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> News of laboratory improvement activities and events in HE from the S-Lab (Safe, Successful and Sustainable Labs) initiative

> The list is concerned with the archaeology and art history of South Asia (India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan). It will give information about conferences and publications, provide a vehicle for swapping information with each other, and be a forum for friendly debate.

> This is list is for sharing information about research, events and news relating to the social and behavioural science of cyber security. It is intended for an inter-disciplinary audience with participation welcomed from those in academia, industry and Government.

> Professional support group for Senior Administrators in HE Library and Information Services

> This list is used by institutions that are using (or investigating) Safecom to provide a pull-print infrastructure.

> This list is to facilitate discussion and fact-finding for those employed in HE who have responsibility for the oversight and delivery of their institutions legal obligations in relation to safeguarding children and adults at risk.

> A discussion forum for members of the Sociological Association of Ireland,readers of the Irish Journal of Sociology, and all those interested in social policy in Ireland (North and South), Irish Studies and the systematic study of Irish society.

> The purpose of the list is to facilitate the group working of staff at the University of Salford with an interest in built environment design and dementia.

> S A L O N - LONDON takes the real and interactive virtual salon as a place of confluence, a radical feminist environment. Solidarity is the basis of the platform. The site is a place for groups and individuals to meet and exchange ideas productively, with a shared vision of bringing about change and coming together through new forms of feminist kinship. S A L O N - LONDON is a starting point for artists and writers, an opening, a site of participation and plurality.

> This list has been set up to support SALT - Southern Area Learning Technologists. SALT is a local network group aiming to encourage communication and collaboration between those working in Technology Enhanced Learning across the education sector in the South and provide opportunities to meet others in the same area of work.

> A mutual support network for sharing information, learning and good practice around welcoming and supporting refugees and asylum seekers in Higher Education. Members may already be involved with the Article 26 and Universities of Sanctuary initiatives, or may simply wish to join to find out more.

> The SAP UK HERUG is an independent user group. The list supports the activities of the group which are designed to assist UK HE institutions in their use of the system.

> There are proposals to include additional semantics within IP addresses to aid routing and define how packets are handled. This list provides a forum for discussion of address semantics, network architectures and routing system challenges, for software and hardware research.

> The Students as Researchers schemes list is for all HE staff involved in the leading and administration of students as researchers schemes in their broadest sense. It will provide a forum for the sharing of best practice in the management, operation and evaluation of such schemes, provide a means for people to network and ask questions about issues related to the management of such schemes. The term research should be considered to encompass students engaged in curriculum evaluation and development activities, pedagogic and disciplinary research.

> This list is intended to support and promote research and discussion on all subjects related to the use and development of satellite navigation systems, most notably GPS. It is maintained by the Satellite Navigation Group of the Royal Institute of Navigation.

> The list exists to share information between people collaborating on a study of the uses made of herbal and other 'traditional medical products' and plants, and their relation to health care and pharmacy in the UK among populations of South Asian ethnic origin

> Satsunet is a list for sharing information and developing links across three key areas - the sociology of the biosciences, science policy and regulation, and social media/informatics. The list is managed by the Science & Technology Studies Unit at the University of York, which has a particular interest in the relationship between the social construction of policy and the social construction of innovation, with an emphasis on issues of practical importance, on subjects that are of relevance to policy debates and on questions of power and social exclusion.

> The Scottish Business History Network aims to support and connect those interested in business history, heritage and archives.

> Scholar Activist Network. A network for academics who are involved in social movements and who see their academic and activist work as being aligned.

> SCAPP is the newly formed Scottish Community of Access and Participation Practitioners. The list will keep our members up to date with our activities.

> SCARF cluster announcements

> SCARF user discussion list

> The Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies embodies the very best of the cultural studies tradition. It is committed to interdisciplinarity in the study of new cultural formations within and beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries. The Centre encompasses expertise from many disciplines including: Media, Sociology, English, History, Anthropology, Philosophy, Film Studies and has established its reputation both nationally and internationally.

> This list has been retained 24/05/2021 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list A site for everyone involved in the Higher Education Funding Council for England catalyst funded project (2015-2018) on embedding scholarship in College Higher Education in England, administered by the Association of Colleges

> school-health-edu aims to bring together educationalists involved in education and training for school health practitioners in light of the recent shift of emphasis from a task orientated to a more public health focused role for school nurses.

> A list for anyone interested in research into school libraries to share information about planned, ongoing or completed research; discuss methodologies; encourage collaborative research projects etc.

> An official UK-based School Bullying network for researchers/academics in higher education to share advice, support and research studying bullying. Discuss current and new approaches to maintain diversity in bullying research. Identify important research questions and further new collaborations.

> The Schools of Sanctuary Jisc email is aimed at all educational practitioners interested in teaching about refugee issues within schools and colleges. Its purpose is to share good practice in curriculum development and other activities which promote welcome and inclusion for everybody, and in particular people seeking sanctuary. It is particularly relevant to Schools of Sanctuary and others interested in the sanctuary award. For further information on the schools of Sanctuary award please see https://schools.cityofsanctuary.org/

> A list to support health librarians who are involved with or interested in Schwartz Rounds.

> A discussion list for academic staff in higher education institutions with a remit for managing, teaching or researching programmes in lifelong learning with a science or technology theme. The list is also for part-time tutors who deliver such programmes. The list will be concerned with the following issues; science curriculum; issues of teaching and learning; delivery methods, quality assurance, accreditation, modularisation, assessment, institutional policy towards science and lifelong learning, sharing good practice; funding opportunities; how HE institutions can respond to the public understanding and dialogue in science debate; links with other areas of science communication

> Sci-Art-Met is a platform for collaborative action, bringing together the best of interdisciplinary research and holistic practitioners for action on global health and wellbeing.

> This list has been retained 08/10/2021 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list A forum for discussing and sharing plans, ideas and resources to improve science and interdisciplinary STEM education across the UK, improving information sharing, reducing duplication of effort, and enhancing collaboration. It is aimed at professional development providers, teacher trainers, and those working to improve delivery, policy, research and resources in science and STEM education. Members can post conferences, resources, job adverts, ask questions, identify others working on similar projects etc.

> A forum for discussion on any matter relating to science journalism research and teaching. Aims: to encourage new research networks and the exchange of ideas regarding science journalism research, teaching practice and skills development.

> List for asking questions and discussing resources related to scientific programming computing. Many scientists have little formal training in the area, so the list is intended to facilitate peer support.

> This list will bring together the Greater Manchester community working in and around art and science collaborations. While predominantly interested in helping the university sector produce more collaboration and more work, we want to reach out to artists and the wider science sector to share opportunities, ideas, and events. If you are interested in art and science - broadly understood - then this is for you! This includes bioart, nanoart, media art, and all areas of scientific research, including the social sciences, arts and humanities. Regardless of your discipline, if you are interested in bringing art and science closer together, then please subscribe.

> This is a research community for science communication, public engagement, and resarch impact activity in Greater Manchester. It's a place to share, collaborate, and connect.

> A forum for academics engaged in the study of science education. The list will consider practical and theoretical issues relating to the teaching of science and the professional development of science educators at all levels. The list will have a research focus.


> This list is for researchers interested in the communication of science and the strategic use of science by interests in society. It is a working group of the Public Interest Research Network

> Used to discuss diversity issues and activity across science as part of the Science Council's Diversity, Equality & Inclusion project.

> This list operates as the mailing list for the International Commission for the History of Science and Technology Diplomacy. Announcements of scholarly interest, eg conferences, book launches, special issues; business related to the commission; and research queries may all be communicated here.

> This list is for members of the public interested in an annual STEM outreach event called "Science in the Park", held at Nottingham's Wollaton Hall in March.

> A forum for the discussion of the relationship between art and science, in particular the philosophy, psychology, sociology etc. of images, pictures, representations and visualisations in science and society

> The Scitech Discussion List is an email Discussion List for science technicians in schools, colleges and universities, and for those with similar professional interests. The List is intended to be used for the dissemination of good practice, and to assist subscribers in resolving problems related to all aspects of the teaching of the science in schools, colleges and univiersities. Scitech is a Discussion List for Science Technicians in schools and colleges. Others with a professional interest in the teaching of science are also welcome to subscribe.

The List is intended for the dissemination of good practice, and to assist subscribers in resolving problems related to all aspects of the delivery of science education in schools.

Organisations such as Universities and Learned Societies may also wish to use the Scitech Discussion List to announce relevant schools related events.

All science technicians are welcome to join the List. Subscription is entirely free.

However, the List is private. Consequently subscription requires a letter (on paper carrying the school/college letterhead, and preferably bearing the school stamp) to be sent to the address below.

David Ferguson
5 Stowe Court
Stockenhall Road
LE15 7RN
United Kingdom
The letter should clearly state the name of the intended subscriber together with his/her email address (a telephone number is also useful in case there are problems with the email address).

If you have any queries about the Scitech List please feel free to email any of the List Owners:

scitech_reg@btinternet.com or

> This is the Discussion List of SCOS,The Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism. It provides a forum for critical debate on the culture and symbolism of organized life,with a focus on innovative research that crosses disciplinary & functional boundaries and that reflects on the forms and voices found in organizational analysis.

> This list is open to Blackboard users in further and higher education institutions, especially those from Scotland and Northern Ireland.

> A forum for staff teaching computing and related subjects in Scottish Colleges.

> This list is for all flexible learning centre managers in Scotland's 47 FE Colleges and the agencies who support them.

