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> The UACES members' email list for members to circulate information about events, jobs, etc. subject to the usage policy that can be viewed at www.uaces.org/email

> This list is to allow members of the UALL (Universities Association for Lifelong Learning) Student Experience Network to communicate about issues relating to the teaching and support of part time and mature students in Higher Education

> This list supports communication between members of the University Alliance Teaching Excellence Alliance Implementation Group on programme activity.

> This list is used by the UCFL University Council For Languages to share developments, events, and initiatives of relevance to the UK's Higher education languages community.

> List for discussions on the digital accessibility legislation

> General announcement list for all people interested in ucisa matters

> For people interested and/or working in the area of Business Relationship Management

> The ucisa-dcg list is for discussion and sharing of experience and good practice in end user IT training and digital capability/skills development in UK further and higher education.

> The ucisa-deg list is a discussion list for those interested related in the use of digital education in support of learning and teaching activities within HE and is a forum for the discussion of, and the exchange of information on the development and use of technologies in teaching and learning.

> UCISA-IG Committee list

> List for discussion about diversity among the members of ucisa

> ucisa Enterprise Architecture discussion list

> This is a discussion list for those interested in HE Information Security within IT in ucisa member institutions

> A discussion list for ucisa London members to share best practice and identify opportunities for collaboration and potential shared services.

> list for use of the UCISA London committee

> ucisa-NG�s remit is to consider all aspects of networking and network security within the academic and research communities and to give advice to ucisa and JISC on strategic matters affecting the community. We also run workshops and other events to share expertise within the sector. See http://www.ucisa.ac.uk/groups/ng All IT staff in ucisa member institutions are welcome to subscribe to our announcement and discussion list.

> The ucisa Support Services Group (SSG) brings together those with an interest in supporting, advising and training users of information, communication and learning technologies in HE. See: http://www.ucisa.ac.uk/groups/ssg. The ucisa-SSG mailing list is open to individuals from Full or Affiliate member organisations (http://www.ucisa.ac.uk/membersdirectory.aspx) and provides a forum for sharing information and discussion on specific topics of interest to the Support Services Community.

> The purpose of the Women in Tech Group will be to support and encourage those women already working in IT at Universities (and whose organisation has ucisa Membership) and to encourage more women to consider a career in our sector.

> This list is used by the users of the University of Central Lancashire's High Performance Computer Facility User Group

> This is for those with an interest in transport and mobility to share UCL transport-related events and publications.

> This list is for those of us at UCL with an interest in transport and mobility, from any angle: fuels, traffic, active travel, safety, infrastructure, big data, energy, freight and more. The list is sponsored by UCL's Transport Institute as a self-organised way for all of us to share ideas, let each other know about UCL transport-related events and publications, and help people find each other (e.g. do you know anybody who__ ?).

> UDC-FORUM is a public list for those who are using Universal Decimal Classification or doing research and developement based on this system. It is an open list to discuss practical UDC questions regardless of the field of its application: libraries, museum, archives, Internet gateways or metadata.

> The UEA Glider Group is based in the School of Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia. We own and operate a fleet of ten UW/iRobot/Kongsberg/Hydroid underwater gliders.

> This is a network of academics in the UK and Africa working in the area of ESD and interested in sharing practice, collaborating and promoting ESD in further and higher education.

> This is the list server for the UK Archaea community. It the forum for discussion of techniques and discoveries in archaeal research, funding and job opportunities in UK archaea labs, archaea conference announcements, etc.

> Community list, working to make UK astronomy environmentally sustainable. #Aimed at researchers/educators/students involved in professional astronomy. Key focus: gathering expertise, developing strategies, driving policy.

> The UK-CARE, founded in 2000, is a non-profit international organisation with long-term missions providing a platform to promote the collaboration between universities, research institutes and industries both in the UK/EU and China.

> This list is for the UK Catalysis Community to share announcements and information (e.g. conferences, job postings etc) across all areas of catalysis, including homogeneous, heterogeneous, biocatalysis, photo- and electrocatalysis.

