle ages and early modern period. It will allow scholars from various disciplines to share news of relevant publications and events as well as other research and teaching initiatives.

Post-Medieval and Early Modern Working Group discussion list for the Maritime and Marine Historic Environment Research Framework Project.

Roman Working Group for the Maritime and Marine Historic Environment Research Framework project.

This is a monthly email digest of events, publications, calls for papers etc of interest to scholars working on the 'middlebrow'.

A list for historians/researchers in the field of midwifery and childbirth

This list is for anyone with an interest in the historical influence of terrain - geology and geography - on the outcome of military campaigns. Originally set up in association with the Nottingham conference but now of broader scope: any topics and news of military geograph and military geology interest are welcome.

This list is for archivists and specialists who work with military collections to share knowledge and discuss issues in support of the research community.

For the discussion of aspects of military history including strategy, equipment, and civil-military relations.

A group for members of curatorial and museum support staff from regimental and military museums to discuss collections issues specific to military museums.

A forum for the discussion of all aspects of the history of mining and associated activity, including ore preparation, on-site smelting, transport systems, social conditions, etc., in a national or international context.

This list is intended for people interested in the material dimensions of missionary encounters, and particularly the ways these have shaped the development of museum collections. It should also be of interest to people interested in the commemoration of the missionary past through a range of heritage processes, from monuments to reconciliation ceremonies and reenactments.

This email list is to encourage the sharing of information by anyone working with numismatic collections or in money museums.

Gwybodaeth gyfoes am amgueddfeydd yng Nghymru / Current news for museums in Wales

AHRC-funded research network studying music claimed from Stationers' Hall in 18th and early 19th centuries under legal deposit.

To examine issues relating to the development and history of friendly societies, co-operation, workers and consumers co-operatives, credit unions, building societies and other mutuals. To exchange information about their origins, their links, their activities and their future.

This will be the list used by MYRDDIN: The Wales Network for the History and Social Study of Science, Technology and Medicine to keep members informed about forthcoming activities

The NABO (North Atlantic Biocultural Organisation) mailing list is used for discussion and announcements to the multinational and interdisciplinary group of scholars working in the North Atlantic region.

The Arts and Humanities Research Council has launched a funding call for Towards a National Collection (https://ahrc.ukri.org/research/fundedthemesandprogrammes/tanc-opening-uk-heritage-to-the-world/). This list is to help applicants develop partnerships for their proposals.

Networc is an interdisciplinary research network engaging in the promotion and study of transnationalism and world history in universities across the North East of England.

For all those interested in discussing newsfilm, as well as sharing and advocating its use in research and teaching.

This network involves academics in sociology, literature, history, politics and linguistics who are interested in morbidity, mortality and the commemoration of this.

The list brings together social sciences, arts and humanities academics from the UK and Japan to develop new knowledge and insight about migration-driven socio-demographic change.

A discussion list for those researching vernacular Anglo-American cheap print song and music materials

To disseminate information regarding interdisciplinary north-west seminars. To forge connections between researchers with corresponding interests throughout the north-west. To promote research of the early modern period, in any discipline.

This list will facilitate communication among staff and post-graduate medievalists at the University of Nottingham.

The Northern Premodern Seminar (formerly the Northern Renaissance Seminar) is an ongoing seminar series concerned with literature and culture 1250 to 1700.

This list is used by the Non-religion and Secularity Research Network (NSRN) to make announcements regarding the academic study of non-religion and secularity. The NSRN-DISCUSS list is available for enquiries and discussion.

This list is used by the Non-religion and Secularity Research Network NSRN to make enquiries and hold discussion related to study of non-religion and secularity. The NSRN-ANNOUNCE list is available for more formal announcements.

This public list supports the "Text-Critical Thursdays" seminar run by the IGNTP.

The Nuclear Culture Research Group brings together academics artists and nuclear professionals to discuss ideas and opportunities around nuclear history, site and archive, with a particular emphasis on decommissioning and future nuclear technologies. This mailing list will enhance research dialogues around curation, artistic production, collaboration with scientific colleagues and theory.

A group to exchange ideas and provide support for women who research and work across nuclear policy, nuclear geopolitics, nuclear geographies, nuclear culture and similar disciplines relating to nuclear warfare.

To provide a national and international forum for the discussion of philosophical and practical issues related to the academic study of the history of nursing.

This is the mailing list of the International Commission for the History of Oceanography. Please post here about events, research news, and other matters relating to the history of ocean science.