> This is an online service for Librarians in Scotland's colleges

> This group has been set up to support MIS staff in Scottish FE Colleges

> This group enables colleges and FE agencies in Scotland to share information & best practice.

> This mailing list is for Staff Development Officers in Scotland's Colleges and the agencies who support them.

> A group for those with responsibility for managing the technical side of the College's JISC connection and the internal ICT College network.

> A network for historians of science based in Scotland, and historians of Scottish science, where "Science" embraces engineering, mathematics medicine, science and technology.

> This list brings together knowledge transfer specialists and business account managers from the HEIs based in Scotland with the aim of sharing best practice and facilitating inter-organisational knowledge transfer.

> This is the forum for a group set up to evaluate VLE options and undertake a procurement process for the sector. List members will be those involved in TEL, Ed Tech, IT, Procurement and Teaching and Learning more widely.

> A discussion list for archivists in Scotland

> Scottish Campaigns and Representation Staff Network is the community of practice for students association staff working in college or university students associations in Scotland. The network will be an opportunity to connect, build relationships, and share good practice with other staff who have remits relating to policy, campaigns, democracy and representation. Scottish Campaigns and Representation Staff Network is the community of practice for students association staff working in college or university students associations in Scotland. The network will be an opportunity to connect, build relationships, and share good practice with other staff who have remits relating to policy, campaigns, democracy and representation.

> Forum for members of the Scottish Regional Wellbeing & Engagement Forum, to share ideas, best practice and ask questions related to engagement and wellbeing in HE

> The email network for members of ScotHELD, Scotland's network for Learning Developers in Higher Education.

> Scottish Higher Education Researcher Developers. Practitioners' group for researcher developers from Universities across Scotland and Northern Ireland.

> The Superlist for Scottish Language and Literature (ScotLangLit) lists.

> This list is for discussions, announcements and queries by those interested in 18th century Scottish Literature or Language. Although mainly for academic staff, contributions are welcomed from undergraduate students and non-academics.

> This list is for discussions, announcements and queries by those interested in Scottish Literature or Language of the 19th and 20th centuries. Although mainly for academic staff, contributions are welcomed from undergraduate students and non-academics.

> This announcement and discussion list is for historians and others working within the broad remit of Scottish leisure history, inclusive of popular culture, sports, tourism, music, cinema, etc.

> The Scottish Metabolomics Network announcement list for all members. This list is moderated, and the default delivery is a weekly digest. For announcements, job opportunities, funding calls, meeting invites... Public archives. Subscriber information reports only accessible to list owners

> A feasibility study into developing a consolidated national student records system for the scottish FE sector.

> The Scottish Public Engagement Network is a meeting point for everyone with an interest in public engagement in Scotland.

> A list for Scottish Research Software Engineers.

> No longer operating

> A 'news and views' e-mail discussion list for all Museums, Archives, Libraries, and Electronic Services staff with a Scottish base or focus.

> The group provides a focus for a Scottish eAssessment connection, which brings together people from across the community and allows the identification of collaboration opportunities. It provides an informal platform for presenting and sharing current or upcoming work, and receiving and contributing feedback.

> The SGN aims to support the geographic community in Scotland. It will: allow existing networks to function more effectively, provide a vehicle to disseminate information on/from key Scottish geographic institutions, be a forum for the exchange of opinion on substantive and pedagogic issues.

> This list is designed to facilitate discussion and sharing of best practice for partnerships practitioners in Scottish Higher Education. This includes (but is not limited to) processes, governance, security and risk management and mitigation

> To allow consultation,strategy development and encourage research into provision of counselling and other student support in Scottish HEs

> This list is for announcements from the Scottish Medical Sociology group; this is a regional sub group of BSA Medical Sociology.

> The Scottish Microscopy community networking list. List members can ask #for advice and advertise meetings/courses.

> This list is used by an international group of academics and practitioners dedicated to analysing and producing material on Scotland, in a variety of disciplines (i.e. history, literature, language, politics, etc.). It will be used primarily for the announcement of relevant events, and as a discussion forum.

> This list is intended to support the development of a community of scholars interested in the specificities of Scottish Cultural Policy and Management. It will make announcements about research, publications, projects and events.

> To provide opportunities for cross-disciplinary discussion, networking, and dissemination of information for feminist research perspectives and approaches, mainly for Scottish academics.

> A place where HE/FE Institutions can come to together and share their ideas, resources and experiences of peer learning and support across Scotland

> The Scottish Planners Forum provides a collective voice for professional planners within the university sector in Scotland The Scottish Planners Forum provides a collective voice for professional planners within the university sector in Scotland

> Used to support activites of a group of folk, based in Scotland who are involved in managing institutional websites. The group meets quarterly and this list facilitates communication between those meetings.

> Scottish Cultural Policy Research Network brings together cultural policy research experts working in Scotland, including policymakers, consultants, artists, businesses, and other actors in the Scottish creative economy, to facilitate knowledge exchange, collaboration and policy and industry impact.

> An open list to discuss the Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network, and related topics such as Digitisation, Metadata, Resource Discovery Protocols, Educational Technology and Electronic Copyright. Discussion of the content and use of SCRAN is on SCRAN-USERS@jiscmail.ac.uk

> A network supporting academics and reflective practitioners in this emerging research area.

> Sculptural Thinking is a mailing list which brings together research in practice and theory around the concept of sculptural thinking. This may include areas of research interest in sculptural practice, the history and theory of sculpture, curation and archiving. Themes include: sculpture and the archive, sculpture and materials, sculpture in public. The mailing list is also open to new forms and modes of sculptural thinking in research-creation.

> A list for Scottish HEIs to share information on decisions made on material in their print collections.

> Sharing best practice on legal issues in the educational environment

> SCURL Directors of HEI Libraries and Learning Centres

> The SCURL Liaison Librarians' list will share good practice of their expertise

> Map current provision of library services to mobile devices and collaborate on developments

> Supported by the Scottish Confederation of University and Research Libraries to enable Systems Librarians in university, college and special libraries, and the National Library of Scotland to share information and best practice.

> List of institutional, individual and honorary members of SCUTREA (Standing Conference on University Teaching and Research in the Education of Adults)

> The SDF list for dissemination of information and for discussion amongst staff developers on any topic relating to staff development broadly defined in HE

> This list supports the work of the SDN by providing a discussion forum for people with interests in sustainable design.

> Mailing list of Principals from Colleges of Further Education in the South East Region.

> Sea level research is broadly interdisciplinary and understanding the impacts of sea-level change is important to society. This list serves as a forum for discussion and announcements of interest to this community.

> Complex relationships between a wide range of factors (e.g. physical, biological and chemical) govern the preservation of marine archaeological sites. Sea-Site aims to encourage multi-disciplinary marine environmental research and fieldwork associated with submerged archaeological sites.

> The forum is intended to foment interdisciplinary discourse amongst researchers with an interest in Southeast Asian social groups and their cultural, economic, and political developments from prehistory until the present day, as well as their long-term interactions with neighbouring populations in East and South Asia.

> An interdisciplinary group of academics and practitioners interested in the seaside and its society, economy and politics.

> A newly setup network for social policy research in Southeast Asia

> This list is for those in UK FE and HE who manage and support SEAtS software to monitor attendance. The aim is to share ideas, experiences and solutions that relate to SEAtS.

> List for members of the European Chapter of the Society for Economic Botany to share news, events, queries and discussions on ethnobotany/economic botany.

> The SEBASE project aims to provide a new approach to the way in which software engineering is understood, by moving software engineering problems from human-based search to machine-based search.

> Members of the Second Language Writing Group are working on the development of theoretical models and methodologies for research, aiming to extend knowledge about L2 writers, their written texts and their writing processes. Discussion should centre on research issues in these areas.

> This list is used by the Secrecy, Power, and Ignorance Network (SPIN) to share network and member related news, events, and research.

> This list is for discussion of security architecture within the UK Education and Research community. All those in the community working, or with an interest. in information security or enterprise architecture are welcome to join. This list is for discussion of security architecture within the UK Education and Research community. All those in the community working, or with an interest. in information security or enterprise architecture are welcome to join.

> SEDA is the professional association for staff and educational developers in the UK, promoting innovation and good practice in higher education. SEDA is seen by many as the shaper of thought and initiator of action in staff and educational development, not only in the UK but in the international domain also. This forum is for both SEDA members and for the wider educational development community and gives people the opportunity to share information and discuss ideas relating to staff and educational development in HE.

> To support and provide a network for people delivering higher education in the FE sector.

> This list supports the development of the learning technologies community within the UK Higher Education, as part of the activities of the Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA). It enables members to discuss issues in learning technology, and facilitates local meetings of the network.

> Newsletter for SEEBIBYTE project (seebibyte.org) computer vision tools for the digital humanities. For discussion, visit https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/seebibyte- users

> This mailing list is for announcements connected to the London Mathematical Society funded research network SEEMOD (South East and Eastern MODel Theory Network).

> SEFI (European Society for Engineering Education) Special Interest Group on engineering skills, including transferrable and professional capabilities.

> This list is used by the UK seismological community as a discussion forum, and to circulate announcements of meetings, opportunities, and other information.

> This list is available to all education establishments who use the Select HR applications to share advice and good practice and have a collective voice when making suggestions to Select HR for amendments and enhancements

> South East Learning Network for the Hants & IOW subregion, bringing together educational organisations and providers in the area for post-16 education to support learning.