> This list is for announcements of developments in the UK-CDI - the UK version of the Communicative Development Inventories

> This jiscmail list connects scholars and practitioners concerned with the culture and creative industries in the UK and China. It enables the exchange of information about research projects, publications, events and academic programmes of interest to its members. Moreover, the list promotes discussion and collaborative knowledge generation to advance understandings of the culture and creative industries in the UK and China.

> This list is to support the discussion and collaboration between the UK and China data visualisation research community.

> Mailing list for the UK Cognitive Linguistics Association

> This list's aims are to encourage and develop the use of the Internet to support curriculum activity in FE colleges. The need for this list was established at the National conference at Staff. Uni. 14/5/95

> The list will serve the purpose of allowing communication among members of the UK Consortium on Sustainability Research, with information on research opportunities, grants, publications and events.

> As Dance librarians from specialist UK conservatoires and university departments we share issues related to the provision, management and circulation of our library resources and services, including user education and research support.

> The UK ELT list is a subscription based mailing list to alert members of the UK community on developments of the Extremely Large Telescope program. It will cover relevant news and announcements from the UK and the European Southern Observatory (ESO) and other partner countries.

> To discuss UK involvement in Euro-BioImaging. The project Euro-BioImaging is a pan-European research infrastructure project which is part of the ESFRI process http://cordis.europa.eu/esfri. The aim of Euro-BioImaging is to provide access to imaging technologies across the full scale of biological and medical applications, from molecule to patient. EuroBioImaging will address the imaging requirements of both basic and medical imaging communities by creating nodes in many ESFRI member states that will deploy imaging infrastructure in a coordinated and harmonised manner and thus address the fragmentation of such efforts currently present in Europe. The project is coordinated by Jan Ellenberg, who is also scientific coordinator for the advanced light microscopy parts of Euro-BioImaging, and Gabriel Krestin who is the scientific coordinator for all parts concerning medical imaging. Since early summer 2009, Antje Keppler is project manager of EuroBioImaging

> Network for researchers and/or practicing scientists in the areas of forensic speech and language analysis; bringing forensic phonetic and forensic linguistic scientists together

> This is a mailing list open to all members of the digital humanities (DH) community in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It is administered by the UK-Ireland Digital Humanities Association.

> This is a public list is for members of the Multilingual DH in the UK and Ireland Community Interest Group. It can be used for sharing information and resources between members, and for announcing events and publications of interest to the group.

> This list will facilitate discussion of plans, collaborations and proposals for UK efforts in the International Indian Ocean Expedition 2. Field campaigns are expected to be within the 2016-2020 time frame.

> National mailing list for AC.UK Postmasters and System Administrators who maintain e-mail infrastructure.

> Mailing list to allow information sharing for the development of a UK contribution to a future European muon accelerator initiative.

> Coordination of the UK community working on studies for detectors at a Muon Collider.

> This list is for the discussion of network hardware - primarily configuration problems, software versions, and network management solutions.

> Discussion list for users of NeXT and NeXT-derived technologies. This includes the use and maintenance of NeXT hardware; use and administration of NeXT Unix-based operating systems--NEXTSTEP and OPENSTEP--on NeXT or other hardware (ie. PC, Sparc, HP); migration to and use of NeXT-derived operating systems owned by Apple (ie. Darwin and MacOS X), and also the use and development of GNUstep; programming and software development for xSTEP, Darwin, MacOS X (Unix and Cocoa, but NOT Carbon or Classic), WebObjects and GNUstep. The list is intended primarily to provide a forum for UK users of these technologies (both academic and otherwise), but those from outside the UK (especially in Europe) are also encouraged to participate. Because of its origins in the NeXT-using community, the list is NOT intended to act as a forum for users of existing Apple systems wishing to migrate to OS X, as such users will be better served within existing Apple Mac fora. However, some Mac developers (especially those with Unix experience) may find the discussion of the Unix and Cocoa systems in OS X of interest. Additionally, non-NeXT Unix (including Linux and xBSD) users and developers wishing to investigate OS X may find the list to be a useful forum.