This list is used by the Oxford Centre for Life-Writing to make announcements to its members about forthcoming events, study opportunities, research initiatives and online activities.

The aim of this list is to bring together cross disciplinary engagement around the role of oral history in supporting refugee and migrant lives. It will enhance networking opportunities for the exchange of information between academics, students, researchers, practitioners and members of the public, including opportunities for virtual and physical networking and advice. To collaborate with other networks, both nationally and internationally, to help connect with the international migration issues as recorded through oral history.

Mailing list for The Baron Thyssen Centre for the Study of Ancient Material Religion at The Open University.

This list brings together academics, researchers, practitioner and students from different disciplines interested in the role of the humanities and social sciences in shaping oral health, the mouth and teeth

The list will serve as the email distribution list for the newly-created Interdisciplinary Network for Nineteenth-Century Italian Studies. We are in the process of constructing a website and contacting colleagues in the UK and North America, Italy, Australia and Canada, etc., who specialise in any aspect of C19th Italy. The network 'mission statement' is as follows: #

A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of new publications, events, CFPs, and questions relating to smell and the past. The list is intended to be a space where the growing number of scholars interested in smell and the past across all disciplines (including the arts, humanities, social sciences, and sciences) can network and share research.

This list is for people researching paid domestic work and au pairing. The purpose is to share announcements and news.

Discussion list linked to the research network and seminars held at the Institute of Germanic & Romance Studies, London, and the University of Kent: Photography: Theory, Practice, Debate.

The list will develop dialogue between researchers from diverse settings #and backgrounds, stimulate interest in this under-researched but important area of garden and landscape history, and provide a base from which seminars, conferences and joint publications can be developed.

The list provides a forum for communication between members of the Policing Network of the British Society of Criminology. Anyone interested in joining the Network can do so by contacting the list owner.

The list is open to anyone with an interest in the topic, but it originated in a workshop on Political Community: Authority in the Name of Community hosted by the Centre for Citizenship, Civil Society and Rule of Law (CISRUL) at the University of Aberdeen in June 2014. You can access the full topic description at http://wp.me/PASsb-45. We confirmed in a previous workshop that the term “political community” was appropriate for identifying a core set of issues that interest us at CISRUL, even though it was evident that no term will ever carry all the right connotations and none of the wrong ones. Though we each have our own preferred approach, reflecting the wide range of perspectives in CISRUL, several of us are using the term “political community” for one whose members feel somehow represented within its structures of authority, and thus somehow obliged to their fellow-members to follow its norms and accept its decisions. We prefer, on the whole, to reserve the term “political community” for those that claim a degree of self-sufficiency and we distinguish political communities from political collectives such as trade unions or churches which see themselves as players in a broader political community. In a political community, (more or less) ultimate authority is claimed in the name of some kind of (more or less) encompassing community of members.

This network is concerned with how the past is consciously and unconsciously referenced and recycled in historic and contemporary popular cultural forms.

The list links scholars across the UK, and other parts of the world completing research on populist politics - and democracy, and fascist politics.

This list is hosted by the Centre for Port and Maritime History (University of Liverpool / Liverpool John Moores University), but is open to all scholars working on Port and Maritime Studies.

A forum for sharing ideas, best-practice and potential growth in teaching and research around Classics and Ancient History in post-92 institutions within UK Higher Education. Members should be employed in teaching and/or research in a post-92 institution, and be working with Classics & Ancient History, broadly defined.

UK/Ireland German studies mailing list specifically dedicated to postgraduate and early career researcher's topics and issues.

The Postgraduate Forum for the History of Medicine is a network of postgraduate students across multiple institutions studying history of medicine topics. The Forum is open to all Masters, PhD and Early Career students and researchers with an interest in the history of medicine. This email list is used by members of the forum to share information, make announcements and ask questions of their peers. It is intended to encourage communication and collaboration between postgraduate students across institutional boundaries.

The Pre Modern Towns Group is an informal, interdisciplinary association of historians, archaeologists, archivists and others which has been meeting since 1978. We aim to reflect current research on any aspect of the historical study of towns in Britain and Europe from the early medieval period to the eighteenth century. This list is used primarily for conference announcements