> South East Learning Network for the Kent area, bringing together educational organisations and providers in the area for post 16 education to support learning.

> This is the collaborative Network for the MKOB and Berkshire Regions in the South East. These meetings run every term for all post 16 establishments in the MKOB and Berkshire Region.

> South East Learning Network list for Surrey and Sussex, enabling networking in the post-16 sector for organisations in these 2 counties.

> This list is used by the FAST IMPACt project partners and project participants to make announcements about and updates on the FAST IMPACt project to the subscribers of the list, as well as for discussion purposes related to project activities and project research.

> A discussion list for mathematicians interested in any aspect of semigrouptheory or related topics.

> Email list for members of the Space Academic Network (SPAN) Earth Observation Working Group, which will provide a voice for Earth Observation sciences as part of the space-related research in the UK.

> The Society for European Philosophy held its inaugural conference in 1996, and has held an annual event every year since then. It is managed by an executive committee of academics in European Universities. The Society aims to support teaching and research in all areas of European philosophy broadly construed. It provides a forum where people working on topics in European philosophy within various different disciplines, in any country, can come together and pursue ideas. It aims to promote the understanding of the various traditions of European Philosophy within the Anglo-American philosophical world, within academia more broadly, and within the wider public sphere. The SEP conference is now a crucial annual event for students and scholars of continental philosophy. From 2005-2019 the SEP annual conference was run jointly with the Forum for European Philosophy, helping to make the three-day conference the largest event aimed at researchers and others interested in Modern European Philosophy in Europe. The SEP website can be found here: https://www.societyforeuropeanphilosophy.com/

> Those involved in the South East Physics Network.

> Information about public engagement training,funding and participation opportunities

> This list is for members of the Scottish Educational Research Association's (SERA) Teacher Education Network.

> The seronegative arthritis list exists to promote collaboration amongst researchers interested in various forms of seronegative arthritis, including ankylosing spondylitis, reactive arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, arthritis related to bowel inflammation and even Behcet's syndrome.

> The purpose of this list is to develop a network for sharing and support relating to the service learning activities in HE and the community.

> A forum for the exchange of ideas, resources and activities relating to the support and development of social enterprise. A multi-disciplinary network to support the fostering of enterprise through education, community projects and partnerships.

> The Social Exclusion & Transport Network (SETnet) list is to support policy research into the link between social exclusion & poor public transport. It will be of interest to transport researchers, social policy specialists, urban regeneration experts as well as practioners and policy makers.

> Jiscmail for the International Network for Sexual Ethics and Politics

> This Jiscmail is focused in na developing theme in the intersection of sexuality, intimate relationships and gerontology. It is organised around the growing research group around the 'Sex and Intimacy in Later Life' Book series with Bristol/Policy Press, seminars and streams within larger conferences. It seeks to provide a network base for the dissemination of ideas, initiatives and research.

> A multidisciplinary e-mailing list for those working in the field of sexual health, in research and applied settings.

> this is an academic mailing list focused on sexuality and gender in central and eastern europe.

> This list is for those interested in solution-focused therapy/working who are also academics

> SFCF IT Committee

> This list is used by the Scottish Film Festival Studies network to make announcements relevant to film festival practitioners, scholars and researchers in Scotland and beyond.

> SFRA mailing list promotes the study of science fiction literature, film, and other media and serves the members of Science Fiction Research Association as well as researchers not affiliated with the organization.

> This is an internal network of academics at the University of Sunderland who are interested in food studies.

> SGARG provides a medium of communication between the members of this Applied Research Group at Coventry University. Its purpose is to serve as a contact point to deliver information and stay in communication.

> On May 17th 2012, the research event, Sound::Gender::Feminism::Activism took place at CRiSAP (Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice), London College of Communication, University of the Arts London. This was a postgraduate event focused on the role of gender in the sonic arts with the aim to stimulate dialogue around discourses related to feminism and sound, and to establish a network of researchers and practitioners working in these areas. This list is established as a means to extend the networking capabilities for researchers and practitioners working within these areas, to further dialogue and to make announcements to the research community about programs, events, publications and projects of interest.

> The South Gloucestershire Heritage Partnership Group brings together South Gloucestershire officers and councillors with members of the heritage community, parish councils and other relevant bodies to share information on what is happening in the heritage sector within South Gloucestershire.

> South Gloucestershire Museums Group is an unincorporated association. The aims of the group shall be to promote inspiration, learning and enjoyment through the exploration of museum collections for the benefit of local communities and the general public. Membership shall be open to museums and heritage centres that are open to the public and whose collecting area is wholly or partly within South Gloucestershire.

> A forum for discussing the subject of audiovisual Shakespeare, with particular reference to the BUFVC's research project: 'An International Database of Shakespeare on Film, Television and Radio'.

> This list is an interdisciplinary forum for anyone with an interest in shale and mudstone research. The list facilitates discussions on any aspect of shale research, including shale gas and oil shale exploration and production. The list is used to make announcements about shale research projects, workshops, meetings, and publications.

> This mailing list is run by Hedley Roberts, for Staff, Students, Alumni and Associates of the School of Architecture and the Visual Arts to share of information about upcoming events, openings and opportunities.

> A list to facilitate the networking together of professionals in the field of Shared Governance. Sublist of HEALTH-SERVICES-RESEARCH

> Shared services are the convergence and streamlining of the sectors or parts of the sector's functions to ensure that they deliver quality services as effectively and efficiently as possible, with potential for economies of scale and synergies through multi function working.

> A list for Social History Curators Group (SHCG) members to discuss social history in museums. To join the list you must be a personal or institutional member of SHCG. To unsubscribe email shcgweb@gmail.com

> SHED is composed of educationalists and academic staff developers working in Scottish Higher Education. The list is a forum for discussion of all aspects of academic practice including learning, teaching, assessment, accreditation, evaluation and CPD.

> SHEL is a network for women leaders in HE, we aim to develop professional practice by offering a women only space for peer to peer learning and support. Members are welcome who: have a leadership role in HE; are invested in educational change and development; identify as women.

> For users to receive communications and updates directly from the Sherpa Product Team, and to provide feedback into general development and direction of the services.

> List designed to foster inter-connectivity between research communities dealing with excrement. Propaideutic to SOAS Excrement Conference, October 2023 [School of Oriental and African Studies]. Includes group construction of relevant bibliographies / videographies.

> Spectrally High resolution Infrared measurements for the characterisation of Volcanic Ash (SHIVA): a new way to study volcanic processes http://www.atm.ox.ac.uk/project/volcano/wiki/index.php/SHIVA

> The Shoe Network is an opportunity for like minded and interested people from higher education, other museums, research communities, artists and designers to share shoe related projects of any type and current research. Quite often such a diverse group find it difficult to link up and share information. This would be an invaluable tool to achieve this.

> SHOLG is a Scottish Sector professional services liaison group, that meets 2-3 times a year across Scotland. The groups reports to ARC SCOTNI. Members discuss and share best practice around operational student records data quality issues related to HESA returns, Data Futures, SAAS, SLC, UCAS, UKVI and student records etc.

> Email list for announcements, discussions, postings related to the Culture, Health, Environment, Food and Society (CHEFS) Research Cluster, based at Sheffield Hallam University.

> This list is to increase dialogue between researchers in the UK and internationally in order to increase the pace, quality and scope of research into suicidality in autism.

> This list is used by members of SIBMAS to exchange news and views on the care and documentation of performing arts collections

> A discussion and announcements list for scholars and students of the works of Sir Philip Sidney and Edmund Spenser, and of Renaissance literature, culture, and history more generally.

> SIGGEN, mailing list for the Special Interest Group on natural language GENeration

> This list provides a discussion, communication and announcement channel for practitioners providing mathematics and statistics support to students in higher education. This includes staff working in mathematics support centres (or similar), and anyone with an interest in student-centred teaching and learning in mathematics and statistics. Posts to this list must adhere to the JISC acceptable use policy which can be found at https://community.jisc.ac.uk/library/acceptable-use-policy  In particular, since JISC is a publicly funded service, any posts advertising a product or service can only be permitted if it is in furtherance of the aims of the sigma Network https://www.sigma-network.ac.uk. Any posts advertising a commercial product or service should be infrequent and clearly state the costs involved, and remain at the discretion of the sigma Network Steering Group. If you are unsure whether your post will meet these guidelines please contact the list owner at SIGMA-NETWORK-request@jiscmail.ac.uk

> A list for users of Simac's Presto suite of solutions for managing attendance & engagement, workflows and case management processes.

> This list is used by the simulation in radiography group to keep in touch, share resources, provide support, propose research and disseminate findings.

> This list is for announcements, news and discussion related to the use of computer simulation in the social sciences, including approaches based on micro-simulation and multi-agent modelling.

> A list for the exchange of news, ideas and requests concerning all aspects of simuliid (blackfly) biology. Participation is welcomed from anyone with an interest in the Simuliidae, both in the UK and elsewhere.

> This is the mailing list for the Screen Industries Special Interest Group (SISIG) of the British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies (BAFTSS).


> This is the discussion forum for BALEAP's EAP for Social Justice Special Interest Group. It aims to bring together a network of EAP practitioners and researchers passionate about promoting social justice values in EAP.

> The Scottish Knowledge Exchange Community of Practice (SKECP) is a network of KE practitioners and researchers who share KE practices and experience, build peer relationships for information exchange and support, build KE capacity, advance knowledge of KE effectiveness, and share KE events and activities.