> List devoted to Work Package 1, conceptual design, for the UK Neutrino Factory. Sub-list of UK-NF

> For teachers and others interested in the use of the Internet in UK schools and for general discussion about anything concerning international classroom connections.

> The UK is an affiliated member of the NASA Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI). The UK-node is comprised of over 100 members, representing 16 Universities and other research-active organisations. Our main aims are to: 1) facilitate involvements for the UK community in future lunar missions. 2) help train the next generation of lunar scientists in the UK.

> UK Trusted Research Environment (TRE) community: https://www.uktre.org/en/latest/ A public list for open collaboration in trusted research infrastructure, including development, operation and governance.

> Co-development of glossary(ies) for the UK TRE (trusted research enviornment) community.

> A group for all who work with zine collections or in zine libraries in the UK and Ireland. Sharing resources, information, and support across the field from institutional libraries to diy grassroots community libraries. Open to all regardless of professional status.

> The UK7T Network is for UK based researchers involved or interested in MRI at ultra high field.

> The object of the Association shall be to promote the academic study of Buddhism through the national and international collaboration of all scholars whose research has a bearing on the subject.

> This is a forum for discussion between researchers and developers in the field of computational mechanics in engineering. It also carries announcements from the UK Association for Computational Mechanics (UKACM, UK).

> The purpose of this network is to send announcements of meetings and for others to share information relating to academia.

> A network for Animation PGR students studying in the UK. Includes practice-based and theory-based researchers.

> This list is used by HE and FE staff involved in advising and personal tutoring to share ideas, resources, and research in the field.

> Discussion and mutual-assistance in the use and analysis of the UK Biobank genetics resources.

> For researchers interested in UK Biobank brain imaging - acquisitions, data resources, analysis pipelines and imaging-derived measures of brain structure and function.

> A UK-wide consortium of academic centres has been formed to promote, facilitate and coordinate research activities around the UKBiobank resource, with a primary focus on eye and vision related research.

> A list for members of UK Bioinformatics Core Facilities. For discussion, announcements and meeting organisation.

> This is the mailing list for the UK Causal Inference Network. It aims to disseminate information about forthcoming about events and facilitate discussion. The theme of the network is "Causal Inference in Health and Social Sciences". # Causal inference is broadly defined, and the focus is on methodology and challenging applications, though issues relating to interesting applications that highlight necessary methodological extensions are also encouraged.

> The Circadian Clock Club runs a twice-yearly workshop on biological rhythms. The list is used to organise and publicise the workshops and other meetings. Further information may be available at https://bioclocks.uk

> This list circulates information regarding scholarly activity around comics, manga and graphic novels across a number of disciplines and institutions in the UK.

> This mailing list is for those interested in biomolecular condensates research in the UK.

> To provide information about teaching statistics in HE and about the associated UK conference, initially for 2024

> UK Collaboratorium for Research on Infrastructure and Cities (UKCRIC) communications for its internal community

> A news list supporting researchers in higher education, business, third sector and all levels of government. The UK Data Service provides free access to a huge catalogue of economic and social data, including UK census data from 1971-2021. See our website at https://ukdataservice.ac.uk/

> The UK Data Service gives access to the UK's most robust quantitative and qualitative survey data. Building on DataImpact2021, we want to support building a vibrant and supportive community, linking data producers, researchers and communities to explore methodologies and how discourses of self and identity in data can remain inclusive.

> This is a list for announcements of meetings, conferences and job opportunities for people working in dynamical systems and ergodic theory based at UK universities.

> This list is a discussion forum for research on the British live music sector.

At the moment, the moderators of this list are hoping to gather as much bibliographical information as possible on local live scenes in the UK. If you know of any useful books, articles, reports, websites, biographies, etc. about live music venues, promoters, or local live scenes of the UK, we would love to hear from you and it would be very useful if you could submit any suggestions of sources of information for local live scenes in the UK via this mailing list. Thanks very much for your help!