Identity, Representation and Preservation in Community Digital Archives and Collections is a 12 month project funded by a British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award (2018) held by Dr. Sharon Webb (Principal Investigator). It is an intervention in three important areas; community archives, digital preservation and content representation. As communities take charge of their heritage, and create their own digital archives, the long-term viability and sustainability of these increasingly important collections, is uncertain. LGBTQ+ communities, feminist networks, black communities, among other marginalised groups, use digital technology to ensure representation and to protect against future erasure from the historical record. However, these representations are at risk of loss because of the fragility of digital archives and their associated infrastructures, both the human infrastructures (i.e. volunteers) and the digital infrastructures. This project asks what are the implications of a community-driven approach to long-term sustainability of these materials, and how might we support community archives without removing their agency. # The programme of work, will bridge the gap between community archives and the individuals and institutions with the means to provide (digital) infrastructural advice and support. It acknowledges and recognizes the autonomy of communities seeking to capture their own narratives as digital archives; and does not seek to intervene in the process of community collection; instead, it explores how communities might be supported in the long-term; and along the way asks how we can link them to academic research infrastructures.

News, announcements and discussions about historical colour printing. Part of the Printing Colour Project: writing colour into the history of printing in the west 1400-1920, www.printingcolourproject.com.

This list provides a forum through which researchers interested in the professions and concepts of professionalism can share insights, debate current topics, and announce events and projects of interest to list members.

Electronic discussion and announcement list for South Asian politics

The Public-History JiscMail list is being established to enable and further discussions, circulating: Meetings in the IHR Public History programme Seminars, workshops and conferences organised by the convenors Further items of interest from third parties

This list is used to disseminate information amongst those currently working on Phoenician and Punic history and archaeology in the UK Higher education and research community; it is also open to those beyond the UK.

This list is used by the Queen Mary Centre for Religion and Literature in English (QMCRLE) to make announcements to its subscribers about forthcoming events, study opportunities, research initiatives and resources.

This list is run by the Postcolonial Seminar at Queen Mary University of London, to communicate information about events, meetings and new research.

A discussion list dedicated to discussions of the place, use and function of all aspects of classical antiquity, its philosophy, history, literature and reception, in the work of contemporary French philosopher Jacques Ranciere

A list for members of the religion, collections and heritage group, which is dedicated to the care and interpretation of religious collections in museums, places of worship, faith organisations, schools and elsewhere.

This is the email list for an AHRC-funded network on law, time and regulation.

The Religious Archives Group is an informal group of archivists, librarians and others. The main focus is the administration and care of religious archives in the UK. The Group holds an annual conference.

This list was retained (archived) on 11/02/2022. No one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. For all enquires, please contact help@jisc.ac.uk Announcement list for Renaissance and Early Modern seminars, conferences and other events in Scotland

This list for Roman archaeologists to communicate with each other across the UK and worldwide, especially in terms of advertising conferences and similar events, as well as discussing issues relevant to the field and soliciting help with archaeological matters. It should not be used to advertise new publications or engage in any discussion that could be considered non-professional.

This list was retained (archived) on 11/02/2022. No one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. For all enquires, please contact help@jisc.ac.uk The Rome Research Network was created to promote and aid research into renaissance or early modern Rome. Through our mailing group and annual work-in-progress seminar we aim to provide an arena for the exchange of ideas, intellectual queries and practical help in all aspects of the study of Rome from c. 1400-1700. All those undertaking postgraduate research in this field are welcomed to post information about relevant events and publications or to ask for advice about any aspect of their research.

The list is concerned with the archaeology and art history of South Asia (India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan). It will give information about conferences and publications, provide a vehicle for swapping information with each other, and be a forum for friendly debate.

The Scottish Business History Network aims to support and connect those interested in business history, heritage and archives.


This list operates as the mailing list for the International Commission for the History of Science and Technology Diplomacy. Announcements of scholarly interest, eg conferences, book launches, special issues; business related to the commission; and research queries may all be communicated here.

A network for historians of science based in Scotland, and historians of Scottish science, where "Science" embraces engineering, mathematics medicine, science and technology.

The Scottish Sexualities Research Network List encourages interdisciplinary co-operation in the field of sexualities research in Scotland and will detail events, programmes, publications and research of relevance.

This list is used by an international group of academics and practitioners dedicated to analysing and producing material on Scotland, in a variety of disciplines (i.e. history, literature, language, politics, etc.). It will be used primarily for the announcement of relevant events, and as a discussion forum.

A network supporting academics and reflective practitioners in this emerging research area.

The forum is intended to foment interdisciplinary discourse amongst researchers with an interest in Southeast Asian social groups and their cultural, economic, and political developments from prehistory until the present day, as well as their long-term interactions with neighbouring populations in East and South Asia.

The South Gloucestershire Heritage Partnership Group brings together South Gloucestershire officers and councillors with members of the heritage community, parish councils and other relevant bodies to share information on what is happening in the heritage sector within South Gloucestershire.