> A list for the discussion of how to represent skill, competence and related aspects of people's ability, to allow the portable / interoperable creation and reuse of 'frameworks', by tools in the areas of portfolio, assessment, learning outcome organisation, careers IAG (Information Advice & Guidance ), and other applications.

> List of Disability Officers who are members of the Skill South East Network.

> To work with FE colleges, private training providers, Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce and the Stoke and Staffordshire local authorities to produce collective data that can be used to meet the priorities of Skills Staffordshire and its wider partnership.

> This list will provide a space for academics and practitioners in higher education to connect and share resources, ideas, best practices and innovations in the area of sustainability in learning and teaching.

> This list provides a forum for speech and language therapists and related disciplines. Our aim is to encourage discussion and information-sharing about all aspects of professional activity including education, clinical practice and development of the profession.

> This list aims to provide a forum for information, discussion and collaboration among speech and language therapists and others who are interested, or involved, in research into communication development and change, communication disability and-or disorders of feeding, swallowing and drinking.

> This mailing list keeps its members informed on what is happening in research on slum tourism. We send out regular updates both of academic and more general nature.

> Jiscmail for members of the Society for Museum Archaeology (SMA). To help exchange news, information, tips, etc.

> The aim of this list is to act as a forum for academic discussion relating to small business issues. It is essentially interdisciplinary in nature although the emphasis is placed on the analysis of small scale enterprise rather than prescriptive or how to do it approaches.

> This list focuses on issues & trends relating to management of small tourism & hospitality firms. Particular research & teaching emphasis is given to the nature & extent of the following activities in small businesses: marketing, HRM, finance, operations, general management, & business development.

> A designated jiscmail list for small and specialist students' unions to share ideas, best practice and advice on various issues within the higher and further education sectors.

> Members of the SMART 2 Consortium

> This list is about smartcard systems and their uses in HE/FE education. The group explores best pratice, technology and value for money. The group is not limited to tangible card systems as RFID, biometrics, IP, PIN and the cost benefit of systems and the issues of cash (and its cost) will be explored. Members will normally be existing or potential users of smartcards.

> This is the official email list for the Scottish Media and Communication Association.

> The list aims to foster a debate on small business growth management issues, such as: decision making, modelling/simulation, Accounting & System Dynamics models as learning/planning tools to cope with strategic change; start-up processes; knowledge elicitation; Interactive Learning Environments

> FACULTY POSITIONS - OPEN RANK CIVIL AND ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING THE GRAINGER COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS URBANA-CHAMPAIGN The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is seeking to fill at least two full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty positions at any rank in the following areas: (1) Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Construction Engineering and Management with the potential to enhance construction productivity, cost and schedule performance, safety, sustainability, and resilience of the built environment. This includes but not limited to the research areas of machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, and rule-based systems for (a) design and construction optimization; (b) construction productivity, scheduling, cost estimating, safety, documentation; (c) project monitoring and control; (d) construction robotics and modular construction; (e) modeling and analysis of construction products, processes and organizations; (f) energy and lifecycle analysis of buildings and infrastructure systems, and (g) engineering and management of extreme events. (2) Geotechnical Engineering with a focus on natural hazards, remote sensing, and modeling and evaluation of the impacts of climate change on surface and subsurface geo-materials to identify and address risks to the built and natural environment. This focus area encompasses field, laboratory, analytical, and numerical studies of geomaterials and use of terrestrial (e.g., LIDAR) and space-based (e.g., InSAR) remote sensing tools for hazard characterization and to improve infrastructure resilience to extreme events and geohazards. (3) Railway Systems and Railroad Track Engineering with expertise in one or more of the following areas: rail capacity analysis and modeling, rail transit, high-speed and intercity passenger rail, rail network and planning, rail freight transportation operation, logistics and economics, advanced train control, computer-aided railway traffic control, and automated train operating systems, integrated passenger and freight railway system safety and risk analysis, railroad track engineering, and mechanistic design of track system and rail terminals. All qualified junior and outstanding senior candidates will be considered. Candidates from under-represented groups are strongly encouraged to apply. Faculty members in the department are expected to initiate and sustain a vigorous research program. The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is committed to building a culturally diverse educational environment. Successful candidates are expected to demonstrate a strong commitment to undergraduate and graduate teaching, and to diversity, equity, and inclusion through research, teaching, and/or service endeavors. Qualified senior candidates may also be considered for tenured Associate Professor and Full Professor positions as part of the Grainger Engineering Breakthroughs Initiative. Over the next few years, more than 35 new endowed professorships and chairs will be established in areas of strategic interest to The Grainger College of Engineering, which can be found at grainger.illinois.edu/research/initiatives/gebi. To apply, please create a candidate profile at jobs.illinois.edu. The application package should include a statement of teaching interests, statement of research interests, statement on commitment to diversity, a curriculum vitae, and a publication list, all in a single PDF file as an upload in the "CV/Resume" section. The statement on diversity should address past and/or potential contributions to diversity, equity, and inclusion through research, teaching, and/or service. Examples of such statements and guidance can be found at grainger.illinois.edu/about/diversity/guidelines. Candidates for tenure-track positions must provide names and contact information for three letters of reference in the application file. Candidates for tenured positions must have achieved national and international recognition for their scholarship; selected senior candidates will be contacted to provide references. The Department of CEE at Illinois has a long tradition of excellence in fundamental and translational research, teaching, and service. The Department currently has 58 faculty, $20 million research expenditures, and 680 undergraduate and 560 graduate students. Details about the Department faculty, research portfolio, facilities, equipment, and academic programs can be found at cee.illinois.edu. At the time of appointment, applicants must hold an earned doctorate in an appropriate field. Salary and rank will be commensurate with qualifications. The expected start date is August 16, 2023, but this is negotiable. To ensure full consideration, applications must be received by November 30, 2022. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Early applications are strongly encouraged as interviews may take place during the application period, but a hiring decision will not be made until after the closing date. For any questions concerning the application process, please contact Stacie Mertes at smertes@illinois.edu. We have an active and successful dual-career partner placement program and a strong commitment to work-life balance and family-friendly programs for faculty and staff (provost.illinois.edu/faculty-affairs/work-life-balance). The University of Illinois System is an equal opportunity employer, including but not limited to disability and/or veteran status, and complies with all applicable state and federal employment mandates. Please visit Required Employment Notices and Posters to view our non-discrimination statement and find additional information about required background checks, sexual harassment/misconduct disclosures, COVID-19 vaccination requirement, and employment eligibility review through E-Verify. Applicants with disabilities are encouraged to apply and may request a reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (2008) to complete the application and/or interview process. Requests may be submitted through the reasonable accommodations Requests may be submitted through the reasonable accommodations portal, or by contacting the Accessibility & Accommodations Division of the Office for Access and Equity at 217-333-0885, or by emailing accessibility@illinois.edu.Â

> To support the growing community of researchers in HE involved with improving the performance of small and medium-sized manufacturing companies. The list is an offshoot of and will support the SMESME conference series begun in 1998.


> This mailing list has been created to facilitate the sharing of information among Scottish institutions who are using the Moodle learning platform. There are no restrictions on joining the list, i.e. you don't have to be a member of an educational institution - though we do ask that you don't post any 'direct sales' messages.

> The list will facilitate discussion of social network analysis amongst interested UK academics, and will facilitate organisation of off-line meetings.

> This super list posts to the following sub lists: SNAS-COMMITTEE The Social Network Analysis in Scotland Group (SNAS) provides a forum to discuss projects, issues and ideas related to Social Network Analysis (SNA). It aims to bring together academic staff, postgraduate students and practitioners engaging with SNA across Scotland and beyond.

> For people using social networking to enrich the student experience

> The listserv will provide a platform to connect scholars, museum curators and other stakeholders with a specialism/interested in Scotland's relationship with Europe in the C19th and now.

> The Scottish Network of Modernist Studies

> This list is for disseminating events in the area of statistical network science. It may also be used to advertise research positions in this area.

> UK Senior User Group (SnUG) for institutions using Oracle Student System products (e.g. PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and OSS)

> A group for UK and international sociologists to discuss applied sociology. Engages with issues and work beyond academia. Supports the work of the British Sociological Association. To join us, please click on the 'Subscribe' button above and we will add you to the list. Nick Fox and Tina Basi convenors.

> This list is used by Jisc to share information about equality, diversity and inclusion opportunities, programmes and events at SOAS University of London, from the department of Equity and Accountability at SOAS. We hope to share for the benefit of other Higher Education Institutions

> This closed list is intended for members of the Heads of Departments of Sociology Council (that is, all Heads of Department and Professors of Sociology at UK Universities) to discuss matters of common interest relating to the administration and management of sociological teaching and research.

> This list is for interdisciplinary academic discussion in the social sciences and humanities on war, terror and security in relation to wider society in the UK, the EU, and on a global scale.

> A general list for the UK sociological community, for announcements, calls for papers and job openings.

> This list is open to anyone who teaches Sociology or Criminology within Higher Education or HE in FE.

> This list focuses on the key research issues of Social Economy in the UK and across Europe. This includes discussions, potential collaboration between researchers, and dissemination of outputs on topics related to social enterprise, social value, mutual exchange networks, and alternative social economies. The list will also promote projects carried out by the different Social Economy stakeholders and practitioners. We are looking for a way to facilitate European collaboration in the broad field of Social Economy between researchers and practitioners. The sharing of knowledge in the field and building potential partnerships in research and/or practice would be outcomes to be encouraged between list members.