This list has been created as part of an AHRC-funded three-year research project on live music in the UK. The project is jointly coordinated by Simon Frith (University of Edinburgh) and Martin Cloonan (University of Glasgow). The project team also includes postdoctoral research assistant Matt Brennan and PhD student Emma Webster. The list is moderated by Matt Brennan.

> The list is designed to foster discussion and the dissemination of information between medical museums in the UK and overseas. The list is linked to the UK Medical Collections Group, an association of museums and other organisations holding collections relating to health, medicine and the biomedical sciences in the United Kingdom. List membership is open to anyone with an interest in medical collections, and especially staff and volunteers working in medical museums.

> This list has been retained 06/10/2021 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list Established in 1996, the aims of the UK PET Physics Group (previously the UK PET SIG) are to share common experience and where practical to co-ordinate efforts in areas of mutual interest amongst the participating institutions

> This list is used by members of the UK Polar Network for collaboration among young UK polar researches and the announcement of research, funding, and conference opportunities

> The authoritative Academic/NHS Group for the professional advancement, teaching, research and practice of Radiopharmacy in the UK

> Mailing list used to communicate changes, updates, releases of the UKRmol/UKRmol+ inner region suite.

> A discussion list for the Outreach & Engagement Sub-Committee of the UKSG comprising librarians, publishers and UKSG staff.

> This list will be the primary means of communication from the UK Square Kilometre Array Observatory (SKAO) Science Committee, to the broader UK science community interested in the SKAO. Major announcements will still go to astrolists, and this list will provide extra information to interested parties.

> The UKSP mailing list includes the email addresses of members of the Solar Physics and related communities in the United Kingdom, and also some overseas participants. Members of this list receive a fortnightly newsletter including announcements, news and job advertisements.

> This list will provide updates to the all UK SKA Regional Centre team members about the project progress, delivery and related opportunities. This super list posts to sub list UKSRC-SCIENCE-PLATFORM

> UK Virtual Reality Special Interest Group e-mailing list.

> Distribution list for those members of the Ultra Running Research Network, and those interested in research around ultra marathon events.

> This list has been retained 19/10/20 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list UMHAN supports the work of mental health specialists working within HE. It seeks to share good practice and to influence developments across the sector. Please see our website for further information about membership and our work: www.umhan.com

> List for researchers interested in unconventional and natural computation. #For those either based in Wales, or with links to research based in Wales.

> This list is for people involved in the Unionising the Future research project, which looks at understanding and supporting joint working between Trade Unions and Students' Unions from 1970 to the present day. It will be used to share ideas, resources and to communicate research outcomes, training materials and to promote events.

> User-led discussion group for users of ESS UNIT-e MIS software

> This discussion list serves to support a special interest group for managers of university libraries that also have responsibility for a theatre (performing arts).

> This list is for a new network of University Art Collections in the UK managed by the Digital Curation Lab at the University of Salford and may include members from institutions outside the UK involved in collecting art from the UK.

> A discussion forum for members of UMG UK. UMG UK represents the interests of university museums and their staff as an advocate and pressure group for the sector.

> This list is used to collate news and events relevant to those working in the university press and publishing sector.

> Discussion list for use by UK HE and FE customers of UNIwise products for Digital Exams

> A discussion list for researchers studying the engineering behaviour of unsaturated soils. This can include experimental work and numerical modelling concerning the mechanical and flow properties of unsaturated soils.

> To send relevant course updates and information to clinical supervisors supporting candidates on the University of Bristol Neuropsychology Practice Programmes.

> This list is used by members of UoLIA's User Experience Working Group to arrange meetings, share information and discuss matters pertaining to the group.

> A mailing list for public engagement work related to nanotechnology.

> This list provides for dialogue on various debates and concerns related to the study of cities and urban geography, and a channel for the dissemination of related information on upcoming conferences, seminars, CFPs, and other events. Maintenance of the list is coordinated by the Urban Geography Research Group (UGRG) of the Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers), and participation is open to members of the UGRG and anyone else interested in research on cities.