<html> South Gloucestershire Museums Group is an unincorporated association. The aims of the group shall be to promote inspiration, learning and enjoyment through the exploration of museum collections for the benefit of local communities and the general public. <p> Membership shall be open to museums and heritage centres that are open to the public and whose collecting area is wholly or partly within South Gloucestershire. </p> </html>

A list for Social History Curators Group (SHCG) members to discuss social history in museums. To join the list you must be a personal or institutional member of SHCG. To unsubscribe email shcgweb@gmail.com

The Shoe Network is an opportunity for like minded and interested people from higher education, other museums, research communities, artists and designers to share shoe related projects of any type and current research. Quite often such a diverse group find it difficult to link up and share information. This would be an invaluable tool to achieve this.

Jiscmail for members of the Society for Museum Archaeology (SMA). To help exchange news, information, tips, etc.

The listserv will provide a platform to connect scholars, museum curators and other stakeholders with a specialism/interested in Scotland's relationship with Europe in the C19th and now.

A mailing list for members of, and those interested in, the Socialising Nitrogen network. This research group are interested in work in the arts, humanities and social sciences that engage with nitrogen. Pollution / Environment / Geopolitics / History / Economy / Society

Social Mouth Research Network info, for those interested in social, historical and cultural context of mouth, dentistry and/or oral health.

Sowing the Seeds is a partnership of individuals and organisations devoted to the economic and social history of the Middle Ages. It exists to foster collaboration between scholars and scholarly projects as well as act as a support network, particularly for early career historians. The Sowing the Seeds Network is supported by the Economic History Society, Centre for History and Economics (Cambridge) and CRASSH (Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities , Cambridge). Learn more about the Seeds. All scholars, including students, working on any aspect of medieval economic and social history are welcome to join.

This is a survey about how special collections are promoted and why. To gather feedback from special collections staff to support my MA dissertation research area.

This mailing list brings together practitioners, researchers and organisations involved in archiving and studying recent and past spontaneous memorials that appear after terrorist attacks, disasters and other tragic events. <HTML> This mailing list brings together practitioners, researchers and organisations involved in archiving and studying recent and past spontaneous memorials that appear after terrorist attacks, disasters and other tragic events. </HTML>

The Sport and Leisure History Seminar was set up at the Institute of Historical Research in London in 2008 to provide a forum for the presentation of academic research in this field. It has also hosted a mailing list during this period, in order to publicise the seminar and other events, and is designed to serve as a hub for sport and leisure historians in London and the broader South of England.

This group aims to share news, information, events and activities relating to the field of sporting heritage.

To promote and enable discussion and exchange of information between statisticians, historians and others interested in the history of statistics

The purpose of this list is to enable the members of the Committee of the Royal Statistical Society's Official Statistics Section to communicate about the organisation of meetings and other educational and research activities

A network for museums, universities and archives interested in the history and preservation of science, technology and industry.

This list is used to foster debate, academic collaboration and exchange on topics related to the history of students in twentieth century Europe broadly defined.

This list is linked to the Centre for Studies of Home, a joint venture between Queen Mary University of London and The Geffrye Museum, UK. It serves as a forum for advertising and discussing events associated with the Centre and as a place where others can advertise events and share opportunities relevant to the study of home and domestic life.

The suppressed-music mailing list is used to exchange information about composers writing music under totalitarian and other repressive regimes, not least those of Nazi Germany and Austria and Communist central and eastern Europe. This is a sub-list of MUSICOLOGY-ALL.

This list is run by the International Council on Archives Section on University and Research Institution Archives (https://www.ica.org/en/about-university-archives-suv) for its members and to encourage broader professional discussion among those interested in its topics.

List for those actively engaged in research relating to the history and archaeology of Nottinghamshire.

An e-forum for onomasts, historians, archaeologists, and historical geographers researching aspects of the origins, spatial organization, economic function, social status and physical setting of settlements containing the place-name element -thorp (and its variants).

A discussion list for researchers interested in exploring the role of time in social life and particularly around issues of belonging, inclusion and exclusion, community identity etc.

This list is to enable the discussion of all aspects of the conservation and restoration of items in transport and related collections, for example buses, trains, trams, cars, motorcycles, aircraft, etc.

News and discussion relating to the academic and public histories of all modes of civilian transport.