> Social-Policy networks social policy specialists: academics (teaching and researching in universities, colleges, schools and research bodies), policy makers and service providers, generating discussion across the range of social policy themes and services.

> This is a network of Early Career Researchers (ECRs) working in Social Policy. For more details, see http://www.social-policy.org.uk/early-career-researcher-ecr-network/

> This list is owned by the Executive Committee of the Indian Social Policy Association. It aims to bring together individuals and organisations in the UK and India (not exclusively) whose work centres on emerging social policy issues in India and South Asia.


> This list is intended for the use of those people pursuing, or supervising those pursuing, higher degrees in the social policy field. In particular, it aims to serve the needs of postgraduate members of the Social Policy Association (SPA).

> To assist in the promotion of innovation in learning, teaching and assessment in social policy. To collate and disseminate information on good practice. To increase awareness of developments in learning and teaching. To share information on pedagogical approaches. To exchange ideas on learning technologies. To inform the community regarding relevant events.

> Information list for researchers in analysis of social sequence data. Includes details of new applications, developments in methodology and events, particularly in the UK.

> This list aims to provide a forum for the discussion of social theory across the social and human sciences, drawing on theories that link individual and social processes ranging from classical social theories to contemporary theories (incl. rational or public choice, new institutionalism, symbolic interaction etc).

> This list is for researchers in social care in Wales, and for practitioners and policymakers seeking to keep in touch with current developments in this area.

> A space for the sharing of ideas, resources, and information relating to social and cultural geography

> This is an email list for the social data science interest group at the Alan Turing Institute for Data Science. ------01/11/2022 RETAIN LIST------ This list has been retained 01/11/2022 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list

> This list aims to facilitate discussion and knowledge exchange between geographers and other social scientists interested in the study of socially enterprising behaviour. This includes the use of GIS mapping techniques in understanding social impact; cultural and social aspects of social enterprise and the connection of social enterprise research with social theory.

> A mailing list for members of, and those interested in, the Socialising Nitrogen network. This research group are interested in work in the arts, humanities and social sciences that engage with nitrogen. Pollution / Environment / Geopolitics / History / Economy / Society

> This list has been established to facilitate ongoing discussion among participants at seminars in the ESRC Social Justice and Public Policy series.

> The list will be a forum for discussion of the practical possibilities which social media affords for all aspects of academic life: with a particular focus on teaching, research and public engagement.

> This list is designed for academics to share information about new social media resources that can be used within higher education teaching, research and administration. It is primarily a 'what's new' list for social media within the HE sector. You don't have to be an advanced user to subscribe. You just have to be social media curious. It is set up by Professor Andy Miah (@andymiah) from the University of Salford (@andymiah) If you're just joining, the check out the archive summary here, which will get you started: https://tinyurl.com/AtoZCreativeMedia Hashtag: #socialmediaHE

> Social Mouth Research Network info, for those interested in social, historical and cultural context of mouth, dentistry and/or oral health.

> This purpose of this list is to provide a forum for the discussion social norms internationally and the development of cross-cultural social norms research.

> This list is to raise awareness of social prescribing developments; to provide a platform for sharing information,ideas, research and evaluation and above all else to bring people together to develop collaborations and partnership through a commitment to shared values and principles.

> The list is used to make announcements about upcoming events in the Social Statistics Seminar series. The seminars are organised by the Department of Social Statistics of the University of Manchester.

> This list is for social work academics, practitioners and students who have an interest in learning more about alcohol and drugs. It is intended to allow sharing of information and information exchange between the target audience, for example, it will allow students to ask for information from practitioners and academics, academics to find out what others are doing and for practitioners to have a direct line to academics who are specialist in this area and vice versa.

> To develop a greater understanding of the dangers of religious fundamentalisms and to develop strategies for challenging this

> The Social Work and Health Inequalities Network is to promote discussion and action by Social Work practitioners, educators and researchers to combat the causes and consequences of unjust and damaging socially created inequalities in health.


> This list is to support the activity of an ESRC funded research project (WiSP) which has been investigating social work professional writing. The purpose of this list is to generate a conversation and networking with colleagues in HEI social work programmes about the ways in which professional writing is and could be taught. The aim is to support the development of impact resources for higher education. Membership is open to colleagues from training sections of local authorities .

> A discussion forum on the social, economic, sociological & political issues of midwifery & maternity care: medicalization; professional competition; attitudes of pregnant women. It also aims to stimulate co-operation between researchers in Britain & elsewhere on cross-national comparative studies.

> The Sociology of Rights Study Group was formed in 2007 with the aim of promoting the study of sociology and rights online and through conferences, workshops and publications. The group's membership is drawn from academics and activists working on a broad spectrum of human rights and rights related issues, from both within the UK and overseas.

> The list is to discuss the use of SocioTechnical approaches to Information Systems Development It is promoted by the Socio-Technical Group of BCS. Its aim is to help managers and technologists understand, design for and manage the organizational factors which surround ICTs

> Our key interest is how knowledge from the qualitative social sciences, such as Sociology of Technology, Activity Theory or Discourse Analysis, can contribute to the design and evaluation of the ubiquitous, pervasive and social proxy dimensions of technology. This includes an interest on how the usefulness of systems is socially constructed and culturally shaped.

> This group is a mailing list for the BSA Sociology of Mental Health study group.

> SOCREL is a discussion and news list devoted to Sociology of Religion and is primarily for academics working in the field in (or about) the UK.The list grew out of discussions in the sociology of religion groupof the British Sociological Association. Please Note Only members of SocRel are able to freely post messages through this email list.If you are not a member of SocRel but have an important announcement to distribute, please forward your message to Kim Harding (khard001@gold.ac.uk) for vetting and distribution.It is only possible to post messages using an email account that is registered as part of SocRel membership.

> This list is to enable post grads in the sociology of religion to support each other. It is a place to try ideas out, to ask stupid (and intelligent) questions, and to winge about supervisors and the research/phd process.

> Mailing list to share information about doing research and research impact in end of life care from social science perspectives.

> This list brings together social scientists working in public health research contexts, in conjunction with the symposium 'Beyond Them and Us' being held in Cambridge in September 2012. It acts both as a forum for discussion and as a facility for the announcement of events, publications and jobs.

> This list is used by social sciences librarians within the University of London's many Libraries to exchange information about research, information provision, resources etc.

> The Soft Matter Mailing List is for distributing information and announcements related to the study of soft condensed matter, which is the science of liquid crystals, polymers, surfactants, colloids, gels and networks, and biologically motivated physics.

> This list is intended for those in education support that develop in house software. ideally this list will be used to discuss and share ideas relating to education support software, such as student record systems or virtual learning environments.

> Software Risks include failure in terms of budget, functionality, schedule etc. This list is devoted to a discussion of topics relevant to Software Risk management which attempts to identify, assess and control risks in order to avoid or minimise the loss that would be caused by their occurrence.

> Soil is central to all our lives and is receiving increasing attention in political arenas world wide. The British Society of Soil Science discussion list has soil as its focus. We encourage debate and information exchange on a wide range of soil issues, both academic and practical.

> This is the mailing list for the members of the Soil Care Network, an inter-disciplinary network for soil researchers. Please see soilcarenetwork.com for more details.

> Linking academic outreach practitioners in Norfolk, SOIN will maximise collaboration and ensure effective use of resources

> Designed to allow academic and support staff from art - and design-related subject areas to engage in productive conversation to support curriculum delivery and development and support the transition of learners from further to higher education.

> Email list for the SoLid Institute Board

> This list serve researchers from a range of field interested in urban sound, with a focus on the city of Tehran.

> Sonic Rebellions, May 2022 asks 'what is the relationship between sound and social justice?' This list is for staying up to date with further developments.

> This mailing list is intended for anyone interested in scholarship, teaching and learning with a focus on science, technology, engineering, mathematics or associated subjects.

> This list is used by the Centre for Sound Cultures, founded at Queen Mary University, to discuss events and research in various disciplines and none, within and outside of higher education institutions.

> A UK acoustic ecology group branching from the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology, bringing together all the different disciplines concerned with the soundscape.

> We aim to support the sustainable development and use of software and data within the audio and music research community.

> An interdisciplinary forum of academics and others to facilitate exchange of knowledge and information referring to the region of SE Europe.

> This list is for students' union staff and officers in the south of England to discuss upcoming events, issues, and share good practice.

> This list will serve as a support network to all those working to support students with academic skills.

> Sowing the Seeds is a partnership of individuals and organisations devoted to the economic and social history of the Middle Ages. It exists to foster collaboration between scholars and scholarly projects as well as act as a support network, particularly for early career historians. The Sowing the Seeds Network is supported by the Economic History Society, Centre for History and Economics (Cambridge) and CRASSH (Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities , Cambridge). Learn more about the Seeds. All scholars, including students, working on any aspect of medieval economic and social history are welcome to join.

> SPA works closely with universities and colleges to enhance good practice, excellence and professionalism in the recruitment and selection of students to higher education. The SPA list is used to disseminate good practice and advice to members of the HE sector and create a forum where issues and concerns can be aired.

> A Working Group of the European Society of Criminology interested in Situational and Spatial Criminology

> This is used to promote programmatic and technical discussion relevant to UK science and engineering research in space weather.