> The aim of this list is to provide a forum on the topics related to URBAN AND REGIONAL STUDIES IN CHINA.

> This list addresses a significant global risk that is largely neglected in research and policy. Fires cause over 300,000 deaths annually worldwide and leave millions with permanent injuries: 95% of deaths are in low- and middle-income countries. Burn injury risk is strongly associated with low-income and informal settlements, which are growing rapidly in an urbanising world. Urban fires exemplify a global problem that the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) defines as ‘extensive risk’: i.e. the widespread risk to repeated or persistent hazard conditions of low or moderate intensity, often of a highly localized nature, which can lead to debilitating cumulative disaster impacts. Fire policy and mitigation strategies in poorer countries are constrained by lack of data, capacity and resources. This list builds on existing informal collaborations involving UK universities, independent research institutions, international NGOs and fire and rescue services. It is open to anyone working on any aspect of this subject, from any country.

> The Journal of Urban Labour and Leisure is intended for an interdisciplinary readership. It is a social science journal covering all aspects of Labour, leisure and Urban Life. List will be used to encourage debate around the issues published in the journal & any threads that people wish to start.

> The Urban Place Names list brings together those interested in the critical study of place names and naming practices in urban areas. It is intended to be interdisciplinary in focus and includes perspectives from Cultural Politics, Geography, Linguistics, Sociology and Urban Planning (among others).

> This list is for discussing Urban and Regional Planning issues and information exchange between all interested people in field. The list acts as a means of disseminating information and announcing events relating to Urban and Regional Planning.

> A forum for the exchange of knowledge and advice and discussion of all issues relating to Urban Design

> A list to facilitate communication of a new network of UK and Malaysian (principally early career) academics recently created via a British Council Researcher Links workshop (see www.urban-groundwater.net)

> The list is used for communications between the members of the Development Studies Association Urbanisation and Development Study Group, about events, research opportunities and other issues of interest.

> The Uruguay Research Network (URN) aims to bring together students, academics and researchers from a variety of academic disciplines united by a common interest in Uruguay. The network wishes to draw together people working on Uruguay that may otherwise not know each other; in this way, the network aims facilitate debate and discussion, exchange information on relevant conferences and news on Uruguay, organise events and establish a forum for continued interaction and communication among scholars on Uruguay. The network is open to students (both undergraduate and postgraduate), academic staff and researchers. It is a UK based network but anyone is welcome to join; we particularly welcome members from Uruguay itself. English and Spanish are the working languages of the network.

> The list is the place to ask questions, share experiences and interact with the community of US study abroad institutions in the UK. It's not limited to a specific subject or discipline, and is intended to offer a broad range of support and sharing of ideas.

> A discussion group for user experience (UX) design and management in higher education. Primarily about, but not restricted to, digital experiences. We welcome contribution and discussion from all areas of university business and from consultants working in the sector. So long as the topic relates to understanding and enhancing interaction between a target audience group and a university business, it's valid. "User experience" encompasses all aspects of the end-user's interaction with the company, its services, and its products. (Nielsen Norman Group definition of UX)

> The User Involvement Research mailing list aims to bring together people with expertise in user involvement and public participation in the evaluation and delivery of public services. We seek to take forward theoretical, conceptual and practical thinking around different types and mechanisms of user involvement. We seek to promote engagement with researchers, providers, policy makers across the higher education, voluntary and public sectors.

> This list aims to promote the exchange of news and information between academics and practitioners working in the field of transport. It has been set up by the Universities Transport Study Group. (See http://www.its.leeds.ac.uk/utsg/ )

> Email list for research and PhD community, plus friends, colleagues and network collaborators of the Arts and Media Division in the School of Business and Creative Industries, University of the West of Scotland.

> The UXRPI (User eXperience Research Practice Interaction) mailing list is intended for academics and practitioners to explore connections between professional UX and Design, and academic HCI research.