A mailing list for those researching Tudor music for discussion, announcements of recent publications, organisation of conference panels, etc

To connect researchers working on the study of persistence, recurrence, transmission and transformation of tunes, especially in (but not confined to) traditional and popular culture. Historical, comparative, ethnographic, computational, archival approaches welcome. International, inter- and intra-cultural perspectives welcome. Open to all bona fide researchers with relevant interests.

This mailing list is for those interested in the work of the Humanities and Data Science Interest Group of The Alan Turing Institute. We will be sharing key updates, announcements and events as well as opportunities for engaging with the ongoing work associated with the group.

The object of the Association shall be to promote the academic study of Buddhism through the national and international collaboration of all scholars whose research has a bearing on the subject.

The list is designed to foster discussion and the dissemination of information between medical museums in the UK and overseas. The list is linked to the UK Medical Collections Group, an association of museums and other organisations holding collections relating to health, medicine and the biomedical sciences in the United Kingdom. List membership is open to anyone with an interest in medical collections, and especially staff and volunteers working in medical museums.

The list will be used by volunteers from a wide variety of backgrounds to discuss their work on the British Red Cross VAD Index Cards transcription. project which they are currently working on.

A mailing list for scholars and others interested in the textual history of the Latin Bible (Vetus Latina) to share information and news. Announcements of projects, publications and conferences are welcome. Questions and discussions will be entertained so long as they are on an appropriate topic and do not become repetitive, lengthy or depart from civilised discourse. Contributions may be in any language. The archive is visible to the public, but e-mail addresses can only be seen by registered members.

A discussion list about the records, archives and history of voluntary and community sector organisations. The list was set up in 2012 as part of the Campaign for Voluntary Sector Archives, and has since been maintained by the British Academy Research Project ‘Digitising the Mixed Economy of Welfare in Britain’. This is a collaborative, interdisciplinary project that promotes the preservation of voluntary sector archives, which are increasingly vulnerable in a period of austerity. We see the archives and records of voluntary organisations as strategic assets for governance, corporate identity, accountability and research. <HTML> A discussion list about the records, archives and history of voluntary and community sector organisations. The list was set up in 2012 as part of the Campaign for Voluntary Sector Archives, and has since been maintained by the British Academy Research Project ‘Digitising the Mixed Economy of Welfare in Britain’. This is a collaborative, interdisciplinary project that promotes the preservation of voluntary sector archives, which are increasingly vulnerable in a period of austerity. We see the archives and records of voluntary organisations as strategic assets for governance, corporate identity, accountability and research. </HTML>

This list facilitates discussion of the history of Wales and its borderlands. It encompasses all periods, including contemporary Wales.

An interdisciplinary network for scholars working in war representation.

This list is used to share skills, knowledge, and information related to the care and research of Wax collections, and upcoming related events and exhibitions.

This list managed by the Wedgwood Museum. It is for use by those with an academic interest in the ware and history of Josiah Wedgwood and Sons Ltd and its subsidiaries.

A mailing list for all those interested in Weimar Film and its academic discussion.

List for the discussion of all aspects of ‘Holy’ Wells, and related water veneration, including their definition, architecture, distribution, history, folklore, archaeology, etymology and hydrology.

A forum for Welsh Studies, including but not limited to Welsh Writing in English and Welsh History.

This list is for the Women's Film and Television History Network - UK/Ireland, and it is intended for researchers, educators, archivists and independent filmmakers and industry professionals. The list will be used to disseminate information on developing research, education and exhibition programs, academic and industry contacts, and general information related to the history of women working in the film and television industries of the UK and Ireland. It will also be used to publicize the Networks biennnial conference and other related academic and industry events.

This open list is used by the World Heritage Learning and Engagement network, to share best practice, make announcements and provide a network forum for practitioners and organisations involved in World Heritage Education, Learning and Engagement.

The UK women-in-exile-studies mailing list is used to promote research on German-speaking women refugees of the 1930s and 1940s and facilitate discussion among interested researchers.

This list is dedicated to those interesting in the history of women's participation in engineering, primarily - but not exclusively - in the 20th century UK .

This mailing list circulates information about the activities, events and findings conducted by the Women In The Hills (c. 1800-2020) AHRC-funded research network.

Mailing list to support communication between different partners in AHRC project, "Innovating in Combat: Telecommunications and intellectual property in World War One". The subject of discussion will be centred about military telecommunications in World War One and related project administration.

York and Heritage will act as a forum between academic researchers, practitioners working in the local authority, museums and heritage organizations and community history and heritage groups. Events can be shared through this list as well as discussion about emerging project ideas or issues of concern.

This list is for people who are working on or have queries relating to the history of York (UK)


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