> Space syntax is a set of techniques for the analysis of spatial configurations of all kinds, especially where it seems to be a significant aspect of human affairs, as in buildings & cities. Conceived at UCL in the 70s, it is now used around the world in many research fields and applications.

> Mailing list for users and developers of the Space Syntax Toolkit for QGIS, to ask questions, discuss the use and applications, and make suggestions.

> Announcement list for the Social Policy Association's Housing Policy Group - info about group activities, events and publications.

> A discussion and information list for all academics working in the field of Popular Music Studies, especially those resident in Scotland.

> This mailing list allows members of the International Association for the Study of Spanish in Society to share information such as calls for papers, announcements of publications and events, and funding opportunities, for example.

> This is a survey about how special collections are promoted and why. To gather feedback from special collections staff to support my MA dissertation research area.

> Informal network of fundraising colleagues who focus on face to face solicitations of between £1,000 - £25,000, including single gifts and regular gifts.

> This list is for LRC / library staff working in specialist colleges for disabled students.

> Discussion and information distribution list serving the spectroscopy community worldwide.

> This is a mailing list for a network that aims to promote research and teaching in the field of Social Policy and Environment in the UK. This mailing list will be linked to the Social Policy Association homepage and will be linked to the Social Policy and the Environment Network.

> Soil, Plant, Environment Network of researchers at the University of Leeds.

> Email distribution list for the UK consortium members of the proposed European Space Agency SPICA space telescope

> This list is for anyone in the social, behavioural or economic sciences interested in behavioural spillover (i.e., when change in one behaviour leads to change in other behaviour/s) or unintended consequences from behaviour change interventions

> Network for popular music scholars, musicians and industry personnel based in or with connections to Scotland.

> SPIRE Livelink updates

> This list supports a long-term research collaboration with biological field recorders into "Spiritual Landscapes". List members will likely have attended a workshop hosted by a member of the research team, particularly Dr. Jeremy Kidwell. The list is meant to provide a forum for persons to report on their experience in the field, troubleshoot issues, and share announcements about forthcoming events that may be of interest.

> Spirituality-Health-Healing provides a forum to promote discussion and the sharing of research around the area of spirituality health and healing. It is aimed at academics and practitioners working within psychology, psychiatry, nursing, medicine, disability studies, theology and pastoral care.

> The Centre for Spirituality Studies at the University of Hull aims to promote interdisciplinary research and scholarship developing a critical understanding of spirituality.

> This list has been retained 04/08/20 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list The SpLD forum aims to facilitate discussion about Specific Learning Difficulties including (but not limited to) Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, ADHD, Asperger's Syndrome. It will be of most interest to practitioners and researchers working with adult students/clients.

> Community support group for Splunk users in HE

> SPM (Statistical Parametric Mapping) refers to functional brain mapping analysis techniques developed by the Wellcome Centre for Human Neuroimaging, (UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology, London), implemented in the SPM software. The list is for discussion and help with the methodology, implementation and use of SPM.

> To enable discussion of Omicron Scanning Probe Microscopy instruments and software.

> This mailing list brings together practitioners, researchers and organisations involved in archiving and studying recent and past spontaneous memorials that appear after terrorist attacks, disasters and other tragic events. This mailing list brings together practitioners, researchers and organisations involved in archiving and studying recent and past spontaneous memorials that appear after terrorist attacks, disasters and other tragic events.

> A research network for members to circulate the latest news and research relevant to the topic of Spontaneous Future Cognition.

> The Sport and Leisure History Seminar was set up at the Institute of Historical Research in London in 2008 to provide a forum for the presentation of academic research in this field. It has also hosted a mailing list during this period, in order to publicise the seminar and other events, and is designed to serve as a hub for sport and leisure historians in London and the broader South of England.

> This list is intended to be used by those people with an interest in facilitating the development of a cohesive British academic sport business management community.

> To generate interdisciplinary social science discussion (sociology, cultural studies, geography, media studies etc.) on the social and cultural analysis of sport.

> To support research in sports medicine, including exercise physiology, nutrition, the impact of disease on work endurance, applied biomechanics, treatment of injuries, and the use of performance-enhancing substances, at all levels of participation.

> The Sociology of Sport Study Group of the British Sociological Association (BSA) list: facilitates the promotion of research and scholarship in the sociology of sport; represents the professional interests of those engaged in the sociology of sport; raises the profile of expertise in the sociology of sport in public debate and within appropriate user constituencies provides an opportunity for members of the sport study group to exchange and discuss research and communicate developments in appropriate national and international groups with complementary scholarly interests.

> This is used by the members of the Association for the Study of Sport and the European Union, a research network of academics interested in the impact of European politics and policies on sport and vice-versa.

> This group aims to share news, information, events and activities relating to the field of sporting heritage.

> Official email list for the International Association for the Philosophy of Sport.

> The International Sports Engineering Association list is for discussion of engineering in sport. ISEA aims to interface academia and industry, enhance performance and enjoyment by all and reduce sports injuries through better equipment design.

> Covering a broad range of areas related to sport and its regulation, this list will be of use to legal academics and academics with interests in sports science/medicine/sociology/history.

> The list is created as a result of the workshop organised under the Researcher Links scheme offered within the Newton Fund, the British Council and Fund de Amparo Pesquisa do Estado de Paulo - FAPESP (2004/50504-8), in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil on 10-13th March, 2015. # The aim of the list of to connect researchers, policy makers and activists interested in examining the complex range of sociocultural impacts that arise from the design, management and legacy planning for mega sport events. The impacts on local populations, spaces and community identities are deeply interconnected with processes of social and political transformation that occur via urban redevelopment and relocation, the promotion of sport development to enhance social cohesion, tourism development, and education, health and employment programs.

> SPRUlist is a mailing list set up by the Social Policy Research Unit for individuals who wish to be kept informed of research published by the Unit.

> This list is to increase collaboration - nationally and internationally - in the development of technologies and methods for automation in systematic reviews. The International Collaboration for Automation in Systematic Reviews moderates this open list.

> The South of England Regional Programming Language Seminar (S-REPLS) is an informal regional meeting for researchers and industry professionals with an interest in programming language theory and implementation.

> The Smart Research Framework (SRF) project is funded by the JISC UMF programme. The consortium is led by the University of Southampton, the other partners being UKOLN at the University of Bath, STFC e-Science Centre, and consultancy firm Charles Beagrie Ltd. The objectives are to deploy existing Electronic Lab Notebooks software as a service using virtual machines provided by Eduserv

> The purpose is to enhance communication and network for health professionals involved in clinical care and research activity relating to reproductive health, sexuality, parenting and infant care.

> Mailing List for Institutional Contacts for SROC, for the dissemination and notification of matters of interests to SROC delegates and those working within the field of Student Records and Data.

> This list is for delegates of the most recent Student Records Officers Conference (SROC) for post-conference follow on communications and for delegates to remain in touch

> This is an inter University group who are currently reviewing their student record system.

> The SSFN list has been established to promote scientific exchange and to encourage resource sharing in the interdisciplinary field of social studies of finance. The SSFN list has been established to promote scientific exchange and to encourage resource sharing in the interdisciplinary field of social studies of finance.

> The SSI-network will focus on socio-scientific issues as a challenge for science education for all. More specifically the common area of interest will be recent and current thinking on the epistemology of science and recent developments in science. Through discussion, a theoretical perspective on how this thinking impacts on society and environment will be elaborated and, thus, how it should impact on learning and teaching of science at all levels.

> This list is for the users of a suite of products dedicated to collections and information management and retrieval, produced by specialist software developers System Simulation.

> The SSMA mailing list is used to enable discussion among all branches of archaeology in Scotland to improve the uses of archaeological collections in Scottish museums for research, teaching and display.

> A network for researchers of music, music theory, and musical practices and representations in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Europe.

> A group for discussion about issues relating to the running and development of Subject Specialist Networks that focus on collections and museums

> This is a mailing list for researchers with an interest in topics related to Outer Space.

> This list has been retained 04/06/2020 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list This list exists to promote the exchange of information and ideas related to social policy in Scotland.

> This list will be used by members of the BSA/SPA Study Group for the Sociology of Social and Public Policy to facilitate communication amongst the research community in this area.

> This list exists to help facilitate communication between geographers involved in the Sexualities, Space and Queer Research Group of RGS/IBG

> This list will be used for sharing information about student support issues at Northumbria University and for sharing information about other student support activities in the Newcastle area. It will be of particular interest to colleagues at Northumbria University - whether in Faculties, central Services or the Students' Union. However, staff at other universities are also very welcome to join!

> This list is used by postgraduate students and early career researchers in the field of interdisciplinary urban research to make announcements and disseminate information on upcoming conferences, seminars, CFPs, and other events, publications, and projects specifically relevant to postgraduate students. The list also provides a forum for discussions related to the study of cities. It is linked to Stadtkolloquium, an annual interdisciplinary postgraduate workshop based at the UCL Urban Laboratory, but open to anyone interested in urban related questions.

> For discussion of issues and activities related to the field of Staff Development in Higher Education, including Curriculum Development, Learning and Teaching, Assessment, Appraisal, Audit, etc. This is a list for all those involved/interested - not just full time staff developers.

> To promote scientific archives Promote engagement and dissemination of information about scientific archives To develop systems of capture To work internationally with these aims

> This list is used by current students and alumni in social anthropology from the STAR consortium to make announcements to the research community regarding programmes,seminars, publications and projects.

> This list will contain discussions about development of Starlink software.

> Starlink Software User Support: Starlink's main objectives are to provide and coordinate leading edge interactive data reduction and analysis tools for use in research by UK Astronomy,STP and Solar scientists.

> "Start Up New Venture Creation" aims to link professionals in career advice, business support and lecturers supporting real start-ups by students and graduates and staff in exchanging good and best practice in support approaches as well as learning and teaching. The aim is to share information on workshops, conferences, new resources, books, successes, approaches in offering good start-up support, short exercises and discuss topics of mutual interest for entrepreneurship educators and business support providers within and outside of academia. It is not focused on research exchange or research related topics.

> Identifying independent statisticians to sit on Trial Steering Committees (TSC) and Data Monitoring Committees (DMC) etc is often challenging. The aim of this list is to link statisticians across the NIHR, CTUs and health research groups in order to provide opportunity for reciprocation in this activity and to facilitate professional development of statisticians to fulfill these roles.

> The STATGEN list is intended to facilitate the exchange of information, ideas and expertise between researchers interested in statistical aspects of genetics. www.stats.gla.ac.uk/~paulj/statgen.html

> To promote and enable discussion and exchange of information between statisticians, historians and others interested in the history of statistics

> The purpose of this list is to enable the members of the Committee of the Royal Statistical Society's Official Statistics Section to communicate about the organisation of meetings and other educational and research activities

> The biweekly statistical seminar at University of Bristol.

> This is the mailing list for the committee members of the Statistics and Law Section of the Royal Statistical Society. The purpose of the Section is to enable the Society to make informed and, hopefully, influential contributions to the administration of justice as well as encouraging research and disseminating knowledge amongst the statistical, legal (civil and criminal), forensic science and forensic medicine communities.

> The Steeple projects are JISC funded UK Higher Education community projects. It seeks to investigate, develop, and document sustainable institutional infrastructure to support #university wide educational audio/video processing and podcasting.

> A list for graduates / researchers / organisations supporting STEAM / STEM / Education and the streams in these sectors (teaching, careers, policy etc) From early years/first years right upto KS4, from around the world.

> The National Higher Education Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (HE STEM) programme aims to improve outreach and widening participation across the sector. This STEM-Outreach-SW network is particularly for practitioners in the South West of England who work in the education sector (primary, secondary and tertiary) and who share a common interest in outreach and widening participation. There is a particular focus on sharing practice to help raise the profile and quality of outreach and widening participation activities.

> This list is used by the STEM Horizons committee to make announcements to regular conference followers with updates and information in relation to dates, conference location, themes, abstract submissions, registration and programmes.

> This group provides an announcement and communication channel for practitioners from the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics disciplines who are undertaking, or seeking to undertake, discipline based pedagogic research in higher education.

> The list is used by members of Stempra to share ideas and discuss the latest issues in science communication. Only paid-up members of Stempra may join this list - http://www.stempra.org.uk/

> Creating a harmonised national e-Infrastructure for STFC's data intensive science, facilitating the sharing nationally of resources and services

> A network for museums, universities and archives interested in the history and preservation of science, technology and industry.

> The Scottish Technology and Industry Collections and Knowledge network aims to promote care and enjoyment of these ollections. Through research, stewardship and advocacy, STICK will encourage wider engagement with technological and industrial collections across Scotland.

> This is a mailing list for people interested in social stigma.

> This list connects members of Stitching Together, a research network focused on participatory textile making - making textiles with others - as an emerging methodological approach used in cross-disciplinary research.

> This group is for researchers and students who have registered for "The stories we live by: an online course in ecolinguistics" (www.storiesweliveby.org.uk). The mailing list will be used for discussions about ecolinguistics and announcements of webinar times and new resources.

> Stage Translation Research Adaptation Practice is an international discussion forum for researchers and practitioners interested in stage translation and adaptation. It is intended that this forum will help subscribers to create networks and further the discipline.

> There is growing interest in using streaming technology for delivering video, audio and synchronised multimedia presentations in learning, teaching and research. This list is for members of the UK HE community with input from other education sectors.

> AHRC Research Network aiming to bring together academics, educators, and industry professionals to explore, from both theoretical and practical perspectives, the teaching and research potential of this emerging form of film distribution.

> A forum for academics and practitioners for the exchange and development of knowledge and practice on all aspects of Streets: design and mangement, maintenance and funding, #governance and planning; community involvement and collaboration. The forum also addersses the wider impact of streets, including socialisation, child development, public health, active lifestyles, economic growth, and sustainability.

> Announcements of network events and news of interest to the socio-technical systems research community in Scotland.

> The mailing list is served for StuConOS student conference. The StuConOS conference is aimed at current undergraduate and master students in the UK. The conference will give students a chance to submit their work and to have this reviewed by a programme committee of experts. We interpret the word "optimisation" in its very broad sense: anything that improves (in any way) software or the process of making it. It will give students an initial taste of research work and a chance to publish and discuss their ideas with experts. The programme committee will review the submissions and decide on those to be accepted and the prizes to be awarded. All authors will receive feedback on their work and those accepted for the conference will be published in a printed proceedings & online available and presented(by one of the authors) at the conference.

> This list is for those responsible for the day to day operations of Student Discipline so that institutions can share best practice.

> This list is used to communicate with and derive responses and research from the student fundraising community across the UK in both further and higher education.

> This list provides a forum for discussion of student-led activity. Student-led activity is voluntary, extra-curricular activity started up and run by a group of students.

> This list is for use by JISC and related parties to announce and discuss issues, events, activities, projects and funding around the area of Student Lifecycle Relationship Management (SLRM), an area of Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

> A discussion and information list for people working in UK higher education with a specific interest in improving communication and engagement with current students (as opposed to marketing and communication to prospective students).

> Address demand for the continuing professional development of higher education staff, particularly academic staff, in supporting the development of student employability and enterprise in their working setting. It supports professional engagement with the implementation of enhanced practice in evidence informed ways.

> A jiscmail list to bring together colleagues working in the fields of student experience and engagement. Run by Josh Gulrajani and David Gilani from AUA's Student Experience and Engagement Network.

> This JISC list has been set up to disseminate information relating to events, initiatives and advice relating to the management of student induction into HEIs in the UK.

> This list will be used by the partner unions in the National Union of Students/ Higher Education Academy Student-Led Teaching Awards project to exchange advice guidance and examples of good practice.

> Open to Universities and Students' Unions operating Mentoring or Befriending schemes within their institutions or who are involved in researching this area of work.

> A list for students' associations joining Europlat as associate partners.

> This list is used to foster debate, academic collaboration and exchange on topics related to the history of students in twentieth century Europe broadly defined.

> This list is linked to the Centre for Studies of Home, a joint venture between Queen Mary University of London and The Geffrye Museum, UK. It serves as a forum for advertising and discussing events associated with the Centre and as a place where others can advertise events and share opportunities relevant to the study of home and domestic life.

> I am inviting you to be involved in my study. It is around the relationship between physical activity levels and moving to university (and the associated lifestyle-related changes). I am looking for first year university students who have had to move in order to study at university.

> A community for SU Designers who want to share creative ideas, get input, enhance marketing material and network

> This list is for student officers and staff in students unions, FE and HE institutions interested in internationalising students' unions. Common topics include information on upcoming events on internationalisation and international students, international students in crisis, information on campaigns for international students, and new information on building global student communities.

> This list is for staff working in Student Unions' who are responsible for coordinating peer support/peer learning projects. This list is for staff working in Student Unions' who are responsible for coordinating peer support/peer learning projects.

> This list is to allow lay/external trustees from students' unions acorss the UK to discuss issues, share experiences and identify solutions to the range of issues they discover on students' union trustee boards. It is facilitated by staff at the National Union of Students who will offer help and support as well as promoting materials and resources that they feel is helpful to members of the group.

> This is to generate interdisciplinary discussion (within sociology, cultural studies, discourse analysis,geography)on the theory and empirical investigation of 'deviant' subcultural styles and related phenomena (clubcultures and countercultures)

> This list is for subfossil chironomid researchers to exchange information. This can include sharing events and asking for help with identification. It can be used by researchers at all career stages, including students. Other ways to stay in touch with the community: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/439210788175361/ Whatsapp: https://chat.whatsapp.com/FuilithzrYjHfxWzfVkZOB Online seminar planning: https://tinyurl.com/47hcyjww Online seminar mailing list: https://tinyurl.com/2p8v8e59 Online list of identification keys: https://tinyurl.com/vxu22pdj This list is for subfossil chironomid researchers to exchange information. This can include sharing events and asking for help with identification. It can be used by researchers at all career stages, including students. Other ways to stay in touch with the community: a Facebook page, a Whatsapp group, an online seminar planning, the seminar sign-up list, an online list of identification keys.

> The aim of this listserv is to facilitate policy makers, researchers and academics working in the field of substance misuses and child welfare to: - share research findings and discuss the implications for policy and practice - promote the evidence base informing policy and practice developments - develop ideas for new areas of research and enquiry - disseminate and discuss developments in policy and practice - network and develop working relationships across agency and professional boundaries

> This list is used by members of the Scottish Universities International Group (SUIG)

> SUN aims to provide resources and events to support university lecturers of space engineering and technology in the UK.

> A network of academics exploring various aspects of gender and equality. Based in the University of Sunderland.

> The Students' Union Network for Internationalisation is used by students' unions to share ideas and best practice for working with international students and increasing opportunities for international experiences in students' unions.

> A list for those concerned with the supervision of researchers and research students and those involved in supervisor development.

> A list to connect public engagement practitioners in SUPA (Scottish Universities Physics Alliance) institutions.

> This list is to share and discuss policy and research work in students' unions within further and higher education. It supports peer to peer training and development, collaboration and events. # This list is used to make announcements about events, positions and research being undertaken in the student movement.

> Superdiversity is a relatively new field of research. The list aims to provide a forum for scholars & practitioners to discuss and disseminate their work in this field.

> A list to connect colleagues involved in developing research supervisor practice - sharing resources, scholarship and discussions

> This list is to support, troubleshoot and answer the frequently asked questions about using and utilising high performance compute cluster at Birmingham City University.

> The Support Vector Machine (SVM) is a powerful new learning algorithm based on recent advances in statistical learning theory. SVMs have become one of the standard tools for machine learning and data mining and can perform both classification and regression.

> This mailing list is made up of the Heads of Departments and Key Contacts from UK economics departments that subscribe to the Economics Network.

> This list is for colleagues who support professionals who move into HE from other fields. It may also be of use to professionals who have made that move.

> A forum for those involved in improving access to the best available evidence in supportive and palliative care. Users include academics, researchers, managers, health and social care practitioners in hospitals, hospices, specialist palliative care units and elsewhere in the voluntary, NHS, university and private sectors, plus administrative, library and IT professionals and others. A broad-based community of practice of individuals and groups engaged in online information provision and use in this field, both elsewhere in the UK and internationally.

> The suppressed-music mailing list is used to exchange information about composers writing music under totalitarian and other repressive regimes, not least those of Nazi Germany and Austria and Communist central and eastern Europe. This is a sub-list of MUSICOLOGY-ALL.

> This list is intended to support interdisciplinary exchange, research and teaching around theories, histories, institutions and fictions of surveillance.

> News list for the Survey Resources Network (SRN), promoting workshops, seminars, training opportunities, resources, publications, services etc. The SRN is a new service funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) to co-ordinate and develop ESRC activities related to survey research methods.

> This list is open to members of the Scottish Universities Special Collections and Archives Group (SUSCAG)to discuss any and all matters relating to Special Collections and Archives in Scottish Institutions of Higher Education and to circulate information on the subject of HE Research Collections.

> This list is for the sharing of techniques and materials for teaching sustainable design in a range of design disciplines such as architecture, product design, or interiors.

> The University of Sussex is seeking to appoint an external examiner for Finance and Accounting, to examine the International Year One Programme. The course is delivered by our partnership organisation, Study Group, at our on campus International Study Centre. Applications from candidates with experience of collaborative provision will be prioritised. Please note that we are unable to accept applications from those who: • Have previously been appointed as an external examiner at the University of Sussex. • Within the last five years, have been a member of staff or student within the University of Sussex or one of its Partner Institutions (including Study Group); • Have any direct interest in or ties to the University or Study Group. • Hold more than one other external examiner position. Information on the external examining role at the University of Sussex is available here: https://www.sussex.ac.uk/webteam/gateway/file.php?name= ee-handbook-2015-16- (final).pdf&site= 457 Please send expressions of interest and a current CV to Isabel Costello, Academic Development and Quality Enhancement Officer (I.Costello@sussex.ac.uk). Closing date: 5th May 2017

> A list to support staff in FE & Skills Sectors and HE who are interested in Sustainability in their organisations.

> This list is for university staff across the world to discuss sustainability issues and solutions. The aim is to provide a global network for sharing best practice in the field of sustainability and its application to university operations. Inspired by the Making Universities Sustainable Conference in Copenhagen 2014. This is the first global email-list for HE Sustainability Professionals and is intended to be a hotbed of discussion for everything sustainability related in the sector, a place to share bright ideas and best practice and ensure that we are working together on a global scale to tackle the issues surrounding sustainability. It is completely free of charge and open to anyone working in sustainability in the higher education sector. There are a couple of ground rules: - Please keep the discussion friendly - Please keep to the subject of sustainability - Please keep the emails in English. Helpful tips: If you would like to start a private discussion please reply to the sender’s email address and not hit the ‘reply’ button. To enable his to happen please remember to provide your email address in your contact details when you sign off an email to the group.

> Following on from the Education for Sustainable Development: Graduates as Global Citizens conference, this list is a forum for the continuation of debate and dialogue. It is an interdisciplinary online forum for contributions on sustainable development and global citizenship issues in HE.

> The energy used by ICT services is significant, but largely hidden. This list provides forum for those responsible for service provision and building management in education establishments to discuss the development of lower energy, more sustainable ICT policies and practices.

> The primary aim of the forum is to disseminate discussions that reflect current issues to operationalising Sustainable Development at the organisational level (though not exclusively; regional, national, international perspectives will also be facilitated). Sublist of total-quality-all

> This list has been retained 07/09/2021. No one can subscribe to this list, no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list A forum for debate and information exchange on research in aspects of sustainable plant medicine. Members will be drawn from fields of agroforestry, complementary health, ecology, ethnobotany, herbal medicine, horticulture, medicine and phytopharmacy.

> The Sustainable Society Network+ is a Research Councils UK Digital Economy Theme programme to network research in ICT to promote sustainable societies.

> This list exists to facilitate the sharing of information and exchange of experience in the identification and implementation of sustainable remediation. Researchers, practitioners and regulators are welcome to join and benefit from others experiences and in due course share their own thoughts and insights into this field.

> News of sustainable IT events and activities in universities and colleges by the Higher Education Environmental Performance Improvement (HEEPI) JISC-funded SusteIT project

> This list is run by the International Council on Archives Section on University and Research Institution Archives (https://www.ica.org/en/about-university-archives-suv) for its members and to encourage broader professional discussion among those interested in its topics.

> Information about Drosophila suzukii research in the UK

> Discussion list for members of SVAG - Scottish Visual Arts Group

> Workers and Practitioners in Student Volunteering in Wales

> SW-EM is a community of all those working within the field of electron microscopy in the South West UK. Open to all students, early-career researchers, technicians and academics alike, SW-EM aims to serve anyone working in Electron Microscopy in the SW.

> Mailing list for members of the South-West Principal Fellows (PFHEA) Group to share good practice, have discussions, and arrange meetings

> This list is used for sharing announcements and discussion related to studying and researching anthropology at universities in the southwest region

> The social-work-ltsn-elearning mailing list is used for the discussion of building capacity in e-learning.

> A list to discuss the development of an archaeological research agenda for the South West of England Web Site www.somerset.gov.uk/swarf

> Using the email address to capture contact details of prospective students who are interested in finding out more about SWBio DTP, ahead of the project calls.

> The list members are disability advisers and widening participation practitioner at the universities in the SW region. It is planned that the list will expand to include SEN Teachers from local schools and learning suport advisers from colleges in the SW region. We are planning to use the list for communicating collaborative events for young people with disabilities, their parents and carers as well as disability and widening participation practitioners.

> A list to connect South Wales counsellors, therapists, academics and students within the Social Sciences discipline.

> The programme board appointed to oversee the SWERN (South West England Regional Network) disengagement project.

> Discussion Group for SWOP (the Scottish Working Group on Official Publications).

> The Software Ontology for Resource Description (SWORD) project is a short, six month, project to start the development of a software ontology. This will enable descriptions to be made of software artefacts used in the creation, management and analysis of data. Such descriptions are an important part of digital preservation as knowing what software have been used with data enables quality assurance, re-creation, repetition and judgments to be made about the data in hand.

> This is a list for stakeholders around the world who are helping to develop version 3 of the SWORD data transfer protocol.

> Forum for European experts in space weather applications related science. It promotes the development of European space weather capabilities. This includes knowledge transfer into space weather applications and research into the underpinning science.

> The Ionospheric Effects Topical Group is a forum for discussion and exchange of information, ideas and thoughts regarding ionospheric modelling, observations and mitigation techniques. The group also addresses topics related to ionospheric services for end user communities.

> The aim of the Symbiosis project is to create and pilot a new model of economic resilience for smaller museums by building a resource to support them in developing deeper, mutually beneficial research collaborations with their relevant industries.

> This is a general, low volume, list for announcements about meetings, news and events.

> A list for developers to discuss CCP SyneRBI software, including SIRF.

> A list for the discussion about PET-MR and other multi-modality phantoms

> A list for users to discuss CCP SyneRBI software, including SIRF.

> Announcements related to the SynTeach project on syntax pedagogy in Canada, UK and US HE.

> This list is for researchers interested in sharing knowledge and learning about synthesis without meta-analysis in systematic reviews.

> The Synthesizer Research Network (SyReN) is a UK-based network of academics, industry, musicians, and expert enthusiasts. The goal of the network is to bring stakeholders together to improve our understanding of how synthesizers are used by musicians to improve the design of future instruments and performance practice.

> An electronic discussion forum for members of the HE research community undertaking systematic reviews, with input from information specialists, and practitioners. The list aims to provide a platform for information sharing, problem-solving, dissemination and mutual support.

> Sysfling is the main international discussion group for the international SFL community. Discussion includes various issues related to theory and/or methodologies, announcements of books and conferences, answers to questions (e.g., What work has been done in SFL on X), etc.

> This list is used to make occasional announcements to members of the Systematics Association, and others with an interest in SA activities.

> This list will provide an international platform for sharing information about systems approaches to chronic disease prevention. Members include research students and world leading researchers working to develop this methodology.